On yer bike

I caught by chance a comment yesterday that sounded more like a plea than a throw-away line.

“If the Liberals were a serious political party you’d think they’d get rid of Tony Abbott as leader”.

This came after the social media sites had been abuzz recently with speculation about a possible challenge from Christopher Pyne.  A challenge that never came.

The same rumour had been circling Canberra for a day or so and it is unusual for a political rumour in Canberra to have no basis of fact.  The rumour had us believe that Pyne was enlisting Joe Hockey to get the numbers for him.  It was either untrue, died in the arse, or put on the back burner.

But one day someone will tap Abbott on the shoulder with this message of doom: “On yer bike”.

Let’s indulge ourselves and assume there was some truth in the recent rumour.  But let us not assume that Pyne might be the only contender.  If there were to be a challenge from whom is it likely to come?

To appease the gossipers I’ll start with Pyne.

Christopher Pyne, the Member for Sturt, is a man who likes to indulge in a daily hissy fit whenever he walks into, or is within cooee of, Parliament house.  It’s hard to believe that this public character reflects the electorate he represents.  The electorate of Sturt is cluttered with the elite suburbs of Eastern Adelaide.  Shopping centre car parks are packed with BMWs and the centres themselves with expressionless peroxide blondes sipping on lattes and doing nothing else but look rich.  Husbands at work won’t be home until after midnight.  The kids are nearby creating havoc.  Spoiled, noisy, demanding creatures who will have no friends once they realise that life and society expect some sort of contribution or sacrifice.  They present a good case for the return of corporal punishment.  They belong to the cohort group that Pyne has clearly been engaging with in his electorate.  His behaviour imitates them.  I wish he’d talk to their expressionless mums; the ones whose opinions are best kept to themselves, if allowed to have one.  Pyne might gain some respect if he imitated them instead.  If elected as his party’s next leader he will follow in the mold of a failed previous leader and idol of his, Alexander Downer.  He is a serious contender but seriously, is a joke.

Joe Hockey’s electorate also represents the upper echelon of well-to-do Australians.  The constituents are much like Pyne’s mob except most of Hockey’s go to Church on Sundays.  They love Hockey as a God fearing Christian, oblivious to the fact he is a complete goose.  His record as Shadow Treasurer is laughable.  His record in the Howard Government was also laughable, being Howard’s hired gun to sell WorkChoices, which ultimately lost him the election.  He can’t do anything right.  He can’t say anything right.  I doubt he knows how to think.  Oddly, he is very popular and will attract a big fan base as leader.  “Joe for PM” will be the slogan of the right.  He is proof that you don’t need brains to be a politician but it’s unfathomable as to how he made it this far.  He too is a serious contender, but also a serious joke.  At least the leadership will remove him from his current position where he is a complete embarrassment.

It’s incredulous that Abbott hasn’t had Robb deported, or jailed, or kidnapped, as he often goes off in different tangents than his party and leader.  Well, his mouth does at least.  He doesn’t attract trust from the wider community and is considered sneaky and devious.  These are great attributes for a Liberal Party leader but I doubt that Abbott sees him as a threat.  Neither do I.  Robb has personal issues and while his honesty in revealing these is commendable, as well as being a rare step towards transparency, there are those within the party who could easily use these to discredit him if he ever became a threat.  That his name is always circled as a potential leader is hence bewildering.  Do they mean ‘stand in leader until his political career is destroyed?’  He joins Pyne and Hockey as a trio of candidates the least likely to lead their party to an election, let alone an election victory.  I can’t see any of them being cut-out for the job.  They lack brains and balls.

And then there’s Malcolm Turnbull.

Malcolm, where’s your balls? 😉

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  1. And then there’s Malcolm Turnbull.

    Malcolm, where’s your balls?

    MT, was badly burnt and learned a massive lesson**, I reckon, time is on his side … everyone KNOWS that Tony Abbott is a seat warmer … so egotistcally dumb that he doesn’t even realise …

    … wait for the Turnbull pounce … if he takes the Leadership he will take the election … then he will have a real problem … who sits on the front bench!

    … it is unusual for a political rumour in Canberra to have no basis of fact …

    My business mentor and I had a firm belief in the phrase … “nothing in business happens by coincidence …”

    After 45 years in the workforce (and a further six in retirement) … I still believe it … I can only suspect that politics is the same …

    ** It was also very early in his political career – relatively speaking …

    … at the risk of stirring the pot here … I believe that, Malcolm Turnbull, would represent Australia on the “world stage” far better than, Julia Gillard … (and no I’m not a sexist … far from it!)

  2. BTW, Miggsy, I like the thread title … reminds me of when I was a lad … and the adults would yell out … “tak’ thee bloody ho-ook, ya little buggers” … and we’d run/or ride, like the clappers!

  3. My opinion is that Turnbull will let someone else take the job for now, then pounce nearer the election. I’m not confident Abbott will last until then.

  4. Malcolm, where’s your balls?

    He gave them to Sneerleader to hold, Migs.

    I’m afraid I have to contradict you, on the Turnbull front, TB.

    Turnbull is an arrogant silvertail who is no better than he aught to be. We saw him laid bare over the Grech affair and unlike you, I don’t believe he has learned anything from it.

    His colossal ego and hubris are still evident and I’ll bet his hair trigger temper is still alive and well. And I really don’t believe he has any more political nous or judgement than when he was LOTO and let himself be sucked in by the Grech emails.

    As for his performance on the world stage upstaging the PM, I don’t think so. He’s just as big a tosser as Sneerleader.

