I Think I Smell A Rat

Slippery does not begin to describe the goings on in relation to some of the antics of our Federal politicians of late, however, many may be surprised at which side of politics I am referring to.

The James Ashby and Peter Slipper sexual harassment saga looks dodgier by the minute… even Barnaby Joyce thinks so…

Many of the allegations by Ashby seem to centre around events in a hotel, which begs the question, “What was he doing in a hotel room with someone who was allegedly sexually harassing him?” That does seem a wee bit odd/stupid/leading/entrapping to me.

Then we have The Liberals and their ever-changing stories… Mal Brough, he knew nothing of it and didn’t meet with Ashby… Turns out he met with Ashby, offered advice, suggested legal action… in short, in it up to his neck. When you consider that Brough is the guy looking to be preselected in Slippers seat for the Liberals, it is odd that the words “Conflict Of Interest” didn’t occur to him… or maybe they did.

Mal Brough learns to back pedal

Then there is Christopher Pyne… similar story, he had “No specific knowledge”, and didn’t really have anything to do with Ashby. As it turns out, they met several times in the month prior to Ashby’s legal claims, and went out drinking together. Then Mr Pyne told us he didn’t request Mr Ashby’s mobile phone number, as he would have no need for it, and anybody suggesting otherwise was speculating. Lo and behold, shortly afterwards an email was leaked to the press from Christopher Pyne to Mr Slippers office requesting Mr Ashby’s details. Hmmm

Christopher Pyne has ‘no specific knowledge” of misleading the press just the day before

Christopher Pyne could have saved himself the trouble, and asked Julie Bishop for his details, as Mr Ashby was already in contact with her office. Turns out though, Julie Bishop was unaware, or had forgotten all this, even misread his emails apparently. I think the words Julie was looking for but misplaced were “No Specific Knowledge”….

Looking at Mr Ashby himself, this is a man who was found guilty of using a carriage service in an offensive manner whilst working at a radio station in Newcastle. Ashby rang a rival DJ on a radio station posing as a mystery caller and when told the call was being taped, said, “Yeah, go for it you fucking psychopath. Next time I see you riding on your fucking bike I’ll hit you, you idiot, all over the sloppy road, you dumb prick. Fuck it, if I was your mother, I would have drowned you at birth.”

Also revelations have appeared that involve Ashby “introducing” young gay men to a millionaire acquaintance. What Ashby forgot to tell these young gay men, is that his millionaire buddy was HIV Positive. So, I’m guessing that makes him a pimp? This guy sounds all class…

I think it is safe to say that Mr Ashby’s credibility leaves a lot to be desired.

I would like to see the question asked in parliament “Is anybody associated with the Liberal Party assisting Ashby with his legal costs?” After all, he has hired a barrister that charges $600 an hour…. a little out of the average political staffers budget reach. Or maybe it is the same people that have allegedly paid Mr Ashby $50,000 to make the complaint against Peter Slipper.

This whole drama smells fishier than Rex Hunt’s freezer after an 8 hour blackout….

I am not going to suggest Slipper’s guilt or innocence on any of the claims, the courts can figure that out.

I am also not suggesting that sexual harassment is not a serious issue or crime, but I am suggesting that making false claims, entrapment, and fabricating evidence are also serious issues and crimes, something nobody else seems to be taking the time to point out. Not that these things necessarily have any “specific” link to this case….

The other saga embroiling the government is the Health Services Union, HSU debacle.

But I think I smell a rat…

I will start by saying that I do not endorse anyone spending over $6K on hookers on a union credit card. That is just reprehensible behaviour. Nor do I endorse not declaring vast amounts of money to the Electoral Commission on election campaigns, that sort of thing just reeks of Sophie Mirabella type behaviour…. But these allegations are yet to be proved, and are vigourously denied.

Union whistleblower Kathy Jackson has been ripping into both the Labor Party, and the former President of Fair Work Australia, Geoffrey Giudice, for months now over the goings on within the embattled union, and the investigation resulting from her claims.

Kathy Jackson has caused the union movement untold damage, and brought a government to the brink of collapse. One would assume that the public may be interested in knowing a little more about her, and about any conflicts of interest that there may be in this case.

One vital piece of information that is not widely known about her is her partner is a man name Michael Lawler. “Who is Michael Lawler when he is at home?” I hear you ask.

Let’s have a look shall we.

For starters, Michael is allegedy good friends with a man named Tony Abbott, it is said that the two of them socialise regularly. How convenient then that Tony Abbott is the leader of the political party that is making so much ground out of these claims that Michael’s partner is making.

Michael Lawler works for an organisation called Fair Work Australia, where he is the Vice-President. Not a bad gig at all, in fact, the only person higher than him is the President Iain Ross, who in February, replaced Geoffrey Giudice, you know, the one that Michael’s mate Tony Abbott, and his partner Kathy Jackson are attacking daily.

On the 11th October 2002, according to their annual report Michael Lawler was appointed Vice President of Fair Work Australia, although back then called the Australian Industrial Relations Commission. The man who appointed him to this role was none other than Tony Abbott, who at the time was Employment And Workplace Minister under John Howards Government.

The opposition always refer to Fair Work Australia as Julia Gillards “baby”, but this was certainly Tony Abbott’s appointment.

I’m sure that all those things are purely coincidence…

However it does start to get a little strange when Mr Lawler seems to become involved in factional battles within the union on his partner, Kathy’s behalf.

Partners in crime, or just partners?

Carol Glen was the Victorian Divisional Secretary of HSU East for 3 years before resigning. At the time Kathy Jackson was National Secretary of HSU East, and Michael Williamson was the General Secretary of HSU East.

Carol resigned due to the factional fighting within the union, particularly between Jackson and Williamson.

However Jackson clearly did not want Carol to resign, as she feared that Williamson would replace her with a Divisional Secretary loyal to him.

This is the point where Lawler became involved in the factional battle within the Union, even though he was not a part of the HSU himself.

Carol Glen, in a written complaint to Fair Work Australia President Geoffrey Giudice, alleges she received an “aggressive” phone call from Lawler, who told her “You can fuck off and take sick leave if you don’t want to do the work and still be paid, but you can’t resign.”

Michael Lawler did not work at HSU East, and this complaint went directly to his only superior in Fair Work Australia.

Just a few days later Lawler made corruption allegations against Carol to NSW Police, and Strikeforce Carnarvon was born.

It is odd that this type of complaint would come from Lawler, as he was not part of HSU East, or even a member of the Union.

As part of his complaint of corruption Lawler made reference to a cheque that was being picked up by Carol, something that she had mentioned in an email. The inference was that this cheque was some sort of pay off.

This cheque, as it turns out, was a bank cheque ordered by Carol to pay her rent, totally innocent, and not related to any Union business at all.

