CU you remain terminally delusional.”

“Catching up

MAY 23, 2012 @ 4:51 PM

CU you remain terminally delusional.”

Tweed and your entire alias.

Tweed I have given great thought to your comment.  It is not the first time that you have alleged this bit after much thought, I am afraid I have to disagree with you.

I am well aware of how the world and politics works in this country.

I have been on this earth for seventy years.  I have enjoyed life at its best and I am sad to say, at its worse.

I began privilege, but life choices and uncontrollable reverses have made it an extremely rocky road.

I have learnt that we do not always have control over our life.

That is a proposition, that I amuser you will not agree with.  You are still under the illusion that you are in full control of your life, your future, and your finances.  I sincerely hope that you never learn that you are incorrect.

Tweed, we all need to respect the views and aspirations of others.

There are not right or wrong, when it comes to how we live our lives, or how we want the country to run.

The same applies to politics.

It is about our personal values, beliefs, aspirations, and priories.

I do not want to make value judgments, but I get the impression that you see the role of government is to be as small as possible.  You see it as being every man for them.  If they do not make it, so be it, as it is their fault.  You do not believe you are responsible for others.

I respect your right to have these views.  That being the case, your priories are much different to mine.  Your aspirations seem to be a society, where it is dog eat dog, for the country scare the daylights out of me.

Our government is working as the Founding fathers envisaged.

We have a minority government made up of representatives, that 58% of the voted for.

This is a duly elected legitimate government, according to the Constitution.

This government still holds the confidence of the house.

Since day one, Mr, Abbott has refused to recognise the legitimacy of the government has used intimidation and bullying tactics to bring it down.

If one believes this is acceptable, then I have to be in disagreement.

It surprises me that this government is working so well.  Yes, it appears to be hated, if one follows the polls.  That is not a reason for a new election.  All governments go through periods where they are not popular.  If people are still unhappy at the next schedule election, they will make their wishes known.

There is no need for Thomson to be hounded and bullies as he has been.  That should not be the Australian way.  We have a system of justice that will deal with the man it he is guilty.  Many investigations in this land take years, especially in the commercial world.

It is very dangerous to allow trial by media and kangaroo courts to become the order of the day.  They have a history of getting it wrong, and are cruel to the people accused.

I want to see oppositions that spend their time scrutinising all that the government does.  I want to see them put up strong opposition to what they believe to be wrong.  I want to see them try to get support of others to get their point across.  I want to see then proposed alternative, and convince us they have the better answer.

What I do not want to seem is an opposition that believes it should be in power.  I do not want an opposition that does not accept the voice of the people.  An opposition that believe the people got it wrong.

What do I see as the role of good governance?  That easy, one governs for the good of all.

I see the role of government to support those who cannot look after themselves.  I want the government that gives the weak and vulnerable the means to lift them up the ladder.

Government should take responsibility for proving the basic needs of a society.  It should ensure access to health, education and the judiciary systems.

Good governance provides the infrastructure that allows industry to thrive.

In this age, we expect our roads and transport to be adequate and safe.

We expect that defence forces are adequate to keep the country safe.

The economic system is not handed down by some god.  It is structures that are create by man, and should serve man.  Man should not serve the system.

It is the role of the government to ensure a strong economy, with work and opportunities for all.  There should be support for industry.

The taxation system should be fair.  It should not rely on regressive taxes.

I believe it is the voter wishes that count.  I believe that no party has the right to rule.  I believe that no government should rule forever.  Change is good.

I do not believe that a party should be able to gain power by bullying and intimidation.  It is a hollow victory if one has to destroy your opponent to win.

I believe that a party should be able to win by showing us; they have the better credentials to win.  Victory should come from being better.  Having better promises and dreams for the future.

This government meets my priorities.  It has provided a strong economy.  It is respected on the world stage.  It is putting in place the infrastructures, which ensure a strong future.

It is not perfect.  Nothing in this world is.  It cannot please all.  That is why we have regular elections.

What I do not want is the hatred and division that exists in our society.

What I realise is that the country and vision I want will never come to fruition.  That would be delusional.

It is not delusional or unreasonable to aim for a better society.

Winning might be important for some.  In fact winning is what life is about.

What is more important, is how one wins.  Winning at all cost, is not acceptable.  If one has to destroy all in their path to win, they do not have much to offer.

What is going on in politics, especially from the Mr. Abbott is wrong and dangerous.

We do not have the right to abuse others, because they do not agree or hold our views or because they have different priorities and values.  That is not acceptable and reflects badly on those who behave in this manner.

I acknowledge that others do not share my dreams.  That is OK and I respect the views they hold.

We all have the right to our own beliefs and aspirations.  None should are better than others.  They are just different.

I say let the best team win.

Tweed and those who come here to abuse.  What pleasure do you get out of it?

What type of society do you want to see.  I notice that you  spend much time telling us where we are wrong.  We hear little of your ideas and priorities.

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  1. CU – for once I find myself in some sympathy with your views. As I understand it, the allegations against Craig Thomson are for events which took place long before he became an MP and do not relate to his current Parliamentary duties and responsibilities. This is not so in regard to the Slipper Affair.
    Thomson is entitled to due process of law, and not to trial by political or media insinuation, speculation, and innuendo. Only after the due processes of law are completed should any implications for his Parliamentary postion be considered.

    This matter is occupying far too much Parliamentary time when there are far mor eimportant issues facing this country and warranting Parliamentary time than this public hounding engendered and prusued by the Coalition ~ they are absolutely wasting important Parliamentary time which is irresponsible and unforgiveable..

  2. To Mr Abbott mind his priorities are heading in the right direction, and that is becoming PRIME MINISTER, and so nothing else matters.

  3. Jarl, we can be thankful, parliament is working in spite of Mr. Abbott. It is his time he wastes more that anyone else.

    The danger is that Labor is getting numerous amount of legislation through with no input from the Opposition. Sometimes I think that Mt. Abbott takes any interest in what occurs in the house, outside his daily stunt.

    I am sure I heard Birmingham say at the NBN Senate hearings, that they need figures so they can be ready to sell is off when they take power, they need to be ready. Impression he gave, that it would not be long.

    I would like to emphasize both the Slipper and Thomson matters are serious, and need to be attended to. They are so serious, that they should not be used as an political football.

    We now\ have Nine claiming that they have found another card he used. They have traced down a prostitute that can identify from that date seven years ago, Come on, that borders on the ridicules. It is alleged that she identify him from a photo

    There are enough inquiries going on, without them adding to the mix.

    Mr. Abbott should face reality that this government is legit and deserves to run it’s term. That is how our system works.

    If he does not like it, he can change it when he gets in.

    The country can do without the politics that we are having to endure at this time.

    The global economy is too fragile for the rubbish that we are now getting.

  4. The conservatives are desperate to have an election soon because of the CO2 tax which comes into force on July 1.

    Craig should resign on the grounds of mental ill health.

  5. Crowey, what type of a victory will it be when he gets there. I would be surprised it he was there for long.

    What I do know his priories are not mine.

  6. el gordo, I do wonder at times who do have mental problems. In this case, maybe Mr, Thomson has problems, but there are many more, that are far sicker.

  7. ‘ …this government is legit and deserves to run it’s term.’

    In a democracy a minority government is vulnerable and prone to fall, the Opposition is entitled to destroy the government by any legitimate means at their disposal.

  8. Sorry, I disagree.

    A duly elected government has the right to run it’s full term.

    That is as long as they have the numbers on the floor of the lower house. Up to this time they have. One does not have the right to destroy. That belongs in the land of despots and tyrants.

  9. If I recall Mr Abbott has a few skeletons in his own cupboard. Certainly one of illicit intimate relations with a young female against his own religious beliefs and values, where it was suggested that he was the father of her child. He has also announced that no one should believe anything he says, and only part of what he may write down, which he would still contest even when written. How can anyone have trust and confidence in the moral and ethical integrity of such a man, when he is so obviously and self-admittedly untrustworthy.

  10. Looks like I must be delusional too, CU.

    There’s not a cigarette paper between your beliefs, values, and mine. Nor, I suspect, the great majority of Australians.

    We have learned that any deviation from these basic tenets leads to a very un-civilised society.

    We sometimes mock the expression “un-Australian”, but at our core, I think we know what it means, if only by making comparisons with less happy realms.

    The “fair go” is probably not an Australian invention, but it is an idea that Australians have embraced since federation.

    It is well to come out from time to time and firmly state these convictions lest they get drowned out in the bellicose rantings from demagogues like Abbott.

    So, thanks, CU. Well said.

  11. Why is she so hated?

    When told that voters appeared to have decided they didn’t like her, he responded “yes but has anyone analysed why?”.

    It was a pointed question from a serious political professional and it seemed to have a rhetorical element although that was unclear.

    I told him it was a combination of factors ranging from how she got the job, through broken promises, even gender, and the ham-fisted way her government had handled a succession of problems.

    Brendan Nelson was in Chicago too. As a Labor-appointed Ambassador to NATO and a former failed Opposition leader, he knows both sides. His private view he keeps to himself.

    But he didn’t mind saying he was “proud” of the Australian PM at the NATO meeting where she spoke third following only Presidents Obama and Karzai (Afghanistan) confidently handling the many complexities of the multi-member body’s Afghanistan problem.

  12. El Gordo – If you were merely suspected of having committed a crime or to have acted improperly, would you consider it `legitimate’ that your guilt or otherwise be publicly discussed and debated before you had been charged, and had the opportunity to rebut and refute those charges in a Court of law.?. That is not `legitimate’, it is a gross abuse of the civil rights of the individual.

  13. Jarl, he has many. It is hard to find the positives when it comes to this man.

    Thanks MJ, nice to know some do not think I an stupid.

  14. I must say that I have admiration for Julia Gillard who has immense pragmatism as a political leader, in contrast to the day-dreaming Rudd, the subterfuge and legerdomain skills of Howard, and the toothless tiger qualities of Abbott.

  15. Jarl, one cannot say good things about this PM. They will say you are mad.

    Today, Albanese hinted that Abbott behaviour was bordering on criminal.

    It is not upholding the law of parliament and the land to intimidate, bully and demand a duly elected MP, who is entitled to sit in the house, to resign.

    Maybe there could be problems in demanding his vote be denied.

  16. Local paper. Gosford hospital staff have voted for all HSU officials stand down. They want a administrator appointed. It was a a cross section of members and well attended.

    This has naught to do with Thomson.

  17. ‘…as long as they have the numbers on the floor of the lower house.’

    Exactly…and the aim is to reduce that number so that fresh elections can be held.

  18. El Gordo – tell us how you can have trust and confidence in a person, Cassius Abbott, who by his own words and actions does not live by his professed beliefs and principles.?. “He hath a mean and hungry look. Such men are dangerous” – Julius Caesar.

  19. ‘… must say that I have admiration for Julia Gillard who has immense pragmatism as a political leader’

    That is incorrect…if she was truly pragmatic she would have done popular things to get re-elected.

  20. el gordo, that is not what you are saying. You are joining in with many, that see no wrong in destroying a government.

    To do this, you have to destroy everything they do. One cannot have any successes. One needs the economy to fail. One needs unemployment to grow. One needs the people to revolt..Thankfully, Mr. Abbott has not has much success.

  21. No point in attacking Abbott’s “mean and hungry look”, he is doing his job as Opposition leader…he reminds me of Frank Sinatra with a monkey on his back named Minchin.

  22. Tweed. all I have done is cut and paste your comment. Now, does that worry you, I believe I have acknowledge you, as I have aimed this post in your direction. Yes, your name is there.

    Maybe you could answer my question, as to the pleasure you get by slinging insults.

    Nice to see you back as Tweed. I thought this persona had disappear for the time being.

  23. “That is incorrect…if she was truly pragmatic she would have done popular things to get re-elected.”

    el gordo you just do not get it. A PM does not do popular things to get elected. One does the right thing, which at times can be very unpopular.

    If governments are to fall because they are unpopular, the system will become unworkable.

  24. El gordo, Abbott is not doing his job as Leader of the Opposition. The leader is meant to do just lead, with policies and ideas. The Opposition were elected to represent their constituents and, via informed debate and amendments get the possible outcome for the country. By gee this government must be excellent, hardly one single amendment or policy idea from the Opposition.

  25. Abbott is pitting the blame back on Thomson. It appears all he has to do is leave the parliament.

    Is that all. He has no rights according to Abbott. This is not right. Mr. Thomson is entitled to sit in the house.

    Mr. Abbott has no right to intimidate a man into resigning. The Constitution says so.

  26. It was the people of Dobell who elected Thomson. Therefore as per Cu “Mr. Thomson is entitled to sit in the house”.

    If Thomson is found guilty of something which he did 7 years ago, I dare say that he will either be resigning or be defeated at the next election. However, that choice does not belong Tony Abbott.

  27. ‘to lead, with policies and ideas.’

    Nonsense, only at election time is he required to come up with a platform. Anyway, he has told the people what to expect from his government …dismantle the tax and Klimatariat.

  28. Sorry Geoff. At seventy, my eyesight is not that good, Shame I cannot be as perfect as you. Can you point out the misspelt word and I will fix it up.

    I do spell check, but sometimes they give me the wrong word.

    I am lucky I have you to point out my mistakes.

  29. El Gordo – Julia Gillard is entirely pragmatic, that is why she has achieved so much to get the ALP policies put into effect. I do not necessarily agree with some of those policies and think she has particularly vacillated and procrastinated on the Border Protection issue, but overall has managed to achieve those manifesto commitments on which the ALP was elected. For your edification, `the meaning of `mean and hungry’ was that Cassius could not be trusted, which applies amply to Abbott by his own self-condemning words and actions. I am non-committed to any Party at the moment but more and more I am offended by Abbott’s lack of political and personal integrity. I do not support dishonest men, whatever form that dishonesty may take. You, on the other hand, appear to have a simplistic blind and unprincipled loyalty to a political cause and dogma, regardless of its moral integrity.

  30. CU
    Well said. Do you think Tweed and all the persona can sit down and attempt a pro-Abbott piece that doesn’t include “she bad”,”illegitimate govt”? So far I haven’t seen anything written by the msm so it would be good for Tweed to start something new.

  31. The Opposition is really pushing it this morning.

    Why is it getting more volatile.

    ABC 24.

  32. ‘Julia Gillard is entirely pragmatic…’

    Julia has always been good at close combat, but lacks understanding of international matters. You haven’t read Carter’s article in the Financial Post, yet.

  33. El gordo, a darn sight better than Tony Abbott who thinks he can turn boats back to Indonesia when Indonesia has TOLD both Abbott and J. Bishop that this will mark a substantial deterioration in Australian/Indonesian relationships.

  34. Chris Schatch has summed it up well.

    The Opposition is a calling in everyone.

    I am disappointed in Fran Bailey, especially if she was not sick that day, we would not now have Abbott.

    it appears now that the PM is abusing Thomson by insisting he sits in parliament.

    The Constitution says that he cannot be expelled. The precedent this would set, would be disastrous for our system of government.

    It is the voter in parliament and it is the voter that should put them out.


  35. Australian economy as one of the world’s best economic performers. Tony Abbott continually shouts that the Gillard government is ”a bad government getting worse”. Is there any ”truth” in Mr Abbott’s continual bad-mouthing of this government? The OECD, IMF and Moody’s ratings confirm Australia’s economic performance as the envy of the developed world. It’s about time Mr Abbott and the Coalition put up or shut up and apologised to Australians for not telling the truth.

    Read more:

  36. ‘You, on the other hand, appear to have a simplistic blind and unprincipled loyalty to a political cause and dogma, regardless of its moral integrity.’


  37. Colleges of mine have been in touch with the Labor party to ensure he is OK.

    It is up to the PM to do what is in his interest not hers.

    If she resigns, everything will be alright.

    If he changes his mind as PM, he will go back to another election.

    Sorry Mr. Abbott, if you become PM, you are there to govern. That means sometimes, promises have to be reassessed. Sometimes changing ones mind is the correct thing to do.

    Nine Today.

    What Mr. Abbott is saying, if you do not roll over, I will keep the bullying up, until you do.

    It is not up to the PM to do anything. It is up to the courts. The PM is correct in her stance.

    Mr. Abbott will have to wait. This PM will not fold. I do not believe that Mr. Thomson is going to give Mr. Abbott the pleasure of taking over the government.

    There is new legislation being introduced to deal with crime on the docks. The government continues to get on with the job of governing.

  38. Here’s another delusional one suffering terminal dementia, Cu! I’m always happy to read your comments, particularly your determined defence of our PM.

    What a wonderful way to start the day
    To join with Catching up and say
    Our Prime Minister is Okay!
    Reminding you all she’s Triple A!*****

    She’s always admired overseas
    For for how easily she shoots the breeze
    With little folk and the big cheese.
    With us too she is the Oz bees knees!

    Our own experts, who ought to know,
    Have told us that she’s all the go
    With public servants. They’re aglow
    That here’s a report which confirms it’s so.

    She alarms the Coalition,
    Our hysterical Opposition,
    Who share mad Tony’s premonition.
    That she has done for his ambition,

    That’s why she’s praised by Independents,
    Not just her ALP attendants.
    In future times our descendants
    Will read of the glorious Gillard ascendance!


  39. Why is it getting more volatile.

    Cos yabots running out of time. July 1 and Labors policies are cemented. And people will see the oppositions fear campaign for what it is.

  40. So Tom, the tactic is to harass Thomson into quitting…and this is possibly our future government that we are looking at.

  41. Prime Minister Julia Gillard should allow Craig Thomson to quit parliament

    Does he have evidence where Gillard has personally prevented Thom(P)son from quitting parliament.