  5. I’m not confident Abbott will last until then.

    Obviously, I agree, R …. in fact it would be better for the ALP if Abbott DID go to the election …

    … alas, there are always people smarter than even thee an’ me, runnin’ t’ show!

  6. Roswell, I also think that Turnbull is biding his time. He’ll be watching the state of play and when Abbott runs out of puff he’ll be there ready. Interesting will be to see who Turnbull chooses as his deputy. I can’t see that J. Bishop will be given another go at the job, at least I hope not, that one could be a play-off between Hockey and Pyne. Basically there is no one else who I can think of, such is the dearth of talent on the opposition benches.

    As per Migs’ topic, Hockey had his moment in the sunshine however his greatest claim to fame still remains wearing Shrek ears and saying, I’ll save ya Fiona.

  7. You lot are dreamin big time here!
    Tony Abbott will be leading the Libs to the next election and he will win it convincingly. Only those of the left who despair at the state of the Labor government dream of some sort of leadership challenge in the coalition because they mistakenly think that the Libs have the same urge to self destruct as Labor has. They don’t and they know that government under Tony’s leadership is much preferable to opposition under Turnbull or any other leader.

  8. I agree with Iain.

    One by one the dominos fall…NSW…Qld…etc. until Labor rumps litter the country.

    It’s all downhill from here, does anyone have an exit strategy?

  9. Miglo

    did you misunderstand the “on yer bike ” comment. Isn’t april the time when Abbott does the pollie pedal. At some stage the peddleing usually goes through Indi where Mirabella gets the chance to put on the lycra and follow her leader.

  10. Tony Abbott’s downfall will be when he has to stop relying on slogans for answers – it has to happen eventually. Anyone who saw Abbott’s shrill, semi-hysterical performance in Parliament today will know exactly what I mean. Anyone who saw him blather, making mindless noddies when caught out will know exactly what I mean.

    Every single time Abbott opens his mouth to try to answer a question seriously, he stuffs it.

    Certainly he’s proven himself to be highly photogenic in he past, but his photo op days are numbered.

  11. Australians were comfortable with east to west labor state govts when howard reigned for 12 years.
    so with the change in state affairs settle in for a long gillard pmship.
    It is the australian way.

  12. Mr. Pyne and Mr Abbott are suppose to be close friends.

    Now Mr. Pyne is proud to say he has no friends on the other side.

    I suspect he has none anywhere.

    Why does no one mention that tribe of highly ambitious newcomers that sit behind Mr. Abbott and in the Senate.

    All we hear is about those who had their chance in the Howard government.

    Yes, the Howard faceless men are attempting to control the party from the sidelines but have not been that successful. Mr. Bough is still without a seat.

    They were not to successful with there efforts to dislodged Mr. Slipper.

    TB, maybe you are right about Turnbull being better on the world stage. Does that matter, as it is only a small part of the job. The PM seemed well received and respected.

    Mr. Rudd may have done better if he focus more of his time in what was happening at home.

  13. This came after the social media sites had been abuzz recently with speculation about a possible challenge from Christopher Pyne.  A challenge that never came.

    Chris Pyne eh? If the party president was a certain Q&A host I could see Pyne becoming Deputy…with Malcolm as head honcho.

    I reckon Abbott will go all the way tho…kamikaze that he is.

    Be fun watching the Coalition pick thru the wreckage.


  14. Nas’, I think that Pyne is positioning himself. Hockey’s gone. I also think that the natives are getting restless with next to useless J.Bishop doing not much else than seat warming.

    With Abbott’s complete and utter refusal to make any changes whatsoever – and he did say at the last election that he would never make any changes – there are those who figure that while Abbott remains Leader of the Opposition that they ain’t goin’ nowhere.

  15. Yes Sue, On Yer Bike had double meaning. 🙂

    Still trying to get my head around the thought that Pyne might wannabe leader.

  16. Turnbull tainted himself over the Utegate shambles, but he believes in gay marriage and climate change. The hard-liners in the party will do their utmost to keep him away from the leadership for those very reasons.

  17. ‘….the party will do their utmost to keep him away from the leadership for those very reasons.’

    Sound reasoning.

  18. Nick Minchin wants Abbott unless he falters badly in the polls and that’s not likely, even with his endless gaffs.

  19. el gordo, have another look. The media is beginning to treat him as a joke.

    Take the time to look at the faces of those who sit behind him.

  20. Miglo, I do not think he can trust any of them.

    He seems to becoming a loner these days.

    I do not believe that Mr. Pyne, as stupid as he is, could believe he could be PM.

    What is wrong with el gordo tonight. She appears to be all over the place. Says one thing, then in the next comment says the opposite.

  21. Cu, to trust them would mean he has faith in them. I don’t think he believes any one of them capable of replacing him. He could be wrong, on the second point that is.

  22. Miglo, as I said earlier, Mr. Abbott thinks he has found a new disorder in the PM.

    Mr. Abbott, I am sure suffers from one or two older ones. Ones that do not respond well to treatment.

  23. Thank you El Gordo, i am currently reading “Wolf Hall” by Hilary Mantel, You sound so much like the “fool” depicted in the period set from 1500 to 1535.

    The “fool” during this period played an important role in social discourse and I am sure you provide a similar role in this blog.

    thank you.

  24. It doesn’t matter if the media considers Yabbott a joke, or even if his shadow ministry and backbench agree with that possibility, as long as the Coalition remain firmly in front he will be PM within a couple of years.

  25. The problem is that the media takes Tony seriously. There can only be 2 excuses – either the media is so lacking in intellect that they cannot see what’s wrong about the statements that he makes, or they are choosing not to ask him anything too difficult just in case he fluffs his lines.

