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At the time of writing the 2012 Budget had not yet been handed down, yet the media is filling its sites with “the Opposition says . . .” rubbish.  Here are some examples:

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott told his shadow cabinet that while Mr Swan would trumpet a budget surplus, it would be a surplus based on “fiddled figures”.

“Whether it will be the things that have been moved from next year into this year, whether it’s the things that are moved off the budget that should be on the budget, it will be a cooked books surplus,” he said.

Shadow treasurer Joe Hockey questioned how Labor could be returning the budget to surplus after a series of budget leaks suggested it was spending more than it was saving.

“Wayne Swan doesn’t know whether he is Santa Claus or the Christmas Grinch,” he told reporters in Canberra.

“On the one hand the government is making large announcements and handing out money, and on the other hand they’re talking about tough cutbacks.”

Mr Hockey wants to see the detail of Mr Swan’s “loss carry-back” benefit before supporting it, claiming it is an idea stolen from the coalition.

“I wish they would stop stealing our initiatives. They lambasted it at the time. Now they’re doing it,” he said.

He also refused to say whether he would back a new education rebate.

He described the government’s revamp of the education tax refund into twice-yearly payments as “dressing mutton up as lamb”.

Mr Hockey said the policy change amounted to giving out money to people whether they needed it or not.

And from another source:

The Opposition attacked the Budget in advance and Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey questioned whether Treasurer Swan would ever deliver his promise.

“(Tonight) we just want the Treasurer to tell the truth,” Mr Hockey said yesterday.

“(Tonight) we want the Treasurer to give the full, unfiltered picture about the Budget. We all know that he won’t be there to see it through.

“We all know that Julia Gillard won’t be there to see it through. He will promise a surplus, a surplus that will never be delivered.”

And another:

The Opposition is certain to attack the projected cuts and Tony Abbott today took aim at the entire Budget calculations, accusing the Government of cooking the figures.

“Frankly the $1.5 billion surplus is essentially just a rounding error,” Mr Abbott said.He said the Government would have to first cover a $40 billion deficit for 2011-12.”This is a cooked-books surplus based on fiddled figures and yet again no one should take this Government seriously,” Mr Abbott said.
And this:

Addressing the shadow cabinet, the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, took aim at the school children’s bonus. ”Everyone knows what this is about. This is disguised carbon tax compensation,” he said. ”It is yet another carbon tax bribe paid with borrowed money.”

The shadow treasurer, Joe Hockey, said the government had confused its message about a tough budget by handing out money as well as cutting costs.

Get the picture?  Click on any of the hundreds of related articles in Google News and you won’t have to look hard to see somewhere that “the Opposition says . . .”

The Treasurer is about to hand down the Budget and I’ll be back later to add more of what “the Oppositions says . . . ”


It is now the day after and oddly there is little of “the Opposition says . . .”

Could not overlook this ridiculous comment though:

The claim comes as Opposition front bencher Kevin Andrews said if people were given the money they would spend it on poker machines and fancy electronics and not their children.

Of course, under Howard’s baby bonus the money was never, never never spent on pokies.
grinch card

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  1. “Budget 2012: a recipe for disaster”

    Bill Mitchell on The Drum

    He also described it as a 5000 word suicide note by the government.

    Sadly, I have to agree.

  2. Well I have tied my electricity charges with a 12% discount on what I am paying now for the next two years.

    I generally do not like contracts allowed my self to talked into one last Friday,knowing I has a ten day cooling off period.

    I did not like the lies or bullshit they told me. It gave me a lever to deal with my present provider.

    I have cancelled the Friday one.

    I suspect that many, if they want to, can isolate themselves from coming rises, for at least two years.

  3. What continually baffles me is how resistant BOTH parties (I’m not just Abbott bashing here) are to agreeing with one another. If the ALP were adopting Coalition ideas, he should be happy for the sake of the country that Australia is getting a good outcome. Anything less demonstrates that individuals are putting their own politic ambition ahead of the good of the people who elected them.

  4. Disgraceful display of disrespect as the Opposition roared with laughter when Treasurer Swan began his budget speech.

    I expect no less from the Abbott-led Coalition. Mocking men and Luddite ladies.


  5. Has anyone listen to Mr. Hockey. What have they been on. Sense is the one thing, he is not making.

    He says the budget is confusing.

    Maybe, but he sure is.

    It sounds like 7,30 on the ABC 2, on Thursday nights. As comedy script, it is a success.

    Could it be, that they have been wedged with this budget.

  6. Hockey said it !

    “If the household sector has to cut its budget, then it expects the government to cut theirs.”

    That’s like saying when you’re drowning in quicksand you expect your rescuer to jump in and join you, rather than throw you a rope.

  7. The media’s treatment of the Slipper & Thomson events can really be looked at as another case of their letting Abbott fudge his way around inconvenient numbers.
    If parliamentarians were obliged to stand aside when accused or involved in litigation, there’d be more Coalons walking out the door than Labor.
    This is ignored & Abbott is allowed his one sided argument, everyone assuming that it’ll only be Labor figures at issue. With the media’s help he keeps the whole thing on the boil whilst living in hope that he can bully the government into giving in. Giving in to the conditions he’s been allowed to set.

  8. Senator Wong is correct. Budgets are about arranging priories.

    One sits around the table with the family and nuts out what the available money will be spent on. Each, I am sure will have different views.

    This budget is about putting in place, Labor’s priories, and moving the Coalition priories to the back of the queue.

    It is not and why should it be, a Coalition budget.

  9. Mangrove, who’s this Bill Mitchell bloke? I think I’ve heard of him before. 😉

    Some of our sisters here at the Cafe could tell you too Migs.

    It’s not just me !

  10. Budgets are ‘estimates’ or if you like ‘guesstimates’. They are attempts to predict the future. They deal with any number of ‘unknowns’.

    There has never been any government whose ‘prediction’ has been spot on, re the detail.

    And to suggest that any Treasurer, past or present, is anything other than the mouthpiece of the collected ‘wisdom’ of any number of public servants just demonstrates a complete ignorance of how government works.

  11. MJ, he has confused me at the moment.

    Then I do not believe this budget has anything to do with surpluses. I have had the feeling for a while.

    It is a very political budget, with the aim of wedging the Opposition and others that oppose the PM.

    It is not about finances but about getting ahead.

    If they come out and said another stimulus was required, they would have been crucified.

    They appeared to have taken the money from areas, where it will not hurt the overall economy, to where it will be spent.

    Is the tax free threshold still going ahead or not. I would hate to see that one go.

    Hockey is going to opposed the kids school bonus. How is he going to explain to parents, they do not believe they should have it, next month.

    As for the few sole parents affected, I do not have much sympathy.

    It was I think eight years ago that Mr. Howard removed the benefit from anyone with children over eight. Those already receiving the benefit, were left in place. These kids must be around the thirteen mark at least.

    You could have two parents living next door to one another. One with a teen still getting the benefit. The other next door with a eight year old, forced back to work.

    It is fun seeing the Coalition complaining about removing Mr. Howard’s grandfather clause eight years later.

  12. It is really funny, when politics is all about politics, what else would it be about.

    One expert said that maybe business should have gave the government more support when they were in battle with the miners and big business.

    He went onto say business seems to think they have to do nothing, that government has to do it for them.

  13. Did Swan mention the Gonski Recommendations at any time during his speech? If he did, I didn’t hear it.

    Sure there were parental payments for school kids, but that’s just fluff. A real Labor Budget would have announced the implementation of the Gonski Recommendations.

