Milestone: 500,000 Hits

Can it be just a little more than 2 years ago that I received an email from my great friend Miglo, asking if I would be interested in helping with a blog.

Migs advised me that he had decided to call the blog the same as his Facebook group; Café Whispers.  Migs had started this Facebook group..let me see, a little after September ’09.

There are no 2nd guesses as to who the first-ever comment belongs:

June 6, 2010 @ 9:27 am [Edit]

You can learn a lot about human nature from blog sites.

For myself, I’ll never forget the encouragement received from Migs to write my first post.  Migs, you know that I would never have done it without you.  In my mind’s eye I can still imagine that cheeky grin as he patiently told me, “Just do it”.

This blog is something quite unique, or at least I believe that if one went looking for anything resembling, that it would be very difficult to find.

When Migs first started this blog he said to me that he wanted to give a voice to people, to encourage “citizen journalists”.  Migs’ effort in this regard has been outstanding, and I dare say that I might have helped a little along the way.  A look down the RHS reveals just a few names of the people who we have encouraged to write.  Migs has also freely, and with such generousity provided a venue to enable “anyone” to put up topics.  We have had everyone, from professional writers to those who have never had one single word of their’s ever published.

Likewise, there have never been any restrictions on topics, it is always that which the author chooses to write about.  Again, in this way this blog is quite unique.

During the history of the blog we have covered the-up-to-the-minute issues, challenged mainstream media, and I think most importantly of all, written about issues which mainstream are not interested in.  It mattered not the number of hits, nor the number of “shares”.

These issues have included: indigenous, gay rights and disabilities.  The response from people to both of us, Migs and myself is 100% appreciation, and in this we are humbled.  There was no “agenda”, nothing to be gained personally, but the thing to be gained is that special appreciation.

For my own self, this place has become far more than just a blog, it’s become a circle of friends.

Migs is certainly the stats person, but at my guess we have more than doubled our number of daily hits in the last 10 or so months. As Migs noted on our Second Birthday topic “Now, two years later we’ve received over 76,000 comments from almost 700 posts and are nearing a half a million visits.  Over 300 bloggers have commented at the Café.”

Therefore, on behalf of Admin, BIG CONGRATULATIONS must go to all of our very valued authors and contributors.  It’s you who have enabled the Café to reached this very impressive milestone.  But especially, Congratulations to my bestie Migs, who enabled the whole thing to happen.

35 comments on “Milestone: 500,000 Hits

  1. Wonderful stuff!!! A big thanks to Migs and Min for the inestimable effort that goes into keeping this place alive.

    I declare the cellar open 😀

  2. ‘inestimable’ …I think I created a new word? You blokes know what I mean. (I hope).

    Mention should be made of Pip and Catching Up for their assistance in keeping the blog ‘open all hours’.

  3. Drinks all round and a dram/pint set aside for Migs for when he can imbibe in well deserved self congratulatory celebration.

    But now a drink to Min and the others who keep posting topics and debating in such good spirit here even with the little annoying stumbling stones along the way.

  4. Handyrab, that come from doing too much irregular shift work during my working life. In fact for many years, I cannot recall having a full night’s sleep.

    I have a son with the same problem. Been out of shift work for years, but still cannot sleep.

    Not only does one not sleep at night, it is rare to sleep eight hours.

    Congratulations to Migs and Min.

    Migs, please get back on a even keel as quickly as possible. You are missed.
    I am afraid, while the cat is away, the mice will play. A sad fact indeed.

    This is a site worth preserving, especially now it is producing much of what you were aiming for.


  5. inestimable
    1. Impossible to estimate or compute: inestimable damage. See Synonyms at incalculable.
    2. Of immeasurable value or worth; invaluable: “shared all the inestimable advantages of being wealthy, good-looking, confident and intelligent” (Doris Kearns Goodwin).

    Oh – and congratulations to Migs & Min, without whom this place would have long ago died 🙂

  6. Thanks for that Bacchus….when I looked at it I thought…mmm maybe not a word.

    Please help yourself to a warm glass of asti spumanti from the cellar. 🙂

  7. Congrats to Migs and Min…and of course to all the other commenters for their lively conversation.

  8. Thank you Rabbit. BTW, our dear friend Rabbit has agreed to lend us a hand on the blog by helping out with Admin. Rabbit has of course authored here before and I had tears in my eyes when he wrote so eloquently about what it is to be hearing impaired. Rabbit is also of course well known for his puns..(Rab’ does this earn me Brownie points;))

  9. Rabbit, welcome abroad. You are sure needed until Michael gets himself on a even keel and comes back to us.

    Min can do with the help.

  10. Rab’ has been around the blogs for eons. We both had the pleasure of meeting him at Darling Harbour, although Migs had met him some time previously..Migs sent me the photo.

  11. Congratulations Migs & Min and heartfelt thanks for the refuge from malevolent dingbatery.

    Long may CW reign and provide lively conversation and humour.

  12. Thank you Jane, you are often the refuge of common sense. As I mentioned to Migs only recently..and of course he agreed 🙂

  13. Talk about New Years Eve ( 😀 ) (10, 9, 8, 7,…), …. ‘the big 5-0’h ( oh, oh, oh ),(oh, oh, oh ) ahh, thats a lotta oh’s ……. Congrats to Migs ‘n Min For providing such a wonderful way-station for traverllers on the internet hi-way, that, not only, provides food for thought, but also thought for drink, 😀 … Cafe Whispers, a university of life, love, laughter, politics, footy and p**s ..and, umm, .. self-serve coffee. Meritorious Achievements to you both. *clink*

  14. Time to charge your glasses *clink* to Miglo.. *clink* to Min, and a *clink* to the rest of ya.. *CLINK* …… should auld etc 😀

  15. Congratulations Min & Migs, so proud to be part of this family and thoroughly impressed with the milestone for you and all your friends on Cafe

  16. Signe, you have been a special contributor, likewise daughter Inga. I know that Migs would like to thank you for your contributions not only here but on FB groups.

  17. Pterosaur, I think that we might owe you a fish dinner or several. It was indeed a very pleasant surprise to see you back after your enforced absence. I remember the first comment that you said, sorry for the spelling mistakes. We were just pleased to see you here.

  18. Thank you Jane, you are often the refuge of common sense. As I mentioned to Migs only recently..and of course he agreed

    Lol, Min! Migs obviously knows better than to disagree!

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