We’re the voice

The internet has created an arena where everyone can be a journalist.  All a person needs is an opinion.

Up until recently, people in democratic societies wishing to have their ideas and opinions published had to contend with editorial policies that were generally based on the ideology of the editors, and of course, on what was sellable.  However, this regime of control over what content is allowed to emerge is collapsing in today’s world of participatory media.

Today’s audience want to be part of the media, rather than passive receivers. Not only do they want to comment on the news, they want to be part of creating it.

Hence, many bloggers consider themselves ‘citizen journalists’ and believe they are better suited to provide the diversity that today’s democracies need, yet which are often ignored by traditional journalists.  Citizen journalism hence advances the opportunity for bloggers to expose doctored or omitted facts from mainstream media and point out the bias by particular reporters who do not provide such opportunity for his/her readership to give voice to alternate opinions.

Citizen journalists, as bloggers, also encourage contributors and readers to think objectively and ask the probing questions that might often be avoided by a mainstream media organisation, particularly if they are working to a different (or hidden) agenda.  The lack of scrutiny by the mainstream media to the leader of the opposition, Tony Abbott, and his empty bag of policies, is an excellent example of this.

Further, through blogs, citizen journalists have the opportunity to analyse and disseminate the news and opinions thrown at them from the established media.  Shanahan’s interpretation of the opinion polls are good example, which are clearly based on his opinions, and not the polls.  After each of his articles, the blogosphere is awash with a more objective and factual analysis.

Another direction we’ve seen in the MSM leans towards those stories that are trivial, narrow, shallow and sensationalist.  And often untrue.  Sure, many blog sites are just as meaningless (no offence meant), but citizen journalists generally have the meaningful intention of changing the direction of the media and exposing the shallowness and inconsistencies so evident in today’s MSM.

Nonetheless, citizen journalists have exploded in number, not because they are the echo of dissenting voices, but because the MSM has created an arena for them to enter.  If the MSM was objective, impartial and committed to providing a quality service then in a modern democracy there may not be any citizen journalists, or for that matter, the millions of blog sites that exist purely to fill in the gaps exposed by the mainstream media empires.

Without them, we probably wouldn’t exist.  Without us, the truth probably wouldn’t exist either.

In a few short years, blogging has become a global phenomenon.  It has not only has reshaped our view of journalism, but has unlocked previously unrealised publishing opportunities.  Blogging itself, in my opinion, is journalism. The readership is limited, hence blogging sites with similar agendas often link their sites together to broaden the impact of their commentary.  The blog sites of the MSM usually filter out contributions from bloggers whose opinion do not fit into their schema, so while independent blog sites provide minimal impact, the avenues through the MSM can provide none.

Then what are the impacts of the independent blog sites?

We can discuss who was the greatest band of all time, or what is the best recipe for apple pie, or whether we did actually go to the moon, but I prefer the sites that allow one to put up an argument and present supporting evidence as to why such-and-such an argument is valid and should be supported by the wider blogging community.

When an opinion is submitted in the form of a blog, the author must remember that it is unlikely that the contribution will sit idle in the site where the blog was published – it may be referred to another site, and another site, and another.

It is in the political sphere that the impact of blogging is being nurtured.  The MSM doesn’t give a damn if we want to argue over the greatest band of all time or the best recipe for apple pie, but they do give a damn if we grow a voice that opposes their political agenda.

We’re the voice.

The MSM - Same as it ever was

The MSM - Same as it ever was (Photo credit: wstera2)

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  1. I don’t consider myself a “Citizen Journalist” although I blog. Yet it is true that sometimes I do get annoyed at the way the MSM plays around with facts and in its misrepresentation creates false impressions amongst the general public. The blogiverse gives me a chance to state my truth, even if only to myself. As I did today when I finally got fed up with the foolishness of Joe Hockey and the proven performance of Wayne Swann. As an example of “non journalism” this may be a good example.

  2. Another problem is that most blogs are an expression of the blogger’s opinions. But expressing one’s opinion is very different from doing objective news reporting.

    And while opinions are fine, the public hunger for objective, factual information won’t be sated by blogs that do little more than editorialize.


    ….and the MSM today is much more. That is the problem, there is no longer any objective news reporting.

  3. Many of us have our own opinion(s) and thats fine, thats life…. but like life, ‘opinion’ has the ability to evolve, all it needs is the input of that multi-faceted gem; the truth…..it depends on your viewpoint or angle….or link; thats what I like about this blog, many viewpoints, (‘opinions’) but with an emphasis on qualifiying a statement made with appropriate links, so such opinion can be disseminated by whom eva….then opinionated on, till just maybe, we learn something from such discourse that our opinions have moved forward and evolved into something that might be close to that holy grail, the Truth…. but of course that depends on where you stand and which facet you choose to look at… I think that CW offers several facets or views! Which make this blog a multi-faceted gem.