However, it does raise the question of how Lawler would know about it. The only possible way is from her emails, which raises the question, “How did Lawler have access to Carol’s emails?’

When asked about this, suddenly Lawler decided it was “inappropriate to comment”

On the 2nd May, police officers from the NSW Fraud and Cybercrime Squad, raided the HSU East headquarters in Pitt St Sydney, in a much publicised operation.

Inside sources have pointed out a few anomalies with the official story of the raid reported in the press. Police were offered the option of using the service elevator and the rear entrance to the building to make things simpler, safer, and faster for officers, this offer was rejected, as the police were keen to use the main entrance where the press had assembled. Sources also state that a large number of the boxes shown on TV being carried out by officers were virtually empty, it was allegedly all done for show to make it look like there were mountains of documents seized. Also, sources say, the story about Michael Williamson trying to sneak out a back door with evidence is total rubbish and done to implicate guilt. Mr Williamson left the office via the entrance the police were offered access to, as his car was parked in the car park opposite, the things he was carrying were taken by police as routine, and were his personal items, probably a sandwich as well….

Empty Boxes?

So, it would seem there are many questions to be asked, not just of Craig Thomson.

The mind boggles at how someone who reportedly is a personal friend of Tony Abbott’s is able to allegedly hack the emails of a Union official, make a complaint regarding a Union he should have nothing to do with, be the partner of the Union whistleblower, and be the Vice President of the organisation in charge of investigating the Union, and yet none of this is widely known. Talk about conflicts of interest.

In my mind this puts question marks over the entire investigation, and also makes me wonder if there was Coalition involvement. After all, George Brandis did seem to keep pushing for more investigations…

Speaking of the Coalition, Kathy Jackson has acted strangely, for a union boss, in her choice of legal representation.

In Melbourne Jackson has hired Stuart Wood, a former Vice President of the HR Nicholls Society. The HR Nicholls Society is a right-wing group, set up as a think tank for Industrial Relations reform, much of which was the architecture of the infamous “Workchoices” policy.

It would seem to be valid to question why the Secretary of a Union would hire a solicitor that is anti union, and whose ideas you have spent your working life fighting against. A quick look at HR Nicholls Society’s website shows just how close the ties are with the Liberal Party. Peter Reith is a board member, other notable names on the list of who contribute to this society are, Tony Abbott, Eric Abetz, Peter Costello, Michael Kroger… the list goes on and on, even Andrew Bolt gets a mention.

Jackson is even due to be guest of honour and give a speech at the HR Nicholls Society annual dinner on June 12th.

In yet another strange coincidence, James Ashby is using Kathy Jackson’s Sydney lawyers, she has more than one, it does seem a bit odd, however I’m sure there is probably no “specific” reason for this…

On the 14th May, on the Chris Smith programme on radio station 2GB, Kathy Jackson said that rumours of the Liberal party paying for her vast team of lawyers were rubbish. These lawyers, expensive lawyers, were all working for her for free, pro bono she stated. Chris Smith chose not to persue the matter…

People can say whatever they like about Craig Thomson’s credibilty, and his explanantion of events, there is a remarkably similar story from another HSU official from 2009... What most would find totally unbelievable, and absolutely inconcievable is that these right wing lawyers, one of them from a Liberal “Union Busting” think tank would provide their services free to a Union boss, especially one who pays herself a $270,000 salary. What kind of fools do they take the public for? Stuart Wood providing free services to a sworn enemy… I find it more likely that Andrew Bolt would set up an Islamic Charity group for Asylum Seekers.

I don’t know how deep this runs, but like I said, I think I smell a rat….

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  1. That’s how the Black Death plagues started wixxy.

    You’ve certainly got my attention.

  2. There is much more than one rat involved here. There is a horde of them. And where is the MSM on this, as usual nowhere to be seen or heard. They are stinking and rotten to the core. You would think that Michelle Grattan or Paul Sheahan or Peirs Akerman or Miranda Devine or Dennis Shanahan or Andrew Bolt would get there teeth into this but they are all Sgt. Schultz’s , they know nothing, and as sure as hell are not going to go looking. No wonder this lot do not have any credibility. Partisan hacks the lot of them.

  3. Slipper is a scumbag! The Libs wanted to disendorse him before the 2010 election but couldn’t. It was due to a clause in the LNP formation agreement, the grandfather clause.

    Ashby was not the only person that was harassed by Slipper…watch that space. Everyone in Parliament knew of Slipper’s rorting but Gillard, in her usual fashion ignored the warnings. A deal was done and not long after Slipper crossed over he was miraculously exonerated of the allegations against him.

    Thomson and the HSU are the tip of the iceberg as far as union corruption is concerned, would not be surprised if a royal commission is called on the whole union movement to clean up the graft and corruption.

    It is not endemic, just a certain sub-culture. I have witnessed it myself as an AWU delegate in 1988 and also as a project manager on a large construction project dealing with the BLF in 1991.

    No party is innocent in all this…kind of a reverse scurvy due to the powers that be, gorging on the fruits of our nation.

  4. It does seem that way, all of this info is out there, but nobody has put it all together at once, which I suspect is deliberate….. 70% media ownership by one has a lot to answer for I think….

  5. I’m not saying that there isn’t corruption on both sides, that would be a bit daft 🙂
    I’m just trying to show the side that the media seems to want to hide….

  6. wixxy, brilliant post. Could this be our Watergate? Mr Thomson’s rather unbelievable claim that he was set up, suddenly seem far more likely. Well, well, rat indeed.

    As Saaq Madiq observes, looks like a very big, very busy, corrupt nest of lying rats.

    Rattus Politicus seems closer to the truth, or perhaps we could further refine the species to Rattus LNPus Meredochius.

    I hope Thomson spills his guts about Jackson, Lawler and their ties with the Liars Party.

    There is a powerful stench emanating from Liars Party HQ.

    It could even mean a Royal Commission. I wonder if the PM would be interested?

  7. A Royal Commission would be awesome, although I doubt either side of politics would encourage it….
    It is an amazingly tangled web that is involved in this scandal, and as per usual, News Ltd is only reporting from one side….

  8. Impressive investigative journalism & “pulling it all together” – thanx Wixxy! Now if only, if only this could escape into broader public knowledge.

  9. Jane, re Thomson being set up – he is to make a statement to Parliament. His statement about being set up came immediately following this undertaking. At the time it seemed that he was making excuses for himself, but who knows. The Opposition did not want the statement to be under parliamentary privilege, but that’s the only way to go about it if you have X information and want to avoid being sued/and be free to put forward information which otherwise might be in confidence.