  14. No Opposition people available for Lyndal Curtis ABC 24 .

    They must have more important matters to deal with.

    The PM did challenge Mr. Abbott at the completion of question time that he should visit the lockup, so he could see what a budget looks like.

    Mr. Oakeshott on in their place. He is making much sense.

  15. As for the budget…it’s Labor returning to core Labor values.

    Nothing fancy. Practical. Useful.

    Helps and provides opportunities and incentives for the lower income families…and part of the middle class…and many underprivileged.

    It ensures the well-off sacrifice more. They can afford it. The prosperity era was their friend. In wobbly times they need to remember who builds their roads, makes their homes and helps their kids, picks up after them…serves them food and other goods.

    No big surprises. Looking out for the working families…battlers.

    Dentalcare funding (tick)…more healthcare funding including bowel cancer testing (tick)…National Disability Insurance Scheme funding (tick)…more money for families with school kids (tick)…money for the Pacific Highway (tick)…

    sounds generally good to me…bar the foreign aid slowdown…and I’d like to see the Newstart Allowance increased…to show we are a compassionate, fair society.

    All up tho I reckon the government is on the right track with this solid budget.

    And heading steadily toward the forecasted surplus.

    More here:

    2012 Australian federal budget


  16. The only thing I heard Mr. Hockey add to the debate that there were 20 000 jobs that could be cut Canberra. He was asked if this was going to come from the forces.

  17. Col wrote: Sure there were parental payments for school kids, but that’s just fluff. A real Labor Budget would have announced the implementation of the Gonski Recommendations.

    Ahhh yes, thnx for reminding me.
    I was surprised this didn’t come up.


  18. sounds generally good to me

    Glad you like it Nas. I remember this time last year you were less than impressed. You’re a useful measuring stick.

  19. “And heading steadily toward the forecasted surplus.”

    Nask, that’s the problem.

    A surplus sucks money out of the household/private sector and leads to an increase in unemployment.

    It’s not opinion, it’s not politics. It’s an accounting identity.

  20. Mangrove,
    I reckon heading towards this surplus has been a useful way to deal with some of the upper middle class carrots that Howard burdened the government with…if there is a recession down the road from a Chinese shift…those priorities were unaffordable.

    It also takes some pressure off interest rates at the right time. As people shift a wee bit from saving and paying off debt to purchasing necessary goods that have worn out since the last stimulus payment purchases…and paying for repairs. Take the interest rate decreases and people are not forced to divert more money into bank’s hands…add the money for school kids…and it helps provide a wee bit more purchasing power without going over-the-top.

    The surplus is also about perception in a world where heavily debt-ridden countries are struggling…this modest income redistribution off the back of the mining boom points to a rebalancing of priorities without acting like “eat the rich” bogeyman.

    Steady as she goes…see what storms are on the horizon.

    Any rich person who whinges about this budget is whining to an empty stadium.

    Incremental changes…testing the winds.

    Preparing for a more flexible, affordable, fairer, efficient, imaginative future.

    I’m sure the government will

  21. Naskin, I didn’t have much initial hope for the Gonski Review (given the Chair’s backfround) but I was surprised with the validity of the recommendations. Full credit must go to KGB, (otherwise known as Ken Boston) whose insights seemingly won the day.

    It’s a good blueprint for educational reform, but the really sad part: is there is no provision for it in the Budget. Shame, shame, shame. No real reform just short-term bribes.

  22. Nask,

    The pursuit of a surplus may have been the political cover the government needed to wind back the upper middle class welfare, but it could’ve done it without. There is nothing intrinsically good about a surplus.

    Surpluses are very much right wing theology, so I’ll get a frisson of delight if Swan has turned the rhetoric back onto its authors and used it to claw back some of Howard’s largesse.

    But at the end of the day if there’s a surplus it has to come at the expense of private sector savings or spending, especially when we run a sizeable current account deficit. It’s simple arithmetic.

    I haven’t looked at the detail yet, so I don’t know where the cuts and savings are going to come from. From a macro perspective it doesn’t matter much.

    If the private sector could be persuaded to get off its savings binge and go out and spend, Swan might get away with this. But all the portents are the other way.

    “It also takes some pressure off interest rates at the right time”

    The RBA only drops the cash rate when things are crook Nask (you know that !)So the RBA and fiscal policy are now pulling in opposite directions. The RBA was not given the headroom to drop rates by the upcoming budget, they had no choice. It was a defensive move.

    And it’s not necessarily stimulatory. If it results in lower rates for depositors there are unknown, or unquantified distributive effects that may balance out any increase in lending activity.

    Go and read some Bill Mitchell. He explains all this stuff much better than I can. His values are very much for the “working class”, so you should be comfortable with his style.

  23. It’s a measure of the parlous standing of the Labor Party in Australian politics that this budget will almost certainly not be seen as a triumph. But for Wayne Swan, at least, I think it is. The Labor Treasurer has pulled off a savings program the likes of which Peter Costello could never have delivered.

    Think about it: faced with one of the most dangerous economic situations since the Great Depression, the Labor government had the courage to spend up big to stimulate the economy — but also the discipline to return the budget to surplus, far faster than any

  24. The sky is not going to fall.

    Speaking of the carbon tax: its rolling out is not expected to have a “material impact” on the domestic economy. Treasury thinks it will have essentially no discernible impact on unemployment, for instance, and expects investment in the resources sector to continue apace.

    And the mining boom shows no sign of running its course. Investment is estimated at $120 billion in 2012-13 alone, with a resources investment pipeline approaching $450 billion. That’s a mind-boggling half a trillion dollars in expected investment for giant projects like Olympic Dam in South Australia, not to mention the myriad of coal and gas projects in Queensland and Western Australia.

  25. As for tomorrow’s reaction: get ready for more unhinging.

    Haven’t we already seen a lot of that in the Opposition? I really don’t know how they’re going to cope.

  26. Listening to Robb. If possible, he is worse than Hockey. Has to be when he is challenged by Alberici. Lateline. ABC 2

    Most of the reception appears to be positive. In fact more than positive.

  27. It was good to see the business journalists having a go at the business sector, for taking for granted “their right” to a tax cut, for joining the miners in attacking the govt, for not bothering to lobby the govt for tax relief, and the clincher “well the small business tax isn’t any good because not all small businesses are incorporated”.

    As the journalists summarised, the govt said well if you are not interested in lower business taxes we will take the money and give it to those who will value it, those on low to middle income.

    So next time Abbott puts on the vest/helmet and visits a small business the business can thank Tony personally.

    Now what the govt has said, they want to work with business on tax reform but it will be up to business to identify where savings can be found in concessions business has in order to pay for reduced taxes.

  28. Ms. Alberici once again put in her place by Senator Wong. She was told she was parroting coalition lines or words to that effect.

  29. Sue, clever lady. This should be called the wedge budget. We will see how well it has been achieved as the week goes on.

    Hockey got it right, when he said the message was confused. I do not think they get it.

    They should be celebrating tonight. It is just not happening.

    Wonder where they all got too. Not interested in turning up to anymore than they had to.

    Mr. Abbott appears once again to have gone to ground.

    He sat in the house today like a dummy, with that smirk on his face. .

    Hockey is being replayed on ABC24.

