Comin’ Under Fire

In what can be described as an “action packed” lead up to the long awaited speech to be given in parliament on Monday by embattled MP Craig Thomson, today came the confirmation of a “knockout blow”

Some of you may have read my report on the tangled web surrounding the Health Services Union HSU, Fair Work Australia, and the Coalition that was published here on Wednesday, it is fair to say more information is coming to light.

The big news is that Michael Lawler, the Vice President of Fair Work Australia, has today been distanced from these issues.

I contacted Fair Work Australia today after anonymous sources informed me that he had been stood down. Initially I spoke to Michael’s PA, who informed me she knew nothing, only that he was not in the office all day.

I again contacted FWA as rumors persisted. late this afternoon I was contacted by FWA’s Communications Manager, Judy Hughes who informed me that Michael was on “Long Leave”. Not Long Service Leave, Sick Leave, or Holidays, “Long Leave”.

She would not expand on this, citing “privacy reasons”, however based on my earlier conversations with both her and Michael’s PA, I was left with the impression that this decision had been taken rather suddenly. I was also left wondering who actually made the decision, as when I asked Judy if Michael had chosen to go on leave, I was told that Judy”did not have that information”.

Reasons for his “Long Leave” are, as yet, unclear — however questions are being raised as to whether it is connected with the HSU investigation in which his partner Kathy Jackson was the Union “whistleblower”. Questions have been raised about Lawler’s relationship with Tony Abbott, and how this may have had an influence on any investigations taking place in FWA which involved Craig Thomson.

The Fair Work Australia investigations findings were also dealt a heavy blow yesterday when the Australian Electoral Commission AEC, found that the vast majority of Union funds used in Craig Thomson’s election campaign had been appropriately disclosed. This has taken the sting out of the tail of both the FWA Investigation, and the Coalitions accusations and calls for Thomson’s vote to be considered “tainted”.

A source, who can not be named, has today leaked to us an email trail that was saved as a PDF document, allegedly by Kathy Jackson, from a computer within Fair Work Australia. The document has Jacksons name in the documents properties, and in the same properties it also tells us that the license for the software comes from Fair Work Australia. This all seems very odd indeed.

Note date and author name

We cannot share the contents of this file with you, however what I can say is that involves an angry exchange of emails between Michael Williamson, and several HSU Representatives.

Note company name

One can only speculate why this exchange may have been saved by Jackson in a file curiously named Kafka, however the date is noteworthy. This file was allegedly created by Jackson on the 6th May, the day before the findings of the FWA investigation were released. This also raises questions as to why Jackson, as the HSU secretary, would have access to the computers of Fair Work Australia at all, let alone the day before announcing its findings on the investigation of her union….

The sky is starting to fall on Kathy Jackson

While we are on it, Craig Thomson has been painted as a bit of a delusional man the last few days it’s fair to say. It is hard not to feel sorry for Craig’s family who must be having a hard time dealing with all the extra attention. I also spare a thought for Craig’s staff, who face the public daily in his electorate, as those with other political interests try to act as judge, jury, and executioner.

Kathy Jackson has been touring the country telling anybody who will listen that Craig’s conspiracy theories regarding fiddling credit cards, setting up people with prostitutes, and elaborate private expenses on a union credit card are all nonsense, absolutely unheard of ridiculous stories…

Some of you may have followed my link yesterday to a remarkably similar story from a few years back, if you didn’t, here it is again. It also involves prostitutes, credit cards, and the man being set up was from the HSU.

Here is an small exert:

“The statement of a Bendigo Gold Visa card allegedly issued to Jackson shows expenditure on services that fall far outside his normal duties. It includes a string of prostitutes, designer clothes, dental work, gourmet food and drinks at a favourite Melbourne hotel. Jackson challenges the authenticity of this credit card account and dismisses allegations he has misused any funds as part of a “dirty tricks campaign” mounted by opponents within his union…”

I understand that Kathy Jackson may have not remembered this case, as it was a while ago. Except for one minor detail that I didn’t mention in my last article…. This person happens to be her ex husband. I would have thought she’d remember that…. just maybe…

In the meantime, Kathy Jackson has been travelling around doing interviews, telling everybody that will listen how badly the HSU East branch had been run.

Kathy has spoken out about how her members are doing it tough, as members are mostly made up of low paid workers. Therefore, Kathy tells us, it is sad to hear of members funds being wasted.

I wonder if she has spared that any thought as she spends union members money traveling around giving interviews, not to help members, but to condemn Craig Thomson. I also wonder how much she pondered on members funds when she set her own salary at over $ 270K, making her one of the highest earners within the trade union movement. Maybe it was a consideration when she decided that the Union should supply her a new SUV to get around in…

Once again these events cast a huge shadow of doubt over any investigation that has been done into the HSU.

As this story gets even murkier by the hour, I await Monday’s parliamentary speech by Craig Thomson with baited breath…. There may be some apologies due afterwards….

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  1. This government, Gillard, ALP and the Unions are a political cesspit. The more Shorten gets up to tell everyone the HSU is an aberration the more people people reflect on union reality. Go back to Norm Gallagher and the BLF ……that is the MO of unions. The real suckers are the workers who fork out their $9.60 a week to fund the gravy train (with biscuit wheels).
    …. four legs good two legs better…..

  2. Wixxy thankyou, the msm haven’t got into this issue as they should have. This is a very murky story and it appears to throw up more questions than anwers. Possibly, the biggest question is why the ABC or Fairfax won’t touch it… Keep up the excellent work. Maybe you will be the next Greg Jericho for investigative reporting as Greg is for economics.

  3. Geoff, let’s go back to the days of fifty hour weeks without worker’s privelages, shall we?

  4. Wixxy

    Why isn’t this in the msm? I knew that a complaint had been lodged against Lawler with the FWA last December and as in this case I read about it in a blog.

    I await your next instalment, on the other side of the news.

  5. One thing for sure as more is revealed over the coming weeks it will be seen the Godwin Grech type Coalition involvement in smear politics is not an aberration.

  6. clearly some have not read this article…murky indeed and the Libs just fob it off…with media help including the ABC

  7. Wixxy

    from the file screen capture the time on the file 9.45 pm. Who has access after hours? How good is the physical security if someone can walk in and
    access the computer system ? Password? Have the Federal police been called in ( note to George Brandis, please follow up)
    Or was the FWA system remotely accessed? The computer logs would show this. Was a bottle of wine and 2 glasses involved?

  8. Trial by media… Also in this article is something which I mentioned yesterday, that there are a number of methods preferred by the court which include mediation. Ashby made no attempt, but instead after meetings with certain Liberal Party members went straight to the newspapers.

    In a statement filed in the Federal Court last night, the lawyers say there were ”a number of ways” for Mr Ashby to settle his grievances with Mr Slipper and they dispute his claim he had to go straight to the court because the matter was ”urgent”.