  4. Good post, Migs.

    Thanks for the info, archie. It certainly gives the lie to the “lower taxing, lower interest rate, better economic manager” meme spruiked by the Liars Party and their propagandists in the msm.

    Migs, Maiden couldn’t help having a go with her snide “class war” comment about education funding, which spoiled the article for me, somewhat.

    As Min has pointed out so many times, public schools have a much higher intake of “problem” children who require more funding than their “normal” counterparts.

    When private schools cease filtering their intake, they can claim a larger slice of the funding pie. Frankly imo, all their funding should come from the families of their students; they are a “private enterprise” aren’t they?

    Their purpose has always been to ensure that the little darlings of the wealthy and socially superior are not contaminated by contact with the hoi polloi.

    As a member of the hoi polloi, I resent funding my tax dollars being directed away from the education system which had to educate my two children with disabilities on limited funds, to provide archery ranges for the able children of wealthy parents.

  5. Reblogged this on Iain Hall's SANDPIT and commented:
    I tend to agree with the general argument here about he virtue of blogging however I think that you do make the mistake of forgetting that for most political bloggers the issues are the number one priority is the issues however for the “MSM” the imperative is different, namely the need to make a profit, that commercial purpose makes far more difference to what is published and how the subject is treated than the political desires of the gatekeepers of the MSM.
    Cheers Comrades

  6. Hi Archie,

    Unlike “Neil” (in your comments thread) I do get your argument.

    The media-tory alliance does indeed perpetuate a myth that the Coalition have been the better economic managers based on certain criteria.

    But the selection of the criteria is deeply flawed.

    The whole thing is a phony argument.We seem to be attempting to award plaudits to the poorer economic manager, not the best.

    For example, we all seem to agree that surpluses are an unmitigated good whereas the hard lessons tell us that they lead to recessions. It distresses me that Swan has taken the Coalition’s bait and seems hell bent on the pursuit of a surplus.

    He should’ve confronted the orthodoxy and explained to us that deficit spending is the best weapon the government has as its disposal. And argued and argued. Instead he’s just rolled over and is now digging himself a nice big hole.

    Government finances are not the same as a household.

    And I think a commenter made the obvious point that interest rates trend lower when the economy slackens off. Hardly something to be crowing about.

    I heard Malcolm Turnbull being interviewed by Emma Alberici yesterday: he was criticising the Labor government’s spending. He said when the private sector has to cut back and save (as in the aftermath of the GFC) then the government should do the same.

    That was a comment worthy of Joe Hockey or Andrew Robb, but I really thought Turnbull knew better. Needless to Emma didn’t point out the stunning stupidity of the proposition.

    I understand the argument you were making archie, but it’s dangerous territory. Probably better to let the Tories have this one.

    Labor have been better economic managers, but I think we should find other ways to make the illustration.

  7. A journalist constructs a story with no more than 500 words so they can fill a gap between ads.

    The key is ‘how, when, where and why’. Try to squeeze most of that in the first couple of pars and pad out the rest.

  8. Jane and As a member of the hoi polloi, I resent funding my tax dollars being directed away from the education system which had to educate my two children with disabilities on limited funds, to provide archery ranges for the able children of wealthy parents.

    This reminds me of the way that public opinion is manipulated. We could have pics of kids with disabilities making do at the local public school compared with the able kids on the rifle range. People as a consequence would be demanding a fairer distribution of education funding. The MSM instead maintains a deathly silence. Therefore is it not just the emphasis of “opinion”, it is what the MSM choose to comment on at all.

    We bloggers are free from such restrictions, all subject matter is open for discussion.

  9. El gordo, it is also the amount of concentration available to the “average reader”, any more than 500 words and you are likely to lose your audience.

  10. That’s true Min…so the jurno tries to engage the audience quickly by setting the scene, then….if they are still reading after a few pars…you can give them more detail.

    The population is bombarded by media from all directions, so its not that they have a short attention span, its more that they have so much choice.

    Getting the network up to speed will require some thought, I have a few ideas worth testing.

  11. El gordo, it’s the same technique as always: the headline – the pic – the first lines, because basically that is only what a majority of ordinary folk take any notice of.

    Hence the reason we often see contradictory headlines with the facts of the article buried somewhere towards the bottom. The headline is the “story” that the writer and/or editor wants to sell.

  12. Mangrove and It distresses me that Swan has taken the Coalition’s bait and seems hell bent on the pursuit of a surplus.

    Sadly, political death if the government does not obtain a surplus – this would provide the so-called proof that the the government are the inferior economic managers.

    The positive aspects of Australia’s exemplary performance to have survived the GFC will disappear into insignificance if The Almighty Surplus isn’t obtained. Like it or not, we’re stuck with it and the government has no other option except to play the game.