  30. It must have been a good budget. On the front page of today’s Australian there sits a large picture of Craig Thomson. The other main story was about Peter Slipper.

  31. Sue, what was that about small businesses having a wee bit of a whinge with the reasoning being that not all small businesses are incorporated. Well, yes of course it’s right..and the reason is s51(xx) of the Constitution otherwise known as the corporations powers which gives the Commonwealth the right to legislate with respect to “foreign corporations, and trading or financial corporations formed within the limits of the Commonwealth”.

  32. The government is getting some positive comments from Fairfax:

    Treasurer Wayne Swan told Parliament last night: ”For too many Australians, this feels like someone else’s mining boom – someone else’s prosperity. So tonight we announce new policies to spread the benefits of this boom”.

    Swan played that one correctly, the mega miners have zilch sympathy about paying tax in spite of their scare campaign of jobs being lost.

  33. Well the government told big business where they stand last night.

    They were told that the government does not have to do as they say.

    If they want assistance from this government, they better start showing respect.

    The government has responsibilities to others, as well as business.

    The government last night, priories was for lower income earners over business.

    Business was told, because of their lack of support by not putting some pressure on Mr. Abbott, they missed out.

    The government was clear in the message that they do want to lower company tax, and it is now up to business to work with the government to bring this about.

    The government was also clear, that in these matters, it is not interested in playing games with the Opposition or the anyone else.

    The perception that has been created by the Opposition and media, is that the government has no options. Last night proved that not to be true, one always have choices.

    It was a good budget politically speaking. One hopes that it is also good for the economy.

    Watch a retired couple on a part pension., Disappointed. Acknowledge the good, but could not get pass the fear of that carbon tax. Abbott has done his job well, putting unnecessary fear into people.

    What was clear from most of what was said last night, is that this government has been very focus over the last few years, on cutting spending.

    What was also acknowledge, and both Abbott and Hockey have been pulled up on, that the blow out has been caused by disasters across the country, and in Japan. That there has been a double dip recession across the globe.

    In spite of this, the government has still come in on target.

    Mr. Hockey is coming across as a buffoon. Dawes script has been written for Thursday night. ABC 2.

  34. What was also good to see, was Mr. Swan and the PM proudly claiming this to be a Labor government. About time. .

  35. Interesting.

    The Australian Electoral Commission has warned that civil ­proceedings against federal MP Craig Thomson for breaches of the electoral act might not be possible because of the time it took Fair Work Australia to release a report into the embattled Heath Services Union.
    The possibility that civil proceedings might not be allowed will generate intense debate given that FWA has been criticised for taking too long to complete its report, something its officials have conceded.
    The report revealed that Mr Thomson’s lawyers, Holding Redlich, raised extensive arguments that the FWA investigation was not authorised by legislation, was biased and did not offer him procedural ­fairness.
    The AEC’s chief legal officer, Paul Pirani, said yesterday that the report referred to the 2007 federal election and that the electoral act had a three-year statute of limitations for breaches.

  36. Maybe the PM should have been more careful when she lifted parts old Workchoices into FWA.

    The PM should have been aware that one should look carefully at anything that Mr. Abbott was responsible for.

    I wonder if the Opposition raised any concerts when this was being debated during the Rudd governments time.


    he regulation of union finances is covered by a national law, the Fair Work Registered Organisations Act, which does not contain a statute of limitation. Lawyers said the Judiciary Act then applied the relevant state law and that in NSW and Victoria there was a two-year limit for civil penalties.
    Workplace legal expert Andrew Stewart said last night that a federal magistrate had recently thrown out a prosecution by the Fair Work Ombudsman after ruling that the proceedings fell outside the NSW statute of limitations.

  37. Cu and Business was told, because of their lack of support by not putting some pressure on Mr. Abbott, they missed out.

    Precisely. Why assist organisations who have spent millions in trying to undermine government policies. About time that Labor woke up as to where their loyalties should lie, and that is where loyalty is reciprocated.

  38. NSW legislation not much better. Statues of limitation 12 months.

    The NSW government yesterday introduced legislation to appoint an administrator to the HSU’s East branch after arguing that the Gillard government did not have legal standing to appoint an administrator to the state-based union.
    One section of the NSW legislation would have to “extend the statute of limitations for offences by officers of organisations from the present 12 months to five years”, raising similar legal questions.

  39. Cu @9.50am it’s the procedural fairness thing which caught my eye. The time limit can be waived if it can proven that this was necessary as part of the investigation, however this is unusual to do so because after X amount of time relevant evidence can be lost, and people’s memories as to sequence of events become unreliable.

  40. Hockey has a history of being the biggest buffoon ever, on Lateline last year he declared that the Govt had raided the future funds store? Does he really believe that Costello would not have had that splashed all over the murdoch sewerage llnes? Then he declared that we were following the US down the path to debtdom, stating that the US would default on their debt payments? The libs just cannot get their facts right, On Q&A, we had the lib spruiker claiming $157 billion debt, Sir Cumference claiming a $200 billion debt, I would not trust Size of Two Postcodes to direct a school childrens crossing, let alone a fiscal policy for this nation.

  41. Given recent performances from the State governments, this seems a wise choice. Amazingly this critique comes from the oo.

    THE states will have to increase the number of public dental patients they treat or lose the reward payments offered by the federal government under its $500 million dental package.

    Federal Health Minister Tanya Plibersek said last night she wants to ensure the states did not cut back on their dental spending when the commonwealth puts up $345.9m to treat the 400,000 people now on the public dental waiting lists.

    There are concerns the states may take the money and reduce their own support for dental care.

  42. Tincan, and who can forget Hockey’s laughable performance last year when it was play pass the parcel Abbott to Hockey to finally be landed in Robb’s lap.

  43. I doubt that this one is going to be very popular..whoopsie, had someone forgotten to tell Tony that Andrews and Hockey had already come out in opposition to the legislation…

    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says the coalition party room has yet to decide whether to vote against the Schoolkids Bonus in the federal budget.

    The federal government on Wednesday introduced legislation to provide eligible families with $410 a year for primary school children and $820 a year for secondary students.

    Opposition families spokesman Kevin Andrews told parliament the bill would be opposed and shadow treasurer Joe Hockey repeated it as fact in media interviews.

  44. Albanese is coming on ABC24. Pacific Highway.

    Rhinehart children are able to access the trust. Battle not over. She will not produce documents.

  45. From the same link to would suggest that Ms Dela Cruz try a little bit harder…

    Ms Dela Cruz said that she doesn’t fall into the $300,000 bracket, but she is a high income earner and still finds it extremely difficult to plan for the future.

  46. And from the same link, are out and about interviewing people who receive nothing from the budget rather than those that do.

    “The ALP have carried on with headline grabbers and acting like Robin Hood when a large portion of the families doing it tough, get nothing due to means testing,” said Mr Campbell, who lives in Brisbane with his two children, Aly, 5, and Dex, 3.

    It’s the typical ‘what about me’ mentality of most Australians.

  47. Tincan said:

    I would not trust Size of Two Postcodes to direct a school childrens crossing, let alone a fiscal policy for this nation.

    Now that one casued me to choke on my coffee. Brilliant. 🙂

  48. First Question from Abbott.

    Indignation about our credit card.

    Leader of the Opposition is obviously struggling to understand the budget. Mr Costello had a similar opinion in the past. (PM)

  49. 2012
    Mr Hockey’s Budget Knowledge Exposed

    It is a pity that Mr Hockey squibbed on his own challenge for a bet that the return to surplus in 2012-13 would “come from higher taxes instead of genuine savings.”

