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Every Australian counts

Fantastic news – we have just received an email from Prime Minister Julia Gillard confirming she will attend one of our Make it Real rally events on Monday, April 30.

The Prime Minister will address the rally in Sydney at the Allphones Arena at Olympic Park.

We want to share the email with you.   It reads:

Dear Friends,

On Monday, thousands of people from around the country will gather in capital cities to show their support for a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

I’ll be joining you at the Sydney rally because I want to make the NDIS a reality too.

You and I know the current system is letting people with disability down and it’s time for change. Monday’s rally is going to be an important one.

I’m looking forward to joining you at Sydney Olympic Park.

See you on Monday.


Our nation’s leaders are listening – so don’t miss this chance to have your voice heard.

It’s more important than ever that we hit the streets on Monday and show everyone that we will not stop until the NDIS becomes a reality.

We will see you all on Monday – and don’t forget to wear red!


The Every Australian Counts campaign team

Make it Real
National rallies
April 30, 2012

AllPhones Arena
Olympic Boulevard
Sydney Olympic Park
12 noon

Federation Square
Corner of Flinders and Swanston streets
12 noon

Parliament House lawns
Salamanca Place
12 noon

Hindmarsh Square
Corner of Hindmarsh Square and Pirie Street

11am: Meet at State Library Queensland
29 Stanley St, South Brisbane
12 noon: March to Reddacliff Place
6 Queen St, Brisbane
1pm: Rally at Reddacliff Place

11.40am: Meet in Hay Street Mall (William St End) Perth
12.00pm: March down mall and Barrack St to Stirling Gardens, Council House,
Corner of Barrack St and St Georges Terrace, Perth
12.30pm: Rally at Stirling Gardens, Council House

* All times local times

P.S. If you are on Twitter please tweet on Monday using the hashtag #NDISrally – let’s see if we can get everyone talking about the NDIS!

26 comments on “National Disability Insurance Scheme – Make It Real

  1. That reminds me of a particular politician who I had a discussion with whilst a disability advocate. I enquired about assistance and he response was that disabled people generally didn’t need any, they have lots of money. The reason being that the vast majority of people who have disabilities are disabled due to accidents. I walked away…

  2. Pip, thank you for bringing this important issue to our attention. This inititiative needs all the support it can get and I hope the rallies are a great success.

  3. Disabled to rally for new scheme
    Tessa Van Der Riet
    April 30, 2012.

    ”They said, ‘he’ll just be a waste of the government’s money if we put any more funding into his rehab’,” he said.

    As Australia prepares for its first National Disability Insurance Scheme – a system that could dramatically reshape the way disability services are delivered – Mr Moore feels more optimistic for others in situations similar to his.

    Today he will join thousands of other disabled Australians at NDIS rallies in the major cities.

    In Melbourne more than 3000 are expected at Federation Square to push for legislative change. The event’s MC, comedian Stella Young, said yesterday the rallies are a ”call-to-arms” for the disabled community.

    The NDIS could become the most significant change to the way disabled people are supported, with campaigners comparing its enormity to the introduction of Medicare.

  4. The PM to the applause and cheers of rally attendees in Sydney confirmed money in budget for stage 1 of the NDIS. 1 year earlier than recommended by the productivity commission.
    Her speech in the Labor traditionof reforming govts spoke on the key public policy only Labor governments deliver pensions, superannuation, medicare

  5. Tom, thank you. Apart from a tune from Iron Maiden, this deserves something special..don’t tell me it’s not worth fighting for…

  6. Min and Pip,
    It’s great news.

    Core Labor values.

    When I worked as a care attendant in a number of houses with people who had various disabilities Bob Hawke visited one home…he cared deeply about providing opportunities for the less fortunate.

    PM Gillard and her team are continuing the good works of the ALP.

    Well done to all on here for spreading the message. Top post Pip.

    Min I know is an energetic and articulate advocate for people with disabilities.


  7. Thanks Nas’. it would have been a longer post except that wireless connection was “less” rather than wireless at the time, but not to worry, the NDIS is on it’s way.

    National Disability Insurance Scheme to launch in 2013
    Julia Gillard posted Monday, 30 April 2012

    A National Disability Insurance Scheme will start in Australia from July 2013 in up to four locations across the country.

    From mid 2013, about 10,000 people with significant and permanent disabilities will start to receive support.

    By July 2014, that figure will rise to 20,000 people.

    The timeframe announced today means the first stage of an NDIS will be delivered a full year ahead of the timetable set out by the Productivity Commission.

    For the first time in Australia’s history people with significant and permanent disability will receive lifetime care and support, regardless of how they acquired their disability.

    The Gillard Government will fund our share of the cost of the initial stage of the NDIS in the May Budget.