  10. Karmac and Impressive investigative journalism & “pulling it all together” – thanx Wixxy! I would like to second that. 🙂

  11. Well done Wixxy.

    I had read this this morning on Independent Australia, after seeing it spread around a lot on Twitter and then over at PollBludger. Then I read this, and wondered why you hadn’t attributed the story.

    DOH is me. Didn’t realise you wrote the original. Excellent piece of work. It does make you wonder, considering that the media have scrapped under every rock and tried to link every unsavoury act with Thomson (and now Slipper), why they didn’t do a bit of looking into the other side of the story. (yea, OK, we don’t have to wonder too hard)

    Wonder if ulman is regretting using Jackson as his to go to person every time he wants to raise some more muck on Thomson yet?

    Wonder if ulman is wondering why he didn’t ask these sort of questions of her.

    Wonder if ulman is getting replaced soon? (OK, that’s more of a hope)

    Again, a top read Wixxy

  12. Wixxy

    the more all the information out there is put together and sent around the internet the better. we sure won’t get the likes of steve lewis doing anything as in depth as this.
    only a couple more days and then IT actually begins……

  13. Cheers Tom, had to alter the story on IA as they had already covered the Ashby drama pretty thoroughly before.

    You do know that Sales is back later this month? Ulman relegated back to ACT, alas he will still do interviews

  14. Really?? I’m betting Palmer is picking up the tab for Ashby’s $600 an hour lawyer if that’s the case….

    Do you have any links about that?

    Thanks Sue

  15. Good stuff Wixxy. Congrats.
    All a bit hard for the MSM, much easier to press the Craig Thomson button & recycle something.
    Books will be written about this period of our history. The ones worth reading will be by people we haven’t heard of yet. Most of the current crop will just be making their excuses.

  16. Really, I know my site has gone totally nuts, and I gather the Independent Australia site has gone into overdrive also…. quite humbling really. Good to get the other side of the story out there though…
    Thank You 🙂

  17. Thanks Heaps Bob 🙂
    Since the GFC they cut back on a lot of journo staff I gather…. maybe you’re right Bob, maybe it’s easier to cut and paste, than doing any investigating. I do hope it is laziness, rather than intentional deception, however…..

  18. Mr. Hockey just asked if he would accept Mr. Thomson’s vote, if he joined in with voting a no confidence with the Opposition. It appears he would.

    Mr. Hockey does not believe in Independents. So he believes the parties should rule. Surprisingly the Constitution does not agree with him. In fact it does not mention parties.

    Mr. Hockey plans to change Treasury. Wonder why.


    The question one should ask, why has the ACTU come out so strongly against the HSU, especially the HSU East branch.

    I suspect that the ACTU is not reacting in the manner it is because of the actions of Mr. Thomson.

    I say this, because that is ancient history, that happened before 2007.

    There is a new regime on place now, and the structure of the union has changed.

    The media and the Opposition are not interested in today’s alleged scandals.

    They are only interested in what they believe will bring down a duly elected and legitimate government.

    What is clear, is that many, including Ms. Jackson were there before Mr. Thomson, during his reigned, and up to today.

    Yes, there is a stench. It is about time the media started investigating that stench..

    Good work

  19. Maybe it’ll give those Liberal clowns in Canberra somewhere to perform when in Melbourne. “Abbott’s Flying Circus” coming to town soon.

  20. Wixxy
    i must believe it took place it was in the oo

    “Last month, about a week after Mr Ashby first went to Mr Brough with his allegations, Mr Hockey met Queensland mining magnate Clive Palmer at a steakhouse in his Coolum resort where Mr Brough was also dining.

    When asked whether he and Mr Brough discussed Mr Ashby, Mr Hockey responded: “No.”

  21. Tom R @ 1.47

    4 years investigating and the FWA gets it wrong on election funding. And it only took the electoral commission a week to investigate and report!

  22. Tom R at 1.47
    How distressing for poor Mr Ticehurst. He appears to have been beaten legitimately by Thomson, which simply ‘aint bloody fair. There goes the pension!
    I wonder if the push by Ticehurst wasn’t simply to put emotional & financial pressure on Thomson so Abbott’s media droogs could ask questions about who was paying Thomson’s legal fees. Ticehurst’s expenses, of course, would’ve been his own business & not for the likes of we to concern ourselves with.

  23. I have very little idea about the details of the HSU or the Slipper affairs. Because it all smells gross. The thing I fail to understand is how anyone can miss the amount of time and energy the Libs are putting into the constant mention and finger pointing in regards to the HSU/Thompson issue particularly. Surely that is a key indicator that they are invested on some level, beyond the regular distract from policy, point, smear and accuse campaign? But everything in the MSN stinks as bad of bias and agenda in regards to this issue. All catch phrase and hardly any details. This is way more informative, and I can well believe you’ve got people’s attention. Time to share. 🙂 Thanks, Wixxy.

  24. Bob, what a suspicious fella you are. 😆

    I wonder if the push by Ticehurst wasn’t simply to put emotional & financial pressure on Thomson so Abbott’s media droogs could ask questions about who was paying Thomson’s legal fees.

    Yep, that’s about right !

  25. Wixxy, given your expertise at research..just a thought..but any possibilities of a Timeline showing who met with whom and when.

  26. Inga, the constant mention is because Abbott is hoping to bring down the government by forcing an early election. That has been his entire aim since the Independents sided with Julia Gillard. However, the Independents said that they were backing Gillard because she was far more likely to NOT go to an early election. Therefore Abbott is working towards trying to make this government unworkable. Abbott knows that the longer this government lasts, the less chance he has of still being LOTO by the time the next election is called.

  27. Oh, Min, I get that. What I mean is this is a case of thou doth protest too much, methinks. They hit on this HSU with a lot more detail than the Libs are generally known for. I mean, they didn’t read the budget, but someone clearly read the FWA report. Which is out of character. I would seems that if this moves through regular legal channels before an election, Abbott and several others run the risk of never sitting on the front bench again, on either side of the house.

  28. And Hockey just on at the NPC saying they’d accept Thomson’s vote if he voted against Labor.
    If this ‘aint all over the news very soon, any tiny doubts whatever about media bias will be laid to rest.

  29. I think someone can be sexually harassed AND be a not very nice person. The two need to be separated. If Slipper is a sexual harasser (and early reports suggest he could have sexually harassed others) the notion that his victims are venal, stupid, or nasty does not cancel out his alleged behaviour.

  30. Inga L.
    Isn’t it interesting how this stuff can be presented in minute detail whereas the economic story is that they’ll have a bit of a look round & come up with $50 billion?

  31. Great work, Wixxy, and isn’t it wonderful when the facts as confirmed by a body like the AEC exactly match the conclusions of your own research!

  32. Min at 2:38. I see your point and wholeheartedly agree with it. The only catch is that the longer we wait for the election, the longer the Murdoch media and sections of the ABC have to spread theirs and Abbott’s bullshit.

