Not your average Aussie

In saying that ‘loudmouth mining magnates shouldn’t dominate public debate more than a nurse or a childcare worker’, Julia Gillard is telling Gina Rinehart and Clive Palmer that they are just average Australians.  And in doing so she has shown that she herself is not an average Australian.  She is better.

In her two years as Prime Minister, despite her red hair, long nose, big bum, Welsh accent, toxic government, battles with faceless men, unmarried status, daily media attacks, daily leadership speculation, bad polls, hatred inspired by the shock jocks, hatred inspired by Tony Abbott, witnessing the denigration of Parliament by the Opposition, countless cries that she should be kicked to death or tossed overboard, and despite placards littering the countryside that she’s a bitch, despite the money coming in from big business funding campaigns aimed at destroying her and the countless lies that condemn her – she has stood firm in the face of this onslaught.  And in standing firm, to me, she is standing tall.

As far as having guts goes, she is better than the average Australian.

She stands by what she believes in and in two years her position hasn’t changed.  She believes that something is happening to the climate and she wants to do something about it.  She hasn’t ignored the overwhelming evidence from the climate scientists that something bad is happening and nor has she mocked the messengers.  She’s listened.  She’s learned.  And she wants to do something about it.  She will not change her stand to please big business or anybody else for that matter.  Her heart is with the country, not the few that wish to destroy it or those politicians who prefer to brown-nose the likes of Gina or Clive.

As far as sticking to her beliefs and wanting to make this a better country, she is better than the average Australian.

That, briefly, is my opinion.

In Tony Abbott we have a politician who does not have any of the qualities I’ve mentioned that stand Julia Gillard out from the crowd.  To me, he is worse than the average Australian.  There is not one belief he will stand by (except that he can stop the boats) but I won’t go into that.  I’m sure you lot will. 😉

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  1. I could have written a book on this subject, but in doing so you good people would be left with nothing to say. I have thus kept the post short as I look forward to some lively debate.

  2. Wow! Where’d you get that pic from? She looks heaps better in this pic than every other time! LOL! Until that moment, of Gillard stickin it right to those mining idiots, I wouldn’t have really agreed, but this post totally sums it up, and I agree. Now to get Barnett out of WA before he rapes and pillages the entire state.

  3. It’s a stunner isn’t it Charley.

    BTW, I pity you mob in WA having to put up with that idiot Barnett. The west is run by an idiot. The eastern states are run by idiots. And if the media get their way we’ll have the country run by an idiot too.

  4. How fortunate we are to have such an attractive…strong…intelligent…and caring PM as Julia. Not appropriate to even begin to compare her with that evil reptile Abbott….

    She will lead Labor to a memorable victory in 2013 now that the policy groundwork has largely been completed….and people see that the Yopposition have nothing to offer but fear/hate/lies!!

  5. Wow Miglo, George Chauvin could not have written a better sycophantic testimonial for Napoleon than that. Or Goebels of Hitler. What lovely sparkly rose-colooured glasses you have.

  6. Markjs, I’m glad that I’m not the only one who visualises “reptile” when the name Tony Abbott comes to mind.

  7. Jarl, in order to be sychophantic the premise is that it’s not where is Migs’ article not factual?

  8. Wonderful and well deserved paean of praise for a remarkable person and leader. It will take another generation before Australia realises just how blessed we have been to have her at the helm.

    (@Min – I almost used “Reptile” as a final rhyme in my Piers Ackerman limerick 🙂 )

  9. Julia Gillard will stick around for the fight.

    If Tony Abbott were a soldier he’d always change sides. He won’t be the last man left standing but he’d be the first to run.

  10. Migs and,

    She’s listened. She’s learned. And she wants to do something about it.


    And Roswell, it’s all about knowing who you are and not letting the critics beat you to a pulp. I suspect that the lady must have down days too, but she comes back with the knowledge that she can see a bigger picture and that there is a future ahead for all of us.

  11. Archie,

    Migs, and others here.. and I think particularly of Cu and Patriciawa, these people have the courage to go contra to msm aka “public opinion”.