  13. Min,

    Re the surplus, I think you’re right.

    However, I dream that one day we, the electorate, via the blogosphere, will educate ourselves about these things, and our leaders will then follow.

    Meanwhile let’s not miss an opportunity to let “them” know that we know bullshit when we hear it.

  14. Mangrove, if the MSM really want to gauge public opinion then they, via their polls would do it two-fold – the old, and very inaccurate method of polls only face to face at inconvenient times and via landlines – and via SMS. A combination of the two will give a far more accurate assessment.

    At the moment we have newspolls, which basically omit a substantial portion of the under 40’s demographic or online polls via newspaper sites where the questions are “loaded” such as: Given that the government is hopeless, do you agree with them?

  15. Mangrove, it would frighten you if you knew how many public servants no longer have a job because of the fanatical obsession to return to a surplus. The budget cuts over the last couple of years have been aggressive to say the least.

  16. el gordo, Fairfax looks like a parody with the arrival of the girl with the pearls.

    Dick Smith: I support Rinehart’s Fairfax raid


    Entrepreneur Dick Smith has defended Gina Rinehart’s Fairfax share raid, saying that more old-style media proprietors would be good for Australia.

    Smith, profiled today as number four on our Rich Crusaders list, says he has no problem with media owners exerting editorial influence.

    “I don’t mind her going after Fairfax,” he told The Power Index. “I’d love to go back to the old style proprietors who provide a bit of leadership. I’m a right-wing capitalist, you gotta remember that. When I ran National Geographic my writers knew they couldn’t write anything I disapproved of because they wouldn’t have a job in the long term”.

  17. Thank you Dick Smith, well that’s quite an admission:

    When I ran National Geographic my writers knew they couldn’t write anything I disapproved of because they wouldn’t have a job in the long term”.

    So, it’s THE TRUTH is it? that nothing is published unless it receives “approval”. We in the alternative media have long suspected this, but it has always been denied. At least Dick Smith is being honest….

  18. Last year, Smith pleaded for Rupert Murdoch to return to Australia and force his newspapers to be less critical in their coverage of the Gillard government’s carbon tax.

    “Rupert, we need you back here in Australia,” he wrote. “Come back and take the reins  — your editors are losing the plot and need to be reminded that you accept we must transform the way we use energy and that we need to act now.”

    As well as tackling climate change and reducing Australia’s immigration intake, Smith is currently crusading for wealthy Australians to donate more to charity.

    “There are 6000 people in this country with an income of more than $1 million and a third claim no tax deductions for charity,” he tells us. “Not even $50 to the Salvos.”

  19. Mangrove, it would frighten you if you knew how many public servants no longer have a job because of the fanatical obsession to return to a surplus.

    Sorry to hear that Migs. Ideology gone mad. I didn’t know it was already happening.You guys are soft targets.

    The “savings” will be illusiory. Public servants also spend.

    If the pursuit of a surplus drags the economy into recession then Swan will be damned anyway. It could be a no-win situation for Labor.

    I know the terms of trade are the best in a long time, but if the external sector is negative you need a surplus like a hole in the head.

  20. No backflip… your team can’t produce scathing satire, so I don’t have faith that CW can impact the soft underbelly of a media monopoly like Fairfax.

    Not that it matters either way, but I might browse their Net and see what can be gained.

  21. Miglo began this post with these words:-

    The internet has created an arena where everyone can be a journalist. All a person needs is an opinion.

    But it certainly helps to have unlimited resources to get the message across!

    Rinehart’s hired media help, Andrew Bolt behind the wall


    Gina Rinehart’s hired help. Veteran spin doctor Ian Smith of Bespoke Approach has just landed one of the toughest, and undoubtedly most lucrative, media gigs going around.

    The spinner and No. 10 on our lobbyist power list has been hired by Gina Rinehart to handle the intense media speculation surrounding the mining magnate’s family courtroom drama.

    While Smith told The Power Index he does not comment on which clients he works for, he did confirm he’s been assisting Rinehart with her media relations over the weekend.

    and the good news is …….

    Andrew Bolt behind the wall. Our No. 1 Megaphone’s blog is still free to visitors, but his regular newspaper column’s been put behind the News Ltd paywall. The reason is simple, according to Bolt: “If we don’t charge for it after years of giving it away for nothing, eventually we won’t be able to afford to bring it to you at all.”

    and a by the way…

    Bespoke power goes a long way
    Tony Wright
    March 6, 2010.


  22. El gordo, if it’s satire you want, I’ll see what we can do. Although I think if you browse our pages you might just stumble upon some.

