Open forum: is Tony Abbott damaging our country?

Sometimes a blogger at the Café will say something that is worthy of a topic by itself.  Jane did just that yesterday when she wrote that Tony Abbott:

. . . couldn’t care less about the damage he is doing to this country as long as he brings down the government.

Since taking over the leadership of the Opposition Tony Abbott has only on goal and that is to be Prime Minister.  The damage he causes along the way in inconsequential.

He has trashed Parliament, he has denigrated the position of the Prime Minister, he threatens to take us back into the Dark Ages.

He wants to take from the poor and give to the rich.  He tells us our country is an economic and social mess and the media believe him, as do many people.

He hasn’t a good word to say about our country.

I could go on and on, but as an open forum I’d rather throw this open for your views.

Over to you.

Tony Abbott don't risk him

Tony Abbott don't risk him (Photo credit: haikugirloz)

211 comments on “Open forum: is Tony Abbott damaging our country?

  1. What a way to try win Government?

    If you cannot win the legal and moral way, do it in a immoral way from the gutter with abuse, lies and mud slinging.

    But question is, why didn’t he taken action against Federal Senator Jo Fisher who was found guilty of the charge of assault or does he think Liberals breaking the law is ok?

  2. World’s longest temper tantrum. But the blame truly belongs to the media who have allowed him to indulge in this behaviour and even encouraged it. When are they going to do their job and pin him down on all of his mistakes. Probably too late to do any good.

  3. He is a disgrace. Our community is polarised with venom and lies. He has to go. No Jane, the means do not justify the end…..the means simply put spotlight on the person prepared to do “whatever” and show them for what they are. In Abbotts case, unfit to be Leader of The Opp, let alone PM.

  4. Pia, I agree that he is unfit to be a leader, especially in the highest office in the land. Why on earth aren’t the media holding him to account? Why are they letting him trash the moral fibre of this country?

  5. He and his catholic mates are trying every dirty trick known to politics and then some, to try and get the Lodge. If it happens this country is doomed, except for the rich and their mates

  6. That man is a ticking time bomb. He would be a total disaster in the event of him ever becoming PM. Imagine the damage internationally he could do given his track record to date Bloody frightening really.

  7. Yes, Abbott is surely talking down the economy. After all economics is all about consumer and investor confidence, and he is doing his level best to destroy both. I think he is a danger to our future.

  8. It is the cultural change that he will bring to this great nation when he is PM….yes I did write that!

  9. It’s truly heartbreaking to think what will happen to this country if Tony Abbott gets his morally and ethically grubby mitts on it. He’s put Indonesia offside.He’s talking down the economy. He’s trashed any semblance of credibility in the House of Reps. He hates refugees who come by boat and has no sympathy for their plight. Health, Education, Infrastructure will suffer if he becomes PM not to mention those on government benefits who need them. If he manages to scrap the carbon price, businesses will suffer because they will have to pay penalties to countries they deal with who do have a carbon price. Our reputation as an initiative and forward looking country will be trashed. As I said, just heartbreaking

  10. I have said this previously. Tony Abbott brings it down to the lowest common denominator. As Leader of the Opposition he has offered nothing for the betterment of Australia.

    What are our expectations for an Abbott lead government. Under an Abbott lead opposition our expectations have been reduced to zero.

  11. I love the smell of burning leftists in the evening! As the Labor government lurches from one disaster to the next (Peter Slipper anyone?) you think that the problem is Tony Abbott ??? You guys only think that because he will be the next PM and the parties of the left are imploding.
    If there is a problem to be fixed it exists in the policies of both the ALP and the Greens which are profoundly hated by the voting public outside Latte land.

  12. That Tony Abbott ever becoming the PM of this wonderful country is a frightening prospect. The man himself is a bully, a mysogynist, he is consistantly inconsistant in his dealiing with the voters,
    He expects high ideals from others, but is happy to deal in the gutter to further his personal goals and that’s what they are personal goals he has no vision for this country, it is only about him.
    The Liberal party has renounced its own integrity to hold on to the coat tails of this man who is supported by a religion that only 26% of Australians follow, beholden to vested interests that have no regard for the well being of most Australians, is cheered on by a compliant media that seems paralysed when asked to analyse what Abbott and the Liberal party actually stand for these days.
    We will be living a nightmare if this man was ever to become PM

  13. Sandy, the scary thing about Tony Abbott is that he expect nothing from no one – as long as he gets his own way and is Top of the Pops, this is all that matters.

    Has anyone asked Abbott the question – after you become PM, then what??

  14. Iain, you don’t think Tony Abbott is damaging the country?

    You might change your mind if and when he’s your Prime Minister.

  15. Iain, your staunch support for Tony Abbott is admirable, if you agree with his thuggish tactics, and dirt unit smear campaigns.

  16. Lynnie, Mr. Denmore knows much about the main stream media

    Sex Text Pest Bests Rest Test

    You see, what matters for our partisan press is not how many people a story affects (as in aged care, the NBN, health reform or improving disclosure around financial advice – all good reforms under this government), it is how a story can be spun to suit their chosen narrative and ideological imperative – in this case confecting a climate of permanent outrage to force regime change.

    If it involves someone taking their pants off, that’s a bonus.

  17. Patricia Ryan, ‘imagine the damage he could do internationally’ oh only putting us off side with most if not all of Asia, you know the customers of our exports.. Even worse, getting rid of the carbon price would put us off side with our biggest customers, customers. North Asia exports far more to Europe than to North America. So thanks to Abbott we will be playing roulette with our export markets. Just imagine the nuanced diplomacy coming from the right wing of the Liberal party, it would just begger belief.

  18. Pip
    I certainly don’t think he is damaging the Country , after all he is leader of teh opposition so he is not in the lodge the ones damaging the country are Gillard et al.
    You are wron he is an EX liberal who has become the creature of the Labor party, actaully he reminds me of Golem from lord of the rings so desperate for the precious trappings of status and power.

  19. Miglo,
    it’s not just Tony Abbott…he’s the crazy greyhound the libertarian and neo-con think tanks, much of the Coalition, a number of shock jocks, influential religious characters, the Murdoch empire and many other corporate aristocrats and robber barons (think mining moguls) are counting on to get over the line first soon.

    Abbott is also like their ventriloquist dummy…he speaks their language…he’s their voice…most of the time.

    But they also use their influential VOICES time and time again to try and persuade the public to give up on this government.

    Fair enuff.

    If it wasn’t for the fact they are so dominant…money and power and high-level contacts and old school ties and threats of blackmail make a big difference…

    add the journos desire to keepmsecure jobs, not rock the boat…and the infiltration of the ABC by so many Liberals and Murdoch empire cronies under Howard…run by former Liberal staffer Mark Scott…

    and you’ve got a problem.

    Even the corporate Fairfax can’t be trusted in the long run to get consistent balanced reporting out…not when super profits taxes are being discussed…and journos realise that if Fairfax goes down they might have to apply with News Ltd.

    And let’s face it, journos live on live scandals and conflict…its in their DNA.

    And like many who begin to make a good buck…they start loving the tax cuts…private industry suddenly seems more appealing…more choice…easier to find the money to get the private education for kids…and healthcare benefits…stuff waiting in line…money talks…

    and memories of opportunities like free and affordable education…and the benefits for a young struggling reporter of universal healthcare…all disappears…blows conveniently away like twigs and leaves in the wind.


  20. Russel
    instead of that think of the businesses in this country who will survive and prosper once the hated and futile carbon tax is consigned to the dustbin of history.

  21. Imagine the damage to our economy Abbott will cause when he hands over the NBN to Telstra as a monopoly. At the moment ISPs are offering NBN plans in many cases cheaper than ADSL2+ because of competition, but with Telstra holding all the infrastructure then the prices will skyrocket and our economy will suffer greatly as a result. And that doesn’t even get into the disadvantaged that are currently being advantaged by the NBN and the jobs that are coming back onshore because of it.

    Abbott will head this country the way of America with the super wealthy actually running things with their collective hands up Abbott’s arse whilst they manipulate him.

  22. Iain, your comments on Slipper are funny to be honest, given that he has just left the LNP. Shame that you need to now feel he is a reflection on the ALP…that is just ridiculous after his decades with the Libs.

    You say that people dont like ALP/ Greens policies? Thats funny, they WON the election, the Libs lost, remember? Dont bother telling me all about how you know that people have changed their mind…the next election will be the test of that. And the way Abbott and Co are going, they will be toast at the point that people need to make a choice.

  23. I hope you don’t mind a comment from someone who reads often but refrains from comment. I agree whole heartedly with comments expressed. What annoys me most is the Liberal Party supporters that except this behaviour without public question. The average worker and small business person that votes Liberal will suffer the consequences, a distinct possibility of work place unrest, no meaningful action to protect, or redress the damage done to, the planet and now with Joe’s latest effort at policy making for a reduced safety net when the fan is hit. Their health and their children’s education are at risk of being devalued.
    I prefer the Left way of doing things and believe that PM Gillard will be successful at the next election but by christ I wish the bloody Libs would consider the wellbeing of the country and pull the idiot child Abott into line. Fight Labor with POLICIES that benefit the majority of citizens not just tubby rich folk. Lib supporters and their friends in the media should try to beat Labor be building up not ripping down, by being adventurous in policy rather than negative.
    I suppose we all want this but the poor,mean spirited, right wing voter just can’t get their head around a society that they don’t rule.

  24. Annual inflation expected to come in at 2% with interest rates to go down.

    Abbott as PM. Inflation rising, interest rates going up and infrastructure crumbling as he massively cuts everything and anything in a futile attempt to pay for his nearly $100 billion in unfunded spending promises.

