I saw something I can’t explain

Someone left a comment that between 1,000 and 1,500 UFO sightings are reported in Australia each year.  This triggered a suggestion that the Café talk about UFOs.

It’s an open forum and one I put up reluctantly.  After all, we don’t want to attract any kooks.



Anyway, I won’t say anything: I’ll leave that up to you.  Surprise me.

Lenticular cloud

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153 comments on “I saw something I can’t explain

  1. There are suggestions that they may not come from deep space, Min. Other possibilities include different dimensions, the inner Earth or from a different time.

    I like the idea that they’re from another world. That’d blow our understanding of physics right out of the water.

  2. When I think of understanding, I think of how it was a scientifically proven fact that the earth was flat and that dragons and demons was swallow you up if you ventured to close to the end of the earth.

    I believe that what we now know, with the scientific knowledge which we now possess is but a minute fraction of what we are yet to know.

  3. I would like to know more on this subject as I cannot believe and maybe never would in UFO’S. There is evidence that something other than weather baloons, pranks, or secret Govt. planes or drones, maybe there is a cover up. I really want to know what people have to say, & as Michael said no kooks and there are plenty of them. If I could join this instead of politics which just confuses me, please let me know.

  4. As I triggered the UFO topic in the other thread I’ll pose this to you all.

    We are in the outback and it’s approaching 2300. True outback. Rock strewn desert and at this time of year unusually warm for the night in the desert. It had been a very hot and humid day.

    The night is pitch black and because of our work we could have no lights so had to rely on acclimatising our night vision, but you really can’t see anything it’s that dark.

    As the night marches on more and more brilliant stars appear and earlier stars becoming unbelievably bright, the brightest I’ve ever seen stars in a night sky. The Milky Way is a stark contrast against the velvet black of space behind it.

    Venus and Jupiter are extremely bright and Venus in particular is big in the sky. In the opposite direction Mars is a vivid red dot.

    A group of us are looking up at this wondrous sight and one has an App to identify the constellations and planets we can see when I spot a roundish whitish light with a slight blue tinge fairly low in the sky travelling slowly across it. I make a comment on it and the others look at it. I joke it’s a UFO, really it was initially made as a joke.

    Then the round steady light travelling fairly slowly across the sky begins to zigzag, but it was more like a drunken wobble than a true zigzag. If you can imagine looking from above at a drunk driving a car down a straight highway then that’s kind of what we were seeing.

    A short time later, around two to three minutes, it disappeared.

    Nobody at the time had any real explanation and joked it off and no longer spoke of it.

    Much later one of the group came up with a logical explanation that fit what we had seen.

    What do you think it was and why it behaved the way it did taking into account our location and hot night?

  5. Debra, we will be pleased to hear what you have to say. The ‘no kooks’ was aimed at Roswell, as a joke of course.

    Personally, I reckon the real kooks are the ones who turn a blind eye to everything and aren’t interested in opening their minds.

    We have some of them here too. :mrgreen:

  6. Seriously though, it had a flight path that no human flying object can follow. I would like to say that you definitely did see a UFO.

  7. We are nearly a thousand kilometres inland with only a couple of salt lakes within 100 kilometres. No swamps anywhere and only rock strewn flat desert for as far as the eye can see.

    The light moved across the sky and directly over us. It was symmetrically round and would have been immediately identified if it had not engaged in the drunken path across the sky.

  8. Mobius, I was being silly. The Air Force usually comes to that conclusion when debunking a sighting. They just don’t want us to know.

  9. Mobius, my dad was a surf fisherman and a star gazer, his favorite spots included Johanna and Glenaire . He knew the path and movement of stars and the motion of satellites and would point out to me, there’s something different. It would be something which travelled in an irregular pattern, often variable in speed, from almost stand still to disappearing and dozen times faster than any plane could travel. He never told me what he thought they might have been, just said precisely that: there’s something different.

  10. Satellite is the right track Min. It was the right size and brightness and travelled at a regular speed in an orbital path at a height common for low orbit satellites. If it wasn’t for the drunken wobble it would immediately have been identified as a satellite.

    So why the wobble?

    I’ll put you out of your cogitations in what was an astute observation by one of my collogues that night. Unusual for a desert night in our location, which are usually cold and should now be approaching cold, it was a very warm night with a heat haze coming off the rock strewn desert floor. The rocks had probably stored the heat all day and were releasing it that night.

