We hear every day how bad this PM is.  We hear that the PM is not fit for the role.

We hear that the PM knifed the previous PM.

We hear that because of what was happening at the time.  An acceptance speech was written.  The PM must have known this was happening.

We hear that there was polling at the time, which the PM must have seen.  It was unreasonable of the PM to say that polling goes on all the time and she cannot recall any in detail.

We hear that there was a move made a week or so before the event.  Therefore, it must have been the PM organising it.

We hear that the PM must be lying when said that she was approached but did not make her mind up until the night she challenged Mr. Rudd.

We hear that faceless men got rid of Mr. Rudd, not the members of caucus.

We hear that the PM got rid of an elected PM.

We hear that this is not a legitimate government.

We hear that the PM is paralysed and is not able to carry out her role.

We hear that the parliament is dysfunctional.

We hear the PM is a habitual liar.

We hear the PM breaks promises.

We hear that this government is not legitimate.

We hear that the PM colludes to incite riots that endanger the Opposition leader.

We hear that this PM claims credit for a flourishing economy that is the result of the hard work of Mr. Howard.

We hear that this PM refuses to acknowledge that firms are acting in a pre-emptive way, putting workers off to cope with the carbon tax, which is due in the next financial year.

We hear that the PM insists that it the high dollar and the highly profitable mining industry is leading to a multi-tier economy, not her carbon tax.

We hear that the PM cannot control her office.  The PM is covering up for an officer she dismissed for acting out of place.  The PM is guilty of not answering the Opposition questions about this worker.  The PM should answer, regardless of the fact that there is a police investigation under way, and if the PM did give information, it could discriminate the officer.

The PM cannot change her office because the PM changed the seating arrangements at cabinet meetings.  The PM has asked her ministers not to take notes during cabinet meetings.  The PM does not talk to her FM.

The PM does an hour-long interview in which she described what her govern is doing and has done.  Because only a few seconds that made her look bad gets to air, the PM showed bad political judgement by agreeing to be interview, by what many would hope could be the trusted Four Corners.

The PM is guilty of not interfering in an independent FWA concerning another MP on her side of the house.  This is in spite of two police investigations, instigated by the Opposition.

The PM is guilty of breaking her word to Mr. Wilkie.  It seems does not matter that similar legislation that begins the process is being introduced.

The PM lied when she introduced the Green Energy Future Bill, which has been passed.  This was a lie, even when the PM promises a price on carbon emission before the election.

The latest lie the PM is accused of is the rebate for private health insurance.  It appears that in 2007 she would not support it.  After that, there were two attempts to get it passed.  It was mention before the 2010 election.

What we do not hear is that there have been over 268 pieces of legalisation passed.

What we do not hear is all the promises that have been kept.

What we do not hear is the positive messages about the achievements of the Government and her ministers are espousing each day.

What we do not hear is anything positive about the PM.

What we do hear, is many positives being turned into negatives.

What we hear all the time is, “Mr. Abbott says . . .”

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  1. I had to laugh at this yesterday on PollBludger. They were imagining the media’s reaction to the hypothetical of Julia Gillard discovering a cure for cancer (reminiscent I guess of someone quipping about Whitlam, if seen walking on water, they would complain that he couldn’t swim)

    Health Insurance crisis deepens after positive trial of cancer vaccine

    Cancer only one element as Gillard road deaths soar

    Abbott asks why cancer sufferers singled out for cure

    Labor insiders: Gillard sat on Rudd cancer plan

    Dutton: Cancer treatment “Too much, too soon”.

    Dutton: Cancer treatment “Too little, too late”.

    Turnbull: No business plan for cancer breakthrough.

    Sydney man dies from cancer despite Gillard “cure” boast

    IPA: Patients have right to die from illness of their choice

    Plain packaging debacle exposed by cancer cure

    Four Corners: Gillard knew of cancer cure five years before acting

    Hadley suicide note: “I have nothing more to whinge about…”

    “If she’s cured cancer, where’s my prostate?” asks Alan Jones

    “Cancer treatment for seventy bucks, plus a new mattress” boasts Harvey

    Cancer “not main game” warns Heart Foundation.

