The Antipodean Budget Reply Process

Friday, May 11, 2012.

Our Antipodean Budget Process
Has rules as in the game of chess.
Tradition says he must make The Reply.
Can Tony do it and not tell a lie?

Could he perhaps have more success
By starting his speech with,  “I confess
That unlike Swannie I’m no Grand Master.”
That might help him avoid disaster.

A compliment or two would show finesse,
Would help his image in the press.
But,  no Chancellor of the Exchequer,
He decides instead to be a wrecker.

Aussies just don’t care for politesse.
He knows that!  The best way to impress?
To shout and carry on about that tax!
It hurts us all!  Who cares about the facts?

This was also a chance for him to obsess
About scandals and slime and Labor’s excess.
Slipper and Thomson!  They’ve helped by stealth,
To destroy Australia and steal our wealth!

His reply speech worked,  but nevertheless
Tony did regret the need for full day dress.
News offered help with their number jugglers.
If he could only’ve worn his budget speech smugglers!

* Acknowledgement to Alan Moir for permission to use his hilarious,  but oh so apt,  interpretation of Tony Abbott’s Delivery of his Speech in Reply.
NOTES:   Last night’s Budget Reply Speech from Tony Abbott left me dumbfounded.  I went to various other sites and found a silence which I think spoke of the same wordless horror that I felt.   An act of contempt had been performed on our public stage.   Other people clearly felt something similar.   No one had much to say.   I usually deal with my rage at Abbott’s excesses with a bit of light verse and part of me regretted that I had already used the metaphor of Budget Smugglers and published it here,  since I just did not want to write anything new about Tony Abbott at all.     
Then this morning I woke up to find that Alan Moir, as so often,  had said it all for me.  This time the metaphor was chess, and when it comes to running our country’s economy, then Wayne Swann is a Grand Master.   Tony Abbott doesn’t stand a chance against the World’s Best Treasurer.  And he knows it.   And doesn’t it make him mad!

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  1. Nailed it again, Patricia.I was embarrassed by his idea of a Budget Reply last night. I have had a theory that Arthur Sinodinos is the man in line to succeed after the libspill. Back to a John Gorton future! Then I woke up this morning to more Peter Costello. I had been worried that my limerick on him was going to become dated too quickly yet it now looks as though it will keep on giving.

  2. “Wordless horror” nails it for me. I usually get angry when Abbott’s on but I felt pretty numb during this, sort of resigned.
    From his first sentence it was all obvious, just talk at top speed to get as many talking points as possible in.
    I must say I was taken by Julie Bishop’s feigned laughter at Abbott’s “witticisms”. A serial loyalist there.

  3. I recorded the “great EVENT” but decided to read the blog comments instead, however I will not delete it yet, as Abbort the economist (joke) is discussed throughout the world I will need a laugh when he gets his A** kicked at the next election.
    “I and only I will decide who will see my savings/cuts/slashes/pillage etc etc”. So there don’t you worry. Now you plebs back to your slumbers.

  4. Wordless horror indeed patricia. and Bob.
    “Budget Smugglers” gave the journalists nothing except the foreign language idea,
    and today former PM, now the Foreign Minister is onto him.
    Today, the only thing Abbott can talk about is the “class warfare” meme….
    and many mentions of “I know in the marrow of my bones” blah blah

    Meanwhile the Treasurer is in Qld. talking about the governments many investments in education and skills training….

    From Twitter

    Kevin Rudd ‏ @KRuddMP
    National Asian Language Strategy started in 1994-95 with 12 year long plan. Libs killed it half way through. KRudd

    Kevin Rudd ‏ @KRuddMP
    One final point on Asian languages. Why did Howard government abolish all funding for Asian language education for schools in 2002? KRudd

    Kevin Rudd ‏ @KRuddMP
    Tony also tells us in Battlelines about the overwhelming importance of the ‘anglosphere’. I don’t think China even rated a mention. KRudd

    Expand Collapse Reply RetweetedRetweet
    FavoritedFavorite 2h Kevin Rudd ‏ @KRuddMP
    Interesting to find out what Tony meant in Battlelines saying ‘overwhelmingly the modern world is one that’s been made in English’ KRudd

    Expand Collapse Reply RetweetedRetweet Delete FavoritedFavorite 2h Kevin Rudd ‏ @KRuddMP
    Interesting what Tony Abbott had to say last night about the importance of Asian and foreign language eduction in schools. KRudd

  5. Can idiot boy abbott really be trusted to run our country if he is incapable of a simple outline of the economic difference between his policy and that of Labor ?