    It was the heat haze that made a satellite look like a UFO doing a drunken dance across the night sky.

    That maybe wrong but it does fit what we saw and the conditions of that night.

  11. Möbius, as a young lad on the farm on Kangaroo Island I watched what I thought was a satellite. A common site. This one, without a pause, changed course by 90 degrees and shot upwards at an indescribable speed. Satellites don’t do that. Nothing we make does.

    More recently, I watched three large orange balls fly over the Adelaide coastline. Something was in control of them.

  12. As this site is australian i note that noone has mentioned alan probes, this is good, americans always seem to mention probes.

  13. The theory used to be that the government didn’t want to cause panic and given the response to Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds, they could be right.

  14. By the look of the looting which takes place after every natural disaster, by the look of the emergence of the drop down and Praise be I can see, praise be religions..I’d say, not a lot.

  15. A reliable source, ( local fish ‘n chip shop owner ), has told me that aliens are indeed among us and , apparently, tapping into our ‘voicemail messages’…. how alien….. beam me down, Rupert

  16. The crop circles began showing up in larger numbers at the end of last century and enthusiasts started speculating on the meanings.

    Reading the pictographs is no problem, given time to debate, but the troika of science, media and politics doesn’t allow discussion on such matters. Except to ridicule.

    The aliens are amused by our ignorance, so they stopped talking about themselves, where they come from and our place in the universe, and concentrated on pretty pictures which no humans could have created.

    Thank Dog for the Troika who are keeping humanity in the dark, heaven only knows what we would do with the troof.

    By the way, the same Troika has convinced people the world is warming. How we laffed and laffed.

  17. It’s not aliens, just James Tiberius Kirk and his infernal temporal excursions worst record in starfield history.

  18. El gordo, it’s a pity that the crop circle phenonama (spelling?) is tainted by so many obvious fakes. The rest are a mystery.

    One appeared on contoured land in England of the pi symbol. From the air it looked perfect. The contours of the ground were taken into account when it was crafted. A feat very hard to accomplish.

  19. The truth, if I may return to it, is not so much that people might be afraid to have their religious beliefs confronted – especially in America – but the difficulty in accepting the origins of the human race.

    Evolutionists are forever looking for the missing link. They are looking in the wrong place. They won’t find it by digging up old bones.

  20. I never saw any problem with belief in other worlds and religion. Supposedly if a creator was the instigator of all life, why should humans consider that we’re the only life.

  21. Roswell, I was just thinking about what you said. More and more we are discovering new types of humans, the link that el gordo put up the other day and also the ancient Hobbit people to name just two. Therefore evolution is more and more coming to resemble nothing like the linear line that evolutionists believed.

    And especially, whence the sudden jump (in evolutionary) terms from primitive man to modern day. What was the Catalyst behind that? And why did other species of human not survive, with the exception of some Neanderthal DNA which many of us carry.

  22. Min, I wasn’t aware that we humans carry Neanderthal DNA, but it is an exciting prospect and fits in with a number of emerging theories about the ‘evolution’ of homo sapien sapien.

    I have, however, noticed a lot of Neanderlithic behavioural characteristics in many allegedly modern humans. When I lived in Adelaide they were out in mass at AAMI Stadium, wearing the primitive colours of red, yellow and blue.

  23. Roswell, only a small percent…but interesting I think.

    According to a new DNA study, most humans have a little Neanderthal in them—at least 1 to 4 percent of a person’s genetic makeup.

    The study uncovered the first solid genetic evidence that “modern” humans—or Homo sapiens—interbred with their Neanderthal neighbors, who mysteriously died out about 30,000 years ago.

    What’s more, the Neanderthal-modern human mating apparently took place in the Middle East, shortly after modern humans had left Africa, not in Europe—as has long been suspected.


  24. Roswell, @ 11.36am,

    I have, however, noticed a lot of Neanderlithic behavioural characteristics in many allegedly modern humans. When I lived in Adelaide they were out in mass at AAMI Stadium, wearing the primitive colours of red, yellow and blue.

    For your own good you must try to distance yourself from that
    Miglo character!! :mrgreen:

  25. Min, the Greeks, Romans, Arabs and the Christian world all believed that the earth is a sphere.

    Belief in a flat earth was probably more widely held among the uneducated peasantry and I think that the Catholic Church may have imposed that view during the Counter Reformation.

