Has Speaker Slipper A Strategy For A Surfeit Of SSOs?

Reformer? Or snake in the grass?
Watch Peter Slipper kicking ass,
And doing it with gravitas.
In Oz speak that means ‘bit o’ class.’

It isn’t just the way he’s dressed
In long black gown and fancy vest.
What has onlookers most impressed
Is the end of uproar and unrest.

Members are no longer hostage
To shouts, insults, bad language.
More legislation now has carriage.
That’s not something to disparage.

The Chamber fills no more with cries
Of outraged members screaming,  “Lies!”
Simply saying,  “You fantasize.”
Does not shock.  Nor does,  “Porky pies!”

What of time wasting SSO’s
Used by Abbott against his foes?
Some forty two so far of those.
More still?  Only God,  or Slipper,  knows!

Will Prissie Pyne,  when censured,  use
‘Time Out’ to find the Members’ loos,
Fearing the Speaker may refuse
To let him rise to make more POOs?

For Liberals he’s a mystery.
Slipper?  Reformer?  This Tory,
Now handing Labor victory,
To be praised one day by history?

Acknowledgement:  That delightful cartoon is by Chadwick in the Global Mail.

Explanatory Note:   An SSO is a motion for the Suspension of Standing Orders!  A POO is a Point of Order!

NOTES:   Today’s uproar in the House of Representatives with yet another defeated motion for Suspension of Standing Orders from Tony Abbott  has prompted me write this pome about the 27th Speaker in the Australian House of Representatives.

Peter Slipper’s accession to the Speakership was a controversial one, the result of a brilliant play by the Prime Minister.    Apart from its impact on the balance of numbers in our hung Parliament it promises huge changes in that House as he brings it back from the chaos wrought by his own party,  the Coalition,  as a strategy to bring down the government.   Lenore Taylor discusses the likely impact of Slipper’s appointment as Speaker on Tony Abbott’s war of attrition against Julia Gillard.   I love the baleful look on Abbott’s face in the picture there of Slipper being dragged in the traditional Westminster ceremony to the Speaker’s Chair.

I’m pretty sure that Slipper,  smarting though he may be from his treatment by the Liberals,  has no conscious intention to support the Labor Party.  I think he’s fascinated by the idea of himself in the role of Speaker and determined to make a very good job of it.  He seems to me more perfectionist,  even vain,  than vengeful.  Be that as it may,  I wonder how much more of an asset than one more precious vote the Prime Minister anticipated her new Speaker in the Lower House might be.

There’s a good overview of Australia’s history of parliamentary pomp and ceremony by Mike Seccombe in the Global Mail and the likely impact of the new speaker and his love of it all.

183 comments on “Has Speaker Slipper A Strategy For A Surfeit Of SSOs?

  1. patriciawa, love the pome.

    I had an inkling that Slipper might be the very one to sink the Slipper into the appalling behaviour rampant in the Lower house at QT. On the occasions when he stood in for Harry Jenkins, he took control of the house in no uncertain terms.

    So you can imagine my joy when he was asked to fill the role after Harry resigned. He has more than fulfilled that early promise and imo we’ll find that QT will be a much more civilised affair under his terrible gaze as both sides are forced to use their manners.

    Poor Harry Jenkins never had control of the House, imo and under his stewardship we saw some of the most egregious behaviour from an out of control opposition, ever.

    This Speaker is made of much sterner stuff and could go down as one of the greats. I’ll certainly be happy to second a vote to that effect.

    I suspect the PM knew that this appointment was going to be worth much more than one vote; she would have noted how good Slipper was when he stood in for Jenkins. An inspired appointment, imo.

  2. And congratulations on the good news. I did actually post my congrats on CU’s post, but either my computer or my @*#*** internet couldn’t be bothered working. It has been chastised.

  3. Thanks, jane, as so often on other topics you and I are as one! I agree, that is another strength of the PM, her negotiating skills aside. She can see the potential in people and that endears her to them as she brings out that potential. I’ve no doubt that had Windsor and Oakeshott originally been of the left there’s no way they’d become independents under her leadership

    It was interesting to me that among the one third of caucus who went with Rudd, apart from Albananese, Dougie Cameron and a few others, there were few who stood out in persona or achievement. A bit sweeping that, I know!
    I have a particular view on Albanese’s motives, or rationale, for joining Rudd, by the way. We won’t know the truth of that for decades, so I won’t be around to confirm my hunch!

  4. Thanks patriciawa, yes. The PM has that rare ability to bring people onside with her great strength in negotiating ability. Plus her down to earth warmth and sincerity judging from the comments made by her inner circle.

    I sense she isn’t really comfortable dealing with a large body of people, as she is basically a shy person. However, with her renewed confidence as a result of her historic ballot win, I feel she won’t be holding herself so tightly and will be able to unleash that soft, cuddly warmth she exudes with small groups.

    I expect a charm offensive albeit with the 20/20 steel backbone she has had to develop as a result of the last harrowing couple of years. She won’t now suffer the idiocy of the msm and their ongoing efforts at destabilisation. They’ll be firmly put in their boxes as we saw in her post ballot presser!

    You have piqued my curiosity re Albanese. I was rather surprised at his decision, considering his ferocious commitment and loyalty to this government and the ALP.

    He is a close personal friend to Mr Rudd and I get the impression that he is very loyal to his friends. So maybe he felt that he should give his vote to Mr Rudd more out of personal loyalty than dislike of the PM.

  5. Jane, and “maybe he felt that he should give his vote to Mr Rudd more out of personal loyalty than dislike of the PM.” It excellent to read a positive interpretation rather than all of the negativity.

  6. This Speaker is made of much sterner stuff and could go down as one of the greats.

    Jane, is that as a Russell Ebert type great, or something less God-like?

  7. jane, I am sure Albanese is a good friend to Rudd, but I think he knew, being so close to the action in Cabinet and Caucus that he didn’t stand a chance. He is not by nature a liar, either, but he wasn’t telling the truth when he said he supported Rudd because he was the best bet for the next election. Those tears he shed were genuine ones of grief and of inner conflict, but my sense is that he knew that Rudd would not front on Monday without some hope of success. Remember there was doubt about that, and Hawker was pushing for more time for him to campaign? Albo’s support and advice would have been the clincher for Rudd to front this time. It was really important for the PM’s cause for him to do so if the issue was to be resolved at the time of her choosing. Last time, in June, 2010, the numbers were very bad too and I think he advised Rudd not to face the challenge then, truly wanting to avoid further grief for his friend.