    Cancer recall as Brisbane man electrocuted

    Breaking News: Jones gland found in chaff bag


    I guess it’s either laugh or cry 😦

  2. If there are any so called “faceless men” attempting to foist their ideology on the Australian public, it is the faceless media editors who direct that there be no analysis of Opposition policies, no reporting of positive effect of legislation and who approve endless unsourced stories of leadership challenges. This group of unaccountable people are making a mockery of the democratic process by only publishing stories that suit their narrative and the self interest of their backers

  3. Tom, I think it may have been one long past his prime, with the name of Howard.

    Thanks to his failure to move on and his last effort, we now have Mr. Slipper as Speaker.

    I think we may have a good one at that. Mr. Abbott and Mr. Pyne are being slowly wind in. No censure motion yesterday and a gradual tightening of MSSO is occurring.

    It is Mr. Abbott that cannot control his office. Mr. Abbott should have stood up yesterday, apologizing for the disorderly behaviour of his staff. This is the second time this has happened in recent times.

    Ms Grattan has given the PM a little leeway this morning. .

    Gillard is known as a good negotiator and has systematically built support for bills. There are processes to keep in close touch with key independents. The deals with those holding up the government include regular meetings with the PM. These mean good access and useful two-way channels. A staff member in Gillard’s office has the job of liaising with the crossbenchers. With the carbon legislation, the Greens and two country independents were made part of the decision process.


    Gillard’s success with the hung Parliament has also carried some drawbacks for her in terms of political image. Labor has found it hard to shake off the accusation that it is too close to the Greens. Wheeling and dealing with the independents makes the government look a hostage. The Slipper coup, tactically inspired, was tainted and smelly.

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/politics/pm-wins-votes-but-not-voters-20120216-1tbrn.html#ixzz1mbOVgSqI

    As I said, they cannot miss the chance to turn postives into negatives and blame the PM for sins of the media and Opposition.

  4. I must say that I have been very impressed with the way she has pragmatically got things done, even though I don’t agree with some of those things. Although full of bright ideas, her predecessor achieved nothing and made a wholesale mess of a number of things.

  5. We hear that there was no growth in employment last year. The worst for decades it was describe.

    What we did not hear.

    SmartCompany, threw something of a spanner in those particular works, offering the following comment:

    “Recent reports have compared the annual growth in seasonally adjusted employment level estimates and have suggested 2011 is the year with the lowest employment growth since 1992 (see below). This neglects consideration that the growth in population estimates for 2011 was also the lowest in over 10 years. It is likely that a large portion of the growth in employment levels in the recent years prior to 2011 has been due to higher levels of population growth.”

    According to the Bureau, 2011 saw the third-highest average employment to population ratio ever. Also bear in mind, as Crikey reported, much of the “job losses” in December were not job losses but the non-appearance of seasonal part-time jobs, primarily in retail.

    This isn’t to say 2011 wasn’t flat and worse than expected after a surprisingly strong 2010. We’ve tended to forget the economic shock delivered by the natural disasters at the start of 2011, from which Queensland is still recovering — just in time for more floods and more dislocation this summer. The second half of the year was also dominated by growing bad news from Europe with concomitant impacts on consumer confidence (and a Greek default might yet test out the growing Eurozone belief that Europe can handle the Greeks exiting the euro).


  6. What we should be hearing.

    Today Treasury secretary Martin Parkinson, speaking to the Senate Economics estimates hearings (with none of the rancour from Coalition senators that became a hallmark of Ken Henry’s appearances in recent years) pointed out another reason, suggesting that employers in 2010, having been bitten by the dearth of skilled labour before the GFC, had put on more staff than they otherwise would in expectation that growth would be stronger in 2011 than it turned out to be, meaning 2011 was always doomed to disappoint on the jobs front. Nonetheless, growth, as Parkinson pointed out, is now more or less back at trend.

    That means that the structural change being wrought by the strong dollar is occurring against the backdrop of employment growth — not a catastrophic collapse in employment from a global recession as happened during the early 1990s when we undertook a major structural change with manufacturing.


  7. Tom and Sue, the crimes of the PM do not add up to the crime of the century.

    It is little hard to label them more than perceived mistakes.

    After all the PM is human.

    Maybe some one can point out a serious crime the PM has committed.