    ( rhetorical question)

  6. For a man who tells us that he finds women in burquas “confronting”, Tony’s new-found interest in things foreign is..basically just words. The idea of foreign languages will disappear as suddenly as it arrived.

  7. Abbott now banging on about the “line being crossed”, doesn’t understand that the line was crossed by his behaviour as much as it was about the unedifying scandals.
    Oh surpirse…. a change of goverrnment is the only way to fix things..

    He won’t cling on to power for the sake of it…. yeh right!.

  8. Top stuff Patricia.

    Poem, political cartoon, comment…all spot on!

    Convo between reporter & Abbott post budget reply:

    Reporter: Tony Abbott, why such a bad performance last night?

    Abbott: Shit happens.

    Reporter: But Tony, so few details.

    Abbott: The young must learn languages…and we should fund nannies…
    that’s a start. I’ve forgotten most of the language stuff I learnt…but those
    language teachers and au pairs…
    Oh là là….

    Reporter: So Tony, why the sudden interest in an expensive parental leave scheme at this time?

    Abbott: Paid Parental Leave over my dead body!!!

    Reporter: But Tony it’s part of your altenative budget.

    Abbott: Whoops! The wind changed for a minute.I found myself pointing in the
    wrong direction.

    Reporter: Tony, do you believe you might be the next light on the hill?

    Abbott: Well, those Coalition members down there with those flaming torches might
    be wanting to light me up.

    Reporter: Tony, do you think this might be the end of the road for you and the Stooges?

    Abbott: Shit happens. Anyone know when the Tour de France starts?

  9. Great pome as usual, patricia.

    I didn’t watch Liealot’s farce. You only need to watch their ABC to get the gist.

    However, i was in Keith yesterday and had the dubious fortune to go to the Two Cows Gallery,where I viewed 3 cartoons reinforcing the disgusting Murdoch campaign that the PM is a serial liar and the lies about the BER, HIP etc.

    One of these cartoons depicted her with an ugly face and extra long nose sneering at two terrified primary school kids.

    My companion laughed and told me that one of her grandsons had asked his father why the PM had such a long nose, to which he replied that the PM has told so man lies, her nose has grown like Pinocchio’s.

    I felt sick, but unfortunately it wasn’t the time or place to deliver a lecture, which wouldn’t be believed anyway. Keith is infested with Liars Party and Nationals lovers.

    I have decided to email the PM and government Ministers to urgently request that they implement laws akin to Canada’s wrt lying in news reporting and advocating the harshest penalties for doing so, and to introduce stringent media ownership laws.

    I will also ask whether they would take action if the British Government formally names the wizened psycopath as unfit to run a kindy raffle.

  10. What I find infuriating is the msm, only looking for something positive to say about Abbott. So the main news event is “languages”, the tv news even have highlights of school children using laptops as background.

    Last night I posted a couple of paragraphs from his speech hoping that the msm would also dissect the speech but not one piece of analysis from the msm.

    This morning on AM, Sabre Lane didn’t question Abbott or any Coalition member, no she spoke with Penny Wong. And when Wong said Abbott never came to any costings, Sabre said
    “oh we have all known for days he wasn’t going to do that!”

    GEEZZZ, Sabre and that’s ok?

    Then Grattan’s only insight was that as Abbott inevitably moves to winning the election, he will have his policies under some scrutiny.

    I beg to differ Grattan, as current msm apathy is the norm and I see no reason for them to embarrass themselves with honest reporting.

  11. PM Julia Gillard visiting Bedford Industries in Adelaide to announce a trial site for the NDIS.
    Bedford Industries employs people with a disability.

    She said Tony Abbott has said families should not rely on the Govt., family payments.

    She agrees with Peter Costello that Abbott is economically illiterate

    People will see increased family payments and pensions when carbon price starts.