    The statement said he made no attempt to warn Mr Slipper, any other federal employee or any relevant government department that he intended to commence proceedings seeking damages for breach of contract.

    It said he filed an application unsupported by affidavit or statement of claim at 4.30pm on April 20, and it was the first time Mr Slipper knew of complaints.

    Lawyers suggest the story was given to the tabloids at the same time or soon after to enable it to be splashed all over the front page the next day and put online.

  9. So Craig was warned he was going to be set up! He still signs of approval for payment of hookers – No a real smart bloke. Certainly not MP material.

    He justifies spending on lavish dinners as being within the tax bracket – again bad judgement when you consider the people he was representing – A moral person would not think that was a good way to spend members funds.

    At the end of the day due to lack of HSU regulation Craig may not be guilty of spending the $500,000 illegally, but that does not make it right – MOST PEOPLE would know wrong from legal!

  10. But Aaron that could be said of so many in both politics and business, but what Thomson is being harangued about is not morals but illegalities and it appears as if those supposed illegalities are setups.

    If you want to judge people as not being fit for office then Abbott must be top of the tree.

  11. As the stench of the Lib’s and media’s role in both Slipper and Thomson slowly waft into the public noses expect more of their hard nosed supporters to come out and defend either their actions or past moral judgement on both Slipper and Thomson whilst overlooking the moral judgement that should be made against the Liberals and their media mouthpieces.

  12. Mobius, it’s been a tried and true tactic from the Liberal Dirt Machine…if one cannot beat them on logic or policy, throw a goodly amount of dirt at the person.

  13. Gay sex and prostitutes, what better way to get the headlines. Then come the complaints that the government fails to communicate. Hell, how to beat gay connotations and hookers.

  14. Abbott is the Herald Angel sitting at the top of the Xmas tree at whose base lay all the presents from Murdoch.

  15. I wonder what sort of a deal the Libs have made with their media machines as they seem awfully quiet in some corners for a change? I wonder if it is all too tacky even for them?

  16. This is all very amusing, but you are missing the point…Julia is done and Kevin is almost certain to replace her.

    This is a caucus revolt and with a bit of luck those on the front bench, who think the Ruddster is a bastard, will probably walk.

    This should give us a chance to get our house in order before the election.

  17. Min,
    I can’t help but feel some of these Ashby legal team demands are partly to keep the story getting headlines to attempt to manipulate public perception…offset the govt’s compensation and school kid payments …whilst trying to silence critical views.

    And eventually help Abbott win govt by keeping polls down.

    I’ve noticed SKY NEWS is obsessed with the story…and any character’s words that criticise the govt…including Bill Kelty’s from the other night.

    It all has the feel of a grand Machiavellian plan to me.



  18. Both the Jacksons may well be dirty and if that gets out well and good – I am of the understanding that it is Williamson that set Kathy’s 270K pay?

    But most of you think that it is fine for Craig to spend shamlessly the union funds they way that he admits to on fine wines and foods.

    Would you all would spend others funds in this way? Do you honestly think it is not wasting hard earned members money. If you would then shame on you.

  19. Aaron and But most of you think that it is fine for Craig to spend shamlessly the union funds they way that he admits to on fine wines and foods.

    That one is called a rash generalisation..thank you Miss Klemm Year 7 English Expression teacher.

  20. Aaron, your “rash generalisations” aren’t even up to the low standards of Menzies House/ Young Libs…

    No “admission”, no charges, nothing, nada…
    Have a look at the COALition MPs who are involved in the dirty tricks.
    Have a long, hard look.

    Their downfall should be be that they’ve used the very same booklet of dirty tricks before but sadly, the leaders are rewarded.

    Look at Abbott – Pauline Hanson – Abbott’s slush fund – Hanson went to gaol –
    got the picture yet??

  21. No Aaron, that is a gross misrepresentation of what most of us have been saying. I don’t think a single one of us is happy for anyone, union member, business leader or politician, to misuse the funds the people provide for them as either fees, shareholdings or taxes.

    Out point is on the gross misuse of parliament and the attempts of not only the circumvention of due process, but the deliberate planned setting up politicians to fall, which is a Liberal Party specialty it seems.

    But it also appears the Liberal supporters are more than happy, in fact some are overjoyed, for their party, it’s media mouthpieces and think tanks along with their dirt units to not only run smear campaigns, but to directly interfere in due legal and democratic processes, that is except when the shoe is on the other foot, then all due care, diligence and the letter of the law must be adhered to as long as it is the conservatives running the diligence and letter of the law.

  22. Tony Abbott’s brain fart statements for this morning

    1. “Politicians shouldn’t be running a commentary on Mr Ashby, it’s as simple as that”.

    2. “The Thomson.story is too crazy to be true”.

  23. “But most of you think that it is fine for Craig to spend shamlessly the union funds they way that he admits to on fine wines and foods.”

    No Aaron we have not. If you followed the site, you would realise this. We simply do not know whether he is guilty or not.

    What we are saying, very clearly that all have the right to the presumption of innocence. There are separation of powers. All have the tight to silence.

    What has occurred is an investigation by FWA. There have been findings. There have up to this time. no charges laid. The findings have not been tested in a court of law.

    There are police investigations, into many in the HSU, including Mr. Thomson. Still no charges laid.

    We are talking about the undermining of justice in this land. We are talking about dirty politics.

    Love it. The ABC24 left the press conference at the markets.

  24. The real and current story, is the allegations against Mr. Williamson. The real story and current story, is the allegations of corruption in the HSU East today.

    This is not being addressed by the media or the Opposition.

  25. And my understanding is that at the NPC the other day Hockey said the Noalition would accept Thomson’s vote if he came down on their side???
    All this daily beatup, over & over & over, would stop if Craig would only see sense & vote for Tony???
    And the media go along with it all.

  26. Bob, now why does that not surprise me.

    It’s not about Thomson or Slipper or morals, it’s all about bringing down a democratically elected government. Abbott was never too keen on the election result now was he…

  27. Nas’ Migs, Cu and Bob, I know it’s American but we are at groundhog day.
    The “news/commentary” is on a loop and the real journalists have left the building.

  28. ‘The caucus may resemble a herd of grazing yaks, only vaguely aware danger lurks around them as they stand and chew their cud. But it only requires a few of them to bolt to begin the stampede.’

    Simon Benson

  29. Min, No, Abbott was never too keen on the election result…
    He doesn’t ever accept that he blew his chance to persuade the electorate of his amazing talents.
    Last week we discussed he way he ‘greeted’ the Independents; according to Tony Windsor, Abbott remained seated with his feet on the table. Not for him the manly and civilised manners where one stands, greets, and shakes hands to indicate good faith and friendship.