  8. After a fashion, it sounds like the press is treating Julia, like they did the Howard Government, only the people of blind faith believe! Did you notice how in the 4 Corners program Julia avoided answering the question regarding her knowledge of the Speech and when it was written, and she didn’t looked the least bothered by being bundled out of the restaurant with the protest going on, as if she new she wasn’t the focus? You hear, but you don’t listen!

  9. Chris, I suggest you visit the site and read the long interview.

    Clips taken out of context often mislead.

    Even if it is as you say, a hanging offence.

  10. Julia is good with words and avoidance, yet she still talks of conversations with people. Conversations are social things, discussions cover matters of import and are a process!

  11. Labor reaps as it has sown, even from within. I watch a lot of ABC, and have known some people who have occupied senior office of the ABC, both in Melbourne and Canberra, one who came to his office via the reporting stream. The Union and the Party have a strong grip within that organisation.

  12. The PM’s biggest crime she has stopped Tony Abbott being PM.
    He will never, ever forgive her for that one chance he had.

  13. Chris, it does not matter what I or anyone else says, you are only going to see what you want to see. Chris, no one denies the PM is a good negotiator. If the PM is as bad as you say, how does she accomplish this.

    Ms.Tingle has written a very long article that is mostly deals with what may or could happen. What it amounts to, I do not know, but it does not tell me what the PM is doing. That I thought was apart of her job as a political writer.

    By the way, the stories of Rudd’s wanting to return to his old job, does not consume me.

    What consumes me is how the economy is travelling and the bills being debated and passed in parliament.

    That we do not hear, unless it is negative.

    Pure Poison Pod, in this weeks episode points out that the media have never got over being caught out by the Rudd dumping. They added that he PM, unlike Mr. Howard and Mr. Rudd does not communicate with the media. Maybe they feel the PM needs to be punish. I have noticed that the PM does not appear to play political games, maybe this is to her disadvantage. It would be sad if that was true.

    It would be nice to write about something more edifying than the Labor mambo this week, but it utterly consumes Canberra, and the government.

    Journalists spend hours trying to determine whether Gillard personally showed polling to colleagues against Rudd in 2010 (very little evidence), or was it just her lieutenants showing or spruiking them, and/or did the lieutenants just tell some MPs about it? Caucus members canvas aloud the scenarios of a Rudd return and any hope of a Gillard recovery


    I will leave it up to others to say whether Ms. Tingle has wasted her time or not with this article.

  14. “You hear, but you don’t listen!”

    Chris, it could not be that you look and see what is not there.

  15. I forgot a couple of “we hear”.

    The snubbing of Mr. Rudd and the botched reshuffle.

    What that reshuffle that now has the best talent out selling what the government is doing. I hope the PM makes a few more botches of this nature.

    I must say, perusing through the web, I have never seen so many journalist applying themselves to such unimportant issue.

    Whether Labor changes it’s leader is of little importance in the scheme of things.

    What gets me is the length of the articles. So much written about what may happen. Still no names to link the stories to.

    Are they attempting to justify the stance they have taken.

    In the last few months alone though, the list of self-inflicted wounds has been augmented with mystifying frequency through such errors as: a badly miscalculated snub of Kevin Rudd at the ALP National Conference; a botched reshuffle a couple of weeks later; the Andrew Wilkie pokies backflip; “the great Australia Day kerfuffle” as Kevin Rudd might gleefully describe it*; and this week, the Four Corners interview. This achieved the rare double of lifting the scab off the 2010 leadership wound while further eroding of the PM’s reputation for sound judgment.


  16. Sue, I also believe the media will also never forgive her, as well.

    Once again we have the misinformation that the PM lost the last election. The PM is in government as per the constitution and the mandate that the voters gave via their local members.

    The PM has the numbers on the floor of the lower house, where it counts.

    I do not believe that even Mr. Wilkie will vote himself out of his seat.

    Unemployment and carbon tax has fallen flat, mainly because it is not based on facts.

    We now have the asylum seekers being stirred up. I expect this is what we will hear for the immediate future.

    We will hear how bad it is to get people into the community, buy them a bed and essentials to survive and get them to work, is really bad.

    It is really disgusting to spend say $10,000 on families of seven, nine or more.

    . Such waste we have not seen before.

