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  1. If mining cures Cancer, then how comes people like Hartless, Palmer and Twiggy are Cancer on Society and The Environment?

  2. That “white knight” comment is a caricaturist’s best dream. Are there any around yet?
    At least Fairfax are sticking to their guns.
    By flogging all her shares at once, she could drop the price dramatically & cause all sorts of trouble, the noalition’s “mum & dad investors” will have to take one for the team there.
    Bacchus is right, soon she might be able to buy the OO, which goes to the heart of it really. She’s buying a megaphone, doesn’t really care which one or who knows it & if a better one comes along, then it’s in the bin for the current model.

  3. If she dumps her shares and as the sheep panic steps in and buys them and more for a lower price “Trading Places movie ” with Eddie Murphy & Dan Ackroid comes to mind, she could end up with 50% or more for a song. And with Rupes splitting his empire up she pick his OZ content cheapish and like our airline policy another monopoly is created. May the force be with theFifth estate the last bastian of democracy as we know it.

  4. Bilko, hopefully Senator Conroy has the backing of all his colleagues…

    Caucus pressure pushes Conroy closer to action on reform

    From: The Australian
    June 21, 2012

    Given that this is the OO the general gist may be right, or not…. but there is a need for more strict regulation such as in Canada where they have ‘truth in journalism’ law.
    Wouldn’t that make a pleasant change ?
    Our msm might have to tell the truth in place of their partisan opinions.

    No Fox News for Canada

    They don’t allow liars to broadcast the News.

    Fox News will not be able to set up shop north of the border. Canada’s conservative PM, Stephen Harper, tried to get the pesky “truth in journalism” law repealed, but was unsuccessful.

    Canada’s Radio Act requires that “a licenser may not broadcast….any false or misleading news.”


  5. Reblogged this on Iain Hall's SANDPIT and commented:
    I think that those celebrating the unconscionable actions of the Fairfax board will be laughing on the other side of their face if Gina carries through with her threat to dump her 18% when the share price plummets as a result . Especially if the plummeting share price precipitates the total collapse of of the company.

    There is a matter of justice involved here. Put simply with a publicly listed company if you hold the shares then you should have the right to a proportionate representation in its instruments of control (the board).
    Personally I am neither a great fan of Gina nor the way that Fairfax slants its stories but it should be obvious to anyone with half a brain that Fairfax is accelerating down a slippery slope into media oblivion and that more of the same “editorial independence” is just making the slide to oblivion quicker and more certain.

    What a lot of the politically interested seem to miss is that news papers (and their digital counterparts have long ago ceased to really be about politics at all they are instead just a source of entertainment and distraction from the more mundane aspects of our lives and as such most readers don’t take the machinations of our pollies any more seriously than the news that lady Ga Ga has a new look this week.

    Its all just grist for the mill and who turns the handle on the mill is really of lesser importance than there being any mill at all. Gina may want to bring a bit more balance to the Fairfax press in the way that it covers some issues (like climate change) but she is canny enough to know that the trick to making it profitable is not to alienate its current audience while in the pursuit of new readers

  6. So the “indpendent” fairfax papers will declare “Mining” cures cancer instead of “Earth Hour?” Actually, given her performance so far at Channel Ten, Rhinehart’s more likely to have her papers present and argue both view-points, which would be guarenteed to improve sales.

  7. Iain, Gina thinks that she can increase advertising income when even you would know that the shift of advertising to the internet is the reason for the declining revenue across the newspaper industry,

    No seat for Rinehart, Fairfax chairman says

    “The board requires new members to assist in this as it has plainly not delivered for the last several years of declining share value. Active consideration of content or a change in content is required to attract readers and advertising revenue in the interests of shareholders, together with other options to increase revenue and hence share value.”

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/media-and-marketing/no-seat-for-rinehart-fairfax-chairman-says-20120627-211×2.html#ixzz1z24JGTQY

  8. I eat asbestos for breakfast, cyanide for lunch and raw cactus spikes for me dinner and it ain’t ever done me a bit of harm.

    Of course mining cures cancer.

    And puppies are evil.

    You lefties just don’t get it.

  9. She’s buying a megaphone, doesn’t really care which one

    I don’t see why she would want to buy the oo. It is already running her line for her. murdoch and the miners are in lock step with each other.

    What she wants, is total blanket coverage. Fairfax will come close to achieving that. Then watch them both tear into theirabc, and declare it needs to be privatised. Wonder which one of them will snap that up?

    As piss poor as fairfax is at running their business, they do at least provide a more even presentation of the news than ltdnews does. Not a hard act to achieve, btw.

  10. if you hold the shares then you should have the right to a proportionate representation in its instruments of control (the board)

    She new what the charter was when she bought the shares. No one else, no matter how much “proportionate representation ” they hold, have tried to circumvent this. She has bought the shares of a company, and then attempted to change the way they do business. Why not just start her own company if she is not happy with they way they are doing it?

  11. From your link Bacchus

    Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp empire is considering splitting in two, separating its entertainment and publishing arms.

    How are they going to determine which is which?

  12. ‘How are they going to determine which is which?’

    That’s funny Tom, but on a more serious note I fully expect you and your comrades here to pick up Gina’s Fairfax shares. Failure to do so will show a lack of faith in their worth.

