Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?

Nobody likes to see people suffering needlessly. Nobody would willingly take food, shelter, or medical needs away from a poor family, would they?

Actually, some would… The Taliban, Nazi’s, and of course the Coalition.

After all, why should the poor, and the struggling working families get a helping hand from the government, when there are Millionaires and Moguls out there whose pockets can be lined?

One major difference between these “haves and have nots”, is that the “have nots” actually pay their taxes which in turn pay for necessary govt services, and they tend to pay their tax at the correct rate too. On the other side, we see the “haves” who rather than pay tax at the correct rate, spend a fortune on tax deductable accountants, so that they can set up tax offsets, Cayman Island cash accounts, and do everything possible to avoid paying their way.

Joe Hockey’s declaration of class warfare earlier this week, shows clearly the direction that the Coalition intends to take the country should they win the next Federal Election. That direction is backwards. For all his talk of finances, budgets, debt, surpluses, and affordability, he has shown us that the Liberal Party is morally bankrupt.

Under a Coalition Government, Australia will become the land of the Hungry Homeless, the Pathetic Pensioner, the Suffering Sick, and the Pampered Pets. While those who need help suffer, those who have climbed to the top on the backs of the suffering send their pets to pet holiday resorts, and have them pampered and preened.

To say my heart sinks at the thought of the suffering that will come from a Coalition Government if they are elected is an understatement. Joe Hockey has indicated that nothing is off limits. That means the Coalition are now threatening things like Medicare and the pension. This will have the biggest impact amongst the most needy in our society.

Joe Hockey tells us that the “Age Of Entitlement” is coming to an end, and for once I couldn’t agree more.

Rich people are NOT entitled to huge parental leave benefits paid for by the poor

Nanny services paid for by the taxpayer to the wealthy are NOT an entitlement

Billionaires are NOT entitled to pay less tax than the rest of us by finding tax loopholes

Mining companies are NOT entitled to walk onto someones property uninvited to drill for Coal Seam Gas

Mining companies are NOT entitled to take the resources from under our feet without paying a fair share back to all Australians

Companies are NOT entitled to pollute our air without paying a price

Right wing commentators are NOT entitled to print or state lies as fact and then claim “Freedom of the press”

And of course….

Being in Government is something you need to be elected into, it is NOT a Liberal entitlement.

The “Age Of Entitlement” coming to an end?

Too f#%king right…..

18 comments on “Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?

  1. In your list of those who rob the poor you have forgotten to include the Labor Party, or should that be the Spin Party. Have you forgotten the efforts of Mr Wilkie to help the Problem Gamblers, generally the Lower income braket. Labor’s protection of Craige Thompson through Fair Work Australia, a Government appointed (suspect) independent body, (my left foot) who spent Hospital Workers money for himself or Schmoozing the corrupt. The Liberals are no saints, however Labor is a major bender of the truth and abuser of the facts, and should not be forgotten. As the Liberals have been infiltrated by the conservative so has Labor been infiltrated by the communists, those that in the soviet Union used Unions to control the workers. Unions are also institutions and likewise need to be scutinised, closely, as should all institutions, Churches, the Free Masons, Political Parties, etc, for corrupt infiltration! Those who seek power for their own self gratification.

  2. Cheers Chris, I agree that all these organisations need greater scrutiny.

    I have not forgotten Mr Wilkies efforts at all, however I don’t agree with them either. I go along with the $1 maximum bet theory as it is easier to understand/manage/ and implement. But yes something needs to be done…
    I also remember the Coalitions refering to this as a “Nanny State” and promising the clubs that they would rescind it if it came in….
    I have not forgotten Craig Thompson either, if he is guilty I hope they throw the book at him. Until then the govt should not be involved in any way with the process of an independent body, the same way that George Brandis has no place telling NSW police how to conduct an investigation.

    However I don’t understand what Liberals planning to cut public entitlements has to do with communism, Craig Thompson or pokies… However I do take your point

  3. Chris, it sounds as if we might need to open the bar early at the Café..just for you.

    Re Have you forgotten the efforts of Mr Wilkie to help the Problem Gamblers.. And Tony Abbott’s answer was..now let me guess, it was NO.