    When he talked of things that were done not being right, I don’t think he meant the challenge by Gillard and her supporters was wrong. I think it was Rudd not facing Caucus back then and the truth about how few supporters he really had. Had he done so he might have accepted the outcome and his later role as FAM with more grace. As well, Julia Gillard would have had more legitimacy and maybe less of the torrid time she’s had since then, and her government too, of course. This was one way to put that wrong to rights, to the limited extent he could, but more importantly it served the current show-down strategy of the PM very well indeed.

    Disagree with me and join the rest of my family who swear that Albo just could not be that two-faced. I don’t see it as duplicitious. I see it as pragmatic and public spirited of him to wear the responsibility for doing whatever he could for the party and at the same helping his friend to save face and feel better about the outcome.

  8. Question Time now and Julie Bishop is moving an almost incoherent motion for the Suspension of Standing Orders with an outline of every one of Julia Gillard’s supposed lies? “Do we have to have any more this?” Followed by Poo Pyne, equally crazily irrelevant to the government of this country.

    These people are bonkers! Fabricating a scandal around something the Prime Ministe may or may not have done in trying to form a new cabinet.

    As Pyne says ‘The Australian people deserve better than this!’

  9. The one thing that they did not raise, what the PM said was a lie, the only thing she denied, was that she was rolled and more important not by faceless men.

    Every thing else has been acknowledged by the PM.

  10. I am beginning to suspect entrapment here. This really makes the Opposition look insanely obsessed by a non-issue and quite unable to deal with real matters of policy. Possible?

  11. They do not see this controversity going away.

    What controversity?

    The PM talked to some people and one or more minsters said they were in disagreement.

  12. Patricia, one of the earliest comments I read is probably the more accurate..that Carr has always resisted moving to Canberra. Some bright spark thought Foreign Affairs, but it seems that he may never have been interested in the first place.

    But of course Carr cannot come right out and say this or else the headlines would read: Carr refuses appointment to disfunctional Gillard government.

  13. Patricia they went on a fishing expedition and believe they have caught a fish.

    They are mistaken, they have caught a toad-fish and if not careful it will bite them.

    A very nasty bite the toad-fish has.

  14. I personally wouldn’t like to see Crean get the job as he was so highly critical of Rudd, therefore Foreign Affairs would be interpreted as being a reward. Smith was ok, but not inspiring..perhaps Bowen.

  15. Min, I see no reason to believe what Mr. Carr said. He said that some officials talked to him about the vacancy and the possibility of the FM’s role.

    Mr. Carr said he spoke to the PM but the FM’s job was not raised.

    On Monday, Mr Carr being a senior player in the party and co author of party reform. it could be just possible that the PM had many things see feel the need to talk to Mr. Carr about.

    These are the reasons the PM said the stories were wrong.

    There is no evidence to back up the oppositions’s allegations.

    1 She was rolled by faceless men.

    2 That Mr. Smith rolled her.

    3 That the PM lied.

    4 That a decision was made by the PM to give FM’s job to Mr. Carr.

    The PM has said that she spoke to Mr. Carr among many others.

    She has not denied that Mr. Smith was unhappy with the prospect of Mr.Carr being given FM.

    What is it all about.

  16. Min, I think this job might be given more importance than it warrants. Look of some of the incumbents over the years.

    Could one imagine Ms. Bishop filling the role.

    The job that Mr. Smith is now doing is important. The defence forces have crawled all over their ministers for decades. Mr. Smith appears to have pulled them into line. Most before him over the years have failed. I bet they are rooting for him to be moved.

    I am not so sure that Mr. Crean would not do a good job. He does have the experience and knowledge, amassed over many decades.

  17. Cu, obviously the importance of a Foreign Minister ebbs and flows. Who knows which international incident may occur which may involve Australia.

    Ms Bishop would be lucky to make an intelligent remark on that portfolio much less represent Australia adequately overseas.

  18. I am certain that Crean would always do the good workmanlike job as he has always done, however he seems to me to be a somewhat uninspiring choice as a follow-on from Rudd.

  19. Min, the role of Mr. Crean was to lure Mr. Rudd out of hiding. It succeeded.

    Whether one supports Mr. Rudd or not is not the question. The white anting of the government could not be allowed to continue.

    The only one to benefit, would have been Mr. Abbott.

    This behaviour was completely out of character for Mr. Crean.

    I believe that is why it was so successful.

    I, also believe that Mr.Rudd made his decision to resign in anger, after a long dinner and being tired after the long flight from Mexico.

    What occurred is that the PM grabbed control of the agenda and place where the confrontation would take place.

    This had to happen.

  20. Min, I reckon he would do a workman’s like job. One does not need to shine.

    It could be better that they do not.

  21. Mirabella back on. Is she indicative of the talent on the Opposition side. I hope not.

    Better rave than Ms. Bishop.

  22. patriciawa my conspiracy theory about the carr thingy is to try and flush out any leakers.
    last december conroy brought in the feds to try and find the leaker to the oo about the australia network. are they close and did this senate and fm appointment help. afterall shannahan supposedly knows a lot (but a lot of what?)
    the drip feeds are to news ltd.

  23. Sue, we were mentioning that one, yesterday from memory..an article read that “unnamed senior sources” ran straight to a journo with the story. The story said 2-3 phone calls from the PM’s office. So who would know who the Prime Minister was phoning and how many calls?

    **this I think was on our Media or Murdoch thread and came up in the conversation after the link to the story about $$s being paid to “sources” for stories in the UK.

  24. Sue – surely News Ltd could not be tapping the PM’s phone? Or paying for information from an insider? Maybe in the past, but not these days, after the News of the World debacle and Leveson? Could they? Or maybe there’s a Godwin Grech clone in the PM’s office!

    I see you love a conspiracy too! The Murdoch stuff is amazing, isn’t it?

  25. Min @1.17pm, perhaps if it was that twit Hawker, you could make a case for enmity, but in the case of Albo, who is so straight up and down, I think it’s the only conclusion to draw. Like you, I’m sick of the negativity and blame games; it’s time to be positive. We all need it or we’ll go nuts.

    ……is that as a Russell Ebert type great, or something less God-like?

    Well, if he shuts the Liars up and forces them to behave like normal people, then he could reach Ebert heights, Migs. 😀

    patriciawa, I think you’ve got it right. And I think that was the reason for the tears – Albo thought he’d let everyone down in 2010 and was doing his best to make it right for all sides.

