Something To Celebrate!

On International Women’s Day
Finally we’ve had someone say
Our Prime Minister is Okay!
She’s been assessed as triple A!

They’ve always known that Overseas,
Admired how she could shoot the breeze
With little folk and the big cheese.
At last she is the Oz  bees’  knees!

Our experts,  who ought to know,
Have told us that she’s all the go
With public servants.  They’re aglow,
Enjoying their new status quo.

Members of the Coalition,
Sharing Abbott’s premonition
That she’s done for his ambition
Are jostling for his position.

There’s high praise too from Independents,
Not just her ALP attendants.
History will record for our descendants
How began the great Gillard ascendance!

103 comments on “Something To Celebrate!

  1. Hello to all. It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted, but I thought to drop by on this special occasion to say thank you Patricia for your wonderful poems.

    In many ways International Women’s Day is not only a day for celebration, but an occasion for reflection. We should be thinking of those many millions of women still struggling for the things which we take for granted, control over our own lives.

    Again, thank you.

  2. Thank you Roswell, Pia and Nimue it’s wonderful to see you both here again.

    My dad passed away 4 years today. My dad instilled in me a sense of justice and an appreciation for people, just as they are, irrespective of gender, color or country of origin.

    Plus if you want to blame my taste in music on anyone..then blame my dad. 🙂

  3. Thank you Pip, he was the best of people. I never in my life ever heard him say a bad word about anyone, but he never suffered fools lightly. If someone did the wrong thing by him, then they were scrubbed.

    I’m an only child, so dad and I used to do lots of things together. I guess that we must have seen South Pacific together at least 4 the Rivoli and at the Capitol (that’s for any Melbourne-ites on board).

  4. I might have liked him too, but not his taste in music. It’s only marginally better than what my Dad liked. I hated Bing Crosby just as much as he hated the Stones.

  5. Roswell, you mustn’t have heard the early Bing Crosby. He was one of the first white men to sing ‘black’ music and couldn’t get a gig for a number of years for this offence. He was also ostracised for giving equal billing to black entertainers, especially his friend Satchmo aka Louis Armstrong. No small thing in those days to appear alongside a black performer.

    You got jazz baby…

  6. Thanks, but no thanks. I’m driving to Sydney in the morning and I’m calling it a night.

  7. I’m an only child…..

    You too, Min? I think your Dad’s taste in music is just fine! He sounds like he was a wonderful Dad.

  8. Great pome post patricia.

    I’m glad that the double standard applied to the PM is being exposed. When you think that Liealot isn’t held to any standards whatever, it makes you want to spit chips!

    I don’t think even the Rodent had as much vitriol directed at him for such a prolonged period. She must be a tru;y remarkable person to have come

    Roswell, sounds like a nice cup of cocoa for you, my man.

  9. Jane, thank you. He was a great Dad, taught me how to sole shoes, how to bait a hook and how to throw a knife at short range. I’ve never had to use the far…

  10. Morning all! I’ve done a post script to this pome, too long and angry as a comment here, which I wrote after revisiting that ‘complimentary’ ABC article. It had been modifed with a disclaimer, as if Auntie regretted departing from her usual policy of cutting our uppity PM down to size.

    If any of you have time I’d be glad of your comments, which I always cherish.
    I checked with Lyn whose links at the Political Sword cover most significant Oz political commentary and she agrees that my rage is justified.

  11. Morning Patriciawa

    Not sure there is much to that update on the ANC story. Just setting the facts straight really. Imagine if the oo got hold of it first, and turned the whole thing into another ‘lefty ABC’ rant

    At least the correction is in the open and for all to see, and not just done silently on the fly.

  12. Patricia and your comment at your site: Nonetheless she has survived. She has overcome. I stand by my pome!

    Well done Patricia! And this goes for all the feisty fems, our PM included.

  13. Patricia, I see your pome is attracting a lot of positive comments around Facebook. So far twelve people have shared it on their Facebook pages, which no doubt contributed significantly to the large number of Facebook visitors to the Cafe yesterday.

    Great achievement.

  14. I’d have agreed with you Tom R, had they done ‘Rosemary Howard’ the courtesy of referring to her by her full title, Executive Director, of the Australian Graduate School of Management’s Executive Programs!

  15. Patricia, the public servants were aglow as soon as the 2007 election results were known. I couldn’t help but notice while walking through the city on the way to work the following Monday morning that people again had a smile on their faces and a spring in their step.