  26. ‘The problem is that the media takes Tony seriously.’

    The media are just doing their job. As the next PM Tony Abbott is likely to remain in power for a decade….thanks to Gina and the gang.

    ‘MINING magnate Gina Rinehart is considering bankrolling renewed efforts by John Singleton’s Macquarie Radio Network to acquire the radio interests of newspaper group Fairfax Media.

    ‘Sources close to Macquarie have told The Australian that Mrs Rinehart’s decision to buy a 12.6 per cent stake in Fairfax was connected to her support of Mr Singleton’s ambitions to buy the Fairfax radio assets, which include influential talkback stations 4BC in Brisbane, 2UE in Sydney, 3AW in Melbourne and 6PR in Perth.’

  27. According to Mr. Hunt. Mr. Albanese is casting a slur on Mr. Abbott by connecting the comment with what happened in America. ABC News radio.

    According to Mr. Alston, ABC 24, it is fair game to say the PM has a clinical disorder. This is normal in politics.

    Mr. Barry Jones strongly disagreed that the comments made about the three miners were unfair. Mr. Alston said that these men should not be attacked for making money, Mr. Jones said they were using their wealth to undermine government policy and that was not OK.

    My reading is it is OK for the PM to be attacked in anyway possible.

    One must not make comment against the wealthy.

    If Mr. Abbott uttered foolish and dangerous statements, he must not be condemned for it.

    Labor must ignore the meanings of what Mr. Abbott utters.

    On other words, there is one law for Labor and another for the Opposition.

    Maybe they can explain why “you know in your guts he is nuts” is not on, but “the PM has a new clinical disorder called…” is acceptable.

    Why is accusing the PM as a habitual liar and worse in every statement OK, but pointing out that Mr. Abbott’s statement was below the belt.

    I suggest to Mr. Hunt, he would have been better to keep his mouth shut, as all he has done is publicised the comment, which was being ignored by the media.

  28. But there is far far far more to this then meets the eye. The coalition go on and on and on about how great the Howard government was. In fact, the Howard government was “SO” good, that they agree that over 300 pieces of the Howard government legislation needed to be changed. Of course not all the bills are changes to existing systems. But the vast majority are. And of this majority, the coalition provided majority approval to 90% of the government’s changes. Sure many of the changes are small ones merely ironing out problems. But many are are significant. And again. The coalition tell us the approve of 90% of the governments changes.

    Apparently the Howard government was not as good as the coalition like to paint.


  29. Mr Forrest did not confirm if FMG was definitely going ahead with a High Court challenge to the tax.

    This morning, Mr Swan responded to Mr Forrest’s attack.

    He says FMG last year admitted to having never paid a single cent of company tax, yet it will now try to prevent millions of small businesses getting a tax cut themselves.

    “I’ll go into bat for the Australian community any day of the week and twice on Sundays to ensure the community gets a fair go from the mining boom, while Mr Forrest goes into bat for his own self-interest,” he told the ABC.


  30. Migs
    As most of the contenders you mentioned are a joke why did you discriminate and miss the biggest joke of all in your selection, Julie B not the puff adder that is.

    Even the UK Tories put the Iron Lady up “Thatcher the milk snatcher” old four word slogan from back then and she was a success sort of. We in OZ have generated to three word slogans but soon it coud be back to two words “it’s time or Up Yours”

    You should consider another blog and really go to town on the rest of the shadows and maybe the Vorlons sitting behind them as well. Otherwise a great blog including the comments from the guys & dolls.

  31. Hi Bilko,

    No one in their right mind could possibly consider Julie B as a candidate.

    Having said that, I would have loved to include her but ran out of time. Or more correctly, the writing juices stopped flowing. 😉

  32. “As the next PM Tony Abbott is likely to remain in power for a decade….thanks to Gina and the gang.”

    And isn’t that just great for democracy…

  33. Bilko you raise a good point. Not too sure that Miglo needed to name all but those making comments should.

    What we are only hearing about is the old guard. No one mentions the new members.

    I am sure that Ms. Mirabella for one sees herself as a candidate. This lady has powerful backers. She seems to attract the devotion of older men.

    Then there is Mr. Morrison, who has tags on himself.

    There are many nasty self opinionated people in the senate who are not going to stand by and let the likes of Pyne succeed.

    There is one thing they all have in common, the ability to scream, whine and come across in a nasty manner.

    I am talking about the likes of Bernardi, Cormann and Case for starters.

    These people are the reason that Mr. Abbott will not last. Not when you have the likes of Reith and other retired members criticising him.

    What will save Mr. Abbott in my opinion, is the fact that the Opposition and the party are divided.

    I am not too sure how many divisions there are, in and out of the elected members and the party.

    They appear to be deeply divided on policy.

    Mr. Howard appears to be at his meddling best.

  34. Yes, the bike race is coming up.

    Tony Abbott started his day Melbourne, beginning a week in Victoria as he prepares for the annual pollie pedal. He’ll visit a small business in Torquay this morning. On his regular appearance on Channel Nine’s Today show, the Opposition Leader framed the Queensland election as a referendum on Ms Gillard as well as Anna Bligh. ”


  35. ‘And isn’t that just great for democracy…’

    Yes and free enterprise.

    Lindsay Tanner is spot-on about the infrastructure gravy train, the Coalition will eliminate the bottle necks and pork barrelling.

  36. The problem Palmer has created with his flights of fancy about foreign government-sponsored covert attacks on his industry is that it is no longer just his problem. His lunacy has implicated the Coalition by association.

