You Said It, Tony!

Tony Abbott who said those words,
Is always looking for a fight.
Now he’s at war with a woman
He thinks has what is his by right.
Hell bent on having that top job,
He says,  ‘cos she lives by a lie,
He will win by hook or by crook,
And she’ll soon lie down and die.
Whatever dirty tricks he’s tried
On this woman, Julia Gillard,
She has outwitted him, stood firm,
As he attacks with no holds barred.
It’s been no use, his verbal abuse,
The insults and lie upon lie.
She stays calm, makes jokes, and she smiles,
Refusing to lie down and die.

Both have their troops to support them,
Their armies with banners unfurled.
Hers have their plans battle ready,
Drawn up by the best in the world.
He has relied on powerful friends,
But some are now starting to sigh
And ask if he has it in him
To force her to lie down and die.

Tony too often loses it.
That banging on the Chamber door,
Mad run and all,  reminding of
Smashed plate glass panels years before.
Old mining mates are suggesting
Julia’s a more likely ally.
They have heard her and assessed her
Not the type to lie down and die.

Public opinion’s changing too.
There are reports that is because
Folk see the life and fight in her
And how she shares their love for Oz.
Her war’s for them; his for himself.
Good things she’s done he will decry,
Not caring if that harms them too.
“Thank God!” they’re saying, “She won’t lie down and die!”

149 comments on “You Said It, Tony!

  1. Better than devil worship! It’s called flying the flag. And she’s a leader worth following.

  2. Julia’s efforts in tackling the big issues confronting future Australia will receive recognition. Sadly the same can’t be able to be said for Tony who will go down in history as Australia’s worst ever leader of the Opposition.

  3. Thanks patriciawa
    A great tribute to the PM.

    Also Abbott gave a visual for the electorate, no matter how hard he has tried, and as the nightly news shows he has been on the campaign since july 2010 , he cannot beat her. So who do you back the “self admitted loser” or the “devil you know”.

  4. Scaper @ 9,40
    The morgan poll wasn’t of much use as evey one could see on the tele, Abbott had retreated into being morose after the Newspoll, which had Julia Gillard as preferred PM.

  5. Sue, polls are not much use these days anyway given the number of people in the under 35yrs demographic who do not have land lines.

  6. Scaper, one poll does not a trend make. All the other polls indicate that Labor is slowly gaining more ground, a fact that will only be enhanced by Abbott & Pyne’s pathetic behaviour this week in parliament.

  7. Good point about the changing demograhic and landlines.

    The punters still see The Ruddster in the saddle before the election, Julia is a little further back and appears to have run out of puff.

    Interesting to note that Crean and Smithy are now neck and neck at 6/1, with Combet and Shorten out of contention.

  8. …“it will fail without community consensus”…

    Yep, Julia was dead right about that.

  9. Who is running out of puff? Projection by many, once more in play.

    Has anyone heard Abbott’s latest whine,

    This terrible government has tied the legislation up in such a way, that the next legitimate government cannot untie it

    This is shocking, according to Mr. Abbott, he will not be unable to demolish what she has built.

    Is Mr. Abbott saying this ineffective and useless PM has once again beaten him, by enacting legislation, that will ensure the voter and business certainty into the future.

    Is Mr. Abbott now admitting, he is making promises he cannot keep.

    I believe many will once again look at the PM. They will look to see why she is still there.

    It appears, if we follow the media, they already appear to be looking at Mr. Abbott, questioning what he has to say.

    Mr. Abbott’s campaign was built on the PM going early, and what he has been saying, never to be tested. That has not happened, The train has left the station for the Abbott and gone up that dead end line.

    What is clear, and will become clearer in the next few weeks, there is a great disconnect between what Mr.Abbott has been sprouting since day one and the reality of today.

    The sky is not going to fall down. Most will even noticed that the Clean Energy Bill has come into action.

    Very little will come of the Slipper matter. It was a stunt, that was never meant ti go the courts.

    The HSU matter stinks to high heaven, and when it blows, Mr. Thomson will be seen as a minor player at the very least.

    There is a danger of Pyne and company getting more that their fingers burnt.

    I believe that Mr. Abbott has thrown all he had. His bag of tricks are empty. It is too late for the bully to change. That has been his modus operandi all his life.

    He is a one trick pony.

    The PM will survive because of Mr. Abbott.

    While this side show circus of Abbott’s has been going on, in the real world in parliament, much has been achieved Much that would even surprise Mr. Abbott, has he has shown no interest in what the PM has been doing.

