Do you know who our PM is?

I believe most do not.

Many do not know her, but they all know she is bad, sly and a liar.

If that is not enough, she is a bitch and cares for none.

She also rigid and unfeeling.

I forgot to add, treacherous.

To add insult to injury, she does not know how to dress or talk.

No one wants her.

The hate seems stronger among the young and Labor voters.

The hate from the young amuses me, as when you see her around young people, the PM appears to interact well.

Prime Minister, Interrupted: Why One Year After the Election Voters Still Don’t Know Who Gillard
The mud maps of our most recent prime ministers might go as follows: John Howard – solid, middle-class type. Bit awkward. Social conservative, sticks to his guns. Strong. Kevin Rudd – hardworking. A bit nerdy. Modern family. Knows about foreign stuff. Labor, but not much into unions. Keen to do something about climate change.

But what does Julia Gillard’s story tell us? It’s an interrupted affair, and this is at the heart of her continued struggles as prime minister. Her life story, as it appears broadly to voters, looks a bit like this: Redhead. Political lifer. Pretty feisty. Likes football. Seems a capable deputy. Whoops! Is suddenly the prime minister.

And the period encapsulated by the “Whoops!” element of the above synopsis is precisely the period about which the prime minister can give us no further information. In June last year, the deputy prime minister became the prime minister, for reasons that were not immediately clear to most outside the Canberra area. Stories are important in politics. And the gap in this story is grievous.
It’s nearly a year since Julia Gillard decided that a good government had lost its way, and issued the request for Australia to “move forward”.

But not everyone is moving forward.

“I don’t trust her, after what she did to Rudd.”

“She’s a puppet.”

“Shafting Rudd the way she did was appalling.”

“There is no direction”.

“She lied to us on the carbon tax.”

“People have to a large extent tuned out to Gillard, and they find her to a certain extent embarrassing,” is Scales’s assessment of the public mood. “There’s not much in the way of positives about her at all.”

One of the exercises Scales does with these groups is to ask them to divide a sheet of paper into two columns, and list down the left side all the things the government has done well. On the right side, they list the not-so-good things. “For some people, the left-hand column is just a blank,” Scales says. “Or, you find they’re reaching back to Rudd government stuff – the cash handouts or the pension increase. This is one of her major problems: People can’t find anything to argue for her. There’s not much people can point to that they [the government] have actually done.”


“The only people I see who have any idea who Gillard is are people in the western suburbs of Melbourne,” says Scales. “But no one else can ever give me a description of what they think about Julia Gillard as a person. And that applies as much in the other suburban areas of Melbourne as it does in Perth, or anywhere else.”


Prime ministers never like being asked about why they’re having trouble getting through to people but Gillard isn’t especially prickly on the topic, fortunately. “I think that that’s true,” she responds, equably, to my ventured suggestion that her silence on the manner of her assumption of the prime ministership is hampering her ability to communicate. “And I’m conscious of that. But it’s hard to explain all of that without being … you know … without being disrespectful to the efforts of the former government, which did achieve, even with all these fetters and constraints, did achieve all these remarkable things. And, more particularly, the efforts of the former prime minister. And even though it leaves a gap, I think it’s the better and more respectful course to create that gap than to do the alternative.”

What we do know: Those who know her personally and are close, have nothing but praise for her guts, ability and loyalty.

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  1. How can this woman raise so much hate in many.

    Ms Roxon said the people in caucus like working with Ms Gillard.

    “The prime minister has a very calm demeanour, she’s very personable, she’s worked really closely with people.

    “At the end the caucus members are people and they will respect the people that they’ve worked well with.”

    Read more:

  2. I don’t know that people hate Julia Gillard at all. Liberal supporters repeat the media jibes, but they would do that irrespective of who lead the Labor Party.

  3. I’m ashamed to say that it smacks of sexism … but then I see female journalists attacking in a silly way … Uhlman and Hewson are particularly biased …

  4. My 16yr old daughter dosnt like her because she’s got red hair, a big nose and a big bum. Well ya get that from16yr olds, but the ‘red-necks’ I know say the same thing….. my conclusion is that your average ‘red-neck’ has the same political capacity as 16yr old.

  5. LOVO, unfortunately youngest daughter’s opinion is that she likewise does not like Gillard..her harsh manner more than anything.

    I still believe that Julia is still the ranga who endeared herself to many previously, and that this time it’s to do with which ever idiot advisor told her that in order to look prime ministerial, she should take on a certain gravitas.

  6. That’s about what my 88yr year old mother thinks of Tony..mother added when we were talking about it on Sunday that if she wasn’t a virgin, she wouldn’t tell Tony either. Ans: Yes Mum.

  7. She dosnt like Tony either because he’s got monkey ears and he’s a dickhead, out of the mouths of babes etc…..

  8. Yes, but arseholes are useful….. but then again I supose he’s useful to Malcolm, only he dosnt know it yet….

  9. Geoff, most is from the article in the Monthly. I started off with a comment and ended up with a post as I found it hard to leave anything out. It is a long article.

    Min, I believe some are consumed with hate. What bought the article to my notice was some comments we have had on CW over the last few days.

    There might be sexism in it but I am not so sure. With some, it could be that they have not come to terms with seeing a woman in a position of power.

    Min, it is among the young that she is most despised. Yet when we see her with young people, they seem to hang off her every word.

    Maybe the PM is not like most women we know. The PM is her own person, in spite of seeing her appearing to be warm with those she is with, she comes over as harsh.

    The PM is not unattractive. She does have a plump stature which is norm for her age.

    She charms all that get to meet her, as long as the group is no bigger than twenty people.

    The PM is smart, gets through a huge amount of work. She is methodical and priorities.

    She is capable and can deal with many issues at once.

    She has worked hard on her presentation and voice delivery.