    Two weeks ago everyone thought it was Treasurer Wayne Swan who had wandered off the reservation with his attacks on Palmer and his mining mates. Now Swan looks sane by comparison.

    One of Clive’s biggest fans is the Coalition’s spokesman on everything, Nationals Party MP Barnaby Joyce.

    “Every now and then (Palmer) wanders across in his jet and picks me up [and grills me],” Joyce told The National Press Club in February 2010.

    Joyce claims they used to sit up the back of the jet in its lounge and “talk about things”.


  37. Nothing wrong with that.

    Except Palmer claims to have a significant influence over Coalition policy – and you have to wonder just what sort of conversations he is having with Coalition MPs.

    “I may have some influence over the policies because of my 42 years of service, 46 years of serving the national Liberal Party, you know,” he said in a 2009 interview.

    Palmer’s ties with the Liberals run deeper than that. He has donated an estimated $4 million to the party and was toying with the idea of becoming its president.


  38. This is the man that is going to be around for a decade?

    Abbott may soon learn that, when you are trying to be popular all the time, you will eventually get caught out because the debate will inevitably come back to substantive policy issues. Eventually you have to draw an economic line in the sand. The problem is no one in the Coalition knows where that line will be drawn under Abbott.

    It’s a basic error of leadership.

    With John Howard and Peter Costello, you knew where they stood on a whole range of issues because Howard in particular was a conviction politician.

    Economic principles did matter. The view most people have of Abbott is that he will always default to what’s popular, rather than rest on a philosophical idea.

    He has admitted he is not about ideology. The problem is that the debate within his party room is all about ideologies – dozens of them. Some crazy, some sensible and some unachievable. Abbott has turned economic pluralism into an economic karma sutra without the pleasurable bits.


  39. yabots replacement is not doing himself any favours

    Liberal frontbencher Greg Hunt went out and blamed Anthony Albanese for Abbott’s remarks.

    I’ll say that again because that particular transition may be a little hard to follow.

    Hunt blamed one of the members of the government Abbott had suggested could be shot yesterday for bringing the Australian parliament to ‘‘an absolute low.’’


  40. Tom, I get the impression that the opposition have become extremely complacient in saying what they want, and it being taken as factual information. Greg Hunt is therefore doubtless somewhat stunned to learn that Katharine Murphy has called him out for his distortion.

  41. If ever there was an election that made you think of Donald Horne’s maxim: “Australia is a lucky country, run mainly by second-rate people who share its luck” then this is the one. The battle of the parties in this election is merely about trying to prove to the Queensland people that they are less obviously disappointing, incompetent, corrupt and totally underserving than the bunch of crooks on the other side.


  42. “My reading is it is OK for the PM to be attacked in anyway possible.”

    Bring it on!

    I was watching Gillard closely yesterday…that confident, relaxed smile during the Holden press conference…reminded me of the strong, confident woman I supported and adapted a song for back in 06/07…

    That fire and love of the game is building in her again…she’s restoring political capital…

    and doesn’t she know it…

    once that lady builds up a head of steam…well watch out.

    The Prime Minister is incrementally and carefully out maneuvering Abbott…he’s a cocky lad…but I reckon she will have him by the proverbial balls soon.

    Gnawing on his entrails.

    When it comes right down to it Abbott is a gutless politician…he takes few risks…and generally permits himself to be caged because he knows his party will turf him if he acts himself…walks the wild side.

    And I reckon that not too deep inside Tony knows he has a flawed character that is somewhat alarming, offensive and seen as too brash & irresponsible by those who assess him from a distance…

    not a positive for a man who hopes to be leader but will have no chance of meeting all voters face to face.

    But I’m sure there’s a part of him that’s convinced he can overcome the flaws…show every doubter that he has what it takes.

    Caged Tony is like a wild gorilla…tamed and whipped into performing for the crowds…everyone once in awhile he let’s off steam…goes feral…and shocks the crowd…

    but his media and political minders are masters of spin and distraction…before ya know it the crowd are watching other shows, performances, clowns, beasts…distracted…whilst the minders whip Tony back into the shape they desire.

    Abbott’s not half bad at spinning and caging himself at times too…he’s learnt a great deal over the years from other tamed beasts…

    and let’s face it, you crap and rage enuff in the middle of the show leaving the audience confused and disgusted…yerself shamed and humiliated…yer owners, minders and fellow carnival participants damaged and pissed…

    well yer gonna learn to head straight for that cage.

    The one that the religious folk at the seminary…and educators at uni…couldn’t put him in.

    That was always Howard and Murdoch’s gift…they knew how to cage beasts…and they were/are good at choosing minders, whip into shapers…for when they are off doing other things.

    At least Julia isn’t caged anymore…

    with her decisive win in the leadership ballot she’s broken out…knocked the cage for six…straight into the Coalition front-bench…

    and giving Abbott the clawing of his life…

    the spinners are working overtime to excuse Abbott’s pathetic, odd behaviour …his ineffectiveness as bill after bill passes…

    Tony the gorilla is becoming agitated…he’s wants out of that cage…

    “Why is she permitted to come in here and claw me?” he yells “but I’m stuck in this straightjacket…this hellish cage”. He roars, he pleads, he sits in the corner mumbling.

    His minders try to console him…feed him more performance ideas…but they can feel the mood of the public, the audience is changing…they’re growing increasingly wary and fed up with the caged Tony act.

    Even his fellow tamed beasts in the party, the carnival, are having their doubts…the more he lets out those unpredictable roars…makes those odd moves without discussing them with the minders (think Paid Parental Leave) the more they worry he’s gonna blow the whole show…

    turn off the public.