    That puzzled me for months. Why would he do that if he was trying to persuade the Independents to side with the Coalition.
    Theory 1. He knew the conservatives hadn’t treated them at all well in the past.
    and didn’t think they’d back him. Did he give up before the discussions began?

    Theory 2. Simple. Tony Abbott .is naturally very arrogant and aggressive.

    Catching up nailed it. Abbott was showing them who’s boss.

    {Lunch with Rupert}
    I would add to that the most likely presumption, and that is that ltd news/Murdoch had informed him that he had their backing.
    Two years down the track that has proved to be true, Add to that the ABC.

    Why wouldn’t he be cocky?

  30. Pip, I’m going with Theory 2. Abbott assumed that all the startling predictions about his road to greatness were about to come true, and he stuffed it via arrogance.

  31. Pip at 12.41
    Yeah, that’s about it, the whole thing’s on a loop as far as their favourite anti Gillard themes go. Something else about them, I haven’t seen any media for a day or so, but when I last looked in the news was Brooksy being charged. I thought I detected a certain slight “enough’s enough” in the reporting. “This has all been a minor interest, but we ARE the news media after all. Don’t imagine we won’t stick together if it all starts getting too messy.” Not sure, maybe I just went off a bit hair triggered.

    At 12.59
    You mentioned lunch with Rupert. Are you referring to that lunch between Murdoch & Abbott so reluctantly reported a couple of years ago? The one the Oz tried to hide by going berserk over a trip Stephen Conroy had made? If so, glad to see someone else mentioning it, I always thought that might’ve been the occasion Abbott was told he was to be installed as P.M.

  32. Bob, it was the day after his lunch with Murdoch that Abbott came out aggressively opposing the NBN. That was beyond politics. It was all about corporate power.

  33. I agree that all of our politicians are a bit on the nose and they all act like 3 year olds, but as well as the rest of them Craig and Slipper have both admitted proudly to all of their high spending saying it is within acceptable limits – If they work for me, I certainly would not be paying the bills that they have racked up.

    This goes for all of them – they are all wasting my money and think it is fine.

    Some of you might like to put up some posts on they have some good debates of an evening in the chatbox.

  34. This is so interesting, thank you for your research and for this post. I was swept away by the “it’s too complex to be a set up” line for a while, until someone mentioned Lindy Chamberlain. Granted a lot of what happened to her was (apparently) the results of inefficiency and error, but thinking along those lines it wouldn’t be much of a set-up if it was easy to see through.

    Maybe Thompson is guilty of something, and maybe he isn’t. If police charges are laid, things may become more than just salacious gossip and speculation. But in the meantime it seems increasingly as though there are others with many questions to answer about their highly paid role in all this!

  35. Hi Christine, unfortunately for Lindy Chamberlain the eating of babies by dingoes was bad for the tourism industry, and good for the tabloid press…
    when the same tactics are used repeatedly over a number of years the formula becomes much clearer.

    I lived up there at that time, and a lawyer ‘friend’ freshly arrived from London declared that he was sitting in a pub [in London] and told his mates that “of course she did it”… he went to work in the NT publc service….not on the Chamberlain case but within the department.

    Lindy didn’t stand a chance

    The atmosphere today is no different, with the Aaron’s of this world following ltd news like sheep.

  36. Pip, we all knew the lady was guilty. What frighten me more than anything, how we rationalized each bit of new evidence to fit in with our beliefs.

    The warning signs were there from the beginning. We just were not interested in facts. We relied on our gut feelings, or as Abbott said, I know it in my bones.

    Even after serving time, and she was found innocence, it was hard to turn our mind set about.

    We just did not want to admit we were wrong.

    Trial by media and kangaroo courts do have a effect on trials that take place within our legal system.

    it is very easy to taint evidence and lead to mistrials. It can work both ways. The guilty can walk free and the innocence end up behind bars,

    There is nothing to be gained by forcing Thomson to defend himself within the parliament. It is impossible for him to do so. The house does not have the ability to test what he says. It does not have the ability to test the truth of what anyone else says.

    It will only muddy the waters more. He will make his statement. The Opposition will then continue to pull him apart.

    He will still have the right to sit in the house. Any other outcome, will be wrong, according to the Constitution.

    The only place for this matter to be sorted out, is by the police, and if there is a case, the courts.

    What amazes me is that there have still been no charges laid. I wonder why.

  37. Cu, maybe because I was up there and knew the local Murdoch rag, and the local nabobs, or maybe because there was a perverse streak in my makeup I bucked the trend..
    It was too hard to even imagine the scenario..

    Nothing has changed in thousands of years, humans can be incredibly nasty and stupid.

  38. Christine Says Hi
    Christine. Neither the dingo or Lindy left a credit card paper trail.
    Simply……. Craig is a thief and a sleaze.
    Don’t try to read too much into it. The electorate isn’t. ALP primary vote in Queensland is now 23%.

  39. Wixxy

    Nothing in the msm about Lawler. I wonder what the FWA computer logs are saying?

    Lawler’s salary $400, 000
    Jackson’s salary $270,000 +

    And neither welcome in their work places. So are they still both on salary?

    Was Lawler’s leave voluntary or directed?

    So many questions? And yet except for the blogs I wouldn’t know there was possible corruption within the FWA.

    And not the corruption that Abbott wanted to promote leading upto the release of the Thompson “findings”. Lets hope the old adage comes true
    when you point a finger, 3 fingers point back at you (Abbott)

  40. Pip, sadly I did not. I lke to think I learnt from this.

    Tweed, you miss the point. Many. most I would say, believed there was a trail of evidence that led to the mother, not the dingo.

    What you have is a trail of incidents, that might or might not have been caused by the actions of Thomson. Nothing more, nothing less.

    We have Murdoch in a little strife in the UK and possibly the USA for doing funny things with mobile phones. Did they not interfere with the mobile phone of a missing girl, leading the police and parents to believe she was alive.

    I am not saying that the Opposition has set Thomson up. Nobody else is either, as far as I know.

    What I am saying, there is much that is wrong in that union. What I am saying there are more than Thomson involved.

    Whether he is a player or victim, I have no idea.

    What is true, he has not been involved since 2007, but the union is still on the nose.

    Why is not the emphasis on what is occurring now. Suggest, there is no political advantage for the Opposition.

    I am concerned that the corruption might have spread to FWA. The Opposition does not seem concerned that there is a liaison by the second highest in FWA and Ms. Jackson. At least one could query whether there has been a conflict of interest.

    Suggest, the Opposition will not go down this path, as Mr. Lawler is a friend of Mr.Abbott and appointed by him.

    Yes the situation stinks. It is time that the media and the Opposition stopped taking sides and addressed the whole problem.

    I have had this belief and have pushed this point, since it first arose years ago.