    Abbott doesn’t understand the cost of living pressures that many families face.
    The Budget provides assistance for low to middle income earners
    This week Abbott voted against the school kids bonus.
    Liberal Party the party of workchoices.
    Labor is the party for Fair Work.

    Labor has delivered a blockbuster skills reform package.

    Aaand… the first comment from ABC was that the PM didn’t have much to say about the Kroger/Costello stoush….

  12. Sue, the msm has definitely fallen back into their predictable government bashing and their nudge, nudge, wink, wink suppression of any scrutiny of the Liars Party.
    Perhaps they think Thomson will fall.

    Sabra Lane’s remark says it all.

    However, if Albo’s performance to date is any indication, I think the Liars will be copping a lot more flak about the criminal element in their midst.

    I reckon Slagabella may have met her match in Albo. and if we had another PJK stalking around, the slaughter would be complete.

    Pip @1.54pm, I hope Phoenix gets a look in, too. Son #2 did a week’s work experience with Phoenix in Yr 10 as Bedford didn’t have any places at that time. I was well chuffed at the positive effect on him.

    As a result, I support all their fund raising efforts.

  13. Pip. was quite impressed with Rudd’s tweets. Sounds more like him at his peak when he and Swannie took the Liars apart on Utegate and Grech.

    He is a very good performer when he’s in top form. It’s such a pity that his other flaws rendered him ineffective. Perhaps the time in the backbenches has given him time to reflect, but I think he’s well and truly shot his bolt.

    I still think that the government should start making noises about introducing Canadian style legislation wrt truth in news reporting.

    it would be a great wedge, because the Liars could hardly support the opposite stance without fallout from the people who support them.

    And I’d lurve to hear the msm’s arguments as to why this would be a terrible thing.

    Anyway, I will compose my email to the PM and Minister’s.

    Migs and Min, would that sort of agitation on your Facebook sites have a result? I really think we should bombard the government on this. This latest assault on our democracy by the msm has to be resisted.

  14. Sue and Then Grattan’s only insight was that as Abbott inevitably moves to winning the election, he will have his policies under some scrutiny.

    The logic of that one escapes me. An election might seem as being first past the post, but surely how an Opposition acts while they are in opposition provides a clear indication of how they will operate while in government.

    How pray tell Grattan, as Abbott’s policies are receiving little scrutiny should Abbott winning the election be inevitable. Ans: because journalists such as yourself are ensuring that it is so due to the aforementioned lack of scrutiny.

  15. Bob, he certainly can’t type as fast as he talks, if the photo in the caption competition is any indication.

    Two finger typist. Foot in mouth talker.

  16. “Kroger/Costello stoush…”

    Very convenient. Maybe Mr. Kroger thought he had to do something to divert attention from Mr. Abbott’s, shocking display.

  17. I was thinking..remember the old Dorothy Dixers from Howard’s term: And are there any alternative policies? Which then gave Howard et al the opportunity for Labor bashing. Wouldn’t it be deathly quiet these days if the government was to use the same ploy. They couldn’t ask if there were any alternative policies..because there are none…

  18. Min, top comment today… we should all email our local MPs and pass on your suggestion. 🙂

  19. Jane , the Keith community is country conservative and very upset with Labor SA because of the funding, or lack of, of their hospital.
    They do have a point on that matter but wouldn’t be Labor in any case, and Zenophon is Liberal enough for them……

  20. Cu @ 4.29pm,
    Very convenient. Maybe Mr. Kroger thought he had to do something to divert attention from Mr. Abbott’s, shocking display.

    That’s a likely possiility, it’s been the lead story all day. Another example of the commentariat echoing the Liberals.
    Costello issued a statement which I haven’t looked at yet, but regardless of the infighting and the massive egos involved, the timing is convenient.

    The meme is that it’s bad luck for Abbott but i think it was perfect timing because he’s again avoided scrutiny of his credentials.

  21. Pip, the story by any stretch of the imagination does not merit the attention it has been getting all day.

    Mr. Abbott cannot talk about the budget. He cannot tell us what he intends to do.

    I agree with Mr. Kroger, Mr. Abbott is economical literate., He did do a degree in economics.