  17. Where does it say, that those at the tent embassy should go and riot?

    The comments that it is alleged were passed on could be found on the AAP for hour without being corrected.

    Maybe it is time for people to take a step back and let the police do their job.

    It showed Ms Sattler telling elders at the Aboriginal tent embassy that Tony Abbott had called for the embassy to be pulled down and that the Opposition Leader was at a nearby restaurant.

    It emerged that Julia Gillard’s press secretary Tony Hodges told Ms Sattler about Mr Abbott’s comments and his whereabouts.


  18. “If she’s cured cancer, where’s my prostate?” asks Alan Jones

    I heard the bio came up as benign.

    The surgeon managed to find the only bit of the bloke was that wasn’t malignant.

    I’d say that’s medicine at its most brilliant.

  19. Never a truer word written. In my opinion anyway.

    Well that’s my thoughts. I know it’s only a pipe dream, mainly because I think the Government’s media advisers are stuck in the 20th century and wouldn’t have a clue what the general public think any more, but it’s time for the Government to realise that the media is not their friend and is not a friend of the Australian public. They need to work through or around them to get their message out…the media certainly won’t help them.


  20. Excellent post Cu, one does have to be reminded how the constant harping negativity can depress everyone. No wonder it is so easy for Abbott to be able to talk down the economy and run scare campaigns..the Australian public are already primed for it.

  21. Mangrove Jack

    i’ve heard how they check out the prostate. no wonder no one wants to answer alan jones call to find his.

  22. This is what we should be hearing.

    The federal government’s attack on the Australian middle class is now falling into place. So much so, that in his KGB interview Stockland chief executive Matthew Quinn says that after decades where the income disparity in Australia was widening and middle-to-upper income earnings were increasing faster than those at the bottom of the pile, the gap is narrowing.


  23. Surely no one at the Cafe could say Rudd and Gillard have been a good government…………….
    What gets up people nose is that Gillard folded to the Greens and Independents demands rather than stand up for what she told the voters. It is no good rolling out 300 pieces of legislation if it is not what we voted for. That is why the Polls are spanking Gillard and why she is going down whenever she gets dragged kicking and biting to the polls.
    Going back to the start of this term, if Gillard had said to the voters “..the Greens and Independents are making unreasonable demands that conflict with what I promised to you the voter at the election, this is why I am going to call a new election”
    Gillard would have probably pulled it off in an election at that stage. She would have been viewed by the electorate as an honest politician that had stuck to her principles, hadn’t made mistakes….. bwaa bwahaaa bwaaa …. stop it I’m dying at this joke.
    Get rid of the skank. This government is an embarrassment.

  24. Excellent post Cu, 🙂

    @ 1.26pm,

    The Slipper coup, tactically inspired, was tainted and smelly.

    Grattan can’t help herself.
    If the Liberals and their media mates weren’t so “tainted and smelly”, and vicious and malicious in their attempts to replace Slipper with Mal Brough he would not be the Speaker today.

  25. I know I said I don’t watch the 7.30 Report much anymore, but Thursday night’s an exception:

    JOHN CLARKE: It’s very good to be with you, Bryan, and good evening.

    BRYAN DAWE: Now, you’re managing director with a major news organisation?

    JOHN CLARKE: Yeah, very minor point and I’m sorry to interrupt, but I’m not managing editor; I’m a sectional – an editor of one of the sections.

    BRYAN DAWE: OK, but you are with a major news organisation.

    JOHN CLARKE: Oh, by all means, with a major news organisation, yes.

    BRYAN DAWE: Now this story about instability in the Government, it won’t go away, will it?

    JOHN CLARKE: Well not if we’ve got anything to do with it, it won’t, no. It’s going very well, this one.

    And so it went…

    The remedy may be in ridicule.

    I’m sure the irony was totally lost on Chris Uhlmann.

  26. I’ve come late to read this Cu. Brilliant! It’s obvious she’s made of sterner stuff than Kevin Rudd. Remember all the criticism News Ltd and the MSM had of him? He cracked first, of course, and gave in on the ETS. Mind you, if they’d known what most members of Caucus thought of him, they could have done a lot more damage. And no doubt will if the silly bastard were to succeed in toppling our present solid and brilliant PM. She probably learned a thing or two watching the media having a go at …….

