Blast from the past: Since when did journalists become the story?

Time for another blast from the past.

This thread was written by B Tolputt and first posted on June 8, 2010. It is still relevant today.

OK, there are times when journalists are quite deserving of a story in the media, I won’t deny that. Glenn Milne’s little outburst was, of course, interesting to the public at large as was the story about the Balibo Five (for very different reasons). That said, I think we’re starting to see a disturbing trend in the Australian media that is very reminiscent of the US, one which I don’t think it is in our interests to copy.

That is, we’re starting to make journalists and their opinions of politicians & their policies the story rather than focusing on the politicians and policies themselves! There is a problem here and I intend to discuss it (more after the break –grin-)

A recent case which is getting some air in the blogosphere is the essay of David Marr’s about Rudd being driven by his rage (fuelled apparently by childhood trauma). Seriously folks – what the @#$% is that about? A journalist, without training in psychology and with the proof of his “generally political” interviews with Kevin Rudd, comes to some conclusion based on who-knows-what trivial foundation that the Prime Minister not only has a problem with anger (something one could possibly make a case for), but driven by it. Oh, and that his political direction is governed somehow by his childhood trauma!? Give me a break people.

Now, had Mr Marr made his claims and even ignited the blogosphere alone with them, I wouldn’t be too worried. After all, I’ve seen blogs go wild on the story of cats or a new zombie shoot’em’up being released. No, what really gets my goat is that not only did Mr Marr make his claims about Rudd on some very thin evidence (and lacking the training to make the conclusions he did); but the story is so important that “Red” Kerry decides to interview the man on the 7.30 Report! Since when is a journalist’s opinion about a politician news?!? I can already see the adverts for next week’s Four Corners..

Revealed: What Andrew Bolt thinks of the Labor Government”

This is not about what David Marr thinks of Kevin Rudd, or even why the man has chosen to think this of him. I care as much about his opinion on the matter as I do about my plumber’s opinion on gaffe tape. So long as he gets his job done without too much fuss or expense – we’re all good here. What this is about is the journalist’s inserting themselves as a part of the political story as somehow being as important as the politicians themselves.

Even “Red” Kerry is doing this a little too much for my tastes. Has anyone else noticed that he has started monologuing in his interviews of late? The interview starts with some pleasantries, a quick question or two about the current affairs provoking the politician to show up on the show in the first place, and then Kerry starts with “I put this to you…”, carries on for five minutes or so about his opinion on the world, then ends with “… would you agree with that?” – to which the answer is, without even knowing the question or interview guest, “No”. This is because Kerry is rambling on about his view of events, generally in the most controversial light possible.

When I tune into an interview, I am interested in the interview guests answers to real questions, not the journalist’s view on the world or their guests reactions to it. A good interview is where the questions cut through the spin & bulldust put forth by the guest. The journalist’s opinion is not even secondary, it actually gets in the road of the subject – that being the politicians actions &/or policies. The recent Tony Abbott interview was great, not because it presented “Kerry’s Opinion of Abbott” or even that it presented a view I agreed with. It was great because Kerry asked questions in such a way as to cut through Abbbott’s prepared spin & one-liners to get to the meat of the issue in the public mind, that being “Can we trust Tony Abbott at his word?” to which the answer, from Tony’s mouth, was “No”. The recent interviews with Wayne Swan & Julia Gillard were not so great, not because they showed Labor in a good or bad light, but because Kerry was so focused on getting them to agree to his viewpoint that he didn’t cut through their spin and left me with nothing more than their prepared lines. The interview with David Marr was a complete waste of time because not only do I not care about Kerry’s opinion of Rudd but I don’t particularly care about Marr’s either.

What I am starting to see creep into our media and presentation is this impression that the opinion of journalists is not only something nice to have for politicians, but is somehow more important to the public than the politicians & policies themselves. Where have I seen that before? That’s right, FOX News, that world-reknown bastion of journalistic integrity known for it’s fair & balanced review of subjects. Where it is more important to know what a journalist (or more correctly, an “opinion entertainer“) thinks about a subject than it is to know about the subject itself. When that occurs, you start getting people carrying placards to political rallies, not about the policies they object to or want to see enacted, but bearing the name of journalists and thanking the heavens for their opinion.

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  1. Since when did journalists become the story?