    As Pyne says ‘The Australian people deserve better than this!’

    We certainly do, so it’s incumbent on the opposition to hand in their resignations and let someone with principles take their places. Oh, wait……..where will they find such rare beasts in the liars Party?

    @3.19pm, not only is it possible, patricia, I think it’s the only possibility.

    Correction, Min. The sentence should just be

    Ms Bishop would be lucky to make an intelligent remark.

    An accurate assessment, Min. Astute as always.

    CU @3.54pm, spot on.

    Sue, who knows? Grech’s evil twin could be a sleeper planted after the 2007 election. I wouldn’t put any rotten trick past the Liars Party and their hero The Rodent.

    Roswell, there’s a conspiracy in the Andromeda galaxy. You’d better send grodo to suss it out.

  26. This story has been stuck in my memory since 2010.

    Bodyguard deputised for Gillard

    by: EXCLUSIVE: Nicola Berkovic and Patricia Karvelas
    From: The Australian July 31, 2010


    In claims that will fuel the distrust between the Gillard and Rudd camps, sources have told The Weekend Australian that when Ms Gillard was deputy prime minister she regularly failed to attend cabinet’s national security committee meetings. Instead, she reportedly sent her former bodyguard and junior staff member Andrew Stark.

    Mr Stark, a former Liberal Party member, worked for Mr Downer as a bodyguard and security official when the latter was foreign minister. He was later hired as a bodyguard and security official for Ms Gillard after the Rudd government was elected in 2007, and subsequently became a junior adviser in her office.

    An internal Labor directory from February lists Mr Stark sixth in Ms Gillard’s list of seven advisers and reveals he was based in her Melbourne office.

    Mr Downer said Mr Stark had served him well and he gave him a reference when he resigned from the federal police.

    The Prime Minister this week warned she would sack any minister found leaking.

    The caption underneath the picture says:-
    Andrew Stark, the bodyguard Julia Gillard, as deputy prime minister, sent to sensitive security meetings on her behalf

    In the main body of the story Former Coalition foreign minister Alexander Downer told The Weekend Australian Ms Gillard’s reportedly poor attendance record at the NSC and her decision to send a junior adviser was scandalous behaviour and disregarded the importance of the top-level security committee. “The NSC takes decisions on life and death and is no place for a junior staffer. Such actions are scandalous,” he said.

    This is the un-Downerised version of the Cabinet meetings:-

    A former chief of the defence staff, Chris Barrie, told the ABC recently: “In the four years I was the chief of the defence force, on every occasion I went to the national security committee of the cabinet it was chaired either by the prime minister himself or by the deputy prime minister who was acting prime minister.

    As I said, this story has stayed in my memory for years.

    toward the end of the article there was this:-

    The Prime Minister this week warned she would sack any minister found leaking.

    Senior ministers are concerned Mr Rudd is destroying Labor’s campaign and is leaking to cruel Ms Gillard’s chances.

  27. Sorry, Pip, late night so I’m a bit thick today. I got a bit confused in the article between PMs and the significance of non-attendance at those NSC meetings with Stark deputising for Gillard when she was deputy PM. Are you suggesting that Stark was the leaker? Is he still on her staff?

  28. Patricia, it certainly makes one think. The Murdoch media throw up their hands in outrage saying that what happened in the UK couldn’t possibly happen here. Possibly not phone tapping, but cash paid to ‘insiders’ is a strong possibility in my opinion.

    This isn’t the first time that ‘someone’ knew who a parliamentarian had spoken to on the phone and how often.

  29. patricia, good work on your pome 🙂

    The link was in reference to a comment that Jane made @ 5.59pm.

    Sorry if it’s a bit of a muddle. The date is relevent as it was a few weeks before the 2010 election.

    The headline threw me at the time as the ‘bodyguard’ was a former employee of A. Downer and went to work for Julia Gillard after the 2007 election.

    JULIA Gillard has been accused of “scandalous” disregard for national security amid revelations she sent a former bodyguard to attend highly sensitive security meetings on her behalf.
    The revelations are the latest in a string of damaging leaks to hit the Prime Minister and come as senior Labor ministers concede that animosity between her and Kevin Rudd is “killing” its election campaign and that it is not being managed as it should.

    My point was that Downer’s ex staffer was the man who “took notes” for PM Gillard at Cabinet meetings, which caused Mr. Downer to huff and puff about what a shocking thing the PM had done.

    *** Near the end of the article former Defence Chief Chris Barrie said that either Kevin Rudd or Julia Gillard were always in attendance at important Cabinet meetings.

    When I first read this article I had some doubt about the “staffer” but right at the end of the article there is this.

    The Prime Minister this week warned she would sack any minister found leaking.

    Senior ministers are concerned Mr Rudd is destroying Labor’s campaign and is leaking to cruel Ms Gillard’s chances.

  30. I was watching the TV waiting for my coffee and the young bloke making it said: “Bob Carr is the new Foreign Minister. I’m not happy the PM lied to us”.


  31. Sky News is now trying to make themselves ‘right’ by saying that they heard a rumour this morning that Bob Carr could still be in the mix.

  32. Unfortunately Min, the ‘lie’ meme is as ingrained now as the waste and rort meme’s

    Based mostly on the media initially making them them up, then repeating them, oblivious to facts indicating otherwise

    I still find it incredulous that for the oo to try and label the PM as a ‘liar’, they are quite happy to admit that they themselves were quite untruthful. And yet, as has now been expressed by both Carr and the PM, her statement that she had not made an offer to him back then remains intact

    They don’t care, as long as they can continue to trash the Gillard/Rudd/Labor brand.

  33. Miglo we know the media players lie… often…sometimes I wonder whether they even care any more.

  34. There have been some very funny tweets and this one says it all about the media making up stuff….

    Rod_Hagen ‏ @Rod_Hagen

    “The botched attempt to woo the former NSW premier to Canberra has damaged the PM’s credibility.” Who’s credibility, @michellegrattan ?

  35. Think of that crazy speech made by Julie Bishop in her moving for SSO! It was vacuous and pointless anyway, but now!!!!

    If the only ‘scandal’ the Opposition can get into a lather about is the PM’s legitimate deliberations and consultations about an important appointment to her cabinet there can’t be much wrong with her government.

    PS I bet one K Rudd is spitting chips!

  36. The Age is calling it “a shock announcement”..why when the MSM have been speculating about Bob Carr most of this week.