    You only need look at what was happening in Howards last term and a half to see the precedent and the wasteland of infrastructure that was his legacy.

    Also look at the result of Howard’s Telstra sell off, and Abbott is planning the same again but hugely scaled up.

  25. Iain, we are not the redneck wonderland of the American deep south. Carrying on like that as a small nation within Asia is asking for trouble. As usual, Alexander Downer comes to mind as the right suffers delusions of grandeur of how much political muscle we (not much). As I said, the right wing of the Liberal party do not understand nuance when dealing with vast nations to our north. Heres an example; 60% of our coal exports go to Japan NOT china and the largest most profitable market for finnished products is Europe. What about green groups in Europe starting a consumer boycott of Japanese or South Korean vehicles, (plenty of sympathy for their local industry) Japan would have no choice but to drop us very quickly. Yes we may be able to sell the remaining ore to China at a much reduced price. But wouldn’t that be worse that a mild carbon price….

  26. Good question to ask, Miglo. His latest antics are sickening in the light of his known reputation too. I think I’ll have a go at that. Looking for something to post that fits your question meantime I couldn’t see anything directly relevant. But this reminded me of how unpopular he is and unlikely to add glory to the image of Prime Minister.

    Australian Idol – Not!

    We women do not like it
    When Abbott comes on tele,
    Showing off that he’s so fit.
    The sight of his flat belly
    Simply makes us have to spit.
    Prancing on the beach all bare,
    Does not impress one little bit.
    We shrink from all that body hair
    And budgie smugglers whose tight fit
    Tells the world how little’s there.
    Not that he needs a large tool kit,
    Or one at all, to be PM.
    For that he’ll always be unfit.
    He only knows how to condemn;
    Tear things down, turn everything to shit!

  27. Iain @5.49pm and: Migs
    Oppositions oppose , that is their role in life..

    Actually not Iain. A person is elected to represent the people who voted for them, and indeed those who did not, to do the best that they can for the betterment of their area, and for the betterment of Australia.

    This twee phrase Oppositions oppose is a bit of a newbie now isn’t it..that’s Tony Abbott’s idea. Opposition for no reason, opposition for no result and f*ck everyone as long as you oppose.

  28. Tony Windsor always hits the right note 😆
    Unlike the predictable headlines.

    “There have been going to be confidence votes for the past 18 months,” Mr Windsor tonight told

    “And I’m sick of coming in and doing my homework (on the issue at hand) and nothing happens.”

  29. Russell
    I am fully aware of where we export our comodoities to but I disagree with you about how we should relate to our asian neighbours, the last thing that we should do is act like a desperate mendicant.
    As for “green Boycotts” of our stuff in europe I don’t think taht such an idea has any legs at all.

  30. It is times like this that non compulsory voting looks like a great idea. We have a case of stupid people being manipulated into voting for the very people who couldn’t give a shit about them via evil propaganda techniques, and immoral media coverage.

    I want to scream when I hear these morons complaining about the Labor “spending” being out of control, yet they were the very same whingers who like their hospitals, schools and roads to be in good nick. It is very easy to have money in the kitty is you don’t friggin spend it on the things we need!

    It is like these people have a blank hard drive, and download their opinions and quasi facts from A Current Affair, Alan Jones, and the idiot they live next door to, who got his information from the idiot at the pub, who listened to talk back radio on his way to work.

    The carbon tax is not a tax on the people you idiots! The GST made more of an impact on the standard of living for those “doing it tough”.

    The standard of living in this country is up there with the best, and yet we allow morons to rule politics.

    How many times have you heard someone in the line to vote saying all parties are the same, and wish they didn’t have to vote? In my opinion, there is a HUGE difference between both major parties.

    Tony Wabbit is fantastic at scaring the people into parroting his crap. Scare em into thinking the world is bloody flat! You never know, he has people believing climate change is crap…

  31. So how come Iain that Slipper didn’t stand aside under the Howard goverment when allegations of inpropriety were bought against him? According to a staffer at the time Howard told her to bury it and not mention it again. The Liberals then supported him and backed him every inch of the way until he went over to Labor.

    The biggest hypocrites on the planet are the Liberals and and only a tiny step behind then in hypocrisy are there blind automaton supporters.

    Let’s just look at the State level where every Liberal government is failing on nearly every indicator and measurement. Abbott will be far worse than those failing governments.

  32. Min
    ther very reason that this opposition opposes is for the betterment of the nation, were this a better and more comptenet government there would less reason to oppose every hare brained scheme that they think up.

  33. Ryan non compulsory voting advantages the conservatives by quite a margin, it’s why they are the ones who often suggest it.

  34. Crap Iain. No matter what a Labor government did and how bad a Liberal one was you would still be spruiking the same one eyed ideological crap you always do.

  35. Möbius Ecko
    There was no complaint lodged and no legal proceedings begun in that instance besides which as an insignificant backbencher it was a matter of far less importance than someone holding the speakership acting up.

  36. What is being damaged is the collective psyche of the Nation…a much deeper & more disturbing issue that what we are observing superficially in the day to day media humdrum. People are deeply fearful, polarised in their views and living with a veil of uncertainty about the future on both sides of the debate. Those on the right have reverted to type & approach the current political debate in a simplistic, dog eat dog way, expressed by an extremely narcissistic & moralistic stance, which relies on sexism, racism, division & social inequity & social disintegration as a form of expression, and the viewpoint for those on the right is an extremely fearful & insecure position emotionally. Whereas, us on the left are challenged to ponder the ramifications for the collective whole, our natural position, we are worried about the future as well, but for very different reasons to the conservatives. We are worried & concerned about humanity as a whole, the well being of all, the well being of the planet. This is the dichotomy this Nation faces more than ever before. We are split seeds in the same pod. Both groups facing the future, both groups feeling as bleak as the other. Abbott has successfully manipulated to bring to fruition his destructive & divisive power agenda, only with the facility of a right wing media plying his trade. Without this assistance, Abbott would be a speck in political history….a mere newt. But, sadly he has the moneyed ones speaking for him for free. He has rich recruits working for him. An army funded by self interest & pecuniary protectionism. Abbott’s vision is uninspiring, hollow & archaic. He is not progressive. He taps into the part in each of us that longs for the “good ole days”, days when we didn’t lock our front doors, the kids ran & explored their local habitat from dawn until dusk & we left the keys in the car when we went to the shop – the days when governments did stuff & we didn’t really think too much about how their decisions would affect our lives. Social inequity & division were probably much more stark back then, but much more invisible. We never engaged with the other team, because the chasm was so great. The two parties never met or engaged socially except perhaps occasionally in literary or artistic circles, which sometimes allowed people to break through the class barrier. There was no meeting ground, except perhaps at work, where the conservatives ran the show & the left did the heavy lifting. What has changed in the past couple of decades (thanks to Gough) is that kids who wouldn’t have naturally received a decent education, have, & this has brought a change in demographic background in the workplace. But ironically over a couple of generations, the intergenerational voting pattern of the workers has not necessarily been carried forward. The Labor Party has been embraced by more mature, educated & socially conscious people, but sadly the less educated appear to have been left feeling a sense of inadequacy or disconnection from the Party, which actually does represent them. The complexity in thinking required in understanding policy & their implications is lost to them due to the more complex policy challenges we face as a Nation. Australia is now a global player. Another interesting shift in mindset which works for Abbott is the gullibility of the working “new right” & their attitude towards the news information providers. Instead of trusting the left wing government to look after their traditional interests, those on the “new right” distrust them & would prefer to trust News Ltd or the shock jocks. An extraordinary shift in perception. Abbott’s constant negativity & his berating attitude towards the PM & the government’s achievements in general has brought about a collective depression…for those on the left we mourn the bright, hopeful future presented by the Labor government & those on the “new right” mourn the present because they are feeling afraid of the changes ahead & cannot for the life of them visualise a future that does not stay the same. I hold Tony Abbott fully responsible for this. He is regressive. He is not only damaging our country, he is wilfully destroying the Australian people’s psyche with not a shred of conscience or guilt. I used to be proud to be part of a country like Australia, but not with Abbott’s pall of darkness hanging over us all like an oily old rag. We are being smothered as a Nation by our manifest hatred of opposing ideologies. We are all part of it. Two parts of the seed in one pod. Until we all collectively say to Abbott…piss off…then I fear this discourse will continue for as long as it takes to unseat the man.

  37. Pip,
    you just can’t cope with the truth 😉
    Möbius Ecko
    No I have been just as critical of the Libs in the past, in fact I hve voted labor more often than I have ever voted Liberal

  38. Sue, your comments always make me laugh. 😆

    Poor diddums Iain hasn’t been this excited since Utegate.

    We know how that ended don’t we Iain.

    Whatever happened to Godwin??
    maybe he haunts the comments pages for Menzies House now….

  39. Iain wrote: instead of that think of the businesses in this country who will survive and prosper once the hated and futile carbon tax is consigned to the dustbin of history.


    more coal…more oil…more gas exploration and fracking…more…

    Can’t wait.

    Cough coal cough…

    Watch them birds try to fly in them oil slicks…ain’t they somethin’?

    Frack me fella, this water sure does taste like poison…hope ya got good money for that land ya sold ’em.

    Hey Bob, I hear the Coalition government are thinking of building a nuke plant near you…apparently they’re bringing in Japanese and GE experts…you thinking of doin’ a Homer Simpson and workin’ there? Make sure ya stock up on iodine.