    It’s pretty humbling when you read about the knowledge held by the ancient Greek scholars and philosophers. And it makes the destruction of the Library of Alexandria all the more infuriating as it was the repository of all that knowledge. Lucky for us the Arabs had a far more sensible attitude.


    Ah yes, but what is the truth?

    The truth is out there, Scully. 😯

    Don’t they realise we’ve grown up a bit since then?

    Proof please, Migs. I draw your attention to the Bush & Howard eras.

    Min Min lights..there’s more than one of me

    There should be many more than 2 of you, Min.

    A reliable source, ( local fish ‘n chip shop owner ), has told me that aliens are indeed among us…..

    You only have to look at the Parliamentary Liars Party to know s/he speaks the truth, LOVO. And having seen Campbell Newman for the first time yesterday, they’ve spread to Brissie.

    Jarl @6.38am, leading to a huge increase in illegal guns, general lawlessness and bikie gang wars on the streets of Adelaide, according to one Prissy Whynne.

    I was in Adelaide last weekend and assume they must have one to the races, which would explain the lack of guns, lawlessness and warring bikies infesting the streets.

    Roswell @11.36am, knuckle draggers convention obviously.

    LOVO, cro-magnon good, Neanderthal baaad.

  26. I meant the reply by a frustrated editor to a sarcastic commenter…

    @DeRezzed69 Are you a troll, or just plain stupid? I broke one of the most important pictures ever and you claim I mislead. Listen dumbfuck, if anyone has deceived anyone its NASA, they have lied to the world for decades, mainly to fluoride heads like you who believe their BS. Its folks like me who put their necks on the line to get the truth out, and who get little or no credit. I don’t do this for money or fame, I do it because its the right thing to do. Read the description in future, idiot.

    StephenHannardADGUK 1 day ago

  27. Hmmmm, I’m not sure why people get so upset about this.

    It’s like religion, but in reverse. With religion, if you decide you don’t believe, people who don’t even know you get all upset and focus a lot of attention on *proving* they are right about the invisible man in the sky (or whatever).

    With aliens, if you say you believe, people who don’t even know you get all guns blazing about *proving* how wrong you are about the little green guys (or whatever).

    Seriously, it’s not like it matters. I WAS going to say, “it’s not like anyone actually *knows*” but realised that’s a trap for young players, eh … because of course all “sides” feel they own the absolute, complete and total truth about this (as about so much else). It’s kinda tiring, actually!

  28. Christine gave a good anecdotal glimpse of reality on the ground.

    The Troika have managed to keep a lid on things up to now, but with a camera in every phone the silence must eventually end.

    Let’s for the sake of argument agree they are not here and our adventure into space has just begun, its possible to see the whole thing in a wider perspective.

    Within 500 years we’ll most likely be colonising distant systems, having overcome the tyranny of distance…terraforming has become fashionable.

    Will these homo sapien sapiens still be arguing over ethical questions on intervention?

  29. ‘The possibility consequently exists that at perhaps precisely the right moment near the end-Holocene, the latest iteration of the genus Homo unwittingly stumbled on the correct atmospheric GHG recipe to perhaps ease or delay the transition into the next glacial.’

    William McClenney March 15, 2012

  30. Could that white object changing direction and zooming be Gina exhaling in annoyance or just the ato genie:

    “But the genie is out of the bottle now. Gina Rinehart’s original advice that the vesting of the trust on September 6 would create a capital-gains tax liability was almost certainly correct, but the ATO catches most attempts to drive around the taxation tollbooth.

    The Part IV anti-avoidance measures of the Tax Act apply to ”schemes” that have the sole or dominant purpose of obtaining a tax benefit that would otherwise not be available.

    The trust would have created a capital gains tax bill if it had vested as originally expected on September 6 last year. It appears to be wide open to a part IV assessment now that its vesting date has been extended to avoid a tax hit.”

    And the bigger or bugger thing of all is

    “The trust at the centre of the battle was set up in 1988, with a 15.6 per cent stake in Hancock Prospecting. It operated for the benefit of Lang Hancock until his death in 1992.
    …….in 1996 the trust’s ownership of Hancock Prospecting was boosted to 23.45 per cent. (by gina)

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/business/ato-keeps-discreetly-mum-till-family-tiff-ends-20120316-1vau9.html#ixzz1pJamfxNS

    OOOH AAAH tax avoidance

    So mummy was not so much worried about the kiddies tax share but the tax from the increase of investment by Hancock Prospecting, now that’s a Genie.