    Such things as the NBN are going a head in strides and are becoming very popular.

    There has been progress made in every arm of government responsibility.

    The troops are coming home. The economy is strong. There is more money for struggling homes. Education has been bough screaming into the modern age.

    The many, nation wide disasters have been met in a generous manner.

    The price of food and may other necessaries has fallen

    Yes, I admire this woman for what she has done.

    I do not treat her as a hero, but as a doer.

    I do admire her guts and the ability to handle with a smile, all the shit aimed at her.

    This PM has earned her right to be treated with respect.

    This PM is the leader of a duly elected, legitimate government. The PM has the right and duty to government for the good of all.

    This PM has the right to remain in government until the next schedule election, while she has the confidence of the lower house.

    This needs to happen, for a stable democracy.

  10. “…“it will fail without community consensus”…

    el gordo, I see that you have time to read all the the PM said that night. You must now admit, the Clean Energy Future legislation is exactly as she promised.

    Yes, the PM is also correct, if the public does not buy what she has done, the government could go.

    el gordo, is not that democracy, the PM is talking about.

    Some might see it as the PM, knowing that it could backfire, had the guts to bring in what is needed. Bring in the CEF bills because it is the right thing to do, That it is what needs to be done for the future well being of the country.

    To be clever enough, to do it in such a way, that Mr.Abbott cannot dismantle what she had done.

  11. ‘…by enacting legislation, that will ensure the voter and business certainty into the future.’

    Noice spin.

  12. ‘Mr.Abbott cannot dismantle what she had done.’

    Could you flesh this out a bit, I can’t find detail anywhere.

  13. The punters over at sportsbet think Abbott will never be PM and they might be on the money. There are no other contenders in the conservative stables, but if Julia gets scratched and replaced with a popular front runner…Abbott will surely be relegated to ‘also ran’.

  14. El gordo, trying Googling Tony Windsor and his statement that the legislation is etched in concrete. many times does one have to repeat oneself..

  15. You first el gordo, you made that statement and I asked you to explain it.

    But yet again you have managed to misconstrue something written down, in this case the twist Cu put on Abbott not being able to wind back the legislation.

    Abbott by inferring that he can’t unwind legislation is admitting he’s been beaten, well actually he’s making excuses for failing before he’s even failed, just as the Liberal Premiers did.

    Of course if he’s in government he can unwind any legislation if he has the nous, wherewithal, negotiating and legislative skills like Gillard to do so. Oh, shit, just realised my huge cock-up here, I was talking about Abbott.

    OK scratch nous, wherewithal, all references to skills and intelligence in regards to Abbott and I’ve answered the question I asked of el gordo on winding back legislation.

    The reason it can’t be done under an Abbott government is because it’s an Abbott government led by Abbott. Just about any other government could wind back the legislation.

  16. Tony Windsor is a politician talking shit, do we have any legalese we can debate, to give substance on the veracity of stray comments.

  17. ‘Abbott by inferring that he can’t unwind legislation is admitting he’s been beaten,’

    He will do his best to dismantle the system, but if Labor has locked it up then it may take a little longer. It will be a monstrous landslide in favour of the Coalition, even with Abbott at the helm.

  18. What mechanisms? If its to be dismantled, we need to know what tools are required to do the work.

  19. Additional Tony Windsor is a politician talking shit

    Which just goes to prove the standard of your debate, or rather lack thereof…

  20. Are you really that ignorant el gordo or are you really trolling.

    Any legislation can be unwound. Only changes to the constitution require a referendum.

    Or are you saying that Hawke never unwound Fraser legislation, Keating never unwound Hawke legislation, Howard didn’t unwind anything in a decade, with Rudd not touching a single piece of Howard legislation and finally Gillard leaving everything Rudd did in place?

  21. El gordo and He will do his best to dismantle the system..

    I wouldn’t trust Abbott on that one, the excuses will come thick and fast. Abbott is already laying the groundwork saying that the legislation may not be able to be unwound. I fear that you are in for a disappointment…threats/promises and little to follow.

  22. ‘Any legislation can be unwound. Only changes to the constitution require a referendum.’

    Thanx Mo.

  23. Yes Min and that was not what he was saying only a short time ago when he thought he could fast track to government. I won’t search for the quotes, but wasn’t there a series of assertive, there’s that word again, no holds barred and absolute promises to immediately wind back A, B, C and whatever else Labor had put in place the moment he won government.

