Queensland Votes Live Commentary

G’day. My name’s Alex and this is my first (and hopefully not last) post on Cafe Whispers.  It’s quite an honour to be posting to a blog I’ve read for a while now. Oh you can read a little more about me here.

Anyone who has been paying attention to the news over the last few weeks will know that Queensland is currently in the grips of a state election. Queenslanders will be heading to the polls on 24 March to elect a new government. The unicameral system of parliament adopted by Queensland makes for cut-throat campaigning as political parties and independents vie for votes for the all important seat in the Legislative Assembly.

The campaigning has already been feverish with the LNP, led by Campbell Newman, and Labor, led by Anna Bligh, duking it out.

There has already been some excellent commentary about the prospects of the major parties and the various opinion polls. There can be no doubt that the aggressive campaigning by the Greens and Bob Katter’s Australian Party will spook the major parties and it will be interesting to see how the major parties respond.

So far it seems like LNP and Labor are sticking to the familiar campaign formula of kissing babies, stump speeches and true-believer functions. Even though both the major parties have suffered the usual slings and arrows about candidates, where they live and their membership to swingers’ clubs, such things seem par-for-the-course in Queensland politics doing little damage to either party.

But with polling day still a days away, there is still more than enough time for the campaigns to get wacky (or wackier). I expect a lot of wackiness from Bob Katter’s Australian Party with the fanfare we saw last year as Bob showed his new class of politicians how to campaign Katter-Queensland style.

We will definitely see a plethora of visits by Bligh and Newman as their respective campaigns attempt to blitz electorates by cramming letterboxes with leaflets; round-a-bout squatting and going to every single community event and fete. And that’s not to mention the inundation of political advertising on TV, radio, online and in print.

With Queensland Labor fighting to keep the expected outcome respectable, and Can Do Campbell refusing to answer questions of policy costings and his so-called dealings while Mayor of Brisbane City Council, we can expect a thoroughly interesting finale to the state election campaign.

Although I say that as an election junkie.

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