    Here is the background:

    A pity for me that is because the Budget last night embarrassingly exposed Mr Hockey’s misunderstanding about how the government is handling its finances in delivering the surplus. In terms of “genuine savings”, one only has to look at the following facts:

    Real government payments (spending) will fall by 4.3% in 2012-13. In nominal dollar terms payments will fall by $7.1 billion. In terms of “genuine savings”, the 4.3% fall in real government spending is the largest ever recorded, ever; and the fall in nominal spending is the first such fall ever record.
    Blind Freddie can see that these savings in the Budget are quite massive.

    On another level, the spending to GDP ratio falls to 23.5% in 2012-13, some 0.7% of GDP lower than under the Howard government and down from 25.1% in 2011-12.
    See? Genuine savings here.

    I don’t know what facts Mr Hockey is looking at in making his claims – or is he just making up a story as he goes along?

  50. I feel another censure notice coming on.

    PM, response very strong. The gloves are off.

  51. Comment from Jack W about today’s oo:

    ‎”The front page picture on today’s The Australian newspaper (and I use the word newspaper sparingly) best sums up the current political climate in this country. Divisive, Deceitful and Dishonest. Thank you for trashing what was once a decent newspaper Mr Murdoch”.

  52. The discussions in my town today has not been the budget but Joe Hockey’s performance on the ABC last night. He showed he could offer nothing as an alternate Treasurer. He left the impression that the Opposition is simply waiting for the Government to fall over. They don’t look like they’ve put in any preparation to govern.

  53. Roswell, I would say that your assessment of the situation is true and correct. From the very few policies which the Opposition has even given sparse details about, these are lacking in that very important component; practical application.

  54. Min and CU this morning

    re statute of limitations, and if it takes too long to investigate documents can go missing.

    I would suggest that Thompson could say, when he left all records were accounted for and correct. Since his leaving his main accuser Kathy Jackson has had opportunity and access to all documents.

    Afterall it was she who released to the media copies of credit card statements.
    So if she had copies of statements what happened to the receipts that were attributable to each charge? It would be open for Thompson to say he had furnished all his receipts. He has previously said he was not authorised to pay for anything, so responsibility for the reconciliation of the statements would go to the financial controller. So a lot there for the courts if it comes to that.

  55. On the funny side

    “Mr Abbott was due to meet Mums in the Canberra suburb of Griffith this morning to help frame his message about the government being out of touch.

    There was a glitch with the media alert, so press at first didn’t turn up, then trickled in late as Nicole worked the phones to supply the relevant details.

    “Where is everyone,” says Nicole’s
    1.35pm: We should also note for the record that Mr Abbott went on to meet the Griffith Mums, and Mr Potato Head.

    Read more:

    I suppose ol Tones was left to visit the mums and kiddies ‘ cause now because small businesses will miss out on tax deductions he ain’t welcome at the usual small businesses around Queanbeyan.

  56. Sue, if one had taken time to read the budget, would think that anyone in the Coalition would give young mothers a miss.

    Maybe he and his advisers did not realise that babies grown into school children.

    Those babies might even have older siblings.

  57. I was out of the box early yesterday lamenting the proposed surplus, but having had a chance to look today, I’m a lot less worried.

    I’m still concerned about the surplus “rhetoric”. It is misguided, and politically driven, and the sooner we all learn that it’s economic bullshit, the better.

    But, having said that, the budget is actually a balanced budget. The government can enjoy the bragging rights if it insists. The difference is within the margin of error.

    My concern about a real surplus was that it would be contractionary.

    However this budget could turn out to be mildly stimulatory, and, gee, we sure need that.

    The reason I’m more sanguine on reflection is because of the savings on defence spending. I think that a big chunk of the 5 something billion saved could be coming off our external balance, normally a drain on domestic spending. I’ve been googling around trying to get some details but nothing so far.

    The economics blogs aren’t saying much either.

    The cutbacks in defence spending will show up later as an improvement in our current account.

    And the bulk of those savings seem to have been directed towards the lower paid workers and families, where it’s sure as hell going to spent. That kind of spending will have big multiplier effects.

    I doubt the Coalition would have the guts to do this.

    That’s why they’re all over the shop, reeling from the shock.

  58. Migs, @1.48pm, I was very relieved i didn’t have a beverage of any description when I read tincan’s comment. Absolute gold, tincan. roflamao!

    ……..or is he just making up a story as he goes along…

    That’ s the option I go for, CU.

  59. I doubt the Coalition would have the guts to do this.

    I doubt the Coalition would have enough interest to do it; after all the savings are being directed away from the high paid to the less fortunate. Politics of envy, MJ. We can’t be having that! :mrgreen:

  60. MJ and And the bulk of those savings seem to have been directed towards the lower paid workers and families, where it’s sure as hell going to spent. That kind of spending will have big multiplier effects.

    Even a complete economics illiterate person such as myself can understand’s just basic common sense, lower income people spend a far higher portion of their income on necessities plus are far more likely to spend that money on local businesses.

  61. Faark me! How can anyone battle against this blatant barracking. just looked at the front page of

    From Mins link above
    Earn $80K? You’re rich (apparently)

    Budget schmudget, let’s talk about the ring Julia
    JULIA Gillard launched a breakfast charm offensive in her Budget pitch to the nation. So, why did she spend the morning talking to Kyle Sandilands about her commitment ring?
    This article has to be the most pointless, bigoted piece of posturing I have ever read. Just for an indicator, the article is littered with the unamed writers conclusion of what Gillard really means

    Our take: Julia Gillard doesn’t really know what Twitter is. #exposed

    Read more:

    Not only do they waste time with sanderlands as if it is a real interview, they bloody well dissect it (if you can call it that)

    And then, when we get to the good news

    Tony Abbott stands against Budget ploy to ‘buy off voters’

    From a member of howards vote buying team ROFL

    I saw an elderly couple bashing the crap out of the budget on theirabc earlier today as well (not sure if it has already been linked to here) What a partisan couple they chose. What has happened to their illusory ‘balance’. It has been totally abandoned it seems.

    Thought this budget might indicate a turn for the Government, The media and their opposition partners will make sure it doesn’t, as their unhinging evolves to pure bastardry (anyone who can ‘analyse’ a sanderlands interview has lost all reason)

  62. And again from Mins link

    A single person earning $80,000 will only be better off by 6 cents a week.

    So, someone who is well off (sorry, $80k is bloody well off) is still better of, and yet, it is portrayed as a bad thing 😯

  63. I’m sorry Tom, $80k-bones of your rear end. Even worse, I suppose a hard up couple like the Innsbruk skiers could end up in the red to the tune of…….maybe 10 cents.

    Well may you laugh, my good man, but you obviously have no idea how much the ski lifts cost at Innsbruk. Ian’s had to make do with last year’s beemer.

  64. Tom, the government could promise to pave the streets with gold and to give every child under the age of 10 a free pony and it will still get negative press from the Tony Abbott fan-club aka the media.

  65. The PM still refuses to go on the Bolt show. He reckons that it is because he would interview her hard.

    I did not think he interviewed anyone. From what I see, he spends his time telling people what to say.

  66. Pyne is still trying to make life hard for the speaker.

    I do not know why Pyne is holding a bit of paper over his head.

    Bronwyn now buying into the argument.

