Caption comp: Tony Abbott car door edition

Caption comps used to be a tradition here at the Café, and we haven’t had one here for a while, but I thought that this one was too good to miss out on.


Technological abilities severely lacking for this one, however couldn’t resist it..


58 comments on “Caption comp: Tony Abbott car door edition

  1. The sky did not fall. Yes, Min, the ears might just save the brain. That is if there is one.

  2. “Let’s get out of here. That bloke in the chicken suit might be gay. Or an illegal immigrant. Or, God help us, Barnaby Joyce”.

  3. One is yellow chicken, the other is someone in a yellow chicken suit holding a sign.

  4. Why did the chicken cross the road? To get into a car with his tongue sticking out.

  5. I am just going for a drive to measure up the Lodge. I need to hang my portraits of Menzies and Howard.

  6. I’m driving. It’s my car.

    I’m not sure what you left on the front seat then Geoff, but tabot appears to have enjoyed that tripp just a bit too much.

  7. We found a good spot for both portraits. Why wouldn’t we be happy. Julia wasn’t home. Had a beer with her squeeze. Told him he should have more self respect.

  8. Where to next?

    Until recently, it was sufficient for Abbott to invoke nostalgia for the Howard government, talk down the incumbents, link himself to Howard and against the evidence and generally bluff his way past an adoring media. By digging his heels in he isn’t looking strong, he’s looking like a piker out of ideas (although he has somehow succeeded in getting the media to stop asking him about Thomson-Jackson and Slipper-Ashby).

  9. It is more fun to talk about boats and carbon dioxide at the moment. I am sure Craig will come back to the front slot as the court case progresses.
    Watching David Spears on Late Edition Agenda. Bandt is an idiot. He is bumbling all over the place.

  10. Quick look over there, please don’t look at my bumbling idiot Abbott, over there at Bandt, boats, carbon tax, Gillard, please don’t look at my Abbott running away from a mild question yet again.

  11. Correct CU. And there was a spot for Bobby in the chapel that Tony wants tobuild at the lodge.

  12. Geoff, more likely to hear the whistle blower has been taken in for questioning.

    Another week, no charges laid by police from two states and the Federal sphere.

    Nothing from FWA.

    This in spite of being told weeks ago, action was imminent.

  13. What did I just sit in, “Oh that is just your own shit, nothing to worry about”

  14. Geoff, you confuse me. What court case. One needs to be charges before there is a court case.

    Did I miss something.

  15. You’re probably right, LOVO. The bloke opens the door to hop in and Abbott makes a dash yelling childishly “I want the front seat. Ya here me. I want the front seat I tell ya”.

  16. ” Quick here comes Michael and Kathy… put ya slipper to the floor and get the ashby outta here”

  17. ” that photo was taken in Geelong.” ….. hence the chicken 😀 ( a Port fan that must of lost a bet)

  18. Mirabella amaze me tonight. She was sticking up for Direct Action.

    The proof according to her, was the number on industries such as steel and aluminum who g\had already reduced their emissions. Her reasoning I think was that people do it without the stick of a tax.

    Does not the idiot realise that most industries have been reducing their emission for years. The reason why is that they believed what Labor has introduced was inevitable.

    What the silly woman does not understand that it is the proposed cost on carbon emission that was the driver.

    I think for once, she was genuine in her belief.

  19. Also Cu remember this was also Howard policy and Abbott in government had stated it was the best way to go. Industry was expecting and planning for it no matter who was in government.

    Now under an Abbott government DAP they will be given billions of tax payers’ money for doing something they are doing anyway, money for nothing, and Australians are all the worse off to the tune $790pa with no compensation for no difference in environmental outcome.

    Let’s put Abbott’s policy out to the public, fully costed and run the same media campaign that was run against the carbon price and see how the polls fare then.

  20. Yes she just sat there trying to lean away whilst looking down on him in disgust.

    I hope someone is never in dire need of immediate medical assistance with her the only one nearby.

  21. I vote for Cu @ 8.17am as best caption, .. sounds like what Tones would think as he gets in a car with a big chook standing stareing .. sorry if Ive gone off thread here on A caption comp…. 🙂

  22. “Obviously in hindsight I shouldn’t have done it. But if I had my time again and it was necessary to make an alliance with some pretty unusual people to stop a very serious threat to the social cohesion of the country, well, I would do it. I mean, how else were we going to stop One Nation at the time?”

    Says it all. I will do everything that is needed.

  23. A small update on this topic..I just couldn’t resist the pic, but technological abilities being somewhat lacking, couldn’t work out how to insert it into a there it is…

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