  23. Min and Jane

    I like the idea of an ad with the disabled kids at the state school and the wealthy kids on the rifle/archery fields. To be balanced they could also run a line that “no childeren were hurt during filming “

  24. Well that request ““Rupert, we need you back here in Australia,” he wrote. “Come back and take the reins ” just proves what a dick smith is.

    if smith was dinkum he woudl have read, as we have here on cw, that murky is a big funder of the sceptics.

  25. What a weird day in the press. first the story about barnaby and alby advising the kids, then the kids talking about control freak mum, now the story that mummy needs a spin doctor. And all these News (?)stories in mummies paper.

  26. Rinehart urged to be open on Fairfax board push

    Major Fairfax Media Ltd shareholder Simon Marais has urged the company and mining magnate Gina Rinehart to brief other shareholders on her push for a board seat at the group before any decision is made, according to The Australian Financial Review.

    According to the newspaper, Mr Marais said investors wanted to know why Mrs Rinehart wants the positron and what she plans to bring to Fairfax.

    “It is not unusual for somebody to come around and say ‘I would like a board seat,’ but a normal procedure is for them to go around to other shareholders and say, ‘I want a board seat, this is why I think it is a good deal for everybody, not just for me’,” Mr Marais told the AFR.

    “And you know it may well be that she has a very good case in that regard, but I haven’t heard it.”

  27. Rinehart offered money to daughter to drop lawsuit, court papers reveal


    The three children – other than Ginia who continues to support her mother – began urgent legal action seeking to remove their mother as trustee, alleging she had engaged in “serious misconduct”.

    But they claim that, by then, Mrs Rinehart had already secretly changed the date at which they were to receive their share of the trust to 2068 – effectively denying them a share for 57 years.

  28. I was going to post this in Media Watch, but this could be the spot!

    Making War Is Not Swan’s Way.

    Wayne Swan did not declare this war.
    It was Clive Palmer crying poor
    On Lateline not two years ago
    When Kevin Rudd was all aglow,
    Insisting miners pay more tax.
    That night Clive said he’d get the axe;
    Promised a miners’ revolution
    To bring about Rudd’s execution.

    So it was. Twiggy and Gina
    Came charging into the arena.
    They roused the citizens of Perth
    To claim states’ rights to sell their earth.
    Well known Aussie mining magnates,
    Victorious, this band of mates,
    Then refused negotiations
    And Gillard’s terms with corporations.

    Billionaires on the back of trucks
    Got Tony Abbott thinking, “Shucks!
    We’ll have a nationwide revolt!
    Bring carbon pricing to a halt!”

    But somehow his People’s Rising,
    Urged on by his catastrophizing,
    Flopped. It did not eventuate
    That he inherited his ‘due’ estate.

    Abbott couldn’t make the distance,
    So Clive now has to lead resistance.
    The manpower of a footie team,
    Plus ‘National Treasure’ title, seem
    To enlarge him, make him bigger,
    Into a massive public figure.
    Ally Twiggy gets his jollies
    In Canberra, nagging pollies.

    It wasn’t hard to find a part
    Ideally played by Ms Rinehart.
    In charge of all their propaganda,
    She made sure their memoranda
    Were written up, had wide report
    In her media outlets newly bought.
    That’s when Swannie sounded the alarm!
    “Oz beware! Our democracy could come to harm!”

  29. Mayne: why Fairfax should tell Gina to wait 56 years


    There are many reasons Rinehart should not be appointed to the Fairfax board and top of the list is the question of her integrity.

    If Lang Hancock created a trust with specific instructions that a minority portion vest to his four grandchildren in September 2011, then how on earth could his daughter secretly extend this by 56 years without even telling the beneficiaries she is meant to represent?

    There is every chance a judge will savage Rinehart to the point where Fairfax would be highly embarrassed to have such a person on its board.

  30. …….I really thought Turnbull knew better.

    He most likely does MJ, but the vast majority of the voting public wouldn’t have a clue. They’re happy to believe all the bullshit they’ve been fed by the Liars Party, which is borne out by poll results on which party is the better economic manager.

    Telling it like it is won’t get his bum on a seat at the right hand of the Speaker, ‘cos the punters are too ignorant and/or lazy to educate themselves on that score. Better to behave like a buffoon.

    And of course the msm has done its job to perfection convincing them that the only things that issue forth from the PM are lies.

    Min @9.31am, 12.15pm & 12.59pm, you’ve nailed it, of course.

    Migs, I agree re Dick Smith. What a w@nker!

    MJ @3.36pm, this is what all the clowns (and their fans) who target the Public Service as ripe for plucking never acknowledge.

    I’ve had this argument God knows how many times with the ignorant. Public servants pay tax, eat out, buy food and wine, clothes, cars, houses, holidays and the myriad other things everyone else does.