  40. Jo Askew
    Have you ever heard of confirmation bias?

    you are just totally off the mark when you claim that conservatives view the future under an Abbott government

  41. I put this on another thread, but am repeating it here.

    I would like to congratulate out PM in having the strength of character to do what is the ethical action to take in relation to the Slippers allegations.

    It would have been easier for the PM to take the easy way out and jump on the Opposition wagon calling for Mr. Slipper’s head.

    It is probably just a true for the Thompson matter.

    The PM has stood by her belief in the presumption of innocence and the separation of powers between the government and the judiciary.

    The PM could have made much of the fact, she does not own the Speaker or have power to remove him.

    The PM has kept to her ethics and has shown faith in the Speaker to do the correct thing.

    The PM did not do anything, as it was not her job to do so.

    It was said on the CH10, the PM has not been charged with anything.

    it was not her job to comment or judge Mr. Slipper. It is also not the job of the Opposition leader to do either but he could not resist playing politics in what should be a sensitive matter.

    The matter was allow to work it way through the processes, and the correct solution has been found.

    This takes a strength of character, that the likes of Mr. Abbott do not even comprehend.

    The Speaker is only answerable to the house, no one else.

    Maybe Mr. Abbott should take some time to read about the procedures relating to the Speaker.

  42. Jo Askew, all of the things I would like to say but so much more eloquently, thankyou.

  43. Russell, all of Asia is going to drop us very quickly – the evidence being the fact that China is now the World Leader in renewable energy sources. If we think that we are going to have a compliant 3rd world country willing to pay what-ever for our what-ever..think again…

  44. Pip,
    thnx for the link to Mr. Denmore @ Failed Estate blog…I put it up on The Political Sword blog:

    It didn’t matter anyway, because two days later, the aged care story had been shoved under the editorial bed like a used chamber pot. There was a much more colourful yarn to pun headlines out of. Instead of creaking tales about hospital beds and home care, we had one that yielded “Sex Text Scandal” and “Gay Sex Pest”. Corr! So saucy, even the perpetually randy UK tabloids picked it up.

    Even better, the Tory regime changers of News Ltd could spin the Peter Slipper story into an imagined constitutional crisis and provide yet another reason to call for an ELECTION RIGHT NOW! to fix the mistake made two years ago and to “put an end to what many view as a dysfunctional government”.   The News Ltd goons had Slipper in their sights anyway, having used their ‘news’ pages recently to depict him as a rat. (That there was no manufactured outrage over Slipper in the 18 years  he served as a Coalition MP spoke volumes. A classic stitch-up, then.)

    You see, what matters for our partisan press is not how many people a story affects (as in aged care, the NBN, health reform or improving disclosure around financial advice – all good reforms under this government), it is how a story can be spun to suit their chosen narrative and ideological imperative – in this case confecting a climate of permanent outrage to force regime change.

    Mr. Denmore puts to shame many of the MSM (mainstream media…or should we say “lamestream media”?) commentators.


  45. Karen Middleton on SBS news, says talk is that the cabcharge criminal allegations will probably be dealt with quite quckly and then Slipper will return to being Speaker.

    Now by what is in the papers the allegation was that the cabcharges were handed over to a driver of a limosine, it didn’t look like a taxi. Now surprise surprise, the speaker was hosting delegations from Samoa and Cyprus and the guests of the Speaker were also taken on harbour cruises.
    Golly gosh the car didn’t look like a taxi? Now that’s criminal. Imagine delegates getting better than a Sydney taxi.

    And in 2003 Slipper was not a mere backbencher, as abbott claims. At the time of the possible complaint Slipper was working directly to Howard as a parliamentary secretary.

  46. Now the answer to all this is for Slipper is to announce that he is going to write a tell all book to be launched before the next election. Slipper could go further and say he is not worried about who owns the press as today he can self publish and distribute electronically.

    A nice little earner, a possible title

    Let Slip

  47. Can’t anyone find something nice to say about Tony Abbott?

    Sorry, I cannot and that frightens the daylights out of me.

    It is the Opposition job to put alternatives forward that reflect the views of the voters that gave them a mandate.

    It is their job to revise and improve.

    Up to this time, there are many things that have been bi-partisan. That no longer occurs.

    This Opposition carry out any of these duties.

    The have thrown an 18 month tantrum, screaming we did not lose.

    They have spent the last 18 months in election mode. God knows how much it costs for him top go state to state on a daily basis for photo ops.

    They ignore that this is an legitimate government that reflects the views of the 58% that did not vote for the Coalition.

    It is not the job of the Opposition to destroy this government.

    There chance will come at the next regular election.

    This Opposition has manage to insult every leader that has come to this country from overseas.

    It is not the role of the Opposition to talk down the economy.

    I am terrified that I cannot see one positive thing about this man.

    His record, right back to his uni days, speaks for itself.

    I have ask other why they believe he will be good for the country. I never get a worthwhile answer. All I get is how bad this PM is.

    All I hear is we will cut the waste. Not once do we hear what the waste is.

    I am not that fearful of Labor loses, if that needs to be.

    I have so little faith in this man and the party he leads, it will not take long for the people to open their eyes.

    As for this PM, she will still have many reasons to be proud. They cannot take away from her the many things she has achieved. History will treat her proud.

  48. Pia, the Liberals should move to France where it’s guilty until proven innocent, which compares with the Common Law which is innocent until proven guilty.

    It gets to be a hard task, continuously stating that a person has the presumption of innocence, especially when the media breathlessly announce the next snippet of hot gossip.

    Until my dying day I will uphold the law – the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

  49. Iain, I think you might find that Mr, Slipper is his own person, who as Speaker is only answerable to the Lower House.

    He is also a very good speaker.

    This is another Abbott stunt, that will sink quickly into the woodwork, like all the others before this.

    I wonder what the next one will be.

  50. From Twitter

    ShamWow ‏ @slabb0
    Reply RetweetedRetweet

    Slipper has told a senior minister that he has all the required paperwork for all of his cab charges and once AFP investigate he’ll be back

  51. It appears the Opposition is demanding Mr. Slippers resignation, I believe from the parliament.

    That seems a little extreme to me. he has not actually been accused of murder.

  52. Cu, the opposition has been “demanding” Slipper’s resignation over the allegations. This is the whole point of the matter, that a parliamentarian should be required to resign over allegations. As I’ve stated earlier on, this would make parliament unworkable, because any allegation, true or false would require a person to step down.

    This would clearly open the way for encouragement of false allegations to be made with the aim being to make the person to step down.

    The Slipper issue is an interesting one because of the homophobic undertones, that Slipper is a closet gay. We will have to wait and see on this one I think.

  53. Cu, do you think they weren’t expecting Slipper to play out with Slipper standing down… maybe he’s ruined their grand plan. 😆

  54. Min, your words need to be oft repeated…

    This is the whole point of the matter, that a parliamentarian should be required to resign over allegations. As I’ve stated earlier on, this would make parliament unworkable, because any allegation, true or false would require a person to step down.

    This would clearly open the way for encouragement of false allegations to be made with the aim being to make the person to step down.

    The Slipper issue is an interesting one because of the homophobic undertones, that Slipper is a closet gay. We will have to wait and see on this one I think.

    Abbott on tv just now saying again, questioning the PM’s judgement.
    Peter Slipper has retained his seat of Fisher SEVEN times, which begs the question about the judgement of the Coalition for continuing to pre select him as a candidate, or, gives the lie to their current spin.

  55. Pip,I feel he had no choice to stand aside, I do not believe he needed the PM to come to this conclusion.

    It is interesting that he separated the two matters.

    He is standing aside because of the Cabcharge, that was used to pay for a limousine allegations. They are criminal matters.

    It should be a simple matter to clear up the Cabcharge. It should not need the police to do so

    A ministerial get results fast.

    If the other charges are bogus, that will be clear up before the matter gets to court. The great expert lawyer they have, will not want his reputation tarnish in such an exercise.

    It is interesting that the SMH has not played the matter up and the Telegraph stable has.

    The ABC might just have backed a loser on this one.

    Respectable and experience journals on the whole, are holding back as well.

  56. Tony Abbott is only getting away with his stupidity because the media keep giving him a microphone. From my link above:

    Not one of these people had ever visited Australia. They only know about us from what they read in the media.

    Oh how refreshing it was to be confronted by this media inspired positive portrayal. And it was all true. Our dollar is strong, as is our economy and economic rating. We did avoid a recession and the Western world acknowledges this and is envious of it. Everywhere I went, people were giving Australia a pat on the back.

    But not so my fellow travellers or Australian I met overseas. At every opportunity they were condemning our lucky and prosperous country. In discussions with them it was apparent that all their political knowledge and opinions were formed from what they read or heard in the media.

  57. The Slipper issue is an interesting one because of the homophobic undertones, that Slipper is a closet gay. We will have to wait and see on this one I think.

    Min, I think the main reason is because we have a minority government. Abbott wants it removed. He is the man who could be Prime Minister. 🙄

  58. Cu, thank you. I think that it gets to the grist of the issue of why the Slipper allegation has been taken off, it’s because of the homophobic undertones – he’s a closet gay. Well Slipper may or may not be gay, but this is certainly why this issue is getting all of the headlines.

  59. Miglo,

    That goes without saying. Slipper is a defector and Abbott wants him gone. You do the wrong thing and the Liberal dirt machine will be ready and waiting.

  60. Cu, Sue posted this @ 6.50pm,

    Karen Middleton on SBS news, says talk is that the cabcharge criminal allegations will probably be dealt with quite quckly and then Slipper will return to being Speaker.