    The PM is always cool, calm and collected.

    Her anger is always controlled.

    The PM is a woman I would like around me in a disaster.

    The PM does not appear to have political or feminine wiles. She does not snuggle up to the media.

    I am more incline to think the PM is a type of woman that most of us do not identify with, not sexism.

    A woman who is completely comfortable in her own skin.

    The PM is the type of woman I would have like to be.

  10. Maybe the problem the PM has, she looks too ordinary. The PM also does not appear to play games.

    The PM does not seem to need to talk about what she has achieved.

    That is a fault, that she herself recognises.

    The PM said she thought that all was needed is results. She has learnt that she has to sell them as well.

    I have a feeling that this PM does not like seeing people wasted.

  11. I don’t know where the stats are which provide factual evidence that young people “despise” Julia Gillard. The only polls I’ve seen indicated that Rudd was more popular with the younger demographic.

    As I’ve mentioned on a number of occasions, I would like to see Gillard offload the more severe demeanour and return to a more approachable self..which I believe made her originally so popular.

  12. Min, I wonder if the young will appreciate her guts and can do attitude.

    The PM is a woman they should admire and look up to.

  13. Cu, I find that those who really hate her are those who lean to the right. Whilst they scream that they were lied to before the election, were they ever going to vote for her anyway?

    When it was revealed by Laurie Oakes on the eve of the election that she favours a carbon tax, might that have swung some people to vote for her?

    In my opinion, rightly or wrongly, they just hate her because she won. If I were a Liberal voter I would be angry with Tony Abbott for not doing a deal with the independents. I would be questioning his failings.

  14. Cu, this is just youngest’s opinion..she admires the PM for her ideas and determination but finds that the PM isn’t someone to warm to. I think as far as the PM’s publicity advisers go, this is something which needs working on. If people warm to the PM, they will be more inclined to listen to her.

  15. I think that it was in the Young research I put the link up earlier that the biggest support that Rudd has is in the younger groups.

    We see the PM with small groups and she comes across as warm. The PM is quick to hug and kiss.

    The PM is definitely not an entertainer, but should that be the role of a PM.

    I know that the young are inclined to reject teachers and lecturers is they are not entertaining. I found that annoying before I left work.

    Now that the PM has got her confidence, maybe that side of her will come across.

    I feel she is a caring person. The PM took time to visit her parents at the end of last week in her busy schedule. I fell she did this to reassure them she was OK. I could be wrong.

    Do we expect much more from a woman, when in near impossible to change some body shapes. That I well know.

    Miglo, I agree she is disliked because of her successes. The PM will just not stick to the script that wrote for her.

    Mr. Abbott really felt he was her superior and he would have worn her down by now.

    That is not happening now. and will not happen in the future. The penny is now dropping with Abbott.

    Another thing to note, there are many strong women in Labor. There are few in the Coalition.

  16. Min, I wonder if your daughter and others are being influence by the cartoons and caricatures that flood the web.

    There has hardly been a decent photo produced of her up until the last few weeks.

    Good on you Annabel. She thinks politicians having to manufacture a persona as ridiculous. (Drum)

  17. Min, could the problem be that the PM comes across as an old fashion schoolmarm.

    Just a thought, I bet Mr. Rudd wished he went to sleep after dining out last week with Beasley instead of picking up the phone. History might be written different if he did.

  18. ‘…the PM comes across as an old fashion schoolmarm.’

    No, but I know an old fashion schoolmarm who thinks Julie Bishop deserves a “good slap”.

  19. No insult I hope to the schoolmarm. I only added that because I am afraid teachers today look like everyone else.

    This old lady agrees completely, that Ms. Bishop would be better off keeping her trap shut.

    Her mate Mirabella could join her. I wonder what Mirabella said to the PM as she left the chamber. Mirabella claimed that she said Mensa, which I am sure it was not. Mr. Albanese seemed upset at the word used.

    I wonder if that old fashion schoolmarm could take Mr. Abbott’s media attempt just before question time and make some sense out of it, if we could find the transcript.

    I am interested how many marks he would achieve.

    We could even email the results to him, giving him a chance to improve.

    He is getting worse.
    Sorry el gordo, I meant no insult.

  20. When I went to school, kids who behaved as Mr Abbott does (in Parliament) would get the cane.

    I got the cane for other reasons. Wagging, smoking, pinching a kid’s football, talking too much during class.

  21. Wagging and reading books under the desk were my main ones. I think that I spend most of 2nd form going through the front gate of school, waved my mother goodbye, then hightailed it over the side fence, down the back lanes and home again. Mum worked, so just before she was due home, I’d go out over the woodshed roof and walk home.

  22. Of course there is sexism behind some of the reasons people claim to not like Julia Gillard. And lots of women hold sexist attitudes as well because we grow up and live in a sexist culture.

    Julia makes people uncomfortable because she’s unconventional by mainstream standards of what women should be like. Her role is not defined as wife or mother like it is for so many women. In fact, I once heard a woman say she just doesn’t think Julia knows what it’s like to be a woman in Australia today. WTF does that even mean?

    I think it’s really sad that people judge Julia based on her personal life choices, or think that there’s something wrong with her because of them, especially when she seems to care more about children’s education and future than many of their parents do.

    She has been judged by standards that no male leader is held to, and the fact that she can withstand everything that’s thrown at her makes me admire her greatly.

  23. Uhlmann knows who the PM is and he seemed pretty sh1tty that she wasn’t on his show.
    It may be the Uhlmann has to learn more about the PM.

  24. Sue, have not heard anything. I suspect she may have picked her family well. There are still decent people who do not want to pull their father through the mud. People like her take advantage of these kind people.

    I am not saying she did anything wrong.

  25. As for school, I seemed to be too busy being a goody goody. Might havbe been better for me if I was a little more naughty.