  41. Tweed, obviously you tend to believe the “world according to Rupert’s minions”….
    Tony Abbott and his dirt unit must be included in that pile……
    No-one here has declared Craig Thomson innocent …. or guilty….except the odd few like yourself.

    What has been discussed is the need to remember the premise “innocent until proven gulity”.and the rule of law, being trampled by the scungy efforts of the Murdoch press, the ABC and the Coalition.

    Separation of Powers. Executive. Legislature. Judiciary.

    it is not the duty of Pyne, Abbott, Abetz, Brandis, J. Bishop. Hockey or citizen Brough, or their mates in the HR Nicholls Society to take the law into their own hands.
    Think about the possibility of the shoe being on the other foot as a test.

  42. Lawler- Abbott-Jackson

    judiciary- executive – union

    what a trifecta, yet the msm, have not written about it


  43. By not reporting these connections, the MSM is making itself a part of the conspiracy to turn Australia into a One Party State! In keeping with our growing ties with China

  44. Sue,
    Lawler- Abbott-Jackson

    judiciary- executive – union

    what a trifecta, yet the msm, have not written about it


    We are kept in the dark…like mushrooms?

    Lawler wouldn’t be an ideal Opus Dei member given that he is partnered in the unmarried state.
    His salary is in the right ball park for OD but his personal life is way off the mark.

  45. CU,
    Why is not the emphasis on what is occurring now. Suggest, there is no political advantage for the Opposition.

    I am concerned that the corruption might have spread to FWA. The Opposition does not seem concerned that there is a liaison by the second highest in FWA and Ms. Jackson. At least one could query whether there has been a conflict of interest.

    Suggest, the Opposition will not go down this path, as Mr. Lawler is a friend of Mr.Abbott and appointed by him.

    Abbott still thinks anyone left of Cory Bernardi is a Marxist…

    Tony Abbott’s Ugly Side at University
    Two sides from Tony Abbott from University – some things never change.

    {Politics and lesbianism in universities really worried him}

  46. Hey Migs, what a magnificent win by Port Adelaide(SA Magpies)!!have you got your ticket booked for that final game in September.

  47. Sue @8.31pm, that’s what they’ll all be trembling in their boots about, I’d say. Looks suspiciously like yet another elaborate Liars Party sting they’ve stuffed up. Couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery. lol

    I wonder what will happen to HR Nicholls’ favourite “whistleblower” now it’s all going pear shaped. I’m sure there’s a few nice gutters she could set up home in. Hope she’s got substantial savings, she might soon be on the dole.

    Would that be “paid” long leave or “unpaid

    Hopefully unpaid.

  48. For Craig the best way out today in Parliament is to use the Bart Simpson Defense.
    I didn’t do it.
    I wasn’t there.
    Nobody saw me do it.
    As for Jackson she should be applauded as a whistle blower however she and her former old man are equally as guilty as Craig.
    It is the Norm Gallaher Syndrome. The Unions and the members funds are the plaything for those who have kicked and bit their way to the top of the pile.
    I can’t wait for Abbott to bring in Corporate Governance laws for all Unions.

  49. (The business unions subject to that same edict and legislation will undoubtedly enjoy a self-empowered FWAIRC trawling through their budgets and expenditures looking for signs of deemed excess sufficiently apt for five-year jail-time penalties, indeed, Tweed. Oh, and all the businesses presently subjected to having their books very closely scrutinised for similar hints of intransigence; harmonisation with Abbott’s contented contentless governance standards sounds like a corporate boon! Let’s do it, I say, and the sooner the better: where corporate officers (over)expend moneys in ways which the FWAIRC doesn’t find reasonable or can find better prices for (dis)similar things on the ‘net, let’s relocate those corporate officers to the Big House for a longstay! Here’s to governance productivity in corporate AND unionised Australia, and to *swoon* AbbottAbbottAbbott, Tweed!)

  50. “As for Jackson she should be applauded as a whistle blower however she and her former old man are equally as guilty as Craig.”

    Hate to disagree with you but Ms., Jackson is in the same place as Mr. Thomson, no ones knows if she is guilty or not.

    We need to wait for outcomes of the police and other investigations.

    She also deserves the same treatment. The presumption of innocence.

    What is clear, that something stinks in this union, and the stink is still there.

    I am utterly sick of hearing Mr. Pyne and his cohorts saying Mr. Thomson and sometimes the PM, has to do this or has to so that. They did not have to do anything the man orders. They have options.

    Maybe Mr. Pyne should come clean on his own advice, and tell us why he has so many versions of his contact with Mr. Ashby.

    I think the fact that parliament is not judge and jury is starting to hit home to some in the Opposition.

  51. This is more likely will be today in parliament. If there are any foreworks, they will come from senate hearings.

    Mr. Thomson and the Opposition antics are just a sideshow, This apploes to all Mr. Abbott’s stunts.

    The house moves legislation through quickly, simply because Mr. Abbott shows no interest in that side of the house.

    This applies also to the questions asked.

    Today much time will be wasted with useless censure motions, that amount to nothing.

    Senators will no doubt grill Penny Wong (representing Climate Change Minister Greg Combet) about the imminent introduction of Labor’s controversial carbon tax and how it will impact on businesses and households.
    They can try to attack the Government’s $36 million advertising campaign spruiking the household assistance package but sadly, for them, that’s actually being run by the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs. And FaHCSIA isn’t up until a week later on May 28.
    There’s no doubt the theatre of Mr Thomson addressing Parliament and the subsequent question time antics will be more widely watched that the 12-hour-long estimates hearings.
    But even more likely to be ignored is the Lower House and the Senate quietly continuing to do what they do best – debate, amend, sometimes block but mostly pass legislation.

    Read more:

    Tuning into senate hearings can be more entertaining than listening to question time.

  52. This headline amazes me. How is it judgement say for Thomson. It is not the role of parliament to judge him in matters that arise outside the house and linfg before he came into government.

    Judgment day for Thomson

    CRAIG Thomson will finally present his side of the story to parliament today after more than three years of investigation into his alleged corruption.

  53. Cu and,

    I am utterly sick of hearing Mr. Pyne and his cohorts saying Mr. Thomson and sometimes the PM, has to do this or has to so that. They did not have to do anything the man orders. They have options.

    That reminds me of something I very much enjoy watching, that being the reaction of the PM when Pyne, Abbott etc tell the PM what she must do..the reaction is always one of bemusement.

  54. Let’s hope Mr Thomson can be heard over the raucous howls of derision from the kindergarten rabble sitting in the Opposition benches.

  55. Tweed
    @ 7.48

    i note you haven’t bothered to mention Jackson’s current fella, who is suddenly on leave from the FWA.
    Jackson- Abbott – Lawler

  56. Sue.
    …and Jackson’s current fella should be slammed as well if he is the same sleeze as all the rest. It is just a piss off that the whole Union shebang is built on the weekly contributions from the lowest paid workers in Australia. They get no say in what happens and are just implements used by the Union hierarchy.
    Go and re read Animal Farm. …..Four legs good two legs better.