    Now by what is in the papers the allegation was that the cabcharges were handed over to a driver of a limosine, it didn’t look like a taxi. Now surprise surprise, the speaker was hosting delegations from Samoa and Cyprus and the guests of the Speaker were also taken on harbour cruises.
    Golly gosh the car didn’t look like a taxi? Now that’s criminal. Imagine delegates getting better than a Sydney taxi.

    Peter Slipper would know more about the obscure protocols than Tony Abbott’s devious mind could ever absorb imo.

  61. Miglo,

    Indeed. Snipers and with a media machine overly eager to run the subject for a good week, and with special weekend editions.

  62. Abbott must be desperate to turn up on ABC 7.30. He sounds so.

    What did the PM do today that is so shocking.

    All I can see is that Mr. Slipper by moving aside, has stunted his plan.

    Mr. Abbott has once again lost.

    I believe this is another stunt that has backfired in his face. he is talking nonsense. He is ridiculous.

    I wonder if this is his last chance.

    He is being ask questions for once.

    Worth listening to.

    TONY ABBOTT: Look, I might have lost a vote, but the Prime Minister has shredded her integrity or anything that she had left in that department and what’s happened today is that the Prime Minister has demonstrated that there’s not a principle she won’t trash, not a colleague she won’t shaft if necessary to strengthen her hold on the top job.

    CHRIS UHLMANN: How is this trashing principle?

    TONY ABBOTT: Well, plainly, this is a squalid manoeuvre to shore up her numbers in the Parliament. She’d been put on notice by Andrew Wilkie over the poker machine deal. Obviously, she’s got a looming problem with Craig Thomson, the Member for Dobell. That was gonna put her numbers in jeopardy early in the new year and that’s why we’ve seen this squalid fix today.

    CHRIS UHLMANN: So in her place, what would you have done?

    TONY ABBOTT: Well, I don’t do these kinds of deals.

    CHRIS UHLMANN: Are you certain about that?

    TONY ABBOTT: I am not in the business of this kind of operation.

    CHRIS UHLMANN: What about Mal Colston? Were you in favour of what happened in the Senate all those years ago when the Howard Government did something very similar?

    TONY ABBOTT: And I am not in the business of defending what happened all those years ago. What happened today was a squalid political fix by a government that is increasingly in crisis. This is a government which lost control of our borders, lost control of our budget. It’s in danger of losing control of the Parliament, and so they’ve lost their speaker to try to shore up the Prime Minister’s position.

    CHRIS UHLMANN: In fact she’s now more in control of the Parliament than she was yesterday.

    TONY ABBOTT: Well let’s wait and see, let’s wait and see, Chris. Andrew Wilkie has put her on notice. She’s got a Craig Thomson problem, and now, if I may say so, she has got a non-Labor speaker that she is gonna have to rely on as well as the Greens and the independents. If anything, this is a government which is more fragile, a Prime Minister whose position is more tenuous and I think it won’t be very long at all before people are saying, “What got into the Prime Minister to do this?” Yet again, it is her judgment that will be in question.

  63. Memo…. or deja vu

    The rise and fall of a Canberra soufflé

    Over the past week Canberra has fiddled while the world burns, writes Geoffrey Barker

    ONLY PEOPLE without shame and without memory could have concocted and participated in Canberra’s utegate debacle.

    In the fevered and frantic atmosphere of Parliament House they combined to cook up a crisis that proved to be a soufflé.

    The whole thing collapsed when police disclosed that an email allegedly revealing improper conduct by prime minister Kevin Rudd and treasurer Wayne Swan was a forgery.

  64. What has she done that is so bad.

    Prime Minister Julia Gillard has issued a statement saying it is appropriate that Mr Slipper has stood aside while the alleged criminal conduct is investigated.

    The statement also said it was appropriate for all parties to note the processes under way and treat them with respect.

    The Government says the Department of Finance is investigating the allegations against Mr Slipper regarding the misuse of Cabcharge vouchers.

    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has welcomed

  65. Min Mr. Denmore has his own thoughts about headlines. 😆

    Sex Text Pest Bests Rest Test

    You see, what matters for our partisan press is not how many people a story affects (as in aged care, the NBN, health reform or improving disclosure around financial advice – all good reforms under this government), it is how a story can be spun to suit their chosen narrative and ideological imperative – in this case confecting a climate of permanent outrage to force regime change.

    If it involves someone taking their pants off, that’s a bonus

    My bold.

  66. Cu, to add to Abbott’s statement..the PM’s position has been tenuous, and will remain so..until she calls an election, which will not be because of Tony Abbott. Julia said that she will run a full term which is why the Independents backed her. End of story. Abbott does his boring reruns, it’s a pity that someone in the media can’t just say to him: Get over it.

  67. Cu @ 8u31pm,from your 7.30 link, in light of this weekends events this looks more like a threat now than a prediction.

    a Prime Minister whose position is more tenuous and I think it won’t be very long at all before people are saying, “What got into the Prime Minister to do this?” Yet again, it is her judgment that will be in question.

    He really enjoyed saying “squalid” didn’t he…

  68. Min, I’d really like someone with more authority than he posseses to tell him P.O.Q. and let the country and the government get on with the job without having to listen to his wankery!

  69. I think Ulhmann came close to telling him so tonight.

    I think it could be one of his worse interviews,

    He was all over the place, but that is nothing new.

    He came across as a loser, which he is.

  70. No Tom, Swan has been freelancing while Abbott has been focusing on the problems.

    Well that is what was said on the Insiders this morning.

    There was also criticism of the 6.8 million dollars IMF contingency loan, if

    Mr. Swan can never win.

  71. Miglo,

    On your topic, and Jane is quite right..Abbott does not care about the damage done.

    I wonder what an Abbott prime ministership might look like. I get impressions of someone having achieved his goal, does not know what to do with it. Abbott will be at the whim of every flunky whose crosses his path, because Abbott is a man without a vision.

  72. Miglo, I believe it is worse than that. I think he will tire very quickly in the position.

    It is more like a toddler demanding the car keys and becoming quickly bored, throwing then away, when they get them.

  73. Min, Abbott will be at the whim of the cashed up vested interests who put him in The Lodge…. he’s been doing exactly what they require of him so far…

  74. Sue, I’m awaiting the day when some journo might put it out there for all of us to see:

    Team Abbott. J. Bishop Foreign Minister, Shrek as Treasurer..heck, who else is there. If there is, then I’ve forgotten…

  75. Min, the ears are similar. Yes, he was a destroyer too, but not in the league of Abbott.

    He was just useless, not as dangerous ae the present pretender.

    Without much imagination either.

  76. Maybe the reason I get no takers when I ask why Mr. Abbott would be a better PM. Maybe it is because no one can imagine him in the role.

  77. I think you’re right CU – even the rusted-on Lieberals don’t really want to see Abbott in the Lodge – all they really crave is Labor’s defeat, whatever it takes…

  78. Min, you could be right.

    I believe there are too many others who have similar ambitions that will not be willing to wait long.

    Most seem to keep their heads down now.

  79. The only alternative to Abbott that rates a mention is Turnbull who made a mess of the Grech activities, and lost his support because of his support for the ETS, but he has certainly been busy on an alternative NBN with Telstra his front runner to remain the monopoly that it’s always been.

  80. Cu, either the Liberals have all had their balls severed, which is likely or else Turnbull and/or Hockey will make a play for the leadership before the next election is called..because they know that Abbott will be the same as Old Araldite, once installed he will not budge.

  81. Oops Min I missed your question about Turnbull. he’s working the media and Telstra and that would be a plus for his score card if Abbott loses a couple of supporting votes down the track.

  82. Pip, I think that Turnbull will go for it. He has the money to buy any election. T’bull is counting on Labor increasing it’s rating the polls, and with Abbott’s outstanding unpopularity will come to the rescue. That’s his best case scenario, worst case..Labor does not increase it’s ratings, then T’bull will have to appeal to hearts and minds, and that one makes it more difficult for him.

  83. The COALition like to say that other countries aren’t acting on Climate Change…

    Mexico passes climate-change law
    As the Kyoto Protocol winds down without a strong replacement, countries are implementing their own strategies to reduce global warming.

    The Mexican legislature passed one of the strongest national climate-change laws so far on 19 April. Mexico, which ranks 11th in the world for both the size of its economy and its level of carbon emissions, joins the United Kingdom in having legally binding emissions goals aimed at stemming the effects of climate change.

    After three years of debate and revisions, the bill passed in Mexico’s lower house with a vote of 128 for and 10 against, and was later passed unanimously by the Senate. The new law contains many sweeping provisions to mitigate climate change, including a mandate to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide by 30% below business-as-usual levels by 2020, and by 50% below 2000 levels by 2050.

  84. Reality hurts @4.44pm, because that won’t get his shrivelled @rse into The Lodge. Neither will making Slagabella stand aside while allegations are pending against her.

    Lynnie, you’re right. The msm will have to bear ALL the blame if Liealot gets over the line. They have been the facilitators every step of the way, deliberately ignoring his egregious lies, obfuscations, innuendo and distortions.

    With a few tiny exceptions, they have allowed him to deceive the country with his breathtaking ignorance of economics and complete lack of honesty and integrity.

    Pia, I agree entirely. The end certainly does not justify the means, particularly as Liealot has no vision beyond becoming PM. AFAICS, there is no vision beyond claiming victory on election night.

    And that’s why he must not get his desired early election. If he does win, every bit of good work by this government will be removed to the great detriment of this country. We will be catapulted backwards 50 years.

    Migs, he owes his rich mates big time and we will all suffer the consequences.

    Iain, Slipper was accused of this sort of thing in 2003. Apparently, the same behaviour that Liealot is foaming at the mouth about now, wasn’t worth talking about then.