    Or is this just another false allegation allowed to pass unquestioned by our media?

  42. Min, read that another way.

    If you do not hand over the government, I am going to keep this up until you do,

    I take it as a threat. One cannot read anything else into what he has said.

    Thanks Patricia and nasking

  43. Exactly Min, a potential future Government who in opposition did nothing but obfuscate and obliterate, and nothing whatsoever to help the advancement of our country, only the advancement of their political purposes.

    grodo is so wrong (again)

    Being an opposition is more than trying to bring down a Government, it is providing a better alternative.

    On what we have seen so far, that is not happening. And, as long as the media play their game for them, it won’t matter.

  44. Min, there is no reason to keep up the tirade. All the investigations that one can think of, have been put in place.

    Maybe it will have to be reassessed if there are police charges. Even then, he will not have to resign according to the Constitution.

  45. Cu,
    good points.

    When a desperate man like Abbott and his media & religious allies use desperate, win at all costs, measures they undermine everything we treasure about democracy.

    You begin to feel your vote is worthless…that the legal and political system is worth less than the power of the media…and those who put GOD above all (tho some pretend otherwise).

    Of late I have become to feel that politics is a demolition derby for the likes of Abbott and the Murdoch empire, the shock jocks and certain current affairs shows.

    It’s about smashing up your opposition until you’re the last one standing/moving…seeking all the attention and applause. Making moolah and gaining more power for your brand and supporters. And stuff who gets hurt in the process.

    Frankly, I reckon Tony Abbott has become addicted to ramming other politicians…even using his followers to do the ramming for him. But in the long run it’s all for his benefit…so he can be the winner…top dog.

    This type of politician tends to lose respect of both fellow pollies and the public after awhile…no matter how much conveniently timed faux sincerity & compassion they put on.

    They also tend to get extremely paranoid and controlling once in power. Having created so many enemies…and recognising the lack of trust and respect from their co-workers.

    Nixon a good example.


  46. Jill Hall, Shortland, the adjoining electorate said that Mr. Thomson made the decision to leave the Labor Party.

    II do not think that he would want to give Mr. Abbott the satisfaction of winning.

    He just has to tough it out, as the PM has to.

    I would like to think she would take the same stance if there was a majority government. maybe Mr. Thomson would not want to hang around,

    Why is it so bad, that the PM wants to hold onto government. I just do not get that criticism.

  47. Meanwhile, ltd news remains entrenched on that side of the line they pretend they do not understand exists

    I have also noted that some commentators have referred to Gillards claim about the line being crossed as Gillard saying that ‘Thom(P)son crossed a line’

    And then complain about people not looking at facts 😯

    I do think Gillard was wrong to use that phrase. She should have spelt it out, as any ambiguity is going to be twisted and turned against her. Just call it for what it is PM, The media and opposition have sunk too low!

  48. There is no concern for Thomson from Abbott.

    It is about tipping out a government. A government that in his eyes, has no right to exist. Mr. Abbott smells victory. This he has done many times before and been disappointed.

    I believe he is in for more disappointment.

    he is pushing so hard, that there is a danger of a underdog being created.

    PM a threat to Thomson’s welfare: Abbott

    The opposition has made a tactical shift in its treatment of the Thomson scandal, turning the full force of its attack on Julia Gillard.

    The embattled member for Dobell yesterday declared “enough was enough” and suggested the opposition and the media wanted to push him “to the brink”. Having forced Craig Thomson’s statement to parliament on Monday, and racheted up the pressure in subsequent days, the opposition now has Prime Minister in the firing line. (The Australian)

  49. Nas’ and Frankly, I reckon Tony Abbott has become addicted to ramming other politicians… Abbott’s aggressive tendencies are of real concern, in that even when he is making attempts to appear conciliatory he does so in a passive/aggressive way. He cannot even deliver a speech at funerals without throwing in an aggressive remark.

  50. Tom. I believe that you are right about Gillard, and it wouldn’t be the first time that she has been caught out by making ambigious statements. Unfortunately with the media that we have got they hone right in on it to pounce on the remark, often taking it completely out of context.

  51. Cu, it seems that the blog had a slight case of the hiccups and that your post appeared twice. I hope that it’s ok that I removed the one which had no comments.

  52. Min, the computer played up when I went back into correct a couple of spelling mistakes at end. I should really say typing errors.


    PS. I was getting greedy.

  53. Patricia has once again, lobbed up with a suitable poem.

    I just hate bullies. They get my back up.

    I wonder it Mr. Abbott is jealous of what is going on in NG.

    Not that it is much better in this country.

  54. “Of late I have become to feel that politics is a demolition derby for the likes of Abbott and the Murdoch empire, the shock jocks and certain current affairs shows.”

    nasking, your feelings are spot on. That is what it has become.

    All it means, one cannot sit back and do nothing.

  55. THE woman at the centre of the latest Craig Thomson scandal works in the thoroughbred industry in northern New South Wales.
    The Daily Telegraph can reveal the woman, originally from New Zealand, lives at Cabarita Beach after previously working in Sydney as an escort with Boardroom Escorts.
    Now in her 30s, she left the sex industry and moved north to Murwillumbah, where she worked at horse stables as a strapper before her NSW Racing registration expired in October last year.
    The woman has been taken to an overseas location after Channel 9’s A Current Affair offered her $60,000 to speak about her alleged encounters with the Dobell MP.

    Read more:

  56. These allegations are serious, It reads as if there is a leak from the police. It appear to be related to the Williamson allegations. Wonder if come from the HSU raid.


    hey allegedly showed up on an American Express card supplied to Mr Thomson by a printing contractor with the union, Communigraphix.
    In his statement to parliament this week, Mr Thomson claimed that in 2004 union officials threatened they would frame him with prostitutes.
    The explosive claims come as sex industry figures also claimed police should examine whether Mr Thomson used an American Express to pay for escort services.
    Investigators are believed to have identified the prostitute transactions on an American Express card supplied to Mr Thomson. But, because the NSW police are not investigating how these funds were used, they have passed on details to Victorian officials – to help with their inquiries.

    Read more:

  57. Russia President Vladimir Putin would welcome Mr Abbott with open arms, after all he has all the makings of a Prime Minister Russian style.

  58. el gordo, as I have said before, whey do you think that term is a negative. We have taken a good look at our selves. I like what I see,

    We have also taken a good look at Mr. Abbott, and I do not like what I see.

    We cannot be that bad. You appear top like hanging about.

  59. Min & Cu,
    this from Michael @ TPS:

    After Shouldabeen’s sanctimonious and drenched in hypocrisy performance on Channel Nine’s Today show this morning, I doubt even Dante was taken to the special level of Hell awaiting this Cain-toad of a man.

    My response:

    I agree.

    Abbott is an actor. Quite sickening to watch.


  60. Barrackers are pathetic, just look at yourselves.

    lol. Says the denialatis number one ticket holder 😆

  61. I am now watching Hockey. Ch 7 My heart breaks for his concern for the poor union members.

    He is on with Burke.

  62. The Lynch Mob Leader has now run out of talking points to feed to the media. The Ashby-Slipper issue has been dropped because of the danger to the Opposition that the names Brough and Pyne will auotomatically be raised. The Thomson issue is running out of steam. All the Opposition has now is to somehow blame Gillard for Thomson’s mental health — as if they care about that.

    How are they going to feed the media beast between now and next week, when the carbon price starts coming into effect and most people will see that it has had no appreciable effect on their financial welfare.

  63. Excellent post Cu.
    You must have struck a chord with “Tweed”, who spruiks the same bitter vetch as his hero Mr Abbott…
    @ 7.59am. Maybe you could answer my question, as to the pleasure you get by slinging insults.

    Nice to see you back as Tweed. I thought this persona had disappear for the time

  64. Catching up May 25, 2012 @ 8:37 am [Edit]
    Min, are we getting all the persona’s or are any missing.

    Min May 25, 2012 @ 8:42 am [Edit]
    Cu, Migs and I know who is who. Only the 2 at the moment

    and they’re both malignant …

  65. I don’t think that we’ve had this one as yet..a far more balanced piece than we’re seen in recent times come from Phil Coorey.

    Mr Fitzgibbon told the National Times that Mr Thomson had been treated “worse than Ivan Milat” and that the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, should recall the speech he gave about the need for civility after Mr Wilton’s death.

    “Even if Craig Thomson is guilty of everything that’s been alleged … his punishment has far outweighed the crime,” Mr Fitzgibbon said.

  66. “He hath a mean and hungry look. Such men are dangerous” – Julius Caesar.

    I like Macbeth, Jarl…

    “I have no spurs to prick the sides of my intent, but vaulting ambition,

    Which o’er leaping itself, falls on the other”

    From memory.

    I’m thinking (wishfully) of Abbott of course.

  67. silkworm @ 11.32am, it’s very clear as you pointed out, that the COALition have had a review of their dirty tricks unit handbook, and realised that the revelation of the involvement of Pyne and Brough and other Coalition MPs was very embarassing, and they’d like us all to forget that part of the saga!

    Yesterday saw the 58th interruption of the workings of the HoR by Abbott with the Suspension of Standing Orders, which enabled him to rant and rave with his litany of the Prime Minister’s alleged failings,

    Most other MPs of all persuasions realise that he is treading a very dangerous path with his bulying and intimidation; they kow that he has over-egged the pudding. .After watching Criag Thomson’s speech I suspect that many of the decent back benchers who sit behind Abbott especially Dr. Mal Washer were recalling the death of Greg Wilton twelve years ago, and they do not want that sort of legacy on their conscience
    There have been two other near disastrous incidents which, thankfully ended on a happier note..
    Abbott’s feigned sympathy for Thomson yesterday was sickening, and I’d measure his censure motion against the expert.

    Turn Left 2013 posted this

  68. Macbeth:
    I have no spur
    To prick the sides of my intent, but only
    Vaulting ambition, which o’erleaps itself,

    And falls on th’other. . . .
    Macbeth Act 1, scene 7. 25–28

    In case there are any pedants lurking, here’s the correct quote

  69. Another reason I don’t like the expansion of religious private schools who obviously have close connections to churches and church figures:

    CONFIDENTIAL police reports have detailed the suicides of at least 40 people sexually abused by Catholic clergy in Victoria, and have urged a new inquiry into these and many other deaths suspected to be linked to abuse in the church.
    In a damning assessment of the church’s handling of abuse issues, the reports say it appears the church has known about a shockingly high rate of suicides and premature deaths but has “chosen to remain silent.”

    Written by Detective Sergeant Kevin Carson, the reports state that while conducting lengthy inquiries into paedophile clergy, investigators have discovered “an inordinate number of suicides which appear to be a consequence of sexual offending.

    Read more:

    I’ve heard too many horror stories from three friends who went to religious boarding schools.

  70. Pip, I cannot help it. I do not mind doing a little stirring myself. Told you he gave me the idea for a post. Have not had many lately.

    When Miglo is around, there seems to be plenty going on.

    I think I have hit the appropriate timing for this one.

    it is needed to move the attention from why it is alleged what Thomson and the PM has done, as it is not what it is about. The attention needs to be got back to the Constitution and justice.

    Mr. Abbott needs to be seen for what he is, a bully. A bully, attempting tp force a MP to resign.

    he is attempting to put the blame for his actions and the results of those actions, as the feet of the PM. It just does not work,

    Mr. Abbott needs to take responsibly for his own actions.

    Mr. Thomson will be dealt with by the justice system, in the fullness of time.
    One wonders what connects the Liberals have within NSW police.

    Chris Bowen now on NPC.

  71. Hockey attempting to make Carr look bad on the Corby decision.

    What does it matter if there was a agreement or not.

    If they keep it up, it might make the Indonesia a little upset.

    I believe Carr, but that is not important. If the Indonesia remains gappe, we might get those young men off death row.

    Corby also is not out of prison yet. Promises can be reverted.

    Why do they have to destroy everything the government does.

    They give no consideration to innocence people who could be harmed

  72. With thanks to Doug S.

    Doug wrote: “Abbott on ABC today: Blame everyone but himself and his bully boy mates

    “TONY ABBOTT: I think we’ve got to be straightforward about this. He’s put himself in this position by acting in ways that he shouldn’t have acted.

    He has made a statement to the Parliament and I think we are entitled to test him on that statement.

    But most of all, this is an issue for the Prime Minister. Now the Prime Minister is the one who is clinging to his vote and his Labor colleagues are the ones who are insisting that he should stay in the Parliament.

    Now I think the right thing for the Prime Minister to do is to allow him to make a decision that’s in his best interests, not in her best interests. And I think at the moment as far as the Prime Minister is concerned, it’s not Craig Thomson’s welfare that matters, it’s her political welfare that matters.

    And that’s why the best thing for everyone, it would take the pressure off him, it would take the pressure off his family, would be for him to leave the Parliament. “”

    The point of it all is of course clinging to his vote and Abbott is acting out faux concern with words which I hope that he chokes on.

  73. Congrats to Channel 9, A current Affair. They’ve won the wooden spoon.

    Thomson story gives Nine a boost
    by: Amanda Meade
    From: The Australian May 25, 2012 11:08AM

    NINE’S A Current Affair had a rare win against Seven’s Today Tonight with its exclusive report on an alleged payment to a prostitute by MP Craig Thomson.
    A Current Affair led Today Tonight 1.23 million to 1.08 million, taking out third spot to Today Tonight’s fifth spot.

    ACA host Tracy Grimshaw opened the program promising more on an investigation into Mr Thomson and then kept viewers waiting while she showed a story about disabled parking.

    LOG IN …

  74. They say Keating was harsh. I did not hear any name calling in that video.

    Did not say that Howard was rotten, etc. Keating did more than attack the man. He attacked the policies and actions of Howard.

    Yes, Keating did cut to the quick, but it was not a tirade of name calling and abuse.

    All one gets from Abbott is name calling and abuse. Mr. Keating did not have anger, hate or the whine in his voice. .

  75. ‘Says the denialatis number one ticket holder’

    Denialati and proud….we are the future and the watermelon coalition is done.

  76. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says MP Craig Thomson should quit Parliament for the good of himself and his family.

    There is growing concern about Mr Thomson’s mental health, amid mounting pressure over allegations he misused Health Services Union funds.

    Listen carefully. You will hear him say, yippee, yippee, I get to be PM.

  77. It would be prudent for Julia to admit (as the G8 have done) its better to go after methane and black soot and save two million lives a year, than trying to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in this draconian way.

    She has to get real.

  78. Denialati and proud….we are the future and the watermelon coalition is done.

    If your the future then what the hell is Turnbull doing in your party?…bunch of global warming denialists, war-mongers, dog whistlers over refugees, protectors of Palmer & Rinehart’s greed, Murdoch empire butt licking, 70 billion black hole creating, austerity-craving, old guard religious extremists and One Nation copycats…you make me puke on a good day.


  79. I’ll add: public education & healthcare robbing, equal rights denying, UN-bashing, childcare negligent, police state loving, union-hating, worker’s rights undermining, arrogant, so far up yer own arse ya see outa yer own eyes ratbags…ya make me puke on mediocre days too.


  80. A crack at the Coalition’s co-operatives..

    Tony Abbott’s faux concern for Thomson reported as something other than laughable

    For Tony Abbott to suddenly feigning concern for Thomson’s health – well, it’s as credible as the press gallery complaining about the Thomson “distraction” when they refuse to report on anything else.

    Not that the anonymous journalists at the ABC repeating Abbott’s laughable remarks would dare include any context highlighting the absurdity for their readers. No, it must be run straight, reported neutrally, as if it weren’t simply the obvious, transparently self-interested words of a partisan figure demanding that the opposing team sacrifice a member so he can win.


  81. nasking, you are correct, we now have something to criticize the PM for. I do not believe we need guest workers. On the Central Coast there was good money to be got, doing lock downs at the many power houses we have, Dirty work, and long hours b One of the contractors is a Korean firm, that brings in their own workers. They are now getting the cream of the work

    ABC24 Mr. Albanese is saying that Mr. Abbott calling on Mr. Thomson to resign could be breaking the crimes act. Mr. Oakeshott said earlier in the week that maybe Mr. Abbott should be referred to the PC for similar reasons.

  82. Pip at 1.49
    I was gunna say something like that quote. Thanks for pointing it out.
    P.S. a lot of my stunningly witty & insightful posts get lost somewhere. Is this happening to others?

  83. nask, you forget about Direct Action.

    Now Mr. Abbott said he will not change his mind when he gets the job. he will call another election if he does that.

    If that is the case we are going to have many elections, as he has a policy on most things for each day of the week.

  84. CU
    “Mr. Albanese is saying that Mr. Abbott calling on Mr. Thomson to resign could be breaking the crimes act.”

    Then I say it is important for Mr Albanese to take the appropriate action and for Tony Abbott to stand aside from Parliament while the matter is considered and if there are any “findings” then he should resign, to await court action. If what he has done is proved criminal then his right to a (very comfortable ) govt pension forgone.

  85. Go for it Albo
    “Mr Albanese said Mr Abbott had gone a step too far.

    “They’ve now gone the next step,” Mr Albanese told ABC radio.

    “They’ve now gone to the step which is a breach of Section 28 of the Crimes Act in attempting to suggest that `we’ll lay off if you just resign from parliament’.

    “That is a very serious thing for the leader of the opposition to do.”

    Under Section 28 of the Crimes Act it is an offence for anyone “who, by violence or by threats or intimidation of any kind, hinders or interferes with the free exercise or performance, by any other person, of any political right or duty”.

    Mr Albanese said it “may well be looked at by the appropriate authorities”.