    So according to el gordo either he’s totally ignorant of democracy in this country or el gordo is.

  24. Of course all legislation can be unwound, changed or demolished..

    That is is if one has the numbers.

    Very little can be unwound without great cost and uncertainty to the community and the business.

    Very little can be demolished without having negative effect on other legislation.

    I believe that if Mr. Abbott was able to carry out his desires, this country will pay the price.

    Mr. Howard was unable to unwind the Land Rights to his satisfaction. That was a blessing.

    He was unable to bring in the GST he promoted. What he did get, was only because the Democrats folded, leading to their extinction.

    There are still many out there that support something being done about climate change.

    Mr. Abbott was unable after much exertion, get many onto the streets. The rebellion he demanded, did not occur.



  25. el gordo, try Mr. Abbott’s address to the mining industry during the week. Try some of the utterings from Mr. Hockey.

  26. Sorry I’m having a bunch of WordPress problems at the moment. A post a moment ago didn’t go through and one previous to that with a lot of links and comments just disappeared when I came back to it from another tab.

  27. The thing is Cu if Abbott is so right and the government has it so wrong, as he keeps saying over and over, then he should be easily able to overturn the previous government’s legislation and replace it with good policy.

    The people aren’t stupid and can see good or OK policy if its given a chance. So Abbott only has to prove it’s bad and according to him it’s very bad. So how come he’s now making excuses that he can’t wind back bad legislation?

  28. That is one of Abbott’s big problems. He want to replace it with, inferior policies. Policies that no one supports.

    he wants to replace Labor big taxes with some of his own.

  29. He can wind back the legislation and he will, it may take some time because of the senate.

  30. ME, he is going to do all the demolishing with 12 months. Mr. Hunt said so.

    el gordo, how did the referendum get into the debate. Does he want the Opposition gagged while he is PM.

    Most of the demolishing that he promises to carry out does not need Constitutional change.

    Pleases enlighten us on what Mr. Abbott wants or needs to do to the Constitution.

  31. Any change is going to take more that 2 years. I an not that by that time, many will care.

    There are winners galore under the CEF.

    Two years is a long time in politics.

    It is I believe nearly 500 days to the next scheduled election.

    But whether this is the ideal outcome is another issue: Mr Jordan says abandoning a market mechanism for reducing emissions would ”only provide a temporary reprieve for major emitters”.

    “The carbon price is likely to have a modest impact on most listed emitters: most high-carbon firms in trade-exposed sectors will receive free units (and in the case of steelmakers, cash grants) to offset the impact; resources companies face a small impact relative to earnings; airlines will pass on the cost in ticket prices; and utilisies are likely to recover most of their additional costs through higher electricity prices,” he writes.

  32. WordPress needs to iron out some of its problems, Migs. Last week I was handyrab and this week I’m rabbit. Who TF am I? 😀

  33. “Five hundred days to next scheduled election”

    I thought it was next weekend!!!! Or mid 2011 or late 2011 or earlier this year or…..

  34. Min, I have back my old problems where I keep losing lines of words. you might notice, , I have gone back an edit some comments, I do not notice them missing until after I post. Gives the comments funny and confusing meanings at times.

    I do not believe the problem is word-press. It is another programme on my computer.

    Fix it before, Can again. Wished I knew what is causing the problem.

    It is OK Rabbit, we know who you are.

  35. rabbit that is what the PM said during the week. We all know we cannot believe her.

    Watch Bolt. Has Mundine joined the Liberals. It is shocking how one treats Gina.

    What was funny, Bolt attempted tp prove that Labor was worse in the name calling .

    They gave example of Abbott, along the lines of rotten PM etc. The showed the shocking posters of Tanya’s.

    They then show the PM at the worse. It was laughable, the PM at her worse came no where near the nastiness and childish behaviour of the Opposition.

    I think his stunt might have fallen a little short.

  36. Rabbit, let’s make it a date in near future. 3 schooners for CU, I can’t remember what you were drinking, but I know that you were well ahead of the rest of us, and wixxy and F* were into cocktails. I drank everything which was put in front of me. 😀

  37. I feel ashamed but I have always said I was beer drinker, and I like a drink.

    I do hope I did behave.

    Everyone was very civilized.

  38. Rabbit, Patricia is very forgiving.

    It was a very excellent afternoon. I hope that we might have a Qld or Canberra version in the not too distant future. Hell, I’ll travel anywhere for a cuddle and a free drink. 😉

  39. rabbit, I am sorry I do not remember that. Did I remember my manners and thank you.