    In fact, despite being aware of it, the Liars selected him as their candidate three more times. And after being completely unconcerned about Mr Slipper’s alleged sexual harassment and financial irregularities for nearly a decade, they are suddenly outraged by it?

    I just love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning, afternoon and evening, don’t you? Seems the Liars imbibe hypocrisy at their mothers’ breast, doesn’t it?

    Mr Slipper has NEVER been a member of the ALP, nor a member of a Labor government. He HAS, however been a Country Party, the Nationals and lately Liars Party MP for many years.

    And a member of a Liars Party government, well known for it’s corruption and pork barrelling.

    A Liars Party government which airily dismissed similar allegations against Mr Slipper in 2003 and to underline their lack of concern, preselected him for the next three elections.

    In light of this, the only conclusion we can draw is that the Liars party lacks not only judgement, but honesty and integrity. Full marks for sleaziness, though. No surprises there.

    Sue @7.00pm, we can only hope Slipper will put pen to paper! Ripper of a title!

    What a surprise “The opposition is demanding………….blah! blah! blah!”

    “Tony Abbott says……….. boo hoo! It shouldabeen MEEEEEEEEEE!”

    Mr Denmore has it nailed as usual.

  85. Morning Iain Hall.
    It will be a fun week this week. The old saying is ringing true for Gillard.
    “You Lay down With Dogs – You Get Up With Fleas”
    The budget is going to be a nonsense. The entire freak show will be putting in their demands in return for their vote for Gillard. Thank God this fiasco will soon be over.

  86. Whinny Pynnie has been on the radio this morning emphasising how Slipper should stand aside until all allegations are dealt with. Contained in the vile coming from Pyne’s mouth, is that Slipper should stand aside “for his family”.
    The concern was as genuine as News Ltd running photo’s of Slipper’s wife, accompanyig the stories of male sexual harrassment.

    Pyne look right, look left, look in the mirror.

  87. Just been given an own goal proposition for Abbott.

    Slipper does the thing and resigns from parliament.
    there is a by- election and Mal Brough elected

    Liberal party sighs in relief and with Howard’s backing, Brough challenges Abbott for leadership.

    Problem solved, Abbott will never be Prime Minister

  88. Geoff, the fun starts when that mob of clowns in the Abbott circus get elected in 2013. Not only will the country become a graveyard but our international reputation will be shot to pieces. The next incoming Labor Government will have their work cut out for them.

  89. Tory Tony and the rest of the conservative escapees from Freak Island smell blood. They called for Slipper to stand aside while the allegations are investigated. He has now done so.

    Emerson, all Tony wants is to be PM. ABC24

    Mr. Windsor suggests that if Tony wants a no confidence vote, he call it in the parliament, not the press. ABC24

    He has not done so since this government took over.

    The Speaker has stood aside until the criminal matters are investigated.

    That is all that is needed.

    MP’s do not stop doing their job because of civil matters. Mainly because their cannot be a jail sentence.

    If Mr. Abbott succeeds, he will put at risk the future stability of government.

    Mt. Abbott is not entitled to an election because he has the belief he was born to be PM. He will just have to wait like everyone else.

  90. Geoff, it maybe an interesting week.

    At least it is this PM we have overseas representing us, not Mr. Abbott.

    We are half way through this term of government and Mr,. Abbott and his followers do not seem to believe it exists.

    If what we seen of Mr. Abbott last night and this morning, he does not seem to be celebrating a win.

    He appears to be begging for the Speaker to resign, allowing his to attain what he was born to.

    Geoff, I suggest it is prudent to wait until one has a win before crowing.

    Mr, Abbott has had no wins up to now against the PM.

    PM ABC24 giving an interview. OM believes that Australians expect parliamentarians to play by the rules. Hear Hear.

    All questions on Slipper and Wilkie.

  91. On the original, the opening statement, let us go through the Hansard and not the comments of the Labor party Caucus while they were in opposition, was anything they said in a negative vain? Could it have been construed that comments by the Labor Opposition been negative to the countries interests? Could it be that “the lady does protest too much” quotation could be applied, firmly, here, and your comments are only more of the same?

  92. Mr. Slipper elected by the Opposition on nine occasions. Strong answers been giving by PM.

    The PM suggests that Mr. Abbott might want to reflect on the facts

    The PM feels he has done a good job.

    Ask about now. Proper processes in train. Those processes should be respected.

    Back to pokies.
    Tony Abbott said. One would expect Tony Abbott to be negative. Tony needs to reflect on the facts.

    Yes, there are many facts in this matter to consider. As the PM said, Tony Nutt does not come out of the weekend releases very well.

    Not does Mr. Sinodinos in my opinion. He has the Liberal memory when asked difficult questions. That is selective amnesia. Remember the days of Howard.

  93. Chris, of course there are times that Oppositions are negative. it is not usual for that to occur 100% of the time.

    All Mr. Pyne and his cronies are upset is that none of their plotting has been successful.

    Mr., Pyne’s statement that the government is not taking the matter seriously, is a little silly.

    Yes, there was no legal or procedural reason for Mr. Slipper to resign, or even step aside. It was Mr. Slippers call and no one else s.

    Mr. Slipper as Speaker is only answerable to the Lower House. It is up to the House to act if they want change.

    Mr. Slipper is entitled to the presumption of innocence.

    It is not up to the PM to judge or interfere on this incidence. It would be wrong of her to do so.

    Mr. Slipper should not be judged and convicted by the Opposition or the media. That is up to the police and the courts.

    What has occurred is allegations by ONE man. We have no idea of the credibility of the person who have made these allegations. That will be tested by investigations and the courts.

    In spite of the old allegations that have once again reared their ugly head, the Coalition choose to support Mr. Slipper nine time, over sixteen years.

    There is also a history of Mr. Slipper rorting travel and other benefits. Mr. Slipper has been cleared on every occasion.

  94. The Opposition are so angry and desperate this morning.

    If I was Mr. Slipper, I would not walk in front of a vehicle , driven by an Coalition MP, especially a bike.

  95. Mr. Windsor, is making much sense. He said remember the Grech affair, Mr Griener who was judged by party, then found innocence. He mentioned other cases that were judge before procedures were allowed to tun their course.

    All the Opposition is interested in, is dislodging the government, an nothing else. They could not care less if the Speaker is guilty or not. They are not interested in justice.

    They are willing to say or do anything to bring this result about.

    Nothing they say can be taken at face value.

  96. Geoff, then there’s the adages about counting your chickens before they hatch, crossing bridges before you get to them etc.

    It will be an interesting week indeed and it will end in tears.

    Unfortunately for you and Iain, you will be the ones reaching for the Kleenex. The spectre of Godwin Grech is hanging over this charade.

    So many of the Grech cast are assembled-Brandis, Abetz, Steve Lewis and yet another unfortunate stooge who thinks the Liars will look after him. And they will- just the same way they looked after poor old Godwin.

    I believe that the cabcharges fiasco will end up on Liealot;’s face. It seems that the Speaker was organising transport for a group of foreign dignitories. One dodgy allegation down, any odds on the other one.

    Start stocking up on Kleenex, chaps.

    Min, Abbott will be at the whim of the cashed up vested interests

    Just like NSW and the latest puppet in Qld. Clive’s got him firmly by the cobblers and has commenced squeezing. Only a day after the Qld election, there were people whining about what Can Do was doing to all those loyal supporters, who jumped ship to give Clive Can Do the nod.

    Oh well, marry in haste, repent at leisure.

  97. Sources familiar with the Speaker’s expense claim say that far from rorting his parliamentary travel entitlements with Cabcharges that his use of them, complained about by Ashby as apparently dodgy, will check out as legitimate, with many other MPs also using limousine services, some favouring them over the more expensive taxpayer-owned Comcar. It seems weird that a private limo service would substantially less than Comcar but we are reliably told that is the case and that some MPs prefer private operators as a result. This seems to be particularly the case with Queensland MPs. Sources say that all Slipper did, which might have prompted concern from Ashby who wasn’t familiar with the Speaker’s arrangement with a Sydney limo operator was provide the driver with Cabcharges for payment, which they insist tally up with official, and documented and diarised, engagements he had. Slipper, often lashed on expenses by his former internal party critics like nemesis Alex Somylay, is now reportedly extremely cautious and vigilant about the detail of these things. His friends are highly confident he will be utterly cleared in relation to them. Government sources certainly expect he’ll be reinstated once his innocence is established, which they think will be quite soon.

  98. My emphasis. How much of this latest scandal, along with the Me. Jackson actions has the Opposition choreographed?

    The sex harassment claims are messier, and while not of themselves job threatening, and will be personally embarrassing for the Speaker. His practice of allowing some staff members to save money by crashing at his place in Canberra was clearly not smart, sources say, and won’t continue.

    However, there are dark mutterings about the James Ashby saga, which, if true, could create an enormous stink for the Coalition. The story goes like this:

    That many in Liberal circles believed that Peter Slipper had entanglements with staff member or members in the past but they couldn’t prove anything. (VEXNEWS readers will recall our reporting of these rumours a long time ago)

    That someone in the LNP convinced James Ashby – an openly gay and politically ambitious journalist/spin doctor – to work for Slipper with a view to digging up dirt on Slipper and acting in some kind of honey-trap, as it is referred to in espionage.

    Ashby, who, astonishingly enough, at the time of publication is still an employee of the Speaker, has made his claims via a high-priced Sydney law firm Harmers that is a specialist in workplace law, often representing employers but also well-known for representing the complainant against Mark McInnes, the former CEO of David Jones, who was accused of trying to screw the crew.