    If you remove them from the earners and place them on the dole queue, you could cost the economy up to 5 jobs in the private sector per PS job lost, with all that entails.

    And good luck getting any service from the public sector when there aren’t staff to keep each department functioning.

    “If we don’t charge for it after years of giving it away for nothing, eventually we won’t be able to afford to bring it to you at all.”

    Well I guess that would be one blessing to come out it, Pip. :mrgreen:

    Sue @4.24 & 4.31pm, roflmao.

  31. Pip, is it possible that the present board have different political agenda to the one Whinehard is bringing to the table? I believe it has.

  32. Pip @5.01, 5.04 & 5.08pm, she is the fruit of Lang Hancock’s loins and isn’t she a chip off the old block? It would have been like having a vampire for a mother for her kids.

    An employer of mine remarked that Rose Hancock had earned every cent she could lay her hands on having put up with Lang for however many years it was.

  33. Another gem Patricia. And here’s me, I can’t even find a word to rhyme with ‘heard’.

    Perhaps I’ll try another word.

  34. I believe her father used to sling off at her weight. She obviously took no noticed.

    Miglo, such sarcasm.

  35. Miglo, I seem to have misspelt a word. Sorry. “weight”.

    Too interested in what I am going to eat.

    Now I have problems with weight, but even with my lack of funds, I manage to keep it under some type of control.

  36. Funny, the same lady has a sister that seems to be very nice.

    Sorry, I should say, a half sister, whose mother happens to be of Aboriginal descent.

    A half sister that happens to love and support her nephew and nieces.

  37. Let’s hope after a 6 month wait the SMH gives us years of smears, correction, lets hope we get a full and frank disclosure of the woman who wants to influence the country through the media.

    “After a six-month legal battle, smh.com.au has been given access to the court documents in the ongoing stoush between Gina Rinehart and her daughter Ginia on one side and her three eldest children – John Hancock, Bianca Rinehart and Hope Rinehart Welker – on the other.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/rinehart-siblings-not-fit-and-proper-persons-to-be-trustees-court-papers-reveal-20120312-1uu3a.html#ixzz1osuxpKnE

  38. Oh the out rage the kids own almost a quarter, as bequeathed by grandad, the other over 3 quarters is owned by mum as bequeathed by dad.

    now i understand why the remainder of australia just does not deserve the mrrt dividend. what did australia ever do.

    “Mrs Rinehart’s mining company is almost a quarter owned by the trust. The other three-quarters are owned by Mrs Rinehart herself.”

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/rinehart-siblings-not-fit-and-proper-persons-to-be-trustees-court-papers-reveal-20120312-1uu3a.html#ixzz1oswOLb6g

  39. How about the SMH check to see the donations to uncles barnaby and alby and while their, the use of private jets, travel etc.
    was barnaby one of those flown to india for the marriage of and indian mining magnate’s kid?

  40. With thanks to a really, really good friend on Facebook for the link, hang on..I think that this person might be somewhat known around these parts..

    Let us be absolutely clear about it: Gina Rinehart, Andrew Forrest and Clive Palmer are truly wonderful human beings and any criticism of them is motivated purely by The Politics Of Envy and Old-fashioned Class Warfare.


  41. Roswell, I noticed that. I trusted Miglo and assume I was wrong as generally is the case.

    No harm done.

    Sue, that India business still has not been explained and does have a little pong about it.

    It did Gina no harm.

    I would not be surprise if before the case is finished, there are psychiatrist involved, from the kids side.

  42. Looks as though the spin doctor for mumma has free access on ABC news. some turkey was just commenting that rather than the dispute play badly for ms rhard it may cast her as a woman of steel, or was that steal.

  43. I think that Mungo’s article might be needed for future reference. There was an article recently..here it it, glowing praise not only of the (cough, cough) benevolt employers Dominos pizza, but a plug for the miners thrown in for good measure..

    And folks, its A Headliner..in all national newspapers about Dominos Pizza..

    IT’S not only the mining boom that’s creating jobs – there’s also plenty of work to be had in the pizza sector.


    However, if we look at Mungo’s article..

    Well no, actually; according to Treasury figures during the nine months of the GFC, mining contributed just 0.1 per cent of growth to the economy; agriculture and manufacturing each contributed three times as much. And the miners sacked more people than any other sector: if all employers had shed jobs at the same rate unemployment would have ended up at 9.7 per cent, not 5.4 per cent. What actually saved the economy was Kevin Rudd’s now reviled stimulus package, which kept Australia’s economy in the black as the rest of the world slid into the red.

  44. Min, too much punctuation seems to be the problem. El gordo has managed to post a comment where the number of full stops is greater than the number of letters used.

    But at least it’s beautiful sarcasm.

  45. A Tale of Two Cities or what I did on my tour of Tasmania

    It was the best of times, it was the slowest of times.