    Malcolm the grand lion lies on his comfy bed of golden hay and licks his lips…purring…feeding…waiting…patiently…

    knowing Tony will never be permitted to go free…

    is beginning to bore the fck out of the audience…his antics coming across as more desperate and loopy by the day. The cage is creating distortions…

    Malcolm knows the Huntress Julia will be chewing on Tony’s entrails soon enuff.

    This knowledge helps him sleep…comfortably.


  43. N’ Very good. You and Patricia should team up.

    “is beginning to bore the fck out of the audience…his antics coming across as more desperate and loopy”

    Very true.

  44. Tom ( @ 12.19

    from your link , Katherine Murphy concludes with this
    “We should all be attempting to get past an event yesterday that cheapened Australia’s political discussion, and took us to a place where I for one, see no upside in going.”

    What bullshit Katherine, you yourself chose not to report the words Abbott used until as I said yesterday (at least ) I telephoned and then the correction occurred.

    Now you want the issue to move on because in your words “Presumably Abbott did too, because he’s a good man who knows right from wrong. He withdrew the remarks promptly at the end of Question Time, without qualification”

    Katherine for how long has the press gone on and on about the “LIE”, where is the bit about the PM is a”good woman” so lets get over it. Oh NO cannot do that. But Abbott the alternate PM, who was reading his MSSO, it was not a spontaneous effort, chose and used the terms against the PM and Leader of the House and you want it all forgotten.
    In fact you blame Hunt for raising the issue today, all it proved is that the front bench agree with what Abbott said . Wake up the Abbott you saw yesterday is the Abbott that 60% of voters do not like.

  45. Malcolm knows the Huntress Julia will be chewing on Tony’s entrails soon enuff.

    This knowledge helps him sleep…comfortably

    Unfortunately I don’t think it’s occurred to Talcum that he’ll be the next cab off the rank, Nas’

    ……he’s a good man who knows right from wrong.

    Obviously he doesn’t, because if he did he’d occasionally touch base with the truth.

    However, i think that the PM and the government has to take a stand over thie “liar” label that the Liars Party keeps sticking on the PM. I think it’s time the government started listing the Liars’ lies over and over again.

    God knows there’s a smorgasbord of them. If they trotted out a new Liars Party porkie every day, they still wouldn’t have repeated themselves come election day.

    Let’s hope that whoever is planning the election campaign is going through the footage and getting the sound bites of Sneerleader’s lies and gaffes.

  46. Hi migs

    “No one in their right mind could possibly consider Julie B as a candidate.

    Having said that, I would have loved to include her but ran out of time. Or more correctly, the writing juices stopped flowing. ”

    Do I have to plead with you to get your juices flowing again. you were really swinging along so well, that a sequel is a given, and the pool to select from is overflowing, much like a dunny during a flood.

    C U @ 1107
    You named the nutters even I would not give house room to, but you and Migs both left out Dutton, he must be a complete fruit loop??.

  47. Let’s not forget the Nationals in the shadow cabinet, Barnaby and Truss..but wait a minute, perhaps we can forget about Truss..everyone else has.

  48. Hi Bilko,

    You might just have talked me into it. 🙂

    However, when I write a topic I like to leave plenty of blank spaces for the contributors to fill in. With the hole I’ve left there’s plenty of dirt to throw in. Andrews is another who comes to mind.

  49. Let’s face it, is there anyone currently in the Parliamentary Liars Party you would put in charge of the kindy chook raffle, let alone the economy of this country?

    The talent pool is so shallow it’s more akin to the Sahara.

  50. Cheers all.

    True Jane,
    If I were Malcolm I wouldn’t get too complacent…once Abbott is sent off to the retirement zoo after losing the next election…badly…the Huntress Julia will be well-armed and prepared to give any lounging lion a sound beating.

    I’ve noticed Newman is in a bit of a panic…

    And SKY NEWS Australian Agenda stacked the panel today…

    Paul Howe was left to defend the mining tax against the ever-annoying & reputation on the downward spiral Senator Brandis…

    Murdoch flunky Jennifer Hewett…

    and a worry wart from the Australian Business Council.

    How was impressive…held up his own well…

    But the fact SKY NEWS felt the need to stack the panel makes me think they’re not as confident about the next election and Abbott as they were previously. Nor the QLD election for that matter.

    I said to my wife that if the LNP win and Newman’s lot screw with your job…Foxtel will be the first spending I cut.

    I might even feel more relaxed. 🙂

    Looking forward to that NBN.

    Go Huntress.


  51. on March 23, 2012 at 2:43 pmjane
    Let’s face it, is there anyone currently in the Parliamentary Liars Party you would put in charge of the kindy chook raffle, let alone the economy of this country?

    The talent pool is so shallow it’s more akin to the Sahara.


    and their costings are a mirage.

    Their landscape of ideas hyper-arid.


  52. She’s good thnx Migs.

    All tests back negative…as in a positive result. 🙂

    She’s a bit weary from the testing and work…but still has many chipper moments.

    We’re heading down South in a few mths…she’s looking forward to the trip…as am I. Will be our first trip in 15 years. Hoped to do it last year but the sky fell in financially. Can’t wait.

    How’s G going? Well I hope.


  53. Bilko, how could one forget Dutton, the policeman, I believe.

    One does not see much of him lately. He did visit a hospital the other day. Expected to hear a question but was disappointed.

    Bilko and Miglo, it might be easier to name the ones that have some ability. I believe that would be a shorter list.

    Abbott still making tomorrow’s election about him.