    “The Crimes Act is very clear about not allowing any intimidation of any kind which hinders or interferes with the free exercise of any political right or duty,” Mr Albanese said.

    Mr Albanese said Mr Thomson had never expressed to him any indication he would resign from parliament.

    “He … declares his innocence of all the allegations that have been made against him,” the minister said.

  86. Bob @1.54pm. I’ve had a look around the back and cannot see anything in pending. Apologies if things have gone missing..most definitely not intentional.

  87. With thanks to Kevin Rennie for providing the link:

    Brothel baron on Thomson: ‘I think it’s bullshit’
    by Chris Seage, owner of Brothel Busters and a former consultant to the NSW sex industry….

    On ACA last night, reporter Justin Armsden said that their investigation was centred on a CBA MasterCard payment of $770 paid by Thomson on May 7, 2005, to International Immobiliare, which is the corporate entity of the escort agency Boardroom Escorts. Sex businesses disguise the nature of the payment that appears on credit card statements when clients pay by credit card to ensure a level of discretion.

    ACA has now whisked her away to an overseas location to be interviewed — some seven years after the alleged event — in return for a bag of money. But, according to some of Sydney’s leading brothel barons, that is the problem with the whole ACA deal — seven years is a long time ago.

  88. Now just for some media BIAS. That story about Abbott and resignation call being in breach of the crimes act, does not appear on the SMH nor in National. How did I get a link, well after CU comment about seeing Abo on tele, i googled “tony Abbott resignation call criminal” and up popped the link, to the “breaking story, national, smh”.

    I suppose a story about a possible criminal act by abbott doesn’t suit the kate mcclymont line, they continually push.

  89. Sue, I would say, Federal Police. I do not believe it is a stunt on Mr. Albanese part.

    Mr. Oakeshott suggested that maybe he should be referred to the PC. I do not know where it came from with him, but I do know that Wilkie sought legal advice and back of censoring Thomson. Maybe Thomson could take action himself.

    It has to be a crime, to attempt to influence a vote, or force them from the house.

    When they are sworn in they take a oath to uphold the law of the land and I believe parliament.

  90. “TONY ABBOTT: I think we’ve got to be straightforward about this. He’s put himself in this position by acting in ways that he shouldn’t have acted.

    Has there been a successful prosecution over the way that Thom(P)son has behaved?

    All I have seen so far are accusations. Including this one by the loto.

  91. Tom R
    “by acting in ways that he shouldn’t have acted.”
    The total abbott way of leadership

  92. Tom, it’s the good old everyone knows thing..but then “everyone knows” that Jesus died on the cross and that his mother was a virgin…in spite of 2 older brothers being mentioned in the bible.

  93. Sue @ 2.20pm,
    I suppose a story about a possible criminal act by abbott doesn’t suit the kate mcclymont line, they continually push.

    Fairfax’ Kate McClymont is a hack. Nothing more than a media hack.

    She is a Coalition co-operative, who has now written 13 or 14 articles about Craig Thomson yet she has never approached him for an interview.

    Very un-professional, madam Kate.

  94. Sorry, Dr grodo, unless you are Craig Thomson’s treating physician, you have no idea what state his mental health is in.

    I think he is quite remarkable to have withstood the disgraceful treatment meted out to him by the msm and most egregious of all, the opposition, particularly when you consider the number of opposition politicians, INCLUDING Liealot himself who are under a legal cloud.

    It’s their utter hypocrisy that makes me so angry! If the government had a healthy majority, the Thomson and more than likely the Slipper issues, wouldn’t have raised an eyebrow.

    And once again, the hypocritical nature of the opposition’s attacks on Peter Slipper is like a beacon. Despite having had complaints made in the past about Mr Slipper, they swept them under the carpet and continued to endorse him for election after election.

    What is so much worse now than in the past? And why, when they blithely ignored this type of thing for many years, are they suddenly SOOO horrified?

    Liealot is obsessed with power. I believe it has become an obsession that is affecting his mental health and his judgement. He and Pyne are trashing the Parliament and perverting the rule of law and governance.

    Worst of all, they just don’t care, such is their lust for immediate power. As CU says, there will be an election next year, when the voters will decide who will govern. Why the unseemly haste to grab power now?

    They just don’t care that their lies and negativity are having a negative effect on the economy and the spirit of the nation. They just don’t care that they have allowed a culture of bullying, mendacity and lynch mob mentality to develop.

    They just don’t care that a disgraced foreign media owner has been fostering and using every crooked means at his disposal, to distort political discourse in this country to the extent that we seem to have split into two armed camps!

    They just don’t care that they are fostering a feeling of entitlement to welfare among people who have ABSOLUTELY NO NEED FOR WELFARE, with a corresponding mean spirited, miserly disregard for people who have fallen on hard times and desperately need assistance to make ends meet; to feed clothe and educate themselves and their children, to have access to decent health care and to improve their situation.

    As one of the wealthiest countries on the planet, we should be striving to ensure all our fellow citizens share in our good fortune, not just a very privileged few, many of whom inherited their wealth and social position.

  95. Sue, I am watching Lateline. 23 Albanese said similar things.

    Randall, the Liberal member I believe is sensible.

  96. Jane
    “Liealot is obsessed with power. I believe it has become an obsession that is affecting his mental health and his judgement.”
    I suggest he consult Dr Mal W then resign from parliament for his and his family’s sake. (sorry to drag you in margie)

  97. Brandis surprisingly has little to say That is unusual for him. Maybe there is a lot in what Albanese says.

    The link for Lateline on the 23 would not go amiss.

  98. Now this criminal

    “The lawyer for South Australian Liberal Senator Mary Jo Fisher has asked an Adelaide court to award his client legal costs after she was found guilty of assault.

    Ms Fisher was found guilty of assaulting a female security officer at the Foodland shopping centre at Frewville in Adelaide’s eastern suburbs in December 2010.

    Her lawyer, Michael Abbott QC, has asked the Adelaide Magistrates Court that the prosecution pay the defence legal costs, understood to be a considerable sum.”

    I suggest the Lieberals pass the hat around amongst themelves, rather than the taxpayers forking out. Or better still the supermarket, where they accidentally deleted the evidence of MJF assaulting their staff.

  99. If one listens again to this Lateline. Watch Mr. Brandis when he is asked a question towards the end of the interview with Brandis.

    This is not going as the Liberals planned, I believe.

  100. Unions have slammed the Federal Government’s announcement of an agreement that will allow more than 1,700 foreign workers to be brought in to work on a large Western Australian mining project.

    The agreement, the first of its kind, will allow the Roy Hill project in the Pilbara to sponsor overseas workers on 457 visas.

    Immigration Minister Chris Bowen says the project will have massive economic benefits.

    “This is about providing certainty for investors,” he said.

    But it has drawn an angry response from union leaders, who have accused the Government of “sheer lunacy”.

    Paul Howes from the Australian Workers Union says it is bad news for Australian workers.

    “Frankly, I just can’t get my head around

    Morrison by the way had to agree with the government on this.

  101. Fairfax’ Kate McClymont is a hack.

    That’s not how she spells her name. On her credit card it’s spelled McLIARmont. Her name means “mountain of lies.”

  102. Jarl @7.21am, you’ve spelled it out in a few sentences. Hear! Hear!

    grodo @7.58am, Liealot is NOT doing his job properly! His job is to scrutinise government policy, detail what he sees to be flaws and do his best to improve legislation, by offering amendments.

    His job is NOT to mindlessly naysay, and offer no alternative position. His job is NOT to talk down the economy and frighten the public and business. His job is to persuade people that he has better policies than the government.

    He should also have the wit to realise that if he continues as he does, he might very well inherit an economy which IS in dire straits and I am sure that he and his team of idiots would have absolutely no idea how to reverse the situation.

    No, the reason he wants to get his hands on the levers of power, is that he knows this country is in a very good position economically and he wants the credit.

    Tom R @9.21am, yet another false allegation so Liealot can be enthroned. There’s only one sort of throne that is suitable for him. 😆

    Min @12.37pm, it’s a laugh, isn’t it. The PM is clinging to his tainted vote, which will be miraculously untainted if he votes with the Liars to bring the government down. I’d like to see Tweed’s explanation for that!

    Nas’ @1.31pm, why don’t you say what you mean? 😆 😆 😆

    Sue @2.00 & 2.04pm, hear! hear!

  103. Sue @ 3.07pm, on what basis would Senator Mary Jo Fisher be awarded costs for a court case after she was found guilty of assault. Is she mad?

    That doesn’t make sense, unless she wants to remind the public that she stayed in the Senate, didn’t resign and go to the cross benches, while she “tainted” the Coalition vote.

  104. Pip, it’s probably worth a try. However, It would be highly unusual for a court to award costs for someone found guilty who has more than adequate means of paying those costs.

  105. Cu and The agreement, the first of its kind, will allow the Roy Hill project in the Pilbara to sponsor overseas workers on 457 visas. I smell a deal done re the mining tax….

  106. Min, I’m wondering why MJF can’t pay her own Court costs… she receives the salary of a Federal Senator plus, [probably], extra recompense for any committees she sits on.
    Does she have a gambling problem ??

  107. ‘Dr grodo also knows all about Graves’ Disease.’

    Only what I read in the papers…there was an interesting ufo cluster seen in Switzerland recently.

  108. Min @ 4.11pm,
    Cu and The agreement, the first of its kind, will allow the Roy Hill project in the Pilbara to sponsor overseas workers on 457 visas.

    I smell a deal done re the mining tax….


  109. Sue, this deserves a re-run,

    Abbott remarks on Thomson ‘breach law’
    May 25, 2012 – 1:44PM

    “They’ve now gone to the step which is a breach of Section 28 of the Crimes Act in attempting to suggest that `we’ll lay off if you just resign from parliament’.

    “That is a very serious thing for the leader of the opposition to do.”

    Under Section 28 of the Crimes Act it is an offence for anyone “who, by violence or by threats or intimidation of any kind, hinders or interferes with the free exercise or performance, by any other person, of any political right or duty”.

    Mr Albanese said it “may well be looked at by the appropriate authorities”.

    “The Crimes Act is very clear about not allowing any intimidation of any kind which hinders or interferes with the free exercise of any political right or duty,” Mr Albanese said.

    This story will disappear by tomorrow.. which means that the government must continue to repeat it…. just like LIealot does with his slogans…..

  110. Pip
    And MJF stayed on all those committee’s even though she was before the court. And even though she was so depressed, she didn’t understand about stealing, but could function as a Lieberal senator and assault a poor security guard.

  111. Pip
    forget about disappearing by tomorrow, you WON’T see it today unless you read it here.

    “Mr Albanese said Mr Abbott had gone a step too far.

    “They’ve now gone the next step,” Mr Albanese told ABC radio.

    “They’ve now gone to the step which is a breach of Section 28 of the Crimes Act in attempting to suggest that `we’ll lay off if you just resign from parliament’.

    “That is a very serious thing for the leader of the opposition to do.”

    Under Section 28 of the Crimes Act it is an offence for anyone “who, by violence or by threats or intimidation of any kind, hinders or interferes with the free exercise or performance, by any other person, of any political right or duty”.

    Mr Albanese said it “may well be looked at by the appropriate authorities”.

    “The Crimes Act is very clear about not allowing any intimidation of any kind which hinders or interferes with the free exercise of any political right or duty,” Mr Albanese said.

    Mr Albanese said Mr Thomson had never expressed to him any indication he would resign from parliament.

    “He … declares his innocence of all the allegations that have been made against him,” the minister said.

  112. Pip, it’s a strange request from a person found guilty plus with obvious financial assets. A gambling problem is no excuse unless she has a psychiatric report.

  113. Pip and Sue, we may as well have that one again..especially for those who think that a $700 bill to a prostitute 7 years ago is a big deal..

    Under Section 28 of the Crimes Act it is an offence for anyone “who, by violence or by threats or intimidation of any kind, hinders or interferes with the free exercise or performance, by any other person, of any political right or duty”.

  114. Could someone please see if they can find that article without going through Pip’s and mine link

    “Abbott’s remarks on Thomson breach law”

    A breach by the SMH

  115. Sue, it comes via Albanese, here is one quotation..

    Under Section 28 of the Crimes Act it is an offence for anyone “who, by violence or by threats or intimidation of any kind, hinders or interferes with the free exercise or performance, by any other person, of any political right or duty”.

    Mr Albanese said it “may well be looked at by the appropriate authorities”.

  116. Min
    thanks for that, I’m glad business spectator has the story

    But you won’t find it if you go to SMH or National Times

  117. Nice new gravatar, Min … you’ve obviously sighted, The Mothership, at some time in your lifetime :mrgreen:

  118. Here is Albanese on the world today. Funnily the Sabre Lane interview hasn’t morphed into a story on ABC online

    “Mr Albanese has spoken with chief political correspondent Sabra Lane.

    ANTHONY ALBANESE: Well, you have to look at what Mr Abbott is doing, not what he says. He is engaged in a self-indulgent action. He is engaged in a daily act of aggression with regard to Mr Thomson. He certainly is showing no concern for anything except his bloodlust for power. Now with regard to the issue of Mr Thomson’s position in Parliament, they have now gone the next step so now going to the step which is actually a breach of Section 28 of the Crimes Act and attempting to suggest that we’ll lay off if you just resign from Parliament.”

  119. To Canberra now, and the Government’s Leader of the House has seized on comments by the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, who’s said this morning that it’s in Craig Thomson’s best interests if he were allowed to leave Parliament.

    Anthony Albanese says Mr Abbott’s made the call out of his own self-interest, because he wants to become prime minister.

    He’s also says the Opposition Leader’s comments amount to intimidation and are a breach of the Crimes Act.

    Mr Albanese has spoken with chief political correspondent Sabra Lane.

    ANTHONY ALBANESE: Well, you have to look at what Mr Abbott is doing, not what he says. He is engaged in a self-indulgent action. He is engaged in a daily act of aggression with regard to Mr Thomson. He certainly is showing no concern for anything except his bloodlust for power. Now with regard to the issue of Mr Thomson’s position in Parliament, they have now gone the next step so now going to the step which is actually a breach of Section 28 of the Crimes Act and attempting to suggest that we’ll lay off if you just resign from Parliament.

    That is a very serious thing for the Leader of the Opposition to do. It shows yet again his complete disregard for the rule of law, for the separation of powers and for the presumption of innocence and I think he needs to have a good look at himself and the Opposition need to consider the damage that is being done to the political fabric of this country by the nature and the tone of the debate that is going on.

    SABRA LANE: You say these comments are a breach of the Crimes Act. What are you going to do about it?

    ANTHONY ALBANESE: I’m not a court and unlike the Leader of the Opposition, I understand the separation of powers and that is something that I’m sure may well be looked at by the appropriate authorities. You can’t go round, the Crimes Act is very clear, about not allowing any intimidation of any kind which hinders or interferes with the free exercise of any political right or duty. That is something that should be borne in mind.

    SABRA LANE: Have you spoken with Mr Thomson? Would he like to resign from Parliament? He says that this has taken a toll on him and his family?

    ANTHONY ALBANESE: It certainly has taken a toll on him and his family but he is someone who I have spoken to him about expressing my concern that he is basically okay as one human being to another.

    He, of course, as you would be aware, declares his innocence of all the allegations that have been made against him.

    SABRA LANE: But he hasn’t expressed a desire to you that he wants to go?

    ANTHONY ALBANESE: Oh, certainly not.

    SABRA LANE: You said yesterday that someone from the Opposition had told you they wanted to take the heat out of this and by midday yesterday you hadn’t seen evidence of it. You also had words with the Opposition’s chief tactician, Christopher Pyne behind the Speaker’s chair during Question Time yesterday. What was that about?

    ANTHONY ALBANESE: I don’t discuss the private conversations that I have with Mr Pyne but it is correct to say that some in the Opposition have expressed real concern about these issues and suggested that they would do what they could to take the heat out of the debate. I think that anyone who has watched Parliament in recent days would acknowledge that it hasn’t been Parliament’s finest hour. There are many across the political spectrum who recognise that we all have a responsibility to lift up the way that Parliament functions.

    I don’t blame any individual but it is the case that the Leader of the Opposition is in a unique position to influence what is the nature of the debate in the Parliament.

    SABRA LANE: What is the circuit breaker to this? Is it time to approach Mr Abbott about a truce?

    ANTHONY ALBANESE: Oh look, I made approaches to the Opposition about getting some more appropriate way of conducting the business of the Parliament. That can’t be enforced. People have to take responsibility for their own actions but you can’t say that you are concerned about the aggression in the Parliament and then continue to engage in it day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute.

  120. Cover up

    Somewhere, somehow, in the chain of command, the police were not willing to deal with the matter by any way other than a full trial,’ he said.

    The court also heard of emails between the two prosecutors, where one expressed concerns that they might lose on both charges against Senator Fisher and that the plea deal was the sensible way to proceed.

    In the end, the senator

  121. Min, I was half kidding about MJF having a gambling proble, but if she does, and can’t pay her court fees, and has to declare herself bankrupt, she’d have to step down …

    just saying… in theory, the court would give her time to pay, …. maybe that has already happened ..and she didn’t cough up … or something…

  122. CRIMES ACT 1914 – SECT 28
    Interfering with political liberty

    Any person who, by violence or by threats or intimidation of any kind, hinders or interferes with the free exercise or performance, by any other person, of any political right or duty, shall be guilty of an offence.

    Penalty: Imprisonment for 3 years.