  57. And the workers of Australia, and that includes non-Union workers, as a whole have done very well out of Unions. That fact cannot be overlooked.

    If it weren’t for the Unions business would be paying their workers a pittance with no conditions, little leave and in mostly unsafe workplaces. How many lives have Unions saved over the years as compared to how many deaths business has caused?

    Then there are the business associations who also take money from their members and use it to lobby governments to screw workers, pay less tax thus denying people of government services and obtain subsidies that in many cases go straight into the pockets of the wealthy business owners.

    So where is the rant against that side?

  58. Moby.
    I have never been part of a union and have been paid well over the years. The ATO collects tax and makes sure people don’t rort the tax laws, not the Unions.
    The unions represent18% of workers so you are saying 80%+ have no interest in OH&S? Please Moby, everyone takes safety seriously and it is not because of a union it is because people care about other people and for those that don’t care there are jail terms for hurting employees.
    Unfortunately unions drop the safety card when in fact they are just trying to stiff the employers. not surprising the unions don’t have much relevance these days. Have a look at the people attending the ACTU conference. …their antics looked like a sheltered workshop.
    I remember the success of Bob Hawke was that he put the unions in their place by ensuring wage rises came only with productivity and they had to work with business. He and Kelty were pragmatists. If you don’t have a healthy business environment you don’t have anything.

  59. Tweed, I have been a member of a union and we won the rights for women to be able to marry within 2 years following graduation and not have to repay the entire amount of their 3 year studentship – Victorian Teachers’ Union.

    The above rule of course applied to women only.

  60. Tweed, the rights of workers over many, many years have been fought for and won by union action. Not from magnanimous actions by employers. Union action saw the end of SerfChoices.

    Every time you collect your salary, have your lunch break, morning and afternoon tea breaks, 40 hour week, penalty rates, annual leave, sick leave, safety regulations, paid overtime, and a myriad other benefits in the workplace you take for granted perhaps you should consider who made it possible.

    I’ll give you a tip; it didn’t come from employer generosity, nor from any Liars Party government. Those rights were fought for and won by unions. And like all union bashers, you’ve been only too happy to reap the rewards without ANY of the effort!

    And don’t kid yourself that employer groups and Liars Party governments wouldn’t remove all those hard won rights and conditions if they could get away with it. Phone Card has been beavering away on the next generation of SerfChoices for the last couple of years.

    So if you have any integrity, you should eschew any workplace benefits gained by union action. I’m sure your employer would love to oblige. And you should be campaigning quash employer unions.

    I won’t hold my breath waiting for that

  61. Mobius, this needs to be repeated

    And the workers of Australia, and that includes non-Union workers, as a whole have done very well out of Unions. That fact cannot be overlooked.

    If it weren’t for the Unions business would be paying their workers a pittance with no conditions, little leave and in mostly unsafe workplaces. How many lives have Unions saved over the years as compared to how many deaths business has caused?

    Then there are the business associations who also take money from their members and use it to lobby governments to screw workers, pay less tax thus denying people of government services and obtain subsidies that in many cases go straight into the pockets of the wealthy business owners.

    So where is the rant against that side?

  62. History

    These are only a minute examples that have been going on with this union over more than a decade.

    The list goes on and on.

    I have concerns with some of the connections between FWA and this union.

    They also sought to extend the term of the Administrator John Vines indefinitely, despite the fact he’d been appointed to the Fair Work Australia minimum wage panel, effective January 1st. It would obviously not be possible for him to serve as both the administrator of a union and as an adjudicator on wages.

    It was a strange and apparently desperate maneuver that certainly didn’t seem like the most outwardly confident gesture that they were about to win. Normally moves for election inquiries and such occur after the vote is tallied, for the obvious reason that winners don’t like to disturb voting results regardless of the issues about which they could complain

    But the HSU National Office’s lawyer David Langmead, a close Jackson consigliere, all but conceded in court that Bolano hadn’t won. He also referred to the “parlous state of the branch’s finances,” a fact at this stage undisclosed by the union’s Administrator John Vines. Rumours have circulated that the branch is heavily in debt, due to the legal tussles, in-fighting and collapse in membership over the past year of civil war in the union. Some fear that it is on the verge of insolvency.

    The Bolano and HSU National Office pushed the Judge to order that the Administrator continue in office indefinitely until the Bolano group could make their case that members of the Asmar and Byron team were not eligible to stand. He refused to do so but adjourned the matter until after the election count.
    Judging by the mood in the Federal Court, the war for control of ‘Australia’s most dysfunctional union’ has just begun.

    Much of what Mr. Thomson has said, is a matter of public record. Just Google Jackson/Fegan.

    Tweed, at least It is the Norm Gallaher did support his men,. There would hardly be a builders labourer at that time, that would have a bad word for him.

    This mob have no concern for the members.

    I am glad that Thomson has gone down this path. The media now have to prove him wrong.

    The dirty smutty history of this union should now come to the fore.

  63. wixxy are you sure you did not get together with Thomson. Only joking.

    You are spot on. I notice others are picking up on what you are saying and adding to it.

    I caught the end of Mr. Albanese moving motions that Opposition speakers be no longer heard.

    This is a win for Labor. They would have lost the motions, if they did not have the cross bench on side.

    Which I was home to hear the whole circus.

  64. jane and Min. All conditions come from unions. They do not only have to be fought fro, but they have to be defended every day from there on.

    The proof of this was WorkChoices.

    After listening to Thomson, I think I believe him.

    Not that matters, it will be a court that sorts matters out, that is if he is ever charged.

  65. I love Mr. Thomson, when he said brothels do not normally take all details of your drivers licence. On that one he is spot on. Anonymity is the name of the game.

    There seems to be corruption between FWA and the HSU. This does not surprise me if one follows the links I gave. At least two have gone from HSU to FWA. This is beside the link between Jackson and Lawler.

    i would love that to be true. Mr. Abbott’s appointment.

    I wonder how long they are appointed for.

  66. Cu @2.06pm..excellent pick-up and certainly nothing which I would have thought, brothels and escort services do not normally request a copy of details from one’s drivers licence…their business doubtless would go down substantially. It is normally filed away under the category of business/entertaining expenses.

  67. Min
    The opposition didn’t get to SOS on Thompson or send it to the privileges committee as no papers were tabled , Thompson only made a statement. Of course that is why Pyne and Bishop tried the SOS but lost as Albo moved “they no longer be heard”.

  68. Not a second too soon Sue.

    Prissy was Priscilla today, and forever more.