  40. I reckon that all of the cafe patrons should meet in Bathurst, stay at eg’s motel and help her unscramble the omelet.

    And don’t worry CU, I just feel guilty putting you on the train to Mt Druitt. 😀

  41. Rabbit..brilliant. A bloggers conference at el gordo’s in Bathurst. Well I’m game if you are.

    El gordo, what about it…do we get a discount. 😉

  42. ‘eg’s motel’ …Boutique ‘otel if you please.

    It’s been quiet and I suggested to my business partner that we should just give it over to the Cadia gold miners. My neighbour decided to go in this direction and says he has ‘no worries having to change the sheets all the time.’

  43. One other thing Tony said is that he’d sworn a Blood Oath to dismantle the carbon pricing system. This has of course never been displayed, which will make it easier for him & the media to reneg should he find that expedient.

  44. He will do his best to dismantle the system,……

    Well the legislation’s safe, then. 😆

    So according to el gordo either he’s totally ignorant of democracy in this country or el gordo is.

    Or both, ME.

    Who TF am I?

    You’re a very naughty boy, rabbit. 😆

  45. Thanx Min, but I would prefer to do without the celebrity status. I’ll have to relocate to Crapperville.

  46. Nothing to forgive, Rabbit. Great to have you here talking to us and giving us lovely links. I hope you’ve got over your identity crisis?

    BSA Bob – that Blood Oath – did Tony indicate if it was gore or non-gore?

  47. Bob, and Tony’s blood oath..certainly not displayed, Tony being somewhat anaemic.

    Basically dismantling anything is a w*nk.

    It will be a matter of economics, how much to dismantle – how much to renew. I cannot imagine a time where the cost of dismantling something was of better value nor brought more advantages than building something.

  48. El gordo, scaps and I have known each other for goodness, it must be going on for 5 years. Scaper has some excellent ideas. Crapperville has been a long term derogatory term and (just me), we don’t need blog wars brought here. I assume that you don’t know the history and so you’re excused. You are now advised to zip it.

  49. rabbit, is that how I ended up at my grand daughters, I could not explain to her why I did not let her know I was coming.

  50. I forgot about those blood oaths. They will probably be put on the back burner, to keep company with those non core promises.

  51. Bob did he say dismantling a carbon pricing system.

    I thought it was that great big new tax he was about.

    As there is no carbon tax, he will not have to dismantle it.

  52. Cu, you’re the voice of common sense.

    Blood oaths on the back burner along with the stewed lamb’s brains and pease pudding.

  53. To be fair to all, even El Gordo, a central point would have to be Broken Hill…… a central hub where all whisperers would be welcome…… 😀

  54. Yes, I could even arrange a shafting for you Migs. a visit underground may give all a different idea or concept as to how the real producers of this economy operate :mrgreen: :mrgreen: 😀

  55. And seeing as this is ‘you said it Tony’, my little LandCare group was/would have been Tony’s First ‘DirectAction Plan’group in Oz… hows that for credentials as a place to visit…. 😆

  56. gillard’s government has entered the palliative care zone.
    There seems to be an even divide among voters. Those who want her to die quickly and those who want her to die slowly.

  57. They are damning results el gordo, but is it all over for Labor this far out from an election? Remember 2001? Howard was facing anhialation six months out from the election before a ‘miracle’ worked for him.

  58. ..the “miracle” you talk of is gillard leaves the planet and MIB use their Nueraliser to erase all memory of gillard, labor, Carbon Tax, Border protection Policy, BER, Batts, Set Top Boxes, Cash for Clunkers, gillard , Brown, Greens hi fiving every time they get legislation through that no one wants……..
    …it might happen.

  59. Tweed, now come on fess up..tell us why you hate Julia. It couldn’t be a certain amount of misogyny could it?

  60. No. Just a pathetic government. And she is a lying sack of crap. Just like most of the voters..

  61. I like this one: Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. – Eleanor Roosevelt

  62. Well said, Min! It’s amazing how trolls like Tweed turn up to throw insults around and foul the atmosphere when constructive things are being said by people they don’t agree with. Some solid policy information to counter our p.o.v. here would be more convincing.

    Meanwhile Fairfax has some good things to report about our PM. As ever her cabinet team are right behind her and unlikely to be moved by polls. Amongst reported comments is the one from Nicola Roxon who laments that the public don’t see enough of the PM, as she does every day. Julia Gillard, she says, is “incredibly strong, incredibly decent.