    Oh yes, that’s right they/the media got their speculations and rumours wrong at the last moment, therefore it becomes “a shock announcement”.

  37. Min, Jane Hutchence on ABC 24 referred to the announcement of Bob Carr as a “bombshell”.

    Howard and Newman’s ABC ….

  38. Pip, in other words the media “bombed”.

    On the appointment of Bob Carr, it’s a brilliant move..excellent communicator. It’s going to be Rudd who?

  39. So has Julia been playing the media instead of the media playing Julia for a change, no wonder she has been smiling all week watching the Lib’s get themselves into a total lather and no question time until Monday.

    BTW found this little gem,

    “Liberal sources tell VEXNEWS that dodgy HSU boss Kathy Jackson had a private meeting with Liberal Eric Abetz in Canberra this week”

    Hmm, has a kinda Godwin Getch about it

  40. Pip, there was a rumour some weeks ago that Kathy Jackon was also talking to George Brandis, explains why he thought he Graig Thomson on the ropes.

  41. Augustus and..

    So has Julia been playing the media instead of the media playing Julia for a change..

    Sky was completely incredulous that the all important “they” didn’t know anything about it.

    Oh where, oh where has my little sauce gone,
    Oh where, oh where can he/she be,
    With his/her ears cut short and his/her tale cut long,
    Oh where, oh where can he/she be?.

  42. Wow, Pip. she’s trumped the msm and they’ll be having a mob of cows.

    I wonder how red Prissy’s face is.

  43. Hey, Sue! You and I were right!

    edit this on March 1, 2012 at 3:19 pm patriciawa

    I am beginning to suspect entrapment here. This really makes the Opposition look insanely obsessed by a non-issue and quite unable to deal with real matters of policy. Possible?

  44. I can see new weeks SSO asking the Prime Minister to please explain why she is smarter than them, poor possums.

  45. How pathetic is that. Just admit, you jumped the shark, and it bit ya. No, instead, keeny seems to be taking the glory for FORCING Gillard to do what they wanted (I guess it worked with Rudd, so why not try it on again)

    I wonder if this is (finally) a Labor with balls. Gillard has played their game with them all week, and totally embarrassed them Swan is taking the mining magnates to task, finally.

    Mind you, if they had shown this a few years back, when the miners were on the back of trucks trying to pretend they give a rats about their workers, (income stream).., they wouldn’t be in the predicament they are in now.

  46. So Gillard’s played them, watched them thrash about & abruptly landed them. They won’t like that. They’ll probably focus on ‘who said what, where?” over the timing of the offer to Carr. And probably claim credit for getting Carr the job.

  47. Tom, that is the biggest ego trip I’ve read coming from the media since..well, not all that long when you come to think of it.

  48. Tony Abbott is calling Carr’s appointment a rebuke to all of Gillard’s cabinet collegues. However, he doesn’t look at all happy with his little eyes darting to and fro.

    “People will tremble at Bob Carr…”.

  49. Nothing from the Liberals so far from what I can see. I would however like to dedicate this next little ditty to the Liberals

  50. “Tony Abbott is calling Carr’s appointment a rebuke to all of Gillard’s cabinet collegues” ROFL, yesterday she was being rebuked by her collegues, ROFL

  51. Augustus, I did say that Abbott’s eyes were darting while he said it. 😉 He also started with the slogans again, but that’s when I put him onto mute.

  52. Actually I can think of a couple of other characters for whom that song would be more than apt :mrgreen:

  53. Min, has he started drooling out the side of his mouth yet?

    I’m a little teapot,

    Short and stout,

    Here is my handle (one hand on hip),

    Here is my spout (other arm out with elbow and wrist bent),

    When I get all steamed up,

    Hear me shout,

    Tip me over and pour me out! (lean over toward spout)

    I’m a clever teapot,

    Yes, it’s true,

    Here’s an example of what I can do,

    I can turn my handle into a spout, (switch arms)

    Tip me over and pour me out!

  54. Bacchus,

    “Actually I can think of a couple of other characters for whom that song would be more than apt”

    anyone calling for an SSO is a good start and work backwards from there

  55. Tom R at 3.07
    I presume you’re referring to the Chris Kenny tweet. We can look forward to some very serious historical revision in the coming days.

  56. “Actually I can think of a couple of other characters for whom that song would be more than apt”

    Here is another one lining up

  57. Minister for Defence Stephen Smith welcomes Bob Carr to the team and will not repeat his own conversations with the PM.

    He said he commented all week to the media, and didn’t know if they had been listening or not…that it was up to the PM to make her decisions.

    ABC 24 about to interview Robert McClelland no doubt with the hope of a whinge from him …

  58. ABc 24 are persevering with the McClelland interview. he’s not being interviewed at all.. just making a lengthy statement,

    Normally that would be the end until a better line was connected but not this time ..Hopeless ABC.

    He will remain an MP

    Being dumped from Cabinet is not the end of his political career..

    The PM told him it was the manner of his support for Kevin Rudd that led to his being dumped from the Ministry.

    Mr.McCllelland also said that he spoke up for Kevin Rudd because of the strong attacks from other party members.

    Thanks for nothing ABC, the rest was very hard to understand.

  59. Stephen Smith also gave these fools a polite slap around the chops for not listening to his comments during this week 😀

    ABC24 now has a schoolboy saying that Bob Carr has no foreign affairs experience…

    He says that Carr has shown an interest in climate change but there’s “not much interest in that now”..

    Talking heads everywhere – give me strength

  60. Min and Tom, the poor dears haven’t found a hook of any sort so far after all the feverish speculations …

  61. Tom R et al
    History isn’t necessarily written by the winners, it’s written by the people who write history & we’re seeing some of that now. This whole thing started as a “Gutless Gillard” line in the Meredoch rag, jumped on by others & now they have to manufacture a narrative that ties in with that & yet admits she got exactly what she wanted. Absolutely none of what the MSM’s accused her of has been shown to be true but they’ll still persist with the suggestions of impropriety & weakness.
    My money’s on a general “she said she wouldn’t & she did” theme, an outright lie. Coupled with a focus on who said what when.
    I like Bob Carr. I think he’s a top bloke. Julie B will be used to wipe the floor, be wrung out, & shoved in an empty plastic bucket until it’s time to do it again.

  62. I was watching Smith, to say that he wasn’t impressed by the reporters would be an understatement. Smith is usually a calm, cool customer but for once his irritation showed.