    Member for Indi, Mirabella, just kicked out of QT 😆

  69. Pip and,

    Can you imagine all the journos running for cover if the brothel videos are examined..

    Blame my iffy attention span..umm, what brothel videos!!!

  70. Cu, it’s not just the HSU/FWA curiousity, but the HR Nicholls Society.

    Has Abbott spoken today; he looks like he’s had a drop of red with his lunch.

  71. Michelle Grattan has no doubts, she knows he is guilty and has decided not to even look at FWA.
    “Thomson’s determination and apparent confidence in his own story will be seen by many as the ultimate in self-delusion.

    His account will, on the other hand, probably throw a certain doubt into the minds of some who heard him
    But to believe his version of what happened, one has to accept a vast conspiracy theory and apply a huge discount to a very detailed Fair Work probe.

    Read more:

    Michelle Grattan need only look to her own headline
    “The ultimate self-delusion………

  72. Min, I had to make sure of what I’d heard but I think Thomson said he had this morning asked the police..

    Thomson asks police to review brothel tapes

    Federal MP Craig Thomson will ask police to review video tapes from Sydney brothels in a bid to clear his name of corruption allegations, it has been reported.

    Oh, and Jackson is “gobsmacked”. Did she really believe Craig Thomson would not respond ?

  73. Federal Liberal MP Craig Kelly has been accused of failing to declare company directorships, including one for a business that went into liquidation.

    In a tit-for-tat response to an opposition privilege reference against independent MP Craig Thomson, the government said Mr Kelly had failed to declare potential liabilities and possible criminal charges arising from the collapse of his family company of which he was a shadow director.

    Leader of the House Anthony Albanese said Mr Kelly also been a director of Homewares Depot Pty Ltd, Valentino Franchising Pty Ltd, Valentino Home Fashion Pty Ltd until March 2011.

    He also said there were reports of Mr Kelly acting as a solicitor while a member of parliament.

    Mr Albanese said if Mr Kelly was found not to have reported any income or conflicts of interest, that would be a serious contempt against parliament.

    He asked deputy speaker Anna Burke to ask Speaker Peter Slipper to refer the matters to the privileges committee for investigation.

    Manager of opposition business Christopher Pyne said Mr Albanese’s statement was “a gratuitous attack on one of the members of the House”.

    The irony escapes Mr. Pyne….

  74. Pyne is constantly talking over the Speaker. She should kick him out.

    Oh noes.. Pyne wants a SSO
    oh dear, Albo is “taking up my time madam Speaker” GOOD!

    talking over the Speaker again!

    Pyne is behaving as if he’s been on the turps as well!

  75. I hate to tell you this Min, but a friend of a friend of mine 😀 has confirmed they do indeed video areas of a brothel. He also said that all they are after is the money, no ID required. Whether this applies to outworkers he wasn’t so sure.

    I watched the speech and thought Thomson was rather good. But there remain questions to be answered by a number of participants.

    The House was very quiet throughout. And going by the looks on the faces got the feeling that many were probably thinking “Shit, that could be me one day”.

  76. Handyrab and

    I hate to tell you this Min, but a friend of a friend of mine 😀 has confirmed they do indeed video areas of a brothel.

    Thanks for that..well that kills it for me…no more visits to brothels. 😦

  77. Opposition, media unleashed a lynch mob – Thomson

    Read more:–thomson-20120521-1z025.html#ixzz1vTmLU8Nk

    Craig Thomson Addresses the Parliament

    “The media is dominated by self-important commentators, not reporters” Thomson said.

    The MP said about Tony Abbott “what you’ve done is not damage an individual. You’ve damaged democracy”

    As Thomson said: Abbott is “Unfit to be a Prime Minister – Unfit to be an MP”

  78. Pip @3.40pm…

    The media is dominated by self-important commentators, not reporters” Thomson said. Thank you Craig..astute observation. I am getting to a stage where I am feeling somewhat sarcastic, which isn’t a space where I usually reside. Can it be that after all the thousands of reports about self-important commentators that the media might treat Thomson’s statement as anything new? Or more than likely with a good dose of self-righteous indignation.

    For myself and many others when Thomson writes this opinion, it’s a matter of “so what”, so used have we become to this FACT, that the media is now all about self-important commentators, not reporters.

    The MP said about Tony Abbott “what you’ve done is not damage an individual. You’ve damaged democracy”

    I know the type, the power trippers who always have to be right and who do not give a flying f*ck about consequences.

    It’s the win at all costs mentality.

    As Thomson said: Abbott is “Unfit to be a Prime Minister – Unfit to be an MP”

    Precisely, uphold the rule of law, uphold the basic tenets of human rights.

    It was once said that Howard was a media tart, it was said that Rudd was a media tart, however the base level to which the media has backed Abbott is something quite unimaginable.

  79. “Enemies within the Health Services Union, an incompetent and possibly malicious Fair Work Australia, large sections of the media, a federal Opposition unfit to govern…all have conspired to ruin his life and his mental health.”

    Only problem for the media, these stories are not new. They have been in the public arena since at least 2009 if not before.

    There are also similar stories that happened to other people. So similar, that one could use cut and past, when writing them up.

  80. Albanese reminds me a little of Daly today. He has a long way to go to be as good, but he is getting there.

    I wonder if he is as good as comedian.

  81. “Precisely, uphold the rule of law, uphold the basic tenets of human rights.”

    What is the oath they take over at Government House, administered by the GG.

  82. I noticed that Mr. Abbott has a new stance today, especially when Mr. Swan is speaking.

    He has his glasses hanging nearly of his nose, engrossed in whatever he is reading.

    Obviously he feels it is time to move onto a new mode.

    I have never heard the man be so silent. Not one word.

  83. Pip. He is a sleaze, guilty and an embarrassment to Parliament and Australians generally. Gillard owns him and to be honest I don’t know how she can shake him loose and still stay in the lodge.
    Sleaze. I am not a supporter of Unions. but this slug is destroying the image of unions.

  84. Tweed.
    It doesn’t seem to matter to you and your ilk, that the parliament is being treated like a [kangaroo] court which it is not, and that’s a very dangerous path to go down. Aside from the current considerations, it could very likely bite the bum of a conservative one day.
    What will be your position then, hmm?
    Your comment simply shows that you have no respect for due process or the rule of law. Instead you’re backing the dodgy dummy-spitting kids on the opposition benches

    .I didn’t need you to tell me that you’re not a supporter of unions, but I’d bet that you have benefitted from their achievements at some points in your life!

  85. “Sleaze. I am not a supporter of Unions. but this slug is destroying the image of unions.”

    As the union has not improved since he left before 2007, I fail to see how Mr. Thomson is to blame.

  86. It was clear that Thomson was both furious and deeply upset. And he had every right to be, because between them, the Parliament and the media forced him into actions he should never have had to undertake.