    Kevin the Terrible of Australia!
    His crimes were broadcast far and wide.
    Clearly unfit for public office,
    He was once seen in a night club.
    He had berated an air hostess.
    He had worked too hard.
    He had expected too much of others.
    And so engendered fear in colleagues
    Such that none would speak ill of him,
    All comporting themselves well.
    He had publicly eaten his own ear wax.
    He dared raise his voice in interview
    With redoubtable Red Kerry.
    He once privately expressed impatience
    With agents of all powerful China.

    His affectation of a gentle mien,
    Pretence of domestic harmony
    With loving wife, cat, dog and
    Loyal children did not convince.
    Nor did his bringing us prosperity
    Amidst the chaos of a broken world.
    There his greatest wrongdoing was
    To place the welfare of the common man,
    The national economy and body politic
    Before the powerful interests
    Of international conglomerates.
    Whose rights to the riches of our land
    Transcend all others.
    All this because of anger in his heart
    Against a father now long dead.
    For that he then attacked
    The powerful, the great, the good,
    Our mighty mining magnates,
    Heroic men, more fathers to this nation,
    More generous to us their media sons,
    Than this would-be patricide.

    Yes! Someone really did suggest that Kevin hated his father who died when he was ten and hence his anger with the mining magnates! Has he forgotten all those crazy attacks on him? The ALP by June 2010 knew his failings as a man and a leader, knew he could never withstand Abbott plus News Ltd, et alia and they were right. Julia Gillard has the strength and wisdom to deal with an almost invincible foe, big business and media interests backing Tony Abbott . Not that Abbott is a worthy enemy but he is ruthless and dishonest enough to exploit every advantage the MSM give him.

    If I had known how resentful and duplicitous Kevin Rudd would be once he was replaced by Julia Gillard at a time when he was failing I would not have been so sympathetic about his demise. It seems he was doing an even worse job than the media knew. Caucus got it right. Julia Gillard is made of the right stuff. Whatever they throw at her she keeps on keeping on.

    Thanks Cu. Let’s keep up the support for our great Prime Minister who leads one of the best performing governments in the world right now.

  27. patricia,
    Caucus got it right. Julia Gillard is made of the right stuff. Whatever they throw at her she keeps on keeping on.

    Thanks Cu. Let’s keep up the support for our great Prime Minister who leads one of the best performing governments in the world right now.

    As I write this Lyndall Curtis is telling her ABC 24 viewers “the leadership question will not go away”…… why is that Lyndall?

    For good measure this actually made it on Sky News…

    Outlook incredibly promising- Parkinson
    Updated: 17:18, Friday February 17, 2012

    Treasury boss Martin Parkinson has told a Senate estimates hearing that the outlook for the economy is ‘incredibly promising’.

    But he warned that while the transformation of some industries was ‘quite painful’, it must be handled carefully if it is to take full advantage of future opportunities.

    Dr Parkinson noted the economy was growing around trend, while underlying inflation is in the middle of the Reserve Bank of Australia’s two to three per cent target band.

    ‘If you look at those two macro aggregates you would think things are tracking along in a fairly sweet spot,’ he told a Senate estimate hearing in Canberra on Friday.

    ‘When you look at the opportunities in front of Australia … you would have to say that prospects for Australia over the next period … are incredibly promising.’

  28. Mangrove Jack, @ 5.02pm, Uhllman wouldn’t know irony if it bit him !

    😆 BSA Bob
    Sue at 3.23
    Abbott could have a look round while he’s up there.


    What we see is a fictional story from ltd news designed to give Abbott the chance to spread his poison.

    Abbott criticised over asylum seeker comments

    Asylum seekers are yet again the centre of a political battle with Tony Abbott receiving a tongue lashing from Immigration Minister Chris Bowen over the Opposition Leader’s provocative comments this morning.

    Earlier today, Mr Abbott told the Nine Network that community release had been taken to a ”what looks like a whole new level of luxury”, following reports in News Ltd tabloids today that asylum seekers were given ”welcome packs” worth thousands of dollars, including DVDs and plasma TVs, when they were released into the community.

    Immigration Minister Chris Bowen

    But Mr Bowen and the Refugee Council of Australia have angrily denounced the suggestion that asylum seekers were being treated to costly and luxurious ”welcome packs”.