  26. Chloe, I take on board sexism but I Believe there is more going on.

    “Julia makes people uncomfortable because she’s unconventional by mainstream standards of what women should be like. Her role is not defined as wife or mother like it is for so many women. In fact, I once heard a woman say she just doesn’t think Julia knows what it’s like to be a woman in Australia today. WTF does that even mean?”

    I like your other suggestion. Is she unconventional. I believe not. I say this because there is no such thing as a conventional woman today.

    There might have been when I was young, but not today.

    I have three daughters, and their lives are not similar. Yes, they have children, but that is where the similarity ends. . They had them at different ages and in different kinds of families A couple married, one more that once, Another after marrying and have three children, is now in a gay relationship.

    What is the conventional woman. Even when it comes to earning a living, they different.

    One drives trucks. Another belongs to the latte set.

    They are all women.

    How many that contribute to this site consider themselves conventional women.

    I do not.

    Chloe, that could count for the older generation, especially men but not to the younger.

    You are right in my opinion the PM does not live up to peoples conception of what she should be.

    I believe that is what Annabel Crab got angry tonight.

    All we hear is what the PM needs to do and be.

    I do not believe that a man would be told by an Opposition leader every day what she should do.

    We had Mr. Hawker saying she should step aside for Rudd.

    When it comes to a man, it is different. There was discussion how long the ballot was taking, One joked that Mr. Rudd’s speech would be long. The other, Oh, that is just Rudd.

    I agree with Annabel, one should not have to create a persona to be accepted. One should be judge by the results they produce.

    I think the PM believes that. I believe she feels a fool for saying this is the real Julia. It was not.

    The PM should go on as she is now. The public will get use to her in time, and look beyond the persona to the real person.

    Nothing else works in the long term. I feel that maybe Mr. Rudd’s problem. He has a personality that he needs to create roles. He is very good at it, but as soon as the pressure is on, the persona falls apart.

    I do not know if I am making sense.

    I believe she is a very honest woman and that is getting her into trouble.

  27. Did anyone watch Lateline tonight?

    For a view from the business world of the Labor ballot, they chose Mr. Paul Espie, CEO of Infrastructure Australia. He’s another seemingly benign old Liberal….according to him the international business people are unimpressed with this government.
    He must have missed their praise at the management of the GFC!

    HIs answers were straight out of the Liberals playbook…
    on the government, I lost count of the “tail wagging the dog” tally.
    He bagged the carbon price, the NBN and by the way the “tail is wagging the dog”!

  28. Chloe, sexist culture indeed, where do you shielas stop with this stereo typical view point, bloody women… wot would you know about being a male in this modern age with shiela’s as PM’s, it’s not easy you know… I bet Julia understands that, but then again she’s a smart shiela living in a blokes world, ay cobba…. CU, I as a single Dad of 3 I understand wot u mean, my youngest girl, 11, plays Aussie rules, her sister, 16, is a princess girly girl…. my boy is not a girl… wot is a typical women these days…. well, me, I hold down a job, cook, clean, do the homework, (except the maths) am the family taxi driver, run a LandCare group, raise money 4 red cross etc, but I wont come at the ironing, ay, that is womens work (ironing is like multi-tasking and everyone knows us blokes cant multi task) In politics its no holds barred, dont you think the big arsed ranga knows that…. sorry guys, I know I should really not get so emotional… but no one understands me, sob…. time 4 a bex… the househusbands friend….. now where did I put my Toddy… hic

  29. It’s a multi-tasking adventure that …. well I dont know i almost have to think of two things at once to explain it….. HA,

  30. LOVO, buy a garment steamer and you won’t have to worry about ironing, or better still, set the clothes drier to wrinkle free. I haven’t needed to iron a business shirt for three months. 🙂

  31. Cant set the clothes drier to wrinkle free, my arms arnt long enough …… or where do I find that switch on the Hill’s Hoist…. Miglo write the book, you could call it “Multi-tasking: The single step method for men”

  32. Min, you miscreant! I had to catch the school bus and as we lived 16 miles out of town, wagging wasn’t an option, particularly as my father worked on the property next to the bus stop. Irritating my father wasn’t a wise thing to do. And my mother would have been at home or out in the paddocks and sprung me.

    Plus, being inland, it was bloody hot in the summer and cold and wet in the winter.

    Chloe, well said. I do think there is a lot of prejudice against Gillard because she’s ambitious and because she had to tap a popular PM on the shoulder and tell him his time was up, a task that turned her into Super Bitch in many people’s eyes. Had a man done the job, there would have been a bit of huffing and puffing, but it would have been accepted quickly because that’s what men do!

    So she went from being a popular figure subordinate to a male, to being the one who called the shots over male colleagues and who is now the evil Morgan le Fay who did King Arthur in.

    Having said that, she would have been accepted if the circumstances of her ascent to power had been more conventional, or if the government had been more up front with the reasons why Kevin Rudd was deposed.

    However, it’s easy to be wise with hindsight and there’s no guarantee that people would have been any more accepting if there was an exposé of Mr Rudd’s difficult behaviour.

    It also gives the lie to whether we truly “know” our politicians. We’re given a thumbnail sketch of their lives,but we have no real knowledge of them. As long as they squeeze into the acceptable, comfortable image of a “normal” family man or woman, we’re content.

    Unfortunately, Julia Gillard spilled over the edges and appeared to have too much ambition in a woman for the Joe & Josephine Average Voter to handle. Me, I don’t need to know much more about her than will she do her best for the country? The answer is a resounding “YES!”, so I say “GO JULES!!!!”

    Pip, @11.56pm 27/2, same here. Frankly, they may as well have just dragged Rubble or some subterranean denizen of Menzies House out to do the interview.