    My concern is why does he take great effort to give the impression he is not.

    The only things I can think of, is that does not want to tell us his intentions.

    Acting ignorant is a way to get around this problem. Mr. Howard learnt to keep views to himself, after losing his first election.

    If someone is unwilling to detail what they intend to do, we need to be alerted to this fact.

  22. Min, dear, sweetie, I can grovel all day if there’s a bundy and coke on the table 😯

    It’s also useful when the blogmaster’s team is losing …

  23. Costello hits back at Kroger attack

    Former treasurer Peter Costello has told Liberal Party “factional bosses” to step back and make way a new generation to lead.


    Mr Costello said since his retirement from parliament he had never sought to return.

    He said he would not “repose a confidence” in Mr Kroger and would not need his help for a return because the Liberal Party is “run by a membership not by factional bosses”.

    Since leaving parliament Mr Costello has been critical of senior Liberals.

    He once wrote that Mr Abbott was “never one to be held back by the financial consequences of decisions” and had “grandiose plans for public expenditure”.

    So far we haven’t seen many ‘plans’.

  24. ……surely how an Opposition acts while they are in opposition provides a clear indication of how they will operate while in government.

    Not if you keep your head steadfastly turned the other way, Min.

    Nas’ @2.31pm, they certainly are. And as Pip has observed, he’s a Liar wearing sheep’s clothing.

    As for Liealot, I’d have to have anything that fellow touched steam cleaned.

    Pip, they don’t even have a case wrt their hospital which is a private hospital. They’ve had a few opportunities to join the public health system, but refused to do so.

    Consequently, the government has not received any funding for the Keith Hospital. They are well aware of that fact, but instead choose to blame the government for their own bloody mindedness.

    Yes, there’s a huge portrait of Wankerphon on the wall directly in front of the door. The owner of the gallery entered it in the Archibald prize. I’m pleased she got nowhere.

    ……..why does he take great effort to give the impression he is not

    Because then he can open his gob and say anything he likes and get away with it, CU. But if, (God forbid), he becomes PM he’ll have to do a bit more than talk the ignorant shit he does now. One of the many things he hasn’t bothered to think through.

  25. Jane @ 5.51pm, ,
    Pip, they don’t even have a case wrt their hospital which is a private hospital. They’ve had a few opportunities to join the public health system, but refused to do so.

    Maybe they’re waiting for a Liberal government… then they might discove the benefits of making it a public hospital…

    Yes, there’s a huge portrait of Wankerphon on the wall directly in front of the door. The owner of the gallery entered it in the Archibald prize. I’m pleased she got nowhere.

    They must like his stunts! I don’t.

  26. Pip @6.07pm, I think they’ll be sadly disappointed if Redmond gets in. another slimy Liealot Lover, imo. i notice the Liars are lying very low in SA. You rarely hear a peep out of them.

    With luck the new RAH will be too far advanced for the idiots to trash it, if we’re dumb enough to elect them.

    At first, I thought he was a breath of fresh air, then I got a whiff; the same reek of Liars party urinals. Wankerphon is aptly named.

  27. Abbott once again blamed the government for the disgusting behaviour he always initiates. His spin team know that the average voter is not that clued in to what is happening day after day. He can and does say anything he wants (sans facts) and gets away with it because the MSM has been bought and paid for by a few ultra wealthy individuals and organisations.

    No analysis of anything he says, no nailing him on the mountain of inconsistent lies.
    Much to my amazement this tactic appears to be effective and could result in the election of the worst government in Australian history.

    What’s at stake? well just look at the US system: minimum wage US$7.25, many workers do not get this however, and work for “tips”. Double digit unemployment in many part of Europe.

    Don’t it always seem to go, you don’t know what you got till it’s gone.

    Quick let’s switch on the TV and watch some more reality television.

  28. Lunalava, in my opinion Australia is a victim of it’s own success. We have a system where, in spite of being able to do better we still have access to first class health and education systems. And it’s all taken for granted.

    Why not trade this “socialist system” in for the Liberal’s user-pays system and encourage even further, a 2 or 3 or even 4 tier system according to social class ie how much you can afford to pay.

