Who? Why?

We know two things.

There is going to be a leadership spill in the Labor camp and Tony Abbott would win an election if it were held in the near future.

Kevin Rudd, it appears, doesn’t have the numbers to topple the Prime Minister.  But by announcing that he’s the only person in the galaxy who can beat Abbott he is perhaps hoping to win over a few late votes.

It’s a pity that it boils down to who can beat Tony Abbott.  I would have hoped it was about who could best lead the Party and the country.

There are a dozen things we don’t know.  Will the shoot-out be between Gillard and Rudd or will there be other hats thrown in the ring?  Will Wayne Swan still be the Deputy Prime Minister on Tuesday night?  Will it be Roxon, Shorten or Crean?  If Rudd wins, will he see a lift in the polls or if Gillard wins, can she turn the screws on Abbott?

So these are a couple of questions I’ll throw open to you.  Who?  Why?

Cover art for Gun Fight (1975).

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