And now for the bad news

It’s time for my sabbatical and tell-all.

I’m off for a small break – about a couple of weeks should do it.  I need it.

You’ve all heard me complain about my Lupus and diabetes, well that’s only a small part of the problem.  Here’s the big secret: I’m also bi-polar.  The latter is probably the toughest of the lot.

Being bi-polar is not something I like to admit.  The mocking and the ridicule does wear a bit thin, but I take comfort in knowing that at least I’m aware of my problems, whereas those who ridicule aren’t.  Being aware of the problem also gives me the opportunity to do something about it.  I’m not ignorant to the issues.  If I don’t take a break then I’m ignoring all the signs that things just aren’t right at the moment.

Actually, they’re more than ‘not right’.  If I may bear my soul, I’m a physical and emotional mess.  It really is time to rest.

I’m also taking some long service leave as I can’t function at work at the moment, but that is attributed to the Lupus.

For the next couple of weeks I won’t be around here, posting or commenting, but I’ll be back.

In the meantime I need complete rest and solitude.

If any of the authors want to post a topic they are indeed welcome to do so, but I place no expectations on them.  In return, I do not want expectations placed on me in the form of required assistance.  I love this place, but over the next couple of weeks I am to avoid all forms of stress (including the stress of expectations).

I feel somewhat inadequate in admitting I’ve got a problem (being bi-polar) and I’ll probably wish I hadn’t have disclosed it.  In doing so, however, I am being truthful to you all and I’m sure that many of you will understand.

All going well I’ll see you in a couple of weeks.

50 comments on “And now for the bad news

  1. Well I for one will miss you while you take some time off Migs but I look forward to your return.
    Unseen and not so obvious illnesses are real tough but hang in there because even those of us with different politics care and hope that you sabbatical sees you returning with more vim and vigour than before.

  2. Hang in there, rest and when you do come back relax. I know it’s hard not to get het up in a blog like this but I see it more as therapy than stress.

    Take care. Adrian

  3. Damn, two similar titles. Posted this in the wrong topic.

    Just realised you are going to miss out on 500,000.

    Shame as it was yours and Min’s good work that got it there.

  4. The VIP thing is to keep the blog going for him, and I know that everyone here will (as always) do the best they can. A very special bloke.

  5. A very special bloke.

    I AGREE!

    Hope you are feeling better soon Migs. Just keep on thinking what the tooth fairy will be bringing you. Maybe even another win for your team 😉

  6. ‘I feel somewhat inadequate in admitting I’ve got a problem…’

    Put your mind at ease, nobody here or elsewhere think any the less of you because of your illness.

    We expect to see you back in the office around July 1 to celebrate Julia’s victory…i intend to crash the party and make a fool of myself.

  7. Migs, thank you for trusting us enough to share, we all have our issues, some worn out, some carried within. If rests is what you need it should be, must be what you have and rest safely in the knowledge that while you are away we’ll take care of the Cafe and each other and looking forward to your return with renewed vim and vigor. Am so looking forward to your return to good health…((((((((((HUGS))))))))))

  8. Migs , get well soon . We have had the “good news & the bad news” anyone care to run a “Not the news” in the same vein as “Not the 9 O’Clock news” with a starter say “Rupes has decided to shed his media interests in Oz and turn into a philantropic sage” a long bow but if Brandis can draw them why not us, I personally dont have that skill set. may the force be with us

  9. Bilko, hopefully I’ll be putting up a topic later on..otherwise we have Cafe Talk as an open thread and Media Watch for any media related discussions (tabs at top of the page).

  10. Just get yourself better Migs. Time away from the cold climes of the ACT might help 😉

    And one I found online for you:

    A man had three girlfriends and didn’t know which one to marry. As a test, he gave each $5000 to see how they would spend it.

    The first woman had a head-to-toe makeover and bought a new wardrobe of clothes. “I spent the money making myself pretty because I love you so much,” she said.

    The second one bought new golf clubs, an iPod, a huge TV and a stereo to give to the man. “I bought all these things for you because I love you so much,” she said.

    The third one invested the money on the stock market and doubled it. She told the man: “I wanted to invest in our future because I love you so much.”

    The man thought long and hard about how each woman spent the cash, then decided to marry the one with the biggest breasts.

  11. Miglo,

    I remember you saying quite a while ago about expectations and how these were at the time, so very difficult for you. These were similar circumstances I recall. I didn’t understand then, but now I do. You have opened your heart on this blog and in return have earned the respect of everyone here. Stay well dear friend and know that I for one will be thinking of you.

  12. Migs time out is very good, and can help heaps – avoidance of the msm is something i’ve falso ound invaluable, even if evasive action is required.

    i’ve found it never hurts to find a way to immerse one’s self in the natural environment for a while, as far as, and as long for, one is able.

    this certainly helped me in dealing with such stuff as you face – get well soon mate,

  13. Pterosaur, I agree grounding is very important. Not a reality check as some might believe, but to get back to The Source.