    Now if Tony Abbott had actually wanted to help problem gamblers then he would have said Yes and supported Wilkie’s reforms, but he didn’t. Abbott therefore put the kybosh on the reforms leaving the government to negotiate with the Independents, with both Windsor and Oakeshott stating that they had concerns re country clubs and would not support Wilkie’s reforms.

    But Abbott of course has absolutely no responsibility in this matter.

  4. Some years ago my then Liberal MP Peter Slipper explained to me that “Rich people need more money than poor people because the rich have more expenses ”

    Sadly he was not joking or being ironic, he was seriously defending giving more money to the wealthy and less to the needy.

    it is this kind of ingrained mentality that actually believes in their own entitlement that is so difficult to combat.

  5. Sadly that does seem to be a mentality that so many of them adopt…
    They also say that the rich need tax breaks as they employ people… if that is the case, why not make slavery legal? They have a sense of their own entitlement.

  6. gs-etc…

    That is the theme isn’t it. The self justification – I deserve private schools for my kids, and I deserve this to be taxpayer supported because I take the pressure off public schools.

    And the same for hospitals – I deserve private health cover, and I deserve this to be taxpayer supported because I take the pressure off public hospitals.

    Well, goody gum drops. But mostly the theme comes under the heading of I Deserve….

  7. Min, I don’t necessarily agree with Tony or Joe; as a matter of fact, I think they should consider if they were placed in the position of $50 grand income and their Parents to care for or Disabled family members, in this “everyone must work” environment that Labor made necessary, not possible, could deal.
    I’m inclined to tear the whole system down and start again, only I’ve lived long enough to have seen it torn down and rebuilt with a new set of Princes and Princesses, and China is one, Russia, twice. You may have noticed how the children of passed politicians seem to assume they have an entitlement. In IT, you analyse create a new system, if necessary, run it in parallel, and then swop, when you know the new is doing the job. politically we have poorly constructed bandages, like shoddy patches on a dam, both Labor and Liberal (generally because of coalition) are to blame, now we also have the impractical proffered by the Greens.
    I agree with the $1 maximum bet, however why did Julia wait so long to start thinking about it, and studying it. I doubt they will do anything, as they too have too much invested in gambling.
    Wixxy, I agree with Joe in that all should be reviewed, changes could be for the better and may be improved, however you have to look first not reactively make change, just to look good; like bringing the Troops home before the election, to make themselves look good.

  8. g2-5bba245eb6db01d36e28de6648a6336a, Peter Slipper, in my estimation has slipped many gears. Maybe if when they go to canberra, sysney, Melbourne, or any of the state capitols they should do an annual fortnight at the minimum wage, it might keep their eyes open to the real world. CEO’s, CFO’s and Board Members doing a fortnight on the income of their lowest paid annually. What do you think?

  9. The government has a responsibility to rally what support they have, not for the Opposition to rubber stamp their every whim, or anyof their whims. labor would not return the favour, and would slit the throat of anyone that crossed the floor. reality check people!

  10. Wixxy,
    Top post. Down-to-earth and spot on.

    Wixxy wrote: On the other side, we see the “haves” who rather than pay tax at the correct rate, spend a fortune on tax deductable accountants, so that they can set up tax offsets, Cayman Island cash accounts, and do everything possible to avoid paying their way.

    What truly amazes me Wixxy is the transformation of good people I’ve known who used the opportunities of free and affordable higher education and healthcare when we were young adults…some even took unemployment benefits during the 80s recession…and many benefitted from government schemes to incentivise employers to hire them…or got high-tech training from the government…which led to useful and secure careers…

    only to see them as middle age and older adults look for every avenue possible, including offshore acounts, to avoid paying tax.

    Comes across as very ME ME ME…self-serving, opportunistic…unAustralian.

    Kerry Packer and too many other high flyers set BAD PRECEDENTS.


  11. It’s strange how quickly Labor’s major reforms to pensions were lauded and then forgotten. The latest aged care changes will go the same way with only the knockers still vocal. Two Qs: what has Labor done v. what has Labor done for me. Two kinds of people in our society. Take your pick!

  12. Kevin,
    I reckon Labor is on a winner with this Aged Care announcement…it’s about core Labor values…looking after the older workers…and the disadvantaged.

