Could Abbott Deliver?

Tony Abbott keeps telling everybody, probably even the Queen, the Governor General, the British PM and definitely Rupert Murdoch that we’re a whisper away from a federal election, the result of which will see him take up residence in The Lodge, his rightful home.

He could be right.

But he is only focusing on getting his hands on the keys to the door.  God knows what he plans to do after that.

He hasn’t told us!

Well, he sort of has.  We know he’s going to stop the boats, rip up the NBN, tear down public departments, give the billionaires billions more, return a surplus by within the hour, scrap the carbon tax and save us from the fires of hell, but for a man who’s going to be Prime Minister by this time next month I’d say he’s fairly well under-prepared for the job.  Is he that convinced the electorate will punish Labor that he only need to rely on this?  I believe he does.  Why else would he have nothing to offer?

Imagine starting a new job and when you turned up on your first day you simply sat on your bum and did absolutely nothing.  We’ve seen that in New South Wales.  The job’s too hard for the new kids on the block.  They knew they’d win the election so took nothing of substance to it.  Abbott mirrors this.  The man has absolutely no idea what he’s going to do.

Neither do we.

He’s a bit like the pub with no beer.

It’s a bit of a worry than a man a whisper away from an election has shown us nothing that he stands for.  I imagine it’d be easy to deliver nothing when you stand for nothing.  I doubt he could even deliver a pizza.

What do you think?

This is a copy of an earlier topic here at the Café which I thought would be a good follow up on yesterday’s open forum.

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  1. In over forty years of watching politics I have never seen a Leader of the Opposition with less substance to his claim to the Prime Ministership. Doc Evatt was an imaginative and articulate man who unluckily lived at the same time as Bob Menzies. Even Cocky Calwell had policies and ideas for Australia. Whitlam, Fraser, Hawke and Hewson/Peacock/Howard/Shirley all had clear policies for Australia. Abbott has a policy for Abbott. “Look at me, look at me!”

    And perhaps his greatest fear is that we will!

  2. I think that when push comes to shove, the Australian people will just say:
    ‘Hang on, hang on, he was just a comedic interlude, surely? We couldn’t possibly vote for him!’
    ‘Plus, he wasn’t even funny …’

  3. Migs and But he is only focusing on getting his hands on the keys to the door. God knows what he plans to do after that.

    Precisely my impression too. It seems that we have something to look forward to called An Election, called preferably at Tony Abbott’s bidding. But the question of what happens after that does not seem to have been factored in – at all.

  4. Min, Migs, I’ve thought for a good 12+ months that he has absolutely no thought beyond the wedding night.

    If God forbid, he wins the next election. he’ll wake up next morning and think “What? Surely there’s nothing more to be done? I won. I don’t unnerstan’! Do I have to do more stuff? Should I go to a butcher’s and pretend to make a sausage?”

    Then there will be the light bulb and he’ll have the NOalition out scouting for dog turds.

    There will be a slice for every household. If there’s any justice there’ll be a double issue for all the barrackers.

  5. Abbott looks very tired on ABC 24 today. He is starting to sound ridiculous with his daily rant on carbon tax.

    Demanding, that all allegations be dealt with before he retakes the chair.

    His rants are becoming childish and over the top. Repetition does not make it better.

    What is the difference between unfounded rumour and court action.

    Nothing, they are still allegations until the court has made an decision. In this case, more so, as they it is action being taken by the accuser, not action lodged after a police investigation.

  6. They are challenging Mr. Abbott a little for a change,

    Please remember, what Mr. Abbott says, about the PM and why she has done things, comes mostly from his feverish mind, clouded by his naked ambition to be PM.

    He is telling people what to think, sadly he is succeeding. Once again walked away.

    He did tell us what will happen if he becomes PM, his government will be better. Now we have been told, no more need for this post. Sorry, Miglo.

    Mr. Albanese holding media conference on port infrastructure and Moorebank. ABC24

  7. Cu, I think that the media might challenge Abbott a little more in the future..mind you, it will probably only be a token gesture but they have newspapers/advertising space to sell and so will have to ramp up the interest factor by making it seem “a tight election”.

  8. Abbott can deliver BS from the gutter, thinking this a way to being in Government.

    Abbott news for you.

    You cannot decide if you well be in Government, The Australian GG is the only one that can decide and thanks to your own actions, she won’t have you in Government.

    So why don’t you stick your head up your ar** and other Liberal Members especially Pyne the whine to see how full of shit you all are.

  9. Archie, my interest in politics spans ‘only’ a few decades. I’m at odds to determine who I hated/hate the most: the Howard Government or the Abbott Opposotion.

  10. Allan, after the 2007 election Abbott reckoned the electorate had been sleepwalking. In 2013 it may turn out to be true. And no, it won’t be funny. About as funny as a turd in a swimming pool.

  11. Jane, he’ll definitely want to sleep in the first day. Get his wife to cook breakfast and lay out his clothes for the day.

  12. Cu, of course he’s tired. He’s probably been up all night trying to woo the independents to help defeat the budget. He harbours deep plans to bring down the Government. The Slipper incident was his first step. He’s going to be a very busy man.

  13. Roswell, for the moment it’s going to have to be Howard – however and sadly, I do expect Abbott to exceed expectations.

    Howard, I loathe with a passion but at least he was there plugging for his own ideals. But how to deal with a PM who basically has no ideals.