  31. As I was saying, there is some talk about that the intergalactic visitors are here to help us survive the approaching glacial.

    Nonsense…as if we need any help.

    Or if you are a warminista supporter, the guests are here to warn us of our global warming peril.

  32. El gordo, I think that the observers are doing just that, observing. That in spite of the intergalactical peril, if they had wanted to ‘possess’ planet Earth that they would have done so a long time ago. Let’s face it, we’re not that special..

  33. We see many things which we cannot explain. When it comes to explanation, we cannot explain it, but it is wonderful…

  34. Don’t forget our beloved Federal Opposition Leader would like to Time Warp us back to the ’50’s Min.

    Logic would tend to suggest there is another planet with a lifeform capable of space travel somewhere in the Universe. Who knows if they can travel to Earth, they are probably more intelligent than us.

  35. Migs, yes I knew that. I have one heck of a lot more to tell..psychic experiences, automatic writing, clairaudience. But that’s another story…

  36. Indigenous Australians have also seen strangeness, I’ll try and find a story.

    In the meantime, crop circles appear to be created by small discs.

  37. And its also comforting to know a majority of Australians and Americans believe as me, so the sceptics have to convince us nothing is happening.

  38. Migs, I sent the copy to you before twice, but perhaps you didn’t receive these. The last time was when you were in Albury 2011. However, I’ll send it again.

  39. I just read at the top that you don’t ewant to attract kooks. All I can say is nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah *Grins*

  40. My Mantra on everything, I don’t know.. you don’t know.. no one knows.. and no one ever will….. we just is/are….. imagine, if you will, that ‘we’ are the first intelligent life in da yooniverse ….. imagine … but then again I wouldn’t have a clue ’cause ‘I don’t know, you don’t..’ etc… tell me what do you reckon ( then apply mantra)

  41. Migs, then 3rd time might be lucky…you might be interested in what was written ’93/94. Just run of the mill psychic stuff.

  42. My Mum* always said that I changed after seeing ‘Chariots of the Gods’ and I guess I did, I’d always disbelieved the xiatian crap from an early age and chariots was an eye opener on my young mind, …. which in due course led me to coming up with my Mantra …. but if you remember before ‘Chariots’ there was a show on ABC in the sixties called ‘The Magic Boomerang’ which involved the “Wandjina” stories.. this was, for me, the first time I’d come across the concept of ‘others’ … and it all sounds feasable to me, but then again what would I know…. so I realised that as good as ‘ this is what I reckon” can be, the Mantra still holds true, except of couse the last part..’ no one ever will’…… and yet……….

  43. LOVO, the book – and the movie – blew me away. The author was considered a crackpot by many at the time yet over the years it seems as though his credibility has grown. I understand that he’s still going strong.

  44. LOVO, I remember the Wandjina stories too. There are some things on Chariots of the Gods which I think are a little too imaginative, but some definitely convince me that we have been visited.

  45. Roswell, just a question..as many rock paintings, temples etc depict the visitors with superior technology..if they stayed what caused their technology to disappear?

  46. Bill Chalker put something together on the local people, I’ll have a look.

    Here’s the latest flap.

    ‘Video from Chile is stirring up the UFO debate after an unusual object took a fly-by during an air-show.

    ‘The footage, from 2010, appears to show a ‘spot’ moving quickly from frame to frame, causing the engineer who spotted the aberration enough alarm that he alerted the Chilean Government.

    ‘The UFO made an appearance during an acrobatic air-show at the El Bosque Air Force Base in Santiago, and apparently went un-noticed at the time.’

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2115951/Chilean-UFO-sighting-captured-seven-angles-divides-sceptics-believers.html#ixzz1pRlg3srW

  47. Min, all great scientific leaps disappeared during the Dark Ages. The church has much to answer for.

  48. if they stayed what caused their technology to disappear?

    Who said it did, Min?

    Maybe we they didn’t “stay” where you think they “stayed” :mrgreen:

  49. TB, UFOs in the sky is hardly a modern phenomenon. People stupidly think it’s our exploration of space that attracted their attention. That’s laughable.