    Yesterday’s poll showed an improvement for the government. The media will now be hell bent on eroding that small gain. 😦

  33. Christine, so far we have on the sexual harassment issue that Slipper made a comment about Ashby leaving the shower door open and xxx on the bottom of emails. Harassment is via the Reasonable Person test, that is would a reasonable person given the same set of circumstances consider themselves to be harassed. I think that Ashby is stretching it via this claim. “Usually” harassment has to be ongoing with the proported victim to have made protestations about the other person, and requests to cease his/her actions.

    Example, a person puts a nude girlie calendar up on the workplace. Female employees make repeated requests for it to be removed. The sole action of putting up the calendar in itself does not constitute harassment, but the ongoing failure to take action can be construed as such.

  34. Min, you’ve got me to thinking about who met whom… did James Ashby wake up one morning and think to himself, I’ll just ring Anthony McClellan….

    How long before Ashby appears on 60 Minutes?

    A request for comment from Mr Ashby has been sought through public relations representative Anthony McLellan.


    Anthony McClellan

    AMC Media
    BA (Hons) Melb

    Strategic Media Management Issues Management Media Relations Media Training

    The interesting client list includes this…

    AMC Media was also chosen to organise and launch the political strategy, and media coverage, for the massive $250 million legal action by Australian retailers against “Big Tobacco.”

    Anthony knows intimately how the media works; he has spent his professional life ‘on the inside’. His skill set, and experience, is unique.

  35. Christine says hi

    Now if I was at work having a shower and the boss walked in and asked me to open the door that i would feel is harrassment.

    If i chose to live at my bosses house and he asked me to leave the shower door open and if i didn’t like that i would move out. if he then pursued the matter at work i would feel that is harrassment.

    reasonable test?

  36. wixxy
    is kathy jackson’s speech at the hr nicolls function being covered by sky tv. it would be good to see who is in attendance cheering her on.

  37. Miglo @ 3.11pm, that’s the trouble with liars, they’re very hard to beat….
    however, given enough rope…..

  38. pip
    from your article, why hasn’t anyone asked pyne why he needed the personal mobile number for ashby? unless of course it was personal

  39. 😳 that should be point…

    Migs, the answer is no, all ropes and other obstacles removed from Abbott’s path.

  40. pip
    do those whom jackson is dealing with know how toxic she is ? they don’t care they want power now.

  41. Pip @3.31pm..I think that this is where a timeline might be telling. How long after the harassment did Ashby suddenly become offended..before or after meeting with various members of the Liberal Party?

  42. Yeah, I’m pretty familiar with the definitions and the actuality of SH, I’m just saying that until the matter’s heard and all the evidence is in, I wouldn’t want to pre-judge it.

    We’ve all seen a lot of victim-blaming in this area over the years (mostly of women who were “”asking for it” by being stupid enough to visit private rooms, work late with just the one colleague, or fail to deal promptly with a boss who made suggestive comments and then took it as ‘”agreed” when the person in question wasn’t firm enough or whatever in rebutting the approaches).

    And like many others, I grew up and worked much of my life through a time when there WAS no protection for anyone who was harrassed at work.

    So I’m wary of being a “denier”, because of what it implies ~that people who makes such claims lie, when the truth is many more people put up with this shit than should, often because they know they will be derided, mocked and disbelieved if they do stand up in public and call their harasser out.

    Look, I don’t like the sound of this Ashby fellow much, and I am NOT a LNP spy or troll, but I think we need to be careful not for his sake but for all our sakes.

    Even horrible toads can have illegal and improper things happen to them, and even wonderful people can do things that are illegal, foolish or even just plain bad (Marcus Einfeld’s fall from grace still upsets me). It’s tempting to say “he shouldn’t have gone to the man’s room”, but going to someone’s room (etc) doesn’t equate with ‘please harass me’.

    The fact of Ashby’s dalliance with senior LNP figures and their denials and obfuscations, along with his generally nasty behaviour not only in the workforce but elsewhere are fascinating enough.

  43. Christine, I agree..every case should be taken on it’s merit. There have certainly been many many cases of rape victims, victims of priest pedophiles being vilified in the press. However, with the Slipper case there has been no suggestion of coercion or forced sexual encounters, but rather that following a dalliance Ashby then claimed offence at what would seem fairly normal behaviour. So far it’s akin to going out on a date and then claiming compensation (remember he’s after the $s) when the guy tries to kiss you. Ashby might have more to add to the case, in which case my opinion is open for revision.

  44. Sue and Migs, the dopes have their moves down to a fine art…
    This morning Arts Minister Simon Crean was on RN Breakfast; he spoke at length about the need for renewal and announced $21 mill., funding for

    Creative Australia Fellowships 2012

    and the interview ended with the inevitable quizzing about the Thomson matter.
    Five minutes later the news headlined with Mr. Crean’s answers to the Thomson matter.
    Google news has two pages of what Mr. Crean had to say about the Thomson matter, yet not one of them had one spare line available to report on the government business

    “Clear air” anyone..

  45. Sue,
    do those whom jackson is dealing with know how toxic she is ? they don’t care they want power now.

    True, the old boys at HR Nicholls couldn’t care less, [and don’t forget their white-haired front line spruiker, Judith Sloane].. They’ve have been in their dens for years plotting ways to bring work choices to a halt with their deceptively titled Workchoices.
    My link @ 3.31pm, gives a clue to the kind of support gleefully received by the Coalition:-

    AMC Media was also chosen to organise and launch the political strategy, and media coverage, for the massive $250 million legal action by Australian retailers against “Big Tobacco.”

    Remember after the Rights at Work campaign by the unions against WorkChoices, that led to the end of PM Howard’s political career and the supposed end of WorkChoices, the big end of town adopted the strategy for themselves and threw multi millions into their campaigns.
    anti mining tax, anti carbon ‘tax’, anti plain packaging of tobacco products….

    The unions are awake and revving up for another ten rounds, and how does the ABC portray it…

    Union members may foot bill for fighting fund
    AM By Simon Cullen

    Millions of union members across the country could be slugged with a new levy to pay for a fighting fund at the ACTU.

    Delegates at the ACTU Congress have voted to set up a new campaigning fund, in a further sign the organisation is preparing to do battle over industrial relations laws.

    The incoming secretary of the ACTU, Dave Oliver, wants the union movement to become more aggressive in campaigning for workers’ rights.