  14. Great comment from Jo Askew on Facebook:

    Albo hit the nail on the head….Tony Abbott was quite happy for Mr Slipper to vote for him when Mr Abbott challenged Mr Turnbull…Mr Slipper’s vote got Abbott over the line. I bet Mr Slipper regrets that decision now. Who would have thought that that 1 vote would have created what we all have to put up with now…, if Mr Slipper is proven to have made any errors in judgement….I think that is the one decision I wish he could have made differently…

  15. I think Jane at 11.14, pretty much got it. Possibly a flurry of initial “getting down to it” announcements but when the facts don’t stand to attention & salute he won’t know what to do. Insofar as anything about him can be predicted I think he just figures on getting photographed in his Speedos when he announces more middle class welfare breaks as required.
    But really, who can tell? As Min said, no ideals. Perhaps we should find out what boxers do after the match. That might give us a clue.

  16. Miglo, Albo was very clear in his answers to the tawdry questions; the journos weren’t the slightest bit interested in the announcement about the new Moorebank transport hub, other than that Chris Corrigan, parked across the road at his preferred site for a transport hub, did not get his way.

    Do ya like “tawdry” ?? That’s Tony’s buzz word over the weekend along with “squalid” therefore I’m going to work them into my comments about him today 😀

  17. I think we should not be too pessimistic at this stage. The matter will be resolved and I’m very optimistic it will be in Mr Slpper’s favour.

    And the government can start laying down some very subtle groundwork, for later when Liealot tries to slip in the bedroom window after he snuck out without permission.

    Members of the government could start casually mentioing 2003, when Liealot and most of the current NOpposition were in government.Liealot was a minister, Sloppy, Robb, Minchin etc held miniserial or other positions of responsibility.

    Mr Slipper was accused of basically the same things as now, but apparently it was AOK with Liealot then. No moral qualms, just business as usual.

    So what’s different now? Oh, I know, Liealot wants to be PM so bad.and that mean Julia just won’t give it to him!!!! So he’s been crying to mummy electorate ever since.

    It’s a lay down misere the ALP didn’t know anything about the 2003 stuff, or Mr Slipper would be long gone.

    And it’s also blindingly obvious (to anyone but Geoff and Iain, of course) that the Liars have only just thought of this particular scam, or they would have spruiked it all over the country side when Slipper jumped ship.

    Mind you, there may have been a few questions of the morality and integrity type if they had spruiked it then.

    It surprises me that Steve lewis has put his head on the chopping block again. Slow learner, like all Liars barrackers, I suppose.

    Anyway, Mr Slipper appears to have scotched the cabcharge crap and now just has to deal with Mr Ashby’s claims. And given that it seems poor Mr Ashby is a very easily manipulated complete flake, who has been sucked in by a set of red smugglers, it most likely won’t be that hard to discredit him.

    I don’t say that Mr Ashby is lying; but it seems from all we’re hearing that he’s somewhat unstable and would be easily manipulated to embellish his story by someone in a more powerful position.

    It would be hilarious if he broke down and announced to the world that Liealot had talked him into it. I wouldn’t alogether discount that scenario.

  18. Jane

    Ever thought that as the “victim” is from the LNP, the CIA just might be involved?

    The press believed that one as well.

  19. ……….*naked ambition to be PM.

    Apposite word in view of certain allegations, CU. 😆

    *my bolding

    Bob, that’s how I see it along with the majority of sensible folk here. Of course there are still those few whose blinkers only allow tunnel vision and the Liars Party electrodes brook no questioning.

    Boxers, hmmm. Well Ali blew his own trumpet, with good reason he had talent. Liealot does the same, but he is a talent, honesty, moral and integrity free zone.

    Pip @1.25pm, love it. Great buzz words and should be applied to any utterance by Liealot now and in the future.

    I’d personally like to hear the PM use them often when she lets rip after Mr Slipper is restored to the Speaker’s chair with his (somewhat dodgy) reputation intact.

  20. Migs, a ridwer to my last comment and directly answering the question you pose in ths post.

    Yes, Liealot can and will deliver, given half a chance, a world of pain and suffering for this country.

  21. It’s funny how things turn out, apparently Peter Slipper defeated Clive palmer for the 1984 pre selection for Fisher. …

    Sue, Clive would have promised Joe whatever he wanted, as long as he
    scraps the carbon pricing and the mining tax, and also the pokies reform should it ever be passed.

    That would have taken about 60 seconds.

  22. Jane, that’s a deal :mrgreen:
    Prissy Pane also used the words repeatedly yesterday,,

    The msm hacks love to show the Labor repeating sound bites as if they are the only ones who do it, but the difference in content is striking.

    One spreads bullsh like Vegemite, the other talks about government policy.

  23. Pip at 2.09
    I hate the msm’s repetition of Labor soundbites. Very malicious. Probably very effective too.
    Just saw that Abbott beseeches us not to let our embarrassment with this Government affect our view of Australia. It’d take a seriously weird & evil mind to think of that & use it. Be interesting to see whether it’s picked up.

  24. Lets get one thing clear. Another lie of Mr. Abbott. Mr. Abbott was a friend of Mr. Slipper and was happy to have him in the seat, until Mr. Howard decided the seat would be a safe and good one for Mr. Bough.

    If the PM has been lying down with dogs, it is that one that escaped from the Coalition compound. it appears the dog reacted to the abused it was getting there, by getting out as quickly as he could.

    This is interesting. If reported in the correct context, does that mean Mr. Abbott should not be spending government money, on the election campaign, since the last election

    Who pays for Coalition staff to dig through records to unearth dirt on Mr. Slipper and the government.