    Apart from his obvious lack of knowledge about things economy, he was flying in the face of every other commentator in the known universe. It was especially peculiar to hear him stumbling for words on a subject he should be on top of.

    Any other business leader I’ve ever seen interviewed has spoken easily and fluently and has never seemed to be as ill prepared and lacking in fundamental knowledge about the business in which he’s supposed to be involved as Joe Espie.

    However, what really got up my nose was that the interviewer just accepted his mumbling without challenging him with the facts, once.

    Pip, I believe this “ironing” is a quaint tribal custom still practised in the dusty outreaches of that great unknown land Suburbia. I am personally not acquainted with this custom, but I have spoken through an interpreter with wimmens who still practise it.

    Migs @8.07am, you little multi-tasker, you!

    LOVO, you’ll have to read Migs’s book when it’s published. All will be revealed. I believe the first 100 editions will be signed and come with a free pinny.

  33. rabbit
    “If Gillard was a Liberal PM, I probably wouldn’t like her very much”

    why would you? the coalition have bishop, julie that is

    hehehhehehehehehehe hahahhahahahahhahaha

  34. Jane, I haven’t agreed about the sexist agenda about Gillard, thinking that as a clever and somewhat feisty female that it was 50/50. That although there were sexist connotations earlier on such as the empty fruit bowl, big backside, lousy clothing, attack on the partner for being a manbag..that these weren’t really sexist. 🙄

    And Jane you have it…

    Had a man done the job, there would have been a bit of huffing and puffing, but it would have been accepted quickly because that’s what men do!

    And as far as “spilling over the edges”..more needs to be seen of Julia, and that splendiferous red evening gown comes to mind.

    Girls, if you’ve got it..flaunt it.

  35. I went looking for comments to back up that the PM is treated. I could only find one. They seemed to have disappeared and been replace by more reasonable comments. Not all complementary, but that is OK. I am not against criticism, as long as it is criticism of what the PM has done.

    “The only problem is you have a old hag who is not a leader material as PM, and a deficient opposition leader in which the public doesn’t really like. Then you have the mining companies ala US oil company controlling behind”

    I think the following comment is spot on. The PM listened to the fools that should know better and attempted to put forwarded an image that is not her.

    The PM forgot, the person she is, is the one that got her to be PM in the first place.

    We are now seeing the person the PM is and I for one like her. The one I admired in the past. This was before the image and spin makers got hold of her.

    We are past poll driven and spin. We just want the truth, warts, and all. This is not something the media will like; it cuts them out manipulating politics. They will be left with the job they are there to do, reporting.

    “Gillard made a mistake when she became leader. That ‘Real Julia’ thing was the biggest mistake I have ever seen in politics. It has forever damaged her. If she took the job and vanquished Rudd to the back bench, and continued on talking straight and to the point like she had when he was galavanting around the world talking gibberish as usual, she’d be much more popular.

    This school mistress slow talking cliche machine I don’t think is even her, and she admitted as much with the real Julia guff, but she’s still been pretending ever since. She has an identity crisis.”

    LOVO, I can see you are well aware of the problems single parents face. I agree with you, I am sure the PM is aware of the problems single parents face, mainly because it is not a gender problem.

    I am glad that you have learnt the skill of multi skilling and doing many things at once. Women need these skills to survive, conventional or not. We can be thankful out PM also is adept in these skills, unlike her worthy opponent is struck with dealing with one thing at a time. Mr. Abbott is struck in a rut; he seems unable to free himself. I wonder why this so.

    Do not worry yourself about the ironing, not many woman do more than they have to. It is another of those conventions that have gone by the wayside, with the conventional woman.

    That interview on Lateline was an disgrace. It was pure propaganda for the Liberals. They should have another person to challenge him. It was full of lies and falsehoods. We also have a UK Conservative MP doing a similar job here as well.

  36. rabbit, I’m not sure about that, she presents herself in a very different manner; think Tanya Plibersek, cool, calm, straight talking, well mannered at all times.

    That’s not J. Bishop’s style….

  37. Moira Rayner adds an interesting slant to your discussion, Catching up, with her first para particularly

    This woman leader of ours is as tough as a stevedore. Necessarily, if a woman wants to win a shit-fight, which is what she did on Monday after a 20 month long challenge to her claim to be legitimately PM


    I was impressed by the support the PM got from her cabinet colleagues and how often they expressed their admiration for her toughness, but clearly they also held her in great affection. Her warmth and charm is so often commented on by others who know her as well as people who meet her for the first time. It’s even apparent in pubic appearances. I always think of her like this and wonder how journalists can describe her as wooden.

  38. Rabbit, I’d still like Julia Gillard if she was a Liberal. She’d even be worth voting for. Bishop is a different matter.

  39. Patricia, Julia does seem wooden at times..and this is what we’ve said here over a number of months that she really does need a good media adviser as the current one is cr*p.

    We know that Julia is warm, feisty. So why not make the most of her natural attributes and let the critics take the hindmost.

  40. The thing that I personally have disliked bout the current debate is the amount of self-justification. Gillard really didn’t knife Rudd, it’s that he deserved it. Gillard hasn’t had a media campaign against her, all is but illusion.

    Someone, and I think that it might have been Miglo and friend pointed out you shouldn’t believe what you read in the newspapers and while all the public are still venting their anger, that those personally involved have already kissed and made up.

    What was the description, it was about kids fighting in the playground.

  41. Smudgy Buggles on his feet, saying the PM has claimed that Oppn., has put ADF personnel at risk. [re turning boats back]….. deeply offensive.

    PM says she was quoting the ADF Chief Briggs.


  42. Min, I think we’ll be seeing much more of this from now on:-

    We know that Julia is warm, feisty.

  43. Pip, that opinion has also been long been put forward by Neil James of the Australian Defence Association.

    Anyone with even a modest amount of common sense would realize that instructing sailors to ‘turn back the boats’ will risk lives.