    Great post by B. Tolputt Miglo.

    My best guess is that it occurred when investigative journalism became too expensive compared to paying peanuts for the opinions of journalists, who then began to believe their own crap, and whose sense of their own importance grew to an unreasonble level not at all commensurate with their actual talent.

  2. Little has changed with political reporting since Ben wrote that post. We had hoped for an improvement in the time since, but alas, that was only wishful thinking. They are still incurably pathetic.

  3. Little has changed with political reporting since Ben wrote that post.

    I would posit that “journalism” in Australia has worsened considerably in the last two years, sadly.

    It would be nice to hear from Ben again too…

  4. Ben is keeping himself busy these days and prefers to stay clear of politics. But a little birdie told me that his lovely wife is a regular reader of the Cafe still.

  5. They don’t just hog the camera in interviews either. Any news story these days features the reporter as star. e.g on 7.30 this evening we were told the Prime Minister had been to Wagga. But then Uhlman and then Greg Hoy took a large piece of camera space with Hoy then backing a story with pictures that went everywhere except briefly with the PM. And Hoy is not the worst of offenders.

  6. Yes thanks, Miglo. I seem to be asked to log in much more frequently these days. So I just have to stay alert to that.

    Have you noticed I’m also now able to insert pictures, sound etc. so thanks for that too!

  7. Bacchus, before I snuggle down for the night, I still keep in touch with a number of ex bloggers. Möbius is snowed under with work, Joni has moved to Germany, pterosaur – as you know – suffered a stroke recently, John McPhilbin returned to study, Nature 5 reads us but rarely comments, Dave55 popped in recently and he too still reads us, Damo has a young one on the way and has also started his own blog (which I promised I’d link to). I’ve no doubt missed a couple.

    Isn’t it a shame when life gets in the way of blogging?

  8. It’s good to hear news of previous contributors Migs. It would be good to hear from all of those you’ve mentioned.

    I also hope Shane is doing well with his recovery – my brother-in-law suffered a similar trauma a couple of years ago – he was dead, brought back with a defibrillator, but he’s doing quite well these days, making the most of life…

    I imagine it will be grandchildren that may get in the way of the blogs for me Migs, but I think that’s a way off yet – I’m too young to be a grandfather 😉

  9. Tom R, in the early 1980s a bloke started up a small paper in the Adelaide Hills. Murdoch didn’t tolerate it. He ruined the bloke.

  10. Another one of the ex’s is Aquanut/Hexx. He took very personally some taunts from bloggers on another site over his father’s death and that was his ticket to give up. If he had to endure personal attacks he reckoned it wasn’t worth blogging, and I can’t say I blame him.

    I don’t think I need to say who instigated those personal attacks.

  11. Migs, that was truly awful wasn’t it. Hexx was devastated and asked me if I would put up a notice on his behalf advising of his dad’s sudden passing.

  12. On a much happier note, eldest has just sent me this link, remembering the article at the Café written by Debra Freeman Highberger.

    Mullins described an extraordinary life, barely troubled by the amputation of both legs at the age of one because of a condition called hemimelia, or missing fibula bones.

    “My parents let me experience the world as it is,” she said, softening her next revelation with a laugh. “At eight, I had (prosthetic) legs so good at being waterproof, they were buoyant. I’d go off the high dive at the community pool and come straight up, legs first!” She scored a burst of unfashionable hilarity for that one.

    Mullins now lugs up to a dozen pairs of prosthetic legs in that “80 pound” bag, including the flexible athletic prosthetics she helped pioneer for Olympic amputee sprinters and long jumpers, including herself.

    Here is our original article.

  13. I should mention the reason for Aimee’s visit to Australia..

    GUESTS at yesterday’s L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival VIP launch lunch got more than the usual frock-talk and sponsored hype with their crispy skinned barramundi and blistered heritage tomatoes.

    American beauty, champion athlete, model, actress, motivational speaker and bilateral amputee Aimee Mullins, 35, was introduced by L’Oreal as one of its latest “I’m worth it” campaign faces and took her on-stage chat with Channel Nine presenter Catriona Rowntree into realms both strange and exhilarating for one of the festival’s fanciest events.

    Read more:

  14. I remember at the time that the debate was all about “freedom of speech”. However, Hexx in his inimitable style said: You mean the freedom to be an a*hole.

