Take The Power Back

Last Wednesday night in NSW, a stunning event occurred, it involved a sell out, and a celebration.

Celebrating were the likes of Alan Jones, Andrew Bolt, Rupert Murdoch, Gina Rinehart, and so on….

Selling out were the Greens…. let me explain.

On Wednesday night a bill was to be passed through the NSW parliament by Barry O’Farrell and the Liberals, with the backing of the Christian Democrats. This bill changes the way that political advertising and funding work in NSW, for the worse.

The bill bans donations to political parties from Unions, Community Groups such as charities like Greenpeace, and the Wilderness Society, as well as corporations.

It then goes on to prevent unions from pooling funds for their own political advertising, such as the “Your Rights At Work” Campaign, or the campaign against the Liberals “Workchoices” legislation, which was so despised by the public that it is apparently now “Dead, Buried and Cremated”. At least according to the self confessed liar that is the parties leader, until Malcolm gets some guts again…

You may think that all that sounds reasonably fair, however the legislation also allows individuals to spend over $1 Million dollars on a campaign for a  political party. Hmmm I wonder which party will make the most from those campaigns.

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The front page

A quick Monday morning thread . . .

This morning I made a rare visit to the front page of news.com in a misguided attempt to read, dare I say the word, the news.

Most of it was old.  The ALP leadership challenge is well-worn.  Everything that was written may well be true, but it’s hard to believe stories that are based around “according to un-named sources”.  Maybe the stories where the sources can be identified – or not fabricated – could attract some credibility.

Here’s one, for example.  Talking heads chatty during silence.

The Governor-General Quentin Bryce and the Prime Minister Julia  Gillard have both been accused of talking through the minute’s silence during  the memorial for the 70th anniversary of the Bombing of Darwin.

Heather Malcolm said she saw both the ladies talking.

In agreement was Alana Chapman who said she saw Ms Bryce and Ms Gillard talking and said they should be able to show respect and not talk.

Others agreed.

“She was. She was talking to the Prime Minister. Very disgraceful and  disrespectful,” Darren Becker said.

“Yep. Saw them talking, very disrespectful,” Jenn Cameron said.

Dud story but at least the people were real.  Real people aren’t that hard to find, as this story shows. Makes the story seem real.

Apart from the leadership talk and the usual Julia Gillard slag-fest, one thing on the front page stood out.  It was under the heading “Most Recommended”.  Here we have a news organisation that rams the leadership talk down our throats yet recommends we read something else.  And what is today’s most recommended?  Here are the thrillers that round off the top three:

Princess Mary busts visiting dignitary’s cleavage stare.

ANZ rewards staff with holiday while customers get rates pain.

British tourist bitten ‘down under’ by deadly Aussie snake while answering call  of nature.

And their point is?  The headlines might be bullshit but we want you to read the other crap.