Carbon Price Countdown: It takes a first step

This post was first published on my personal blog and is part of a series of posts about why I support the Clean Energy Future package negotiated by the Greens, independents and the first post in the series.

One of the biggest reasons I support the Clean Energy Future package negotiated by the Greens, the independents and the ALP is that it is an important step forward. Everything to date had been nothing else but talk and conjecture. There had been plenty of statements about time running out. In fact ‘time is running out’ has been a favourite phrase for a few decades and was most recently uttered again during the Rio+20 conference.

However Australia is embarking on the first step, and it’s the first step that’s always the hardest, to taking action on climate change. It might seem like a bitter pill to some but personally I’m happy to see Australia’s largest polluters having a price put on their pollution. Sure some of these companies have immediately used the carbon price as an excuse to pass on the full cost of the price on them. But this was to be expected. No-one was denying it but that’s why the federal government has been rolling out compensation packages for Australians as energy prices rise.

It’s important to remember as Tony Abbott and Senator Brandis blame everything on the coming price on pollution that many energy companies are also passing on significant costs of their failure to properly maintain and upgrade their networks and infrastructure; among other reasons.

The price on pollution is not going to see the sky fall in.

I support the price on pollution and I’m more than happy to pay for my emissions footprint. There is so much more that needs to be done. And it certainly doesn’t help having four states of Australia actively working against our commitment to action on climate change.

The Clean Energy Future package is an important first step in the right direction.

I look forward to hearing your reasons for supporting the Clean Energy Future package. Leave your comments below.