Rudd Quits!

What can I say?

This is what Kevin Rudd had to say over the media inspired leadership frenzy:

. . . the Australian people regarded the speculation as little more than  a soap opera.
“They are right,” he said.
“Under the current circumstances, I won’t be a part of it.”

Again, we hear it from the horse’s mouth.  So what will those baboons from the media say now?  I’ll leave that up to you to speculate.

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Show Me A Little Shame

Anybody who watched Monday night’s episode of 4 Corners would be as appalled as I am that the situation in Syria is continuing on, with the rest of the world watching, mildly interested, but mostly apathetic.

And a warning, this post contains images that should disturb….

For those that missed it, it can be summed up quite simply… Torture, brutality, torture, inhumanity, torture, and misery, with a bit of torture thrown in for good measure.

In Syria, the regime that is running the country make Saddam Hussein look like Santa Clause. It is clear that there is systematic torture happening on a grand scale. Unmistakably clear.

What pisses me off in all of this, is that we do nothing. By we, I mean the West. We are big on talk and finger pointing, but at the end of the day, we would far rather have committees to discuss things for months on end, and official enquiries etc. Then a vote at the UN, next time they meet, which will decide whether anybody helps these poor souls or not. This will invariably be voted down by Russia, China, and Israel, America will back the Israeli’s every time and vote no, and nothing will happen.

So, what do we do? We shrug and go “that’s sad, I’m glad I wasn’t born there”…. Then we get some ice cream out of the freezer, forget what we just saw, and settle down to watch Julie Bishop look like an idiot, once again, on Q&A.

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