    I note that Migs’ topic has 68 facebook shares in less than an hour. This proves the point, that people are looking for alternative opinions instead of the continuously regurgitated Tony Abbott says……

  12. Yep top article .. and as Markjs said Tony has nothing when he bases his whole propaganda campaign on fear/hate/lies… As of now and after July 1 he will be shown up hence all the screaming now

  13. Archie and “reptile”. Giving due respect to earth bound reptiles, believe me..Abbott is reptilian. There are aliens amongst us and some of them are not very nice. 😉

  14. Miglo,

    Says it all for me. It’s where your heart is which matters. Gillard has a goal and she has an ability to overlook the trivia around her, because she knows that the future is by far more important.

  15. Great post, great portrait of the PM. And she’s more natural but just as photogenic, big nose, big bum and all, in the hundreds of everyday shots of her you can find on the net. Women would give their eye teeth to look like that at her age, or any age for that matter. So she’d be the tops for image makers quite apart from her widely acknowledged skills as a parliamentary performer and political negotiator. She’s good leader too who has the trust and respect of her team – one of whom, Nicola Roxon, describes her as incredibly strong, incredibly decent. When she first became PM Peter Hartcher saw her as a bit of a flash in the pan, a woman perhaps in her prime, maybe past it. I challenged him with a pome then. I think it fits your thread here, Miglo.

    Julia Gillard, In Her Prime?
    “Julia Gillard, in her prime, pulls a career-defining rabbit out of the hat…” says Peter Hartcher of the Sydney Morning Herald.

    Julia Gillard now ‘in her prime?’
    You just don’t know how high she’ll climb!
    She’ll reach heights even more sublime.
    Don’t judge until she’s done her time.

    This moment ‘career defining?’
    She’s long been Labor’s silver lining!
    That’s why News is always whining,
    ‘Bring her down!’ ’Get her resigning!’

    Pulled ‘a rabbit out of the hat?’
    I’m not sure I’d agree with that!
    She’ll swat Mister Abbott – ‘SPLAT!’
    Put him back in his box, real flat!

  16. I have used the ‘reptile’ analogy wrt TAbbott (and CPyne) for a long time now and BTW CNewman reminds me of a frog.

  17. Patricia, I don’t think she has a big bum or a long nose. The media make those claims and I was just playing on it. Bit of sarcasm on my behalf.

  18. Great article. So many times I’ve stood up for her against verbal group bashings. When you ask people why they supposedly don’t like her they only ever respond with indoctrinated media bleatings and never provide any coherent reasons. The constant repetition of Abbott’s facists becomes their only response (eg imitating her voice – mentioning her physical attributes and moaning about a tax on the super rich which helps the pooest people). In times like this I’m proud to stand against the group and point out how stupid and baseless their complaints really are. She’s the only PM I’ve known since Whitlam who has not insulted my intelligence or offended, threatened or impoverished me. I also believe her Atheism qualifies her for sensible unbiassed leadership. She is fair and even minded and your article is a welcome relief from the barrage of bullshit about her which is regurgitated in the eliteist mainstream monopoly which tries to create false democracy by way of constant slander and one-sided repetition. Great picture too.. reminds me that we only ever get the same unflattering one elsewhere. Thanks for supporting her and supporting the reality that she’s an excellent leader.

  19. I wonder how valuable those little jackets will be down the ages.

    There will not be many babies that are given handcrafted jackets made by a PM.

    It does not matter whether the PM is re-elected. That is up for the people when they vote at the next election.

    What is important is what one does as PM. This PM, in MHO will leave much to admired.

  20. Migs, as someone with a nose, but not exactly a big bum..well maybe, but I haven’t looked at it all that often, I don’t think that Julia cares all that much about her nose or her bum. Therefore, I’m with you..I see the irony too..that these are things which the media care about – these are the things used to ridicule.

  21. Great positive posting! I agree that PM Gillard has done a great job at the top job, and agree with her or not, there can be no confusion about her impact on the future of our nation. It is a very good thing for Australians to take stock and consider our first female PM and how she will be considered a game changer for more than her gender by future generations. We can be proud that we have seen a strong female voice such as this enter our national discourse, even if you do not agree with her policies. Unfortunately, there is a trend towards debasement of debate to personal and derogatory comments and hate. There is no need for it, even on the other side of the fence. And Jarl, I am not a Labor voter, it is not rose-coloured glasses syndrome, it is credit where credit is due.