    The are trying to beat the numbers on technicality.

    Someone must have got a little careless with what they said.

    Good try, but failed.

  67. Have to pass this on, albeit a bit late…

    I said to my Beloved Possum last night, Miglo asked me who won the 1998 Melbourne Cup.

    Quick as a flash she said, “Abbott”, out of “Office”, by “Xmas”.

    It’s a riff on a bit of dark ex-Changi humour.

  68. When Swan delivered a large deficit in 2008 all the right-wing grannies at the golf club were moaning that their children and grandchildren would be paying off the debt over the next 50 years. I tried to tell them then, that no matter how hard China had been hit by the GFC they’d still be our savior.

    The next time I see these grannies I’ll listen with interest to what their latest annual budget moan is about. They’re the sort of people who’ll never be happy about anything Labor do.

  69. When Swan delivered a large deficit in 2008 all the right-wing grannies at the golf club were moaning that their children and grandchildren would be paying off the debt over the next 50 years. I tried to tell them then, that no matter how hard China had been hit by the GFC they’d still be our savior.

    You should’ve also told them that the notion of intergenerational debt is bullshit Migs.

    A government that is sovereign in its own currency can pay for whatever services it needs, constrained only by the availability of “real” (ie not financial) resources in the economy.

    As for the “debt”, it seems the market can’t get enough of it. Corporate welfare.

    Peter Martin was quite glowing in his praise for the budget on the The Drum tonight. And rightly so I think.

  70. I have a question or Kevin Andrews who said this today:

    The claim comes as Opposition front bencher Kevin Andrews said if people were given the money they would spend it on poker machines and fancy electronics and not their children.

    If that’s the case, Mr Andrews, perhaps your party should consider limiting pokie losses.

    Read more:

  71. Mangrove, Peter Martin is one of the few journalists I have any time for. Actually, I think he’s the only one who I have any time for.

    I wonder if he knows who rode Archer in the 1860 Cup.

  72. Min, re Howard…he also said the defence cuts were shameful.

    What better endorsement could one ask for.

  73. I was in an inter-departmental meeting when it was announced that GWB had won a second term. Someone quipped “well we can expect services to be cut now”. Why? “Because Howard will dump more money into defense”.

  74. Migs, from your link to the story comes Tony with yet another insightful comment..

    Asked why the school cash payments were different to his generous parental leave scheme payments he said: “Well look, they just are.”

  75. I didn’t quite catch what they were on about, but Channel 9 News in Brisbane was having a go at the “fact” that parliamentarians and public servants who earn over $300,000 will be exempt from the increase in concessional contributions tax from 15% to 30%.

    Perhaps you can shed some light here Migs – is it simply because parliamentarians can’t make concessional contributions – they end up with a pension or a defined benefit which has no direct relationship with contributions and fund earnings, rather salary and length of service?

    I could find no mention of this in the budget papers, so maybe some smarmy smarty accountant looking for a gotcha has put 2 & 2 together, coming up with 5?

  76. “Well look, they just are.”

    Behold the intellect

    Let’s bet we have moved on from that this time tomorrow, meanwhile, Gillard is still being hound for her pronunciation of ‘Austraylian’

  77. Bacchus, I can explain that for you

    <b.“Well look, they just are.”

    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  78. 😯 7:30 – Uhlman mentioned war and turmoil within the Liberal party 😯

    Have to watch it later. I can hear asparagus wrapped in prosciutto sizzling, and then I’ve got my marinated salmon to cook. Yummy!

  79. On that story again, the photos of Tony are very interesting indeed. Especially selected to give him a mean and nasty look, an almost unheard of event in the Murdoch media.

  80. Bacchus at 7:15. You can understand, Baccie, that I don’t wish to incriminate myself. :mrgreen:

    And Bacchus at 7:33. You must have damn good ears if you can hear what things are wrapped in. 😯

    Time to open the bar, I reckon. Bacchus can hear a cork pop from 500 miles.

  81. I’m eating lamb chops marinated in plum sauce. I’m wondering how well a 2006 Wynns Coonawarra Cab Sav might go with them. 😈

  82. The asparagus (yes Migs – that green stuff) was very nice. Mrs Bacchus did well, and the salmon was exquisite as usual 😎

  83. I’m not a great one for the whites Migs, so I went to a good house – a Penfolds Bin 51 Eden Valley Riesling, 2009 I think it was. You or Reb may be able to suggest a better choice for me? It wasn’t bad, but for after dinner, I’m back to one of my favourite “cheapies” – The Bethany 2006 Shiraz…

  84. Yes Migs – I’m with you there, but a delicate salmon requires something a little more subtle than a tasty Shiraz or Cab Sauv. Pinot Noir is for poofs with no taste buds 😉 and Rosé is for girls (eeew 😆 ) I suppose I could resort to iced green tea and make up for it afterwards with an extra bottle of Shiraz?

  85. Poor Mr. Costello, no one will give him a job. Maybe it is karma.

    The essence of the chat was outlined to many MPs this week in the course of queries about bitter divisions in the Victorian Liberal branch.

    Mr Kroger told them he had dismissed the comeback idea as a bad one, but suggested if Mr Costello was keen he should go after his old seat of Higgins, which is now occupied by his former staffer Kelly O’Dwyer.

    Mr Kroger was unavailable for an interview but has told colleagues for Mr Costello, the idea of ousting the woman he had promoted and whose campaign he had launched apparently did not appeal.

  86. Mr Costello’s estranged friend, Mr Kroger’s ex-wife Senator Helen Kroger, who is the party whip in the Senate, was dumped to the vulnerable third spot on the senate ticket.

    Her supporters think Mr Costello was pulling the strings, something he also strenuously denies.

    But it gets nastier. On Tuesday, as Parliament House was abuzz with preparations for the budget, the Opposition Leader in the Senate, Eric Abetz, paid Senator Kroger a visit.

  87. Cu, when he quit politics Costello thought the business world would beat a path to his door.

    They didn’t. 🙂

  88. (Are you thinking what I’m thinking, B2? Just off the top of my head, I sure am, B1; Costello is at the vanguard of Australia’s becoming Asia’s food bowl; possibly to the benefit of longterm residents and sometime forest foragers, with poverty eradication focused on the relinquishment of polycultural existences in return for transplanted drip-feeding jobs; so, all is well; so long as systemic corruption is addressed head-on, I guess.)

  89. CU @ 5.32

    I think the PM should put Uhlmann in the same catergory of Bolt, and not bother going on his show.

    Uhlmann is down right rude, he talks over the PM, doesn’t let her finish a sentence, and you know he doesn’t bother listening to her answers as you can hear him turning pages on his question sheets.

    Uhlmann had his theme, liar/broken promise. I know this might sound a bit presumptious of me, but the deferring of spenditure on fighter jets, because they are no where near being built yet, is a concept I thought even Uhlmann could understand. But no, the govt has “lied” because they are not spending the money as promised.

    How more stupid can Uhlmann claim to be.

  90. MJ @5.55pm, roflmao!

    If that’s the case, Mr Andrews, perhaps your party should consider limiting pokie losses.

    Wooosshhh!! Straight over his head, Migs 😕

    I had fresh flounder for dindins.

    Sue, Uhlmann is a grade A triple distilled twin overhead cam idiot.

    reb, I also thought I heard the sound of a cork popping, but alas it was the sound of pork chop chomping.