    That’s more than enough for Abbott & Pyne to have this section of the constitution applied:


    Any person who:

    (ii) is attainted of treason, or has been convicted and is under sentence, or subject to be sentenced, for any offence punishable under the law of the Commonwealth or of a State by imprisonment for one year or longer;

    shall be incapable of being chosen or of sitting as a senator or a member of the House of Representatives.


  123. What is equally distressing is that those two sentences were the ones seized upon by the media. They were the ones that got the column inches, the radio news coverage, and the TV slots. Do you know what else Bill Kelty said? If not, let me tell you. I doubt if you would have picked this up in any of our media, determined, as is so much of it, to destroy our elected Government and its leader.

    Here is what he said a few sentences later:

    “And it is also too easy to accept defeat. Too easy to say the Labor Party will not win.

    “I remember Bob Hawke coming back from a Labor Party conference in which the headlines of the Sun was “Hawke finished. Never again will his name be mentioned as a future Prime Minister”. And I talked to Bob; I said how did you go? He said “shithouse”. I said, what are you going to do? He said, “I’m gonna regroup, I’m gonna rebuild, learn from what mistakes I made, but Bill I will be the Prime Minister”.

    “And he was.”

    Kelty then talked about Paul Keating:

    “I sat with Paul Keating one day, when he wasn’t feeling particularly well that day. And he said, “It might be too hard Bill. I’ve got the wrong end of the political cycle”.

    “I won’t tell you all he said… But I said, “There’s never been an economist [John Hewson], elected as Prime Minister yet, mate, and there won’t be. You can beat him…you can beat him”.

    “And he did.

  124. As I have been saying and have been called stupid for. is the fact that Abbott has not has one win.

    There is only one bill that has not gone forwarded. That is the Malaysian Bill.

    There is good reason why the PM has not present the bill. Labor cannot afford to gave any DD bills, in case Mr. Abbott does take over.

    This would allow him to call an immediate DD election, making it easier to dismantle everything.

    The Great Abbott Unhinging
    This will perhaps prove to be the most potent force in changing the balance of popularity and support for the two major parties.

    Despite the good polls for the Coalition that the pundits attribute to Tony Abbott’s ‘brilliant’ strategy of unremitting negativity, obstructionism, and malevolent attacks on Julia Gillard, in a parliamentary sense he is an abject failure. He has not defeated one piece of legislation this term, and has caused the deferral of a tiny handful of bills, only with the help of the Greens. He has not landed a blow on Julia Gillard, who has wiped the floor with him in the House. With the help of Anthony Albanese she has frustrated his every attempt to subvert the business of the House. While she is calm, confident and assured, as well as witty, acerbic and scornful of him, he has become increasingly angry, frustrated, desperate, and ineffectual, almost frothing at the mouth with fury and venom as he sees his opportunity to seize power steadily slipping away.

  125. Catching up! Tweed should by now be able to see from this thread that you are in excellent company in your state of terminal delusion.

    If he goes across to he’ll see there are plenty of other like minded people who are also ‘terminally deluded’ in a state of strong optimism about Julia Gillard and her government. Ad Astra has a new post over there, encouraging anyone on the left who doesn’t share our optimism to think again.

  126. The Malaysian Bill was deemed unlawful by the High Court, therefore there was no point in presenting it. This ruling contradicted a previous ruling of the Supreme Court. It was called a Labor stuff up, however the government’s legal advice could not possibly have foreseen the High Court ruling.

  127. Sue @2.56pm, I agree. He should follow his own advice, surely. 😯

    Dr grodo also knows all about Graves’ Disease.

    There seems to be no limit to Dr grodo’s medical expertise, Roswell.

    Pip @4.24pm, interesting that. Her mental health sure didn’t stop her siphoning up the extra cash sitting on all the committees, nor from half-inching a trolley full of groceries and having a crack at a bit of biff on the security guard.

    Yet there was Liealot, standing by his Senator, insisting that she be given the presumption of innocence and her apparently untainted vote, despite her conviction, can be sprayed around the Chamber like a waterfall!

    But a certain Labor MP, who has not been charged with anything at all, is not only NOT entitled to the presumption of innocence, but his vote is declared too tainted to be counted and he is hounded unmercifully to quit the Parliament solely on the grounds that Liealot wants to be PM.

    All the more reason to keep his bum firmly on the cross benches, vote his head off and thumb his nose at Liealot and the Liars Party! In fact, I reckon he should ask a dozen questions a day at QT, just for the hell of it!

    Spittle flecks would have the opposition benches awash! Slagabella would be sliding off the bench onto the floor, Prissy’s face would take on a beetroot colour and his nasty piggy eyes would start out of his head! A lovely piece of mischief.

    Speaking of QT, I noticed that the PM hopped into the Liars wrt pokie reform and said that the government and Wilkie were working on fresh legislation which they hoped to have ready soon.

    So obviously the Queen of Negotiations has managed to convince Wilkie that they must rethink and regroup. The camera showed Wilkie looking quite pleased with himself.

    All the ministers were on fire, I thought.

    As for ACA’s idiotic beat up, who tf wouldn’t recognise a photo of Craig Thomson, unless they’ve lost their sight in the last few months? $60 grand for saying they recognise Thomson from his photo! Can I have some of that?

    In fact, I’d be prepared to recognise several dozen photos @$60 grand a pop! Anyone know their phone number?

  128. patricia, I truly believe that Mr. Abbott is so bad, that when the turnabout comes, it will be rapid.

    I believe this, because the PM has been putting the runs on the board. Not all that I agree with, or all that are popular. That will stand her in good stead.

    Another six weeks and people are going to be looking for that great big tax, that Abbott is talking about. They will not find it.

    What people will find is more money in their bank accounts. The falling dollar will lead to more price rises that the CEF cost on carbon.

    The councils are going to have to explain why they said the alleged tax is going to force rates up. There is no cost for the first year or so. It is not hard to update their technology to cut emissions before they are liable.

    There are so many exaggeration and lies, that the public will be unable ignore Abbott’s lies.

    I do not believe that most people are going to notice less than $10 per week in their cost of living.

    Mr. Abbott knows this, but was willing to take the risk, because he believed the PM would be long gone by now.

    if he did gain his obsession, we would also see the Slipper and Thomson matters disappear from sight.

    It says something for the ability of this PM and her government, that they are still walking around with a smile, and more entrenched than ever.

  129. Jane and Speaking of QT, I noticed that the PM hopped into the Liars wrt pokie reform and said that the government and Wilkie were working on fresh legislation which they hoped to have ready soon.

    I had missed that one, that’s excellent news. I was well past the time thinking that Wilkie was another Fielding..cut off his nose to spite his face.

  130. The bill I mean, the one that would have addressed the problem that arosed out of the court decision.

  131. Sugar Bacchus, I had missed that one entirely. In a way it goes to prove how successful are Abbott’s look over there strategies. From your link,

    Tasmanian Independent MP Andrew Wilkie has decided to support the federal government’s proposed gambling reforms, as expected.

    Mr Wilkie said he was still disappointed with the bill, due to introduced to parliament during the winter session, because it watered down his agreement with Labor when it sought his support to form a minority government.

  132. Bacchus @5.41pm, bwwahahahahahahaha!

    CU @5.58pm, I think that is the crux of the situation. I think that the PM’s scorn is what cranks up Liealot’s rage to white heat! This. Woman. Has. The. Gall. To. Scorn. Liealot!

    ……however the government’s legal advice could not possibly have foreseen the High Court ruling.

    Oh, no, Min. Didn’t you know that being clairvoyant is one of the most important requirements for being a Commonwealth Solicitor?

    After all, the wise and powerful shamans in the Liars Party foresaw that the Malaysian Solution would be knocked back, but strangely seem completely unable to foresee that Narau would be ditto.

    CU, I’m really enjoying my delusions.

    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  133. We could use an Aussie version of this:

    rupert murdoch sucks
    (Alternate title: “Clucking Fox Suckers,” makes fun of some of the worst people in the U.S. associated with Murdoch, Fox News & the ultra right-wing.)

  134. Hi Min. Which one would you like? You’ve just won $10m in the xlotto, you’ve just won $5m in the xlotto, you’ve just won $1m in the xlotto? :mrgreen:

  135. There is a Newspoll this weekend. Labor have been aligning their spin to coincide with the Newspoll for the past few months. They make announcements over the weekend to try to water down the unfavourable polls.
    It may just be pivotal this weekend.
    Peter Van Onselen did a wicked Opinion piece this morning. Silence before the storm. Note how no one is standing up for gillard. Gotta be a good outcome for the country. Go hard Tony. Keep doing your job as Opposition Leader.

  136. nask, you forget about Direct Action.

    I didn’t mention it because I don’t expect it to happen…at least on the enviro front.

    Under Abbott this is the only Direct Action I expect:

  137. Tweed: Peter Van Onselen did a wicked Opinion piece this morning

    “Wicked” is about right.

    If yer writing propaganda crap for the Murdoch empire you probably are “wicked”.


  138. “There is a Newspoll this weekend. Labor have been aligning their spin to coincide with the Newspoll for the past few months. They make announcements over the weekend to try to water down the unfavourable polls.
    It may just be pivotal this weekend.”

    Funny that tweed. I read a couple of days ago that the Liberal were rubbing their hands with glee. I took this to mean, that their private polling was showing the polls were going their way. Funny how we can see different results from the same information.

    The polls have shown they are either static or a slight tilt to Labor. Personally I do not put much faith in polls. I see them as a popularity contest, and it is no secret that Labor is not popular. Well at least not popular at this time.

    I do not expect much from these polls. It is too early.

    I see it, the Liberals playing to the polls. They pull a stunt every time Labor looks like having some success.

    Tweed, I so hope I make myself clear. My grammar is worse than my spelling.

    What I have observed, it is the Liberals that have the long faces. I wonder why. They are also the ones showing anger.

  139. Mate. Naskin. Don’t shoot me just because I buy and read newspapers.
    Read the article by Onselen. it is pretty well researched I think. Time will tell ……

  140. tweed, I am not so sure that no one is standing up for the PM. I link \many of these sites to Facebook, Facebook by the way, I do not use that often. I have many grand and great grand children I use the site to keep up with where they are at.

    I am getting feedback from the young site, on how interesting they are finding the links.

    That does surprise me.

    I am surprise at the ones that are interested in politics.

  141. CU. As I said to Naskin. Don’t shoot me. I only buy and read newspapers.
    It will be an interesting weekend. I think the Newspoll comes out late Monday or Tuesday evening.
    The silence from the key Labor players is deafening though don’t you agree CU?
    I would love to be a fly on the wall in the offices of say Crean, Faulkner, Rudd. Even Gillards old flame has gone quiet.

  142. Federal Police have visited Thomson office to investigate death threats. The emails have come from one address. We can keep our gingers crossed.

  143. Problem is Tweed that Van Onselen hasn’t got the best track record when it comes to predictions…ask yer mate Bolt.


  144. TWEED, I am not shooting you. I am just saying I see things different. I do respect your opinion, though it is unlikely I will agree with you. This is especially so, as I am so delusional.

  145. nasking, he has to bring in Direct Action. he is going to keep all that he promises. I assume he will do that regardless of whether new circumstances indicate that there is a better way of doing it. He would have to call another election, if he wishes to change his mind. That is the sacred promise, he made today.

  146. I wonder what what IP address has been sending the emails. Craig hasn’t been very good at covering his illicit trail so far.

  147. “The silence from the key Labor players is deafening though don’t you agree CU?”

    No, I do not. they have been popping up everywhere today. We seen Mr.Abbott at day break, but has been unusually absent since them

    Mr.Abbott trouble is that they are now asking him questions. This makes him look uncomfortable.

  148. hmmmm. I think it is going down. Paul Howes is ropable about the 1500 contract labour coming in from over seas for the Gina investment. Not sure why he has so much pull among the elected Labor MPs … but he has got pull.
    I think it is going down.

  149. Tweed: It will be an interesting weekend. I think the Newspoll comes out late Monday or Tuesday evening.

    Which only gets me thinkin’ this escort bit related to Thomson is a setup…bigtime.

    The timing comes across like typical Murdoch empire stuff…something you’d expect from The Sun in the UK…

    If you ask me, the Murdoch empire and a con think tank came up with the tactics…handed it over to Channel Nine to do the dirty work so it wouldn’t be overly linked to them now their reputation is going down the drain.

    They get Abbott and Pyne etc. to do the ranting fireworks…big attention-seekers…put the blame on Gillard by the end of the week…

    Run this stuff FRENZY style on SKY (HIGH) NEWS…and with usual suspect shock jocks…

    papers HYPE the Thomson stuff…and push the “Gillard soon to go” crap.

    All attempts to manufacture perception to link to Newspoll…

    Gets me thinking Murdoch is pretty desperate to get rid of this government.

    He and his lot must be sh*t scared.

    Not surprising when you think of what is being revealed over in the UK.

    i reckon real SCRUTINY of his group over here will reveal rot.

    They certainly don’t give a fck about democracy for one.


  150. ” Craig hasn’t been very good at covering his illicit trail so far.”

    That fact alone makes one wonder. The crimes alleged against his add up the hundred’s of thousands of dollars, but he is to stupid to cover his tracks. There has been numerous investigations since 2007. Non have found anything to charge him with.

    Now we have the lady that found that shovel on her doorstep. One that a friend said come out of her own garage.

    el gordo, by the way that lady has been diagnosed with mental illness. Thomson, as far as we know has not.

  151. ‘Not sure why he has so much pull among the elected Labor MPs … but he has got pull.’

    He appears to be a good organiser and I suspect he is instrumental in organising a coup… to replace Julia with a man of substance.

  152. Tweed, we have already discussed that news. I believe many here do not agree with it.

    But enjoy rubbing your hands with glee/. remember this is one that Abbott has to agree with. Morrison already has.

    I am waiting to see what the small print is first. If the safe guards are in place, and they have to pay our wages and conditioners, I will have few problems.

    If they have to pay going rates and provide the same conditions, I feel they will find the workers here.

  153. Not sure which comment I am responding to but the problem with Craig is that he (or the person who stole his credit card) actually used a credit card when they would have been more circumspect to use cash. I wonder if the person who stole Craig’s credit card also stole his PIN number. If so the stolee should have used an ATM to get cash using the stolen card and PIN?
    Curioser and curioser.
    It looks like the hooker in question retired to Northern NSW and is now overseas under protection. hmmmmm. The plot thickens. As I said. I think it is going down this weekend.

  154. Tweed, do not be surprise, if Gina is not happy with the arrangements. I do not think she intends to pay the going rate. That is not in her DNA,

  155. Catching up
    MAY 25, 2012 @ 8:18 PM
    Tweed, do you really think it would harm the PM, with Howe being angry with her.

    Definately YES. He was one of the key players who supported Gillard and speared Rudd.

  156. Tweed, I must once again say, I do not know whether Thomson is guilty or not. No one does.

  157. The Newspoll will mean nothing to Abbott when he reads that with all the pressure he and the msm have applied, this is how Craig Thomson replies.

    “Mr Thomson has issued a statement today hitting back at Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, who said he had sympathy for Mr Thomson but also called for his resignation.
    Mr Thomson says Mr Abbott’s remarks shows his insincerity and describes him as unfit to be leader or an MP.”

  158. Nas’ @ 8.02pm, Gets me thinking Murdoch is pretty desperate to get rid of this government.

    He and his lot must be sh*t scared.

    This has a great deal to do with the old foreigner’s attitude.

    NBN users opt for 100Mbps
    By Josh Taylor, on
    May 25th, 2012

    Customers are picking the top fibre plan that is available on the National Broadband Network (NBN), more than any other plan, CEO Mike Quigley has revealed.

    Quigley told a Budget Estimates hearing last night that, of the approximately 3500 customers with active fibre services on the NBN, the 100Mbps down and 40Mbps up plan had proved to be the most popular, so far.

    “Overall, 37 per cent of active services on our fibre network have been on the fastest speed tier, which is 100Mbps down and 40Mbps up. Only 18 per cent of the active services on our fibre network are on the entry level speed tier of 12Mbps down and 1Mbps up.”

    Quigley revealed that 10 per cent of customers were on the 50Mbps plan, and 35 per cent were on the 25Mbps plan. Although NBN Co is far behind the 10,000 customers it had expected to have services active for by 30 June in its original corporate plan, the uptake of the higher tiered plans is much higher than was expected.

  159. Thomson scorns Abbott’s sympathy
    May 25, 2012 – 5:52PM.

    Mr Abbott told Channel 9 that Prime Minister Julia Gillard should allow the MP to quit the parliament for the sake of his welfare.

    ”The best thing for everyone – to take the pressure off him [Mr Thomson], to take the pressure off his family – would be for him to leave the parliament,” Mr Abbott said.

    Yesterday, Mr Abbott told Parliament ”at a human level, I have a great deal of sympathy for the member for Dobell” before saying the ”honourable” course of action would be for Mr Thomson to resign.

    This evening, Mr Thomson issued a short statement, accusing Mr Abbott of insincerity.

    “To say he has sympathy and then to angrily call for me to resign in the same breath, shows just how insincere Mr Abbott is,” Mr Thomson said.

    “Again it shows he is unfit to be a leader and unfit to be an MP.”

  160. … and Quigley failed to comment that only 17% of households that have fibre to their living room have taken up any internet plan. When there is room on the political smorgasbord that is Gillard’s cockups the NBN will take pride of place as we roll into the election.

  161. Nite ladies. I’m going to watch the footy. Geelong vs Footscray. Lets keep the communications open over the weekend. It may be a pivotal few days.

  162. Bacchus on the reading of Section28 of the Crimes Act. Do you think we should encourage George Brandis to refer the matter to the appropriate authorities.
    There could be a promotion in it for him, upholding Lieberal party values of power without glory.

