In the headline, but not the story

The headline in the online version of The Australian in size 72 font proudly announced that Opposition leader Tony Abbott has helped North Wagga residents in the flood clean up.

For his gallant effort Mr Abbott earns 48 font in the paragraph underneath:

OPPOSITION leader Tony Abbott has helped residents of North Wagga to clean up after the floods, as evacuees start to return to their homes.

Not much different to the headline, really.

But there endeth any more mention of the marvelous pillar of strength.  Of the remaining 572 words of the article he fails another mention.  The headline is built around his name.  His exploits are repeated in the opening paragraph.  But he’s not part of the story, so it seems.  And shock, horror, there wasn’t even a photo of him!

So why mention him at all?

Oh, I get it.  You want people to vote for him.


nope (Photo credit: Bonito Club)

19 comments on “In the headline, but not the story

  1. Is that the same Tony Abbott who opposed the flood reconstruction levee to help Queensland after their year of flood disasters ?

  2. It appears he changed his shirt. He was then told he would have to pull his sleeves down, not up.

    This is to protect ones self from dirty water and threat of infection. Sorry, I did not listen properly, so I do not know if he managed to clean up Wagga.

    Once again he milked a tragedy for whatever political , mileage he can get out of it.

  3. Hi Doug. Before you know it he’ll be condemning the Government for not wanting a levy to help out Wagga. I’m sure he’ll be drawing up a non-core policy on it any moment now.

  4. I did hear one poor flood town resident now having to be a cleaneruppper talk about the terrible pong. Could that be the remainder of the story?

  5. `Miglo, I think the new wizard word is signature. He keeps saying the parental scheme is a signature policy.

    At least that is what I think he says.

  6. How long was he actually there for? I suspect he’s a fly in- fly out worker, no real attachment to the joint. Good God he shits me.

  7. One of the reader’s comments to the story in the Oz asked why Gillard and Rudd don’t get their hands dirty like Abbott the Merciful did. WTF! Gillard is the PM might we remind this tool. And what about Rudd helping out during the Queensland floods? There are actually photos to prove it. Where are the photos of Abbott?

  8. Doug, I believe it is the very same person.

    I’m sure he’ll be drawing up a non-core policy on it any moment now.

    Well someone will, Migs, but I’ll bet it won’t be Liealot.

    He keeps saying the parental scheme is a signature policy.

    I assume it means that if he doesn’t sign it in blood, he doesn’t have to honour it, CU.

  9. Is this the same Abbott that not only opposed the flood levy in 2011 but when he came up to South East Qld could only “help” clean up while a TV Camera was pointing at him (unfortunately one kept going when he quickly handed the shovel or broom back thinking the media stunt had gone faultlessly).

  10. This is so pathetic. What did Abbott do? Pick up a chair? Tell people he loved them, Jesus loved them, he’ll stop the flood?

    It’s a disgrace that the Australian itself turns tragedy into political mileage for its hero.

  11. 2353, and I believe the same Tony who accused Rudd of using the Brisbane flood as a photo op, in spite of the fact that Rudd was helping in his own electorate.

  12. But he has God on his side. The hatred of gays, boat people and Aborigines is ordained.

    Does that make God a tool too?

    I reckon it does.

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