    What’s so terrible about making him front Parliament? Oh, just two little things – the presumption of innocence, and the separation of powers. Two little things that underpin our judiciary and our system of government.

    All Australians are considered innocent until proven guilty. Thomson has not fronted a court. He has not been charged. As of this writing, there is no indication that he will be charged. A report was handed down by Fair Work Australia, a statutory body with no authority to bring prosecutions or make determinations of law – something it acknowledged in the report – and passed on to other bodies. The NSW police brought no charges. The Australian Electoral Commission found the report in error as regards its assertions of wrongdoing on Thomson’s part. The Victoria police are still looking.

    Not that this, apparently, matters to either the Opposition or the media.

    Then there’s the matter of separation of powers. This isn’t quite as clear-cut here in Australia as it is places like the United States, but one thing is unequivocal: only courts of law have the power to make findings in law. Even a Federal Commission can only make recommendations – it can’t enforce them. The Parliament’s only judicial power is in the area of contempt of Parliament, and even then the decisions are subject to review by Federal Court.

    Thomson is entitled to his day in court, fairly and without prejudice. That idea isn’t good enough for the Opposition, who have kept up consistent pressure to force him to make a statement to Parliament ‘explaining himself’. The Parliament’s reputation was in danger! It was a ‘stinking, putrid mess’! Et cetera. They lost no opportunity to cram it into questions to Ministers, interviews with obliging media, and hijacked Question Time twice in the last sitting alone in an attempt to suspend Standing Orders and drag Thomson to the dock.

    They finally got their wish – perhaps just because Thomson couldn’t take it any more. He certainly looked like a man at the end of his tether, and no wonder. He hadn’t been legally represented, or a jury of peers. There was no judge, no sworn testimony, no finding made against him, but he was treated as a convicted criminal making a plea for mercy.

    In any court in the country, that would be considered a miscarriage of justice.

    But, oh wait – we’re not in a court, are we? Unless it’s a kangaroo court.

    Surprise, surprise – they weren’t satisfied with what they heard. As soon as Thomson sat down, Manager of Opposition Business Christopher Pyne was on his feet, wanting the Parliament to ‘take note’ of the statement. Basically, the Opposition wanted another crack at Thomson, and through him, at the government. They tried this no less than three times, and each time failed – twice due to political manoeuvring on the government’s part, and once because the Opposition did not gain an absolute majority.

    Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey pronounced it ‘a moral victory’ in booming tones reminiscent of a revival tent preacher or a priggish schoolmaster. It wasn’t. It wasn’t any kind of victory.

    The reputation of the Parliament suffers every day in its present form. Contrary to Abbott’s oft-repeated assertions, that’s not because it’s a minority government. Let’s not forget, after all, that were the Coalition in power it would also constitute a minority government. It’s not suffering because Craig Thomson continues to represent the people of Dobell – he was duly elected, and has done nothing to warrant his being removed from that seat. And it’s certainly not suffering for lack of key legislation passing through both Houses.

    It’s suffering because time and again, some of the most fundamental standards of Australian culture and society are flouted.

    The courtesy to let someone speak without being shouted down – ignored every Question Time.

    The decency to keep personal attacks on someone’s marital status, sexuality, mental health, etc., out of public and Parliamentary discourse – ignored at every possible turn.

    The respect for Parliamentary procedure that enables it to function at all – exploited, twisted and sometimes outright dismissed.

    The adherence to the principle of the presumption of innocence – Exhibits A and B, Craig Thomson and Peter Slipper.

    The acknowledgement that the Parliament is not a court, and not entitled to decide the guilt or innocence of anyone.

    The basic standard of behaviour we teach our children – that you do not tell lies. And no, I’m not talking about the ‘carbon tax’ – I’m talking about the Opposition’s willingness to play fast and loose with facts, statistics and law whenever it suits them.

    And finally, the integrity not to set out to deliberately ruin a man’s life, his family’s peace of mind and his chances of ever being trusted again just because you think it might win you an election.

  87. Pip. I would expect Abbott to spear any such Coalition sleaze. I can’t understand how you appear to condone such behaviour in our Parliament. Being a member of parliament is not a right it is a privilege bestowed by Australians.
    Everyone in parliament should be affronted by Craig Thompson’s behaviour…… not just the coalition Member’s of Parliament.

    FYI PIP……… I would hardly call FWA a Kangaroo Court.
    Just suck it up Pip. You have a terminal sleaze on your side of the house and Gillard has no guts or morals to spear him (suspend from Parliament)

  88. Catching Up. Startling Logic. So the HSU (and probably most unions) continue to rort members funds and you think Craig Thompsons indiscretions should be forgiven/ignored because the HSU is still rorting.
    Classic logic Catching Up…….stupid but Classic.

  89. Just read your rambling piece Catching Up.You are not the sharpest knife in the Cafe.
    Parliament should suspend Craig to maintain the integrity of the institution.
    CU. he is a sleaze who lies, steals and is a blemish on the standard of Parliament. Whether the Courts and Police convict him (most likely) is up to that institution.
    The simple fact is Gillard and the Labor MPs have discarded their principles to get a vote on the floor of Parliament.
    ….where have I heard that before?… ah yes, Wilkie, Slipper, Bob Brown, all the Greens, Bandt, Oakeshott, Windsor.
    Gillard is as sleazy as Craig.

  90. Wixxy

    waiting for the next instalment.

    Is Lawler going to be able to face the Senate next week? Or does his “long” leave excuse him from attending?
    And delegate Nassios, does the same apply to him?

  91. Craig should resign for the sake of the Dobell electorate, but because he’s a compulsive liar he doesn’t see reality.

    The rest of us see Tommo as a liar, yet the PM turns a blind eye so that the government can see out its term. The stench surrounding Craig has engulfed Julia and the people are not amused.

    Where’s Kevin?

  92. Put a sock in it el gordo, you are trolling and know it.

    I’ve apologised in the past for calling you a troll but that’s what you are doing at the moment so I’m calling a spade a spade.

    Throw out a line or two at most of mostly nonsense just to get a reaction here but add absolutely nothing to any discussion. Well it succeeded.

  93. Going on your standards then Tweed there are at least three opposition members who should be suspended but I won’t hold my breath waiting for you to apply the same standard to both sides.

    You are just getting pissed off as a lot of dirt is now starting to appear on the opposition side of the bench.

    And reading your ideological name calling rants I would say it is you Tweed who isn’t the sharpest knife in the Cafe drawer, as all you can do is fall back to repeating the usual mindless right wing guff.

  94. ‘…you are trolling and know it.’

    You are a pathetic barracker and don’t know it.

  95. It’s only the rabid right whingers who “see Tommo as a liar.” The rest of the community is uncertain of Craig’s guilt or innocence, just wanting the whole sordid mess to be sorted out in the courts where it should be.