  15. Migs, that is when I believe that any responsible blogmaster would have the ethics to delete such comments.

    Min, don’t be silly. Such comments were encouraged by a particular blogmaster.

  16. An additional debate used to be that the blogmaster was in no way responsible for comments on his blog. This is not true of course, the responsibility ultimately lands straight back with the blogmaster.

  17. Tom, exactly..bullying tactics and threats are the way that some attempt to silence dissenting voices.

    From your link:

    He remains forthright, telling Crikey: “… for the past few years The Australian has a freedom-of-speech campaign and threats of defamation are probably the most effective means of thwarting free speech.

    “It seems hypocritical to me, especially in a piece where there is no defamation and which has been legalled. This is the most important way free speech is chilled when powerful corporations threaten suits.”

  18. The pertinent point is that there is no defamation, this compares with Andrew Bolt’s interpretation of “freedom of speech” which did include defamation.

  19. it seems to me to be part of the great dumbing down over the past few years. Since when did popular come to mean stupid.

  20. “….that is when I believe that any responsible blogmaster would have the ethics to delete such comments.”

    Who made the comments

  21. Allan, this has been an ongoing debate over quite some time on the blogs. The original theory used to be that blogs were not covered by the law pertaining to defamation. However, there have been an increasing number of cases, most of which have not been publicised due to out of court settlements, which have proven this not to be the case.

    When all it is said and done it is the blogmaster who has the power of the delete button and therefore ultimately bears all responsibility for what appears on his or her blog.

  22. Im new here so not quite sure what site you are referring to or who the poster was.

    Any initials I can go on

  23. Min, as you well know, this blog site has attracted unfair criticism that we honour the right to protect contributors from abuse by deleting comments that slur others. Those people who are the major offenders, and subsequently the major critics, argue that it is their right to practice free speech. I argue that they have no right to demean and abuse others. In my view it is harassment. I maintain the right to delete their comments.

    They can squeal as much as they like.

    I think that all the contributors here support my view.

  24. Yes you should delete them

    But Im just curious as to who you are discussing so I dont venture there ever or if I have never go back or converse with the poster you are refering to

  25. It’s true. I had a comment deleted here because it was suggested it might offend a person on a different blog site. I thought it was a harmless comment but somebody from elsewhere apparently thought not.

  26. Not at all

    Please use the email Im posting with. I trust you can see it as I dont want to fall prey to undesirable correspondence.

  27. No one would agree that under a free press, physical assault is allowed or supported.

    Why is the personal, verbal and psychological assault any different.

    A free press, has the responsibility to be always truthful and not to undermine the society it resides in.

    There are no freedoms on this earth without responsibilities.

    The media is no different.

    It is freedom and responsibility. They go together like a horse and carriage. You cannot have one without the other.

  28. Does one feel like there is a little baiting going on.

    Yep. Hence my email to Allan named the site but not the offenders.

  29. Catching Up
    Using your horse & carriage analogy, unfortunately the media seems to want the right to go gallivanting about the countryside on its horse, leaping over & paying no attention to boundaries & the damage they do & the problems they leave behind them. Because they’re a self regarding, self perpetuating class who see themselves as being above & not responsible to others. Because they can.

  30. Mr. Abbott introduced the laws that guarantee the independence of FWA.

    Mr. Shorten ABC24.

    General Manager of FWA is working to Mr. Abbott’s legalisation.
    What is not understood, much of was previously in IR law was transferred to FWA.

    Unemployment not too bad.

  31. Hi Cu, yep it’s a sock puppet. Allanr44 commented on Spray of the Day and I left a message to say I knew him.

    Then Allan44 rolls up here asking questions. He forgot the “r” which is unusual for a WordPress user.

    I contacted my friend Allanr44 and he said it wasn’t him. The ISP of the Allan44 is located in Sydney. Allanr44 doesn’t even live in NSW.

    Some people think we’re stupid.

    Anyway, I emailed Allan44 just the same. He’d be disappointed I only named the offending site and not the offending bloggers.

    I suspect who this person is. If anybody sees this referred to elsewhere, then my suspicians will be confirmed.

  32. Bob, spot on. A horse out of control. It just could do more damage to the rider. Lets hope so.

  33. And, Cu, it is interesting to see that we’ve had a number of hits today direct from Massive Spray’s site. Much more than usual.