    It is believed that Ashby is not paying the firm himself, with some even speculating that he may be being induced and encouraged by Slipper’s foes in the LNP to make the claims, possibly with the promise of a job or some other benefit.

    It also believed that Ashby covertly assisted a number of state LNP candidates during the recent Queensland election. Sources say the Speaker became aware of it, and was perfectly relaxed about it but was merely disappointed with his staffer that he hadn’t told him about it. Certainly it’s no secret Ashby is an LNP member.

    Most probably it’s a coincidence, but it is interesting to note that HSU national secretary Kathy Jackson, on a seek-and-destroy mission against the government backbencher Craig Thomson, has very recently engaged the same Sydney-based lawyers to represent her in a typically quixotic Federal Court lawsuit calculated to seize power within her scandal-plagued HSUeast branch.

    There is concern among some Canberra and Brisbane Liberals that Ashby is “flaky” and if he was put up by someone to infiltrate Slipper’s office to dig up dirt or entrap him in some kind of embarrassment that it could easily and spectacularly backfire if he feels disappointed about the outcome of his spectacular attack on the Speaker, either in terms of its effect on Slipper (he’ll most probably survive it) or on Ashby himself (he’ll almost certainly not stay in his job working for Slipper and might end up looking dirtier than Monica Lewinsky without actually doing anything between the sheets).

    If Ashby acted alone, and is merely freely championing his rights at work, then certainly a carefully-timed ambush (with no attempt to privately raise the matter with Slipper or the Speaker’s office) is a strange way to go about resolving his issues, or achieving a result. There seems to be a lot more to this than meets the eye.

    If Ashby was put up for the odious task of infiltrating the Speaker’s office to dig up dirt on him, then the first round has certainly been a success but the second round will entirely defend on Ashby keeping his mouth shut about whether any of Slipper’s political foes prompted him to take a job with Slipper and to adopt a shoot stealthily and dramatically from the grassy knoll strategy.

  99. A comment from the above site.

    It seems accusations are enough to end careers and cause political turmoil.

    What’s to stop a disgruntled ex Liberal (Ashby) from lodging accusations and then in 6-12 months time quietly abandoning his case?

    Because accusations are enough, accusers never have to prove their claims as fact.

    I might just lodge court documents that I was abused by Tony Abbott but would he stand down for the year or more while the claim makes its way through the courts ?

    Posted by Accusations are Enough | April 23, 2012, 12:38

  100. What Mr. Albanese did know. Mr. Abbott supported Slipper. They supported him nine times.

    Mr. Slipper did not stand aside when parliamentary secretary to the PM.

    Mr. Pyne is lying when he says that.

    He went on to be secretary to Senator Minchin.

    Mr. Slipper makes his own decisions this is as it should be.

  101. Question. Mr. Ashby is still in his job

    How does the government investigate this matter when Mr. Ashby has lodged court action against Mr. Slipper and the government.

    What is the governments responsibility now.

    Why is Mr. Ashby still at work.

    Should the courts and police be used for political motives?

  102. Iain @ 6.39pm said:- “Jo Askew
    Have you ever heard of confirmation bias?”
    Iain,If that ain’t the pot calling the kettle black!!!! 😀

    ..and this as well,
    “you are just totally off the mark when you claim that conservatives view the future under an Abbott government”
    …….so you are saying what??… that they cant see any future in an Abbott govt.??? Probably just a typo on your part but still.. :lol:,

    Tredlgt @ 5.58pm “right wing voter just can’t get their head around a society that they don’t rule.”
    How true, but after all their the Elite 🙂

    Jo Askew @ 6.32pm, Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Migs, Cafe U …. great campus ya got here. 🙂

  103. And as Slipper knew an attack was coming but not when, I think he may be prepared

    Peter Slipper on Steve Lewis 20 march

  104. Are these new allegations, or the ones lodged late Friday. They were very careful to name what court the application was made to.

    I believe all allegations previously made have been investigated and cleared. Mr. Ashby would have no knowledge of earlier misdoings.

    Mr Slipper’s staffer James Ashby has lodged a claim under the Fair Work Act against the Commonwealth and against Mr Slipper.

    He alleges Mr Slipper made unwelcome sexual advances, comments and suggestions to him while he worked for him and stayed in his Canberra flat.

    In documents made public today, Mr Ashby says officials in John Howard’s government knew as far back as 2003 that Mr Slipper – who was then a Liberal MP – “had formed a relationship of a sexual nature with a younger male member of staff” employed in his office.

    The documents allege that Tony Nutt, a senior adviser to then-prime minister Mr Howard, was told of the allegations “in or around mid-2003”.

    It says a former Slipper staffer, Megan Hobson, had seen a video in which Mr Slipper “was observed to”:

    “…enter the bedroom of a junior staff member through the window”;
    “… lie on a bed with the junior male staff member in shorts and T-shirt and hug the junior male staff member in an intimate fashion”;
    “… urinate out of the window of the room.”
    The documents allege that Mr Nutt then told Ms Hobson to “forget all about it”.

    “The Commonwealth thereafter failed to take reasonable and effective steps to prevent the Second Respondent [Mr Slipper] from utilising his office to foster sexual relationships with young male staff members,” the claim alleges.

    The court documents also said the staffer in question showed Ms Hobson “scabs on his knuckles where he said he had recently hit a brick wall whilst defending himself against an attack by Peter Slipper during a parliamentary trip to Adelaide”.

    Mr Slipper says he “emphatically denies” sexually harassing Mr Ashby.

    He has stood aside from his position as Speaker while allegations of the misuse of Cabcharge vouchers are investigated by the Department of Finance.

    The court documents lodged today also allege that Mr Ashby saw Mr Slipper sign a number of blank Cabcharge vouchers in January and February this year.

    The Government says it is appropriate Mr Slipper stands aside for the Cabcharge investigation but not while the civil case on the sexual claims is dealt with.

    This morning, Sydney’s Daily Telegraph published more allegations that Mr Slipper had breached the rules relating to MPs’ travel entitlements, saying he claimed several flights and taxi trips, mostly in 2010, which could be outside parliamentary spending rules.

  105. If this has any credence, it is much more than sexual harassment and should be a police matter. We know that the FWA does not have the ability to investigate criminal matters. Why has this learnt and experience lawyer lodge a case there.

    I have an suspicion, it is to prevent the government from investigating the allegations, leaving Mr. Ashby to remain in his job.

    The court documents also said the staffer in question showed Ms Hobson “scabs on his knuckles where he said he had recently hit a brick wall whilst defending himself against an attack by Peter Slipper during a parliamentary trip to Adelaide”.

  106. Windsor, who held a balance of power position in the Greiner government, told this column that when Greiner was the subject of an adverse finding by the Independent Commission Against Corruption in 1992, he stood by the-then Liberal premier because the appeal process had yet to be exercised. Greiner’s colleagues were not so charitable and he was forced out, only to be cleared later by the proper process.

    Read more:

  107. This is a Opposition leader that will do anything to become PM.

    I am surprised that this man has been able to hoodwink many of our retailers, as he seem to.

    Well, not really. The Australian Bureau of Statistics also publishes overall expenditure by industry sector on all inputs, not just energy. It was $695.4 billion for wholesale and retail trade in the 2008-09 year. So overall the carbon price’s direct impact increase in costs will be about 0.06 per cent.
    But what about all the intermediate inputs you say? Well last time I went to Harvey Norman, David Jones or Gandel’s giant Chadstone shopping centre I didn’t see much stuff that was made in Australia. Also, where it was made in Australia, it was generally exposed to overseas competition. So the impact of a carbon price on merchandise costs is close to zero.
    However, retail and wholesale trade do spend a fair bit of money on transport related services which are energy-intensive. Based on similar calculations as in the table above, costs for transportation services will increase by around 0.76 per cent. Wholesale and retail trade spent $15.9 billion per year on these services based on the latest ABS input-output tables. So this would increase by $121 million as a result of the carbon price.
    This brings the total cost increase from the carbon trading scheme for wholesale and retail trade to 0.08 per cent of total expenditure, of which much can be passed onto end consumers. Not to mention the fact that retail outlets are notorious for wasting large quantities of energy on poor lighting and air conditioner practices, so these costs could be trimmed considerably if they put in some effort.
    I suspect that what has in fact happened here is that Gerry Harvey, John Gandel and Paul Zahra have been spooked more by the hype around the carbon price, rather than a deep understanding of its economics.

    PS, the Singaporians have named an orchid after the PM

  108. I suspect that what has in fact happened here is that Gerry Harvey, John Gandel and Paul Zahra have been spooked more by the hype around the carbon price, rather than a deep understanding of its economics.
    Tony Abbott, the vast majority of the media, and even Penny Wong, when she was minister for climate change, have been talking-up how dramatic an impact the carbon price will have. This ultimately filters through to perceptions, which then affects consumer confidence. And this can create its own economic reality.
    The majority of householders will find pension and family benefit increases, as well as income tax cuts, will outweigh the increased costs they’ll bare from the carbon price. But a large proportion of householders don’t yet believe that this is true. The only way to overcome these false perceptions is to implement the carbon price, not delay it.
    Tags:Australia, carbon price, carbon tax, David Jones, Harvey Norman, John Gandel, Paul Zahra, retail, Tony Abbott, Policy & Science

  109. Sue and Cu, thanks for the links.

    This is what we can expect from Abbott – more of the same – sordid, squalid, toxic – broken signed agreements.