    It was the age of wisdom (Labor NBN), it was the age of foolishness (Liberal alternative)

    It was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness,

    It was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness.

    Thus, as I toured around Tasmania I had the opportunity to compare my home town (Canberra) broadband optic fiber to the home with the Telstra wireless broadband connection (Hobart). You know, the type of connection the Liberal Party wants everyone to have (if elected in 2013).

    The Internet is the system that makes blogging possible. Slowing and sabotage of the Internet is in the MSM commercial interest.

    During my extensive travel across the south island, I noted that the Telstra wireless connection works OK in many remote regional locations, however in Hobart it is a dog. Hobart Telstra wireless internet had a small window of usage when the wind is blowing from the right direction.

    Talk about the two speed economy, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Internet Heaven, we were all going direct the other way.

    There are a few Tasmanians who can see a way to improve business and make money using a fast internet and there are those that just want to whinge, it;s sad to see a once great Liberal party leading the whingers.

  46. Lunalava, reminds me of when I was living in Billinudgel, which mind you is only up the road from Byron Bay..the only way that I could get mobile phone was to stand in the kitchen sink.

  47. Don’t you know anything Migs 🙄 In Taswegia they don’t have to stand in sinks if they have bad mobile reception – they just change heads :mrgreen:

  48. And what have you nasty people done to el gordo? Apparentlty she’s been “throughly snipped” here. Please explain 😯

  49. And what have you nasty people done to el gordo? Apparentlty she’s been “throughly snipped” here. Please explain.

    That’s news to me, Bacchus. El gordo was engaging in some worthwhile debate here then did a runner for no apparent reason.

    Feel free to read through the last couple of threads and you’ll come to the same conclusion as me, ie, WTF!

    You may need a drink in hand while you do your perusing. 😉

  50. I believe only males go to De La Salle High School.

    If they went to school with Paul Keating, they have to be about 64 and definitely male.

    That or they are just frauds or lying.

    Why would one go to great lengths to give the impression they are female. Vagina envy maybe.

    Explains why they are anti feminism.

  51. A Tale of Two Cities or what I did on my tour of Tasmania

    Luna, given what Bacchus said at 9:57, perhaps it should be the Tale of Two Heads. 😛

  52. Slap me down for saying it, but I actually like el gordo. This thread was put up because she hinted that she wanted something about citizen journalists. Then she disappeared. Only to mock us, so it seems.

  53. It seems Carl might have his own cellar by all reports Sue. Can’t say I blame him too much though – having to turn up on morning television (any channel) would drive anyone to drink.

  54. I’ve yet to find one in Canberra, Sue. They wouldn’t fit in anyway. This town has an intellect about it.

    Come to think of it, not many Crows’s supporters either. 😉

  55. …..Lang thought his daughter was the devil incarnate.

    High praise indeed coming from the unlovely Lang, Migs.

    Closer to a cube, I’d say, Min @6.17pm. All things considered the Rhinohide family seems to be as close and loving as Henry II’s lot.

  56. crows r road kill, port is for sip’n…. canberra is for clusters( i.e. no 1 can find anything, such as food, petrol stn’s etc) let alone a Geelong fan…. and besides even if there were no Geelong fans that would Can the old intellect argument…mm!!!

  57. poor mum, the things she has spoiled the kiddies with. anyone would think she has had to work really, really hard to provide for the said “brats”

    “Rinehart has accused her children of behaving like spoiled brats. Her lawyers issued a statement saying they had all enjoyed “very privileged lives” including private schooling, extensive holidays overseas, designer clothes, private health care, expensive jewellery and watches.”

    watches! what next

  58. Sue, the only problem is, it is the kids money. What did one of the daughters say, you will only borrow it again.

  59. Further on my comment about the msm checking up on barnaby and gina and possible donations.

    this morning barnaby is quite sure, to the best of his knowledge, he hasn’t received any money from the hancock foundations, but he will check.

    and on his friendship with gina well that goes back, well oh , probably about 5 years.

    so with about a 5 year friendship with gina he wrote to the kids to offer, the barnaby advice .

    what a kind fellow

    as the reporter said, did the friendship with gina arise at the same time as opposition to climate change and mrrt.

    go on msm do some investigative journalism, you may even find a story

  60. At least Schultz could do the “Hogan’s Heros” defence – “I know nuthing”. What was Barnaby Joyce trying to prove?

    “Follow the money . . .”

  61. One would not know if you received money from Gina.

    Gina appears to be a control freak, and would not give anyone money, firstly for nothing, or without letting them know, probably every time she asked for a favour.

    If the children are not fit to work in their own company, whose fault is that.

    It appears to be more about Gina not liking paying tax than anything else. Even if Capital gains had to be paid, just like everyone else is expected to do, the children won’t be exactly paupers.