    Happy trolling, Allan44.

  34. Speaking of blasts from the past, is it really the 2nd decade of the 21st Century?

    Talkback radio: the one medium where feminism dare not enter the waves

    Ask Amanda Blair — the only regular female radio presenter on metropolitan commercial AM radio in Australia — if she’s encountered s-xism in the workplace and her war stories seem to never end.

    “I’ve had program directors ask me if I’ve got my period if I’ve complained about something,” she told Crikey. “I’ve had program directors say to me ‘why can’t you just be like all the other girls who make cups of tea and are nice to me?’. I’ve had ‘look, you probably shouldn’t talk about politics because you’re a woman’. I’ve had ‘I probably shouldn’t ask this, but are you going to get pregnant again? Because if you are then it might determine how long I’m going to sign you for on your contract’.”

  35. I’ve learnt a lesson.

    Because I made a simple comment on Spray of the Day that I knew Allanr44, a person used that to pretend to be Allanr44 in order to troll here.

    The lesson I’ve learned is to be careful with what I say as it might be used to get at you. I wonder if these sorts of people keep dossiers on us all.

  36. Reading Ben’s post just reaffirms that the more things change, the more they stay the same. So-called journalists are still monumental tossers.

    Then why is he threatening legal action on him, if he is such a nobody?

    Because Mitchell reckons “freedom of speech to lie, distort and misrepresent the facts” is the sole property of the msm.

    Robert Manne has committed the cardinal sin of telling the truth something with which Mr Mitchell apparently doesn’t even have a passing acquaintance.

    That attack on Aquanut after his father’s death was just another shameful episode at a certain nameless blog, some of whose posters seem unable to differentiate between abuse and character assassination and freedom of speech.

    patricia, I’ve been having the same difficulties, sometimes having to log on for each comment, but a difficulty not confined to CW. However, given that my modem is a piece of crap, I’m hesitant to lay blame left and right.

  37. Roswell,

    Sometimes it’s the company you keep, the snideness rubs off onto someone who Miglo says is a good enough person. This hasn’t been my experience of that person when he’s landed here at the Cafe, but Miglo I’ll take your word for it.

  38. Jane, one day when you have a decent modem Migs might have to set you up as an author..then you can correct your own spelling mistakes. 😀

  39. Jane, you remember that one too. It’s indicative of a certain type of person..Pip was the bright spark who found the precise descriptive, or should I say diagnosis: morbid narcissistic personality disorder.

    Therefore when people say “reason with”, it becomes impossible as these types of people are not capable of making rational choices. Blogmasters, for example Joni were left with no option other than to ban because as part of the disorder there is also a component of OCD (obsessive compulsive).

  40. Thanks, Migs …

    AG, … are you aware of the meaning of hypocrite?

    I’m currently trying to avoid the backbiting going on … if you know me as well as you think you do, I’d suggest you don’t involve me.

    I’d also hope that there are a few posters here who know me reasonably better than you think you do … and can enlighten you …

    One of the reasons I don’t post here these days is because of snide remarks aimed at me … just because I post at GT … it means I must be “bad” and “dumb” … grow up …

    Piggy in the middle is not a game I relish …

    BTW, Aqua is a friend of mine …

  41. TB, I was a bit pissed off when you had a go at me for suggesting I was dumb and dumber for mentioning gay leprechauns. I took it on the chin at the time. The pussed off moment came when I saw you were quite happy to encourage inflammation of hatred towards people here on another site. Some of those comments you appeared to relish in were extremely vulgar. I had to stop and wonder why you targeted me.

  42. TB Queensland,

    I said that I would take Miglo’s word for it. I was thinking of an attack you made against Patricia which I thought was uncalled for, especially as you say, you don’t comment here often.

  43. Ah! Tit for tat … don’t remember attacking either Patricia or Roswell …

    Give me a link … or refresh my memory …

  44. Roswell,

    You’re probably a bit like myself, don’t always comment but read and take it in. I remember the gay leprechaun comments and it was to do with the Qantas boss. It was all tongue in cheek and said in the best of humor. Then elsewhere used it as an excuse to flaggelate contributors.

    One thing that I detest is two-faced types who talk about you behind your back. Always have hated it, always will.

