I am without a doubt a political geek, no sense in denying it…

My favourite shows are Q&A, 7 30, 4 Corners, Media Watch, and Lateline. If I want fiction and comedy, I’ll watch “In The Thick Of It”…. like I said, political geek…

Monday nights are my big night, all 5 of these shows are on. I can just stretch out on the couch with some trackie daks on, and make myself comfy.

What I like about Q&A is that no matter which way you lean politically, the guests are usually good, and each get a fair hearing, even obnoxious ones like Mirabella, Brandis and O’Dwyer.

What has dismayed me this season, is the number of musical guests that play a song at the end of the show. Has the channel 10 board of directors suddenly taken over the ABC?

This week we had Kate Miller-Heidke. Yeah she has a good voice but so what? She seemed to know nothing or little about the issues being discussed, nor did she seem to have any interest in any of them. The most meaningful thing she said all night was when asked about the panels discussion on banks and mortgage rates she mumbled, “I just tuned out for a little while but…”. Great stuff, interesting perpective…

Clearly she was only there to advertise her latest album on a channel that doesn’t allow advertising.

I am reasonably sure most people watch Q&A for the discussion and to see panellists who want to be involved with the audience and the discussion. The time allocated to her could have been given to more discussion, and her seat could have been given to someone who may have actually given a toss….

I have yet to meet someone who says they are looking forward to seeing what performance is at the end of Q&A. Do you know why? Nobody cares about the performances….

If people want to see performances there must be about a million crappy shows like The Voice, Australian Idol, Australia Lacks Talent, etc to choose from…

This is not the first time this has happened either, there have been a few performances this year.

What is coming next? Are we going to see Tony booted out and the show hosted by Rove, or Kyle Sandilands?

Please understand, I am not having a shot at any of the performers, or their talent. Q&A is true reality television, and I’m just trying to vote the performers off….

I hope the producers of Q&A hear my plea, and I hope they hear it before Young Talent Time includes political discussion between songs.

41 comments on “SOS

  1. Gordon Street Tonight has a band at the end too. I don’t see the relevance, unless it is to increase Australian content or to attract young people to the audience. In that respect, this week’s guest (KMH) probably did do that. In addition, her lack of interest in much of the discussion, ie the budget in general, was a bit disturbing but her comment about affording a mortgage was just the sort of thing young people all over the country could identify with. I am sad that this issue was not taken further in the discussion.

  2. I agree…and in particular this week. I thought Kate had a better grip on issues of the day as I’ve seen her perform…very disappointing this week. Yes…I watch The Voice for my entertainment in music…not Q & A which seems to be slipping on all accounts.

  3. Cheers Shane, Gordon St is a different style of show so it fits better there. It is a shame that part of the conversation didn’t go further

  4. I agree Janny, nothing wrong with those shows like The Voice, and people can like both shows, but you are in a different frame of mind for each show…

  5. Janny, you’re not alone in thinking Q&A has been slipping. It has even slipped off my radar and I no longer have the emotional strength to watch it. 😉

  6. Wixxy, all I can say is thank god for Media Watch.

    It’s where I learn that everything in the media over the previous week was nothing bu a beat-up. But I knew that anyway.

  7. I have felt that since the return of QandA that the standard has not been of the same quality as previously. The audience participation seems to have been lessened and whilst there have been guests who are ideological opposed this has not produced much debate. The Dawkins Pell program was particularly disappointing. I think Tony Jones is out worn his welcome & ABC should be looking at its’ considerable talent pool for a replacement.

  8. Yep. For us nearly-deaf old guys, the songs just go over our heads. Fewer songs on Q&A; more thoughts and words, please.

    Actually, make that “Thoughts *THEN* Words”. More thoughts than Ms KMH displayed, anyway. Although, I guess she speaks for her generation. I’m guessing there are many more like her who think (or rather, don’t think much at all) like her.

  9. I see what you are saying Wixxy. But I kind of disagree. The musical artists are almost always young and there music is usually somewhat politically motivated. Q&A try to facilitate a balanced debate and young people are an important part of such a debate (clearly my biases as a young person are coming through, but still). If anything, the lack of participation shows the distance between young people and politics. Yes, most of us lack the depth of knowledge that seasoned veterans enjoy, but that doesn’t mean we should be excluded. I sincerely hope young people (I am flexible on the musician part :P) continue to be given a voice on q and a.