  163. No, no, silkworm, not “hooker”, Fairfax’ Kate McCliarmont described her as a “high class escort”.

  164. The hooker is under lock and key and protection of the media. She will sing. Guaranteed she will sing.
    Silkworm. I suspect the Libs know who the 3/4/5 people who were involved in the $2,500 entry on Craig’s credit card statement. Craig couldn’t be that greedy with the hooker(s). It was a party trick. The question is who were the party people??
    Would love to stay and chat but gotta go footy awaits.

  165. silkworm
    Now the o/s holiday for the hooker , is that part of the $60,000 or is that put on the Channel 9 credit card.
    Any news of who her lawyers and PR company are? Harmer’s Workplace Lawyers by any chance?
    It would rate as the trifecta of trifectas, Ashby, Jackson and the Chanel 9 Hooker

  166. Funny Tweed, I listened to the senate hearings last might. Not the impression I got. I got the impression that Mr. Quigley did not think much of the Liberal lot. Afraid I am inclined to agree with him.

    Mr. Conroy summed it up in one sentence. 18 plans in 14 years, trying to get it done by the private sector. Nothing achieved.

    Yes the negotiations with Telstra held things up a little. It is in full flight now, Some problems with greenfield sites that are being overcome. Mainly because no two sites are the same.

    I often find it amazing when I spend time watching senate hearings, only to find the news give a entirely different impression as to what I had watched.

  167. Rumor is Lawler (on long leave) and the prostitute (free o/s trip) may “hook up” in Vegas.
    Now THAT would be a quality scripted news story.

  168. The Project summed up Abbott. Yes, if he gets Thomson to resign, he gets to be PM.

    By the way, Katter has got it right. The whole Thomson matter is a waste of time. There are many more important things to a attend too. Katter lived through the days when up to four politicians where forced out, only later to be proved innocence, By then their careers were destroyed, One drove the car a few miles further than he should have, to see his child in boarding school.

  169. Craig’s credit card statement.

    Craig who? Don’t you know how to SPELL his surname?

  170. “Now the o/s holiday for the hooker ,”

    As she comes from NZ and works up north with horses. Up your way, Min

    Now a holiday home would be nice. That is not paying her.

    They said something about her licence to work with horses, had just run out.

  171. By the way brothel owner is a very shady character. I am not too sure whether he still owns the brothel or not.

    I know I am a suspicious by nature, but finding someone in this industry, after seven years is hard to believe. Especially since she had left the industry.

  172. Sue, Harmer’s Workplace Lawyers have done well so far… a trifecta is a possibility.

    Alternatively there could be an anonymous middle man/third party to collect the $60,0000

  173. The Oppn needs 76 votes on the floor of Parliament to force a no confidence motion through. Even without Thomson they would be flat out getting it (Katter is no certainty, you would assume Oakshott and Windsor would vote with ALP). At the end of the day, Katter is right – there are bigger issues to discuss.

    All this came about because Abbott couldn’t negotiate to get what he wanted. From July 1, his FUD on the CPRS will be shown (assuming implementation is reasonably smooth) as being the furphy it has always been and he has no plan, no ammunition and no hope.

  174. I would like to point out, there is no Constitutional crisis as some are inferring.

    The only crisis is Mr. Abbott’s inability to grab government by hook or crook,

    The PM has the confidence of the house. The legislation is moving through the house. The budget will be passed.

    The problems of Thomson and Slipper will be dealt with according to the procedures of the house, and according to the Constitution.

    This minority government is working.

  175. Hi 2353, I believe that is the very reason that Abbott and Pyne have been so enraged abd downright stupiod this last week…. all those tantrums and dirty tricks couldn’t get them across the line before the carbon price begins…

    As you said, “All this came about because Abbott couldn’t negotiate to get what he wanted”.
    He had the opportunity and blew it, in part because he may have taken for granted the votes of Oakeshott and Windsor, who, despite the accusations of the Liberals and the Nationals, are Independent, not Nationals.
    He offered Andrew Wilkie $1billion for Tasmania. How much did he offer the other two? Not that much !

  176. Even Gillards old flame has gone quiet.

    The Minister for Trade and Competitiveness is in Paris doing his job at the OECD meeting Geoff Tweed, having previously been in Malaysia signing a free trade agreement… (he left on Monday) 🙄

    Craig hasn’t been very good at covering his illicit trail so far.

    This is another point that doesn’t quite “ring true” with the allegations against Mr Thomson. He could take unlimited cash withdrawals using his credit card. Why TF would he use a credit card that he knows full well can be traced back to him for such “services?” This just adds further to the obvious “setup” smell here…

    should encourage George Brandis to refer the matter to the appropriate authorities.

    lol Sue – perhaps we should agitate for Leigh Sales to ask him that question when she returns to 7:30 next week 😉

  177. CU
    Just saw an ad for 7.30 promoting the return of Leigh Sales. What made me laugh was they has a shot of Uhlmann badgering the PM by saying ” how can we believe what you are saying is true” they then cut to a picture of Sales, saying she returns next Monday.
    I thought, yep, the ABC has finally understood, the viewers just didn’t believe Uhlmann nor liked his badgering, rude attitude.

  178. Bacchus if Abbott continues suggesting Thomson resign from parliament, Abbott may end up leaving first.

  179. I don’t know about that Sue (the wheels of justice do move slowly), but he may well have something else to occupy his thought (he can only manage one at a time) instead of how he will frame his daily suspension of standing orders 🙄

  180. Nas’,
    I reckon this is more than just about the NBN tho…but definitely a contributing factor.

    Yes, much more Nas’, much, much more.

    How an unpretentious charmer became fixated on a conspiracy of liberals
    David McKnight
    January 28, 2012.

    Yet Rupert Murdoch is at least as devoted to propagating his own ideas and political beliefs as he is to making money. Murdoch has a particular conservative world view that has evolved over the years and on whose evangelisation he spends many millions annually, through both corporate spending and personal (often secret) donations. Key parts of his empire are deeply enmeshed in their nation’s politics and operate as megaphones for Murdoch’s values and leverage.

    Read more:

  181. ATURDAY, 26 MAY 2012
    Growing dirt pile is getting closer to NSW O’Farrell Government Resources and Energy Minister, Chris Hartcher – Part Three

    It would appear that the Ashby virus is spreading……………….

    The Sydney Morning Herald 19 May 2012:

    POLICE are investigating a claim Senator Bill Heffernan assaulted an employee of Chris Hartcher, the NSW Energy Minister, in an alleged homophobic attack at a fractious Liberal Party meeting on the central coast.

    Ray Carter, 67, has accused Senator Heffernan of assaulting him and, according to sources, vilifying him over his sexuality at a gathering of party members in the federal electorate of Robertson.

    Senator Heffernan was acting as an emissary of Tony Abbott at the Breakers Country Club at Wamberal on May 3. A Liberal source said the pair had been seen to physically clash on two occasions during the evening and also alleged that Senator Heffernan had aimed ”homophobic slurs” at Mr Carter. In a statutory declaration, Mr Carter alleges Senator Heffernan hit him on his shoulder, causing him to fall into his seat, and later saying to him: ”I didn’t know you were a poofter.”……..

    Mr Carter, who has been suspended from Mr Hartcher’s electorate office over a donation scandal, waited nearly a fortnight to report the allegation to Gosford police.

  182. Don’t shoot me just because I buy and read newspapers

    That explains a lot, Tweed. You’d need an electron microscope to locate any truthful reporting in the wizened foreigner’s rags. No wonder you think Liealot is honest.

    Surely it’s a source of wonder to you why Windsor and Oakeshott, two Independents from the conservative side of the tracks, don’t trust Liealot enough to support him.

    They certainly haven’t got much time for Truss, on account of being shat on from a great height by the nationals.

    You may say that they are betraying their electorates which are conservative and would expect them to support the Liars Party.

    But that doesn’t ring very true, because if that’s what they wanted, they could have saved themselves a lot of trouble and just elected the Liars candidates who stood in New England and Lyne.

    And things aren’t looking too flash for the foreigner and his spawn atm. It seems the Americans are eagerly gathering for the Levenson report and it will be off to the races.

    I think that respective governments now know that it doesn’t pay to allow media ownership to be concentrated in few hands. I sincerely hope that this government dismantles the foreigner’s grip on media ownership and limits the ability of malevolent creatures like Rinehart to own media.

    If the wizened foreigner loses his grip on the msm, what’ll happen to poor little Liealot? Scrutiny, is what! Then there will really be an unhinging.

    There must be something afoot. PvO has just dragged out the old leadership speculation chestnut. Kevin Rudd has been taken out of the cupboard, dusted off and polished ready for the latest “look over there!”

    Maybe there’s bad news for the Liars in the Thomson department.

    And now instead of caving in, Thomson has heaped scorn on the p****! You have to take your hat off to Thomson, all that stress and pressure over the last few months and he is still standing and standing firm. Good for him!

  183. I just read the Van Onselen thingy. Particularly impressed by the “Garrett who, however unfairly, is blamed for the pink batts..” line. And who the fuck might I ask blamed Garrett “unfairly”??? We know one News paper that went to town on that don’t we? Actually we know lots. Typical bullshit blizzard, anything negative will do, don’t worry about contradictions or even stuff like that which admits we blamed someone “unfairly”.
    Weren’t there swipes in there about Swan’s deficit budgets? Can’t be bothered going back to find out but I’m sure there were. Really a job lot of colonition talking points rolled together by one of their principal spruikers.
    And of course the ritual rolling out of senior senior Labor figures eager to tell Ltd News journalists how badly the party’s doing.
    Almost as chunder inducing as Abbott’s “concern” for poor Craig. Almost.

  184. el gordo, why would anyone else want the job, with the abuse that comes with it these days.

    el gordo, do you watch QT or any other thing in parliament for that matter, including the senate hearings.

    I do, and those sitting behind the PM look happy and content. All have smiles on their faces. Albanese appears to be enjoying himself, bot in and outside the house. He was beaming yesterday.

    Look at the other side of the chamber. I have never seen so many stony faces.

    The is anger is great. We have Mr. Brandis becoming reluctant to give opinions, after having a say on everything.

    There are not many smiles from that mob.

    Thus week we have FWA at the senate hearings. I am sure that will stir things up a bit.

    el gordo, the truth is, that the PM is tough and can take the heat. That is all Labor needs at this time. I say this, because there is thay can do but tough it out and continue with good governance.

    Of course the PM could be removed. No PM owns the job. They should be picked for being the best person at this time.

    el gordo, use your eyes and ears to make up your mind, not what others say.

  185. Jane and And now instead of caving in, Thomson has heaped scorn on the p****! You have to take your hat off to Thomson, all that stress and pressure over the last few months and he is still standing and standing firm. Good for him!

    I know that it’s not the politically correct thing to say, but just maybe Thomson might not be as guilty as the msm would have us believe.

  186. They are getting ready to dump Julia as leader.

    That appears to be a case of right-wing projection. It’s much more likely there are rumblings within the Libs to dump Tony as leader.

  187. They are getting ready to dump Julia as leader.

    You shouldn’t believe everything PvO writes, grodo. His “Look over there!” piece has just got Rudd out of the potting shed, brushed off the cobwebs, given him a perfunctory rub with his sleeve and cranked up the hoary old leadership challenge, complete with anonymous back benchers and verblling Shorten and a couple of others.

    They won’t dump Julia because she’s an excellent Parliamentary performer and probably the best negotiator in the known universe.

    If she goes, so does the support from the Independents and from what was said in QT the other day, it looks like Wilkie could be back in the fold. The government and Wikie are working on new pokies legislation.

    Some twat from the Liars had a go about her breaking her word on pokies reform, complete with crocodile tears for Wilkie. She shot back the rejoinder that asthe Noalition sandbagged the legislation, she was unable to deliver her commitment to Wilkie, but that he and the Government are now working on a new bill.

    Obviously, Wilkie has come to his senses and has teamed up with the government to get pokie reform on the move again.

    We should also be aware that pokie reform was also on Labor’s 2010 election platform.

    That they’ve adopted the old “leadership challenge” fallback position suggests that the Craig Thomson pudding has been well over egged. It wouldn’t surprise me if the hysterical and hypocritical ott campaign to get Thomson may also have backfired.

    The way the msm has hounded Thomson’s family, particularly lurking under the bathroom window with tv cameras hoping to catch his pregnant wife as she showered, would have shocked and disgusted ordinary decent folk.

    And perhaps the final straw is the ludicrous ACA prostitute scam. Anyone who deals with large numbers of people on a daily basis, like shop assistants for example, would be hard put to remember a customer from a week ago, let alone seven years ago, unless they REALLY stood out in some way.

    The only way this woman would know Thomson’s face is because it’s been splashed all over the msm on a daily basis for months. I certainly wouldn’t trust any other descriptors she trots out, either. ACA will have worded her up.

    Even in the unlikely event that she is telling the truth, ACA’s ham fisted $60K bribe and the fact that she can’t help but recognise Thomson after his face has been on every front page and “news” broadcast for months, would pretty much render her revelations worthless.

    So apart from a few dopey barrackers like Tweed, most people are probably heartily sick of the bullying and think it’s time to let the law do its job.

    Pip, sorta brings to mind the Premier and the barmaid, don’cha think?


  188. It’s much more likely there are rumblings within the Libs to dump Tony as leader.


    And the PM should sack that fascist Bowen.

    Doesn’t Rinehart make enuff?

    Class war my arse. Rio, BHP, Rinehart, Palmer…bathing in gold baths…what the hell of they got to complain about?

    The Libs with the help of union traitors and Murdoch would love to silence the worker’s protectors…the bonafide unionIsts…and real Laborites, Greens and Indies who care about worker’s conditions, health and safety…

    they want to sell us out to the Chinese corporate aristocrats, princelings…

    Princelings and paupers

    No long march for these aristocrats…

    just greasing palms…

    and ripping the public off…

    With the help of corporate fascist propaganda.


  189. And regarding crocodile tears on poker machine reform, here’s an idea..why not vote for it. Wilkie knows that there is zip, zilch and zero chance that the LNP will ever support any form of reform whatsoever. Firstly there are the Big Business donators who grease the Liberals’ palms, then there are the country clubs who would scream blue murder about being roooned.

    This is about the only time that I have disagreed with Tony Windsor. I cannot countenance the hypocrisy of being rooned when profits are reliant on an addiction. For when push comes to shove, it will only be addicts who are affected.

  190. Jane,
    I’m with Doug Cameron on this:

    Senator Cameron said the decision has been all about giving mining magnate Gina Rinehart on whose $9.5 billion Roy Hill iron ore project the foreign workers will work, a free kick.

    “I mean 1700 workers for Gina Rinehart when she’s basically ran a major campaign against this government so that she doesn’t have to pay her fair share of tax.

    “She’s actually argued for a free immigration zone in Western Australia. Well, to some extent she’s getting her way a bit on this.”

    He predicted that a caucus meeting scheduled for this Tuesday will be “extremely robust.”


  191. Jane,
    Pip, sorta brings to mind the Premier and the barmaid, don’cha think?

    Yes it does remind me of the delusional ? barmaid….Was she delusional or was she a willing party to the campaign to oust Mike Rann.
    I’d love to know whether she was paid. Husbands business was on the ropes and they were supposedly “seperated”. She was driving around in an expensive 4wd.

    ltd news’ Michael Owen wrote of nothing else for the nation to read about for months and his story was replicated by other journalists.
    Owen and Rann apparently had a falling out before any of the barmaid stuff happened. reportedly because Rann refused to do a ‘door stop’ on the way to an important meeting; must have hurt Owen’s enormous ego.
    The most likely explanatio for the nastiness is that he was always a jumped-up Liberal.
    ABC Local, Matthew Abraham, the same; had a falling out with Rann and hasn’t had a good word for him in 15 or more years!
    Enormous egos belonging to a pair of twerps!

  192. Jane wrote: They won’t dump Julia because she’s an excellent Parliamentary performer and probably the best negotiator in the known universe.

    my wife and I are really getting used to Gillard as PM. I missed her when she was overseas…parliament seemed a bit more drab.


  193. Jane and Nas’, Bowen did back Rudd in the leadership ballot and I have the feeling that the Rudd faction are still hopeful.
    Making, and announcing, such a big and controversial decision while the PM is away is a very provocative move imo, and Mar’n is all for the miners..

  194. Pip,
    thnx for that link to that Murdoch-related article:

    More than any other global corporate giant, Murdoch has supported and participated in conservative think tanks in the United States, Britain and Australia. In 1988-89 he took a seat on the board of the Hoover Institution, during the high tide of Reaganism, joining former Reagan official Jeane Kirkpatrick and former Defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

    At the same time, in Australia Murdoch joined the council of the Institute of Public Affairs and remained on it until 2000, regularly giving generous donations to the influential think tank (while his journalists continued to report regularly on the institute and its political campaigns).

    In 1997, he joined the board of the Cato Institute, a Washington-based libertarian think tank set up by the owner of one of the largest private companies in the US oil industry. At that time, the institute was running an active campaign of climate change denial, as were oil companies such as ExxonMobil. In Britain, News Corporation was deeply involved in the country’s oldest free market think tank, the Institute of Economic Affairs, which played a vital role in laying the intellectual foundations on which Thatcherism was built, especially its policies on free markets, deregulation and privatisation.


    Always the crusader, Murdoch has been involved with free market experiments far beyond the economy. One of these is the attempt to transform public education so that schools form a competitive marketplace. Murdoch has become personally involved in this, giving $US500,000 to one initiative and $US5 million to another.
    His preferred model is the New York school system under its controversial former chancellor Joel Klein.