  45. TB, as you might have heard, we caught a troll today. And double whammy it was a sock puppet troll.

    Thanks to Min’s skills in modern technology we know who it is.

    It ain’t you, BTW. 🙂

  46. AG, One thing that I detest is two-faced types who talk about you behind your back. Always have hated it, always will.

    What did you and Roswell just do …

  47. TB Queensland,

    Said it to your face instead of running over to another blog to snigger with the rest of them.

  48. Miglo,

    I’m getting a bit hot under the collar here, so feel free to delete any or all of my comments.

  49. TB, I deleted Roswell’s comment that you found inflammatory so he won’t be able to provide a link.

    I know where he was coming from. He was probably sick of seeing the crap written about me, Min, Jane, Sue, Patricia and Catching up on the other site. Crap that goes unchallenged by people who demand standards here.

    Roswell is no doubt unaware that I don’t even bother going to that other site anymore so I’m not phased one little bit what they say about me.

  50. AG, This is your comment at 5:44


    Sometimes it’s the company you keep, the snideness rubs off onto someone who Miglo says is a good enough person. This hasn’t been my experience of that person when he’s landed here at the Cafe, but Miglo I’ll take your word for it.

    I commented at 6:19, I’d say that’s behind my back on the interwebby thingy …

    I don’t run from ignorance nor do I snigger … you want to keep it up that’s fine by me … but I haven’t had a good stoush for some time … want to call it quits that’s fine … want to get involved that’s fine …

    Your call …

  51. That says it all Miglo. I don’t go there either any more.

    TB, it has been said so I’m happy to move on.


  52. Thanks, Migs … but not necessary … the problem is, that deleting comments is actually a bigger issue …

    … they only show me arguing the toss … so I look worse than simply defending my reputation … bloody hell!

  53. A WT Tradition for Baccy, on my slate (I do still have a slate?), touch of soda, one ice block … hope that’s OK, Baccy/

  54. Last time I emailed him was quite a while, I confess, Min (guilts now!!) … I might send him a line this evening …

    … time just gets away and as you probably know its been a bum 12 months for The Minister and me … one drama after another … nothing serious but time consuming …

    … just climbed out of the hole …

    … I was originally diagnosed with gout a few of weeks ago but its now a “seriously damaged tendon” – go back to the doc next Thursday …

  55. How about a clean slate, TB?

    LOL! D’you remember mmy birthplace? 😆

    If he doesn’t turn up he’ll fkn drink it.

    Well you can’t put it back in the fkn bottle! 😯

  56. TB, on the deleting of comments issue. This happened on one occasion only which was heck, it must be 9 months ago now and had nothing to do with either Migs or myself.

    It certainly had absolutely ZILCH to do with Migs. I was goaded on numerous occasions to provide the name of the person who had deleted comments on this one occasion, but refused to do so. This is giving due regard to the fact that on this blog we have a number of authors.

    On this occasion I was in the position of temporary blogmaster until Migs was well enough to return. The event happened.

    On one further occasion I did some ‘creative editing’ due to the over-use of calling female contributors names such as c*nts, names which I am certain you would not want The Minister to be called. Shoot me! I thought that this extreme language was inappropriate when aimed at female contributors.

  57. Those Achilles tendons can be buggers to get right if you stuff them up. Mine took over a year and it wasn’t until I had some orthotics made that it improved. Lots of physio was a complete waste of time and money.

    I hope you have private insurance. My orthotics cost almost $900 and that was seven years ago.

    You’re gonna wish it was gout.

  58. Re self and and had nothing to do with either Migs or myself.. And before words are twisted around..again..nothing to do with Migs, I was the blogmaster at the time. It wasn’t me who did It, and No..after NINE MONTHS I’M STILL NOT GOING TO TELL YOU WHO IT WAS!!

  59. Min,

    I’m well aware of timelines, events, the script, circumstances and characters … over the last six years …

    … I thought I’d made it clear I don’t want to get involved … I find it uncomfortable and I spent a 45 year career deliberately not polarising my position … I’m sure I can do it on blogs … I hold my own counsel … and ethics …

    I had heard my name being mentioned in the cafe and just popped in … that’s sorted, I think … and now I’m just enjoying a quiet drink before I check in across the road and then do a bit of singing practice … I have been recommended to perform at a terrace restaurant on Wickham Tce … will let you know if I crack it …

    Cheers all …

  60. I’m off to do my shopping and go to the chemist. Sadly, you’ll have to drink without me for an hour or so. I can’t imagine that being much fun. :mrgreen:

  61. so I look worse than simply defending my reputation … bloody hell!