    And Tony Abbott has the utter, and might I add utter fuckin’ gall to accuse Labor of CLASS WARFARE!!!!!!!!

  29. You are hitting your head against a brick wall bemoaning the fact that the msm is owned by a ‘few wealthy individuals’. It has always been that way, but the journalists and editors are only interested in getting stories which sell newspapers.

    It’s not a conspiracy.

    Julia has ‘class warfare’ on the brain, formed during her time with the Socialist Alliance, but she is out of touch pushing that line in the 21st century. Our greater middle class grow richer every day.

    The argument goes that European thinking on wealth redistribution is flawed and has got them into this mess, whereas Abbott’s thinking is let’s use the wealth to grow our country and drag everyone up into the middle.

    The safety net is in place….

  30. El gordo, I think that you will find that it was Tony Abbott who first mentioned “class warfare” for the government *gasp* means testing benefits.

    This aligns with the Liberal tradition of dishing out handouts to one and sundry irrespective of need.

  31. El gordo, pork barrelling is a different issue. Imagine you have $10.00 would you rather give $5.00 to Ms. Smith who is a single mother and $5.00 to Mr. Forbes who is a disabled penioner OR would you rather give $8.00 to the well to do Worthington-Smythes and $1.00 each to Ms. Smith and Mr. Forbes. It’s all to do with value for money, basic common sense in fact.

  32. Exactly Min! And el gordo – from the left of the Labor party??? – pffft! That ideological diatribe could have come out of the mouth of Margaret Thatcher.

    I can handle people with honest opposing views, but what really $h!t$ me is someone pretending to be what they’re not 😈

  33. Last night’s Budget Reply Speech from Tony Abbott left me dumbfounded . . . An act of contempt had been performed on our public stage.

    Patricia, that dumfounded you! Were you actually expecting anything else? :mrgreen:

  34. I can handle people with honest opposing views, but what really $h!t$ me is someone pretending to be what they’re not

    I am a well-oiled machine with a genius level IQ.

    I’m not pretending. 😯

  35. ‘…but what really $h!t$ me is someone pretending to be what they’re not’

    I’m not a watermelon.

  36. Roswell, shhh..if Migs wants to believe what his friends say about him when they’ve had a few too many, let’s not spoil it for him. 😉

  37. El gordo and

    I’m not a watermelon

    I would agree with that one, maybe a little more like a cantelope or perhaps a grapefruit..or would it be a lemon.

  38. ‘For a person who allegedly doesn’t like Tony Abbott, el gordo certainly cuts him a lot of slack.’

    I’m not a barracker, so I’m free to look at everything with fresh unbiased eyes. When I say Abbott’s a dill, it’s primarily in regards to his diffidence on CC.

  39. So according to the latest opinion poll 4 out of 10 believe they will be worse off under the budget just handed down. The Prime Minister has slipped behind Tony Abbott and Labor received no bounce from its new policy and programs released in the last month.

    The Liberal Party is running a very clever media campaign, what I call “confound and dissipate” government policy. The Liberals had all their material ready to go on both Slipper and Thompson; Labor brings out some good stuff and they throw the switch to a series of bullshit media stunts.

    The Federal Labor party just does not get it, they are taking a pounding every day on the ABC and sit there wringing their hands about how they can not get their message across.

    Well they have been wedged on government advertising campaigns and so can not do what Howard did and spend $2 billion on a bribe of the commercial MSM.

    They could move to redress the bias and incompetence at the ABC but refuse to do so. Conroy continues to renew Mark Scott as managing director but the malaise at the ABC goes much deeper.

    A new approach to the media is long over due. How about Labor government spokespeople challenging the bullshit media questions instead of kowtowing to people like Chris Uhlmann.

    I like the government’s performance, it has introduced some outstanding programs and has an enviable record on financial management. That they are are being thumped by a guy who has no policy alternative (that he cares to share with us) and is a financial moron is scary.

  40. Reading the 10-15 posts that above indicates that the “twitter mindset” has found its way onto this post.

    One sentence “he said, she said remarks” are boring and add little to the debate except extra scroll space ie I have to scroll past then. But then I have a mouse and need the exercise of skipping past anything El Gordo regurgitates so it’s not all bad.