    The whole story bears out a major theme of my pome – that Julia is strong and respected by her team, and Abbott’s leadership is very much in doubt. Julia will not lie down and die!

  63. Patricia, it is positive and self-motivated people such as your good self who keep this old earth a’turnin’…

  64. The media keep asking Labor ministers whether Gillard will lead Labor for the next 18 months. What they should be doing is asking Lib and Nat pollies whether they think Abbott can last another 18 months as Opposition leader.

  65. Tony Abbott’s alternative reality is always interesting to observe..apparently, and according to Tony it’s Turnbull’s opposition to the NBN which makes him so popular.

  66. Anyone who uses the term “carbon tax” instead of “carbon price” is either a troll or is unwittingly playing into the hands of the opposition. It’s part of the opposition’s meme that Gillard is a liar about promising no carbon tax. Gillard did not lie. What in fact she said was, she wanted a carbon pricing scheme as part of an ETS, and that is what she delivered. “Gillard is a liar” is the real lie.

  67. Tweed @10.07am, you’d better pray that the wizened foreigner holds onto his Empire, because the when the empire lies in ruins, so will Liealot and the Liars Party will be exposed as the “lying sacks of crap” and charlatans they are, lacking any credibility, devoid of ideas and policy.

    They can only dream of being as “inept” as this government, which has passed 300+ pieces of legislation, the latest being the expansion of the definition of domestic abuse.

    A majority of which was supported by the Noalition. So much for their vow not to support any of the government’s legislation and so much for the lying claims that all of this government’s legislation is bad and wrong.

    I’d like to see your rationalisation of that position.

    A government, I might add which kept the building industry afloat through the GFC and preserved tens of thousands of jobs, bitterly opposed, ridiculed and lied about by the Noaliotion and their barrackers in the msm.

    And instead of the knee jerk condemnation of the Independents, ask yourself why they didn’t and still won’t support the Noalition. After all, they are natural allies with the conservative side of politics; Windsor, Oakeshott and Wilkie have in the past been Liars Party MPs, until they were all shat on from a great height by both the Liberals and Nationals.

    But no matter, how about giving us a credible reason for their support for the government and rejection of Liealot and the Liars Party. Regurgitated Liars Party propaganda is neither credible nor is it logical and just reveals that you are a troll.

    I look forward to laughing at your pathetic attempts to explain why Windsor, Oakeshott and Wilkie are still onside and thumbiong their noses at the LIars Party and the likes of barrackers like you!

  68. “Tony Abbott’s alternative reality is always interesting to observe.”

    Yes Min. When questioned this morning about his plunge in popularity and whether it was due to him being negative all the time he said that he had something positive to offer, lower taxes by the abolition of the “toxic” carbon tax, less spending and so downward pressure on interest rates.

    I wish the reporter had asked him how any of that was positive when ordinary Australians won’t see any extra tax in their money, and indeed many will find more money in their pockets because of the carbon price. Just how was he going to spend less to put downward pressure on interest rates when interest rates are already down and going down further under the current spending.

    In other words the reporter should have said to Abbott that he hadn’t offered any positives at all, just the normal bullshit lying scaremongering negativity he always dishes out, which is why he’s bottoming in the polls and will be replaced as leader sooner rather than later.

  69. It is a Carbon Tax. I suppose you folk call the GST “GST Pricing”. I don’t pay Income Tax I am part of “Income Pricing”
    The funniest interviews are when the interviewer tries to get Combet and Albanese and the boys to say Carbon Tax. They have been banned from putting those two simple words together.
    I think back to the statesmanship of John Howard. What a goose government we have at the moment.
    Not long now.
    To tax (from the Latin taxo; “I estimate”) is to impose a financial charge or other levy upon a taxpayer (an individual or legal entity) by a state or the functional equivalent of a state such that failure to pay is punishable by law.
    A tax “is not a voluntary payment or donation, but an enforced contribution, exacted pursuant to legislative authority” and is “any contribution imposed by government […] whether under the name of toll, tribute, tallage, gabel, impost, duty, custom, excise, subsidy, aid, supply, or other name.”
    Sounds like a Carbon Tax to me.

  70. Received in the mail today. Without being named the company is a large refrigeration company in Brisbane.
    “4 June 2012

    Reference: Refrigeration Cost Increases

    Dear Sir/ Madame,

    As a result in part of the impact of new Carbon Pricing, large cost increases on refrigerant gases are being introduced as of July 1st 2012.