    New claims have emerged that Mr Slipper has breached entitlement laws, including spending more than $3000 to campaign in Tasmania for a friend, the Herald Sun reports.

    According to Finance Department guidelines, MPs cannot use public money for political or party business.

    The paper said that in March 2010, Mr Slipper spent more than $3000 to help a friend, Jillian Law, as she unsuccessfully stood for the Tasmanian parliament for the Liberal Party.

    On March 5, two weeks before the poll, he flew to Melbourne, with travel records showing a taxi ride from Pascoe Vale to Carlton at 4.19am.

  25. More dirt. Where do they get it from.

    There is a great chance for an up and coming journalist to do some investigative probing into the actions of the Coalition at this time. If not that, at least how all these allegations are coming in to the public domain.

    The Queensland MP also faces questions over a claim for an $83 Townsville taxi trip last June 1, when parliamentary records show he was in Canberra, the Herald Sun reports.

    The newspaper says one of his most trusted advisers, Tim Knapp, is also being questioned by federal police over two matters.

    One involves the illegal use of a commonwealth fuel card in Mr Slipper’s name, used on a private vehicle.

    The AFP is also investigating claims Mr Knapp may have taken leave for which he had already been paid.

  26. Has anyone noticed that all the many referrals by the Coalition have not come up with one offence,

    Can a political party be labelled a malicious litigant or with wasting police time.

  27. For Tony Abbott the next 10 weeks are the most important 10 weeks of his career.
    It will be all our war on our nation, via a compliant media, on anyone who stands between him and an early election.
    All one has to do is see how many times Abbott bleats bring on the election to see what he is trying to do. After July, when the carbon pricing kicks in, and the average voter realises that it is not the scary monster that Abbott has made it out to be, there goes his ammunition against a competition, achieving, nation-building government.

  28. If, and when, these allegations turn out to be false, whether against Slipper, or whoever the Liberals next have in their sights, who will remember the findings of innocence. Throw enough mud and some of it sticks, and the impressions created in the media will last long after the original stories fade.
    Until July rolls around, we can expect more of the same in a relentless barrage to force an election. If that happens, we can all mourn democracy, because a foreign billionaire would have bought it and killed it.
    We voted, Tony, you lost, get over it.

  29. Pip, thanks, I think of what I want to write then I cannot remember the words.

    One must say, they are indeed vexatious.

    I fail to see how setting out to deliberately destroy a man’s reputation is on.

  30. Cu @ 2.56pm, There would not be another Grech in the Department of Finance, could there.

    Quite possibly, and we have a Liberal running the ABC which is obvious without my saying so.

    He worked for the New South Wales Greiner Liberal Party Government, as chief of staff to the Education Minister, Virginia Chadwick and as a senior adviser to education minister, Terry Metherell.

  31. Ms. Roxon said that Mr. Abbott is acting more like the leader of a lynch mob, not a political party.

    Me. Roxon said the allegations are serious. All have the right to be free from abuse in the workplace. She added that it is also true that when a person have allegations made against them, they have the right to judicial fairness.

    One reporter tried to raise the speculation, that all civil matters are not the same. Did not hear the answer.

    Not once has the government been asked what they are going to do about investigating the allegations that Mr. Ashby has raised. Does Mr. Ashby remain in his job, If so, how.

    If this matter is so serious, it should have been referred to the police.

    At no time, has Mr. Ashby raised the matter with the government or FWA.

    I believe his actions have now prevented the government from investigating his claims.

  32. CU and Pip

    Ashby has also made allegations against Tony Nutt. now Bailleau’s man but back then in 2003, howard’s.

    So what does Nutt do, if

    he denies the claim about a video and there is one
    he denies the claim because there is no video
    he agrees there is a video but chose not to do anything

    Lots of issues facing the Liberal party

  33. Is the media chasing the staffer who took the issue to Tony Nutt? Is the media chasing Tony Nutt?

    If there is substance, which would back up the allegations then the Liberal Party will have lots to explain. Unless the Liberal party decide Tony Nutt is the only one responsible.

  34. The Abbott BS

    “He’s a mate of mine”
    It is hard to see Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s recent statements concerning The Speaker Peter Slipper as anything other than hypocritical manufactured outrage, given he was still supporting this member of parliament during periods when other serious allegations had surfaced, including those mentioned in current court papers.

    “The leader of the opposition, Tony Abbott, recently came out in support of Peter Slipper in an on-air interview with 101.5FM – 4OUR.
    Mr Abbott said Mr Slipper was a “good bloke” and was loyal.
    “He has been a good loyal servant of the Liberal Party, and more recently the LNP,” Mr Abbott told the Morning Magazine in an interview. (Listen to the podcast below)
    [101.5FM, Morning Mag, 24 November 2011]

    Mr Speaker, we have known each other for many years. We have shared good times and not-so-good times. You have been an extremely effective and efficient Deputy Speaker of this parliament. You certainly have the technical skills and the knowledge of this parliament to be effective in this chair. We congratulate you. We wish you well and we express the hope and the confidence that you will serve without fear or favour. [Tony Abbott welcoming Slipper as The Speaker, Commonwealth Hansard, 24 November 2011]”

    Amazing that the blogs can find the utter hypocrisy of Abbott yet the Canberra Press Gallery, The Insiders, the Political Correspondents see and report nothing.