  41. Russell, Crabb’s piece is a bit of relief and an otherwise dark sea of acceptance of whatever Abbott says as being ‘clever politics’. From your link:

    “Within a week, the Navy would have new orders to turn around illegal boats. Within a month, the Commission of Audit would be making government more efficient.”

    Really? A commission of audit – what Mr Abbott describes as a “once-in-a-lifetime” review of every corner of public administration and expenditure – would be in a position to improve efficiency within a MONTH?

    The experience of the 2010 election reminds us that Mr Abbott can – when required – find some hugely obliging auditors, it’s true. But even so, it’s a screechingly ambitious promise.

    “Within a year,” Mr Abbott tripped merrily on, “national infrastructure priorities would be agreed and there would be more cranes over our cities.”

    National infrastructure priorities would be agreed? Now why didn’t anyone else think of that?

  42. Here’s some good news for the guvmint.

    ‘The north-western NSW town of Bourke has been picked as one of 10 towns across Australia to host a satellite ground station as part of the national broadband network.

    ”This ground station will act as an essential satellite gateway, helping deliver fast broadband to rural and remote communities across Australia,” the Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, said in a statement yesterday.’

    Read more:

  43. I thought it was a crime of the highest order, and one that the house can deal with is to lie.

    Mr. Abbott’s budget’s reply was full of such lies, including that there is no growth in this country.

    His whole reply was bases on that premise.

    By the way, the language programme promised, was lifted from a earlier one that the PM raised.

    Cormet is demanding the PM resign, because Mr. Thompson expanation is not to be believed.

    I would remind that senator and and one else, the PM is not supporting Mr. Thompson. The PM is not saying he is innocence.

    The PM is supporting Mr. Thompson’s right to the presumption of innocence and the human right to be remain silent.

    The PM is saying, it is up to the courts to make this decision, not parliament. Not only up to the courts, but wrong for Parliament to act in anyway.

    We have the separation of powers between the Parliament and the judicial system for very good reason. One that for many important reasons we should not abandon for political purposes.

    No one should support out par,Parliamentary system being trashed for political desires of one man.

    I remind one, many years ago, for many months, and years, every one was so sure that the dingo did not take the baby.

    People believe that the mother was lying, because her story was not believable.

    It is believed by many, that the media campaign of the time tainted the evidence, leading ti the mother been jailed.

    Time and cooler heads reversed this decision.

    There would be few today, that did not believe the dingo took the baby.

    This is only one example of the public and media getting it terribly wrong.

    he thing that raises red flags for me, is that the accusations are identical to those made against Mr. Jackson earlier in the piece.

    I find it hard to believe that one would accuse someone else of crimes, they themselves were committing.

    It does not matter what I think, or anyone else for that matter.

    it is up to the courts to decide.

  44. Craig Thomson has given an interview to Laurie Oakes and stated that he was set up by two un-named union officials – nothing would surprise, but he must be very confident if he can talk to Oakes, who would twist his words at the first opportunity.

  45. I was just thinking about the court of public opinion. I wonder if the Thomson issue would have received even a fraction of the publicity if there hadn’t been *gasp* call girls involved or that the Slipper issue would have remained deep and buried if, 1. Slipper hadn’t agreed to become Speaker thereby thwarting Abbott and 2. if there hadn’t been homosexual activity involved.

    As I’ve said over many months, Thomson may be as guilty as sin but those of us who believe in the democractic process, it’s still innocent until proven guilty. Many a man…and woman, has been sent to the electric chair or the gas chamber on the assumption of guilt just because of the way he/she looked.

    Ok scoff, but I will always believe in the presumption of innocence.

  46. Great news. Tony Abbott gives his full support to Mary Jo Fisher. This is despite her being charged.

    Now, Tony, can we please drop the double standards?

  47. Let’s get real, Craig is sick…. showing symptoms of a pathological liar and he should take leave.

  48. Yes…but my diagnosis may be faulty, perhaps a little harsh, he’s probably just a compulsive liar.

    ‘There is a difference between compulsive liar syndrome and pathological liar syndrome. Pathological liars lie, with malicious intent, as they need to manipulate people for their own selfish purposes. Pathological liars know why they are lying, whereas compulsive liars lie out of sheer habit. For compulsive liars, lying becomes such a habit, that it almost becomes second nature.’