    Callous Abbott hypocrisy installs Slipper as Speaker

    By attacking Labor over the Jenkins/Slipper Speaker’s swap, Tony Abbott conveniently ignores his own dodgy dealings after the last election. Hypocrisy reigns,

    David Donovan comments.
    Tony Abbott is certainly making a song and dance about the Labor Speaker Harry Jenkins resigning and an Independent Speaker, Peter Slipper, taking over — and an Independent Speaker is exactly what Peter Slipper is, resigning from the LNP to take over the role.

    “The Australian people do not like the sort of kind of sordid, squalid, toxic deals that they saw in the parliament this week,” Mr Abbott told the NSW Liberal Party State Council AGM in Sydney on Saturday.

    It should be noted that Peter Slipper resigned from the LNP, not just to become Speaker, but because he had absolutely no future in the LNP; indeed, the Libs had moved to install Mal Brough in his seat. In fact, just over a week ago they had gone to the lengths of putting on an event to introduce Brough to Slipper’s Sunshine Coast electorate — even bringing up John Howard to launch Brough’s unofficial campaign.

    Abbott this week has said the Coaltion were in the process of getting rid of Mr. Slipper and it reads as if they intended to humiliate him as much as possible in the process!

    Showing an astonishing lack of human empathy and tactical insight, Liberal apparatchiks were then described as “livid” that Slipper decided to avoid this event – this advance funeral for his political career – in favour of escorting another former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd – who unlike John Howard is a local boy and a hero in the area – around his electorate.

    This is the best part….

    Tony Windsor found it difficult to keep a straight fact at a press conference held after hearing the news that Slipper had defected.

    He described the brutal treatment the Libs had meted on Slipper:

    “What has really surprised me … is this enormous campaign to eradicate him so that Mal Brough can get back in…”Mr Windsor said.

    “They kicked him and kicked him and kicked him and kicked him,” he said.

    “They kicked this guy to death and then wonder why he dies … extraordinary.”

  110. Another court matter.

    The national secretary of the Health Services Union, Kathy Jackson, has launched a legal challenge in the Federal Court, alleging some members of the HSU East branch were not entitled to vote at meetings of the union council.
    In documents filed with the court, Ms Jackson says people employed by the union as organisers are not entitled to vote on resolutions moved before the union council of HSU east branch.
    In an urgent hearing before Justice Geoffrey Flick this morning, the court heard the challenge could affect three meetings, held in November and December last year and February this year, to fill casual vacancies.
    Advertisement: Story continues below
    The court was told there are 17 people who might not be entitled to vote, including Ms Jackson herself.
    The HSU East general secretary Peter Mylan was named as first respondent, followed by 73 other people. The HSU is listed as the 75th respondent, and HSU East the 76th respondent.
    Justice Flick said there were four issues, including “whether people are employees or not” and “which way did these 17 people vote”.
    “There is potentially another question – if they are employees who voted in a particular way and they can’t vote, whether the decision itself is void.”
    He went on to ask the lawyer for some of the respondents, John Murphy: “If these people were not eligible to vote, the outcome would have been reversed?”

    Read more:

  111. The Liberal Party have unleashed a born bred attack dog as their leader. People are blindly believing the misrepresentation and simplistic slogans spat out by this man who is hell bent on governing at all costs to drive home the policies espoused by those who fund him. In the end we get the government we deserve. If Tony Abbott does become PM, it would be like unleashing a rabid pit bull amongst a herd of unsusoecting sheep. And the media are just as responsible for giving him so much oxygen compared to the other party leaders…

  112. I’m as equally worried about the permanent damage may have caused to the future political landscape of Australia. It may always be this nasty. His nastiness has been affective. Others might follow.

  113. Roswell, I agree. Even John Howard had more class than to stand in front of signs stating Bob Brown’s B*tch – even if we all knew/suspected dirty deals, at least there was some semblance of standards which should be upheld by our politicians. For example, one didn’t use a funeral as an opportunity for poltical points scoring.

    The above might not seem to be such a big deal, but if this is the standard I fail to see how politics can sink much lower.

    Others may indeed follow because if these are the tactics which win, then how to raise the standard?

  114. Part of Tony Abbott’s desperation for that early poll must be the knowledge that if parliament goes the full term he may not be around at the end of it. If the Coalition falls behind in the opinion polls (say because the government changes leaders) for an extended length of time he will be, in my opinion, toast.
    The next election, whether early, on time or late, will probably be won by the Coalition. But there are several variabl

  115. Tony is boasting that sixteen members on the front bench are from the Howard government.

    That says it all, five years and two elections later, the party has not moved on.

  116. Geoff. you are already blind.

    If you support Mr. Abbott’s action, I do not value your opinion of me.

    I do not care if the PM is successful or not.

    (I believe she is. Today we have inflation figures last seen in the 1990’s)

    What I do care that an impatient man cannot wait his turn to become PM.

    It is not about the PM. It is about what Mr. Abbott is willing to do to become PM.

    He is willing to destroy the reputations of all on his path.

    He is willing to use all the arms of state in his political quest. If he and Mr. Brandis were ordinary people, they would be told to get lost by the police for making vexations complaints. They would be told that the police are not there to go digging for them.

    We have an Opposition leader that ignores all the procedures and conventions of our parliamentary system.

    One has to be very blind indeed to ignore his behavior,

    Mr. Abbott has to do nothing, if the government and PM is bad as you say.

    All he has to do is wait.

    That is how the system should work. That is how it has worked up to now.

    Over the years we have had similar so called scandals that have put governments at risk. Most but not all have been in Labor governments. All that I can recall, where found to be innocence.

    The presumption of innocence has developed over hundreds of years.

    That along with guilty beyond reasonable doubt has served us well.

    It always wise to be suspicious of allegations that are substantiated and mostly hearsay. We must also remember that not many urban myths are bases on fact.

    I believe these ideals are more important that Mr. Abbott’s quest.

    Geoff, please listen the what they man is saying. Most makes no sense.

    We have an election system that has served us reasonably well. Mr. Abbott is trashing it and the choice the voters made at the last election.

  117. What is Hockey on about. Do they know or care. Mr. Abbott has not bothered to find out when the RBA makes their decisions. Plotting the downfall of Labor is more interesting.

    Among other things, Smith proposed that government should fund defence, road construction and maintenance, communications, and institutions for education. Furthermore, “when the institutions, or public works, which are beneficial to the whole society, either cannot be maintained altogether, or are not maintained altogether, by the contribution of such particular members of the society as are most immediately benefited by them; the deficiency must, in most cases, be made up by the general contribution of the whole society”.

    In other words, Smith supports subsidies for public works if they benefit society — he makes no call for everything to be run at a profit, nor to be privatised. In some instances, such as for education, Smith felt that it was acceptable for those benefitting from education and/or for the public purse to pay because both society and the private individual benefit.

    Whatever Hockey meant about the fundamental rules, Australia does not appear to have over-indulged her citizens. What with failing public private partnerships, taxpayers are sometimes having to pay an awful lot for things that Smith would have been happy for government to fund completely, since they benefit society as a whole.

    Given that Australia’s doing well, is it really too much to ask for a pension when we’re old, support if we’re disabled, or a bit of help if we’re out of work? Smith wanted to maximise social welfare through a range of policies. What Joe sees as over-entitlement, Adam would probably view as “for the general benefit of the whole society”.

  118. In Oscar Wilde’s Lady Windermere’s Fan, Lord Darlington pins the cynic as “a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.”
    As Tony Abbott tries to paint himself as an environmentalist, it’s worth asking the question: does he understand the value of renewable energy sufficiently to outweigh his finely honed sense of political opportunity?
    While his address to the Australian Industry Group last Friday made not a single mention of renewable energy, greatly increased levels of renewable energy are a crucial part of any scenario that protects Australia’s environment into the future while also boosting our economy.

  119. Tony Abbott let Andrew Robb off the leash six months ago, allowing him to verbal the renewable energy industry as “white shoe salesmen” and since then Joe Hockey has repeated the Coalition’s intention to repeal the legislation should it win government.
    For his part, Shadow Climate Minister Greg Hunt has taken every opportunity to talk up individual failures of specific renewable energy projects around the world, while studiously ignoring the successes of programs similar to the CEFC, such as the US Loan Programs office that has dispensed nearly $35 billion in loans and created 60,000 jobs.
    So while Mr Abbott’s concern for landscape revegetation may be highly commendable, his capacity to secure for Australia the benefits of a booming global market in renewable energy seems to have been thoroughly trounced by his weakness for political opportunity.
    As Ms Broadbent herself expressed the problem, “It’s a long-term journey to adjust to a carbon-constrained world and the Opposition doesn’t seem to have much appetite to take too many steps towards it.”
    Only a leader willing to ignore the threat Australia faces from its dependence on fossil fuels could so easily ignore the value of a body whose sole purpose is bringing down the cost of renewable power for all Australians.

  120. Mr Abbott keeps spuiking, Labor’s great big toxic tax, while ignoring his Great Big Direct Action, is going to cost us dearly, along with being inefficient.