    As of yet we do not have a firm cost increase, but are being told to expect a minimum of 120% rise for the higher GWP (Global Warming Potential) gases.

    This is the first of many I suspect.

  71. Tweed, the GST is a tax. You can’t avoid paying it, no matter what you do. Emitters can and will avoid paying the carbon price by lowering their emissions.

    When you can prove that a government impost for carbon emissions has been deducted from yours and everybody else’s income, or appears as an identifiable amount on every receipt for goods bought, you might have a tiny bit of credibility. Until then, it might pay you to stfu, before you cop even more egg on your face.

    As for your example, I notice that the carbon price is only part of the reason for the price rise, so perhaps you should do a little research on the real reason for such a high increase, considering that Treasury and other reputable researchers have indicated that any increase in prices due to carbon pricing are less than 1%. A far cry from 120%.

    Nice try, but no cigar as usual.

  72. In other words the reporter should have said to Abbott that he hadn’t offered any positives at all, just the normal bullshit lying scaremongering negativity he always dishes out, which is why he’s bottoming in the polls and will be replaced as leader sooner rather than later.

    ME, on the bright side for Liealot, Tweed and el gordo will swallow that load of old cobblers whole, so at least two other idiots have been sucked in! 😆

  73. Another reality or is it an inconvenient truth.

    I believe it is about time we start talking about what has been achieved and forget the nonsense about how it was arrived at.

    At the end of the day, it is results that matter, not the how.

    Mike Quigley said at Senate Estimates last week that not completing the network would leave the company in situation without a purpose, and without hope of privatisation. Nobody would likely come forward to buy the satellite and wireless networks; they are just not viable on their own without the subsidy provided by the fibre portion of the network.

    When asked by Greens senator Scott Ludlam what would happen if NBN Co was sold after the federal election next year, Quigley stated, “you would not find a buyer”.

    “If you halt the rollout at that point you just cannot run a business. You do not have a business to run,” he said.

    Communications minister Stephen Conroy added, “essentially it would transfer back onto the budget because by definition it is no longer an investment. So the entire cost would transfer back onto the budget.”

    This will not change, no matter who wins the next election. The contracts are, or will be, in place and the coalition has promised to fulfill existing contracts.

    Further, it was revealed at Estimates that take-up of the higher speed tiers – and therefore higher average revenues per user on the NBN – is so far well ahead of initial expectations that the fibre network may well become even more viable than first envisaged.

    If take-up rates continue as they have so far, Ludlam added at estimates, “you are running a much more lucrative business than the minister was hoping you would”.,what-is-a-halted-nbn-worth.aspx

  74. silkworm, I would love to see Tony around until the next election. I am not so sure that many of those who sit behind feel the same way. They have very stony faces lately.

    Yes, Tweed, the PM might get beaten at the next election. What is so great about that. It is called democracy.

    It will not be the end of the world, or of Labor for that matter.

    I am not so sure, if Abbott is in the driving seat for long, we will not feel like the end has come.

    As I said that is democracy at the end of the day, we get the government we deserve.

  75. “As of yet we do not have a firm cost increase, but are being told to expect a minimum of 120% rise for the higher GWP (Global Warming Potential) gases.”

    Maybe the first not to pass scrutiny and facing a big find for lying.

    They have to justify that project rises.

    Time will tell.

  76. Tweed @2.45
    the Sunshine coast news had a story on that “refrigeration” cost explosion of 120%.thankfully, in the comments were the facts. the refrigerant that is increasing in cost is one that is being phased out, due to the damage to the environment. that refrigerant lasts 13 years in the atmosphere, the one that is replacing it lasts 11 days. Oh yes, the replacement is NOT attracting large cost increases. Also there are other refrigerants to the one mentioned in the letter, which also are not attracting the large cost increases.

    That letter is just another misinformation, scare campaign

  77. Thanks for that, Sue @4.48pm. Why did I know Tweed’s letter would turn out to be a load of nonsense, about as truthful as his/her sloppy attempt to prove that the carbon price is a tax?

    They just keep on lying and trying.

