We hear so much about productivity, mainly from the bosses.

We hear about how we need to raise our productivity for the future wellbeing of the Nation from our PM.

One wonders if they are talking about the same thing.

I suspect not.

With the bosses, the answer is simple, the worker just has to do as ordered and work harder.

For the country to reach the productivity needed to make bosses wealthier, the boss has to have full control.  The right to treat workers as they do all their other inputs to the company is the first requirement.

The right to hire and fire, at will is the first on the list.  Without this, they say, they will go offshore and we will all be sorry.

One wonders who is correct.  I will push for the PM and the union movement.

Our greatest increases occurred during the Hawke/Keating years.  What stood out was the cooperation between government and the union movement.  This along with opening up the economy to completion was very productive.

The unions acting with the Rudd government also played a part in getting the Nation through the GFC relatively unscathed.

In my opinion, the workers are just not there to serve industry.  They are a vital clog in the wheel that ensures industry survives.  Workers are just not another tool in industry and can be disposed of at the will of the employer.  They are an important cog in the wheel of industry.

Education is the key, but not education for education sake.  It has to meet the needs of our future economy.  I also believe it has to be lifelong endeavour.

Gone are the days that one leaves school at fifteen or eighteen years, completing the education they leave for life.  It does not even end at the completion of a degree or apprenticeship.  That is only the beginning.

School and later university is not where we learn the skills for industry.  School is   where we obtain the skills to be able to learn.  We will be gaining new skills throughout our working life.

Education means a better life for our children.  Is that all productivity is about.  I suspect not.  I think the industry needs the skills to rake advantage of an educated workforce, they have to learn to treat the workers as humans and in the scheme of things, equals.  Is that a step too far?

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