    The veracity of the News Ltd reports was also challenged by the Red Cross, which provides the furniture and goods packages. Spokesman Michael Raper described the packages as basic — not luxury — supplies.

    Mr Bowen has also attacked Mr Abbott comments as ”inappropriate” and ”shrill”, saying the goods provided were basic necessities.

    Refugee Council chief executive Paul Power

    Mr Power said community detention was first introduced under the Howard government ”as a response to community outrage about the indefinite detention of asylum seeker children”.

    Community detention was also a much cheaper option than mandatory detention, according to data provided by the council.

  30. A serious question. When was Abbott last on the 7.30 report? I know he does a lot of ‘cornflake’ TV interviews.

  31. A very quick word to all my friends at the Cafe.

    Last Saturday at 6.40am I suffered a major heart attack. Have only been released from Royal Brisbane yesterday. Apparently it was the type that truly kills you, as the staff at Caloundra Hospital went into a frenzy as soon as they saw the ECG after presenting myself to Triage.

    Everyone has pointed out I am very lucky to be here.

    A big story to tell, but not for now as I exhaust in a few mins of anything, even typing or talking. Must do absolutely nothing for 2 weeks.

    Cheers to all

  32. FUCK!

    Shane, that’s devastating news. I’m in shock.

    Rest up, old mate, and get your health and customary high spirits back to better levels. Our thoughts are with you.

    Naturally we want the full story when you’re well enough to join us again.

    Take care.


  33. Shane, from the little I know of you I can still tell you’re a fighter. Fight this one out, buddy. Keep punching.

    Now that you’ve got a bit of free time, keep an eye out for a UFO for me. 🙂

  34. Geoff, when we look at the economy and how the country is travelling, I find it hard to say both have been bad governments..

    I have given a long list of the PM’s sins. Are they hanging offences. I could do the same for Mr. Rudd, with the same result.

    Give me a example of something that makes the PM unfit to hold her position.

    What crime has she committed. What corruption has the PM been involved in.

    Bad polls do not make one a bad PM.

    Most of what is written about her has no evidence attached. Most is could be or should be.

    Most seems to arise from Mr. Abbott says so.

    No, I do not agree that we have bad government.

    I do believe we have one of the worse Oppositions this nation has seen.

  35. Geoff, the government represents what the people voted for.

    The Green vote has the same value as the Coalition.

    Those who vote Green have as much right as you do to have their vote respected.

    Mr. Howard or previous Coalition government, except for very short periods, had to rely on independents and minor parties to get their legislation through. What is different now.

    Admittedly, there have only been two minority governments in the Federal; sphere, but it is working as the constitution foreseen.

    Just because one does not like the results, does not make it wrong.

  36. “Slipper with Mal Brough he would not be the Speaker today.”

    If Mr. Howard kept his nose out of the local politics, I am sure that Mr. Slipper would not be in that chair, in his robes.

  37. Shane follow the doctors advice and you will find there is still good life after a heart attack.

    Good luck.

  38. They are talking about Jeb Bush coming from behind in the Republic nominee. God help us, I did not think it could get any worse.

    Probably joined to Palin.

  39. “I do believe we have one of the worse Oppositions this nation has seen.”

    Spot on CU

    Aided and abetted by a biased and blatantly partisan media the likes of which I have never seen before in nearly 50 years of watching the political drama.

    There is no respite.

    We’re heading into dangerous terrain here and I have no idea where it might end up.

  40. I think the “we say carbon tax” to everything has fell like a lead balloon.

    We need a new diversion, why not bash a refugee, that will fill the void.

    What we are not hearing.

    At the senate hearings yesterday, it was said that out economy is very good. The person also said, one gets the impression that many must believe they are living in Greece with the gloom they appear ti feel. Or words to that effect.

    What we are hearing.

    Yes, this Opposition has been very successful at talking the economy down.

    What we did not hear.

    Our PM spent her weekend recently in the flood areas of Queensland and NSW. O know this because I had a look on Sky news at their site.

    I search the ABC for news of her travels. I was unsuccessful in finding any mention.

    The PM in parliament discussed her visit and what she had found. Still no mention in the news or the ABC.