  14. Best wishes Migs, thoughts are with you…remember that oldie but a goodie…can’t keep a good man down. You are indeed one of the gooduns…stay warm, get well.

  15. As a fellow sufferer of an autoimmune illness, I sympathize with you. Keep warm, watch what you eat, and get well soon.

  16. Sue, it was only recently that I mentioned to Migs how I thought you had grown in strength and confidence since we were first blessed with your presence on this blog. Thank you for your ongoing support.

  17. Embrel? Don’t tell me that we have another rheumatoid arthritis person on board. I’ve been in remission for a number of years now..thank the deities. Min waves to wixxy’s missus.

  18. Ahh – that’s who it was – wixxy!

    Just wanted to pass on that after just over a year on the Enbrel, it’s stopped working for Mrs Bacchus. She’s getting weak & achey wrists, knees, ankles, fingers etc. again & RF levels have gone above what is required to stay on Enbrel…

    She’s awaiting approval to go on a new infusion – MabThera

  19. Bacchus, while in Sydney missus Wixxy and I were comparing nodules. Hers are impressive..waves to F*. I can’t go onto that one due to cardiac arrhythmia.

  20. One of the wiki pages I was looking at mentioned that there are significant concerns about progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML)** using mabthera with lupus too – sorry Migs, no cure there…

    **(PML)is a rare and usually fatal viral disease that is characterized by progressive damage or inflammation of the white matter of the brain at multiple locations. – sounds very nasty!

  21. Migs, Enjoy your time out, as someone said get back to the bush, lots of space and peace for your thoughts
    “Space is all one space and thought is all one thought, but my mind divides its spaces into spaces into spaces and thoughts into thoughts into thoughts. Like a large condominium. Occasionally I think about the one Space and the one Thought, but usually I don’t. Usually I think about my condominium.”

    – Andy Warhol

  22. Have a refreshing and rejuvenating break, some time for space and silence, and some space for laughter and fun! Look forward to your return, I’ll miss you! 🙂

  23. A special mention goes to Sue. You are a treasure. Thank you for your support, love and care..and all the rest.

  24. Ok,…as I posted the wrong funny… and considering i’ve now tracked down the correct one…I hope this makes you chuckle… Mens brains VS Womens brains

    now to store it somewhere I won’t lose it again hmmmmmmmm I need a special box.

  25. Signe, I think that you are right’s when the boxes overlap into other boxes that the male of species has PROBLEMS!!! Everything all neatly packaged up into boxes for the male of the’s when the intellectual box overlaps with the domestic box. Which is why intelligent men marry and/or hook up with fluff brained females. Exactly “the nothing box” is the man’s favourite box which is why men can seemingly do absolutely nothing for hours on end..just quoting the video clip…

    Exactly nothing irritates a woman more than a man doing absolutely nothing. Stress for the male means running to the nothing box.

    Thank you Signe. Brilliant.

    Exactly..when a woman is stressed she has to talk about it. Double exactly, when you tell a woman your troubles then a woman’s instinct is to fix it.

    Just listen to the clip..

  26. Migs, take all the time you need; after reading all the comments so far, wishing you well, rest assured the ‘whisperers’ forces are with you. 🙂

    Sometimes dealing with an invisible illness is hard to explain yet you’ve done it with grace and honesty…. two of your best qualities. Take care, we’ll still be here when you return.

  27. Migs, sorry your health is pretty ordinary atm. Get plenty of r&r, fresh air and good food and come back refreshed and ready to rock and roll. All the best, Migs.

  28. Looking forward to your return with fully charged batteries. NO shame in having bi polar, you didn’t choose to have it or any other health issue for that matter. All the best.

  29. Patricia, for those of us with invisible disabilities Aspies, bipolar it does get hard to explain. Especially how to tell those with kind hearts who want to kiss and make it better. But even how worse is it for those who do not have these positive forces in their lives, but are subjected to put downs and ridicule. With bipolar it’s difficult to tell one from the other.

  30. Rest up my friend and take all the time you need. Return when you feel to be the right time.

    Yes I am lurking, (cheers to all and hugs for Min) however there has been major upheaval in my life, in addition to my heart attack, so like Migs I am trying to be calm and quiet and have as little stress in my life (other than the currently unavoidable, overwhelming upheaval stress), as possible.

    I think it will be a few more months yet before I feel ready and healthy enough to resume an active presence in the blogosphere.

  31. Shane, your presence here is always appreciated. Stay well dear friend and I look forward to those year..there is always next year. I didn’t do well with the Autumn crocus this year and my mowing man mistook my friesias for long grass..eek! Hugs back to you too.

  32. Hi Miglo,

    Joining the others to wish you all the best.

    You’re a fine writer and a great guy. Was very touched by the warm welcome with which you greeted me when I first posted here.

    Stay strong.

  33. Good on you Miglo. Not many are aware of what they need and then do something about it. Remember to take as much time as you need as the team here will keep the place going while you’re taking a break.

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