    I notice somewhere that the last big deal she made, was on the understanding her money would go to her children.

    Increasing the vesting for 57 years is interesting. Why so long. Surely she does not expect to live that long, or is she making sure her children never have control over their own lives, even after she moves on.

    We have another wealthy lady, Ms. Janet Holmes a Court who manage to increase what was left to her and involve her children. She does not feel the need that Gina has not to pay taxes or rule her family.

    The only person that appears to have a good word for this lady is Mr. Bolt. Even he does not understand why no one likes her.

  62. ““Rinehart has accused her children of behaving like spoiled brats. Her lawyers issued a statement saying they had all enjoyed “very privileged lives” including private schooling, extensive holidays overseas, designer clothes, private health care, expensive jewellery and watches.

    Is not this what we all do for out children, only limited by our income.

    I wonder if, and suspect that private schooling was boarding. How else would one expect the children of the 29th richest person in the world to be reared.

    Private health care, o goodness me, how generous. I imagine they also had expensive dental treatment.

    How dare her children be so ungrateful for what their mother supplied.

    It must have been a sacrifice for her. Time I mean, not the money.

    How dare the children wants homes that reflect the mansions they were reared in.

    I wonder why none choose to live in the same country as her. One the USA, another Canada and the third, Singapore.

    Why did not the politicians suggest to mum, that she sit down with the kids and come to arrangement. Why did they not point out to mum, her youngest was now 26 and the rest were well and truly mature adults. Not adults she likes but adult all the same.

    There are those who say, this will not hurt Gina, but she will be seen as a stronger woman.

    How? Standing over and bullying your own, makes you a hero.

  63. Cu, warning bells go out to me when a person insists that they should be beholdin’ to another person..it’s as if it’s the money is all that matters.

  64. Min, from what we read about her money is the only important thing.

    But it’s nice to learn that she spends some of her $20B on their health insurance. 😯

  65. miglo

    “But it’s nice to learn that she spends some of her $20B on their health insurance”

    maybe it is in the form of sending a plane ticket to fly them home for free medical treatment under medicare.

  66. Hopefully she’ll be able to find a way of making me a tax deduction. She should get a good return out of her $50M investment.

  67. interesting, I wonder if he wants his money back.

    One of Australia’s richest men, gambling mogul James Packer, has slammed Bob Katter’s Australia Party for its anti-gay marriage advertising campaign attacking Liberal National Party leader Campbell Newman for his pro same-sex marriage stance.
    Mr Packer recently backed the maverick independent MP’s fledgling party with a $250,000 political donation and congratulated Mr Katter today in a statement for his “enormous work for North Queensland and Indigenous Australians”.

    Read more: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/opinion/political-news/packer-slams-katter-over-antigay-marriage-attack-ad-20120313-1ux7z.html#ixzz1oxW2I3iG

  68. What is the MSSO or censure motion going to be on this afternoon. I will go for Mr. Smith and the Defence Forces.

  69. More interesting. At last an ABC staff member taken to task.

    An ABC radio presenter has been taken off the air after it was revealed she was the voice behind a controversial anti gay marriage television commercial produced for Katter’s Australian Party.
    A spokeswoman for the ABC said Suzanne McGill, a casual weekend presenter for regional Local Radio in Western Australia “did not seek nor obtain permission for external voiceover work as required in accordance with ABC policies”.
    “ABC editorial and workplace policies apply to all staff, regardless of empl

    Read more: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/queensland/abc-presenter-stood-down-for-voicing-katter-ad-20120313-1uxji.html#ixzz1oxXF0zuK

  70. The poll at the end of the Brisbane Times article is:

    Poll: How do you feel about the Independent MP’s advert?
    Poll form

    It makes me angry
    I think it’s justified
    It makes me feel frustrated
    It makes me happy
    I feel disappointed

    What! Angry – frustrated – disappointed compared with Happy and Justified.

    Surely under Happy and Justified there should be a Click Next = I am therefore a homophobic a*hole.


  71. On the side of conspiracy theories, I wonder if it is just a coincidence. The media and the opposition had themselves psyched up for the Foreign Minister to be Smith, and ever since the day that it was not Smith but Carr, Tony Abbott has been full bore against Smith.

    Perhaps this is the campaign they were going to run, but decided to run it anyway..just for the heck of it.

  72. ABC24 Lyndal Curtis’ precis of QT.

    The government wanted to talk about the MRRT which is due to be debated in the Senate.

    The Opposition wanted to talk about the Carbon ‘tax’,
    and the Defence Minister Stephen Smith.


  73. Trans Pacific Partnership free trade negotiations
    What is our government trading away in the Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations?


    We’d love to tell you all about the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) free trade negotiations and what is being traded away on your behalf. But the government doesn’t want anybody to know.