    Who else is likely to come to the aid of the vulnerable workers. not the HR Nicholls Society…

  46. What is Creative Fellowships Australia 2012? BTW I’m still waiting for the media to analyse and present well researched articles on the Federal Aged Care Package, something I have a passing, well increasingly less “passing’ ~ interest in! And yet, I have to hear on an endless loop about every dirty thought Abbott has …

  47. Min and Christine, of course if a person alleges sexual harassment, they deserve a fair hearing.
    The problem for Mr. Ashby imo, is the way several Coalition MP’s went about ‘advising’ him.
    The legal firepower at his service…
    Pyne, Brough Abetz, and J. Bishop all rate a mention, as well as Mr. Hockey’s curiously timed visit to QLD. to lunch with Clive Palmer, the generous benefactor of the LNP.

  48. At last sonething of substance…you leave most reporters looking like knobs!! Well done mate.

  49. ‘Hi’ Christine, that’s the problem isn’t it. The government Ministers announce all their policies and invariably the news is swept away to make room for Abbott’s endless appearances.
    It’s no accident; if you listen to ABC radio, and TV the device becomes so clear and I can’t believe that it took so long for me to work out that John Howard’s 2006 “reform” of the ABC was so thorough!

    Today, ABC24 was interviewing two people about the shonky insider trading, and they were abruptly dismissed to make way for a repeat of Abbott slogans about the dreadful consequences of the carbon ‘tax’.

    I’d bet my socks that this story will take a back sea:-.

    Job insecurity the ‘new frontier’ for unions

  50. Diana, thank you for your glowing praise. Wixxy has done a great job.

    BTW, everything on this blog is of substance. 😉

  51. There are blogs which take the MSM as being factual information, there are those who believe that the original premises should be scrutinised. I like to think that we fall into the latter category. 😉

  52. Makes one wonder how much more they got wrong.

    Earlier, the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) found that most of the union funds spent on Mr Thomson’s electoral campaign were disclosed appropriately.

    Fair Work Australia’s report into the HSU found the former Labor MP spent almost $270,000 in union funds in connection with his campaign.

    Most of that money covered salaries for two HSU staff members who worked at least in part on the campaign.

    But the AEC has found both staffers completed work that did involve HSU matters and says their salaries were included in the union’s third-party expenditure returns.


  53. Cu..let’s hear that one again..

    Earlier, the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) found that most of the union funds spent on Mr Thomson’s electoral campaign were disclosed appropriately.

  54. Wixxy,
    alot of interesting info.
    Good work.

    Gonna read thru it more over the next 24hrs.


  55. Min, once more for the heck of it…

    Cu..let’s hear that one again..

    Earlier, the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) found that most of the union funds spent on Mr Thomson’s electoral campaign were disclosed appropriately.

    How Jackson, Lawler and Abbott tangled Thomson with the HSU

    {wixxy’s famous :shock:}

    There are many suspicious features about Craig Thomson’s Health Services Union imbroglio, among them the apparently close links between HSU “whistleblower” Kathy Jackson and Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott. Peter Wicks uncovers a very tangled web.



  56. @ Miglo…(of course…ooops, ha), I have just been looking in the wrong places for far too long and hoping mainstream media might step up and finally report with some kind of integrity and subtance…gave up, thrown hands in the air.. started wondering if I was the only person who wanted a balanced view of politics..so glad to finally read wixxy…what a breath of fresh air.

  57. Diana, you will find many kindred spirits here, and there’s enough info here to keep you busy for weeks 🙂

  58. @Diana, indeed the Cafe is a breath of fresh air …… my advise would be to have a tour of the cellar here at the Cafe, its quirky, quaint and has goodly range of quality plonk… 😀

  59. Perhaps while she’s checking out the cellar perhaps she could keep a lookout for Bacchus. He’s easy to recognise. He’ll be drunk.

  60. A cork? 😯 Are you opening the reinforced door to the “good stuff” Migs? 😆

    You’ve turned up at the right time Pip 🙂

  61. Well Pip, I’ve been ducking back and forth between the cellar and TFR, with a quick look to see what’s happening over at Massive’s place on the way. The feet probably belong to LOVO 🙂

    Washing up Migs?? Isn’t that Tom R’s job? 😆

  62. Diana and “started wondering if I was the only person who wanted a balanced view of politics..”. That’s great feedback..often feel the same, just a little balance would suffice.

  63. Well Pip, if it’s not LOVO, it’s not me, Min says it’s not Migs – we have a mystery “body” under the table in the cellar. “Mystery” – now that sounds like Roswell 😆

  64. @Diana …of course balance is optional down in the cellar….. and the web feet belonged to El Grondo….. the hoofed ones are Iains and Geoffs….. 🙂

  65. Beer has its place Migs – I had a very nice drop last night on tap at one of the establishments nearby. It was from James Squires and went down very well with the Tasmanian salmon on my plate.

  66. Couldn’t be. Wixxy has too much integrity (and he’s too busy) to be found under the table in the cellar. Who here is protesting too much and accusing all and sundry? 😯 Clever trick to disguise yourself with my socks Migs :mrgreen:

  67. Wixxy, great post bloke…. smell maybe emanating from someones sox …. or an corked bottle in cellar… or that Salmon and James Squires brew Bacchus has been composting since last night……. 😀

  68. CU and Pip
    I know you posted this earlier but this report has a little bit extra, which I hadn’t read elsewhere. Other reports seemed to suggest Thompson still had a “dodgy” problem with the AEC, this reports rejects that supposition

    “While most of the $71,000 the union spent on Mr Thomson’s campaign was found to have complied with the act, the AEC said in a statement on Wednesday is was seeking “further information about four items of expenditure which total $17,014.88”.

    “… some items of expenditure that have been identified would have been required to be incorporated into the total of all amounts received or paid in the 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 annual returns of the HSU National Office and of the ALP NSW Branch. Inquiries have been made to establish whether that has occurred,” the AEC’s statement read.

    The items in question, all of which were below the reporting threshold set out by the act, relate to the establishment of Mr Thomson’s campaign office ($4,826.99), payments to the Dobell Federal Electoral Council ($3500), campaign bus costs ($1,277.96) and payments to LBH Promotions ($7,409.93). The disclosure thresholds that were in place during the period covered by the FWA report were $10,300 for the 2006-2007 financial year and $10,500 for the 2007-2008 financial year

    In a statement released late on Wednesday Mr Gray noted “the AEC has not identified any breaches of the Electoral Act by Craig Thomson”

  69. Nice find Sue, looks as if no-one’s read it all 😳

    Or maybe they have, but will continue to peddle a shorter version for a while….

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  71. LOL Migs – that certainly explains the smell 🙂

    Excellent work by wixxy and Inga. I detect a faint change in sentiment out in the big wide world wrt this government. Ordinary people are starting to question what they’re being fed by the MSM. Your efforts may well bear fruit over time…

  72. You can tell when they are all lying their lips are moving. Bring them all undone without a qualm.

  73. In Abbott’s case he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. So technically he’s not lying. He’s too stupid.