    This is an insult to the people in the flood areas. it is an insult to the PM.

  41. This is what we should be hearing.

    But he has told a Senate hearing that the overall prospects for the economy are promising, and he is surprised at the low levels of consumer and business confidence.

    “I do think the whole mind set is overdone. It’s almost as if most Australians seem to think we live in Greece – we don’t. I mean we actually have an incredibly bright future ahead of us,” he said.

    But Dr Parkinson says Governments cannot fully protect industries from the problems caused by the high Australian dollar.

    He says parts of the economy – including manufacturing – are going through particularly difficult changes at the moment.


  42. Are we hearing this

    A key immigration adviser to the Federal Government has called on both sides of politics to do more to present the real story about asylum seekers in community detention.

    News Limited’s Sydney tabloid The Daily Telegraph has sparked another round of debate between the Opposition, Government and refugee organisations.

    or this

    But Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says Labor is sending a message that the red carpet is being rolled out for asylum seekers.
    “The message is going out loud and clear to the people smugglers and their clients and potential customers: the red carpet is being rolled out. There is a welcome mat waiting for you here in Australia,” he said.

    “And that’s the last message the Federal Government should be sending


  43. Mr Power said community detention was first introduced under the Howard government ”as a response to community outrage about the indefinite detention of asylum seeker children”.

    Community detention was also a much cheaper option than mandatory detention, according to data provided by the council.

    ”In 2010-11, keeping asylum seekers locked up in detention centres cost $772 million, an average of $137,317 per detainee,” Mr Power said.

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/political-news/abbott-criticised-over-asylum-seeker-comments-20120217-1tcs7.html#ixzz1mdMn7Gzo

  44. I will be surprise if we hear this more than once. I agree with her.

    This afternoon, Prime Minister Julia Gillard argued that Mr Abbott wanted to see more boats arriving in Australia because it suited him politically.

    ”I don’t think Tony Abbott wants to stop the boats at all,” Ms Gillard told reporters in Canberra.

    Government and Coalition talks to try and restart offshore processing of asylum seekers broke down in January.

    ”At every stage when we have sought to work with the opposition . . . the opposition has repudiated those approaches,” Ms Gillard said.

    Ms Gillard said she did not want to see people getting on boats to try and reach Australia.

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/political-news/abbott-criticised-over-asylum-seeker-comments-20120217-1tcs7.html#ixzz1mdN58Nby

  45. I am sure we will hear this, over and over.

    Mr Abbott said he had been ”like a broken record for two years now” on his proposed solution of reopening Nauru, reintroducing temporary protection visas and turning back the boats.

    On the issue of community-based detention, he said ”people should be in detention while they are being processed”.

    Despite his comments, Mr Abbott stopped short of criticising the government’s policy of allowing asylum-seeker families with children to be housed within the community.

    “As far as is humanly possible, we don’t want to keep kids in detention, but this is taking community release to a whole new level of what looks like luxury,” he said. “If we can’t stop the boats, we are still going to have this kind of problem.”

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/political-news/abbott-criticised-over-asylum-seeker-comments-20120217-1tcs7.html#ixzz1mdNKVexF

  46. Hi Shane
    Glad you and triage got on so well, now for rest and recovery.

    will try and point you in the way of funny comments only

  47. Have the rest of you noticed that the types lke Geoff of tweed descend to calling our female PM names.
    It proves just how powerful and competent the PM is and how weak and ineffectual Abbott is.

  48. What do we hear? We hear only what the media wants us to hear. It has always been that way and it always will be. Just wait until Gina starts talking.

  49. Roswell
    What do we hear? We hear only what the media wants us to hear.

    Not me Roswell, I listen to the lawmakers, first hand….

    Labor Blog
    Statement on the facts on community detention
    Chris Bowen posted Friday, 17 February 2012


    The Opposition’s politicising of the provision of basic household items in houses used for community processing of families, children and unaccompanied minors is disappointing.

    When this Government announcement the expansion of the community detention program in October 2010, the Shadow Minister for Immigration Scott Morrison was quick to claim the program as the Coalition’s, pointing out that the program was first introduced by the Howard Government.

    Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison’s comments today indicate that the Coalition seeks to abandon the community detention program, which is specifically for women and children and other vulnerable people.