  91. I didnt have fush for din dins, I never do… something to do with that Mercury after-taste maybe….. !!!! 😀 ….. the Murray sewer, the Darling sewer, the Pacific sewer, the Indian sewer etc…. and besides I’m lucky enough to be allergic to sewer food…. the only thing I eat that comes out of water is boiled veg……. 😆

  92. Sue, I agree with you. He was very rude tonight. The look on the PM’s face indicated she was not impressed.

    I found myself, yelling at the TV for him to shut up.

    I did a lot on interviewing skills at Uni. The one thing that one did not do is talk over another. It is the height of rudeness.

    Why ask a question, if you are not interested in an answer.

    He did like being taken to task by the PM, for putting words in her mouth and making statements that were untrue.

    How can one answer questions, that are based of misinformation.

  93. Sue, I believe the PM handled herself well. Someone earlier thought otherwise.

    The school kid bonus has been passed.

    Why does Mr. Abbott make a big thing of saying no, when the truth is, that it makes no difference.

    Drum was interesting tonight. Long. Martin and Wilson were on. It was a good debate.

    It appears that this inefficient and incompetent PM has bought down a very good and clever budget.

    Mr. Abbott keeps on alleging that the government is reacting in panic and introducing ill thought out proposals.

    If this PM is in panic mode and I assume on the edge of collapse, she is indeed a good actress, as I see no symptoms of such behavior.

    The so called kid school bonus is not a new benefit. It has been around for a couple of years. I believe it was originally a Howard scheme, which Labor improved and extended.

    It was collected as a tax rebate.

    What amazes me, is the number, including the media. appear not to be aware of it.

  94. I passed up on the Drum didn’t even bother looking who were the guests. I’m sorry I didn’t check as I have alot of time for Stephen Long. I used to watch out for his Friday nights on Lateline. He was very much ahead when it came to the GFC, for about a year he was warning of what was happening in the USA.

    As to the PM, I agree she handled Uhlmann.

  95. Big Scary Headlines in ltdnews today. It’s all bad news

    Government’s welfare budget costs $5000 a head
    A single person on the average wage of $69,000 will get a tax cut of $373, but still pay about $14,557 in tax.

    Average single worker pays more than $5000pa in tax
    Welfare budget will leap by $4.8 billion to $131.6 billion

    THE average single worker is now paying more than $5000 a year in tax – or nearly $100 a week – to fund the nation’s growing welfare budget.

    A big attack on the single worker, so one would think. A big loss all around, so one would think. However, delving into the story, they do not find one example of a situation where people are worst off? So, it appears, everyone is a winner, but the first half of the story is nothing but negativity, and the front page is all bad news. They have even chosen their name for the SchoolKids bonus, ‘cash for kids’ (or pokies, as tabot would have you believe)

    A family on $200,000, A family on $150,000, a family on $99,000 and A single person on the average wage of $69,000, all come out ahead, yet, to the paper, it is all about the ‘welfare’.

    Was interesting watching tabot sitting with the mums last night, declaring that this SchoolKids bonus can just be spent on the pokies. The one sitting right next to him looked like she wanted to hit him for implying that she was heading of to blow her kids school money on pokies. This has been lost in todays unhinging along with the “it just is” piece of economic brilliance. Why is it that when the opposition says something that the Government would be cricified over, all of a sudden, there is nothing the opposition says?

    Oh, and ulman is a prize classed dick. What a pathetic waste of 13c a day

  96. “The suggestion the north shore is not in the real world and not populated by real families is offensive,” the abbott said.

  97. “That’s what I’ve been saying for years.”

    But not for the same reason. You most likely have been saying it because like most right wingers you mistakenly believe the ABC is a propaganda tool for the left, even when it’s demonstrably shown it isn’t.

    The ABC not all that long ago was worth the public money invested in it until Howard nobbled and undermined it.

  98. That’s what I’ve been saying for years

    What, that ulman is a waste of 13c a day 😯

    Bet you cannot prove that either

  99. “The suggestion the north shore is not in the real world and not populated by real families is offensive,” the abbott said.

    Well, it just is! 😆

  100. ‘…because like most right wingers …’

    I’m from Labor’s left …. the ABC and SBS are propaganda machines for the warmists.

  101. Don’t you fret el gordo, Abbott will look after the North Shore battlers who will be struggling this year for their kids to attend the school camp at Zurich.

  102. Tom and Was interesting watching tabot sitting with the mums last night, declaring that this SchoolKids bonus can just be spent on the pokies. The one sitting right next to him looked like she wanted to hit him for implying that she was heading of to blow her kids school money on pokies.

    One thing to mention apart from this offensive statement from Abbott (so what else is new!), is that children from lower income families are often also early school leavers who are often told to “go and get a job”. If these families are via payments, encouraged to keep their kids at school..even IF their parents do blow some of it on the pokies, Australia is going to reap the benefits down the track by a reduction in the number of young people on the dole queues.

  103. Oakeshott just said he is prepared to wait for Craig’s ‘comprehensive report in a week and a half.’ He also said if criminal charges are laid before then…it will be a ‘game changer’.

    What ever does he mean?

  104. Tom at 6:17. I saw that headline. I also read the story. I also bashed my head against the wall.

    And it was an ‘exclusive’ report FFS.

    Oh the garbage comes up with.

  105. Oh the garbage comes up with.

    They are now just an online version of TT or ACA

    My missus finally turned of 7.30 (about a week ago, I watched most of the ulman debacle this morning on iview) said it was just like those two now as well, (except without all the cool neighbourhood disputes)

  106. “not populated by real families is offensive,” the abbott said.”

    No more offensive than being told that lower income parents cannot be trusted with cash bonuses.

    Parents on the North Shore, with high incomes also spend their money in a wasteful way, on grog and gambling.

    If one sends a child to school, parents have no choice but spend the money.

    Having a high income, does not ensure one is a worthwhile parent.

    At least with a handout, all get exactly the same amount.

    The low income earners get it when they need it, not twelve months down the track.

    For a simpler and cleaner taxation system, more needs to be removed from taxation. The less rebates the better.

  107. Pyne on National Radio.

    Class warfare – Because it is means tested, many families miss out.

    End carbon tax.

    It is lovely hearing him be challenged.

    Trust Australian parents. Obviously no.

    Worth a listen.

    ABC National. Now on ABC24.

    Pyne’s logic questioned. Picking and choosing your arguments.

    Talk about desperation.

    No education expenses in June. One does not pay for excursions in the middle of the year.

    The argument comes down to whether one trusts Australians parents.

  108. Please listen to the Pyne interview. It will makes one’s day.

    Being challenged on everything.

  109. The Oppositions mate, the Vic Premier, Ted Bailleau, has been caught out telling a big, fat PORKY. I am sure this will go down really well at the next COAG. And if as projected in the budget, GST revenue falls, he sure hasn’t helped himself for his attack on the federal govt especially as they delayed expenditure because Bailleau asked them to.

    “Premier Ted Baillieu ramped up his attack on the federal government over infrastructure funding, claiming Victoria had been short-changed for a second successive budget.

    “the federal budget showed a total of $158 million in funding for the Western Highway would be deferred until 2014-15,

    the Baillieu government slammed the decision to defer funding for the duplication of the highway as ”short-sighted”, and warned it would ”come at the expense of productivity in Victoria

    But a letter by Victorian Roads Minister Terry Mulder to federal Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese in April suggests a starkly different chain of events. It reveals it was the state government that requested the delay because it needed more time to deal with unexpected planning hiccups.