  35. And as Albanese said this morning Slipper was elected Speaker unopposed, that’s 150 votes.

    So Abbott recalled in his welcoming speech”We have shared good times and not-so-good times. ” I suppose that would include the wedding.

  36. CU

    I am reading the court application now.
    check out point 18…..”heard the comment in high school”, Hmmmmmmmmm,

  37. Cu, as i understand it Ashby is suing the Commonwealth under a FWA law, so C’wealth is first respondents and Slipper is second repondent.

    It must be very reassuring to have an HR Nicholls backed QC working pro bono!

  38. CU, readiing the court application, looks like the Liars Party could have some ‘splaining to do.

  39. They are also trying to blacken the name of Tim. It is said he is being questioned by the police, Something about using a petrol voucher and taking leave he was already paid for.

    Is the first respondent, the present minster or the one back in 2003. Where does such detailed information come from?????

    Worth a read,

    A conservative blogger elsewhere wrote that anyone who dares to contemplate that this scandal has the smell of rotting fish about it is “blasting off the reservation”.

    This mocking condemnation would have a little more weight if Utegate hadn’t happened.

    Utegate was a rolled-gold, 100%, stitch-up.

    Utegate proved that conspiracies do happen. It is chapter and verse on how to run a phoney scam.

    Let’s look at the connections:

    1. Same journalist.
    2. Same newspapers (Murdoch).
    3. Same response from the Opposition.

    Where is James Ashby, the plaintiff in this mess? No one, but no one has printed anything from him on the allegations. He’s gone to ground, it seems, hiding behind the media’s reluctance to be seen as “blaming the victim”. He doesn’t want to comment, his lawyers tell us. He must be a sensitive soul. So hurt, so traumatized: a 33 year old gay man shocked by someone he alleges sent him a text message with “xxx” at the end of it.

    This is not me “blaming the victim”. This is asking whether the allegations are true or not, which no one in the media has yet done. They prefer to pontificate in their op eds and to interview each other over how “dire” this is for the government.

    They confidently predict that this story will dominate the news for the foreseeable future. One by one they promise their readers that it will destroy even the Budget, the announcement of the nation’s balance sheet, in tight economic times.

    They don’t seem to care that they have publicly, even proudly assured us they will abandon their real responsibilities to achieve coverage of what amounts to unproven, untested, bedroom titillation, with a gay twist.

    Yet Ashby was prepared to give his court documents to the cockroach, Steve Lewis, or to advise him of their existence, for publication nation-wide before he went into hiding.

    A few Cabcharge dockets are involved. VexNews tells us that the way these dockets were used is standard practice among MPs, not gaming the system, but trying to make it work better for them and the taxpayer dollar.

    The speed with which the Opposition has called for resignations and new elections (how long until someone says Slipper should be shot at dawn?) smacks of an attempt to get a bandwagon rolling before too much more extra information that might prove embarrassing to them comes out.

    Unfortunately for them we don’t sack senior, constitutional officers of the parliament and terminate governments based on what Steve Lewis writes in the Murdoch papers on a lazy Saturday.

    Unfortunately for them the same organization, the same personnel as perpetrated Utegate are involved. The organization they work for is under heavy investigation for running scams just like this in the UK, involving corruption of police, intimidation, bribery, perversion of the course of justice, destruction of evidence, illegal access to documents and private telephony, and disgracefully manufacturing evidence and stories based on those lies.

    Many of these same techniques are on record as being used by the local offshoot of News: forged emails and their purveying by the same journalist, Steve Lewis, who became a player in Utegate, not just its reporter; premature calls for resignations of all and sundry, parliamentary scandals, fake photographs of political figures, and so on… all of which came to nothing within days, to the shame of those promoting the scam.

    The Murdoch press has made no secret, in fact has boasted about their intention to get the goods on Slipper. They have bragged they would bring him down. And now the first “evidence” has come out: a few hundred dollars worth of Cabcharge dockets, and some ambiguous text messages, cobbled together in “court documents” that have been “obtained” by Lewis under suspicious circumstances, resulting in frantic calls for the fall of governments, laid on thicker than Golden Syrup straight after.

    Sound familiar?

    In any other world except MurdochWorld, right-wing hacks and trolls might have a case to mock conspiracy theorists in this matter as desperate, or “off the reservation”.

    But in this case it should really be the ones promoting the charges, the ones trying to get the scam off the ground, who should be trying to re-establish their bona fides after their disgraceful, shameful conduct in the past on similar phoneyed-up “scandals”.

    It’s all too quick, too pat. What we are seeing unfolding before our eyes appears to be, judged on precedent, a mass media groupthink exercise in bamboozlement, trying to obtain a quick result before the allegations are tested and the principals ferreted out and interrogated.

    Many journalists and editorial writers are telling their readers and viewers that the truth no longer matters. They are telling them that the stories and op eds they are writing themselves are the only “truths” that need to be considered before judgement is passed and execution carried out.

    The conservatives themselves, supposed guardians and preservers of our institutions, are urging the abandonment of the rule of law and the principles of justice. They are saying, loud and proud, that even if Slipper isn’t guilty of anything, he should still resign. That’s what they said about Rudd and Swan too over Utegate. Yet they remained silent about their own Senator Fisher, to name one, when she was up before the Courts and was actually convicted.

    They, the self-professed bastions of the establishment, are seriously (and I’m sure they would claim, “responsibly”) proposing that the nation’s government should be strangled at Budget time. The nation itself – pride of the IMF and the G20, just about the best-performing sophisticated economy in the world – should be put into economic chaos with no Budget and no governance.