  63. Yes Antony, it was a very neat verbal slap around the chops I thought 😀

    Min, and Bob, the “truthful” and “lie” memes will continue…

  64. ABC just saying Gillard pulled Carr from her “bag of tricks” & later giving Abbott the opportunity to say Gillard’s been “lying all week”, about what we weren’t told.

  65. Roswell, I find it bewildering that the media have such an infatuation with him. So far he has provided nothing to show why he should be an alternate Prime Minister. There must be something in it for the media barons, as there is for the mining magnates.

  66. The sad thing is that many ordinary Australians are being hoodwinked into believing they’ll be better off under an Abbott Government. Won’t they be in for one hell of a shock if it ever happens?

    And the boats won’t stop for them either. I hope they don’t regardless

  67. Least of their worries, Migs..factory fodder and at minimal wages.

    Bob, why does that media think that they have the right to be told anything whatsoever.

    The Prime Minister’s press conference was scheduled, therefore why should the media’s preferred method of providing information aka “unnamed sources” receive precidence over ordinary Australians? Just to make the media look super-clever when they’re far from it…..

    I think that I spotted only 1 or maybe 2 articles throughout the written media where the journos were weighing up the pros and cons of various contenders for the position of Foreign Minister, as an assessment of abilities. The rest of it was “the politics” and trying the usual crystal ball trick of what might be the politicial motivations behind selections. It’s the same as hiring a person, based not on their ability but on which footy team they barrack for.

  68. Migs, I’m not certain that many ordinary Australians have even thought that far ahead. Abbott provides absolutely zilch by the way of policies, therefore there is nothing to criticise…yet…

    My bet on the boats is that it will be 1. if the boats stop coming, Abbott will gloat. 2. if the boats continue to come, Abbott will blame Gillard..plus gloat.

  69. Min @2.03pm, you are an evil genius and I LOVE it!!!!

    Augustus @2.28pm, roflmao!!!!

    Augustus @3.14pm, rofl!

    What a lot of utter bullshit they do tork! Gillard’s under no obligation to respond to their fishing expeditions except to give them the finger. She’ll say who will be the new FM and the manner of his arrival when she bloody well chooses to!!! 😆

    Roswell, i didn’t think Liealot could possible get more obnoxious.

  70. Migs, I’ll think of a spot for you.

    somewhere in the negative googolplex range I’m assuming Min 😉

  71. I notice on the news tonight this is being portrayed as either a Gillard backdown to the ‘faceless men’, and another example of her lying, apparently because she has said that she wasn’t going to ask Carr, or somehting like that.

    Do these journo’s watch what is happening at all?

    The oo was caught out making stuff up, Gillard denied their story. Nothing that has come to pass has negated her comments. The media wanted to see it one way, the fact that she didn’t correct their mistake is not her fault, it is the fault of a pack targetted on it’s prey.

    Now the pack is trying to make a new story. Wonder if they will get away with this too?

  72. Bound to be both Tom, backing down plus lying. What a fckn negative media we have in Australia..isn’t anyone allowed to smile even once!!

  73. Roswell, I wish that they would read Tony Abbott’s..the eyes darting to and fro, then he looks down and hesitates for a brief moment just before he’s about to launch into one of his set of slogans.

  74. Just caught the tail end of the 7.30 null carping on about it, and complaining that Gillard made the whole thing unnecessarily messy 😯

    Yea, that’s right, it’s all Gillard’s fault the media jumped to conclusions. I wonder if they have read the results of the report in the Media Enquiry thread, and are contemplating the amount of work involved in putting out corrections for everything they have confalted so far this week?

  75. From Jack the Insider..it’s a bit of a lengthy copy and paste, but done well and with humour.

    Yesterday, in yet another suspension of standing orders motion, Opposition foreign affairs spokesperson, Julie Bishop mocked Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

    In the wake of what appeared to be an ugly spurning of former NSW Premier, Bob Carr, Ms Bishop equated the choice of potential foreign ministers available to the Prime Minister – Stephen Smith or Simon Crean as akin to that of “a rooster or a feather duster.”

    It wasn’t a bad line, alluding to Mark Latham’s description of Mr Smith as a factional “rooster” and Simon Crean’s veteran status in the parliament.
    I wonder how Ms Bishop is feeling today. The Labor cabinet and caucus have bowed to the Prime Minister and Bob Carr will be Australia’s next foreign minister. Politics, like life, has a way of catching up with those affected by hubris. But the karma in this case was instant and brutal.

    Ms Bishop may take some comfort from the fact she won’t have to face off against Mr Carr as she and he will take their seats in different chambers of the parliament. He is a powerful orator and a merciless repudiator of opponents.
    Bob Carr doesn’t do stare-downs. Indeed, if he and Ms Bishop did go toe to toe across the dispatch box, she may have returned home one day to find her own cutlery bent into some ghastly Gellerian shape.


  76. Tom @ 8.12pm,
    Just caught the tail end of the 7.30 null carping on about it, and complaining that Gillard made the whole thing unnecessarily messy

    Surely not ! 😯

  77. Min, Death Stare May have returned home one day to find her own cutlery bent into some ghastly Gellerian shape.

    I’d like to see that 😆

  78. Again from Jack TI..

    For the first time since she became Prime Minister, Julia Gillard has established her legitimacy and asserted her authority. With Kevin Rudd left behind her as political road kill, she has clear air and a narrative to develop and sell.

    Hallelujah, after all the ragbag commentary that I’ve read and heard today, at least there is one journo without an agenda to try to sell.

  79. A couple of ABC bulletins tonight plus Oakes. Basically continuing the theme that Gillard was rolled & then she wasn’t. “Messy”. Becauses of whose bullshit?Interesting that Gillard’s fight to install Carr over the “faceless men” was conducted in secrecy & without any commentary from the usually abundant “Labor sauces”. Plus the ABC going out to bat for the losers in this (no not Julie Bishop) by emphasising they’d fought the good fight on Rudd’s behalf. And their announcer just about bringing himself to concede Gillard’s victory but then stating Labor had a knack of losing from things like this…

  80. I thought to revisit a post from Cu, this is from the 29th.

    Michelle Grattan@michellegrattan
    Gillard should have been more precise in what she was denying, Bought more trouble by being categoric but general.
    29 Feb 12 ReplyRetweet


    This is how completely ridiculous the situation is. When Gillard failed to deny that the FM would be Bob Carr, she was criticised for the media getting it wrong..as per above, she should have been more precise. But now that is it Bob Carr, it once again is All Her Fault.