  10. wixxy, at the risk of sounding like an old pharte, I don’t think Kate Miller Heidke added anything of value to Q&A.. She seemed pre-occupied and self indulgent …
    P.S, my offspring is around the same age and she thought so too. :

    Migs will tell you she’s a bit of an upstart but that’s through the eyes of a disappointed football supporter … 😯

    Hiya Shane. 🙂

  11. I understand Luke, and I agree they should have artists on who will participate, but scrap the singing I think, the show is for debate. I’m a music freak, and I would be just as disappointed if they put political debate on during Rage….

    I’m with you Miglo, Media Watch rules 🙂 it should run for 30 minutes

  12. Yeah I have no qualms losing the music. Not sure you would get kmh in if she didn’t get to perform. Maybe that’s the problem. Get in some young local politicians instead. I heard a great member of the bendigo council (aged 23) speak about young people’s concerns. I can’t think of his name. But he was awesome.

  13. Wixxy. Sorry mate going off topic a tad. This retarded government has to lay down and die. What an embarrassment to all Australians. I just watched Gillard on 7.30 Report….. say no more. Slipper, Thompson, Gillard ….the Budget, another string of backflips and broken promises.
    FYI Wixxy. Q&A is as deep as Biggest Loser.

  14. So Mig.
    All is good with your team?
    What I cannot understand is where they go to drag up this consistent Freak Show call the ALP/Labor.

    Speak to Rupert.

  15. It’s where I learn that everything in the media over the previous week was nothing bu a beat-up. But I knew that anyway.

    But it’s nice to have one’s opinion confirmed, Migs.

    I’m with you, I can’t be bothered with Q&A anymore. I’m sick of Tony Jones’ fat leering face and the dopey Liars Party twats in the audience and on the panel. Otherwise, I really like it. :mrgreen:

  16. Miglo

    was it somewhere on this site or a just reference to an article on how Q&A is stacked.
    it was a while ago but a good read.
    but wixxy, i gave up on Tony Jones quite some time ago.

  17. I watch about 2-3 hrs of that wonder called Telly a week,… a bit of news… a bit of APAC…… a bit of Weather channel and most of Dr Who……. call me a Ludite if you will, but where do you find the time…… who can sit that long…… I once was a mad SBS, ABC watcherer but alas quality Telly has gone, replaced by formula T.V…. (except for the Dr… and the Boosh…. and Apac….and?) 🙂
    Geoff, about the lay down and die bit… we could say that about you and your lot but we dont….. why?… ’cause unlike you and kind we dont live in a dog eat dog world….. ours is about helping each other….even you if and when your down and out…. a real filter down effect…. kind a like what Julia and swanny are giving us now, mm!!!

  18. @Sue. I know a few people who have moved on from Q&A. But I’ll never forget when gillard announced her carbon tax and was the only panelist for an episode. Watching a crowd of everyday people throw curly (often loaded) questions at the PM is surely the greatest demonstration of our country’s democracy. Q&A is still relevant and interesting in my books.

  19. The Community cabinets are a much better forum, then Q&A. real people, real questions, no twitter, no director choosing the questions and no star “host” saying “i’ll take that as a comment”.

  20. Stopped watching Q&A — failed the ‘is this meaningful and productive debate?’ test. Now if they’d just get some of the dud politicians off it!

  21. Yes indeed deknarf. The last time I watched it there was Joe Hockey laughing at his own jokes as he avoided the hard questions. And there scrolling across the screen were copies of tweets from people impressed with his character, ending in ‘Joe for PM’.

  22. Haha. Okay, so admittedly they get some dud politicians. But it would be a tough gig getting pollys to stay on topic and still get through the questions that they do. Tony can only work with what his got. And yeah I just ignore the twitter comments.

  23. I’m not gonna try and deny that mig. Mirabella also annoys me a lot. She scoffs at everything anyone else has to say. but there are some diamonds in the rough, if you look hard enough..

  24. ……..there are some diamonds in the rough, if you look hard enough..

    lukechirop, you could use an electron microscope and you won’t find lumps of coal, let alone diamonds in Slagabella.

  25. LOVO, it was predicted he would lose that one.

    Maybe he prances because he thinks he’s going to be the next PM. 😯

  26. Migs, P.M. as in prima donna,…. he’s just a rarefied chicken ,he’s like blabott, a budgie without a beak…… nothing suckseeds like a budgie without a beak… 🙂

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