    Some of their technology is here. It’s in the hands of the US Government.

  50. Roswell, I haven’t about that one but I should imagine that if the US government have their hands on some of the technology, that a problem might be knowing what it is and how it works.

  51. Min, we need to pry into the governments within governments to learn about that one. Slowly, but slowly, we are learning the truth.

  52. When are they going to stop using box brownies to take aliens photo’s… i mean in this day and age you’d reckon at least one of the photographers would have a better camera than a box brownie…. ah, maybe Im on to something…. theres a box brownie conspiracy going on…. or maybe ‘they’ have a box brownie ray gun……
    Or to put it another way, how come every shot, every film is shit quality…isnt there at least one clear shot ‘out there’
    Bet Roswell can answer that and a link or twelve, please….

  53. Of course I can answer that.

    It’s only been over the last decade that people have started carrying cameras with them wherever they go, and that’s been in the form of a mobile phone. Test this: try taking a photo of a plane using your phone. Try taking one at night time. See how it turns out.

    Now try taking one of a UFO shooting across the night sky at warp speed.

    Box Brownies are much better to take a UFO photo with. The photos aren’t digital so they can’t be manipulated with in something like Photo Shop, ie, they are less likely to be a fake. Secondly, electronic cameras have been known to mysteriously be drained of energy in the near vicinity of a UFO.

  54. Roswell is correct, the new communications technology is opening a window to physics beyond our comprehension. Naturally the authorities are trying to keep things under wraps until they can work out what we are dealing with.

    At this juncture in time and space humanity is about to experience a rude awakening.

  55. Min, he’s a gem. This one tickled me:

    Test this: try taking a photo of a plane using your phone. Try taking one at night time. See how it turns out.

    Now try taking one of a UFO shooting across the night sky at warp speed.

    LOVO, we expect to hear of your results. 🙂

  56. Yes Migs, a real diamond. 🙂

    I hadn’t thought of that one..how digital photos could be easily manipulated and I dare say, almost impossible to tell the amount of enhancing.

  57. Imagine a Eora man standing on South Head watching the Endeavour sailing up the coast. Nobody else sees it and he has difficulty convincing his comrades of this amazing sight.

    Later a fleet returns and nobody is laughing, the whole concept is beyond comprehension.

    We are in much the same position, the stone age Eora confronted by the Enlightenment. Hopefully we are not being sized up for a prison.

  58. Lovo @ before this…..”and a link or twelve, please” ….
    Migs, have’nt been able to get any results as yet…… ’cause I aint seen a non-brownie quality photo ….. yet, Roswell please dont get me wrong I am so open to this …… but, ….ay…..cobba….. I just dont KNOW, you dont really know either, no one has ever KNOWN, and ……… ( watch this space)…… thousands of hours of footage, yet…. all I see/hear are lots of I reckons….. well I reckon that Port Adelaide are going to win this years grand final…….. now thats really OUT THERE, Scully

  59. ‘dont get me wrong I am so open to this …’

    Only the rational mind holds you back, because of the incomprehensible nature of what we are dealing with.

    The UFO and CC debates are similar, with the former I say to the Troika prove to me that nothing is happening and with the latter prove to me something unnatural is happening?


    Miglo’s funny quip reminded me of a football game in Hungary during the 1950’s, the stadium was packed, and a large UFO came over the top.

    Thousands saw the phenomenon and it made the news, but after it went the humans continued playing the game.

  60. The standard model disc comes in different sizes and I suspect they are drones.

    Cigar shapes and pipes maybe different?.

  61. Their craft use cloud cover sometimes, but they are not particulay fussed about being noticed.

    The phenomenol speeds of these discs has only been captured because we are in a digital age…. and as that recent case explains there were five separate cameras in the vicinity.

    The hardest thing to grasp is that the phenomenon maybe multi dimensional.

  62. ‘The first commercial round-trips to Mars will blast off within 10 years, according to PayPal co-founder Elon Musk, CEO of U.S commercial rocket maker SpaceX.

    ‘The trip will cost a cool $500,000 (£300,000) – entirely payable through PayPal, no doubt.

    ‘In 2010, SpaceX became the first commercial company in history to launch a spacecraft into orbit and retrieve it, and has partnered with Nasa to carry out cargo deliveries to the International Space Station.’