  81. Min, I believe that Ms. Grattan might be feeling a little stupid today and may even be considering retirement. It is sad seeing one trashing her reputation of a life time.

    The PM has for the last fortnight been playing them like puppets and they still have not awoken to the fact.

    The PM dealt with the Rudd undermining at her time and place. The PM yesterday has treated them with the contempt they deserve.

    Not before time.

  82. I have been reading this article


    Two things popped out at me.

    First and I may be wrong

    “Mr Carr was moved out of the Manufacturing portfolio after he supported Kevin Rudd’s failed attempt to seize the Labor leadership. ”

    but wasn’t Kim Carr re-shuffled out of manufacturing before Rudd’s challenge

    and secondly,

    “Though the Opposition is unhappy, there is much optimism over Bob Carr’s appointment to the role of Foreign Minister.”

    So the opposition are unhappy………….poor diddums

    on are unhappy”

  83. It’s very important for the media to seek the thoughts of the opposition. They don’t have any policies, only opiniins. I am interested in neither. But I’m happy to settle for the news that they are unhappy.

    I hope they stay unhappy.

  84. I hope so Migs

    Gillard can just come back with her ‘useless men (and women) line 😉

    meanwhile hahahahahahahahaha

  85. It seems Labor’s “faceless men” have face’s and were doing their job.
    It also seems that the oppositions “faceless men” have second job’s………in the media.
    Have been hearing this word ‘obfuscation’ coming from the opposition and media all day.
    Seems the opposition and I have learn’t a new word.
    Beclouding,…. ha ! ! The kettle calling the pot black….

  86. Probably not, Tom. I can think of a left wing program and that’s Late Night Live. It’s on Radio National, which also brings us Fran Kelly.

  87. Min @ 6.44am

    I thought to revisit a post from Cu, this is from the 29th.

    Michelle Grattan@michellegrattan

    Gillard should have been more precise in what she was denying, Bought more trouble by being categoric but general.

    29 Feb 12 ReplyRetweet

    Does Mishallow know what she’s talking about?

    Tangled, manipulative and deceitful are the adjectives that spring to mind.

  88. Pip, @ 1.40pm “Eschew obfuscation”……sorry I don’t understand…………………..

    ….crows fans!!!

  89. Sorry guys, probably being a bit elitist…. being a Geelong fan ‘n all……bragging rights carry a certain responsibility and should not be used to have a go at all you other team supporters willy nilly………”so to,”Eschew obfuscation”, I’ll simply put the slipper in…..(losers)

  90. Sorry, I’m late getting around to having my say here, but I’ve been giggling over your comments above for this morning after having, for once, taken time read the Oz articles that Lyn has linked to. What a giggle there too. They brought out all their pen power to drown the Prime Minister in faint praise for the Carr coup! Unbelievable the lengths they go to in trying not to have to eat their own words. Why can’t News Ltd journalists, and most of the Fairfax stable too, write as well as many bloggers do? I think the best take on it all is from our friend janice who said

    IMO this was a carefully crafted tactical move by Labor from the smoking out of Rudd through to the reshuffle announcement. It required extreme discipline in keeping to the script. I can only applaud the architects of the plan.

    But I guess it’s just as well the Canberra Press Gallery didn’t get it.. They provided the PM with the smoke screen she needed and also helped the Opposition make fools of themselves.

  91. Again I must apologise, bragging rights running out soon, must use when can… its a rule !!!!!!

  92. Patricia, and today the Oz continues with beat-up after beat-up. I’m beginning to think the PM is up there with Hitler and Stalin in the evil stakes.

  93. Augustus @10.40am..it seems that Kim Carr had both Manufacturing and Defence Materiel.

    Firstly we have:

    But the demotion of Federal MP Kim Carr from the manufacturing portfolio has sparked a backlash from the troubled industry.

    But further into the article we have:

    The Food and Grocery Council says it is positive to see the ministry has been elevated but it is concerning it is no longer a standalone portfolio.


  94. “the Canberra Press Gallery didn’t get it.. They provided the PM with the smoke screen she needed and also helped the Opposition make fools of themselves”

    well said patriciawa

    it is as if the faceless men made a laughing stock of the useless liberals and the meaningless media

  95. Sue, I believe that this is the way to go.

    I recall very vividly prior to ’07 that we on the blogs were saying, At last now that Labor is in government, we of the Left will get a fair hearing..the interpretation at the time being that it was because Liberals were The Government, that this was the reason that little that Labor and the left were saying ever was reported.

    Except for a big of a thrill during the Kevin ’07 campaign, the media promptly reverted to reporting little else than Liberal Party Press Releases.

    Kevin Rudd tried to ignore it all, and he said it himself that the good that the Labor government was attempting would soon be obvious and appreciated. The reverse of course became true.

    I believe that Gillard also followed this line of reasoning, that she would just get on with the job and all would eventually be appreciated.

    I think that Gillard now realizes that never will anything that she or her government does will receive anything resembling positive spin from the media.

    She may as well stick the knife in.

  96. Independents: LibNats can’t unwind carbon price, NBN

    These are two of the reasons why the “right” are willing to spend their multi millions to bring down the government… there are four reasons here actually, Windsor, Oakeshott, NBN [Murdoch],and carbon pricing [big polluters].

    Two key independent members of Australia’s parliament say there’s little chance of a future conservative Liberal-National coalition government being able to unwind major initiatives of the minority Labor government such as carbon pricing and the national broadband network (NBN).

  97. Treasurer Swan is now under attack for attacking the ‘wealth creators’

    The 0.01 Per Cent: The Rising Influence of Vested Interests in Australia


    The rising influence of vested interests is threatening Australia’s egalitarian social contract.

    A decade ago, as I waited for my order outside a Maroochydore fish and chip shop, a tall, barefoot young man strolled past wearing a T-shirt that read: ‘Greed is good. Trample the weak. Hurdle the dead.’ Those brutal lines seemed to encapsulate what was then a growing sense of unease in Australia. The world of my Queensland childhood, governed by its implicit assumptions of equality and mutual care, was being driven from sight by a combination of ruthless individualism and unquestioning materialism. Looking out for number one was not only tolerated but encouraged by a government whose agenda, particularly in industrial relations, seemed very far from the social contract, based on a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work with a decent social safety net for the vulnerable, that had served our nation so well for so long.