    For what?

    A few hundred dollars worth of taxi vouchers, and an un-investigated, untested, unchallenged set of allegations made by a man who has disappeared from sight, publicised by the same organization that has wrecked governance in the UK, and which nearly wrecked it here with Utegate.

  40. The xxx has me’s not exactly the worst form of intimidation to be confronted. I would suggest that the cartoons which Geoff linked to about our PM are 1000 times worse.

  41. This is what he can deliver. Truth is not among what he can. What is the most annoying about what is being said below, is that he is still using the same words. Not one thing has changed, except his condemnation of Mr. Slipper.

    The leader of the opposition, Tony Abbott, recently came out in support of Peter Slipper in an on-air interview with 101.5FM – 4OUR.
    Mr Abbott said Mr Slipper was a “good bloke” and was loyal.
    “He has been a good loyal servant of the Liberal Party, and more recently the LNP,” Mr Abbott told the Morning Magazine in an interview. (Listen to the podcast below)
    [101.5FM, Morning Mag, 24 November 2011]

    Mr Speaker, we have known each other for many years. We have shared good times and not-so-good times. You have been an extremely effective and efficient Deputy Speaker of this parliament. You certainly have the technical skills and the knowledge of this parliament to be effective in this chair. We congratulate you. We wish you well and we express the hope and the confidence that you will serve without fear or favour. [Tony Abbott welcoming Slipper as The Speaker, Commonwealth Hansard, 24 November 2011]

  42. Min, the cartoons that Geoff linked to are intended to degrade, not amuse.

    Would Geoff have appreciated a cartoon of Abbott in transparent speedos
    [which of course would give the game away but that’s his concern].

  43. On Migs’ topic of whether Abbott can deliver – one thing which is absolutely guaranteed that Abbott cannot do, and this is turn the boats around which includes for the following reasons:

    1. Indonesia have stated that they will not take any returns.

    2. Very senior Navy personnel have stated that to attempt to turn the boats around endangers lives, not just that of the asylum seekers but of enlisted personnel.

    3. Nauru is not a solution as due to 2 High Court rulings ALL asylum seekers whether arriving by boat or as per the majority, by plane now have access to the Australian court system.

  44. Min, agreed, I do not think the XX mean much to people of my age. It was just something you did when signing off personal notes.

    My son is a prude, I make similar jokes to him, when he abuses me when I accidently open the toilet, bedroom or bathroom door. Similar words but nothing at all sexual in the exchange.

    If these incidents happen at the beginning of the week, why did he continue to share the flat.

    Not once did we hear, come to bed with me.

    As for the other talk, it could be interpreted as someone interested in what homosexuals do.

    I know why this is a civil matter, as this evidence would never passed beyond reasonable doubt test.

    But it is ambiguous, in no context, hearsay t and mainly the word of Mr. Ashby.

    How much credence could one put on it.

    It is fascinating were the historical allegations come from. They are in detail, listing names. It does not say where this evidence came from.

  45. Cu, the earlier allegations can only be meant to back up Ashby’s allegations, but proving any of it would be problematic.

    I notice that John Alexander is on Capitol Hill now, presenting a “kinder, friendlier” tone than the usual talking heads.

  46. Now for the genuine government news which hasn’t rated a mention on ABC24 since the first and only announcement…… no time…

    Click to access 0170f20a-8ce5-11e1-87f7-8425c3eb98dd_WONG.pdf

    it’s not important..really …


    Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600 Australia  Tel: (02) 6277 7400 Fax: (02) 6273 4110
    PW 80/12
    23 April 2012


    A new freight terminal in Sydney’s south-west will take 3,300 trucks off Sydney roads every day and create thousands of jobs for the region.
    Today the Government is announcing its intention to call for tenders from the private sector to design, build and operate an intermodal terminal at Moorebank.
    The Moorebank Intermodal Terminal project will see a rail link constructed from Sydney’s busy Port Botany to a new freight terminal and warehousing facilities at Moorebank.
    This will enable freight to be more efficiently transported by rail, providing much-needed relief for Sydney drivers.

    Given that this doesn’t gel with the plans of Chris Corrigan [of balaklavas on the waterfront fame] therefore the story will almost certainly be bagged by the msm.

  47. Cu asked where they get the dirt from. As an ex public servant I can assure you that the Liberals keep dirt files. Dirt files lead to dirty tactics.

  48. How dare they, HOW DARE THEY!!!!!!

    who what you ask ?, well from Pip’s post I have learnt that the government is continuing to govern.

    Thanks Pip

    jsut like last week, for the government, every day is an anouncement of policy in action.

  49. Yes Sue the government is continuing to govern, and the first question when Mr. Albanese and Ms Wong had made their announcement was about….

    The look on the two Minister’s faces said oit all…… it was like

    “oh, you guys!!” I won’t write the acronym but I’m sure you know the one 😀

  50. Roswell i believe you. it’s not hard to imagine the record keepers writing furiously and embellishing as they go about their dirty work.

  51. Sue and “jsut like last week, for the government, every day is an announcement of policy in action.”

    Which is clearly why this government must be got rid of at the first available opportunity..we can’t have that at all!! A government of policy in action? The country is clearly going to the pack under a Labor government. What we want is Tony Abbott who has promised to do absolutely nothing whatsoever..fits in more with the Australian layabout lifestyle…

  52. Which is clearly why this government must be got rid of at the first available opportunity..we can’t have that at all!! A government of policy in action? The country is clearly going to the pack under a Labor government. What we want is Tony Abbott who has promised to do absolutely nothing whatsoever..fits in more with the Australian layabout lifestyle…

    Gold, Min. Pure gold. 🙂

  53. thanks patriciawa, so succintly put
    the BB article ia a great read.

