Time Travel and other adventures

With thanks to JooR:

I have a functioning time machine (I know it sounds unbelievable, but I assure you it works), and which I need a 2nd person to operate with me.

I’m looking for someone who is adventurous and reliable. Preferable a male; or a female with a good deal of imagination.

I do realise that this is short notice, but I am leaving this evening May 8th 2012, and plan to return May 17th 2012. I am going to June 1983. I don’t have any reason for this date; the number came to me suddenly.

If you are serious about time travel and you are reliable, then please contact me. You do not have to pay anything, but you would have to provide someone to watch my goldfish for the time that we are gone. The only qualifications needed are that you are reliable and that the circumferance of your head is no more than 64cm.

We will be leaving from either Melbourne, or Canberra or FNQ. The place of embarkation is flexible. Let me know if you want to go with me.

31 comments on “Time Travel and other adventures

  1. No thanks Min. That is a decade I do not wish to return. Nor the one before, for that matter.

  2. Min, any chance of stopping in on July 1983 along the way? I’d like to get all of July’s Lotto results before we head off to June. 🙂

  3. Migs,
    just a short trip so I can have a word in Paul Keating’s ear about Murdoch, the upcoming “recession we had to have”, dentalcare…

    might use my knowledge to earn a few bucks…then take a trip to St Patrick’s Seminary, Manly and then tell them that a man, Tony Abbott, will enter the seminary in 1984…that God has willed he become a priest and if they can make him such, one million dollars will be provided to the church in the year 2010…they can check with the bank this is a bonafide offer. 🙂

    I’ll also use the trip to see The Smiths, The Church and various other bands.

    And talk to Bono about how he and others can alleviate poverty faster.

    Warn Princess Di to never go to France unless taking public transport.

    And have a word to Kevin Rudd about roof insulation…don’t trust dodgy private companies…ever.

    And then surprise my other self and shock them into not drinking so much…but tell them they MUST meet a beautiful lady at a party on Nov 30th 1990.


  4. Nas, I can’t see that one working:

    “Hello, Mr Keating, my name’s Nas and I’m from the 21st Century”.

    I reckon they’d lock you up. 😛

  5. Migs,
    nope…I’d take a few pics and articles from older Keating to convince him. And a French clock to seal the deal. 🙂


  6. A subject I took at uni was Knowledge, Ideology and Social Science (KISS). It covered the Renaissance, the Reformation and the Scientific Revolution. The lecturer asked the class what would most surprise a person from the Middle Ages who traveled in a time machine to the present day.

    Naturally we came up with the apparent obvious things such as motor cars, flight, computers etc etc.

    We gave the wrong answer. Upon hearing what the lecturer suggested I’m inclined to agree with her. She said the person from the Middle Ages would be saddened to learn that modern day people had forgotten how to communicate.

  7. I’d like to travel back to 1947 and a little town in New Mexico called Roswell. I want to find out what happened to those aliens.

  8. Roswell, by the way, I can’t find a better template for the blog, but I tried. You might find it better to use on your iPhone if you held it long ways.

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  10. I have nothing to say about the Roswell affair, except that accidents do happen.

    If I could return to 1947 or 1983 the human inhabitants would not believe that life in the 21st century will see the end of war.

    Abundant energy and respect for private property on earth is the basis for peace and our adventures in outer space. Alan Moran in Quadrant…

    ‘Certainly, if the replacement of US hegemony is by China then the outcome will be inferior to a USA that is self-consciously in favour of liberty. But any future hegemony is almost certain to be based on mutual gain that stems from trade and respect for property. It is no longer legitimate or profitable for a nation to forcefully seize land, people or resources.

    ‘Formerly Third World nations have achieved the fastest rates of economic growth mankind has ever experienced without contemplating the need to obtain political control over markets or sources of raw materials. All that is needed can be bought. In no case has success been achieved with warfare. This demonstration effect indicates that any change in political control of territory is in the future most unlikely to mean the seizure of private property.’

  11. Migs, if I got the ’80’s Lotto results..I’d probably still come up with only one number and the supplementary. 😦

  12. El gordo, perhaps you could go back to 1983 and warn the world about the impending climate change. 😉

  13. Here’s something I’ve never considered. Given the choice, would I prefer to travel back to the past or onward to the future? Such an interesting dilemna.

  14. Roswell, that would depend upon whether or not is possible to alter the past. Is time linear or akin to something like this..

  15. I blame Margaret Thatcher for politicising the global warming meme, using her chemistry degree to good effect.

  16. LOVO, that is a complex problem. Sadly I can’t take the fish with me as they don’t respond well to time travel..poor things end up resembling something akin to mulch.

  17. I’m not much of a wine drinker, Min, but a case of 1978 Grange Hermitage might fetch me a dollar or two at a wine auction.

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