  22. “Markjs, I’m glad that I’m not the only one who visualises “reptile” when the name Tony Abbott comes to mind.”

    Min, I like my avatar of the lizard. I do hope I do not have to change it. I see the lizard that sits in the sun, taking every thing in.

    It’s greatest danger is to the insects and other termites they live on.

    Please do no insult these useful animals. I see Abbott more like those pesky toads that that terrorize and disgust our northern neighbors.

    Piers was put down many times this morning on Insiders. Moving him to the couch seem to have given him less power.

  23. Something must have hit home in this post. Sharp jump in visitors fro, below 100 to 238

    it appears that it is OK to say nice about the PM.

    Jarl, others do not seem to feel as you do.

  24. Cu, same impression here. It seems that there is a huge audience out there who are not interested in constant harping negatives, but who want to look forward to the future.

  25. Cu, your lizard is cute and fluffy..and having fun..a complete contradiction in terms to other reptilian types. It seems that when humans or humanoids take on the characteristics of reptilian, it’s the cold bloodedness which takes over.

  26. Thanks to every body for your comments, and a big welcome to the new visitors.

    Cu, it’s now almost 400 visits in less than two hours. 🙂

  27. Also —->>> Facebook shares going crazy. Which proves my point that people do want to look forward to the future, in spite of the current are prepared to wait for it to happen.

  28. There is one glaring error in that article and it cannot go uncorrected.

    Abbott believes he can stop the boats.

    He no more believes that than any of his other populist nonsense brain farts only spoken to get three word talking points for a news headline.

    I honestly believe Abbott doesn’t even believe in Abbott. Certainly his faceless minders don’t believe in him, they have to very carefully stage manage him or the $70 billion black hole in unfunded promises becomes $100 billion plus very quickly.

    On the other hand Gillard is her own person and has a deep seated belief in herself and in the good in this country and speaks to that good.

    The contrast could not be starker.

  29. The photograph has been heavily photoshopped. Now we are attempting to photoshop her “character”. She has the morality of a serpent. She does not deserve the honour of being our prime minister.

  30. I’ve long been a fan of JG. since she became PM, i have been occasionally surprised and/or disappointed in her decisions made, and positions taken (par for the course for all PMs to a greater or lesser extent) Seeing her grace and skills in the face of the concerted attacks from the opp. rabble and media, my respect for her has grown as she grows into potentially one of our greatest leaders and PMs.

    Bob Brown is the only other person/politician who i think could match her, and, sensibly, he’s now managing to have a life, i assume 😀

  31. “Julia Gillard will stick around for the fight.”

    Roswell, you could well be right. She might have be quick off the mark to catch him before he disappears onto the wide blue yonder.

  32. Möbius, with all indicators going well for the Government over the last couple of weeks is it any wonder that the media have checked in with Abbott for another boat policy announcement?

    I never read his announcement. Is it different to the last one?

  33. Senator Wong is another great lady. This government should be known for the number of clever and brave women within it’s ranks.

    Watching her on Meet the Press.

  34. Abbott had a go at Gillard for not singing God Save the Queen at an event, not that he was doing much of a job singing it, just mumbling the words.

    Then again Abbott didn’t sing The Internationale when Gillard did.

  35. Mobius and,

    Abbott believes he can stop the boats.

    You being ex Navy and me being a military mum both know why. And so does Admiral Barrie.

  36. What I like about this PM, is that she does not have to be centre of attention or need to hog the lime light.

    She is happy to stand back and let others get on with their job. She was criticized during the Queensland floods for letting Bligh shine.

    A great change from the Howard years.

    This PM has never attempted to usurp the role role of the GG.

  37. I detect a good dose of sour grapes?

    When one knows that one’s heart is in the right place, one does not have to justify oneself. Others may condemn..and so that’s their problem. The acts of revenge for very little justification appal all right thinking people.

    What is her crime? What are the acts of revenge? Yet they sit and applaud from the sidelines.

  38. Mobius and: I honestly believe Abbott doesn’t even believe in Abbott.. The Space of Abbott is a scary place to tred.

  39. “imitating her voice ”

    The voice I cannot stand belongs to Pyne. The usual rants and screams of Mr. Abbott we get each day in the house, comes a close second.

  40. Where is he going to take these boats when he stops them. Remember the last lot people Mt. Rudd ordered back to Indonesia. Seem to remember them being on that boat for weeks.