  74. Migs @ 10.47pm,
    I cannot tell a lie. Those sox belong to Tony Abbott.

    Who was the wearer of the second pair of socks then??

  75. LOVO, Cu and and myself are much too polite to suggest such a thing…. actually I’m not entirely sure about Cu – she generally says exactly what she means. 🙂

  76. Who was the wearer of the second pair of socks then??

    If the first statement is true, it can only be Peta Credlin 😯

  77. Poor old Prissy; not the sharpest nail in the toolbox.
    Should “Opposition powerbroker” Prissy resign from the Liberal party while he is investigated?

    Pyne emailed Slipper’s accuser
    May 17, 2012

    OPPOSITION powerbroker Christopher Pyne made direct email contact with Peter Slipper staffer James Ashby within minutes of leaving late-night drinks in the Speaker's office earlier this year.

    The revelation contradicts the impression Mr Pyne has given about his dealings with Mr Ashby, whose legal action against Mr Slipper for alleged sexual harassment has undermined Julia Gillard's already fragile majority.


    Mr Abbott and Mr Pyne have said repeatedly that they had no ”specific” knowledge of the legal action, while on ABC radio last week Mr Pyne refused on seven occasions to clarify his contact with Mr Ashby.

    Earlier this month, Fairfax website National Times revealed that Mr Pyne spent almost two hours drinking and chatting with Mr Ashby and another staffer in Mr Slipper’s office on March 19. Mr Slipper was not present for most of the time.

    At the time, when The Age asked Mr Pyne if he had ever sought Mr Ashby’s contact details, Mr Pyne replied: ”I don’t remember ever having asked for Mr Ashby’s number.”

    Prissy never was as smart as he fondly imagined himself to be.

  78. Pip,
    It’s as we suspected…Pyne has been in frenzy mode in parliament of late to distract from the fact he is full of it when it comes to this Ashby stuff. At least on the contact aspect of it.

    Thnx for the link.

  79. Nas’, I am certain that Pyne fully expected to be rewarded handsomely by Tony with a suitable portfolio.

  80. Joe Hockey also inconsistent and full of it:

    The man who had earlier in the program brandished his credentials as someone in favour of fairness for everyone and who claimed to understand that there is nothing worse in politics than having your family attacked, casually abandons fairness when it comes to gay Australians, and in the same breath manages to malign the family of a colleague.


    Tim Dunlop is spot on in this article.


  81. Tim can always be relied upon to cut through the bs. I like this line..

    Hockey’s performance was really quite a beautiful thing to watch; a man making his case in such explicit and offensive terms that he managed to demolish the very argument he was trying to support.

    Hockey is another one who one has to suspect is none too bright.

  82. Pip
    I see from your link the writer is once again Jessica Wright. She has been the leader/only journalist willing to look at who in the Coalition is involved with Ashby.
    And I know other articles have been written but only after J Wright has got the ball rolling. Now that the others have given up and believed the excuses, now J Wright lobs in a bit more evidence, that the Coalition are involved.

    Note the weasel words “specific knowledge”, “not after the 19 March”, yet now we have in the public arena C Pyne on 19 March emailing and asking for phone numbers and emails. And cryptic messages after drinking together for 2 hours.

    Explanations needed, if it is not work related then it must be for personal reasons.
    Personal could be on the behalf of the Liberal party or for private personal reasons.

    But as Pyne has been so vocal against the Speaker in the House, Pyne cannot avoid a closer examination.

  83. Note Pyne wrote in the email:

    ”You see, only aph [Australian Parliament House] address,”

    Did he not want him to contact his home addy?


  84. Was looking for this news on Google News and ABC Just In…but couldn’t find it.

  85. and the reply from Ashby
    Good having a beer tonight 🙂
    now as everthing has meaning, 🙂 does that mean “happy and crying”

    So what are Pyne and Ashby really discussing?

  86. Well done Sue 🙂 I would be extremely interested in seeing a timeline so as to note the sequence of events of Ashby meeting with this person, and that person.

  87. Sue,
    if it’s flirting…then isn’t that inconsistent behaviour for a man needing advice and empathy over sexual harrasment that apparently so traumatised him he needs to go to court?

    If it’s not flirting, then it could be code.

    Perhaps it’s just two men chatting…but the email was apparently sent at 11.03pm.
    Seems a bit late for an email to be sent. If I’d had a beer with a bloke earlier and say I asked for his email, I doubt I’d be emailing him at that time…with that message. Not with the wife at home.


  88. You see, only aph [Australian Parliament House] address

    Someone mentioned on the Bludger this morning that FOI requests are impossible (or very difficult) with aph emails.

    Not sure about the accuracy of that.

  89. Sue @ 8.30am,
    I see from your link the writer is once again Jessica Wright. She has been the leader/only journalist willing to look at who in the Coalition is involved with Ashby.
    And I know other articles have been written but only after J Wright has got the ball rolling. Now that the others have given up and believed the excuses, now J Wright lobs in a bit more evidence, that the Coalition are involved.

    Interesting isn’t it, that if one scans Google news front page for this story there is no mention!
    A search for “Christopher Pyne” brings up this:-

    Transparency questions for both major parties
    Sabra Lane reported this story on Thursday, May 17, 2012


    TONY EASTLEY: Transparency is a problem for both major parties with Fairfax revealing this morning that the Liberal frontbencher Christopher Pyne had email contact with the man taking legal action against the Speaker, Peter Slipper.

    Mr Pyne originally said he had no reason to contact James Ashby, after the two had a beer and a chat in Mr Slipper’s office in March.

    And Labor party elder Senator John Faulkner has called on the ALP to be open, accountable and transparent on how much it’s contributed to Craig Thomson’s legal costs.



    EDITOR’S NOTE (17/5/12): After this item was broadcast the Federal Opposition Leader’s office contacted AM to say that Tony Abbott has previously confirmed an email exchange between Christopher Pyne and James Ashby. Mr Abbott’s office says this confirmation took place during the Opposition Leader’s regular Friday morning appearance on the Nine Network’s “Today” show on the 4th of May 2012. A transcript of that exchange follows:

    KARL STEFANOVIC: Alright. Can we talk about Christopher Pyne for just a minute? We could probably talk about him for days, weeks, even because of his personalities…

    TONY ABBOTT: He’s a lovely bloke, Karl.


    Back to Sue’s comment,
    I see from your link the writer is once again Jessica Wright. She has been the leader/only journalist willing to look at who in the Coalition is involved with Ashby.”

  90. Shouty headline from ltd news at 9.22am…

    Opposition brushes off Slipper conspiracy claims after Christopher Pyne caught out on staffer contact claims

    Assistant Treasurer David Bradbury said the emails showed Mr Pyne had “told a porkie” with his original story about meeting Mr Ashby.