  8. I watched the PM at the launch in Sydney for the NDIS. it was wonderful to see the govt assuring the attendees of the rally that they matter.

    But lets be honest the media do not care. Disability does not grab headlines, so disability does not feature in the msm.

    Just look at the internet tonight or even on the tele. It just was not a headline grabber.

    I am utterly apalled that there is not a journalist prepared to write about an iniative that is so important to so many in our community. The msm have so little character they would rather chase smut and snicker.

  9. And this is what the Coalition really think about the NDIS and why it is in the non core pile. All ready for the wringing of hands and we would love to do it but the country cannot afford it, we have to live within the budget. And if you don’t believe me remember Howard/Costello were swimming in surpluses but gave nothing to social reform.

    “And despite his leader’s enthusiasm for the scheme, Opposition treasury spokesman Joe Hockey is sceptical about the scheme.

    “The NDIS is a very worthy scheme. But it sounds to me like the dying days of a Government when they make big, heroic announcements about massive programs and they won’t tell you how they’re going to pay for it.

    “It’s $8 billion a year. For someone on $67,000 a year, it’s roughly an extra $1,000 a year in tax. Are Australians prepared to pay that? Well let’s find out from the Australian people.”

  10. Sue, I don’t think it’s just that the issue is not a headline getter,that it didn’t get coverage. I think the PM was so up-beat and beautiful at the launch in Sydney and so well received that it has been deliberately sidelined as a news item. Think about it. This is a major policy initiative of this government and hugely important to Australian disability groups and services with rallies taking place in every capital city. Even Abbott attended one in Perth. Yet it hardly rates a mention as todays news when it would normally be the lead story..

    I think to have shown the PM looking great and at her ease would have belied the chosen major theme of the day about how embattled she is and facing leadership challenges.

    I think if it weren’t so popular generally Abbott wouldn’t be putting his hand up for a bi-partisan policy either. Anway if he were to get govt. I bet he’d quickly fall back to Hockey’s funding questions and find a way to stall on it.

  11. patriciawa

    the PM was very popular today, the applause and the cheers. And she looked radiant,relaxed and happy to be there. And she had the audience smiling with her, when she apologised to O’farrel for not hearing what he said as she had been talking and listening with the children in the front row.

    And she is determined to get the NDIS up and running before the next election, another program Abbott will find impossible to dismantle.

    Like Whitlam with health and university education for all and Hawke with superannuation, its the programs that last that matter,

  12. Did anyone notice that in Q time at the annoucement of NDIS that about half of the msm Q to the PM were about flipper and the CROSS-bencher, appalling. This policy has been likened in importance as the introduction of Medicare and nary a whisper of debate from the msm. :mrgreen:

    Well of course not, they’ve got private health ins. 🙂 ….well, hasnt everyone 😕 ……… after all its not as if where all australians together, no, some of us are more special…more elite, rooling class….. we gotta cater to the mega’s because they have to take their rightful place……… you know those beta’s really piss us Alpha’s off. 😀
    P.S. If Clive or Gina were to hop into a pool would they A: bob up and down… B: float like a whale….. or C: go down like the Titanic…. (too). 😆

  13. LOVO, speaking of whales, don’t you just hate it when you’re lying on the beach when some people run up to you and start rolling you in the water to the shouts of “I think we can save this one”? 😦

  14. LOVO, speaking of the Titanic that Mr. Tinfoil-Hat is planning to build….
    he does know what happened to the first one doesn’t he ? 😯

  15. Migs, no, ha, I dont Know about that :mrgreen: ….. I aint got a six pack no more, more like 4 twist tops and a long kneck 😯 …. but hey at my age… so, so…. 😀

  16. NDIS is important, let’s take the time to get it right
    The Drum
    By ABC’s Stella Young

    writing about the NDIS rally last Monday…

    Those who are stuck at home with inadequate wheelchairs and equipment, or perhaps no equipment at all.

    Those people who, like over half of Australians living with disability, are living near or below the poverty line and simply can’t afford a trip to the city.

    Those 7,500 young people who are living in aged care facilities across Australia, because they don’t have the support to live anywhere else.

    *** We should remember that around 70% of people with disabilities do not use any equipment such as a wheelchair ,, their disability is invisible…

    Who are you? Stella Young

    By Brooke Bannister

    “I’ve got the best job in the world, I love it, I get to meet so many interesting people and I get to make sure that other people with disabilities can tell their own stories as well.”

    Stella Young is a disability advocate, broadcaster, comedian, self-described ‘crip’ and editor of ABC Ramp Up but whatever you do don’t call her ‘brave’ – join ABC’s Geoff Hutchison when he asks, who are you Stella Young?

    “I’ve got the best job in the world, I love it, I get to meet so many interesting people and I get to make sure that other people with disabilities can tell their own stories as well.”

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