  41. Min, her crime is that she did not hand over to the rightful person to be PM.

    We all know that is Abbott’s birthright.

  42. Nice article nothing overtly emotional in it and basically says it all. I am just a tad concerned for LNP naysayers after 1st July when the sky doesn’t fall in and families are not evicted by landlords, banks etc on the 31st July for not paying bills due to the carbon tax, what will you all latch on to next and try and create yet another public frenzy about. Tony really it is time to take your bat and ball and go home.

  43. Comment copied from The Political Sword made by Psyclaw June 10. 2012 04:05 PM

    AA, It is JG’s huge strength that led Abbott to feel the need to gee up his mob viz: “she’s not going to lay down and die”.

    He knows in his heart that she has turned out to be one of the gutsiest, unflappable, crap and abuse impervious, committed, single minded, mind on the job 100% PM we can remember.

    She churns through his best efforts and continues to get the job done. Psyclaw

  44. Migs, how nice to have a photo of Julia in her natural state, not one that has been photoshopped to present her as the devil rising.

  45. Well Min, the family were not safe at all those military funerals, which he gave the impression of enjoying.

  46. Roswell, I certainly have kept that photo of Migs and Julia. I remember when Migs sent it to me. He didn’t get in to see her at the auditorium, and was a bit dubious anyway not being all that keen on crowds, and so sneaked down the back stairs, elbowed aside a security guard to have his pic taken with Julia.

  47. Abbott had another go for the PM not singing God Save the Queen. Maybe she should have after all it was the Queens do, and is still our head of state.

    Then the there are as many in the UK, who do not hold that Royalty should be head of state, as here.

    By the way, Abbott gave the Queen a big tick. Must be fair, not too sure that Bolt agreed with him.

  48. Cu, apparently Abbott is just going to turn the boats around..and where they go it is anybody’s guess…sink, drown..who cares.

  49. Patricia, re “she’s going to lay down and die”..there are many who would like her to, but this lady is not going to, she has resilience.

    I think that mostly that which keeps Julia going is her sense of humour, that plus a very determined Welsh spirit.

  50. Roswell (and PJS1957), having seen her up close on a number of occasions I can safely declare that most photos don’t do her justice. She ain’t too bad in real life.

  51. How fortunate that el gordo is tied up the day I put up this post. By now we would have been bombarded with links to idiot deniers that climate change is a communist conspiracy.

  52. Sorry Migs et al but you are all bathing in that very long north African river!!!

    Gillard may have survived under adverse conditions but her problem is that she has created much of that adversity herself.

    As for the carbon tax being accepted after it starts well if you believe that you will believe in porcine aviation!

  53. Iain, I expect it will fizz out just like the GST did.

    I do hope it will be more successful than the GST, which has shown us, that has not lived up to the hype.

    Not much better than the wholesale tax it replaced. At least the wholesales tax was more slanted towards luxury goods.

    Iain, we all know that time will tell.

  54. ‘…climate change is a communist conspiracy.’

    The brainchild of the Socialist Alliance…of which Julia belonged.

  55. Wonderful comments on julia gillard Iam sixty years old have seen many primeministers shes is one of the best i am honoured to have her as our primeminister as for abbott no comment he is not worthy of comment

  56. Is there a link to the picture of the PM and Migs? Have I missed it today? I’m sure I’ve seen it here, so it is in the public domain.

    By the way I am trying hard to find a picture of the PM with her front bench to illustrate my latest pome for posting here. Just can’t find one. Can anyone help. The ALP’s home page has individual pics of the cabinet, nearly all smiling and all looking great. I need something to contrast with this which truly shows them as they are! – = that will be my header, actual size, The camera does not lie! Reflects their mind set?

    Contrastr that with

    Or can anyone photoshop six or up to 12 of these picin a row for me to match that lot as a footer. Gillard, Swann, Wong, Combet, Roxon, Albo, Smith etc. I think Wayne is the only one not fully smiling – click him for a lovely one next page! Carr looks nice, but serious

  57. Migs and,

    How fortunate that el gordo is tied up the day I put up this post

    Migs, now be’s about time that you set her free…

  58. Meta, he was talking about, I think, as I never know for sure what he is on about, changes to the building unions, which I believe has already gone thought. Cannot remember him mentioning it at the time.