    As with Murdoch’s other crusades, there is a business angle. In November 2010, Murdoch appointed Klein to the board of News Corporation and also made him a senior executive with a brief to advise Murdoch on how the company could profit from education. As part of this move, Murdoch bought an educational software company, Wireless Generation. The software and other tools developed by his new company were used to implement a national regime of standardised testing of students. The test scores, along with parent choice, helped to create a competitive marketplace.

    Like many ideologically based theories, Murdoch’s version of school reform can seem seductive until it is actually applied. In New York, after the Klein regime of standardised testing, sacking teachers and closing schools had been applied for several years, the test scores of students showed little or no improvement. On top of this, some of the original conservative supporters of this free market theory became its most powerful critics, including Professor Diane Ravitch, a Republican-appointed assistant secretary of education.


    Murdoch’s fight against elitist political correctness led to two of the most outlandish ideas ever promoted by News Corporation. The first is that climate science and the consequent threat of global warming are nothing more than ”orthodoxies” propagated by an elite of politically motivated scientists. (Orthodoxies are beliefs that are accepted because they are supported by the powerful voices of authority, not by any intrinsic merit.) According to this view, climate change deniers, regardless of their lack of evidence and (in most cases) scientific qualifications, are brave dissidents against an orthodox doctrine. Murdoch’s media have provided a platform for this since the 1990s, except for a short interlude.

    The second idea surfaced when health authorities were battling the stigma and prejudice attached to people suffering from the disease AIDS. Parts of the Murdoch media, led by The Sunday Times, began a campaign against the ”medical establishment”, which had proposed that the HIV virus causes AIDS. This perfectly accurate deduction was treated as the ”orthodoxy” of an oppressive, politically correct elite. One or two contrarian medical researchers were lionised as heroic dissidents, and The Sunday Times undermined all public health warnings about the condition. When reputable scientists strongly criticised The Sunday Times for its AIDS denialism, the newspaper loudly accused them of censorship.

    Why does anyone read this nutbag’s papers?


  195. Min @1.22pm, I know, I know. Every so often i get a rush of blood to the head….. 😕

    &1.32pm, couldn’t agree more.

    Nas’ @1.41pm, agree. The only free kick Gina needs is a hard one in the rear end!

    & @1.46pm, she adds colour and movement and she sure doesn’t take crap!

    Pip @1.44pm, I reckon you’ve got it pegged. I reckon it was a Liars set up from start to finish. It’s the only one that’s worked, so far.

  196. ‘That appears to be a case of right-wing projection. It’s much more likely there are rumblings within the Libs to dump Tony as leader.”

    Silkworm, the Liberals have a history of this type of thinking.

    The look at what is occurring or what they are doing in their own party. In their narrow world, this is what everyone believes and thinks.

    Therefore according to their blinkered thinking, Labor must be doing the same.

    I believe that Abbott is convinced that he will be PM before the month is out. Even he, must realise if he is not, the game is over.

    The Liberals judge everyone else by their own actions.

    Yes, they are proven performers when if comes to “projection”.

    It was I believe a sim card and a mobile card that led the Howard government to believe the man was so evil that he was not entitled to the processes of the law and justice. It was OK in their eyes to lock the man up and throw away the keys.

    Even after it was established completely, that the man was innocence, that government did all in their power to deny him justice.

    Are they treating the Thomson matter in the same manner.

    Is it the norm when one uses a card, that your licence is photo copied when one visits a brothel I noticed this does happen now when one buys a mobile but is it the norm anywhere else.

    I would be surprise if this was a brothel. I have managed disability houses, using cards. Can never remember been asked for identification.

    The reason, why do the care whether the person with the card is legit. Many would not see it as their problem. That is the trouble with this matter, there is too much so called evidence.

    Now how about this scenario. A ex con man sees his previous company list in some of the published records of the HSU. This man is a convicted con man and a shady customer. He sees a chance to make a dollar and contacts the media, after locating one of his girls fro 7 years ago, working up North. Media swallow the story, hook, line and sinker. I am being generous to the media saying that. The more likely scenario is that they do not believe him, but it gives them leeway to publish the story. They know that announcing that a prostitute was located is all they need. No need to go ahead and show the interview.

    I believe one can buy a copy of every card known to man in Asia. I wonder if the police would even look at a licence to see if it was fake, if the information was correct.

    What I find more amazing is the media know just where to find this information. Statues of Limitations expire on most things after seven years.

    What I would like to see. An administrator put in, with the brief to take in a team of forensic auditors. All present staff and officials banned from the premises.

    The home of all present and previous official’s homes and other premises raided.

    Only then will one be able to get at the truth. Only then will the corruption be rooted out.

    Much is being made of the PM not being aware that Bowen was to make the announcement yesterday. So what.

    It was discussed within cabinet and the green light was given to go ahead.

    The PM has been extra busy with the budget, launching new policy and her important trip overseas.

    That is without all the noise coming from the Opposition.

    Abbott is out like a dog that got hold of a bone and will not let go.

    There does not appear to be any disagreement between Bowen and the PM.

    Bowen appears to carried out the decisions made a previous cabinet meeting.

    of course all the questioning is worded to make the PM look bad. What else would we expect. They are experts at asking questions, that cannot be answered.

    As to the policy, I do have great concerns but I am waiting to see where it goes. If safeguards are built in that prevent Gina from abusing our industrial guidelines, is could be OK.

    If Gina is forced these workers the same as our workers, little harm will be done. In fact I would be surprised if Gina bought in many under that regime.

    As for those who believe Howes carries much weight. I suggest they look again. He had very little to do with the removal of Rudd.

    Mr. Howes admits now that he should not have rushed to the media and big noted himself. He is not as powerful as he believes, or thinks himself to be.

    The PM is quickly establishing the Independence of her government. One is getting the perception that she is not beholden to anyone.

    Yesterday we seen reports of a amazing thing. The voter going to the polls in Egypt for the first time, to elect a government. No one, 18 months ago, could ever have predicted such a happening,

    18 months on politics is a long time.


  197. Nas’ I don’t suppose there’s any point in wondering why people become megolamaniacs …”they just are”…

    The ABC, our ABC, has been collared for the use of ltd news journos to appear on The Drum, their news is in lock-step with ltd news, and Rupert’s like-minded smart-arsed trout-mouthed kiddies from the Instiute of Public Affairs have the run of the place. Oh, and former Howard man Peter Reith has his regular spot, along with HR Nicholls Society golden girl Judith Sloane

    Thank you very much John “Bonsai” Howard.

  198. Jane @ 2.53pm, they hounded Treasurer Kevin Foley who had honestly informed the media that he was suffering from depression and was receiving treatment. but his illness was treated very differently to Mary Jo Fisher’s and he hadn’t broken any laws.
    Rann and Foley ran a good ship and the Liberals had no answer, therefore they had to be hounded out of Office.

  199. Something that got lost in the noise yesterday.

    The clubs have said that from now on, any young person applying for a job, such as a bar attendant will have to give them access to their Facebook site. They also have to agree to the clubs talking to their previous headmaster.

    I can see many good reason why this should not be on. For one, the Face book site is not a good indication of the character of any person. It is not the real world. Many carry out fantasies on the site.

    It is also discrimination against the young.

    That is not my main gripe. My gripe is that this mob claim they are outraged at the bullying that goes on in the workplace.

    This mob that has carried out a bullying campaign against this government in relation to the proposed poker machine legislation. This mob that has put intimidation posters and sign boards out side their clubs Australian wide.

    This mob that has threatened to bring the government down, if she goes ahead with legislation, that is of benefit to the Australian public.


    Is not politics now being played in a bullying manner.

    If we want our young not to grow up being bullies, I suggest we all lead by example.

  200. Former PMs cost nearly $1m for year

    FIVE of Australia’s surviving former prime ministers cost taxpayers almost $1 million in travel and office expenses in the space of 12 months.

    John Howard, Australia’s second longest-serving prime minister, topped the list with a bill of almost $300,000 for the 2010-11 financial year, documents released by the Department of Finance and Deregulation revealed.

    Entitlements for the five former prime ministers totalled $984,880 for the 12 months.

    My blood boils when I think of the way that Howard treated the pensioners, and and Abbott government would be much worse.

  201. I am not so certain that the Rudd faction are hopeful, but rather it’s the msm method of casting yet more doubts on the validity of the Gillard Prime Ministership.

  202. Min, it’s hard to tell, but I’m in agreement with you now that I’ve thought more about it. It’s the s%*& stirring msm again…still.. always…

    I’m off to the football … bye for now. 🙂

    This one’s for the useless, tasteless brainless media hacks.

    Yakety yak

  203. We need ti remind ourselves to question this media. We do not need to jump on the wagon to side unquestioning with the media when it comes to foreign workers.

    What I would like to see, is a debate about the policy without all the name calling and hysteria. Yes, I do have concerns with the policy. I do not have concerns at how it was bought about or handles.

    Where is Mr. Abbott’s comment on the value of the policy. The truth is that Mr. Abbott is lying when he says the PM does not know what is going on.

    This was discussed in cabinet and Mr, Bowen given the green light to go ahead.

    When the PM returned on Wednesday, she was informed at where Mr. Bowen was at. As the NPC was on Friday, I can only assume the PM was happy with the arrangements. No evidence of the PM not knowing, or Mr. Bowen putting the boot in. Evidence of the matter being discussed. Decisions made. The PM allowing her minster to get on with the job.

    So we want or expect everyone in the government to be 100% in agreement on every matter. I, for one do not expect this, or believe it would be a good thing.

    We need to remember there are many agendas in play in any organisations. That is were growth and new ideas come from.

    It is how these difference are manged, that is of some concern.

    As governments have to govern for the good of all, there is no way, one can expect to like all that is done.

    We are also living in a world that is changing fast, and global. We need to be in the position of strength to benefit from this new global economy.

    Now back to the policy, is it needed. Is it good., We have to look at it closely before we make that decision.

    it is not about giving into Gina. It is about ensuring that the business she is in, survives for the good of Australia.

    What has she gained. These visa;s have been around for a long time. Whether they are unfair or give her unfair advantage can be easily challenged, when she denies employment to Australians when they show up.

    What I am more interested in, is will she be forced to give these workers the same pay and conditions that the rest of the workforce enjoys.

    he danger is that these bosses want is to undermine the wage system. That must not be allowed to happen.

    It does not do us much good to attack the PM and ministers. That is what Mr. Abbott and the media want.

    That does not stop us from voicing strong opposition to the policy, if we find it wanting.

    To attack foreign workers is to lose that point and imagine these bastards care about jobs. They don’t. They only care about profits. During the GFC they sacked 15% of their workforce.

    But there is a reason for opposing this deal. It is clearly aimed at de-unionising the workforce. It means that the workforce loses unionised industrial strength at important projects. This weakens the unions overall and their ability to extract better wages and conditions and enforce safety standards across the mining industry.

    Standing with the overseas workers, not against them, and fighting for them and their rights (including union membership and permanent residency) would offer a better chance to improve conditions for all workers in Australia.

    At the same time Labor is attacking unions, trade union bureaucrats are warning of the dangers of an Abbott government. It will be a bastard Government, because unions have done nothing to fight the current one.

    The way to fight Abbott is to strike against Gillard. It is the barbarians at the gate who are paving the way for the barbarians coming over the hill.

    But lesser evilism will see these unionists argue for a vote for Gillard Labor at the same time that government does the work of a future Abbott government. Is there an alternative? Yes. Strike.

    Right now Labor plans to get rid of 4200 public servants, with another 4000 the year after and 4000 the year after.

    Fight those sackings now to stop Abbott and Hockey sacking 12,000 in year one.

  204. Prime Minister Julia Gillard has promised to put Australian jobs first despite yesterday’s decision to bring in more than 1,700 foreigners to work on a mine project in Western Australia.

    It was revealed earlier that Ms Gillard, who had been in the United States, was not informed of the decision until she returned to Australia on Wednesday.

    The workers have been granted visas under the first enterprise migration agreement (EMA) to work at mining magnate Gina Rinehart’s $9 billion Roy Hill iron ore project in the Pilbara.

    But at a press conference this afternoon, Ms Gillard refused to be drawn on the issue of “internal government processes” and instead moved to assure Australians that Labor will put local jobs first.

    “My concern here and concern of the Labor Government is always to put Australian jobs first,” she told reporters in Melbourne.

    “The sheer size and scale of what’s happening means we will need some foreign labour but we’re working to make sure Aussies get jobs first.”

    And Ms Gillard says she has implemented several initiatives which will ensure that happens.

    “We’ll have a jobs board which will be a way of Aussies to know what’s happening in the resources sector and what the jobs are. Companies won’t be able to bring in foreign workers if there’s an Australian ready and able to do the work on the jobs board,” she said.

    “And secondly I’m strengthening oversight of enterprise migration agreements.”

    Earlier, Labor MP Nick Champion told ABC News 24 the EMA was discussed by cabinet and caucus last year.

    “This process went through cabinet, it went through cabinet and caucus last year in actual fact,” he said.

    “It’s fair to say most of the caucus want Australians to be trained up and skilled first, but we have to accept that with these massive projects we just simply won’t undertake them without both foreign capital and foreign labour.”

    He says despite 1,700 foreign workers coming to Australia under the agreement, 6,000 Australian jobs will be created because of the move.

    Skills Minister Chris Evans says the deal is a necessary step to manage the workforce, telling AM the move is a sensible economic solution.

    “Tens of thousands of Australians will get job opportunities in construction of these projects in the next few years,” he said.

    But Opposition leader Tony Abbott says the fact Ms Gillard was not informed of the decision until her return from the United States on Wednesday shows just how dysfunctional the Government is.

    “This is an almost $10 billion project and it’s being used as a political football in the struggle between Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd,” he said.

    “It’s just another symptom of a government that is at war with itself, that is divided and dysfunction and of a prime minister who doesn’t know what’s happening inside her own government.”

  205. The PM is not saying she was not consulted. Abbott is lying. There were cabinet decisions made.

    The decision that was made this week and the PM told on Wednesday that they were ready to go ahead with the decisions previously made.

    Remember, Mr. Abbott has once again created his own version of events and is attacking the PM on those grounds.

    Whether the policy is correct. I just do not know at this time.

    I need more information.

    we know that the media is not going to bother publishing the necessary information, and once again we have to go looking.

  206. Andrew Bird – Desperation Breeds

    We keep breeding desperation
    In this era of thieves
    Who keep stealing respiration
    From the tenderest of trees

  207. Cu, I like those words of yers:

    I need more information.
    we know that the media is not going to bother publishing the necessary information, and once again we have to go looking.

    Lotus Plaza – Strangers

  208. Here’s one the boys used to play for me at QClub..the boys being Daryl Cotton, Beeb Birtles and Rick Springfield…cover version only of course.

  209. Walking free. Come with me. Far away. Every day.

    Deerhunter – Desire Lines – (Halcyon Digest) – 2010
    (one of my top ten albums for that year)

  210. Min,
    you had S’ singing to it…remembers it as a youngun.

    This is what I sing to:

    Band of Horses – Monsters – Manchester Academy – 1/2/2011

  211. A rare and blistering sun shines down On grace cathedral park There with you i fear the time When air gets dark You know i don’t spend days like this Caught up in lost times of youth that i miss  Can almost hear rollercoasters See sailboats in the sea…

  212. The Tallest Man on Earth | The Gardener

    I sense a runner in the garden
    Although my judgements known to fail
    Once built a steamboat in a meadow
    Cos I’d forgotten how to sail

  213. For me birthland…ever in me mind…thinkin’ of me Grans and Grandads/Grandpops…better people there never was:

    The National – England

  214. John Lennon did a good cover version of this one, but nothing can beat the original..just my opinion..for my darlin’ of course.

  215. Get in, get out of the rain I’m goin’ to move on up to the Waterfront Step in, step out of the rain I’m goin’ to walk on up to the Waterfront Said, one million years from today I’m goin’ to step on up to the Waterfront Get in, get out of the rain Come in, come out of the rain  

  216. Nas’, I figure that we’re way way off topic..but perhaps comes under the heading of Terminally Delusional 😉

    I sang this one for a 6′ tall policeman..he was *cough, cough* one of the mounted police, rode the famous Gendarme.

    I sang..he ran… 😦

    Now Abbott’s overwhelming ambition and possibly diminished mental abilities seem to have led him into another awkward situation. He said on Friday, “The best thing for everyone – to take the pressure off him, to take the pressure off his family – would be for (Mr Thomson) to leave the parliament.”
    That pressure is being applied by Tony Abbott himself.
    Under Section 28 of the Crimes Act it is an offence for anyone “who, by violence or by threats or intimidation of any kind, hinders or interferes with the free exercise or performance, by any other person, of any political right or duty”.
    No doubt we shall see the result of this outburst over the next few weeks. Possibly with more head-nodding and some extended silences.

  218. Cu, precisely. Abbott’s statements can definitely be interpreted as intimidation.

    Let’s take an example.

    A woman finds herself in a workplace where there are girlie photos shoved in her face. She is told that she is “sick” and that she should get over it. But most especially – you’re SICK, so you should quit.

    That is intimidation.

  219. I take particular umbrage at Abbott over this one. As a disability advocate of some years, the comments which cause the most damage are those which include:

    You’ve got a disability, do you really think that you should be working?

    Don’t you think that it would be best for your own health and the welfare of your family that you quit?

    I can tell that you’re really ill, I think that you should quit.