    Oh dear, the irony…

    I think that I’ll play music..

  62. Oh dear, the irony…

    Just popped back to reply to, Migs, and saw this … please explain?

  63. TB, re:

    Thanks, Migs … but not necessary … the problem is, that deleting comments is actually a bigger issue …

    Hence the reason I provided you with the fact that it was 9 months ago and provided the background to this which you say that you know anyway.

  64. Don’t worry TB, you and your mates haven’t managed to intimidate everyone here yet. We’ve been around the traps for quite a while.

  65. so hoe come my post came in behind AG and Roswell … more “manipulation” of the truth …

    For anyone interested my last post @ 7:52 was in reply to AG’s post @ 7:53 and Roswell’s @ 7:57 …

  66. TB and so hoe come my post came in behind AG and Roswell … more “manipulation” of the truth …

    Absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

    I suspect that you are trying to infer something.

  67. Umm TB, Migs already said..

    Migs is out shopping, you know..Thursday late night shopping when people who live in NSW and Canberra who work, have to go and buy groceries. And as Migs said, he had to go to the chemist too.

  68. my posts may sound “intimidating” to some … but I keep being pushed by ignorance …

  69. I suppose I’d better tell these folk “who’ve been around the traps for quite a while” my version of the saga they have chosen to get involved in …

    … tomorrow …

    … expect a flurry of emails tonight …

  70. As for aggression AG I might remind you that I would not be posting here tonight had I not read your snide comments …

  71. Roswell, I can understand that … my apologies … just shows how this nonsense is getting out of hand …

    I was happy to leave it earlier … your mate AG doesn’t help though …

    … happy to let bygones be bygones AG … second offer tonight …

  72. Migs ‘n Min, so saying bad things about the Cows,oops, Crows or Port could incur your wrath(s)….. ( deleted comment) re: Crows; (deleted comment) re: Port….i,m oh so self censored, unlike others it would seem.
    I’m only a newbie to blog world so some what wet behind the ears, but I do think that basic manners and decency cost nothing and get you further….. now about them #&*$% Port ^%$#ards.
    My bar is open…….ah….

  73. You might not have been here the other night LOVO when I was talking to Tom and told him that I’m an ex South Aussie so I have a leaning towards Port. These days I’ve converted to NRL and follow the Sainters.

  74. Min whispers an aside, Nimue..I don’t think that LOVO is a fact I would be almost 100% that he’s a he..

  75. AntonyG/Min,

    I hope you two have let off your steam and we can get down to some sensible debate with a bit of fun to boot. At the moment it is neither sensible or fun. I’m finding it quite the opposite.

    I’ve known TB for a long time – as you also have, Min – and I can vouch that he loves an arm wrestle, but this has turned in to a boxing match. Let’s say we hang the gloves up. Let’s call time, as Min would say.

    Both of you offer so much to this site and it’s sad to see your talents wasted on this bickering.

  76. Back from a mediocre dinner at Toscani’s. I hope you enjoyed that WT with ice & soda TB 🙂

  77. He drank yours too, Bacchus.

    You missed some excitement earlier. We caught a real live troll. But we threw him back – he was too small.

    We’re after the big fish.

    Now if you’d like to grab a bottle of your poison of choice I’ll be happy to join you. Pip can make us a pizza.

  78. Pizza! I’ve got a belly full of fettucini…

    I was around when you caught the troll Migs. As others do, I too have my suspicions.

    Sad to see TB being picked on, based on what seemed to be a misunderstanding too. TB is one of the good guys 😉

  79. Hi lunalava. I just saw your message on Facebook. To join Cafe Whispers just click on the Facebook Like button on the right hand side of the blog.

  80. Min,

    If I were you I’d be very careful about who I’d hug, they’d be likely to turn on you the next minute.

  81. I would be interested in hearing the details of the how (if not the who) of Min’s discovery…

  82. IT stuff is usually like that Min – you extend or adapt what others have done to meet your needs…

  83. Bacchus, I don’t have much of an IT brain but one thing that studying Law does teach you is to investigate every possibility. My favorite quote from my Criminal Law lecturer David Heilpern is: Never ask a question unless you know the answer.