    Talk about personality disorders. The one disorder in my working experience, when I came across it, was one I knew I would be removing the kids. It does not appear to respond to treatment.

    The one that the people suffering from, often instilled fear in me. Physically, psychology, emotionally and mentally.

    It is very close to the diagnosis of psychopath, which by the way does not necessary mean violent. It is generally identified by lack of empathy and cars for those around them. They are also often egoistic and have great , unrealistic faith in their own ability.

    I feel free to label the Opposition leader with mental illness or disorders since his out burst towards the PM yesterday.

    Only Mr. Abbott would expect the PM to remain in the house to listen first hand to such personal abuse.

    The PM it appears does not bother to listen in the Chief Whips office. She fills in the time working.

    That must really annoy Mr. Abbott.

  54. I am sure we will see that photo of Ms. Mirabella in the next election campaign. It caught her beautifully.

  55. Great post but as some others have pointed out you left out Julie Bishop. She seems to be the only person in the Coalition able to operate in the shadows of different leaders. I’d also be surprised if she doesn’t think of herself as a future leader with dibs on the top job since she’s been such a loyal deputy.

  56. Great post but as some others have pointed out you left out Julie Bishop.

    You younger ones may call it a mental blank. I call it senility. :mrgreen:

  57. At this very moment I don’t care who wants to replace Abbott. I just wish they’d do it quickly. And painfully.

  58. El gordo, not entirely true. There have been a lot of people languishing on the opposition back benches for some considerable amount of time, who will remain languishing indefinitely while Tony Abbott remains leader. Plus surely there must be someone in the opposition of the calibre of Petro Georgiou who believe enough in issues such as marriage equality that they might be prepared to take a stand against Abbott.

  59. On the subject of Turnbull..note his wishywashy response to Tony Abbott not allowing a conscience vote on gay marriage.

  60. el gordo

    Put your head in a plastic bag and breathe for 1 min ( and make sure you then remove the bag) and then tell me that CO2 is not a dangerous killer gas.

  61. Yes el gordo, we know that CO2 is a naturally occurring substance and so is arsenic. In fact arsenic was commonly used before the discovery of penicillin, however you wouldn’t want to take too much of it.

  62. Tom R

    He can’t explain it is the usual resort tactic when the simple and bleeding obvious cannot be proven wrong.

    I don’t need a scientist or a denialist to tell me CO2 is toxic. I only need my own lungs to tell me.

  63. I only need my own lungs to tell me.

    Interesting that so many of the Denialiti are the same ones who led the campaign against the dangers of smoking.

    Interesting that our msm are falling for the same thing all over again.

  64. For the believers it is the saving of the environment. For the denialati it is money and profits at the expense of the environment.

    The denialati only ever change their minds when it becomes too late and then blame the government for not taking action beforehand.

  65. In simple language, we know that when temperatures on our space ship increase there is a net transfer of carbon from the warming oceans.

  66. luckily for us grodo, the oceans keep growing as we keep adding

    Or something like that??

    (sarcasm alert (for those without their heads in bags))

  67. That’s what stumps me, Shane. The denialati think it’s OK to pollute, to turn the rivers and the air into stench because climate change ain’t happening. Just keep pumping out them fumes, fellas. They don’t hurt.

  68. As I was sayin’, increasing biomass because of warming liberates CO2 into the atmosphere from the oceans and will continue to do so, even as temperatures have flattened.

    I understand you have technicians looking into this.

  69. I’m onto it el gordo.

    BTW, you’d be impressed to know that my new department has been responsible for the discovery of 30 new planets outside our solar system (obviously).

  70. But there are few planets with a big moon and in the habitable zone, the birth of intelligent life appears to require it.

  71. That’s what stumps me, Shane. The denialati think it’s OK to pollute, to turn the rivers and the air into stench because climate change ain’t happening. Just keep pumping out them fumes, fellas. They don’t hurt.

    Totally agree miglo. I bet the denailati and there children don’t swim in the polluted rivers dams and landfill as a result of their pollution producing industries.

    I would like to the see CEO of BHP go and live in the polluted areas of the countries where the sludge has devastated whole areas of land, rendering them useless and hazardous. But oh no we turn a blind eye to the horrific actions of our super sized big businesses, especially when it is in another country.

    Instead we are brainwashed by the likes of Clive Palmer and Gina Rinehardt that they are the best thing for our country and the world.

  72. the birth of intelligent life appears to require it.

    What planet you from then? Obviously one without a big moon

  73. Instead we are brainwashed by the likes of Clive Palmer

    A little off topic (you know, for a thread about prospective alternative alternative government leaders talking about moonless birthers) but the
    latest Pure Poison Podcast have a hilarious diatride over the ‘secret’ CIA operatives within the Greens, and wondering if the oo etal are actually working secretively with the CIA to help with the Greens cover story of being communists while actually being CIA operatives, or is the oo etal actually attempting to undermine the American influence in our politics by threatening to destroy them?

    Laughs all around.


    palmer is sounding as unhinged as grodo often does.

  74. We may become a great comedy duo, Tom, you’re a good straight man.


    Shane, it only muddies the water when you talk about pollution….CO2 is not a pollutant except in the minds of the Klimatariat.

  75. Anything natural or manmade that can have irreprable consequnces to the environment is a pollutant, no matter whether it can be used in small quantities for good it is still a pollutant.

    Only the denialati would claim otherwise.

  76. Yes…yes…but CO2 is not a pollutant.

    There is no evidence to support the theory that a minor increase in a greenhouse gas will cause destructive over heating of the system.