    Did you see the cross to the bowls club in Dobell yesterday? The sentiment expressed there was “yeh, we believe him” and “he’s innocent until proven guilty.”

  96. El gordo,

    “The rest of us see Tommo as a liar, yet the PM turns a blind eye so that the government can see out its term.”

    Nope, the PM believes in the democratic rule of innocent until proven guilty yet you seem to prefer trial by insinuation.

  97. El gordo,

    Thomson denies liability so why should he resign when he believes himself to be innocent. If a court finds that he is mistaken, then he will pay what ever penalty.

    Did Howard resign over misleading the public on the children overboard affair.

  98. Howard got bad information and didn’t feel personally responsible for the misunderstanding, whereas Craig just lies uncontrollably.

    A poll in the Daily Terror (hate media) has 94% of people saying Craig is telling fibs.

  99. Sue, we can only guess the reason why FWA’s Mr. Lawler and Mr. Nassios have taken leave at this time.
    My suggestion, their names are now figuring prominently and they know they’d better be prepared for a grilling themselves.. Just saying.

  100. To be fair we shouldn’t take too seriously anything the polls say at the Daily Terror, in a separate poll they asked should ‘immigration be stopped altogether’…around three-quarters said yes.

    Barrackers of a different hue.

  101. El gordo,

    That’s about the size of it, that’s the kind of demographic who bothers to respond to polls on the Daily ‘graph.

  102. Rambling I might be. I might even be a little stupid.

    I am clever enough to know, your comments do not warrant an answer.

    The house cannot do anything without proof. It is very clear on how a MP can be removed.

    The findings are NOT tested.

    The Liberals are rewriting the rules.

  103. No, that is not what I am saying and you know it.

    What I am saying, Mr. Thomson maybe guilty.

    What I am saying that there is rorting going on today, mainly by those making the allegations.

    I am saying, it is up to the judicial to sort this matter out.

  104. “You are a pathetic barracker and don’t know it”

    el gordo what is pathetic about backing a very functional and productive government.

    Now if was Mr. Abbott, I could understand your statement.

    I am quite proud of the job our first female PM is doing, in spite of all the dirt aimed at her.

    Yes, maybe I am a barracker for Labor. I would have to be, as there is no way I wish to stomach the Opposition.

    Maybe I am a little of a watermelon as well. I believe in protecting the environment and I believe in a fair go.

    I believe the term has a different meaning in the states. I assume that is not the meaning you are aiming at.

  105. Pyne is in full flight.

    The court is in full sessions.

    He lied because those on the TV last night disagreed with him.

    According to Pyne that is proof.

  106. Pyne is ignoring the Speaker. Speaker has accepted the referral to the privileges committee. That means now that Slipper is brought into play.

    Abbott has stood up. He has awaken from his stupor and back on track.

  107. el gordo, he may just well be ill. He may have lied. How one proves this, I do not know. I do not believe he is a proven liar, as Pyne is saying, because people did not agree with what he said on TV programmes. They are not factual, as Pyne alleged.

    What he as not been, sentenced to 12 months jail. He has not even been charged with any crime.

    He is not bankrupted, even though the Opposition is doing their best to bring this about.

    He has not said he would resign.

    Therefore, he has the right to represent those who voted for him. He has the right to vote on their behalf.

    The Parliament is not a court of law. There are separation between the courts and the parliament.

    If one wants things to be different, they are in my humble opinion, stupid. The founding fathers got this right.

  108. Pyne has obviously been talking to Jackson, to have the information he has put before parliament.

  109. Craig is suffering from ‘pseudologia fantastica’ and should step down for reasons of ill health.

    We all believe in protecting the environment CU, not just the watermelon brigade, and I’ll remind you once again of the collaboration between the Greens and Nats in NSW over fracking.

    This is the old style environmentalism that we all applauded, if only Julia had stuck to the main game plan and not bend over backwards for Brown’s silly ideas on global warming, Labor would be reigning supreme and we wouldn’t be arguing the toss.

    In the old days, when the Socialist Alliance was new, a young Julia was surrounded by radicals and they influenced her. Nobody who knew her then could have imagined she would be PM one day….

    She lost her way and must be replaced before its too late and if that means a split with the Greens, then I don’t care.

  110. Mirabella making a personal explanation. Trying to dig herself out of a hole.

    Mr Albanese said that no opposition names were mentioned in the Labor meeting, but it has been reported this afternoon that the government will refer Ms Mirabella to the privileges committee for failing to declare that she is the executor of her former partner’s estate.

    Read more:

  111. el wrote: Craig is suffering from ‘pseudologia fantastica’ and should step down for reasons of ill health.

    Ahhh, the land of Pseudologia Fantastica…where Murdoch things run wild…and children learn from their fathers to hunt, to payout…without a second thought…and transform into pathological liars to survive.


  112. el gordo. you are now a medical expert. I have studied enough psychology to know, one cannot make a diagnoses from TV appearances.

  113. Frightening thing when you have to lie in the burning bed of your leader’s making:

    Today in the Coalition’s party meeting, Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop warned her colleagues that Labor would come after them on a witch hunt and reminded them to keep the pecuniary interest register up to date.
    It is understood that a code of conduct for parliamentarians could be debated next week, with the independent MPs raising it in private members business next Monday.

    They chose Abbott…now they have to live with the consequences of his scheming and plotting.

    Hard to have sympathy for those who voted for him…and his desperate measures.


  114. grodo @10.26am, the Rodent didn’t get crook information, he’s just an inveterate liar. You have absolutely no evidence, except the lies propagated by the Liars Party and their egregious mates in the msm, to suggest that Thomson lies.

    Oh yes and the appalling Kathy Jackson.

    Craig is suffering from ‘pseudologia fantastica’ and should step down for reasons of ill health.

    And @2.30pm, but we know Prissy’s a pathological liar.

    Should read: Craig Lieaalot is suffering from ‘pseudologia fantastica’ and should step down for reasons of ill health.

    Nas’, the government should be coming after them with baseball bats!

  115. “’ll remind you once again of the collaboration between the Greens and Nats in NSW over fracking.”

    el gordo, once again, what is wrong with that. Different parties have always shared some beliefs. Well that was true until Mr. Abbott come along.

    I share the Greens and Nationals concerns. Not there is little I agree with the Nationals.

    el gordo, do you have any idea where you are going with your throw away lines.

    The truth is that all parties agree on more than they disagree.

    Mr. Abbott is the first that has made a art form of saying no. He even says no to what his side agree on.

    Funny thing is, that is the way out government is supposed to work. The founding father’s did not deem parties important enough to mention them. The same goes for the position of PM. The emphasis was put on the individual MP gathering together to govern.

  116. Jane wrote: the government should be coming after them with baseball bats!

    How about these jane?:

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