    The new boat people announcements does not have appeared to get much traction. What will tomorrow bring.

    He has tried low share prices, lack of growth, among others today.

    No one seems to be listening to him, or Piers for that matter. He appeared to talking to himself on Insiders, while the others were either ignoring him or sending him up.

  59. Migs and,

    Julia Gillard is telling Gina Rinehart and Clive Palmer that they are just average Australians.  And in doing so she has shown that she herself is not an average Australian.  She is better.

    This required some thought from yours truly. It’s all about ego. The Ginas and the Twiggys of this world do what they do, and the basis of it stems from ego.

    Julia knows better, she knows where a true heart resides. She knows that the future is more important than the present.

  60. Thanks, Cu. I did think of that one – but we’ve used it here before just a few weeks back but the GG in the middle and the celebratory nature of the occasion makes all the cheesy smiles understandable. Imagine how much Tony and Team would be smiling if it were them! I needed some sort of official cabinet picture which showed how they viewed themselves as members in their role. I guess that official page really does tell us that they have a pretty constructive cheerful attitude, individually anyway. But that is how they’ve decided to present themselves. What a contrast.

    I’ve managed to string a dozen or so together with cut and paste, and that will have to do.
    I was surprised at how easy it was!

  61. Saw the Cafe retweet in the conversation.

    As one tweeter said they just need to get together a video of all Abbott’s cutting and running all the times he hasn’t liked the question or he’s asked to respond to something about his job. Will show him up for the coward he is, unable to face up to even rudimentary questions about being the PM or supplying a lucid alternative.

    If it can’t be answered in a three word slogan or is outside his rehearsed negativity then he’s out of there as fast as his marathon legs can take him.

  62. Patricia, not only that. It is her first cabinet.

    The contrast screams out when one watches QT.

    The glares coming from the Opposition side are frightening.

    This at the time the PM and government are under all this alleged pressure.

    I do not get the impression that it is acting on the part of government. They look so relaxed.

    Not that they have any reason to feel any different, watching the performance of Abbott and his cronies.

  63. Abbott’s cowardice was writ large when the Liberal involvement with the Pyne-Ashby-Brough-Slipper-Bishop affair came to light.

    He didn’t front up for his daily media stunt for at least three days!

  64. Wow, didn’t think that any politician was worthy of worship and certainly not the worst PM in our history.

    Gillard worshippers condone adultery, continual lies and stealing from the AWU…I’ve got a scan of that stat dec that not only names Gillard, but also Shorten in the theft.

    Gee, you even agree with Gillard for demanding that Gina shutup. One small problem…Gina has said nothing in public since the flat bed truck episode a few years ago. So rapt in your idolising and hatred that you can not see that Gillard’s attack on Australia’s most successful business person is just another lie!

  65. Scaper, no one is worshiping the PM. We are just acknowledging the truth.

    Most here appear not to agree with you and the Opposition.

    What is wrong with that.

    Where does adultery come in. That is a new one. The PM lifestyle is in line with a great many ion this country.

    Stealing from the AWU, a old and disproved story. Mr. Bolt an Co are not having luck getting this one going again.

    As for lying, there is not much evidence to support that claim. On fact the opposite is true.

    Yes, Gina should shut up, and while she is at it, desist in ripping off her family. She seems to be doing OK under this shocking PM.

  66. Julia Gillard PM

    how fortunate Australia is to be led by this woman, who presses on with the agenda of doing what is best for the country, no matter what a news ltd poll thinks.
    the whitlam reforms lasted longer than his term in office, thank goodness.

    all ministerial portfolios are introducing reforms it is such a shame that the msm has not bothered to take an interest.
    here would be a challenge worthy for the msm, 1 journalist to 1 portfolio and write what is happening. news ltd and fairfax would have to pool their respective titles to have enough journalists to complete the task.

    so bravo, Julia Gillard PM

  67. I want people to note the huge dip in that graph for the countries other than Australia, for that’s where Australia’s data line would have been under a Coalition government if we take what they promised to do for the GFC as gospel.

    Also note NZ and UK, both under slash and burn conservative governments still remaining flat or declining whilst the others struggle up, and now remember this is exactly what Abbott and the Coalition he leads are promising, massive slash and burn to pay for their tens of billions in unfunded liabilities whilst giving billions of tax payers money to wealthy and the biggest businesses.