    I agree that many voters are about “What have you done for me lately”…but there is a Labor plan for the future gradually unfolding here that is necessary, future improving, practical, doable/feasable.

    Think also Disability Insurance scheme…the NBN…MRRT (minerals resource rent tax)…National Curriculum for schools…eHealth…superannuation…fast trains…the list goes on…

    Even if the ALP lose the next election, the scene has been set…the voters impregnated.

    Just like the publicly funded universal health care idea had been firmly planted in the voters’ minds and lives back in the 70s.


    Even the nasty and selfish Murdoch empire and its clones can’t kill these ideas…schemes…

    their time has come.

    Enuff neglecting of THE MANY in order to provide more privileges & benefits for THE FEW.


  13. Chris and in this “everyone must work” environment that Labor made necessary..that Labor made necessary? I think not. Who was it who made a huge issue of disabled people who weren’t, the long haired layabouts swanning it on unemployment benefits on the beaches of Byron Bay. John Howard, that’s who.

    I used to laugh at the latter, a 2br house to rent in Byron is around $500pw..try paying for that on unemployment benefits.

  14. Kevin, sadly the oldies used to quite enjoy their little treats courtesy of John Howard..yet a permanent pension increase is soon forgotten.

  15. My heart felt bad listening to Joe Hockey talk on Lateline about our being part of Asia and how we should look to our region for a model on welfare spending! Not so! We need to maintain and improve our mutual welfare standards here, so that we can be a beacon to other countries around us! An example of what they can strive for.

    I can’t imagine living again in a civilised state which hasn’t found a way to look after its weaker and poorer members. Nor can I imagine a country where Labor and trade unions aren’t working with other institutions in our society to ensure that. Today in Australia working people need to join together as much as they ever did. I know there has been abuse and corruption in the union movement, but it is nothing like as extensive as the media would have us believe, and nothing like the crime and corruption in the world at large, particularly in business and the corporate world.

    The idea that Labor should separate itself from our union movement, now at a time when we are facing an overwhelming battle with corporate forces, seems crazy to me. The union movement is the ground in which the Labor Party has its roots and whence came all those wonderful ideas for social improvement programs through mutual help and insurance funds leading to a national health scheme, old age care with pensions and free education. Some of the earliest of them were funeral funds organised through working men’s clubs. And they’re not that far in the past. I can clearly remember the working men’s club in our village. And I have a vivid recollection of Mr. Redman, the insurance man who collected his few pennies a week from every one of the families there.

    And that was no English rural idyllic village. It was an ‘urban village’ within easy reach of train stations fifteen minutes from London, row on row of mean terraced cottages built to house the men who worked in nearby mills and factories. My toothless parents and their five ragged kids lived in near hovel conditions until Hitler did us the favor of knocking ours down in 1944. No bath, but there was a ‘grate’ for which we would have to go out ‘wooding’ for fuel so we could be bathed in a tin tub in front of its rare warmth. A lot of change for the good seemed to happen with that air raid, but really it was the end of the War soon after and the election of our first fully Labour government under Clement Attlee which made the difference.

    Years later I lived a happier Labor party narrative with continuous employment here in Australia in a society with working conditions priveleged above most others amid an all too often wanting world. As an English child who had learned that life-long gratitude to it’s British counterpart for a new low cost rental home after wartime bombing, false teeth for my parents, a good education for me, and free health and dental care for all of us, I’ll die believing in it.

    My admiration for our Prime Minister is mixed with pride in her achievements as a woman and my trust in her to work by and maintain the faith in Labor values of reform and support for the weaker members of our society. They are entitled to that support. I feel bad to think that all that Julia Gillard stands for, all that organised Labor has achieved, could be at risk if fools like Joe Hockey get to run this country.

    I was born on struggle street,
    Always hungry, chilblained feet.
    Three quarters of a century
    Have passed, but still that penury
    Has left its mark on me.

    Now I’m prosperous, well fed,
    Grateful for my warm dry bed,
    Whatever in the news I’ve read
    Or TV commentatators said,
    I’ll vote Labor till I’m dead!

  16. Well said patricia. Howard’s aspirationals will have to decide whether they want a government which in the past and up to the present, has brought the major reforms which have made our lives the envy of most other countries, and also have a long term view for the future.

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