  220. Min,
    I’ve put forward my ideas many a time and thought to be terminally delusional…

    I suspect it won’t be long before we are all HOOKED IN…walking on beaches, thru cities…past & present…touching, feeling, smelling, tasting….loving…KNOWING we’ve been here thousands of times before…

    The future has already arrived. It’s just not evenly distributed yet.
    William Gibson

    Deerhunter “Strange Lights”

  221. Nas’ and those who would try to drag us down…know yourself, like the blood knows the whole. And you’re standing like the brightest star…

  222. Min,
    spot on:

    What is implied by Abbott when he talks Thomson:

    You’ve got a disability, do you really think that you should be working?
    Don’t you think that it would be best for your own health and the welfare of your family that you quit?
    I can tell that you’re really ill, I think that you should quit.
    The Beatles – With a little help from my friends

    What would you do if I sang out of tune,
    Would you stand up and walk out on me.
    Lend me your ears and I’ll sing you a song,
    And I’ll try not to sing out of key.
    Oh I get by with a little help from my friends,
    Mmm,I get high with a little help from my friends,
    Mmm, I’m gonna try with a little help from my friends.

    For Migs too…sendin’ our BEST:

  223. Min, we are all entitle to distractions. It is what keeps us sane. Especially us who live according to some , in fantasy land.

  224. Min,
    Hedwig…luv it!

    I was born on the other side Of a town ripped in two I made it over the great divide Now I’m coming for you  Enemies and adversaries They try and tear me down You want me baby, I dare you Try and tear me down  I rose from off of the doctor’s slab Like Lazarus from the pit Now everyone wants to take a stab And decorate me With blood, graffiti and spit  Enemies and adversaries They try to tear me down You want me, baby, I dare you Try and tear me down.

    The Murdoch empire is the present day Stasi to me…erecting a wall…dividing US…they try to tear us down…

    but we’ll get their first

  225. “A woman finds herself in a workplace where there are girlie photos shoved in her face. She is told that she is “sick” and that she should get over it. But most especially – you’re SICK, so you should quit.”

    Especially when one adds, it will all get better if you resign.
    What is more shocking, Mr. Abbott cannot see anything wrong with what he is saying.

  226. He is giving the same message to the PM.

    You know you are not up top the job. You know you are struggling. Just roll over, and I can make your life easier. You know I am better able to do the job than you.

    Childish reasoning on the part of Mr Abbott.

  227. One for us…i mean me & S’

    Tony luvs it too.

    Been a long time…

    Ferment: Catherine Wheel

  228. That link is interesting. I am surprise at many of the letters. Maybe there is a change in the weather coming.

  229. S’ and I soar to this band/artiste

    Did Merlin walk this ground?

    Who did save him?

    Him/them her?

  230. Pip @3.08pm, Foley was abrasive and didn’t suffer fools gladly, and going by the calibre of the msm, it’s no wonder he was contemptuous of them.

    CU @3.11pm, couldn’t agree more with you.

    & @4.57pm, how would Liealot be privy to what was discussed in Cabinet? It always amazes me that anyone would accept not only that he would know what was discussed in Cabinet, but that ANYONE would believe it!

    And to suggest that any policy decision would have been made without the PM is utterly ludicrous!

    Of course the msm obediently parrots the line and the sheeples like Geoff, Iain Hall, Tweed and other barrackers will accept it without thought.

    Also the sudden resurrection of the Rudd/Gillard leadership challenge meme by both the msm and the LIars makes me think that the Craig Thomson road to power must have developed some large potholes.

    Has been significant voter dissatisfaction with the way Thomson and his family have been harassed and abused or they can’t milk it any more or have they found out that he has no case to answer?

  231. It’s one of my all-time fave songs…

    Some criticise Peno…

    Some luv him.

    I had a mate who became the bass player.

    In those days he talked Mona Lisa Overdrive

    He dreamed, smoked…became

    But before

    Died Pretty – Winterland

  232. What are the chances of people like Howes & Cameron being elevated to “sincere unionists” or “good ALP members” for a day or so by Abbott who will urge them to remove Gillard?

  233. Bob, contrary to popular perception, it is up to the caucus to remove a leader.

    Two or three faceless men cannot.

    Mr. Howes or any other union leader or a couple of disgruntle Labor MPs also so not have the power.

    It takes more than fifty percent of caucus. That is fifty one or more percent of Labor MPs.

  234. I know this is going to be taken negatively and others might disagree, so tell me it you do, but do we have to post after post of links to YouTube music videos?

    I can’t get in here as much as I used to and when I do I have go over a lot of stuff I missed. I go through a thread to follow a conversation or line of topic and too often have to scroll through song after song to get a post inbetween, then another lot of music etc.

    It’s worse when you are doing this on your phone, so much so when I see the first of the music videos I leave the thread,

    I hope this is taken constructively and if I’m out of order I apologise.

  235. Min. Do you know what has happened to The Political Sword, I am having problems accessing the site.

  236. CU. The smiling beaming faces of gillard and albanese is due to medication. At least they can both balance their medication. They can’t balance anything else in the economy or the labor party.
    With all the who ha about Rudd coming back I reckon it will be Crean to take the hit for the team.

  237. It is the faceless men who do the heavy lifting when it comes to executing gillard. The Labor MPs will fall in line with the ALP heavies simply to keep their preselections. There are always plenty of union organises who are still on the shop floor that are itching to get on the Federal Parliament Gravy train. The Labor MPs will toe the line ……as always.

  238. Excellent piece from David Penberthy,

    An email was sent to almost every politician in Australia this week saying that someone should cut off Julia Gillard’s head and s**t down her neck. Politicians receive emails like this quite often.

    The Opposition Leader edges closer to the ton for censure motions. Photo: Ray StrangeThe Opposition Leader edges closer to the ton for censure motions. Photo: Ray Strange

    They are also sent to those of us in the press. On any given day I would receive 20 to 30 emails from people I have never met who are really angry about something.

    They range from people who are obsessed with the apparent fiction of climate change to others peddling filth about the prime minister’s appearance or her private life, sending in photos with stupid captions, and so on.

    Most of them could be safely filed away under the harmless nut category. Indeed the time of day at which these emails are sent is itself often telling. Anyone who is awake at 3am writing to everyone in the Parliament and Press Gallery about how the polar ice caps aren’t melting should probably get a life, or at least get rid of my email address.

    But some of the emails go way beyond being obsessive in a genial if crazy way. Some of the emails have been written by psychopaths who think Australia is no longer a democracy, that the people are about to rise up, that violence might be the only answer to the removal of this government.

  239. Min, I liked the comment in the article you linked to above that suggests that some should lose his email address. The article (printed in the Sunday Mail this morning) suggests that even some reporters are somewhat weary of the antics of the federal opposition. For those that look for balance and fairness in reporting, it is a welcome development – all Penberthy has to do now is convince Murdoch 🙂

  240. 2353, with the suggestion being that Abbott is making use of the crazies in our society.

    Excellent suggestion about convincing Murdoch, I’ll try to link to the article as much as I am able. The bottom line with newspapers is what sells and if articles such as Penberthy’s “sell”, then it increases the chances that the msm will publish more like them.

  241. Enjoy your delusions, Tweed. Best economy in the world, unemployment and inflation under 5%, new mining investment, a government which actually cares about the less well off, a balanced and well received budget.

    The only rather worrying aspect is that Bill Shorten, Wayne Swan and quite a few other Labor male MPs seem to have lost their faces. this is obviously of great concern to their families and friends.

    Ads have been placed in the “Lost & Found” and cleaners in Parliament House have been asked to take extra care with their vacuums and when emptying the waste paper baskets, in case the faces fell off as they aimed the latest gibberish from Liealot into them.

    Here’s a news flash for you Tweed: there is no leadership challenge, Julia Gillard will be PM long after Liealot is gone.

    Min. I’ve just read yours and Crowey’s comments re TPS. Firefox is also telling me it can’t find the server on the office computer and that could explain why avg has poked its nose in on my computer (I hope).

    So now I find I’ve wasted a lot of perfectly good swearing and cursing on a technical glitch, when I could have put it to much better use.

    Min, Penberthy’s piece is very interesting indeed, all the more so when you realise that this sort of stuff constantly arrives in the inboxes of most journos and politicians.

    What is of concern is that they must also be sent to the LIars Party who still continue unabated with their lies and hysterical rants.

    2353, let’s hope that Penberthy’s piece will be a wake up call for other Murdoch hacks who are also fed up with Liars Party behaviour, to start publishing articles which are truthful, balanced and neutral.

    However, I doubt that the wizened foreign bully could be persuaded to agree to printing anything containing the truth, balance or neutrality.

  242. Tweed maybe Mr. Abbott should swallow his pride and get the name of the medication off the PM.

    If not, he is in danger of busting a blood vessel.

  243. I feel that medication, at least in therapeutic quantities, would be of no benefit to Abbott no matter what it is. It’s quite obviously his essential personality that’s the problem & this cannot be changed.
    People have to “want to change” in this regard, & any reading of Abbott’s history makes it clear that his personality traits have been reinforced all his life.

  244. Bob, I agree. There are some who no amount of medication will help..that nothing less than a personality transplant would help fix.

  245. Why thank you, Roswell @10.52am. I do try to target my swearing and cursing, though. No point having swearing leakage. 😯

    Bob, Lielaot and Prissy are probably already on the highest legal dosage of the strongest mood stabilizers known to man. They don’t seem to be very successful, though.

    Maybe a blow to the head ala Monty Python would do the trick? Although I think Min’s suggested treatment is the only one left. 😕

  246. Is this the likely reality or another delusional.. Where does Abbott go from here, if the PM lasts the next few weeks.

    We are hearing loudly, no no no PM. Are we hearing yes yes yes Abbott.

    Generally when we reach this stage in the political outcry, we have people taking to the streets to voice their discontent.

    This is not happening. They are turning off all politics.

    (Mentioned this morning on Insiders)

    Could it be that the public is reasonably happy with their lot. See no reason to be concerned.

    he growing instability of Tony Abbott must be concerning the Liberal Party members of Federal Parliament..
    With his bullying style and erratic policy announcements, there seems to be a danger that the electorate will soon grow tired of this deeply flawed man. The unlosable 2013 election may be in unexpected doubt. Newspoll this coming week is tipped to show a big swing against the Coalition.
    Once the Carbon Tax is in place and operating, Tony Abbott will have lost his Raison d’être and will be ripe for the toppling. That is a scary prospect because of Abbott’s life-long tendency to rage. As recalled by his fellow students at Sydney University, he was not above vendettas and violent threats.

  247. Everyone will be on edge, possibly hiding away from scrutiny. Questions running through all their minds must be, “Who is there to replace him? Could it be me?”
    Here is your chance to assist in that difficult decision. After four years of not being allowed to think for themselves, the Liberal caucus needs some guidance.
    Note: Bananaby Joyce and Chris Uhlmann will not be candidates! Janet Albrechtson, Andrew Bolt and Ray Hadley are only write-in candidates.

    Who Replaces Tony Abbott?
    Julie Bishop
    Christopher Pyne
    Joe Hockey
    Malcolm Turnbull
    Sophie Mirabella
    Scott Morrison
    Arthur Sinodinos
    Someone else

  248. Catching up and “After four years of not being allowed to think for themselves, the Liberal caucus needs some guidance.” Nah, not interested let them fend for themselves.

  249. That’s a great poll and the certainty that ‘someone else’ will win by a short head over Talcum who would have to admit the CO2 tax is a fraud. Can’t see that happening in a hurry.

  250. Nah Roswell the Liberals just need unthinking followers like eg and co. The gormless within the party led by king gormless feed on their gormless narrow minded one track followers, they make them look good.

  251. I seen today, a breakdown on the polls. Cannot remember where, but I assure it will turn up.

    Yes, the figures are not good for Labor.

    Then they mentioned the polling done on issues. Labor is out in front except for the one on the so called carbon tax.

    My words

    They have broke down the one that mentions carbon tax down further. They then asked, would you support a cost being put on carbon emitters.

    Would you support this money being used to alleviate carbon emission and assisting the people with the extra cost.

    The answer for this is yes, up in the 60’s and 70’s.

    So when asked in a way that describes what is happening, there is majority support.

    I do not knows what this means, but it suggests to me, people still believe in cutting back on carbon emission.

    It is sad that they have been misled, in not understanding that what is being introduced, is what they want.

  252. I think the irony escaped you el gordo, or as usual didn’t you read the entire thing, who hosts it and all those facts and figures they provided, NOT.

    In the meantime Tony Abbott has got a way of saving the planet and voiced it loud.

    TONY ABBOTT: If you want to put a price on carbon why not just do it with a simple tax. Why not ask motorists to pay more?
    Why not ask electricity consumers to pay more?

    And then at the end of the year, you can take your invoices to the tax office and get a rebate on the carbon tax you paid.

    It would be burdensome, all taxes are burdensome, but it would certainly change the price on carbon, raise the price of carbon without increasing in any way the overall tax burden.

  253. Mobius
    And that piece from Abbott led into as fine an example of media selectivty & bias as you’ll find. My recollection was their attitude to this being brought up was “so what???” So Tony’s completely reversed his position??? That’s not what we want to talk about so we won’t.

  254. More on just how two faced Abbott and the Liberals are. Here is Brandis slagging off Abbott as health minister.

    A Liberal backbencher has labelled “disgusting” comments made by Health Minister Tony Abbott about John Brogden, who is recovering from an apparent suicide attempt.

    George Brandis, a Liberal senator for Queensland, said he would not have made such remarks in relation to the former NSW Opposition leader.

    “No, I think it was a disgusting thing to do,” Senator Brandis told reporters in Canberra today

    Now Brandis in lockstep with Abbott is slagging off fellow politicians like there’s no tomorrow.

    What has happened to the Liberals, who were once such a great party until Howard got hold of them and the likes of Minchin and Abbott were given power.

  255. I see Abbott as steadily morphing at a regulated pace from the attack dog Opposition Leader to the Considered Statesman. I see no reason why he won’t do the Prime Minister job equally as well as he has as Opposition Leader.
    It looks like I was right about Gillard and her going down. CU I don’t know if you have managed Managers but let me tell you something. There would not be a professional manager who would accept a non specific Tweet as an apology for trying to undermine. A manager with any authority would cut his guts out.
    As Parliamentary Whip Joel was not acting without authority of the power brokers.
    Gillard has lost authority.
    It is now in the hands of the power brokers to decide who will be next leader of Labor. Good luck to anyone who wants to sip that poisoned chalice.
    Abbott, contrary to what the whisperers would like to think, is a hero of the conservative side, has grown into the leadership job admirably and will not be challenged this side of the next Blue Monn. Sorry to rain on your parade guys.
    This week? More of Craig, Newspoll on monday night, Caucas meeting for Gillard on tuesday (WTF will be screamed by all and sundry)
    Probably 4 or 5 new boats will arrive (500+ ?)
    If the PM wasn’t such a loser some people might even be sorry for her.

  256. Catching up
    MAY 27, 2012 @ 5:57 PM
    I saw that guy on the news too. Unfortunately for your side the guy is a representative of Essential Polls which is a Union driven poll company. They keep reframing the questions until they get the answer they want.
    I reckon the Newspoll this week will show a further drop in primary and 2PP for Labor.

  257. Shit if he does PM as well as he does opposition leader we are in deep deep shit.

    By a long shot Abbott is the worst opposition leader this country has seen and is amongst the worst leaders this country has had. Unless he is very carefully staged managed and has his puppet strings tightly controlled then he’s a complete loose canon so prone to brain farts his whole party cringe every time he makes a public appearance.

    And so what how many boats will arrive, just as many if not more will arrive under Abbott, but what shits me about you Tweed is that you will be making excuses for Abbott’s failures and just like all Liberals and their supporters blaming all and sundry except themselves.

  258. “Now Brandis in lockstep with Abbott is slagging off fellow politicians like there’s no tomorrow.”

    ME, to be fair, I felt that Brandis on that Wednesday Lateline was pulling back a little. This was surprising, as many things he has said for weeks is beyond the pale.

    Your above quote explains his reversal. Brandis was very careful in his replies to what Abbott had said about that committee. (sorry I have has a senior moment and cannot remember the name).

  259. Apologies, if I’m repeating myself..some comments appear to be not getting through at present. I know that TPS are likewise having problems.

  260. Tweed, the PM is a woman. We woman do not have to behave as men do. We are more interested in results.

    I am sure that the man has got the message. Why give the media more fuel.

    This PM does not appear to have the need to big note herself, to enforce her authority,.

    The reality is that the MP has to explain himself. He has been outed, That I believe the PM will see it as good enough. If you followed her, you would realise she is not into wasteful revenge.

    Tweed, what I not understand is why the media needed this sideshow at this time.

    Tomorrow FWA is appearing at the Senate hearings. I was sure they would rather keep the limelight there.

    I also noticed that she is more interested in doing, not talking. Another trait of a good manager.

  261. Moby. He rolled Rudd very quickly after being elected opposition leader. He rolled Gillard more comprehensively than he did Rudd.
    Labor just do not have anyone they can put up against him. I have said a few times before Abbott has the uncanny ability to wedge Labor on every policy. Labor has the problem of making policy that suits the greens so I suppose it is pretty easy for Abbott. The union policy demands further distort Labor policy away from mainstream Australian. I suppose the crazy demands of the greens and unions make it fairly easy for Abbott but you have to give it to him he plays the cards the way they should be played. He has wedged Gillard on Asylum seekers, Craig, Carbon Tax, the loopy BER and Pink batts etc.
    It would not surprise me he is taking the prize fighter tactics and keeps peppering the opponent lightly enough so they will still be standing in the 15th round. He better ease up. His opponent is stumbling around the ring not knowing where she is.