  84. Min, my most fav part of movie follows, in light of what has been going on, with a tad of a stretch…..

  85. LOVO, I love that one. I saw the original of this one in Sydney with Jon English, Trevor White, Marcia Hines, Doug Parkinson etc.

  86. Jane, Roswell was responding to a comment of mine. He was asking whether the troll was TB, which he now knows it wasn’t.

    I’ve had encounters with trolls all day. I was over at Spray of the Day just a while ago when the blogosphere’s most hated troll – without provocation – made accusations against me. I do attract idiots at times.

    No wonder I don’t stray from this place anymore, with the exception of The Political Sword, who also have had a gut full of the same troll by the way.

    All this excitement has tired me out. 🙂

    Catch you later, old friend.

  87. We caught a troll today.

    Lurking under a bridge, Migs?

    ….on my slate (I do still have a slate?

    Of course you do, TB. Ive been putting my G+Ts on it for ages! 😀

  88. Ah, that explains that, Migs @11.27pm.

    I do attract idiots at times

    It’s your rakish charm, Migs. 😆

  89. Min, I saw it on stage in Adelaide, yup, i’m that old also as well as to but ,ay…… p.s. seems I missed placed your footy team, so earlier post about crows and port should have read… Did’nt we beat you lot some little while ago….. ( Deleted comment about ‘pies’) with or without sauce….

  90. Jane, one of the poorest forms of deceit, using the name of a friend so as to trigger a reaction. Fortunately the deceit was relatively easy to track down.

  91. Quick!! We need another few hits to top our all time record. An absolutely amazing number coming via Facebook. Well done to all.

  92. Tom R @ 7.49 am….. Murduck did his apprenticeship on what paper in which mining town( paper no longer going), the opposition paper is owned by who?m and is still going….. think B.D.T….. might suprise you…. red necks here call it ‘the Pravda’…. we see ’em come we see ’em go …. I wonder if he remembers his time here amoungst the real people… ????

  93. Min, the source of our hits today make an interesting read. Plenty coming from other blog sites, and of course we have a good readership across Facebook on a daily basis, not just a one-off.

  94. It’s the particular Facebook groups which link that I think are interesting those with human rights and justice focus. It’s the same as the blogs who link..there are certainly a lot of good, dedicated people out there.

  95. Thanks to Migs, jane and Baccy …

    Pity others are still pouting … that’s life …

    Enjoy your day …

  96. Tom, that’s not a pout..that’s more of a grimace. 😉 As for me, I spend all day suspended from a tree branch by my feet..what else do you expect except a pout…

  97. I wonder if he remembers his time here amoungst the real people

    I’m not sure if he ever spent any time with the ‘real people’ in the first place.

    He was born with a silver spoon. Now it’s diamond.

    I hear people talk about how it is characters like him who provide jobs, yet all I think of is the hundreds of jobs he has destroyed along the way.

  98. Speaking of drinking, I reckon I might wander on down to the club tonight and grab a bottle of red to soak up. I’m getting in the mood. There’s no shortage of mates to get sloshed with. I can’t drink alone.

  99. Migs, that would be greatly appreciated. Plus a crate or two of Bundy..we have Pip and Bacchus to think of, and maybe a bottle of JB for you..just one though, you have to watch your figure.

  100. so I guess Tom and Bacchus have iron man bodies

    Well, I cannot speak for Bacchus, but as for me, YES!!

    (mind you, the iron does look as if it has been through the smelter a few too many times, and then left to the ravages of the elements for too long)

  101. I’ll have you know I don’t do ironing 😉

    As for bodies, some people have a six-pack – I can go much better than that; I’ve got a KEG 😆

  102. What if we promise to keep our pants on Pip? I’m thinking Roswell may want to show off his newly crocheted underwear 😛

  103. Migs, we would have never noticed that until you pointed it out. BTW what happened to the black duck in this regard???

  104. Pip, love it. 🙂 My Uncle Dave Bonner used to play that one all the time. He emigrated from an orphanage in Scotland, worked hard and eventually was able to bring out his brother Bill and sister who were sent to the same orphanage.

  105. You ladies may appreciate Tullamore Tree then – you may even be able to understand what Scruffy is saying 😉

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