  49. You have just described Abbott perfectly el gordo, well done. He’s all those types of liars.

  50. el gordo, many who have close contact with Ms. Jackson say similar things.

    Min, the presumption of innocence and the right to remain silent is what our justice system is based on. It is to important to allow it to be trashed for pure political reasons.

    The only reason the Thompson and Slipper matter is being perused, is because of the possibility of bringing down a legitimate elected government.

    If we look at the court of public opinion, they get it wrong more often than they get it right.

    One wonders at the ability of one to get a fair trial after so much adverse publicity.

    If anyone is interested, nothing that Mr. Thompson said in that interview is new. Mr. Thompson has said that from day one.

    It is a system of justice that is under attack.

    It is immaterial whether Mr. Thompson is guilt if a crime that he has not been even charged with.

    It is about the presumption of innocence and the right to silence.

    The reaction to Mr. Thompson’s interview, shows that the right course of action for him was silence.

    It has only gave the media and opposition a hook to continue with their allegations. Allegation, rumour and innuendo is all it is at this stage.

  51. when Parliament resumes the week after next, Mr. Albanese should move motion to suspend standing orders to allow Mr. Abbott to explain why he told so many mistruths in his budget reply speech. he should begin by explaining why he said that he had to restart growth in Australia, when growth is proceeding at a fair rate.

    I am sure many others can find a couple of more lies.

    Another is his statement of the likely cost brought about by the Clean Energy Future Scheme.

    If he cannot explain what appears to be lies, he should stand down.

    The Parliament frowns deeply on being lied to by MP’s.

  52. Now who could this be. Even though we do not know need facts, only rumours and innuendo, it might be fairer not to name the person.

    I believe he lies when he says he hates rumours. I believe he gets great pleasure from them, as long as they are about Labor.

    I noticed, it is a rumour about a Federal Minister. Would he be making comments if it was one of Abbott’s mob.

    There have been several comments in threads about an aspirant prime minister. Piers Akerman asked the individual about those rumours last week.
    Since last September, at least, there has been a pretty bitchy snippet doing the rounds that makes the claim that a federal minister has fathered an illegitimate child by a staff member.
    During Tuesday’s budget lockup I had the opportunity to sit down with the minister concerned.
    We have known each other for close on 10 years,

    Piers is correct. But I suspect the same standards do not apply when it comes to Labor.

    Rumours hurt the innocent

    HATE rumours.

    Since last September, at least, there has been a pretty bitchy snippet doing the rounds that makes the claim that a federal minister has fathered an illegitimate child by a staff member.


    Fighting for personal reputation from within this disgraced party is a tough challenge, but decent people should not promulgate baseless rumours which are designed to do no more than titillate the prurient and to wound the innocent.

  53. ‘The plummeting polls show that the Labor Party has lost the trust of the overwhelming majority of Australians.’

    Dat’s true.

  54. el gordo, so what. It is more than a popularity contest.

    One wonders, why a government that has just brought in a budget, that benefits most, is so unpopular. What is going on with the public.

    One wonders what is happening to the public to make them so bitter when we have a government that has overseered one of the best economies in the world and addressing the problems that the future might bring.

    Maybe this time, the public may have allowed themselves to be misled and maybe a little wrong.

    After all, the figures do not support what they obviously believe.

    For the future of this country, they better get it right.

  55. El gordo, re pathological liar and malicious intent..well not quite, this is not my forté admittedly being just an educational psychologist but a pathological liar almost always lies so as to enhance their public image. The issue of malice is not a component to my knowledge.

  56. ……..4 out of 10 believe they will be worse off under the budget just handed down.

    6 out of 10 people believe they’ll be better off under the budget just handed down

    Amazing how easy it is to plant cynical and manipulative negative images in the minds (and I use the word loosely) of the gullible and uninformed.

  57. Jane, this is off topic but important none the less: I love the Port Adelaide sticker my sister gave me for my new car. This means I can’t drive it like a noon car though. It’s just been turned into a limousine.

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