    ”The requirement to prepare an Environment Effects Statement for any works planned between Ballarat and Stawell was unexpected and not factored into the original funding profile,” Mr Mulder wrote.

    ”As a result, the works planned for the committed $505 million by both governments so far, will need to extend into the 2014-5 financial year.”

    Read more:

  110. Sue there must be some coordination going on between Federal and State Liberal Governments to slander Labor over transport infrastructure funding.
    NSW Barrel O’Lies (with the help of the Telegraph) has done similar stuff with north shore rail links and Pacific highway funding. In both cases it was decisions taken by the State Government that somehow morphed into funding cuts by the Federal government. Albanese is on the ball though and has blown all these stunts out of the water by producing the facts, written proof of Liberal State Government lies.

    Of course, facts are optional in both News Ltd reporting and Liberal Party campaigns, as it is the quick headline that counts

  111. On the subject of quick headlines, the guy that does those little subtitles on ABC News 24 is obviously a Liberal Party operative. This guy deliberately misquotes Labor spokespeople.
    The latest howler was when Albanese corrected NSW Liberal lies on funding cuts to the Pacific Highway upgrade. The below screen caption deliberately misquoted Albanese to re-enforce the NSW lie about funding cuts.
    I have noticed quite a few misquotes and distortions from this anonymous guy at the ABC.

  112. Bacchus, I tuned in after the interview started and once was more than enough.
    My computer refuses to load your link…. clever computer.

    Did Fran Kelly mention his involvement with Mr. Ashby?

  113. Yes Tom – he’s not real bright our Christopher. And saying that the 3 people that have been suspended from parliament previously were the same situation as Thompson. All were for disrespecting the speaker and parliamentary procedure, refusing to withdraw – that sort of thing.

    No Pip – no mention of Ashby 😦

  114. The predictably negative media approach to the Budget is one more example of the “all criticisms are welcome, no matter how contradictory” approach to getting rid of this government.
    I always find it interesting that these contradictory criticisms manage to be kept well apart. For example we have Tim Costello railing about the slowdown in increasing foreign aid, whereas Mr Hockey approves of it. Nowhere will we find these two gentlemen brought together to discuss the issue. Social services lobbyists are allowed ample time to criticise as is the business community in its never ending mission to remove all taxes, but are never put together, & so it goes.
    Meanwhile the Hockeyist “vote me in & I’ll have a think about it but you personally won’t suffer” theme is largely unquestioned. All very depressing.

  115. A few words from the Finance Minister. 🙂

    Abbott must come clean
    Penny Wong
    From: The Australian May 10, 2012

    ON Tuesday night, Treasurer Wayne Swan handed down a budget that is focused on a strong economy and a fair go. It is a budget that will spread the benefits of the mining boom, that will foster opportunity and support millions of Australian families and pensioners on modest incomes and that will help with cost of living pressures and invest in the future.

    Login to read the rest of this article

  116. Bacchus, No Pip – no mention of Ashby
    Of course not!!

    Bob. The predictably negative media approach to the Budget is one more example of the “all criticisms are welcome, no matter how contradictory” approach to getting rid of this government.
    It’s not only depressing, Bob, it’s amoral.

  117. The Tertiary Student Visa bill is in the Senate at this time. This is further reform to the disastrous scheme of Howard’s Overseas Student Scheme that put our immigration numbers at risk.

    We welcome overseas students. The necessary protections were not in place that ensured the quality of education these students receive. Much was dubious at the best.

    Another Howard carelessly though out scheme..

  118. Bill Shorten tweets…
    Federal Member for Maribyrnong. Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations and Minister for Financial Services and Superannuation

    Bill Shorten ‏ @billshortenmp

    @tonyabbottmhr says he is going to outline his vision tonight. But will it be a vision that can be paid for? #budget #auspol #fairgo

    Bill Shorten ‏ @billshortenmp

    @tonyabbottmhr @joehockey
    Is it not class warfare to say the poor will steal money from their children? What else is it? #fairgo #budget

    Australian Labor ‏ @AustralianLabor

    Despite delivering the #NDIS a year early, Lib Senator Mitch Fifield says $1billion isn’t enough. But @JoeHockey thinks it’s too much. Huh?

    Bill Shorten ‏ @billshortenmp

    In 30 years time Australians will look back on this #budget as one that delivered the NDIS #auspol

  119. Bacchus, last night on the Drum, three experts raised the prospect of the cuts that Mr. Costello made in taxation is contributing to the decrease in taxation receipts today. They went onto say that taxation has to be revisited.

    The PM even knows that parents have expenses in school expenses in the middle of the year. They have to buy winter uniforms etc. There are school excursions all the year. Paying out does not stop in January.

    By the way, when shown on ABC24, he looked and sounded worse.

    Bacchus, thanks for pointing out the examples used where not for crimes committed outside the house.

    Made findings. What is the diffent is findings from allegations.

    He used findings, give the impression that this was different and before he finished the statement, he reverted to allegations.

    By the way Mr. Thompson has 28 days to amend the register. It appears he got the money a fortnight ago.

    This morning it was announced that HSUEast has voted 6 to 8 for executives to stand sown and a administrator to be installed. Ms. Jackson was one of the two who voted in the negative.

    Pyne was right when he said they would get a rebate, probably more. It is my understanding, but could be wrong, rebates mean more to higher income earners. Also we have another million or more that do not have put a taxation claim in each year.

  120. Cu, there were so many …
    Another Howard carelessly though out scheme..

    Tweet from economist Stephen Koukoulas

    Stephen Koukoulas ‏ @TheKouk
    Makes a tight budget look even more sensible than it did before.

    Stephen Koukoulas ‏ @TheKouk
    employment up 15.5k…. Participation rate down…. Great news

    Stephen Koukoulas ‏ @TheKouk
    Unemployment 4.9% whooooo

    Stephen Koukoulas ‏ @TheKouk
    Abbott on Superannuation: “Compulsory superannuation is possibly the greatest confidence trick of the last decade

  121. Kouk also put Scott Morrison in the picture…

    Stephen Koukoulas ‏ @TheKouk
    @ScottMorrisonMP No – it is tsy who says use CPI as the deflator. Not me. Great jobs numbers ay?

  122. Nothing like contradictions..

    Firstly we have stating,

    THE average single worker is now paying more than $5000 a year in tax – or nearly $100 a week – to fund the nation’s growing welfare budget.

    The inference of course being that there are those living high on the hog on welfare while the real workers battle ever onward..and this disastrous situation is “growing”.

    But we also have,

    Australia’s unemployment fell to 4.9 per cent in April, official figures show.

    Does something somehow not quite compute..

  123. Min, Pyne is convinced of his invincibilty, just ask him… he’s been in Parliament for 19 years, elected at age 25… [there’s his problem, right there], plus being “the Manager of Opposition Business” makes him feel so much more important…..

    No way would he welcome back Costello, he has enough competition sitting right behind him without the former Treasurer re-entering the fray.

  124. Min, Does something somehow not quite compute..

    Mr. Denmore explains on twitter…

    Mr Denmore ‏ @MrDenmore
    The economy added 15,000 jobs in April and unemployment fell to 4.9% from 5.2%. Well, that wrecks the day’s preferred news narrative

    My bold..


    Mr Denmore ‏ @MrDenmore
    @John_Hanna @Abcnews It’s a shock to them because they spent the morning headlining the opposite outcome. Pathetic journalism.