    1) Establish an institution to audit Australia’s progress to its emissions targets with the board appointed by parliament rather than the government.
    Firstly, we’ll need an institution independent of government to take on the duties of assessing Australia’s emissions, and progress toward emissions targets.
    The board of this institution should be made up of people with qualifications in a combination of:
    – Emissions measurement and auditing;
    – Abatement options in energy, industry, agriculture, and green/soil carbon; and
    – Economics and government administration.
    Board members should be nominated by government but appointed by parliament, requiring majority support from each house. It should have the power and funding to inquire into and audit any aspect of Australia’s emissions measurement systems and the policies to reduce emissions
    2) Announce the level of the penalty that a Coalition government will impose on firms that exceed emissions baselines.
    The Coalition’s 2010 election Direct Action policy document outlines that a Coalition government would impose penalties on firms that exceed baselines allocated to them for their allowable emissions. But it provides no guide as to what the level of this penalty would be.
    If this penalty is set quite low then Direct Action will be like a toothless tiger. To provide an adequate incentive to comply with baselines and deliver on tender promises the penalty needs to be at least $30 to $40 per tonne of CO2 emitted above the baseline.
    Without providing detail on the level of the penalty, no one can take Direct Action seriously.
    Tags:Australia, Australia, carbon price, climate policy, direct action, Tony Abbott, Policy & Science

  121. just imagine tony as pm, women being told to stay home and cook more, clive palmer his mate influencing environmental policy, and pyne as speaker, oh wait, i don’t think i could live through another gay speaker/staff crisis…

  122. Pingback: My take on the Leader of the Opposition’s Address In Reply, Parliament House, Canberra | Iain Hall's SANDPIT

  123. Tony Abbott has the morals of a Catholic bishop and the backing of Catholic bishops (apologies for using the word moral in the same sentence with Catholic bishop). One thing Tony and the bishops are combined on is upholding the rights of pedophiles over the rights of victims of their abuses in their Catholic way. Unfortunately Australia has a history and a propensity to vote out a government rather than voting one in thus paving the way for the prospect of crowning this religiously polluted buffoon as our PM.

  124. Mary and John, and there is also Abbott’s idea as per his book of there being a 2-tier marriage system – one the same as now that being no faults, but a 2nd one being faults-based. Now I wonder which religious groups would want to coerce women into a faults-based system of divorce.

  125. Kroger goes ballistic on Costello via ABC.

    How many times did Costello get exploited by the Howard team…and then pissed on from a great height to ensure he couldn’t get the leadership?

    Apparently Costello has little good to say about Abbott, Howard etc.

    Crap response to Abbott’s no budget reply…he’s nothing but a wrecker and a basher.

    The Liberal party demonstrate that under Abbott’s Machiavellian, loopy, artificial sweeteners, weathervane, impulsive, Santamaria-like, missionary, lead balloon, rabid dog leadership they are not fit to govern.

    Liberal party goes:

    KABBBOOOMMM…post-budget announcement:

  126. Peter Costello wanted Kooyong: Michael Kroger

    Former Victorian President of the Liberal Party Michael Kroger says they were at lunch in a Melbourne club when Peter Costello raised the idea of asking new sitting members to stand aside for him.

    The first seat that was mentioned was Josh Frydenberg’s seat of Kooyong.
    Michael Kroger says Peter Costello is ‘like a bear with a sore head’.
    “Peter has got to move on and stop bagging everybody,” says Michael Kroger.
    “Peter doesn’t seek to help Tony Abbott at all,” he says.

    Michael Kroger says Peter Costello must ‘repair these relationships with people who were part of one the the great governments of our time’.
    “It’s time to stop this campaign against all these other great figures in the Liberal Party,” he says.


  127. Nas @9.08am, one of the classic ones being when Howard encouraged Turnbull to do an alternative budget (I think it was) so as to point the rude finger to Costello.

  128. And apparently the relationship between Tanya Costello and Jeanette Howard was quite toxic, with the Costellos knowing that Jeanette being the power behind the throne, was refusing to let her husband hand over to Costello.

  129. Costello lacks guts. He could have taken the leadership after the 2007 election but it looked all to hard. Now that they’re ahead in the polls he wants to come back in and sleep in the hammock.

  130. Roswell,
    Kroger’s beating Costello with a big stick whilst in that banker’s hammock:

    The Victorian Liberal Party exploded in acrimony this morning with former party heavyweight Michael Kroger launching a series of extraordinary broadsides at his ex-best mate Peter Costello…

    …He said Liberals were fed-up with Mr Costello’s “petty” refusal to appear at any forum – even closed Liberal functions – with former prime minister John Howard and his attacks on other senior parliamentary Liberals, both serving and retired.

    “Why do I not talk to Peter much these days? Because, as all of his ex-friends know, lunch with Peter is an agony, it’s a nightmare,” he said.

    “You sit there and listen to him unload on Howard. He’s not gracious about John.

    This is the John Howard who got Costello to do the hard yards on the GST…and then took credit.

    I wonder why Costello doesn’t super appreciate Howard?


  131. Plus ce change…:

    JPMorgan Chase Admits Big Losses On ‘Egregious’ Credit Trades
    Huffington Post…/…whale_n_1507662.html

    C’mon baby…let’s try and crash this economy again.

    Everytime we do corporate profits go up…governments shudder and rollover…and we can cut pensions, create cheap wage jobs, chuck out teachers, cut essential services, slowdown clean energy rollout, bankrupt families and take their homes…and scare the bejesus outa the public…who then in desperation send their kids into our armies to do our dirty work…in farflung places we make a mint in…

    Yea, c’mon baby let’s do the con twist again.

    I dug this comment from the site:

    2 minutes ago ( 9:47 PM)
    To quote Thomas Jefferson:

    “I am not an advocate for frequent changes in laws and constituti­ons. But laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind. As that becomes more developed, more enlightened, as new discoveries are made, new truths discovered and manners and opinions change, with the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also to keep pace with the times. We might as well require a man to wear still the coat which fitted him when a boy as civilized society to remain ever under the regimen of their barbarous ancestors.­”

    I’m sure the French woulda said it less euphemistically


  132. Gold… Abbott just said “we must become less linguisticly lazy”.
    He should practise what he preaches.

  133. Did they go too far. It would be ridiculous to say otherwise. Private polls must be saying, pull off.

    This is a big statement from this man. I can never remember him doing this, even when proven wrong.

    The coalition may have taken a step too far in its attempt to suspend Craig Thomson from parliament, former Howard government minister Nick Minchin says.

    The opposition on Tuesday failed in a bid to suspend the former Labor MP from parliament for 14 sitting days following serious allegations of corruption when he was a trade union official.

    ‘Removing his vote from the parliament I think is … a step too far given that he hasn’t been charged,’ Mr Minchin told Sky News.

  134. Roswell, if he is, he must be damaging himself. From where I sit, he is the Liberal Party.

  135. Roswell, the contra is: Is the Liberal Party allowing itself to be damaged by Tony Abbott? My estimation is that the answer is yes..even Howard would not have been so low class as to stand in front of a sign saying Bob Brown’s b*tch.

  136. ‘Removing his vote from the parliament I think is … a step too far given that he hasn’t been charged,’ Mr Minchin told Sky News.

    Excellent strategy from a Liberal heavy, elder statesman.

  137. Cu, Minchin is much cleverer at the dark arts than Abbott, and he is well aware that the Parliament cannot stop Craig Thomson from voting unless there is a referendum to chang the Consititution.
    Minchin wouldn’t risk looking like an ignoramus, whereas Abbott is so grandiose that he can’t imagine that it applies to himself.

  138. Okay,
    so Abbott has put a focus on nannies…

    and young people learning languages…


    Hehehe…that rascally rabbit:

    Au Pair Girls

  139. Here is Costello’s hate list.

    Liberal powerbroker says Peter Costello remains obsessed with leadership

    “People in the Liberal Party. We’re sick of him attacking John Howard. Everywhere he goes, ‘No, Howard’s no good’.

    “He refuses to appear anywhere with John Howard.”

    Mr Kroger said: “As all of his ex friends know, lunch with Peter is an agony. it’s a nightmare.

    “You sit there and listen to him unload on Howard. He’s not gracious about John.

    “Alexander Downer was a great foreign minister…He’s got to make up with Alexander…

    “Peter has got to stop criticising Tony Abbott. He is not a economic illiterate. he’s a Rhodes Scholar for God’s sake.

    “He’s got to stop criticising (federal Liberal president) Alan Stockdale and Malcolm Turnbull and (Melbourne Lord Mayor) Robert Doyle and (Senator) Michael Ronaldson and John Hewson and Andrew Peacock and (Mr Kroger’s former wife Senator) Helen Kroger.

    “The list goes on and on…the Kemp brothers…the list goes on and on.”

  140. I think I’ll frame that one. 😆

    The EricA cartoon got me to wondering whether his little trip to the Sunshine Coast was a way of avoiding any embarrassing phone calls showing up on his ‘phone account.

  141. From sunny east coast of the US of A. In WiFi range temporally.. You guys are on drugs. Gillard and Labor have trashed Parliament, the economy, our national wealth our standing in the international community. This is why the polls say what they say.
    I suspect Jane is one of those twisted unionists of the teachers union….You guys should concentrate on teaching students. Don’t get involved in politics or national finances.

  142. I suspect Jane is one of those twisted unionists of the teachers union….You guys should concentrate on teaching students.

    You couldn’t be further from the truth – your perception works about as well as your crystal ball 🙄

  143. No vision?

    Had a lovely lunch at Queensland Parliament House today. We dined in the Speakers Dining Room which has two tables…silver service.

    Bert and I discussed vision over the near three hour lunch. Will there be a no confidence motion next week? If so, what is the intent? Got my popcorn

  144. scaper, if you had lunch with such exalted company, you would know that motion is not done.

    I believe there is a motion that ask the parliament to declare their confidence in the treasury.

    Now I wonder what Mr. Abbott will do about that one.

    What vision did you discover today for Queensland. I do hope it is not the one I see in my nightmares. One I am afraid, will be extended to the whole of this lovely nation of ours.

  145. Cu, Scapers ‘vision’ is obscured by his obfuscation…… his ‘vision’ is skewed….. he name drops, when someone in his ‘supposed position’, wouldn’t…….. he’s more of a Bedford, but thinks he’s a Mack…… over to you Col….. 😉

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