  44. Pip, I honestly do hope so. That’s the only way that Julia can win or at least minimise the damage.

    Policies be damned, Julia has to try to counter all of the sexist publicity.

    To me it’s if you can’t beat them, join them.

    I can see where Julia’s publicity machine were coming from:

    Julia = denigrated = super gravitas persona.

    But it doesn’t work because it doesn’t suit Gillard’s natural personality. You are who you are and if people don’t like be it.

  45. Min , the sailors themselves put their side of it years ago with photos to back their side of the story and it did not tally with the line that Peter Reith and the Coaition was running…

    I think it was on the Safecom blog… you know what I’m going to say next 🙂

    In the meantime i’d better do a bit of cleaning house….

  46. Another point about Speaker Slipper is that the Coalition will no longer be able to just turn up to throw their media grab lines and head for the bar.

    They now have to stick ore closely to the the rules.

    Poor old POO Pyne isn’t having any luck today.

  47. Julia didn’t white ant Rudd until the end, before that the factions unified to knife the Ruddster.

    Our chosen representatives should serve those who voted for them and in the middle of a communications revolution….not a difficult undertaking for any MP.

    There is hope that when the ALP get thrown out at the next election they will realise, all too late, the party should have stayed in touch with the people.

    A decade in the wilderness may see them come to their senses.

    Death to the factions.

  48. Miglo and PIp, I am sorry, I cannot solve your dilemma. Maybe the PM would be better to support my position, in not being interested in any type of football at all.

    Maybe that should be kept for one’s leisure time.

  49. Pip

    yes , tony really messed up, yesterday bishop, today tony.

    interesting though jenny macklin got it out that there were arguments in the coalition rooms over tony’s maternity leave packakge.
    no wonder they were all so glum, fights on

  50. El gordo, yes it was a full on media campaign against Rudd. Probably the first time in living memory that the Murdoch minions have gone along with the government..anyone with a half inquisitive mind would have to ask themselves, Why.

    Arbib’s resignation was clearly a signal to the factions.

    Yes, it’s likely that Labor will lose the next election..then you will have Tony Abbott as your Prime Minister. Good luck with that one.

    I think that I’ll play music…

  51. el groso, you might have missed the list read in Parliament this afternoon, of thousands of school classrooms, halls, libraries, and other improvements which have been built by Labor in recent years..

    All the parents and their families of children at those schools may have a different opinion to yours.

  52. The speaker told Mr. Abbott he thought he was going to say something original. Sadly that was not true.

    Speaker is making fun of the Opposition leader.

    Mr. Abbott then went onto ask the PM a question.

    Not allowed to ask question. Sought to move, then ask question. Not a good day for Tony. We are spared the MSSO.

  53. Abbott is now raving on. The PM must have got below his skin badly.
    He is still calling on supension of standing orders.

  54. The speaker suggesting Jenny Macklin as “disruptive” during question time. I can’t think of anyone in the house less disruptive, must have been making a speaker only joke.

  55. eg

    the fighting in the coalition is between the factions , now is this the terminology
    the wets
    the drys
    the nats

    here is a link, about the wets and dries, it kind of sums it up

    “The struggle between Minchin and Turnbull is an example of the ongoing struggle between the moderates and the conservatives – the wets and dries – for Liberal Party dominance. Minchin is the arch-conservative and Turnbull the recent flag-bearer for the moderate side of the Party. At the moment, the dries reign supreme.
    The interesting aspect of the Turnbull/Minchin struggle is that Nick Minchin has seemingly never been interested in becoming prime minister. Instead, he has been content to play a Machiavellian role in the background: sniping, undermining, threatening, manipulating and playing the numbers in the Liberal Party backroom to get the results he wanted, which he almost always did. For good reason, Minchin is nicknamed the ‘Dark Prince’ of Australian politics.”

  56. Pip, I nust say that I do not understand how so many get riled up about men kicking a ball around field. Then I supposed it is everyone to their own thing.

    Funny, they do not feel the same about women kicking balls around.

    The MPI is about raising confidence in the national economy. I agree with Mr. Albanese that would be a debate the Opposition would not want.

  57. Maybe that prediction if the ides of March bring on a leader change had the wrong party.

    Mr. Abbott does not look too happy.

    THe smirk is not there today. Ir must have been a good party meeting.

    Ms, Macklin did say the Liberal rooms, did she not.

    luna, Ms. Macklin seems to have become very assertive in the last week or so. It is a pleasant surprise.

  58. Cu and..

    The speaker told Mr. Abbott he thought he was going to say something original. Sadly that was not true.

    Speaker is making fun of the Opposition leader.

    Spot on from Mr. Speaker..about time to STOP taking FOOLS seriously.

  59. lunalava, re. Jenny Macklin, being disruptive. She did determinedly ignore his “Time!” call to her, and I think he was glad of the chance to censure someone on the government side for once, even an angel like JM.

    I think Slipper is having a ball as Speaker and doing us all a big favor.

  60. The Dark Prince has been promised the presidency of the Libs…so on the numbers I think the dries have it.

    The Nats (Agrarian Socialists) are happy with the Dark Prince and agree with him that industrial CO2 is not making the world a warmer place.

  61. The Nationals…Agrarian Socialists? You must be kidding. Well they might have been a decade or several ago. Mostly these days they’re real estate agents with a couple of ‘old family’ younger sons thrown in..those who have nothing better to do with their time.

  62. eg
    a bit too warm in the coalition ranks today, that is for sure.
    they are predicting flooding around canberra, good analogy, the wets are dumping on the few dries left in the room.

  63. The PM needs to keep going as she is. Forget about creating a persona.

    Just keep on delivering good policy. Insist on doing it her way. Tell the spin masters to get lost. They are not needed.