    More importantly, humanity should consider the end of the Eemian…

  77. As this thread is entitled On yer bike, maybe el gordo could join the pollie pedal and enjoy some of these:

    A short list of the likely pathogens in car exhaust:

    Carbon Monoxide
    Nitrogen dioxide
    Sulphur dioxide
    Suspended particles, PM-10 particles less than 10 microns in size.
    Polycyclic hydrocarbons

  78. There is no evidence to support the theory that a minor increase in a greenhouse gas will cause destructive over heating of the system.

    What is the definition of Minor ? Exactly what amount ?

    Did you think the same about asbestos, like so many, for many years being brainwashed by James Hardie who then fled the country ?

  79. They are nasty chemicals, Sue, but there is no chance of convincing people to give up their private mode of transport in the forseeable future.


    Shane we can have a doubling of CO2 and it will make no disernible difference in the atmospheric temperature, controlled by other mechanisms which are not entirely clear…the positive and negative feed backs.

  80. Shane we can have a doubling of CO2 and it will make no disernible difference in the atmospheric temperature,

    How do you know this ?

  81. but CO2 is not a pollutant

    how often can one person be so wrong ❓

    Fund pollutants are those for which the environment has some absorptive capacity. Fund pollutants do not cause damage to the environment unless the emission rate exceeds the receiving environment’s absorptive capacity (e.g. carbon dioxide, which is absorbed by plants and oceans).[2] Fund pollutants are not destroyed, but rather converted into less harmful substances, or diluted/dispersed to non-harmful concentrations.[2]


  82. There is no evidence to support the theory that a minor increase in a greenhouse gas will cause destructive over heating of the system.

    ALL of the worlds leading scientistific organisations disagree with you.

    There is some debate over how how much ‘minor’ is, but all agree that it doesn’t take a lot.

  83. But Tom R they are all socialist organisation bribed to lie and create ficticuous reports to destroy the mega wealthy barrons who have manipulated our political arena. 🙄

  84. Actually shaneinqld, aren’t they all in fact socialist organisations secretly supported by the CIA to undermine the capitalist system as we know it.

    The deeper you dig, the deeper you get.

    And, at the bottom of it all, is loud munktoon, who created the whole global warming conspiracy simply so he can go on an extented tour to debunk it.

    Roswell would almost certainly have further info on this remarkable conspiracy! 😯

  85. There is no organised conspiracy, its enlightened self interest by academics. This has produced an inadvertant association which puts the science in a diabolocal mess.

    ‘If you torture the data long enough, it will confess.’

  86. Migs @10.46am..I think that your department is hiding something, you have omitted (deliberately I dare say) other dimensional.

  87. If you study the data long enough, it will reveal.

    Which is how the climate scientists were able to drag the AGW theory from crack-pot status to valid issue.

  88. Yes…yes…but CO2 is not a pollutant.

    Yes…yes..we agree with you el gordo, CO2 is not a pollutant, as in a foreign entity. However, everything is about balance..nature does her best to continuously bring us back into balance, but we should not push her too far. Nature has a way of making us sit up and take notice when we ignore her warnings.

  89. There is no organised conspiracy, its enlightened self interest by academics.

    And just what is that self interest ?

  90. The grant system is weighted to one particular theory on climate change, so obviously there is a pronounced bias.

  91. Min there is no imbalance, at least 80% of the CO2 output is not human induced and as a consequence is not dangerous.

    The greatest concentration of CO2 on the planet is in the Amazon, a monstrous sink nowhere near capacity

  92. The grant system is weighted to one particular theory on climate change, so obviously there is a pronounced bias.

    How do you know the grant system is weighted to one particular theory ?

    Are not grants given to scientists to come up with results and projections no matter what the findings.

    Or is that weighted grant theory only on this particular scicence that the grants are skewed, unlike all other scientific research being done worldwide in all other areas of human investigation which are not skewed.

    Honestly, you must be getting your info from Clive Palmer.

    Here is the truth.

    It is considered skewed because the outcome did not reflect positively for the mega wealthy who are the major polluters of the planet in regards to human activity thereby resulting in costs and profit losses if the findings were accepted and not challeneged by those who stand to lose, namely the rich.

  93. The greatest concentration of CO2 on the planet is in the Amazon, a monstrous sink nowhere near capacity

    Which is being cleared at an alarming rate. You may wish to look at satellite imaging of the Amazon and see how much has disappeared in only the last 100 years in comparison to the many thousands of years before that.

    You still have not told me what the self interest of the scientists is, yet i have told you the self interest of the mega corporations challenging the CO2 findings.

  94. “And just what is that self interest ?”

    The same self interest I would say, as those who worker for the tobacco and asbestos industry.

    You find it located in the region of the hip pocket.

  95. Shane, do you mean the peer reviewed scientists whose opinions are crap or the paid denialists.

  96. Roswell

    I mean the paid denialists whose opinions are crap. If you go back to the start of the comments between myself and el gordo it will all make sense.

    I think CU has the wrong end of the stick as well.

  97. Said completely tongue in cheek, Shane. El gordo has a history of making outlandish accusations against scientists whose work is peer reviewed, preferring instead to believe the denialati.

  98. Its only climate science under discussion. All was fine until grants began arriving which offered secure careers for scientists, they are not to blame, the ‘precautionary principle’ was in place.

    The problem for the Klimatariat is that, unable to find the missing heat, they will be highly embarrassed.

    I imagine Hockey taking an axe to the department of climate change, but that would be a huge mistake. After a few debriefing sessions they will see the error of their ways…..and should be retained.

    Except for those at the very top.

