Turn back the boats!

The overloaded boat before it capsized today. Photo: Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Note: Pome by Patriciawa of Polliepomes:

Tony Abbott knows he has authority
To give commands, to turn the tide of history.
He can ignore advice, needn’t wait for votes.
Of course he can turn back those boats!

He has a sacred pledge or covenant
With God. He knows that government
Is rightly his….or soon will be. It must.
His blood oath on that just needs our trust.

For non-believers like Julia Gillard
And godless men of the old Red Guard
Who claim a democratic right to rule
He rightly has contempt and ridicule.

Businessmen must now make plans ahead
Heeding what this visionary has said.
Ignore those laws about a carbon price!
He’s warned them once! He will not say it twice!

That climate crap’s all hypothetical.
Believing it is now heretical.
Pretending to he once himself risked hell
Till shriven of his lie by Cardinal Pell.

Knowing himself to be pure of soul,
And with a clear mandate from Newspoll,
He demands again an immediate election.
Gillard must obey, with appropriate genuflection.

As if King Canute’s direct descendant,
He condemns her and any Independent,
Or Liberal who dares defy his orders,
To exile on Nauru outside Australian borders.

Phil Coorey has now written:

Tensions flared over asylum seekers in the House of Representatives last night when an Opposition frontbencher, Greg Hunt, was calmed by a colleague after a bitter exchange with the cabinet secretary, Mark Dreyfus.

Mr Hunt was about to speak on the adjournment debate, which was supposed to be about the carbon tax, but was incensed at comments Mr Dreyfus made earlier in the day about the Coalition profiteering from the deaths of asylum seekers.

Interesting especially is that Opposition frontbencher Christopher Pyne said yesterday that “the government needed to resurrect temporary protection visas” and, in addition needed to consider “instructing maritime authorities to ”turn the boats back”. Pyne stated that this was a prerequisitve before the Coalition would sit down for talks.

Bernard Keane’s summary of events include:

There is no “impasse” here. There is simple bloodymindedness in the face of offers of compromise.

The Greens haven’t been much better. They’ve achieved a big policy win: their policy of onshore processing is the country’s de facto policy.

Bernard Keane concludes: But it depends on good faith from the Coalition. Of that, there is none to be had.

There are clearly two ways of addressing problems, but only one of these equates with arriving at any sort of solution. Any solution always involves a willingness to compromise, plus importantly a willingness to communicate.

Everything which Tony Abbott and his Opposition have done so far has involved closing down these two things: cooperation and communication.