Start Voting

Café Whispers has made the finals for the Best Australian Blogs 2012 award.  Voting is open until 5pm May 9, and because I have no idea how to insert the voting button the best I can do is put up a link to the site where votes can also be registered.

Click on the link below and navigate to Café Whispers, tick the box alongside our name and follow the instructions.  Of course, voting is entirely optional. 😉

Vote here.

25 comments on “Start Voting

  1. I just gave this place the big tick. When do I get paid!

    And welcome back Migs. When do we get to see the slide show?

  2. I voed for :shock:….um…. oh… who was it again… um, its on the tip of my keyboard….. 🙄 .. dont ya hate that when that happens!! :mrgreen:

  3. Are you sure it wasn’t Champagne and Sex?

    He had that for brekkie, Migs, only because he couldn’t find The Breakfast of Champions. :mrgreen:

  4. Miglo,

    Just for curiousity’s sake, how did you make the cut to the finals. Don’t worry, I’ve voted for you.

  5. I’m posting this so that anyone who hasn’t voted for CW yet and wants to will find this first thing this morning 🙂

  6. Great news! Café Whispers has made the final seven under the category of Commentary for the best blog of the year. We join the esteemed company of Mr Denmore in this group.

    Voting in the People Choice Award is still open for a couple of weeks and you can vote via the link above.

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