  99. El gordo, please make an attempt to know what you’re talking about. Youngest daughter is completing her PhD in molecular bioscience..the magnificent grant available by way of PhD scholarship amounts to around $300pw. This entails a minimum of 30hrs pw in the lab..yep, scientists are just raking in the dollars.

  100. Its only climate science under discussion. All was fine until grants began arriving which offered secure careers for scientists, they are not to blame, the ‘precautionary principle’ was in place.

    What utter rubbish.

    Grants have been given to scientists for generations. In addition the most and largest grants are provided by private enterprise in the hope of making a motza on the results. Especially cures for diseases.

    Your conspiracy theories regarding grants carries as much weight as the tobacco industry claiming smoking is safe. Another bunch of mega wealthy stooges living on profits made from the misery and slow death of humans who mistake freedom of choice for addiction to a mega corporations product which is killing them.

  101. Its only climate science under discussion.

    No it is all scientists when you accuse them of falsifying and manipulating outcomes in the name of receiving grants. You label the profession as tainted.

    Most scientists around the world of all areas are horrified at the vilification of the climate scientists by the denialati and the threats on their lives simply for providing outcomes and results that very wealthy corporations do not like.

  102. This is something that el gordo refuses to understand, and this is the thing called peer based review.

    El gordo..yoo hoo, if you’re out there somewhere, tell me if someone with equal if not superior qualifications to oneself isn’t supposed to review one’s work..then who the hell is supposed to!

  103. el gordo, are you telling me that there is no politician across the world that would make the money available to disprove that CC is caused by the actions of man. That is beyond belief,

    The other sciences are mentioned, because the same campaign of lies and half truths was launched by them.

    Not only launched but successful for many years. Truth won out in the end, as it will with CC.

    No scientist has proven the majority wrong. No study has emerged that challenge the data.

  104. The peer review system in climate science has a problem, scientists are normally adversarial but with CC it has become a reinforcement society.

  105. El gordo, what a load of crap. My daughter is currently ‘peer reviewing’ under grads and Honours applicants. Are you saying that she’s on the take in some way?

  106. Does anyone suspect that el gordo might be suffering from obsessive behaviour disorder.

    I am sure that if the claims for the causes of man made climate changes were wrong, the wealth of the mining, power and other interested bodies would soon launch research that would prove their point.

    This is not happening. The counter research is not being done.

    What is being done is the undermining of research done, misquoting and manipulation of data and straight out lying.

    Let them produce the proof, and let the other scientists test it.

  107. The peer review system in climate science has a problem, scientists are normally adversarial but with CC it has become a reinforcement society

    Once again a generalisation comment degrading scientists in their chosen field simply because the evidence is not liked.

    Provide proof of these general accusations or discuss the science integrity and not the scientists integirty.

  108. ‘This is not happening. The counter research is not being done.’

    There is money in saying nothing unusual is happening.

    In a few more years of flat lining temperatures it may be easier to get a grant.

  109. El gordo, you are saying that molecular bioscience has nothing to do with the umm, errr..atmosphere.

    Go for it girl..I await your response.

  110. There is a lot of money on offer….

    There is even more from private companies to scientists to invent drugs, and how many drugs have been downright murderous to humans. How many trials and findings have been manipulated and dowright falsified by scientists on the take from mega rich corporations. How many mega corporations simply avoid their compensation obligations by shifting the company to a shell company with no assets to be siezed.

    In regards to your link i have no problem with the climate fund wanting UN diplomatic immunity considering it was created at a UN meeting.

  111. El gordo and Min, it will boil down to economic relevance and a question of subsidy

    Duh, oh really. Wow that’s such a surprise. Which is why UQ along with UniSA working with the Germans and Chinese all have to include the economics in all of their research. It might surprise you to learn that ALL research currently conducted has to include economic feasibility.

    Try Googling a thing called chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Daughter along with others, including from UniSA alongside the Germans and the Chinese have it to the cusp of a stage of economic feasibility. The USA was a leader until about 3 years ago, research stopped..one could blame the growing “scepticism” for this, but that’s only speculation.

    **apologies for my impatience, but I’m sure that I’ve said the above at least a hundred times before.

  112. El gordo, so in your opinion UQ, UniSA, the Germans and Chinese are all just wasting their time…and effort..and money.

    So you have based your opinion by being in Beijing last year? Gosh, let’s guess, you weren’t there…

  113. el gordo, well one better hope something is. The oil supply will not last forever. It is finite. Once it is all used, it is gone. That day is not far off.

  114. the llibs are in a seriously sad state of decline, just because they refuse to let the 1950’s pass with howard…as soon as the libs realise they are in opposition because australians rejected them, then the libs stand a chance of winning the next election and not just hanging around waiting for labour to loose the next election…ofcourse for libs to be real winners it would mean a minor front bench reshuffle…like getting rid of abbott, pyne, bishop…oh well, until then, i will have to vote greens…

  115. lol, yes, may as well , after all, they are only ever used as fillers on lateline…when abc is after a bit of a laugh…

  116. Yep, Hockey sure does provide some laughs. The goose thinks people are laughing with him, but they’re actually laughing at him. He’s a complete waste of space.

  117. joe reminds me of the kind of cheeky school boys whom some mothers like, but is always trying to talk his way out of something he shouldn’t have said…

  118. Miglo, i enjoyed reading your article btw, humorous descriptive imagery…i have been to adel once, i think it was community service for supporting pauline hanson in a federal election…until i arrived in adel, i had no idea that so many other people had…

  119. Thank you, Mary. I’m glad you found us and have taken the time to contribute to our little blog.

    I’d love to stay and chat but I should be fast asleep.


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