    You don’t have to look very far to see this in action locally. O’Farrell, with Newman following close behind, are also on pogroms of slash and burn with tax payer’s largess going to the wealthiest and influential favoured lobby groups, with the same result of their States declining.

  68. Migs
    Another excellent blog, Whist I have not agreed with everything Julia has done, I have maintained all along that a lot of men would have stayed on the canvas at what she has had to put up with. The picture is very cool a beauty in fact now where is the picture of the beast. Because if Abbort stays the course it will a real Beauty and the Beast election contest next October, when the beast will be vanguished.

  69. Bilko, for fear of being accused of being too gushy. 😉

    It just has to be Beauty and the Beast.

    But I think importantly, there are many people out there who are looking for a positive in amongst all of the negativity. A look at Migs’ tally reveals 413 Facebook shares of his article. I should imagine that this will, well and truly be a record for this blog, but Migs might like to correct me on that one.

  70. I totally agree. I’m sure she gets such special treatment from Abbott his cronies and minions because swhe is a woman. She is a great Australian and I would like her to lead the coungtry for some time to come because, she is fair, gutsy and she delivers.

  71. Steve, I am certain that lurking deep down in Tony’s psyche is that he is somewhat repelled at having to cowtow to a person of the feminine gender. His references to virgins and ironing are a giveaway, plus his grating habit of calling the Prime Minister not the PM, nor even Ms Gillard..but the word “she”. It’s as if he struggles to say her name.

  72. Scaper’s projections are usually flawed and this comment… ‘continual lies and stealing from the AWU…I’ve got a scan of that stat dec that not only names Gillard, but also Shorten in the theft’…..needs clarification.

    But he’s right when he says there is a lot of Julia worship at the cafe.

  73. That graph you put up, CU….I’m afraid “scaper” (the adultery sleuth) might actually see something pornographic in it.

    Other than that it won’t mean much.

  74. El gordo, if there is Julia worship, then prove it.

    I do believe that there have been only 2 topics written about Julia Gillard – the current positive one from Migs and an earlier negative one from myself questioning her asylum seeker policy.

    The minute that you provide proof of errors of policy..and heaven help us, let’s forget the carbon tax, the one which Turnbull crossed the floor to vote for..then provide your explanation and your informed argument.

  75. But he’s right when he says there is a lot of Julia worship at the cafe.

    And unashamedly I might add.

    However, you will find that us worshipers have the guts to be critical if criticism is deserved.

  76. Migs, the evidence is clear with 431 Facebook shares from your topic, reaching who knows how many thousands of people..people do want positive stories about Julia.

  77. Migs, you’re reading that graph the right way up.

    Turn it upside down and you’ll understand the Opposition’s case much better.

  78. We can all kneel in worship tonight, ‘the godess’ is on Q@A ABC1 tonight…. ohm, ohm, (bow)…. 😀

  79. LOVO, it seems appropriate that we worshippers from the Café join in a group Aum this evening. I’ll start…

  80. ‘…then provide your explanation and your informed argument.’

    The pic has been photoshopped to make our princess look dazzling, whereas the pics of ‘the monk’ are never flattering.

    And of course there is the general tone…

  81. El gordo and,

    The pic has been photoshopped to make our princess look dazzling..

    Oh dear, do I detect the beginnings of a fruit salad, starting off with grapes mostly sour…

    You’re right you know about Tones, but perhaps he has only himself to blame..

  82. Oh for stuff’s sake, here they go again.

    Refugee boat apparently smashes onto rocks on Cocos islands 3000km from Perth and there’s the media, on perfect cue from Morrison, stating the government has covered it up.

    Gillard as calm as always telling the media there’s an investigation into the incident and until what actually happened is known then the government wasn’t going to speculate.

    Media, well Channel 7 News, beats it up as a Gillard cover up.

    Bet you ten to one that an Abbott government will not immediately announce matters that are under investigation, and I’ll go further and say going on what happened in the decade plus of the Howard government it’s all most certain an Abbott government will be the most secretive and least transparent we’ve seen, cover ups will abound.

