Weekend Meltdown

Greetings and welcome to our Weekend Meltdown.

Gosh, that brings back memories. As many would know we are in a good portion ex-Blogocracy via Tim Dunlop.

One thing that Tim instigated was his Midweek Meltdown, which caused many of us some angst as all talk of politics was banned. Come on Tim, ban politics for a whole entire day!

From Tim on his Midweek Meltdown September ’08:

Our usual midweek open thread on which all talk of politics is banned.

Stratfor Global Intelligence on Assange Sexual Assault Charges

I posted this on Wednesday: Wikileaks: Stratfor on Motives for Julian Assange’s Arrest It had sparse traffic until the last 24 hours when it’s gone viral. Well nearly 1000 hits is viral for my little blog.

From Wikileaks’ Stratfor Global Intelligence Files:

Charges of sexual assault rarely are passed through Interpol red notices, like this case, so this is no doubt about trying to disrupt WikiLeaks release of government documents. While it’s possible that Assange’s arrest could disrupt the long-term viability of WikiLeaks, it will not stop the release of cables in the short-term and governments will now be concerned about what the organization may release in revenge.
RE: USE ME Re: Discussion- Assange Arrested


I’m surprised that this gem has not surfaced in the mainstream media as it took only minutes to find on the Wikileaks website. Anyway, at least some netizens have stumbled across it.