    However, leaked documents show that the US negotiators want to:

    •Undermine our PBS, making medicines more expensive;
    •Overturn our protections against genetically modified crops and food;
    •Weaken Australia’s support for local content and TV and radio;
    •Give multinational corproations the right to sue governments, for example to stop good laws like plain packaging of cigarettes; and
    •Water down labour rights and environmental standards

    Secrecy is no way to trade. The government must tell us what it is prepared to trade away.

  74. Further to my post @ 3.43pm,


    >Investor-state dispute resolution

    Some countries have sought to insert investor-state dispute resolution clauses into trade agreements. Typically these clauses empower businesses from one country to take international legal action against the government of another country for alleged breaches of the agreement, such as for policies that allegedly discriminate against those businesses and in favour of the country’s domestic businesses.

    The Gillard Government supports the principle of national treatment — that foreign and domestic businesses are treated equally under the law. However, the Government does not support provisions that would confer greater legal rights on foreign businesses than those available to domestic businesses. Nor will the Government support provisions that would constrain the ability of Australian governments to make laws on social, environmental and economic matters in circumstances where those laws do not discriminate between domestic and foreign businesses. The Government has not and will not accept provisions that limit its capacity to put health warnings or plain packaging requirements on tobacco products or its ability to continue the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

    In the past, Australian Governments have sought the inclusion of investor-state dispute resolution procedures in trade agreements with developing countries at the behest of Australian businesses. The Gillard Government will discontinue this practice. If Australian businesses are concerned about sovereign risk in Australian trading partner countries, they will need to make their own assessments about whether they want to commit to investing in those countries.

  75. Catching up said that, “Gina appears to be a control freak.” I think we’d all go along with that!

    Writing up my notes and illustrating my pome about her and mining mates –


    – I found that I just could not find anywhere on the web that once very common image of her in pearls, mike in hand, on the back of a truck, urging the crowd at their miners’ protest in Perth to “Axe The Tax!” Instead there was always a link to a very flattering studio portrait.

    Is it possible to have that much concern to control your image, or am I just an inefficient linker?

  76. Patricia do not forget the one in the white tent. The one that she appears to have worn on more than one occasion. That big hat looks small on her. I wonder if the Duke was being sarcastic.

    I have been over weight for most of my life. The one colour I love but would never wear is white.

    She appears to only wear black, white or black and white.

    I wonder what that means. A little colour can be nice, even hide the figure a little. I think it might have a little to do with her personality.

    Patricia, the pearls would have to be extra large, if not they would be hard to find.

    I laughed last night. There was a comment that she was a fighter and the picture they showed, was I believe, one on the back of the truck.

    I should not say this, but she definitely had the face of a pugilist that had more than one fight to many.

    I suggest that she just buy the kids out and let them get on with their lives. She has the money to do so at this time.

    All she has to do, is forget about buying political clout. Not hard.

  77. CU, Gina could do with a private session with Trinny & Susannah. Plain black isn’t as slimming as people think. clothes with large prints actually hide a lot of flaws, apparently. Pity she couldn’t find a large floral to cover up her face though.

  78. patricia @ 4.37pm,
    I’ve had a search for you as well….nope, nothing but the ‘glamour’
    shots 😯 ….someone has done a clean sweep.

  79. Note when poll was recorded. Could not have picked their time better. Labor still held the PP and the better PM.
    I agree with Carr, if I was Abbott I would be worried with my numbers going down at this time.

    My emphasis.

    The poll shows while Labor’s primary vote slipped from 35 per cent — recorded just before the leadership ballot between Ms Gillard and Kevin Rudd — to 31 per cent, the Coalition’s primary vote also fell over the same two-week period, sliding from 45 per cent to 43 per cent.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/political-news/carr-attacks-abbott-as-a-cheapskate-hypnotist-20120313-1ux2g.html#ixzz1oynjAwZg

  80. Min @ 6.48pm,
    I do believe that Gok is streaks ahead in How to look good naked. Haven’t tried it yet..but am willing.

    May I ask, have you been on the slops Min??

  81. I noticed Cu. Another point worth mentioning is the difference in demeanour
    between the Labor women and three particular Liberal women, the two Ms Bishops and Ms Mirabella….

  82. CU

    as to gina’s fashion style i think she watched and listened to maggie tabberer, Maggie T

    the lady that claimed you only needed black and white clothes in any wardrobe

  83. Pip, Labor and Liberal woman are like chalk and cheese,

    If the Liberals choose on merit, that means they have to be better than the men. God help us.

    Somehow Maggie had style. Maybe because she was taller.

    No, I think the lady sees everything in black and white, If you do not agree with me, you are against me.

  84. Pingback: Citizen Journalism… « My Life as Amy

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