    And a big thank you must go to all the blog masters, whatever would we do without you

  54. Today we had the PM in Singapore, making announcements of further ongoing contact between the two countries.

    We had M.r Smith with improvements to Legacy.

    We had Mr. Albanese announcing the next step in the big transport depot at Moorebank. This is big bickies.

    Then we had Ms. Roxon at the installation of a new high court judge.

    I missed what Mr. Emerson was up to.

    We had Mr. Pyne and Mr. Abbott, whinging about how bad done by they are.

    Not one comment of government announcements.

  55. Credit where it’s due department.
    Channel 9 news whom I often whinge about with an example tonight of how completely dependent Abbott is on never being called out;
    Abbott saying that Gillard should’ve been aware of issues with Slipper before she recruited him.
    So far so good, but we then moved on to lots of nice colour pictures of Slipper hobnobbing with senior Liberals, including Tony, over the years coupled with generous information about the number of times Slipper had been endorsed & defended, with helpful explanatory statements from Gillard & Albo.
    I don’t think that was meant to happen.
    None of these facts are news to you lot of course, but my point here is to try to get across how easily Abbott was made to look foolish.

  56. And a big thank you must go to all the blog masters, whatever would we do without you

    The world would be a poorer place without us. :mrgreen:

  57. Plausible deniability by Abbott on 7.30

    when asked if anyone had put up ashby, abbott replied “not to the best of my knowledge”

    the well crafted weasel words for ” i haven’t asked, ’cause i don’t want to know”

  58. An as reported by 7.30, Ashby isn’t taking questions

    BUT has engaged a PR consultant.

    Must be waiting for the networks to put up a cheque.

  59. Sue, Abbott will be remembering that he was sprung after he organised the cash ‘loan’ to oust Pauline Hanson, not the=at he ever showed any remorse after the event.

    Minchin is still around, the Kathy Jackson’s lawyer is mixed up with the HR Nicholls Society. I’ve seen two reports on Ashby’s lawyer, one is IPA, the other HR Nicholls Society

    You whistle and I’ll point…..

  60. Sue, it’s natural isn’t it..when one is highly traumatised, one’s immediate impulse is to engage a PR consultant….

  61. patricia, that’s perfect. 🙂

    Is this a lover scorned?
    Or was he first suborned?
    If agent provocateur?
    Who was the procureur?

  62. Min
    Sue, it’s natural isn’t it..when one is highly traumatised, one’s immediate impulse is to engage a PR consultant….

    Don’t we all ??

  63. “”when asked if anyone had put up ashby, abbott replied “not to the best of my knowledge”

    Surely that would be a question one would say no to.

    Do not forget, Mr. Ashby is a spin doctor.

    Why does one get the impression when watching Mr. Abbott, you are seeing a old fashion spiv or conman.

  64. Leader of a lynch mob. Did Roxon get it right.

    ABC news. They can turn up th heat, they can not bring down a government. A fact that should have been said earlier.

    There will not be a no confidence motion, as he does not have the munbers and is unlikely to get them.

    They have misjudged, I assume their scenario was that the government would collapse by today, and it did not matter what the facts were. The trouble appears to be, the Opposition spends much time creating these scenarios, which up to now, have gone awry.

    Mr. Abbott, on spite of all his plotting, has not had one win, as Mr. Emerson pointed out today.

    This dodgy, tawdry and whatever government just does not play by the rules the Opposition try to enforce. It is shocking, the government does not play the game.

    It has not entered Mr. Abbott skull, that the PM might just be a little more cleverer that he.

  65. Courtesy of Tony B on Facebook:

    Bob Brown direct message to Tony Abbott on QandA…. If you want to go and get someone for abusing a 33 year old, how about you also go after those in the church who have abused 13 years olds too… Well said!!!!!!!

  66. Ulhmann 7.30. You can break things, can you make things. Mr, Abbott and his bbbecause and not answering questions a little annoying. Starts off with an answer, after a few words, moves onto something else.

    Two nights in a row on the ABC. Must be desperate.

  67. 33 year old spin doctor. One who feels the need to hire a publicity firm.

    One who is too stupid to move out of a flat, where he claims he was in danger.

    One by the way is still in the job. I do not know how that works.

    I do not know how the government can do their duty by investigating the matter.

    One who has manged to put himself beyond the reach of all.

    It appears to be a very murky situation.

  68. One of the signature programs of the government has been the pricing of carbon. On lateline tonight a very short amount of time was shown on something that could have very big ramifications. Greg Combet, is talking about a joint asia pacific carbon trading scheme. This will include British Coloumbia, California, New Zealand, South Korea and several provinces in China (includes 6 industrial provinces totalling 240 million people). Should this get locked in it would be very difficult to tear it up. Excellent strategy Greg.

  69. Russell

    shhhhh. I saw that little (and wasn’t it a quick grab of a story) informative piece.
    240 million people in 6 provinces. it kinda blows away the usual Coalition crap about Australia , 22million, leading the world in carbon reduction.

  70. Watching Lateline, and the whole interview with the Attorney-General, and Alberici is quoting Liberal handbook of spin.