  13. Failure to do so will show a lack of faith in their worth.

    Where did I say they had much worth to begin with?

  14. Lurking down towards the bottom of an article on Slipper, is this item..

    But the federal Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, said the conduct of news organisations in Australia and overseas had sharpened the need for more stringent media regulation and highlighted the need for media organisations to abide by their own codes of conduct.

    ”There’s been a whole range of issues internationally, where it’s been seen that people [journalists] have played roles – and I think that’s the hardest part in today’s 24/7 media cycle, just finding that balance between comment, reporting, opinion – and that’s why news organisations have their codes of conduct and their standards,” he told the Herald. ”And we’re asking simply that they apply them.”

    Senator Conroy said the government would unveil its plan for media regulation within the next month.


  15. BSA bob
    if she buys the OO she won’t have to worry about any pesky editorial guides, as they are already in line with her thoughts.

  16. Sue, conspiracy theory number squillion..but could the sudden interest be anything to do with the changes mooted by Conroy..

    I think that’s the hardest part in today’s 24/7 media cycle, just finding that balance between comment, reporting, opinion..

  17. No one here has a clue what Gina will do. Gina’s blog? It’s a web site and we do not ‘blog’, all discussions are either via email or phone.

    Should know as I’m a founding member, the Industry Voice are all founding members but we sure have grown in the last few years. Our policy for the north will be released later this year and we have the ear of the next PM. I’ve concentrated on the Lib moderates, mainly two on the opposition front bench as insurance.

    We do other stuff…after the North Queensland floods we raised many millions of dollars amongst ourselves, purchased vehicles and equipment in Brisbane, freighted the lot to the north and certain mayors distributed such on the condition that the donors remain anonamous.

    We are also lobbying hard for a fair go for our veterans and will not relent until veterans pensions and the like reach parity with the old age pension. As you can see in the graph at the bottom of the link…the disparity is atrocious. All started under Howard and perfected by Labor.


    But it is not all not about the north, Terry Bowring rang last week to inform me that ANDEV has shown interest in promoting the water transfer project that will drought proof Eastern Australia. Nominated Terry a while back and he is an executive member.

    All the denigration of Gina does not bother us. If there was a political party with vision there would be no need for ANDEV. We have the funds and the network influence to achieve the stated goals. Walkers, not talkers and quite frankly…now too powerful to be thwarted.

  18. Gee scaper
    I didn’t realise you had the ear of Julia Gillard
    maybe i better read some of your links

  19. “we raised many millions of dollars amongst ourselves”

    Hilarious! Tony Mack ‘raising millions’. LOL.

    From a man who slept in his car when attending the Convoy of No Consequence.


  20. I wonder if andev supported the Governments Levy for the flood victims, or were they behind the scenes raising peoples ire over what, in the end, turned out to be an issue of no consequence?

  21. Col
    thanks you saved me, i didn’t know scaper was part of the Convoy of no Consequence. Now i understand how they “raised millions”, same way they were bringing Canberra to a halt. One of Anal’s delusional barrackers.

  22. PIP

    Iain, Gina thinks that she can increase advertising income when even you would know that the shift of advertising to the internet is the reason for the declining revenue across the newspaper industry,

    Its obvious to me that the value in the Fairfax media empire is clearly in their digital platform and I expect that Gina has sussed that out as well then there are its radio stations, my guess is that the least valuable part of the company are in fact its dead tree branches like the SMH, the Canberra Times and the Age I give print papers at most five years before the last edition is actaully printed, and by that time I expect that we will be able to buy tablets of e readers for a nominal fee or they will be given away with a subscription. If Gina is smart I expect that she realises this and buying Fairfax makes sense because of its future potential rather than its past “glories”.

  23. Haha nice one. Whatever you think of Gina Rinehart, she has the shares and she has the right. They also have the right to try to deny her board seats if they so choose and if it’s within their power.

    At the end of the day though, as has been said above, Fairfax are going down the drain. They try to paint themselves as martyrs and heroes for “standing up” to her, but their current pandering to sickly leftist pseudo-sympathisers is the business model that has put them on the brink.

    They can either acknowledge that, or perish. I couldn’t care less either way.

  24. So why is News Ltd failing, by pandering to sickly rightist pseudo-sympathisers as a business model?

    In fact why are newspapers around the world failing, most of them conservative?

  25. Scaper, one member of the low numbers of The Convey “of not paying your bills at Local Towns that you passed through”?

    Maybe Murdoch can help, even those he is sacking staff?

  26. My first wish today is to see the Canada truth media law introduced into this country asap then sit back and watch the fireworks. My second wish is a similar law re the airwaves and SHTFU all the lying shock jocks. now I will take my bex and go and have a lie down.

  27. Bilko, we have been saying that for years. To me, it is all one needs.

    Migs, you are getting back into harness fast


  28. Cu, I’m going to need more time. I was coming along OK but you have setbacks when people say stupid things. I’m going to need longer. Much longer.

  29. With you on that Bilko. But see the “free speech being taken away” meme fly thick and fast even though Canada has full free speech and freedom of the media.

    Take your time Migs. As I said ease in.

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