Take The Power Back

Last Wednesday night in NSW, a stunning event occurred, it involved a sell out, and a celebration.

Celebrating were the likes of Alan Jones, Andrew Bolt, Rupert Murdoch, Gina Rinehart, and so on….

Selling out were the Greens…. let me explain.

On Wednesday night a bill was to be passed through the NSW parliament by Barry O’Farrell and the Liberals, with the backing of the Christian Democrats. This bill changes the way that political advertising and funding work in NSW, for the worse.

The bill bans donations to political parties from Unions, Community Groups such as charities like Greenpeace, and the Wilderness Society, as well as corporations.

It then goes on to prevent unions from pooling funds for their own political advertising, such as the “Your Rights At Work” Campaign, or the campaign against the Liberals “Workchoices” legislation, which was so despised by the public that it is apparently now “Dead, Buried and Cremated”. At least according to the self confessed liar that is the parties leader, until Malcolm gets some guts again…

You may think that all that sounds reasonably fair, however the legislation also allows individuals to spend over $1 Million dollars on a campaign for a  political party. Hmmm I wonder which party will make the most from those campaigns.

Some question this $1Million. Below is a quote From Greens MP John Kaye’s media release.

“The Legislation is not perfect. It leaves open the opportunity for wealthy individuals and corporations, registered as so-called ‘third parties’, to spend up to $1.166 million of their own money promoting a political party. While they cannot now donate to a political party, they can still run their own advertising.”

The Greens did this deal with Barry O’Farrell and Fred Nile, of the Christian Democrats. For those of you who don’t know Fred Nile, he is the MP who every year tries to ban the Gay And Lesbian Mardi Gras, and when that fails each year, holds prayer groups in Hyde Park before the event to pray for rain, hoping to ruin it…. In his spare time he speaks out against Islamic beliefs, and is hell bent (pardon the pun) on banning the Burqua….

Fred Nile and homophobes protesting at Gay And Lesbian Mardi Gras Sydney

Nice choice of friends…

I wonder what carrot was dangled in front of them…. How could Bob Brown let the NSW Greens sell out not only their supporters, the states workers, and ultimately themselves like this?

Should we now refer to Bob Brown as Bob Brown Tongue? If the shoe fits…..

Do these morons not realise that these corporations that have been banned are run by individuals to whom a $1 Million dollar donation is a drop in the ocean?

Rupert Murdoch will be handing out Million Dollar cheques to friends, family, and co workers to spend helping the Libs.

As we all knew it would one day under the Coalition, the government of NSW is about to be privatised and owned by a boardroom full of rich folk. A true Manchurian government.

The Greens this week have shown us that all their talk of principal, actually amounts to shit. They are a party that will sell out to the highest bidder at the most crucial moments.

I sincerely hope that The Labor Party will consider this come election time and stop giving Bob Brown Tongue and his band of hypocrites any preferences.

Pauline Hanson has more integrity, at least she sticks to her principles.

I weep for the future….

If you feel as strongly about this as I do, please sign this online petition, we need as many signatures as possible… http://www.nswalp.com/home/we-won-t-be-silenced/

Please share, repost, retweet or whatever… just spread the word, we need this legislation overturned.

6 comments on “Take The Power Back

  1. Wixxy, I agree, the Greens are sometimes so up themselves with principles you can imagine them joining the Nazis in a peace conference of the kind Hitler Youth ran pre-WWII.

    Sadly, preferences can make all the difference in some particular situations so it doesn’t make sense for Labor to depart from its pragmatic preference swop policies. If you can convince me statistically that it is to our advantage to change I’ll reconsider my p.o.v..

  2. The only decent thing I’ve ever heard Chris Kenny say was that the Greens are… A Political Party. That’s always overlooked. But if the media & the Fiberals get their way & this Labor government goes down in a big way the the Greens can expect the same treatment Labor’s getting now. I’ve heard a grand total of ONE commentator (on the ABC, a guest, didn’t catch his name) who said that the Greens would’ve gotten the fright of their fucking lives during the last election. For all the talk of increasing their influence, their holier than thou fucking around came very close to bringing it all down with an Abbott government.

  3. Bob, Kenny must about choked on those words. The Greens in my opinion have a lot to answer for in their opposition to the ETS. Their threats “to walk” against Rudd did nothing to help their cause.

  4. wixxy
    i think i read the unions or labor are going to challenge the legislation through the courts.
    as to individuals spending their own money, that is the american way. but if it stands then maybe the fed govt will need to change tax laws so that individuals can not claim a deduction.

    do individuals have to be named?

  5. Well, I am surprised by this turn of events!!! (sarcasm alert)

    The Greens have never struck me as being particularly principled and as Min said above, the ETS was the clincher for me.

    Patricia and Bob, I agree completely with your assessment of them. Principles my @rse!!!! Supporting this abomination of a bill exposes them for what they are; mealy mouthed holier than thou opportunists.

    Sue, I hope the unions are able to challenge this legislation successfully.

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