    Tony Abbott had a trouble free session on 7.30, about the Slipper matter, and Lateline continued the same theme.

    Who would know that Minister for Infrastructure Anthony Albanese and
    Finance Minister Penny Wong made a major policy announcement earlier today?

    Roxon “lete me make my point”
    Albericie “you’ve made your point, now I’m making my point”

    Nicola Roxon had not finished speaking.

    When Alberici reported from the UK she was a credible reasoned reporter,
    but when she returned it took less than a week for her to fall into line with
    Howard’s ABC.

    ABC boss Mark Scott worked for former NSW Liberal Nick Greiner and the way the ABC favours all things Liberal and denies the government news more than a few seconds air time for government business means that the ABC is broken!

  71. Roswell if we really think about “stage managed” it isn’t too much of a stretch to say the whole of the media is stage managed for just one man….everywhere we look, there he is wearing his props, yellow vest, goggles,
    or a very expensive but ‘freebie’ suit for specail occasions.

  72. Sue did you notice Alberici’s expression at the end of the program; she looked as if she was annoyed and wanted the viewers to know it as she signed off.

  73. Pip @11.45pm, I felt like slapping Alberici over that exchange. She doesn’t have a point to make-she is conducting an interview with a senior minister in the Australian Government.

    One example was when she tried to get Roxon to say the government was paying Slipper’s legal bills, because the government is Respondent 1 in Ashby’s claim. What a f*ck wit!

    What she was trying on was done so clumsily and obviously, she might as well have had a sign announcing it!

    The only impression of her I have come away with is that she’s a jumped up upstart. She should be hauled over the coals for that performance.

    However, I thought that Roxon handled her very well and that’s why Alberici looked so irritated-she’d just been put in her box and she didn’t like it. All I can say to her is toughen the f*ck up, girlie.

    The sooner Mark Day and the other barrackers are slung out the better.

    I thought Bob Brown wiped the floor with all the barrackers on Q&A and also put Tony Jones in his box.

  74. Jane, Alberici had that imperious attitude when she began her career years ago and she hasn’t altered.

    She had to make her point but she would have been better advised had she asked who is paying Ashby’s legal fees…they are more than likely pro bono, just as Kathy Jackson’s are.

    The IQ trebled when Bob entered the studio. 😀

  75. Jusr watching Lateline repeat and Alberici said

    “well every commentator in the land is echoing the Opposition”

    Well hello !

  76. Later, on Lateline, Alberici asked the Attorney General:-
    why have the public turned off the Labor party?

    That too is an echo of the Opposition Oracle, The Australian, and other Murdoch rags, and these days Fairfax.

  77. That statement was shocking. Reading the blogs, I am not so sure she is correct.

    I believe they along with Mr. Abbott, are angry that the script is not playing out the way they thought it would.

    Did I hear Mr. Nutt deny the story, saying the allegations were defamatory.

    She did Ms. Roxon a favour. She was passionate in her reply. Ms. Roxon could not keep the contempt from her demeanor.

    Things have changed in Labor. They are all standing their ground during interviews.

    I have always believed that the harder the interview is the better.

    Interviewers do not have views, they do not have points. They ask questions and accept the answers given.

    The are not there to manipulate the message.

    Mr. Abbott could have written the questions for her. It sounded like he did.

  78. On the Drum, Annabel made aside to David Miles. Do you want the PM to follow Mr. Slipper home, to ensure he closed the bathroom door.

    I think it upset Alberici was upset, that Labor MP’s were not taking much interest in the Slipper allegations.

    The scenario is I believe, they should all be running around in fear, like chooks with their heads cut off.

    The opposite appears to be true.

    It is the other side that is becoming unhinged.

    Sexual harassment can be a terrible thing. The problem is, these allegations do not add up.

    Where sexual harassment and I will add abuse, is bad, is when the boss or perpetrator has power over the victim. There does not appear to be any hint of that in this case.

  79. That story on the front page of the Australian on Media Watch was a beauty. Mr. Alan Jones also involved himself in the story.

    It was about those 17 houses at Port Macquarie that the council was looking at because of erosion along the coast line.

    It was all lies, to make climate change look bad.

    Mr. Jones still cannot do his sums.

  80. Lateline transcripts

    Roxon fears ‘perverse incentive’ to bring charges

    Attorney-General Nicola Roxon says denying Peter Slipper the presumption of innocence while a civil suit is current may encourage others to bring frivolous claims against Members of Parliament.

    and, just in case you blinked …

    Combet suggests Asia-Pacific carbon trade

    Climate Change Minister Greg Combet has raised the prospect of an Asia-Pacific carbon trading scheme, which he says would eliminate any problems of competitive disadvantage.

  81. Uhllman’s big moment…

    Tony Abbott asks and faces questions over Slipper affair

    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has been questioning the Government over its handling of the Peter Slipper affair but also faces questions himself.


    CHRIS UHLMANN: Has James Ashby had any assistance at all from anyone in the Coalition preparing his case?

    TONY ABBOTT: Not that I’m aware of.

    CHRIS UHLMANN: Do you think that it’s possible? He is a former member of the Liberal National Party in Queensland?

    TONY ABBOTT: Look, I had no specific knowledge of this until I read the newspapers on Saturday morning. And to the best of my knowledge, no-one in the Coalition had specific knowledge of this until they read the newspapers.

    CHRIS UHLMANN: Do you think this government will run its full term?

    TONY ABBOTT: I think that the sooner we have an election, the better.