    Do as Hillary Clinton does, just pull your hair back sometimes and get on with the job.

    The nicest thing I seen about the PM in the last week, when she pull some of her hair back behind her ears. Too busy to worry about hair, more important things to do. Throw away the formal clothes and wear what you are comfortable in. Just as Premier Bligh does.

    The PM has the authority and the ability to exercise it. The PM does not have to power dress to do it. Just wear what makes you comfortable.

    Yes, PM, you are not good at acting and putting a false front on. PM, you do not need that skill, as you have many more.

    Show the young girls coming up, that a woman does not have to hide her own gender or personality to achieve.

    Tell your daughters, it is OK to be your own person and still achieve.

  64. Cu,
    Funny, they do not feel the same about women kicking balls around.

    No Cu, they don’t like it one bit! 😆

  65. Mr. Abbott is struck in a rut;……..

    Unfortunately not deep enough, CU.

    That interview on Lateline was an disgrace.

    If the interviewer had been doing her job, there would have been no need for another person to provide balance, CU,

    If Bishop, J was a labor politician, I’d still want to strangle her, rabbit!

    Pip @2.42pm, wash your mouth out with soap!

    99.99% recurring, Migs. 😆

    Pip, I think Speaker Slipper has sunk the slipper. I believe Credlin has been told and now that the PM has got the monkey off her back, I think it would be wise for Ms Credlin to keep her fat yap shut!

    CU @3.28pm, men most certainly don’t like women kicking balls around! lol

    patriciawa, I think you’re spot on about Speaker Slipper. He does appear to be enjoying himself, unlike poor Harry Jenkins who always looked harried. A good decision to recruit him.

  66. Rabbit, unlike the USA there is nothing to exclude extraterrestrials from becoming Prime Minister..just so long as they agree to become naturalised citizens.

  67. rabbit

    Roswell would make a good PM…except he’s from another planet.

    That shouldn’t be an obstacle rabbit, after all the Leader of the Opposition is from Uranus.

  68. Yabbot won’t be challenged, because the dries are going to win. Unless, of course, Smith becomes PM and drops the insidious CO2 tax.

  69. Jane
    credlin got her warning,(credlin yelled at the PM) during the last sitting period,
    if any of the advisors speak out in the chamber, slipper has said they will be banned for the term of his speakership.

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  71. el gordo permalink
    February 27, 2012 11:17 am

    I formally give up my position as acting resident seer…on political matters.

    That retirement didn’t last long 😆

  72. Pip, I did not think they would. I nearly rewrote it but change my mind.

    It is good seeing some women kicking balls around for a change, They do not like it, one only has to look at Abbott’s face.

  73. “If Bishop, J was a labor politician, I’d still want to strangle her, rabbit!”

    With the standard of women, already in the Labor caucus, none from the opposition bench would get past the first line.

    You have to have ability and certain strengths to succeed in Labor.

    Feminine wiles and cattiness is a no no.

  74. Jane, if we didn’t before this latest fracas edged on by the media, we do now.

    Did someone see where Mr. Rudd excused himself from some of the media and headed for Kochi, yesterday morning.

    Koch seemed to give him the cold shoulder unlike at the royal wedding where he welcome him with open arms.

    I think Mr. Rudd’s biggest shock this week will not be that he was beaten, but the realisation the media was using him.

    Maybe they want to punish the PM because she does not believe in brown nosing them.

  75. Popped in to watch 7.30 again before I renew my boycott. You’ll be interested to learn that Labor has been set new tests by the crew, plus there seems to be a RSPCRuddvoters movement emerging, with various lingual contortions applied to create the impression of a ghastly retribution on the cards. I gather this has been a feature of some other of the ABC’c coverage today. All doom & gloom. I thought Gillard looked pretty good today, even Heather Ewart I must admit said she didn’t look too bad.

  76. Nikki Savvas got it right this morning. Rudd was taken out of the picture (turned into a pink mist) to make way for the third contender. We have a max 18 months to the election. The new leader would need a minimum 12 months to bed in. It will be interesting to see when they drag Gillard.
    I lost $50 on the Rudd/Gillard Caucus vote on the weekend. Anyone want to do double or nothing?
    Open to offers.

  77. Bob, thanks for the run down. I didn’t watch but it sounds as if no improvement is in sight.
    That’s high praise from Heather Ewart; it must be the first positive thing she’s said about the PM in a long while.

    You’d be surprised at how many Lib., supporters still accuse the ABC of bias!.

    There’s been commentary about who will take the vacant Senate position and I haven’t bothered following. We’ll find out soon enough, and when it is announced there’ll be another round of nonsense.

    At least one journalist did some investigative work, probably Google!

    Rudd’s parting praise for little-known seed group

  78. Pip

    uhlmann is still smarting because the PM has not come on 7.30

    he should just be happy that gai brodtman is now sitting in camera shot during qt

  79. Bob, Abbott did not look the same.

    All predictions re Gillard rely on the premise is that she is going to lie down and let everyone ride over her.

    It does not take into account the fact that every prediction of her demise has come to nought.

    Do you ever give any thought to why that is so.

    Maybe, just maybe the lady has more ability than she is given credit for. Maybe, just maybe she is a doer, not a talker.

    In your predictions, do you realise there are numerous “ifs”.

    I would keep the money in the wallet.

    Yes, there is next month to get through.

    Even if the Thompson allegations. and at this stage, that is all they are are found to have some truth, it is unlikely to bring down the government.

    The PM looks strong and confident at the moment.

    As for Savva, who takes any notice of what she says.

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  81. Sue, it would be a waste of the very busy Prime Minister’s time to be interviewed by Uhlmann. she’d never get to finish a sentence before he
    ran interference.

    he should just be happy that gai brodtman is now sitting in camera shot during qt 😆

  82. You’d be surprised at how many Lib., supporters still accuse the ABC of bias!.

    Well they are, Pip-towards the Liars Party.