    But Australia’s fair go is today under threat from a new source. To be blunt, the rising power of vested interests is undermining our equality and threatening our democracy. We see this most obviously in the ferocious and highly misleading campaigns waged in recent years against resource taxation reforms and the pricing of carbon pollution. The infamous billionaires’ protest against the mining tax would have been laughed out of town in the Australia I grew up in, and yet it received a wide and favourable reception two years ago. A handful of vested interests that have pocketed a disproportionate share of the nation’s economic success now feel they have a right to shape Australia’s future to satisfy their own self-interest.

    So I write this essay to make a simple point: if we don’t grow together economically, our community will grow apart.

    I noticed a Lib supporter on Twitter remarking that the last sentence above was “meaningless”.

  98. Pip, I remember Windsor saying similar last year in relation to the carbon tax ..that they (the Indies) had it all tied up so that any future Liberal government couldn’t unwind it.

    And from your link:

    Mr Windsor said the government also needed to tackle the way the mining boom was “hollowing out” other sections of the economy and the impact on regional towns of the fly-in fly-out work processes.

    For example Karratha, locals can no longer afford to live there…a 3br house is worth $2,500pw as a rental property. This is the sort of place where Tony Abbott said that the unemployed should move to.

  99. Wayne Swan’s comment didn’t receive as nearly as much exposure as it should have..so here it is:

    TREASURER Wayne Swan has launched a major assault on a minority of Australia’s rich who ”are blind to the national interest” and called for a ”pitched battle” against them exerting excessive influence.

    In an extraordinarily strongly worded attack, he warns these wealthy people are pouring their fortunes into advertising, armies of lobbyists, dodgy modelling and corporate and commercial manoeuvring designed to influence editorial decisions.


    ps..it’s nice to see that the government has finally caught up with the blogs!

  100. Sue, minimal..being a hearing impaired person I can only speak for what I’ve read so have to rely on others for what they might have heard on the tellie and the radio.

  101. Min, Sue and Pip. Laughable of the Opposition to accuse Swan of class war against a few wealthy individuals when months ago Palmer, Forrest and Rinehart outed themselves as enemies of the government and came out fighting with their personal participation in the campaign against the mining tax. Who will ever forget Gina in her pearls on the back of that ute! The Joan of Arc of the mining industry!

  102. Ad Astra has written a great critique of the Canberra press gallery’s response to the Carr-gate kerfuffle.http://www.thepoliticalsword.com/post/2012/03/03/The-Canberra-Press-Gallery-stumbles-%E2%80%93-yet-again.aspx

    My immediate thought as I read it was what a bunch of turkeys! Which got me thinking about feathers ruffled and then of course the re-shuffle. Which may explain the title of this, but the content only to us, the insiders who know just who the turkeys are! I’ll be looking for some images as I write a few notes up on this today. Any ideas?

    Turkey Feathers Ruffled?

    Julia Gillard’s cabinet reshuffle,
    Was one of the best media shows.
    Like pigs, their snouts sniffing for truffles,
    Journos found all sorts of things to expose.

    Tony Abbott was flexing his muscles;
    They were bulging near bursting his clothes.
    Up his Deputy bitchily bustles
    To put one more of their damned SSOs.

    So, with all that clamorous kerfuffle,
    The name Gillard so much on the nose,
    How did she manage that soft shoe shuffle
    To emerge smelling sweet as a rose?

  103. Well said by Ad Astra. The press seem to be struggling to work out an interpretation..where to slot the negativity to be precise. Here is another one:

    Before Monday’s leadership vote, one MP said Gillard’s forces were ”quite good at putting the view that Julia Gillard hasn’t gotten clear air because of Kevin Rudd, which was ridiculous”.

    They pointed to her speech at the national conference in December where she failed to mention Rudd, the Australia Day debacle and a strange decision to appear in a Four Corners special on the Labor leadership. All of these mistakes were her own and now opponents can point to the initial mishandling of Carr’s appointment – not to mention her mid-week obfuscation about it.

    Well, yes..of course Julia Gillard was obtuse about answering, but perhaps it’s because Bob Carr hadn’t been asked, and nor had he answered. Firstly it was rumours about Mundine, then rumours about Bob Carr before the press finally settled on Smith, therefore how can this be interpreted as “mishandling” when Gillard got the man who she wanted.


  104. patricia 😆
    the glamourous, clamourous kerfuffler couldn’t see the irony in her Terribly Important Speech about Labor not having anyone already in the Lower Chamber who was good enough to fill the role of Foreign Minister.

    Shame on Labor, drafting Mr. Carr from the private sector after the retirement of Senator Mark Arbib.

    Brilliant decision by the Libs for drafting Mr. Arthur Sinodinos from the private sector in to the Senate after the retirement of Senator Helen Coonan.

    13 September 2011, 4.38pm AEST

    From chief of staff to Senator: the rise and rise of Arthur Sinodinos


    Sinodinos is regarded as one of the most professional and effective individuals to have held the role of prime minister’s Chief of Staff. A consummate professional, he is respected across the political divide for his approach, attitude and political nous.

    Since leaving politics, Sinodinos has worked in the private sector – first at Goldman Sachs JB Were and more recently with the National Australia Bank.

    But he has maintained his links with the public sector, serving on the Board of the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) since late 2008.

    Senator Sinodinos became Chairman of Blackwood Coal

    Howard’s man prepares coal listing
    PUBLISHED: 22 Jul 2011 07:25:03 | UPDATED: 23 Jul 2011

    John Howard’s former chief of staff, Arthur Sinodinos, has stepped onto the board of Sydney-based private coal explorer Blackwood Coal as non-executive chairman ahead of a proposed public offering.

    Minister for Home Affairs and Justice Speech
    14 February 2012

    Topic: Matters of Public Importance


    If there was ever anyone to test the argument of the Leader of the Opposition that carbon pricing is going to kill the coal industry, it is Senator Sinodinos.

    What does Senator Sinodinos’s return tell us?

    Like his colleagues—like the member for Kooyong—he also owns shares in the resources sector.

    He also owns shares in a coal company.

    But that is not all. A month after the Leader of the Opposition told the country that this would be the death of the coal industry, Senator Sinodinos became the boss of a coal company.

    He became the chairman of Blackwood Coal, an Australian coal company based in Sydney.

    While the brawn of the Liberal Party is running around the country saying, ‘This is going to kill the coal industry’, you have the brains of the Liberal Party becoming the boss of a coal company.

    It just goes to show what a bunch of hypocrites the Liberal Party really is.