  16. Funny, isn’t it, that when the left agree with each other it’s called groupthink, but when the right agree with other they pride themselves in being able to reach a consensus.

  17. Cu, it’s just the way we’re wrongfully labelled. But we’ve been called worse. Only last night I was over at Massive Spray’s and some troll claimed that the Café is insipid.

    That’s one troll who I won’t be bothering to read again.

  18. Insipid,…… I have found this site to be an educational resource with mirth, warmth, passion and meaning… even el gordo gives us pause to think…. CU your posts are immensely enjoyable, impassioned and informative as are Min, Pip, Jane, Tom, Roswell with the occasional intrusion of Bacchus…. I could go on, but then I thought about Miglo ‘n Port ‘n insipid all in the same sentence and thought, yup, must be beer O’clock……cheers….. insipid indeed…. huh. 😆

  19. LOVO, we are hated by some right-wing trolls. They love sniping at us. Nobody listens to them though, but I read them occasionally for amusement.

  20. We’re the Pride of South Australia, we’re the mighty Adelaide Crows…

    I’m expecting this to be deleted 😆

  21. Migs, I can be incorrigible at times – even a pain in the neck

    Pip, I’ve a feeling you’re going to make my life a living hell this football season. 😦

  22. Migs you will see a measure of good manners, I’m a firm believer in ‘what goes around comes around’ …. or something
    …well, that might happen… sometime…..

    Jane can go a few rounds for your side when you’re other duties keep you away from the Cafe… they’re playing Fremantle at Encounter Bay tomorrow..I think…

  23. Tuesday is bin night in my district. Did you know it has rained for 172 consecutive Tuesdays? It starts as soon as I get home and stops the very moment I put out the bins.

  24. Something else to celebrate is that I’ve now travelled the required ks in my leased vehicle and won’t have to pay any FBT. Worth celebrating.

  25. El Gordo, Migs has found a way to control aspects (shall we say) of CC…!! ya might want to investigate that….. not sure if it has something to do with BINS or something to do with TUESDAYS….ah, sarcasm…. isn’t that some kind of spice……. inane indeed….

  26. But we’ve been called worse. Only last night I was over at Massive Spray’s and some troll claimed that the Café is insipid.

    Not too sure I am out to excite, just to put facts forwarded.

    Funny description.

    We obviously stimulate them enough to criticise us and visit again.

    Lacking qualities that excite, stimulate, or interest; dull. [French insipide, from Late Latin nsipidus : Latin in-, not; see in-1 + Latin sapidus, savory (from sapere, …

    without distinctive, interesting, or stimulating qualities; vapid: an insipid personality. 2. without sufficient taste to be pleasing, as food or drink; bland: a rather …

  27. In defense of Massive Spray, he is a fine writer and possesses a magnificent wit. Unfortunately, known and despised trolls use his site as a launching pad for attacks on the Cafe.

    And you are right, Cu, if they don’t like it here then why on earth do they visit.

  28. Pip, I gave up on that ‘other place’ weeks ago and I only made a visit recently to check out a recommended comment.

    Each time I went there all I was reading about was what had been said at the Cafe by myself, Min, Cu or Patricia. Mind you, it did lend some credibility to the other place by quoting us. :mrgreen:

  29. Migs, that must be so incredibly boring and frustrating for MS. He goes to all the trouble of writing his fine posts only to have his blog used as a launching pads to attack other blogs.

  30. My goodness, we’ve had more than 1,000 comments over the last four days. At least people here have something to talk about. 😉

  31. Even if it is insipid.

    Funny, I would not expect to many insipid people defending Labor and our PM in this political climate.

    In my opinion, it takes a thick skin and guts to go against the alleged popular trend.

    At least we do refrain from personal attack and abuse, by trying to get our point across with facts.

    Now I realise that can be dry and boring.

    It is easy to follow the crowd. That takes no guts. ability or imagination.

    Especially when name calling is the only weapon used, and used for every occasion.

  32. Cu, precisely the point. How can it be “groupthink” when the vast majority of the media are against the government, and so presumably pro-Tony Abbott.

    Group think is where you believe everything which the media espouses, not a thought, not a question, that just maybe the media might be wrong.

    And I agree, where it has become unfashionable to support Julia Gillard, it does take grit to go against mainstream groupthink.

  33. They consider it their right to freedom of speech to publicly denigrate others yet they cower behind a fake persona.

  34. The shame is that many have found themselves struck in a rut they seem unable to free themselves and move on.

    How long can one form their views and beliefs around something that happened nearly two years ago.