  78. No point shooting the messenger guys. I am just passing on what is happening in industry. The Carbon Tax has been a toxic mill stone around Gillard’s and Labor’s neck since she broke her promise to the electorate.
    FYI. Essential Energy advised me last week Network charges will go up around 18% on July 1st.
    FYI I have a lot of staff who got the gillard handouts in the past fortnight. They are getting around $2 per week. Hmmmm the electorate will be forgetting that financial windfall every time they get their electricity bill. My staff consider the cash splash a joke.
    Guys once again you are riding a loser.
    The Carbon Tax is toxic and simply dumb policy.
    Just who is the FW designing Labor policy?
    Abbott is certainly one lucky pollie being opposite gillard and Labor at this particular time in their history.
    Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

  79. Migs, you obviously ignored previous advice about liberal applications of alcohol..taken internally of course.

  80. Tweed gave away the bullshit when he aped Abbott’s mindless resound of “toxic tax”.

    Of course Abbott’s brain fart real toxic business taxes along with his constant string of real lies are deliberately overlooked.

    Maybe someone can tell us why the opposition and their media mouth pieces, including their mindless rusted on supporters, need to go to such lengths in lies and deceits against the government to shore up Abbott and the opposition, thus openly admitting Abbott and the opposition are so terrible and hopeless they need constant negativity and dissimulations against the government to get ahead, unable to do so on lucid policy, credibility, merit and positive agendas for the people of Australia.

  81. Hi friends who liked my pome about Tony Abbott’s compliment to Julia Gillard. I’ve written up my notes about how I came to see it that way with a post titled The Warrior Who Won’t Lie Down And Die. If you don’t have time to visit my site and read them my last para sort of summarises my thoughts.

    Julia Gillard has plenty of enemies and detractors, as would any national leader prepared to develop reformist policies and make unpopular decisions. That in itself tells us she herself has the courage and conviction which she has told Caucus Labor will need if they are to win the next election. I have quoted above a colleague’s description of her and another from the Australian newspaper. So, reliable sources tell us she is incredibly strong, incredibly decent and a woman with fire in her belly coupled with a reasoned, quietly angry determination. No wonder Tony Abbott has admitted to himself, unconsciously at least, that Julia Gillard is a warrior who will not lie down and die.

  82. Bacchus, I still have the man flu

    Not good Migs – must be that Canberra weather 😉

    Speaking of cures though, I haven’t had a glass of wine since Sunday night and I’m not physically sick. Must be something terribly amiss though 😯

  83. Patricia, in spite of we being labelled the takes a strong person to not only support Julia but to sing her praises and I admire you immensely for this.

  84. lol @ Min.

    No one mentioned abstinence though Min, just wine 😉 I had a couple of Stellas with my tacos last evening 😆

  85. Sounds like there’s an urgent need for more anaesthetic Migs – first to dull the pain & 2nd to work up to facing the dentist. 😆

    Interestingly, I caught the end of “My Family” on ABC earlier. The main male character (who is a dentist) had a toothache and was attempting to anaesthetise himself with a bottle of scotch so he could pull the tooth out…

    It might be time to get into TB’s WT 😉

  86. Although if your dentist is like mine, you’ll need to book at least a month in advance to get in 😦

  87. Yep – I think my last visit was about 5 years ago – cost me a little over $1K. Now you see why my last visit was “about 5 years ago” 🙂

  88. patriciawa

    i didn’t see that picture on the nightly news. i wonder if marie claire will have it in their magazine, with a positiive article on the pm

  89. Tweed, I usually ignore trolls like you, but have to respond this time. I am no longer surprised by how unpleasant Opposition supporters can be. But this morning I am amazed that anyone can be so ignorantly offensive about a picture of a happy woman with a tiny baby.

    You clearly weren’t raised by a mother who taught you that simple rule – If you can’t think of anything nice to say, say nothing! So obviously the negative and nasty
    comes naturally to you. It’s all you can say and all you understand.

    So, why don’t all you Abbott fans just shut the fuck up?

  90. If you can’t think of anything nice to say, say nothing!

    tabot appears to have taken that to heart patriciawa. The silence from negabore over the Australian economy has been a welcome respite. Now, if only the papers would take his advice….

  91. patriciawa

    well said

    poor sop tweed is still upset that the latest big overthrow of PM gillard didin’t happen as he joyfully predicted. in fact patriciawa, his prediction not coming true was the only way he shuts himself up for about a week. he then slinks back when he has forgotten and starts all over again with the slurs trying to soften up the target before the next big prediction.

  92. Patricia, they are so scared of the PM, that they cannot let a shred of evidence ge

    The PM is getting much kudos for the Child Care summit she has called this morning. Most involved are over the moon because she is listening. Two days of good news stories. We cannot have this.