    My advice, Geoff. Quit while you’re only $50 down.

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  84. ‘That retirement didn’t last long’

    That commitment was made up the road, but here I can wax lyrical.

    Out of consideration I have decided to drop ‘will’ and replace it with ‘might’, ‘should’, ‘could’…..etc.

    Practicing seers need to keep a grip on the present, sometimes they drift into wishful thinking and become a laughing stock.

  85. Cu,
    As for Savva, who takes any notice of what she says.

    She’s just a mouthpiece for the Libs. or even Costellos’ mouthpiece.

    Peter Costello press secretary Niki Savva reveals all
    by: Laurie Oakes
    From: The Courier-Mail January 29, 2010

    NOW we know. If Peter Costello had become prime minister, he would not have wanted Tony Abbott as his deputy.
    Costello believed Abbott’s dismissive attitude to economic management made him unsuitable.

    This is one of the revelations in a new book that gives readers an unusually candid inside look at the world of politics and political journalism.

    The author, Niki Savva, knows what she is talking about because she was Costello’s press secretary for six years before transferring to John Howard’s Cabinet office.

    Savva reveals that a crucial turning point in Costello’s view of the man who is now Australia’s alternative prime minister came late in 2003, when Abbott told a newspaper interviewer he found economics “a bore”.

    He added, laughing: “I have never been as excited about economics as some of my colleagues; you know, I find economics is not for nothing known as the dismal science.”

    According to Savva, Costello was “hugely unimpressed”. The then Treasurer underlined the key paragraph before giving her the article “to file away for future reference”


  86. Pip, would the number of viewers justify the time the PM would waste. Just tells us how far 7.30 has fallen. This would have been one of

    The ABC is no longer the place one goes to to find the truth. These days have long gone.

    Do I get it right, if the PM does not taking she is weak. Funny, I see the Opposite as true, only a strong person comfortable in their self, can afford to bypass revenge. It is a wasteful action.

    I, believe this PM is big and sensible enough to put her personal feelings aside and choose the best ministry available. Now that takes a big person.

    Australia: Prime Minister Julia Gillard Wins Big in Leadership Dogfight · Global Voices

    Yes, but which version do they or you believe is true.

  87. Geoff at 8.27
    is onto something here! The genius! The next round of leadership speculation doesn’t even require a name. Better that nobody’s mentioned so as to provide an ongoing smorgasbord of uncertainty, sauced as necessary with unverifiable quotes & contrived situations & coincidences & away they go again, & on & on & on. Most of the writing’s been done before, change a few details & dates & that’ll be enough that they can get back to “leadership speculation is drowning out…”

  88. Geoff, as I said there are many “ifs”.

    Do not sell Julia Gillard short is the warning from government opponent Steve Kates at ‘libertarian and centre-right’ Catallaxy Files:

    She wins, and is now the most powerful Prime Minister this country has had in years. There is nothing she wants that is beyond her grasp being in cahoots as she is with her soulmates in the Greens.

    … I fear people misjudge Julia’s competence. She has shown herself incredibly able at the job of leading a party and it is she who is Prime Minister…

    The PM has not got here by accident or luck.

  89. Cu, Julia is already the most powerful PM we’ve had in years. How many pieces of legislation passed?

    There is no point in trying to push her barrow and trying to make her appear even more powerful than she already is, she needs to make herself more accessible to the people. She needs to once again become the slightly quirky ranga who originally endeared herself to one and all.

  90. Min, I do believe we do need to understand what has happened in the last week.

    The PM has fought a very nasty undermining of her government on her own terms and to her agenda.

    The PM has done this with a minimal amount of fuss.

    The PM for the first time has her authority and legitimacy set in stone.

    The PM has done this without spin doctors or the support of the media.

    There has was a major shift in the political arena yesterday.

    I do not think we will see the put downs and belittling that the PM has put up with for the last two years.

    Just look at the change at media conferences. There is respect, and she will no longer be treated as a joke.

    Min, getting legislation through is not enough. For one to be PM, one has to demand respect. I say respect, not love or being popular.

    The penny has not dropped with many yet.

    The PM is still being told by some, on the likes of 7 an 9, what she has to do. They are still talking about brand Julia. They do not realise the PM has moved on.

    They still talking about what Mr. Rudd said. He is yesterday’s man, and at the most was only a tool used to get at the PM.

    Min, they will catch up but some are very slow, they have to be told.

    We are not talking about the real or new Julia. This one has been there all the time, working hard behind the scene to get to this point.

  91. I would like to add. if this PM succeeds, she will have truly smashed that glass ceiling beyond repair for all the woman coming behind her.

    The PM will prove that a woman can do it on her own terms and without the support of men.

    No one will be judge or hire because they are man or woman. It just will not come into the equation.

  92. Pip, I was watching and it was hilarious. He went ahead with it anyway.

    It is in my opinion, abuse of the parliament.

    I suppose the easiest way of bringing it to an end, is make a fool ot him everytime he pulls it on.

  93. At the NBN press conference, grattan was one among those that got the quick, short answer.

    i came in a bit late on the pc, but it appeared that rules had been set, the pm would take questions on the NBN

    in one reply she said “nice try” we will answer the first part of the question

  94. Can just hear Lateline in the far room. They’re setting Labor a test too! Plus giving a few freebies to the opposition as well. What changes?

  95. Miglo
    Yes. Yesterday’s. Next week it’ll be last week’s challenge. Dunno when they’ll start on the next one, shouldn’t be long. Especially if Gillard starts looking good.

  96. Dumb question Miglo. Of course it’ll be Rudd. The media weren’t satisfied with his last challenge so they’ll eventually pump it up again.