    Something that is ancient history.

    Something that was not fact then and has little to do with what is happening today.

    Talk about being stale and boring.

    The are struck with the claim that the PM lied, based on false facts. They are struck with the biggest lie of all, that this is not an legitimate government.

    It the PM did not lie and this government is legit, it is easy to see why they cannot move on.

  35. That is the same as the story about “the email”. Poor Migs, these persons have spent..wait for it..3 months short of TWO YEARS whinging about it. And even though they know the truth that invitations were sent via Joni’s old blog The Blogocrats, this does not stop them perpetuating the LIE that it was Migs. For those who don’t know, I was the Moderator on Joni’s blog once the old Blogocrats split.

    Excuse me, but FFS we are talking about ONE EMAIL accidentally sent to someone’s sockpuppet in the year June 2010. Pardon me, but I thought that the person was a real person and not a sockpuppet…my mistake, whoops…

  36. Min, and Migs as well, let them stew back then. it is their problem, no one else’s.

    That is the truth of the matter. I believe that MS is being too kind, to his own misfortune to let this continue.

    Two very good sites are being destroyed by prolonging the senseless feud. That is all it is, a silly senseless feud.

    The other site and MS are capable of better.

    While this is going on, CW seems to be thriving. That must mean something.

    It seems that many have an overblown sense of their own entitlements that gets in the way of common-sense.

    At the end of the day, one has to be judged on everything they do, not cherry picking the good or bad parts, and ignoring the whole.

    No one is perfect.

  37. I half agree, Cu. MS certainly has the potential to be a very good site. Forget the other one. It’s just a padded cell these days.

  38. Having said that, I must add that people are free to run their blog site as they please. I respect that right, if nothing else.

  39. Miglo, well said. If the blog master is willing to see worthwhile posts ignored with inane comments, that is his problem.

    At least all posts at this site are treated with the respected they deserved.

    The blog master should be proud.

  40. Miglo, you have not noticed. Mr. Abbott now says bad things happen, not shit.

    It is not up to the Defence Dept. to say who the minister is

    It is up to the Government.

    Mr. Smith still seems to have public support. Maybe those in Defence should take this into consideration.

  41. Miglo, Health is more than doctors, They generally side with the conservatives. They fought Medibank with all the venom they could find.

    After all who wants what they earn in one place.

    No there is much more to health than doctors.

    They are just a cog in the wheel such as nurses and other health professionals.

    Doctors have been allow to wield too much power for too long.

    Mr. Abbott was health minister and he is saying he does not know what the Federal Health Dept. does. I have a sneaking he really does not know.

  42. Migs and,

    THE men and women of the defence forces don’t want Stephen Smith as their minister..

    Oh really..says who? Says Tony Abbott. And Tony Abbott knows this to be a fact because…? Was it an opinion poll, an online poll? Which service personnel were polled for Tony Abbott to know this to be a fact and what were the demograhics? Did it include a sample section of both officers and enlisted personnel from all branches of the armed services?

    Or does Tony Abbott just make stuff up…

  43. I am certain that if Tony Abbott said that the moon was made of green cheese that the media would be rushing out to buy crackers and a nice bottle of cab sav…

  44. Does it really matter what Mr. Abbott thinks. He is not PM, therefore not responsible for who is minister of defence.

    As it was said by thinking people last week, the Defence Minster is also a important job. Probably as important at this time, as FM.

    The forces need pulling into the 21 century, and Mr. Smith could just be the man for the job.

  45. I really don’t think that service personnel give a flying you know what who the Minister is, as long as someone is prepared to do something about the complete stuff up that military Admin has become ever since it started to be outsourced during the Howard years. Five months to get a replacement clothesline after cyclone Yasi..

  46. Five months to get a replacement clothesline after cyclone Yasi..

    Fitting, given that Abbott wants to hang out the army’s dirty laundry in the public eye.

  47. Cu, yes eventually. But it’s those sort of things, the inconveniences to families which don’t impress service personnel one little bit. Mostly it’s been a result of civilians now doing a lot of the admin work, saying very stupid things such as Why not just go and put up a new clothesline. Hellooo, it’s defence dept. rental property and you cannot even hang up a photo without permission.

  48. I like what Tony D wrote on Facebook:

    Don’t people realise that when generals choose minsters you no longer have even a semblance of democracy?

  49. It looks like Defence is one department where some sort of culling of bureaucrats makes sense. Perhaps Tony Abbott could be encouraged to focus on that!

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