  83. A teacher asked her 6th grade class how many of them were Gillard fans.

    Not really knowing what a Gillard fan is, but wanting to be liked by the teacher, all the kids raised their hands except for John ..

    The teacher asked John why he has decided to be different… Again.

    Little Johnny said, “Because I’m not a Gillard fan.”

    The teacher asked, “Why aren’t you a fan of Gillard?” John said, “Because I’m a Liberal.”

    The teacher asked him why he’s a Liberal. John answered, “Well, my Mom’s a Liberal and my Dad’s a Liberal, so I’m a Liberal.”

    Annoyed by this answer, the teacher asked, “If your mom was a moron and your dad was an idiot, what would that make you?”
    With a big smile, Johnny replied, “That would make me a Gillard fan.”

  84. Scaper, I buy what you are saying. All are entitled to their opinion.

    Please can you tell me what type of person one has to be, to be a fan of Abbott.

    One I believe that likes bullying and has a high expectation of their own entitlements, at the expense of all others.

  85. Please can you tell me what type of person one has to be, to be a fan of Abbott.

    Cu, I reckon that one’s even too tough for scaper to answer. 😉

  86. Little Johnny jokes lose their appeal around about 6th grade, scaper.

    Judging the quality of your contributions I’d say that’s about as far as you got.

  87. What a smashing photo of the PM. Skin like porcelain, hair and cheekbones magnificent; the envy of the world!

    scaper, we all know who Little Johnny is.

    Now there really is a shady character! Core and non-core promises, $300m handed over to a dictator he denounced, deporting Australian citizens to foreign countries, imprisoning foreign workers knowing they have committed no crime, allowing Australian citizens to be tortured in Epypt and Gitmo.

    Far better to be a Gillard fan than an admirer of such a person and his political love child.

  88. Ah yes Jane, Little Johnny the wonderful litle turd that mastered the divide and conquer techniqe and helped to make life so unpleasant in this country that many were ashamed to own up to being Australian when travelling abroad. The good old weapons of mass destruction hoax and our willingness to create havoc and misery because of his brown nosing attitude is something we shouldn’t forget in a hurry.

  89. Patricia, I certainly remember used to be that especially in Asia people would instantly have a change of heart when you said that you were Australian and not American. Little johnny managed to change all of that.

  90. That could be the case as it fits his humour perfectly.

    I have no humour. I still have the man flu. It’s been over two weeks now. 😦

  91. That’s not your average man flu Migs 😦 I’m sure that Canberra weather doesn’t help 🙂

  92. Wow a Howard joke with Howard replaced by the name Gillard. Must have taken a hours of deep thinking to come up with that idea.

  93. The PM is not better than this.

    Federal Parliament has been in uproar for more than an hour after Health Minister Tony Abbott labelled an Opposition MP a “snivelling grub”.

    Labor’s Kelvin Thomson was moving a motion to embarrass former deputy prime minister John Anderson over the sale of his shares in AWB last year.

    “Mr Deputy Speaker, there is little doubt that the wheat for weapons scandals has been one of the worst political scandals,” Mr Thomson said.

    As Mr Thomson was ordered to return to his seat, Mr Abbott tried to shut down the debate.

    “I move that that snivelling grub over there be no further heard,” Mr Abbott said.

    Mr Abbott later withdrew the comment.

    or this

    Defence Minister Stephen Smith said he did not believe the Opposition Leader intended to cause offence when he made the remarks during his October visit.
    Speaking with soldiers, Mr Abbott said “s*** happens” while discussing the circumstances that led to the death of 28-year-old Australian Digger Jared MacKinney.

    Read more:

  94. and of course this.

    Abbott adds fuel to the fire with Brogden comments

    The World Today – Monday, 5 September , 2005 12:44:00
    Reporter: Catherine McGrath
    ELEANOR HALL: Tony Abbott is saying nothing more today about his inappropriate comments following John Brogden’s attempted suicide.

    But the comments have revealed more about the split between moderates and the right wing in the New South Wales Liberal Party that formed the backdrop to the Liberal leader Mr Brogden’s resignation.

    And Queensland Senator George Brandis, who’s known as a moderate liberal, didn’t hide his annoyance when he arrived at Parliament House today, describing Mr Abbot’s comments as disgusting.

    Tony Abbott has declined a request from The World Today to speak about the issue, a spokeswoman saying he has apologised.

