Rose of Cimarron

Our theme songs are back. First we had animals, then places, now we have names. But because we might easily run out of names it’ll be fine to post songs with he, she, him, her, mine, I etc in the name.  Here’s one for starters.

125 comments on “Rose of Cimarron

  1. Migs, to Sir With Love, the first movie where the issue of color was brought forward. It challenged the older generation and their ideas that to be “of colour” equated with being inferior. The younger generation loved it. I was about 15 years you might have been too young to remember. 😉

  2. Ginger was always bitter that she did not get the same recognition for her dancing as Fred. She used to say I did everything he did but backwards and in high heels. Ginder get my vote

  3. Luna, re doing everything that you do but backward in high heels, my bloke is a bit like that too..only he rarely wears high heels.

  4. This lady will be performaing in Albury next month. I wonder if she’ll bring the dancers with her. Maybe not. They’d be in their 70s now.

  5. And this song was from which Broadway musical and the female star (who was not a singer) was..double dare and only minimal Googling allowed..

  6. This isn’t a song, but it’s worth singing about. This Saturday Port Adelaide are playing the West Coast here in Canberra. You can still get a motel, surprisingly.

  7. I won’t admit to any culinary skills – you’ll just want me to cook as well as clean and tidy & laundry duties and… 😛

  8. @Min, I was delighted when he offered… ok now for the truth, I
    am thinking he knew either someone, or had history in Sweden, it’s an old….old Swedish name and pretty rare these days out of Sweden, it was my grandmothers name therefore handed down to me.

  9. Computer has gone gaga and hasn’t posted the links. One keeps freezing, this one has to beaten into submission.

    Ritchie Valens Oh Donna

    Pat Boone Speedy Gonzales

    Ricky nelson Hello Mary Lou

    Bobby Gentry Ode to Billy Joe

    Ludwig Beethoven Ode to Joy

    Dusty Springfield Son of a Preacher Man

    Johnny Cash a Boy named Sue

    Charlie Daniels Band Devil Went Down to Georgia

    Kenny Rogers Ruby don’t take Your Love to town

    Little Richard Long Tall Sally

    Little Richard Lucille

    Chuck Berry Maybelline

    Chuck Berry Nadine

  10. Maybe Along Came Jones would make it complete. I bet you’re sorry you thought of this, Migs.

  11. Please, Mr Custer. I’m loving it. all that listening to the radio before tv made it to the sticks finally paid off! No shock jocks in them thar days.

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