    “Mr Pyne, the man who is noted for his verbal diarrhoea on most occasions, needs to come forward and be absolutely clear and specific about the nature of his interactions and his contact with Mr Ashby,” Mr Bradbury told Sky

    The email, obtained by Fairfax, shows Mr Pyne wrote: “You see, only aph address”, referring to the Australian Parliament House email domain name.

    Mr Ashby replied, “Good having a beer tonight :)”.

    Coalition frontbencher Bruce Billson said people should be careful of overstating the exchange.

    “Any attempt to come up with conspiracy theories as some justification for the tawdry events surrounding the Speaker are just attempts to distract the community,” he told Sky News this morning.

  91. Pip, one cannot help but shake one’s head..incredulous at statements coming from the Opposition. From your link, it’s worth repeating,

    “Any attempt to come up with conspiracy theories as some justification for the tawdry events surrounding the Speaker are just attempts to distract the community,” he told Sky News this morning.

    Shakes head, bashes head against wall. Oh gosh, oh golly we can’t possibly condone conspiracy theories now can we. 🙄

  92. Nice Pip

    Pyne lying is a mere ‘distraction’

    Gillard telling the truth is a LIE

    At least we know where we stand with ltdnews reporting issues of current affairs 😉

  93. For those who have puzzled at how Tony Abbott could possibly defend existing payments to the aspirational middle class and cut personal taxes and cut company taxes and abolish the mining tax and abolish the carbon tax and pay for his parental leave scheme and the national disability scheme and possibly a nanny rebate, Hockey’s answer was, if you listened carefully, they can’t.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/politics/coalition-shies-away-from-the-devil-in-the-details-20120516-1yr8v.html#ixzz1v5ihjvEg

  94. Minister for Industrial Relations, Bill Shorten on ABC24 says that the Opposition has taken a leaf out of the American playbook. He’s right. We have Tony’s Tea Party.

    From Cu’s link

    Oppositions don’t usually release costings 18 months before polling day, but Hockey wouldn’t promise to release his full costings any sooner than the Thursday before the election, which is leaving it a little bit tight. And although he promises they will be ”fully costed and verified”, it remains unclear by whom.

    But the scandals besetting the Gillard government mean he is under less pressure than ever to explain the detail of its plans.

    Hockey and co are banking on it.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/politics/coalition-shies-away-from-the-devil-in-the-details-20120516-1yr8v.html#ixzz1v5p4Mn8G

  95. But the scandals besetting the Gillard government mean that he is under less pressure..oh really? And whose choice might that be to put less pressure than ever on Hockey and his dodgy costings? To me is sounds to be a BIG EXCUSE..we don’t have to scrunise the Opposition at all, because we the msm have decided to concentrate on scandals which in the long run may indeed amount to very little.

  96. Min, it’s disappointing and extremely frustrating to read Lenore Taylor’s words,

    But the scandals besetting the Gillard government mean he is under less pressure than ever to explain the detail of its plans.

    In her case, I’d like to think that she’s giving the warning to readers, and perhaps isn’t permitted to go any harder on the subject…

  97. Pip, that’s the phrase from Lenore Taylor which did it for me too. That is a conscious decision..to not scrutinise the Opposition and use scandals as an excuse for not doing so. Heck, we could come up for a myriad of scandals and the LNP would be able to avoid being scrutinised..well..indefinitely.

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  99. Just a reminder of who are close friends.

    Could there be a conflict of interest.

    What role did Mr. Lawler play in the FWA report?

    Where is Mr. Lawler?

    More interesting, why have the FWA not bought the charges they indicated they were taking against Thomson.

    I was under the impression they were ready to move when they released the report.


  100. Now I do not know how reliable this report is. Not that what is being said by Ms, Jackson any more reliable.

    In today’s media world, truth no longer appears to matter. Why would these stories carry any less weight than those condemning Mr. Thomson.

    There’s a lot we don’t yet know about what really went on in the dark, dank, dirty sewer of the HSU. Claims have emerged their dirty tricks department specialised in the nasty and exotic.

    Craig Thomson points out to the Daily Telegraph the bungling Fair Work Australia’s investigation appears incomplete despite taking years and years:

    “I made it clear to Fair Work Australia that there was fraud against me. We had identified two witnesses who identified a union official who threatened in 2004 to have set me up with prostitutes, to do me over,” he said.

    “Not only was it just said … it was written up and reported and was sent to FWA.

    “The premise was to destroy (Thomson’s) political ambitions and set him up with a bunch of hookers.

    “We know they (FWA) did not interview these people.

    “We think there has been a systematic attempt to get me … and it involved (Mr) Williamson. He was complicit in it, not necessarily active in it.”

    How can it be that Fair Work Australia didn’t investigate such a serious claim against the union, corroborated with witnesses?


    Current HSU leadership, Kathy Jackson denies all, indeed, she’s been relatively quiet this week, struck dumb with fear perhaps over now furiously denied 7 News reports that Victoria Police raided the HSU Credit Union, which has notoriously lent Jackson very large sums to support her multi-million dollar property portfolio, Mike Williamson isn’t so sure:

    “I cannot recall that at all. I’d be close to saying I never said it,” Mr Williamson said.

    But he did confirm he had been told by a former senior Labor MP that a member of the Victorian branch of the HSU had admitted to at least attempting to use prostitutes to snare Mr Thomson.

    “I have to say, anything is possible. It would not appear to be an unusual practice in Victoria (HSU),” he said.


  101. I do not follow the reasoning in this comment. I was under the impression that it was the Opposition that was demanding he make a statement.

    I also fail to see how making the statement is going to change anything.

    It is up to the judicial system to test much of what is in the public arena.

    At this stage, there is no opportunity for this, as no charges have been made.

    The big danger tomorrow is that the Government will be accused of allowing or enabling Thomson to use the Parliament for a massive arse-covering exercise. Thomson is likely to name names and point the finger at others in the HSU who he says were out to get him. It is likely that the allegations will suggest or state criminality on the part of these individuals.

    At this point the question will become: is this actually what parliamentary privilege for? Parliamentary privilege is the convention which lets MPs say what they like in the chamber with protection from legal action for defamation. Its intent was

  102. Who is dragging through the muck. I suggest that Mr. Abbott take credit for this. Mr. Abbott using the Thomson allegations as political fuel is what is harming the house. Mr. Abbott should have left this matter to the authorities set up to investigate and take appropriate action.

    If and when Mr. Thomson is convicted to a term of more than twelve months or becomes bankrupt, it then becomes a matter for the house.

    This is the way our democracy works.

    Parliament is not a court of law.

    The very real risk is that this squalid affair could reach its conclusion with Thomson dragging the Parliament itself through the muck as he flails about blaming everybody else for his woes. It will be a shocking look.