    From Canberra, Chief Political Correspondent Catherine McGrath reports.

    CATHERINE MCGRATH: Tony Abbott is an ambitious politician who would love, in the short-term, to be deputy leader under Peter Costello.

    But as one Liberal source said this morning, “after that revealing interview on the Insiders program, his leadership prospects have virtually disappeared. After all, what sort of leader makes those sorts of comments in public?”

    And it’s not surprising this morning that Labor and the Greens have moved quickly to attack Tony Abbott.

    Labor’s Health spokeswoman Julia Gillard says he should resign for trying to make a political joke at John Brogden’s expense.

    JULIA GILLARD: Just over a week ago it was revealed that John Brogden, then Opposition leader of New South Wales, had made a racist jibe against the wife of former Premier Bob Carr, and had behaved inappropriately towards two women. Within 24 hours he had apologised and resigned.

    Yesterday it was revealed that Tony Abbott had made grossly insensitive and callous remarks about John Brogden within hours of Mr Brogden’s suicide attempt. To date, Tony Abbott hasn’t even offered a fulsome apology. Today he should do the right thing, he should fully apologise and resign.

    CATHERINE MCGRATH: Queensland Liberal George Brandis was direct in his view of Tony Abbott’s behaviour.

    GEORGE BRANDIS: I think it was a disgusting thing to do.


  95. Indeed, Patricia Ryan. Who could forget the way the scrawny chest inflated as Dubya pinned the Deputy Dawg star on his shirt?

    Or the spiteful snub to Kylie Russell not being invited to the official wreath laying for her husband Sgt Andrew Russell, the first ADF member to be killed while on duty in Afghanistan.

    The pathetic excuse offered? It was an oversight. Yeah! It’s just so easy to overlook inviting the widow and the deceased’s family to these occasions. Happens all the time.

    There are a litany of examples of that sort of behaviour, celebrated by barrackers, but deplored by anyone with any decency.

    Mungo was right, he is the perennially unflushable turd devoid of compassion, honesty and decency.

    ME @7.44pm, what else can you expect?

    CU @8.00pm, the difference between a spiteful child and a mature adult.

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  97. I missed Q&A. But the word going around is that the PM was brilliant, Jones was pathetic and the audience couldn’t boast anybody with an IQ greater than 75.

  98. There were a couple of “thinkers” in the audience Migs, but yes, Jones is approaching the end of his career, and Ms Gillard did exceptionally well – not a surprise at all really 😉

  99. Actually Migs, some of the audience asked very intelligent informed Questions…. and they got back intelligent well thought out responses…. but yes the host leaves a bit to be desired.

  100. Miglo
    watch out on the reverse gotcha by the pm on jones

    when jones was going on and on about will you still be pm, what about rudd,
    pm said, how about we do this again during the 2013 election campaign just me and you, me here and you ………well will you still be here or is somone out for you.

    the audience laughed at jones.

  101. miglo
    another big laugh from the audience

    jones going on about the alleged people smuggler living in canberra.
    pm said , i am the pm i do not direct the police into investigate that person (3 probable types of investigation given) and nor should i.
    nor tony would i expect, if there was an altercation outside of this studio, barry o’farrell directing traffic.

    at that point the audience cracked up laughing and applauding

  102. Yes, Tony Jones’ performance was not good. His comment about Gillard using her knitting needles to stab Rudd in the back was pretty low.

  103. That was no spontaneous remark from Jones. He had a couple of attempts shoe-horning it in. Obviously scripted.

    Jones was quite irritating.

  104. I saw it all, and I reckon she was photoshopped!

    Actually, she handled it quite well, although, I think she pussy-footed around the ‘line has been crossed’ moment. Jones did try quite a few gotchas. reckon he chickened out a bit after her quip about ‘will you still be around this time next year?’

  105. Jones will have the job at Their ABC for as long as he wants it – so long as he continues mouthing the Liberal talking points.

  106. I’m 80% of my way through Q&A and I must say that Julia Gillard is very impressive.

    Many years ago (when PM) Bob Hawke was asked a question and was interrupted half way through his answer. He calmly but firmly said: “Young lady, you asked me a question now please give me the courtesy of allowing to answer it”.

    Someone needs to remind Tony Jones of this common courtesy.

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