The Queensland Election Rollercoaster

It’s only one more day before Queenslanders head to their local polling place to elect their next government.  And it seems that all the money is on the Liberal National Party.  While many commentators and pundits have written off Labor, reducing it to a cricket team, I’m not all that convinced; well not yet.

As an election junkie and a former Queenslander, I know that Queensland is a strange place to run elections.

Despite being a former Queenslander, I still have many friends across the state and while there is a great sense about the state that the LNP will win, there has also been a growing ‘what if’ sentiment. This has really crept in over the past week-and-a-half as Newman refused to release details about policy costings, and have been really stirred up since Palmer began declaring that the CIA was attempting to destroy Australia’s economy. The oddball statements from Clive Palmer the mega-backer of the Liberal National Party coming out just before the Party looked set for landslide may soften the landslide. Such statements will remind Queenslanders of Clive’s links to and influence within the LNP, regardless of how much Newman tries to distance himself from Palmer and his comments. Such things will undoubtedly make people begin to think of the bad old days of Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen running the state.

Indeed the commentary from Palmer has even overshadowed the LNP’s announcement of how they’ll fund their election promises. However by all accounts the announcement still left many questions unanswered. The various blitzes are truly on and watching the trends on Twitter, Ashgrove is the Bennelong of the Queensland elections (I’m sure someone else has already said that).

And as the time ticks away the interwebs are being swamped with last minute commentary on Twitter, a lot of it just sock puppets for the major parties. Despite my hopes for a social media election, those of us with more than a passing interest in online electioneering were again disappointed.

So what will happen tomorrow night?

Unfortunately it seems that the result will be known in the first hour after polls close; well that’s the tip from some of Australia’s best known psephologists. I’m more hopeful than that and believe that the state will throw up some very unexpected results with some closer-than-expected races.

One thing is for sure, for those of us outside of Queensland at least, all eyes will be on Ashgrove.

My prediction:

I won’t declare who will win which seats. I think that’s foolish. But I do believe the LNP will win in a landslide, winning at least 70 seats.


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