  262. “In fact, America’s drop in carbon emissions is greater than that of any other country in the survey. Greens have often praised Europe and Australia for their foresight in adopting forward-thinking carbon-trading schemes, while chastising America for its reluctance to do the same. Yet the numbers are out, and America has actually performed better than its carbon-trading peers. From an empirical standpoint, fracking has a much better track record at reducing emissions than the current ”

    el gordo, one of the silver lining of the GFC, was the lowering of industrial output leading to the lowering of carbon emissions.

    Now if you are suggesting all one has to do is destroy the economy to get results. I do not think many will buy it.

    As the economy improves, the carbon emission will rise.

  263. CU, unfortunately the Liars simply don’t have the talent. Archie is quite right; after 16 !
    ars of mindless following, they will all have to learn to think independently AND to develop policies which aren’t just saying NO! I’m not certain they can break the cycle.

    I say 16 years, because like his great hero, Menzies, the Rodent discouraged genuine talent and independent thought, which is why they’ve floundered around so badly internally, despite the knee jerk support from “their gormless narrow minded one track followers”.

    It’s going to be a long hard row to hoe for the Liars. And there’s going to be more chaos along the way while they eat their young!

    If there are some with a spot of wit, they’ll start studying this government, which is rocketing along with a PM whose negotiating skills are second to none, has the confidence of the caucus and the Independents and appears to thrive on hard work.

    That she’s also a very good Parliamentary performer does her no harm, either. She and her team consistently run rings around the Liars whose disruptive behaviour and antics in the House only serves to underline how impoverished they are by any measure of competence and policy initiatives.

    The risible defence by them and their “gormless followers” (love that one ME) wrt developing solid policies as opposed to Liealot’s brain farts, is that labor will “steal” them!

    If they can produce a single “policy” that Labor has pinched in the last 5 years, I’ll be astonished! It’s pretty hard to pinch nothing.

    If the Rupert’s robots in the msm hadn’t smoothed their way by either intentionally misreporting government initiatives like BER And HIP and/or turning a blind eye to their lies, obfuscations and downright stupidity, we would have a vastly different political landscape.

    We might even have a decent opposition.

  264. Why do Abbott’s supporters get so upset, when one makes comments on what he has said over the years.

    Why are their comments so angry, if they are so sure he is a inch away from taking over.

    I hope they know, no matter what happens, there cannot be a senate election until next July twelve months.

    They sure have thin skins.

    What they do not realise, even if Mr. Abbott achieve what he sees as his birthright.

    There will always be another day. it is not the end of the world if Labor loses. This they do not seem to understand.

    Governments come. government go. That is why they call it democracy.

    I just do not understand their hatred and inability to accept a Labor government.

    Maybe Tweed can explain to me, why the Liberal should always be in power.

  265. CU
    On the polls, what you saw is on Insiders where once a month they analyse the polls for the whole month and then over a few months. As you rightly said on the carbon issue, if people are asked do you agree witha carbon tax the answer is 60% no but when the question is expanded to do you agree to a price on carbon to be paid by a few companies then the results are reversed 61% yes.
    As is the case in polling, look to the question. The segment is called the Poll of Polls. the segment today was included by the analyst saying that to see how the government is truly trending then the polls will have to wait for those over the coming months, that is after July1.

  266. ‘By a long shot Abbott is the worst opposition leader this country has seen’ and that is why he will win the next election in a landslide.

  267. Tweed, what parallel universe do you live in? By any standards Liealot’s behaviour in the House is worse than any toddler in full flight. The only thing he’s morphing into is a lunatic!

    Liealot didn’t roll Rudd. As usual you gormless barrackers bend the truth to suit your fairy story. Rudd was tapped on the shoulder by Julia Gillard representing the caucus because nobody could work with him.

    By any measure, Liealot hasn’t laid a glove on the PM; her calm, him with veins popping spraying those unlucky enough to be within range with venom and spittle. He’s rubbish; she shuts him up every time, because he has no substance.

    He’ll go well before she does and she’ll kick his @rse metaphorically as he scuttles off.

  268. el gordo, I have news for you. Winning in a landslide does not prove or lead to having a good leader.

    el gordo, I thought you where not for Abbott, that you as a Labor voter, wanted the lady to go, along with the CEF legislation.

    I must have got that wrong.

    Winning is not all, the way one wins also counts for some.

    That is the one hurdle the PM cannot get over. Many see the removable of Mr. Rudd as unforgivable.

    I do not. One remains leader while they have the confidence of their caucus. When this goes, they go.

    It is how politics is and should be played. Abbott had no compunction in getting rid of Turnbull.

  269. CU

    I must admit I have found the predictive powers of Tweed on Friday and Luna lava Sunday morning quite amazing.

    First Tweed: he suggested that this weekend would be quite “pivotal” to add to the quote
    “Labor have been aligning their spin to coincide with the Newspoll for the past few months. They make announcements over the weekend to try to water down the unfavourable polls”

    Second Luna lava, who suggested as Thomson/ Ashby stories are not polling well for Abbott personally and as a there was a good new story on Therese Reine, then the papers will “throw the switch to the old furphy a LEADERSHIP challenge”.

    So just for the Sunday political shows and to sh!t on any Gillard rise in any news poll ( based on the publicity of an imminent pension increase) good ol’ Sideshow Sam (Samantha Maiden) has done the Right Thing by her sponsors, Murdoch, Newspoll, and writes a “Breaking Story”, government whip backs Rudd in leadership challenge.

    And didn’t the media act accordingly. The PM was not asked one question on the household assistance packages to pensioners. Mission accomplished Sideshow Sam, there must be a bonus in that for you.

    CU I suggest Luna lava can read the msm, they truly are just oh so predictable as to Tweed he is just oh so close to the Liberal troll machine.

  270. ‘Despite its potential to lower energy prices, provide jobs, and make America more energy independent, greens remain steadfastly opposed to the expansion of fracking, calling for a total ban on its use.’

    Fracking may be safe, can’t say, but the debate will continue now that the Greens are turning their attention away from gorebull worming.

  271. El gordo and “By a long shot Abbott is the worst opposition leader this country has seen’ and that is why he will win the next election in a landslide.”

    Isn’t it amazing what can be accomplished when you have the media onside. Every foible can be overlooked, every lack of policy specifics can be glossed over.

    I am still awaiting a decisive response to why Tony Abbott deserves to be Prime Minister.

  272. Have to go out in the morning. Will try to be back in time. That is one I cannot record.

  273. I believe one of the tactics used by the Liberals is to blame Labor for behaviour the Liberals have instigated. This of course “fogs” any negative blow back when the issue starts to go bad. For example, the Slipper story, won the Liberals front page coverage for a few weeks and sucked the oxygen out of any good budget publicity the government may have achieved (after all there was nothing new in the story).
    When some uncomfortable facts began to emerge, the issue morphed into a general slogan of how terrible Gillard is and how crap her government is performing etc etc.
    Note the morphed story line is free of any facts and is about the “vibe”. The MSM is in lock step with this tactic. Would not be surprised if News Ltd had some direct communication with the Liberal policy strategy team in the same way Fox News in the US used to meet with President Bush’s staff to consider the News stories to be aired. For that matter there are plenty of ex-News Ltd staff working for Labor, and what better opportunity to sow a bit of mistrust.
    Labor however maintains there is not a problem with the MSM, if this is true then they need to start sacking a few staff they inherited from Howards time and anyone who used to work for News Ltd.

  274. Luna there is no conspiracy between the Murdoch press and the Liberal Party, although its generally believed that the Fairfax press was sucking up to Labor until recently.

  275. El gordo and

    Luna there is no conspiracy between the Murdoch press and the Liberal Party,

    Nope, not a scrap..nope not ever…

  276. grodo, if you’re not already, I suggest you join Tweed in whatever universe he/she/it inhabits.

  277. Jane, grodo and Tweed are at juxapositions. El gordo, very accepting of anything which is cute and fluffy, Tweed well..a bit of sarcasm there hey Tweed/Geoff et al.

    I should make mention. And I would like to make it plain and clear, even though we might not agree with a lot of what el gordo says, she is NOT a troll.

  278. IT is the height of hypocrisy for

    Labor and gallery journalists to call for the opposition to ease the pressure on the government because of its potential impact on Craig Thomson’s health.

    The Thomson-Health Services Union scandal is a political drama of the highest order because it tests not only Labor’s credibility but possibly the government’s hold on power. And according to the exhaustive findings of Fair Work Australia, the saga hinges on blatant and extensive misuse of union members’ funds

    Problem they are only pursuing Thomson, which is ancient history. Yf they had concern for the HSU and it’s members, they would be pursuing all the others named as well.

    What else is to be achieved by keeping up the attack on Thomson. With up to nine inquiries under way, what is to be achieved by the attack. Let the wheels of justice deal with the problem.

    Mr. Thomson is not a danger to the members now. He has not been involved since 2007. The present alleged corrupt officials are.

  279. ‘Mr Rudd’s media spokesman said Mr Rudd was passing through Singleton on his way to Sydney on May 18.

    ‘‘He had a quick coffee with Mr Fitzgibbon and posed for photos with locals.’’

    ‘Coal Rock Coffee Bar owner Gina Frazer said Mr Rudd’s star status was evident during the surprise one-hour visit. The two men arrived without staff.’

    Craig will soon be eclipsed by someone who is monumentally incompetent or just a liar. Minority guvmint is killing the party and I blame Julia for this unholy alliance, so the sooner she’s dudded the better.

  280. “Minority guvmint is killing the party ”

    Sorry to disagree. This minority government is legot according to the Constitution and by the will of the 58% of votes that put it in place.

    What is killing the government, is the inability of much of the media and Opposition to accept it’s right to exist.

    It is not the work that this government is doing that is being attacked. In fact, the opposite is fact.

    Most of what it has introduced has been supported by the media. It is all about attacking the PM for the alleged way she does it.

    No one, outside a few union leaders with their own agenda has said that allowing Gina to bring in the workers is wrong. Most have said it is necessary

    el gordo, I can say this until I am black in the face, but it will not change you one iota..

    \You are never one to let inconvenient facts get in the way of your continual harping.

  281. Abetz is on in full flight. I believe the man is more interested in his own voice that eliciting information.

  282. Senate hearing on ABC 24. The delegate was granted request for leave last August. He deterred this leave until March.

    Abetz busy putting words into the mouth of the witness.

    Delegate done all of interviewing.

    Lawler ask for leave March. Is on leave until the end of June.

  283. No dispute that false and misleading information was given. Those findings have not been tested.

    They do not seem to be able to say how they came to the conclusion that the information was misleading.

    Check out Mr. Thomson’s version of events. I suspect they were not checked out. Unwilling to give answers on this. Says the report speaks for itself. Abetz was trying to establish that Mr. Thomson caused extra expense by providing misleading information.

    From the answers, I can only come to the decision that they made judgement of what Mr. Thomson said, without collaborating investigation.

    No such criminal investigation under taken, as they do not have the power.

    Ch 21 Mr. Nassios drafted. Might be criminality involved.

    It is my reading, they have come to the belief of criminality without any investigation of what Mr. Thomson claimed.

    It was Mr. Nassios who seem to be responsible for the allegations of criminality.

    Thanks to Mr. Abetz probing, I think lessens the reliability of the report.

    They do not work in criminal law.

  284. Perhaps the government could let a little rumour that while the Senate committee’s about it, they might as well have a beak into Slagabella and Liealot. and chuck Fisher in for good measure.

  285. CU, there was a commenter on archie’s blog who says that Thomson’s claims are very believable, because she is the victim of identity theft, to the extent that her birth certificate has been altered and she’s no longer allowed to use the name she was given.

    Her phone has been cloned and the thief has run up a phone bill of $8.5k. Her life has been made a misery.

    Identity theft is a very common crime these days and it’s easy to commit. From what this young woman said, I don’t think it’s taken seriously enough. She has had no help from the police.

  286. What Abetz is attempting to do, is turn the senate hearings into a defacto trial of Thomson.

    He is still trying to twist everything to his way of thinking.

    It is not fair for the representives of FWA to give opinion on what Mr. Thomson said.

    If you where in Mr. Thomson’s place, would you start off by claiming people were out to get you.

    The witness has said that the issue of being set up before March.was made by Thomson in a only general manner. A\In March, he nominated the hooker allegation.

    Emphasis being put on the standing of the report is not correct. The witness are very uncomfortable in the position they are in. They are been asked for opinions, nothing more.

  287. Well jane, I thought it was common knowledge that young people had no problem getting false identification, allowing them to enter premises when they are under age.

    I believe one can buy any piece of plastic in Asia.

  288. CU
    On the news: president of FWA said that as Lawler is an Officer of the Court he would take Lawler’s word that Lawler had not interferred in investigation.

    He would not investigate Lawler.

    I wonder what happened to the complaint from the HSU employees about Lawler phoning them?

  289. Sue, I believe that FWA has been put in a unfair position. What is happening now is a defacto trial of Thomson.

    It is a abuse of parliamentary procedure. Are you watching.

    When one works in a independent body, one only addresses matters that you are empowered to do. It is not your role to run off to the police with every suspicion you have.

    The reason is to do so, would lessen your ability to deal with the matters that you are empowered to do by the Act.

    I know this from making investigations as a DO. You have to have evidence to approach the police. One would be ringing the police everyday. The likely result would be no action by the police.

    One does sometimes approaches the police only if someone is in danger.

    Any information gathered, could be inadmissible in other spheres.

    Evidence attained with the compulsory power is inadmissible. The problem with Abetz allegations, is that the FWA does not have the power to declare the so called false evidence given not fact.

    They cannot take the information and investigate it. Therefore they can only suspect the information false, not prove it is. They do not have police powers.

  290. Mr. Abetz now on ABC 24. His version does not fit in what I observed. So what is new.

    Pity, this is what will be the perception that will prevail.

    Nothing about FWA repeating that they do not have the power and ability to do criminal matters.

    Straw men. Wonder what Mr. Abetz is now doing.

    Setting up the scenario that he mislead the house. It is going to be a wild afternoon I believe.

    The PC will now have before it more information.

  291. This is my scenario for the future I agree with. Remember a senate election cannot be held until July next year.

    Either scenario makes sense. Maybe it has to be done to sever the toxic politics we have at this time.

    One thing for sure, those calling for elections will have plenty down the track.

    This will happen whether we have a election sooner than later.

    Go in December or February might make sense and take guts. The worse thing for Labor is not losing an election. Labor could benefit by allowing Abbott in, but giving him as little power as possible.

    Another long cut and paste.

    Strategy 1:

    Labor will get slaughtered whatever happens. The Coalition is likely to win control of the Senate as well. The best way to stop this is to call a House of Representatives election as soon as possible this year (after changing labor leaders) so the Reps election is not held with the Senate election.

    The Coalition will win in the Reps, begin implementing its program, become unpopular, and then probably not win control of the Senate when the half Senate election is held as scheduled next year.

    Labor will be better off than if it had waited.

    For this to work Labor would need to deny Tony Abbott the opportunity to call a double dissolution by ensuring none of his bills were blocked, which would mean voting in favour of bills to repeal the carbon tax and the mining tax (because “the people had spoken”).

    Strategy 2:

    Applying Strategy 1 will mean the carbon tax will scarcely operate. It’ll be abolished just after it begins and the public discover that it is not so bad after all. It will forever go down in history as a bad idea.

    If instead Labor waits out its full term until late next year the public will have had a year to evaluate the carbon tax and might just find Tony Abbott was scaremongering when he said it would destroy Whyalla, kill the mining “stone dead” and so on. Few people would want to bother removing it (just as one year on few people wanted to bother removing the GST).

    Furthermore, although half the Senate would be elected with the Reps in late 2013, the new Senators would not take office until July 2014 — two years into the carbon tax, and more importantly only one year away from 2015 when it is legislated to be replaced with an emissions trading system (which will probably have a lower carbon price).

    Relief will be at hand. Anger over the carbon tax will be old hat. Abbott might even have second thoughts about resubmitting to the Senate bills to abolish it.

    In any event the history books will record that it was a good reform, killed by a zealot, rather than a bad one killed by the people.


    As I said being defeated is not the end of the world. It would be up to what Abbott does with victory.

    The CEF will be around for a long time, before he can, if possible ditch it.

  292. After 3 1/2 hours of the Privilieges Committee, Erica was quick to address the media mob outside Parliament House in his bid to set the agenda on the Craig Thomson issue. Guilty, he declared. One minute later, ABC24 was running the banner headline “Abetz says Craig Thomson had misled parliament.” This made such an enormous impression on the rest of the media that none of them has dared touch it. Even ABC24 is totally ignoring Erica and his pronouncements this evening. Losers.

  293. silkworm, did you watch the hearings. He spent the morning putting words into the mouth of an inexperience person, who kept saying that was not so.

    Yes, the prostitution set up was raised in March. The lady said more that once there were generalize comments about being set up before that.

    The man who interviewed everyone was not there.

    It was said over and over that they did not have the means of power to make criminal investigations. It was said that the findings have not been tested.

    It matter not, Mr. Abetz carried on his merry way, twisting every thing that was said.

    Ir was not nice to watch.

    Someone else must have pulled him up.

    I find senate hearings revealing. They tell us a lot about the politicians sitting in there place of power, putting PS through hell.

    Mr. Abetz treated the hearings as a trial. He then went outside, calling on the lower house to pass sentence. For some unknown reason, they did not,

  294. I don’t think the reason is unknown, CU. I think they just don’t believe him! Quelle surprise.

  295. Pingback: - is a seller's and a thief's dream, but it can be a real - Page 2 - Complaints

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