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2118643/Round-trip-flights-Mars-500-000-decade-says-rocket-entrepreneur.html#ixzz1pqasDWc7


    If they can manage this in a decade, just imagine where we’ll be in 500 years?

  63. El gordo, NASA thinks it’ll be 1400 years before we have the technology to travel beyond our solar system. I think they need to reassess that.

  64. NASA also thinks there is water ice on Mercury.



    ‘…it’ll be 1400 years before we have the technology to travel beyond our solar system.’

    In the 500 years since the Renaissance there has been a quantum leap in technology and I suspect new discoveries will see humanity much further afield 500 years from now.

  65. A young scribe asked Leonardo De Vinci what is the secret of his success in designing weapons of mass destruction…he replied its all about seeing.

    The great man was a pacifist and vegetarian and the whole business would have bruised him greatly… the irony. It amuses me that he drew a submarine in the water, a plane flying and a man floating down on a parachute….if he had put them all in one painting it would be more famous than the Mona Lisa.

    Einstein was also a vegetarian and pacifist and involved in the ultimate WMD.

  66. That’s interesting about Mercury el gordo. I’ll bookmark that for later reading.

    I don’t know if these are true, but there is speculation that Mercury was once a much cooler planet. They also say it’s cooler than Venus, despite being much closer to the sun.

  67. El gordo, however one trick that Da Vinci played is that he deliberately placed flaws in his designs so that they could never be used in warfare.

  68. Einstein was perhaps a little naive, thinking that such a powerful weapon would be the means to end all wars..for never again would the world risk a World War.

  69. I would like to speak up on behalf of a minority group..

    Physicists looking at anomalies in Earth’s gravity have taken a garden gnome around the world and weighed it at locations as remote as the South Pole.

    I do realize that all due care was taken, but is this any way to treat our small, plastered bearded folk!

    “He’s a very precious little gnome and we didn’t want him to get him scratched or have him interact with the local wildlife.”


  70. El gordo, the good folk of Moonee Ponds have the reputation of seeing a number of things, especially in the vicinity of Windy Hill.

  71. Sue, the gnome was a typical garden gnome of non distinguishing features. Red hat/blue or green shirt, long white beard, made of plaster. Sadly they’re a bit like Asians and other ethnics, they’re hard to tell one from t’other.

  72. Ya know, I began writing a sci- fi horror on the farm in NSW…got to about page 110…it had an alien aircraft buried beneath Uluru. And used Haley ‘s comet as part of the plot…and dingoes and a giant echidna.

    Living on that farm from 83 to 85 (went there after Sydney…then Griffith, Berri and Dubbo fruit and vege picking…then back to England from 85-early 87)…was quite eerie some nights…watching meteors streak thru the night sky, coolish winds blowing, things rustling in the bushes…strange animal screams in the dark…oft out there by myself due to first wife staying overnight in Dubbo due to work…

    Certainly lit my imagination. 🙂

    Yet only UFOs I ever saw was out of a hospital window…and a strange light moving above a hill in Canada when camping with scouts.


  73. Nasking,

    It’s probably not all that you lit. 😉

    I’ve had a few evenings like that myself in the high country, sitting out back with a stillness which only the high plains people know.

  74. Roswell,
    It was a long long time ago…can’t recall. Too many drinks and wild experiences have dulled that memory. 🙂

    You’d be right there. 😉


  75. I can’t let an opportunity for a song go by. This one brings back so many memories, of skiing on the old K2s, of pancake breakfasts at the Abom.

  76. ‘A mysterious round white object was filmed whizzing around a passenger plane above Seoul, the capital of South Korea, on April 7.

    ‘The clip, which has been uploaded to YouTube, begins with the ‘craft’ at the bottom of the screen, keeping pace with the passenger plane.

    ‘But then it speeds up and rises in altitude before zipping off out of shot, just as the startled person filming it tries to zoom in for a closer look.’

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2127141/UFO-filmed-zooming-passenger-plane-Seoul-South-Korea.html#ixzz1rXiqXhak

  77. El Gordo,‘But then it speeds up and rises in altitude before zipping off out of shot, just as the startled person filming it tries to zoom in for a closer look.’
    same scenorio as a thousand other “sightings”, ay, didnt quite get the shot, to blurry, oh why, oh why didnt they have a box brownie with them….. 🙂

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