    Another plus in my book, is the changes that Ms, Roxon is making to the Family Law. Throwing out of the policy that says parents must share care of the child, regardless of any harm that may occur to the child. We are now back to the position, that the needs and safety of the child, is above the rights of the parents.

    I have watched the TV for an hour or so. I listened to the radio. Where is the man.
    re they seeking him everywhere. Maybe the PM is wrong in saying he can run but but not hide.

  93. “So, why don’t all you Abbott fans just shut the fuck up?”

    It’s not their fault patricia. They, like most rusted on hard right Liberal supporters, are nothing more than unthinking automatons who only regurgitate the memes and mutterings of their leader and the leader’s party. It’s a fact that most Liberal supporters need to be closely tied to the coattails of their leader so they know what to do and say. At least under Howard they had someone with some intelligence and real political cunning but under the gormless Abbott they have… well they have an idiot pretending to be intelligent. So as you can plainly see his followers comments and base muttering follow the intelligence of their leader.

  94. Mobius, yet when the rusted ons are called on to explain even in 6 point form why Tony is going to make such a you’beaut PM..deathly silence prevails. In all my time of asking this same question, not one single response.

    Re.. At least under Howard they had someone with some intelligence and real political cunning but under the gormless Abbott they have..

    That is getting kinda creepy that Tony Abbott is starting to make John Howard look good by comparison…

  95. For all his faults and pretermits during his reign, and there were many, along with his unreasonable prejudices and border racism, the one thing you can never accuse Howard of is of being unintelligent, especially in devious political cunning.

    The Liberal power broker (forget his name) who resurrected Howard from dark regions of the back bench and put him in power said Howard was one of the most devious men he had ever worked with, and he wasn’t kind in his appraisal of Howard.

    Abbott on the other hand thinks he’s a Howard protégé but is so far behind Howard in intelligence, political savvy and cunning that Barnaby Joyce seems like a genius in comparison.

    Abbott is a gormless puppet to the faceless men in the party at the behest of a rabid right wing media and vested big business interests, none of whom have Australia’s or its people best interest at heart.

  96. I saw Abbott say today that “Child care is talked about every other day in his household, Due to the fact that Margie is in the Childcare business”

    Well Margie might talk about it around the kitchen table, but Tony you are always on the road and not at home. So what would you know on the subject and are you even interested? Even in your book you commented that when you could get home usually on a Friday night, the 2 of you would have pasta and a bottle of wine.

  97. Mobius and Tony being a gormless puppet…which is why when people question about what will be Tony’s agenda should he be PM, the answer is that he doesn’t have one. Tony is 100% focussed on winning, nothing else matters.

  98. But Ms Gillard said this was scaremongering similar to that which occurred during the Keating Labor government reforms and described the changes as modest.

    “Remember that scare campaign, remember how we were all going to lose our backyards, no one’s freehold title for their home was going to be safe,” she told ABC Radio on Thursday.

    “Conservative politicians (were) on TV screens producing maps to whip up fear.”

    Ms Gillard said people should reflect on what those fear campaigns of the 1990s looked like in the judgment of history.

    She acknowledged many indigenous leaders supported reversing the onus of proof in native title campaigns to speed up the process so elders don’t die before claims are settled.

    “We’ve taken a decision about what we think can be achieved,” Ms Gillard said.

    Many of those Hastee jobs seem to have been saved. Do not expect headlines saying what a good jon the unions and government have done.

  99. The PM has lifted sanctions on Burma. It appears that the PM believes using a big stick is not the best way to get reform and results

  100. You’re right, ME,

    under the gormless Abbott they have… well they have an idiot pretending to be intelligent

    He never has known how to behave or be a good example to his team. Because I didn’t write notes for the pome on this post I didn’t link to the information I had about his kicking in that glass panel door in his student days. You and others might be interested in that and what a pleasant fellow he was back then, exactly the type to make comments like our lovely friend Tweed.

  101. Mark, I must admit that this is my biggest disappointment with Julia. To not support marriage equality goes against human rights. It does not compute for an atheist non-married person to be considered to hold this view. Life however does have anomalies..Peter Garrett swore his oath on the bible. I would never have thought that he was religious.

    However, Garrett’s choice of the bible does not have ramifications for tens of thousands of loving couples who want security via the right to have their relationships recognised via a contract of marriage. And anyone who says that defacto is good enough knows little about the law in this regard.

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