You Said It, Tony!

Tony Abbott who said those words,
Is always looking for a fight.
Now he’s at war with a woman
He thinks has what is his by right.
Hell bent on having that top job,
He says,  ‘cos she lives by a lie,
He will win by hook or by crook,
And she’ll soon lie down and die.
Whatever dirty tricks he’s tried
On this woman, Julia Gillard,
She has outwitted him, stood firm,
As he attacks with no holds barred.
It’s been no use, his verbal abuse,
The insults and lie upon lie.
She stays calm, makes jokes, and she smiles,
Refusing to lie down and die.

Both have their troops to support them,
Their armies with banners unfurled.
Hers have their plans battle ready,
Drawn up by the best in the world.
He has relied on powerful friends,
But some are now starting to sigh
And ask if he has it in him
To force her to lie down and die.

Tony too often loses it.
That banging on the Chamber door,
Mad run and all,  reminding of
Smashed plate glass panels years before.
Old mining mates are suggesting
Julia’s a more likely ally.
They have heard her and assessed her
Not the type to lie down and die.

Public opinion’s changing too.
There are reports that is because
Folk see the life and fight in her
And how she shares their love for Oz.
Her war’s for them; his for himself.
Good things she’s done he will decry,
Not caring if that harms them too.
“Thank God!” they’re saying, “She won’t lie down and die!”