  97. Crean said on monday that Gillard had a resounding win in Caucus and has the authority to reshape the front bench as she see fit.
    Crean said yesterday …hmmm yes anyone you like Julia except I won’t allow Bob Carr. I’ll let you know who we have chosen the FM.
    It seems the Labor epiphany and Group Hug lasted 24 hours.

  98. Bacchus, I was rather hoping you could do a pizza or whip up something for breakfast. But I see you’re a Bronco’s supporter. You’d better stick to pouring drinks.

  99. ‘The PM will prove that a woman can do it on her own terms and without the support of men.’

    Wishful thinking dat.

    Julia wanted to give Kev’s job to Bob Carr, but Smithy says not on your nellie and straight away the PM goes to water.

    That’s why we need a man like Smith as PM, he speaks quietly and understands the numbers game.

  100. It’s nothing more than ideas being floated around..either Mundine or Bob Carr to replace Arbib – possibly Carr as foreign minister, however the front runner still appears to be Smith back in his old job. But then I should imagine that the PM will be weighing up whether or not she can afford to take Smith away from the Big Mess which is Defence.

  101. Er grodo, do you have even a distant cousin of proof that Julia wants Bob Carr in Cabinet even as the drinks waiter? Thought not.

  102. Not just “sauces” but senior sauces.. I shouldn’t imagine that the PM’s office will be impressed that ‘someone’ who knows who the Prime Minister phones is running straight to journalists.

    Senior sources have told this website that Ms Gillard rang Mr Carr “two or three times” after the NSW Labor general secretary, Sam Dastyari, rang her and suggested Mr Carr would be an ideal replcement for both Mr Arbib in the Senate and to fill Mr Rudd’s shoes as foreign minister.

  103. el gordo,

    Everyone should avail themselves of the hate media, as an exercise in logic. A problem is that so many treat what they read in the newspapers as fact rather than mere opinion.

  104. Tony Windsor at the NPC, said of the negotiations after the election,
    in the first week of negotiations, Tony thought he had it sown up, in the second his colleagues were a bit nervous and in the third week Abbott would “do anything”.

    Oakeshoot….. Abbott needed to get other Independents over the line…
    he didn’t.

    Windsor, 58% of voters did not vote for the conservatives.

  105. “It seems the Labor epiphany and Group Hug lasted 24 hours.”

    Yes, it took that long for one paper to revert to it’s campaign. They out did their effort last week. Of course it is the Australian I am talking about.

    Numerous stories negative the the PM. Surely there could be one, just a little positive. I expect them to up the ante as they PM continues to refuse to play their game.

    Now to Mr. Carr. The PM did not deny she spoke to Mr. Carr. I am sure she has spoke to others as well.

    The PM as is proper said she did not disclose private conversations she has with people.

    The PM also said that Mr. Carr said he did not want to come to Canberra.

    It appears that the only thing that would tempt him was FM job. Does a man of his age really want such a physically demanding job.

    The PM is head of a team. I am sure that a prudent leader would attempt to keep the team on side and recognise their views.

    el gordo, this is not relying on men to do as one wants. It could be just as easy, the many women in the team that object.

    A prudent seeks the opinion of all in the team. That is why one has a team.

    It is the responsibility of the PM to make the final decision.

    What is the beat up in the media about.

    There is a sensible process going on, and for some reason the media sees this as weakness in the PM and disunity in the government.

    It is said within the last week, the PM talked to Mr. Hawke. I also assume, considering the role he is play in the party, she talked to Mr. Carr and probably many others. What is wrong with using others as a sounding board.

    I have a feeling this PM does not do anything off the top of her head. It is not her style.

    el gordo, as a woman, I find your put down of other women as puzzling. You ridicule sisterhood but do not appear to see yourself as part of that sisterhood.

    You seem to despise other women that succeed.

    It is only when women can achieve because of her ability, can it be seen as the gender bias disappearing.

    It is not set in stone that women are inferior. They are not. They are no better or no less than men. Gender should not matter.

    Women succeed today, but it is in spite of men. That is not OK.

    It is stupid to say there is disunity or dissent in the government. It would also be stupid and bad if they all agreed one hundred percent.

    If people believe that has to be the case, I suggest they do away with governments and install a dictator. That appears to be what they want.

    There was a cartoon last week. Where it can be found, I forget.

    It had this angry dog chasing it’s tail. The dog was the media, the tail Mr. Rudd. The angry looking head was the PM. It was not a particularly nice cartoon. (could have been moir)

    This week, we still have the dog as the media. The head as the PM. I wonder who the tail is. I am sure someone or something is going to feel that bite.

  106. “Senior sources have told this website that Ms Gillard rang Mr Carr “two or three times” after the NSW Labor general secretary, Sam Dastyari, rang her and suggested Mr Carr would be an ideal replcement for both Mr Arbib in the Senate and to fill Mr Rudd’s shoes as foreign minister.”

    So what?

  107. “Speculation runs wild, but the Prime Minister isn’t giving any hints about who will replace departing Senator Mark Arbib.

    Read more:

    This is more near truth. No decisions have been made for other to disagree with.

    It is still all speculations and only speculations.

    I am sure that the PM will test out many options to the many decisions that have to be made in the next week.

  108. An aside. On the weather report on ABC24 this morning, they mention flooding at Ungarie.

    The officer was asked where that is.

    He missed a wonderful chance to say that it was Humbug creek that was in flood. (which by the way, if my memory is correct, more like flash flooding.)

    Yes, humbug is flooding over everywhere. Like that creek, it is very insignificant and quickly disappears.

  109. Mr. Forrest misleads, open to be banned from his job.

    Mr. Clive Palmer describe as a little mad by those who control the football of the cub he bought. Told if he does not like the rules, he can decamp.

    Gina, not getting her own way

    The mining chiefs are quickly finding out how the real world works.

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