  125. No party room discussion on the Opposition actions in opposing the Kids school bonus. ABC 24 Cassidy. He pointed out that they were arguing about money, people are already getting.

    Surprised the the unemployment figures are as they are. Expected a upturn.

    I wonder what it means that there appears to be a move to get all Mr. Howard’s ministers back into parliament. We have Sinodinos, then Brough, now Costello.

    This is what is important.

    Mr Swan’s office said Labor’s “budget discipline has enabled interest rate cuts which mean interest rates are lower than they ever were under the previous government”.
    “Interest rates are now 300 points lower than they were under Peter Costello. In addition tax as a share of the economy is lower than it was in any year of the Howard government. And spending is at historically low levels because of the $33 billion of savings the government has found to return the budget to surplus,” the spokesman said.

    Read more:

  126. It surprises me that many journalist have not woken up to the fact, there is much sport to be had, questioning Opposition shadow ministers.

  127. Embarrassing facts.

    Based on media reports today, the Treasurer Wayne Swan’s Budget will confirm that the tax to GDP ratio will be around 22.1% in 2012-13. From a historical perspective, this level of the tax to GDP ratio is stunningly low, particularly with the economy in its 21st year of unbroken economic growth.

    If we take the first five Budgets of the Labor Party as a whole, the average tax to GDP will be a tick above 21% which interestingly, is a rate never approached in any of the 12 Budgets delivered under the Coalition Government from 1996-97 to 2007-08.

    In an embarrassing fact for the Coalition, the lowest tax to GDP ratio reached during their 12 Budgets was 22.2% and it averaged a chunky 23.4% of GDP for the duration of the Coalition’s time on the Treasury benches. The tax to GDP actually peaked at 24.2% of GDP in 2004-05 and 2005-06 when the Howard Government took the gold medal for the highest taxing government in Australia’s history.

  128. Is this what we really want.

    In March this year, Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey gave an “absolute guarantee” that a Coalition government “would deliver lower taxes than a Labor Government.”

    This objective is curious given how low taxes are now and given the Coalition’s track record when in government. If Mr Hockey and the Coalition are to deliver this guarantee, yet aim for Budget surpluses of 1% of GDP at the same time, which is also a Coalition objective, they are going to have to deliver net spending cuts of around $20 billion per annum. Throw in the fact that they are rescinding the carbon and mining taxes and keeping the bulk of the measures that the revenue from these sources is funding (cut in company tax, extra superannuation, higher pensions, higher tax free threshold), there must be just massive spending cuts lurking elsewhere in Mr Hockey’s top drawer. Either that, or the guarantee from Mr Hockey is not worth the cyber space it is taking up.

  129. What will we get tonight. I suspect nothing that resembles reality.

    View on the budget,

    A pity for me that is because the Budget last night embarrassingly exposed Mr Hockey’s misunderstanding about how the government is handling its finances in delivering the surplus. In terms of “genuine savings”, one only has to look at the following facts:

    Real government payments (spending) will fall by 4.3% in 2012-13. In nominal dollar terms payments will fall by $7.1 billion. In terms of “genuine savings”, the 4.3% fall in real government spending is the largest ever recorded, ever; and the fall in nominal spending is the first such fall ever record.
    Blind Freddie can see that these savings in the Budget are quite massive.

    On another level, the spending to GDP ratio falls to 23.5% in 2012-13, some 0.7% of GDP lower than under the Howard government and down from 25.1% in 2011-12.
    See? Genuine savings here.

    I don’t know what facts Mr Hockey is looking at in making his claims – or is he just making up a story as he goes along?

  130. The Opposition has a lot to say, however even the media must think it’s rubbish. That’s why Craig Thomson is a front page story. Nothing to see here.

  131. On the Opposition opposing the Kids school bonus..can you just imagine the furore had it been Labor who had opposed payments to “working families”. The media seemed to let that one pass with hardly a flutter of eyelashes.

  132. Min, do you get the feeling that the Opposition is losing touch with reality.

    Some might say they never had it.

    I cannot remember a budget so well received by the experts on all sides.

  133. Cu, basically yes. The Opposition, due to Abbott’s strategy of No To Everything are finding themselves looking increasingly strange and peculiar as they say No to things which they themselves in fact do agree with.

  134. Simon Crean on ABC24.
    Independents happy with the honouring of agreements with the government.
    They have not raised withdrawing support for the government.
    Concern about Coalition making judgements in the HoR.
    They have not suggested that the Thomson affair constitutes mal-administration

  135. Min, does one get the feeling that a certain lady has been letting the rope or line out to see what she can catch.

    After all, giving someone enough rope to hang themselves can be fruitful.

    Screaming carbon tax, now seems to be falling flat.

    I wonder how many know they can tie themselves into electricity contracts, with ten or more percent discount for two years.

    I have a twelve percent. Not that electricity is a big thing for me. My usage is very modest.

  136. Mr. Crean was asked whether it was appropriate for Labor to pay Craig Thomson’s legal fees, [question already raised by the Opposition].

    Pots and kettles people.

    Liberal Party – Russell Galt legal fees

    AEC conclusion:
    A compliance review of the Liberal Party – Qld Division and its two party units, the Ryan FEC and Ryan Campaign Account, conducted in November 2006 advised that Mr Galt’s legal fees were paid by the Liberal Party of Australia – Federal Secretariat. However, the review did not establish whether Mr Michael Johnson had been involved in raising funds to pay for Mr Galt’s legal fees as suggested in the article published by The Australian on 31 August 2006.

    A subsequent compliance review conducted in February 2007 of the Liberal Party of Australia – Federal Secretariat confirmed that the Party had made two payments totalling $110 000 for Mr Galt’s legal fees to the legal firm, Minter Ellison.

    The identity of a person who made the final payment of $30 000 was not established until June 2008.

    The AEC has concluded that further investigation into the matter would not be warranted under subsection 315(11) of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918. Under subsection 315(11), any offence would need to be referred for prosecution within 3 years of an offence having being committed. As the legal fees were paid in December 2003, the three year period has expired.

    The AEC considers the matter completed.

  137. Min at 12.31
    Don’t remember the details, but some years back Beazley & Labor voted against a Howard budget handout. The MSM went overboard about the stupidity of a political party actually getting in the way of handouts.
    Ah… but those were COALITION handouts.

  138. Bob, you can guarantee that the government is on a winner and the Opposition on a loser when the msm all but ignores it.

  139. I have to go out, but thought to drop this in for your enjoyment … 😆


    The Herald shows Mr Abbott his handwritten letter to Terry Sharples of July 11, 1998, promising Sharples will not be “further out of pocket” in pursuing the case against One Nation

    Q: You did an interview with Four Corners about two weeks after that [letter] in which the reporter asked you whether there had been any discussion with Terry Sharples about funding from any source and you said “Absolutely not”.

    A: Misleading the ABC is not quite the same as misleading the Parliament as a political crime. But my memory – and I thought about that a lot at the time, what I think the reporter said, and I haven’t got a transcript – was “‘Is there any Liberal Party money behind this?”


  140. Pingback: My take on the Leader of the Opposition’s Address In Reply, Parliament House, Canberra | Iain Hall's SANDPIT

  141. Bob, Pip, Min, it’s high time the government started to remind the Liars and their barrackers about this stuff as examples of their complete and utter hypocrisy.

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