    You have the boss of the party out there trying to scare everyone by telling them it is going to be the death of the coal industry, whilst you have all the rest of them out there buying shares in coal companies.

    And the smartest one of all is running a coal company.

    Follow the money; follow the money and you find the truth.

  105. Sue, March 3rd, 4.13pm,
    Min and PIp
    Did any of the media publish the Report Card by Oakshott /Windsor after their NPC address?

    Google search didn’t show much from ltd news….

    NBN, carbon price to stay: Independents

    Two independents have predicted the NBN and carbon pricing policies are here to stay, despite what Tony Abbott says


    AAP (AAP)01 March, 2012 09:30

    Independent Tony Windsor told the National Press Club

    He also revealed that during the post-election negotiations on minority government in 2010 he had put to a meeting between Abbott and frontbenchers Joe Hockey and Andrew Robb the option of a fresh election.

    “I remember Joe saying: `For Christ’s sake, don’t do that. Pick one … but don’t have a fresh election.’,” Windsor said.

    “Now … (they) want a fresh election. People should actually concentrate on the parliament they are elected into not the one they would like to be elected into next time.

  106. Patriciawa @ 1.33pm……. nope got no ideas, but this may give you inspiration……… or not !!!!

  107. Pip, I think that the press were more miffed that they were originally on the right track with their speculation about Bob Carr..but then they changed their collective mind. TUFF!

  108. they were originally on the right track with their speculation about Bob Carr

    But then they embellished it a bit too much 😉

  109. Min and Tom, they’re like irritating little kids. “are we there yet, are we there yet?”
    Prime Minister Gillard told the foolish throng that she would make an announcement in a few days and that’s what she did.

  110. The most dastardly result of the duplicitous Gillard appointment of Carr as Foreign Affairs Minister is that NO ONE will have to ASK on Bended knee for a Pair. Whine, Whine, Whine it is so unfair, the FAM will be able to attend government business without the approval of the Coalition.

  111. Thanks for the link to TPS patriciawa. I particularly liked this bit

    The truth, however, is that Gillard wanted Carr.” I suppose that convoluted statement is intended to convince the reader that no matter what denials PM Gillard or Bob Carr made, they were only technically correct


  112. “The truth, however, is that Gillard wanted Carr.” I suppose

    I suppose the PM’s mother is correct once again. What Julia wants, Julia generally gets.

  113. Here is a piece from Richard Denniss..Richard adds:

    Despite kevid Rudd’s efforts to portray himself as ‘Howard lite’ during the 2007 election I think Julia gillard has far more in common with Howard than Rudd ever will…now before you attack me you might have to read my latest op Ed. I argue that Howard wasnt popular in his first few terms, never gave big speeches about vision, but steadily made big changes to health, education, IR and virtually every other area of policy. gillard is passing her legislation but ‘failing to connect’…just like Howard. I think it is time that many on the left got over their obsession with vision and narrative and paid more attention to changing the world.


  114. Speaking of rumours, one doing the rounds is that Joe Hockey is pushing for Pyne to have a tilt at the leadership.

  115. Min, are you suggesting from one fool to another.

    I used to love stirring the turkeys up when I was a child. What a noise they would make.

    They were easy to get going, a little like some of the Opposition. Much noise, that led nowhere

    Not too sure who they were laughing at, themselves or me. Maybe they did not know either.

  116. Cu, you can have those turkeys to yourself..on my cousin’s farm out of Berrigan..I don’t know which was worse, the geese who used to snap or the turkeys who would rush at you gobbling!

    Amazing how the media can print every single snippet of gossip about the government, yet (so far) have maintained a golden silence about the Hockey/Pyne rumour.

  117. Min,

    I can’t say that I agree with that conclusion from Richard Denniss, or doesn’t the 264 bills passed by this government count paying attention to changing the world.

  118. 269 bills no

    Cannot remember the turkeys frightening me. Now the three geese were a different matter. Was not too fond of the roosters either.

    Mr. Turnbull, I believe is definitely turning the screws on Abbott. There is a belief aboard that both Abbott and Gillard are unpopular and cancel one and other out.

    It is being said if they are ahead with a unpopular leader, how much further would they be ahead with a popular leader.

    That logic is hard to question.

    The truth is more likely that the Coalition come close to winning in spite of Abbott, not because of him. It could also be said that opposing a price on carbon emission and the NBNco lost more votes that it gained for them.

    One cannot call the PM a sneaky, slimy, sleasy, stupid liar and more as Ms. Bishop did, and maintain respect for ones self and party.

    I do hope the media is going to pull back this week.

  119. This is the same guy who was claiming that he (and his mates) forced the PM into getting Carr all along last week. What a shallow little man. This article from him is truly ridiculous.


    Basically, he reckons cos the oo were so ‘brave’ to reveal the ‘waste and mismanagement’, then the Finklestein(??) inquiry is looking at the wrong people. Apparently, it should be looking at those who didn’t misrepresent what really happened. I put a comment up there, so will see if it goes through.

    (The bolded is a response in the middle is from Sarah Joseph, it seems to mangle it somehow ‏. Still learning the twitter way)

    Chris Kenny ? @chriskkenny

    Amazed how so many in the commentariat find Gillard’s inability to find a foreign minister in parliament is a stroke of genius. #auspol
    54m Sarah Joseph Sarah Joseph ? @profsarahj

    @chriskkenny of course, fair commentary would use the word “preference” not “inability”. But fairness isn’t really your thing I suppose.
    Chris Kenny Chris Kenny ? @chriskkenny

    @profsarahj Oh please, your idea of fairness is apparently to accept all spin.
    Hide conversation
    7:24 AM – 5 Mar 12 via web · Details

  120. How’s this for a weak and ineffective Prime Minister with some of her dysfunctional team? Imagine if Tony Abbott were PM, what kind of picture we’d be seeing!

    PM with GG and others in cabinet after swearing in ceremony today

  121. The link to that picture is here How wonderful is that image of three powerful women along with a team of intelligent and forward thinking men who run this country. Let’s make sure they go on doing so.

    Don’t know why, can’t seem to copy full picture in there. Never mind, the point is does our PM look stressed and needing to be replaced?

  122. I have a feeling we would not be seeing that GG. There is no way that Mr. Abbott is going to allow a woman to be above him again. I don’t know how he will deal with the Queen.

  123. Pingback: Peter Slipper RESIGN or GET SACKED you are an embarrassment « Aussie Criminals and Crooks

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