    Not that I’m aware of = plausible deniability!

  82. Pip @2.53am and..

    Attorney-General Nicola Roxon says denying Peter Slipper the presumption of innocence while a civil suit is current may encourage others to bring frivolous claims against Members of Parliament.

    Basic common sense isn’t it. As mentioned previously, if it was as Abbott wished it, that every member of Parliament was required to stand down over an allegation..clearly we would be up to our eyeballs in frivolous claims.

  83. More on plausible deniability or what the LNP Queenslanders might have done

    “Mr Abbott ssaid he has no knowledge of any Coalition personnel helping to prepare the case against Mr Slipper.

    “Not to my knowledge,” he told Macquarie Radio Network today.

    “I had no specific knowledge of any of this until I read it in the newspapers.

    “And I think that goes for everyone in the Coalition in Canberra.

    Read more:

  84. He’s doing what he does best Sue. Lying.

    Minchin’s the man. he’s come out of his den for a special Q&A on thursday with Anna Rose who I think is married to Simon Sheik, [GetUp].

    The promo shows him furiously putting her back in her place.

    Anyone who wants to see a repeat of Bob Brown in Q&A is on now.
    There was a group of very serious Young Liberals in the audience, a couple of prospective Prissys and a very young Bronny…

    Watch out for the Jones intervention when Bob criticised Murdoch.

  85. CU @1.03am, I agree. I thought Roxon was very good indeed. She certainly put Alberici in her box and Alberici didn’t like it one little bit.

    Roxon didn’t put a foot wrong, imo. Never showed how irritated she must have been at Alberici’s disrespect and attempts to inject herself into the interview.

    Alberici really lost her cool and the interview when she started shouting over Roxon and insisting that her pov should take precedence. She obviously has no idea how to conduct an interview and should be removed.

    I think I will complain to their ABC about her unprofessional conduct.

    CU, not only can Anal not do simple arithmetic, his geography is also very suspect. He was flapping his gums about the wrong town, ffs!! The wrongly mailgned council wasn’t too happy about Anal badmouthing them.

    I’d love it if they successfully sued the ignorant git. They should at least be given a public apology in prime time. Oh look! A mob of pigs just flew overhead!

    I agree that sexual harrassment is not to be taken lightly, but it seems to me that if Mr Ashby was so upset by Mr Slipper’s off colour remarks and texts, that he should have told Mr Slipper to stop and then made a complaint at the time.

    Mr Ashby is not a young man just starting a career and afraid to rock the boat. He could have resigned and probably walked into another job with a Liars MP. I think this is a put up job and that Mr Ashby was a willing dupe.

    He has given himself away by hiring a PR firm. I would also like to know who is paying for this action. It must be someone with plenty of readies which I doubt Mr Ashby has in his bank account.

    Time for the government to do some digging, I think.

    Sue@12.19pm, and if you believe that, I know of a very nice bridge going cheap in Sydney.

    I’m being harrassed by a black cat who keeps walking on the keyboard.

  86. “What the members of the Reserve Bank Board should consider today, as they’re doing their ironing….”

  87. Jane and CU

    The end of the interview, when Roxon replied “it’s a pleasure”, well it wasn’t for Alberichi.
    Alberichi was as rude to Garrett last week. Trouble for Alberichi, the ministers she interviews are all across their portfolio’s and she isn’t.

  88. Sue, I think that Roxon is one of the most astute parliamentarians.

    It’s a bit sad that we’ve all been distracted by the Ashby might be suspicous that the whole thing has been – yet another – distraction. And we’ve all fallen for it..again…

  89. jane, that’s the only thing cats have in common with men. They keep on fussing and being a pest until they get what they want…….food…..or whatever.

  90. Pip, that intervention pro-Murdoch was a real give-away, wasn’t it? And for the rest of the program when he couldn’t steer BB he was not at all comfortable in his skin. I’ve had my doubts about Tony Jones. Not any more. Now I know for sure.

  91. Or just because they can, patricia @2.05pm. He wanted to be the centre of attention….. Oh noes, my cat is channeling Liealot!!!! I’ll have to check if he’s got red smugglers!!


    On the bright side, even my cat would make a better PM than Liealot.

  92. My dad held a rifle up to a wanky Lieutenant’s head when they pushed him too far..he was subsequently transferred from infantry to artillery.

    I take after my father.

  93. min @ 7.39

    regarding your dad, the army obviously listened to the adage if the hammer don’t work get a bigger hammer.
    hence, the wanky lieutenant, rifle didn’t work move on to artillery

  94. Time for Peter Slipper to slowly repay some Abbott compliments

    “PETER Slipper tonight took a swipe at Tony Abbott saying he was the Opposition Leader’s friend when he didn’t have many.

    And his shot at the man he helped become Liberal Party leader will be used to establish that Mr Abbott was closer to Mr Slipper than he has acknowledged.

    “I have been a good friend of Tony Abbott even when he didn’t have many,” Mr Slippper said on Twitter.

    “I even delivered him the key vote he needed to become leader.”

    Read more:

  95. Funny, under Mr. Howard’s surpluses we had ten interest rates rises. Under this PM deficits, the interest rates are going one way, down.

    AUSTRALIANS can expect a series of rate cuts, beginning with a drop of at least 0.25 points at the Reserve Bank board meeting next Tuesday, after much weaker than expected inflation figures.

    Read more:–and-keep-falling-20120424-1xjhf.html#ixzz1t0aHAznJ

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