  103. CU, don’t you love Penberthy’s faux concern about Parliament being dragged down by Thomson, but not a mention of the disgusting and disgraceful disrespect for the Parliament and the Constitution by the Liars Party.

  104. That is what amazes me. It matters not what the Opposition does, No condemnation for what Brandis has to say.

    Mr. Thomson is now being condemn for making a statement that he was forced to make.

    it is all the PM fault. She should have rolled over, when Abbott put the pressure on.

    One does have the right to the presumption of innocence, regardless of what Brandis says, I do not want to live in a country where innuendo and slurs rule the day.

    Mr, Thomson has the right to silence that is being denied him.

    The parliament is not the place to try anyone, That is not their role.

    This is about Mr. Abbott;s quest for power, using whatever methods he can.

    It is about dirty politics.

    Sorry, it is the actions of the Opposition that has taken politics into the gutter.

  105. Listening this morning, I have come to the conclusion that today is going to be a fizzer.

    The ABC this morning had a reporter on that put this view across. He said that Mr. Thomson will be very careful in what he says. The Opposition can do very little. Mr. Pyne himself backed this view, Emphasis was put on the Opposition’s desperation to take power.

    The most that will happen is a censure motion. This action has lost any value, since Mr. Abbott has called them on fifty occasions.

    It’s amazing that no reporter who covers industrial issues would have a look into the HSU. That leak could have been an opportunity to explore the whole Jackson-Lawler-Abbott nexus, but they squibbed it.
    If Kevin Rudd had inquired about the suitability of preselecting Thomson for the 2010 election, he was assured by the NSW Right there was nothing to be worried about.
    If Coorey’s experience in the press gallery was worth more than it is, he would have realised that this was the very period when the NSW Labor Right were plotting to get rid of him. As if they would give up one of their own to that prick!


    There is more to this story, and of course the fact that Peter Wicks is ahead of people who fancy themselves as professional journalists is cause for the entire profession to rethink the way it works. Wicks has broken the story, give him the Gold Walkley or have it rendered as a sub-Logies joke. The fact that there is so much at stake should increase the pressure to broaden the scope of this story, not decrease it as the stress-bunnies would have it. Thomson may tell Parliament enough to force a reconsideration of his situation, or his words (and silences) may be hammered to fit a pre-existing narrative.
    When Thomson rises at midday to give his much-anticipated statement to Parliament, what he says should not matter so much as the reaction he receives.
    Indeed it will, and those who do the reacting will be judged accordingly: can Fairfax be trusted to report this issue given that it is a participant? Will there be any follow-up on Heffernan, will Abbott refuse to accept his tainted vote, can a broadsheet newspaper focus on


  106. At last, a minute criticism of the Opposition.

    The Opposition in particular seems to think that turning purple with outrage constitutes a formal indictment.

    The frustrations had to be released somehow, and that will begin when Mr Thomson rises from the cross bench, where he now sits as an independent, and makes a statement expected to last about 30 minutes.

    The weight and nature of the Coalition response, which could come in statements immediately after Mr Thomson sits down, will decide where this matter goes next in Parliament.

    It is hugely unlikely there will be an attempt to kick him out of Parliament. Why would that happen to someone who has not been convicted of a crime and isn’t a bankrupt?


    A bid to suspen

  107. The Opposition are so up themselves, they expect Thomson to announce his resignation today.

    Why they would expect bullying tactics to work, I would not know.

    That is what today is really about. The belief that Mr. Abbott believes that by putting enough force on someone, he can break them and force them to retire. It is a little like the water drip treatment.

    Do we really want this type of politics.

    Listening to radio 702 over night, I noticed new attitudes coming through. Acknowledging all this government has achieved while agreeing the PM is hated.

    You had the usual hate tirade against the PM but much of what they were saying was challenged,

    We are hearing she is not liked but……

    I have not heard anyone praise Abbott. That in itself is revealing.

    The proposition was put forwarded that the hate coming out of some who rung in, parroted Abbott’s message. Somehow, he has set the perception that the PM is bad.

    We are once again back to perceptions that have no basis in fact.

    The one that gets me, is that the PM comes across as cold. I find that any time she is on TV, whether in a school or at public functions, one always sees that warm smile that comes through. Everyone standing around the woman appears to be at ease. Is this a picture of a cold woman.

    I have never heard anyone who has close contact with her, accuse her of being cold.

    Mr. Abbott claims she has not grown in the job. This did not appear to be the case, watching her interact with leaders while she is in the USA at this moment.

    To me, the Opposition appear to becoming shrill and showing signs of panic.

    As for the Heffreman alleged affair. What were so many top Liberal officials doing at that meeting on the Central Coast. No reporter has asked why. Maybe attempting to plug a hole in new slime emerging.

  108. Even given these requirements, it is still not clear what exactly he has to defend himself against.

    Of course the focus is on his activities and use of union funds while national secretary of the Health Services Union, particularly the claim he used a union credit card to pay for prostitutes.

    That, quite understandably, would be unacceptable when measured against conventional measures of behavior of public figures, as Mr Thomson’s many critics are pointing out.

    The shadow attorney general George Brandis has said he considers Mr Thomson is a criminal, but as yet he has not been charged by any authority with a crime, and certainly has not been tried for one.

    Civil proceedings based on 105 alleged breaches of regulation identified by the Fair Work Australia report have yet to be heard in the Federal Court.

    As of today he has not been found guilty of anything, apart from a Liberal charge of not resigning to allow Tony Abbott to win government early.


    My highlighting.

  109. I so wish that when asked any question about Craig Thomson the standard reply would be no bloody comment!! If he hasn’t been charged with anything then there is no reason for any of the crap that has been allowed to go on for far too long to continue. Time to dismiss the rubbish journalists and get on with selling policy and making good decisions for this country as a whole. Perhaps a few so called journalists could be asked dodgy questions and harrassed to within an inch of their lives just for a bit of a change.

  110. As of today he has not been found guilty of anything, apart from a Liberal charge of not resigning to allow Tony Abbott to win government early.

    And isn’t that what he’s REALLY guilty of?

  111. A big rat I do not hear the Opposition jumping up and down, demanding they come back from leave.

    It is a pity that the PM did not throw the lot out when she set up FWA,

    TWO of Fair Work Australia’s bosses are on holiday as the embattled industrial umpire faces a fresh grilling over its handling of the Craig Thomson affair.

    FWA vice-president Michael Lawler has joined the body’s investigating officer, Terry Nassios, on leave ahead of possibly being called to answer questions over the ongoing scandal at a senate estimates hearing scheduled for next Monday.

    FWA has come under repeated scrutiny at similar hearings after taking three years to investigate allegations of funding misuse by Health Services Union officials including Mr Thomson, with officials blocked from answering questions or referring to the ongoing investigation.


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