    So Mr Abbott needs to tell us what the alternative is. Is he seriously suggesting that asylum seeker families and children should be put back into detention.


    The Australian Government has a duty of care to provide basic items such as cleaning supplies, furniture and bedding, and baby items such as prams for vulnerable asylum seekers in community detention.

    People do not get to keep these goods, they remain in a house when a family moves out and are used by the next people who move in.

    These people are not allowed to work.

    Is Mr Abbott suggesting we shouldn’t be providing basic essentials, baby blankets and food?

  50. Am I mad or not. Listening to Lateline. They are saying that Mr. Abbott is getting his message across, talking about a few hundred jobs etc.

    They are saying the economy is good. They are saying the PM cannot turn about the harm that Mr Abbott is creating about by talking about how good things are.

    Please tell me why are they not condemning Mr. Abbott for talking the economy down. When are they going to say it is time for Mr. Abbott to stop telling lies.

    One is saying that Mr. Abbott should be told to back off, then somehow put the blame back on the PM for not selling the message.

    They agree that what Mr. Abbott is saying, is fiction.

    Somehow, this state of affairs is caused by the PM.

    Could it be caused by the media, refusing to take Mr. Abbott to task.

    I must be mad. It is OK for a Opposition leader to be able to get away with talking the economy down, and very successful at doing it.

    It is the PM that is blamed for his success.

    Maybe a few questions, asked of Mr. Abbott and his crew could turn this about for the good of the country.

    The media is I am afraid, a part of this trashing of our economy.

    Many have spent hours today, in writing reams, justifying their stories of the Rudd quest for power.

    They would have been better placed, spending their energy, pointing out to the public that this country is not on the edge of gloom and doom, that Mr. Abbott is wrong in saying so.

    Yes, I am mad but I am also very very angry.

  51. We hear that Mr, Beasley was called in by Ms. Hillary Clinton to explain why the deputy was challenging the PM.

    There was a near silent whisper we hear that this was not true.

    What we do not hear, is Four Corners apologizing for spreading lies.

  52. Yes, we hear the media with their navel glazing, coming up with the belief that it is up to the PM to counter Mr. Abbott’s lies and trashing of the economy.

    We are hearing that they have no role to play and are allowing Mr. Abbott a free range.

    We hear that their job is to be consumed by the leadership challenge that they are doing all on their power to bring about.

    I hope they know they will go down the gurgler, with the rest of us.

  53. Catching Up at 11.47
    I saw the Lateline piece you’re referring to & was a bit miffed too. I thought Laura Tingle was at least OK about Abbott, as she has form in criticising his lack of substance & did so again tonight. Shanahan was a bad joke. But with him being the worst they both seemed to dance around the media’s role in all this, agreeing that Abbott was getting away with a lot but seemingly oblivious to the idea that the media as a whole might pick him up on it.
    I thought it remarkable that when Emma Alberici asked how long Abbott should continue his negativity & avoid policy issues, Shanahan’s answer was that he should do it for as long as he can. Spoken like a true cheerleader which is what most of the media has become. Though he did at least mention the planet sized contradiction between Abbott’s constant demands for an immediate election and his “all in good time” approach to outlining policy.
    As far as the Rudd business, I detected nothing new, a rehash of yet more speculation about dates & increasing despondency.
    It was also a bit of a giggle, I thought, that in order to get in a dig at the governments “inability to communicate” Shanahan had to concede they’d done some good. That’ll be gone by tomorrow’s edition.

  54. Bob, I wonder if they ever listen to what they say.

    I was genuinely angry and an maybe was a little muddled with what I wrote.

    We have been getting the same dribble all day.

    I stand by every word.

    Tonight’s Lateline seemed exaggerated what has been going on ever since Mr. Abbott dumped Mr. Turnbull.

    The media seems to treat him as a hero. Not one statement he makes is challenged.

    Like Entsch statement today that Mr. Slipper walked away from the position he was elected too. Why was he not asked what he meant. I have no idea.

    Pure Poison Pod summed up things very well today. They proposed the question that many of the media do not have the ability or knowledge to carry out their role as political journalists. This I agree with.

    Their understanding of politics, seem to be zero.

  55. Catching Up
    I think they’re too full of themselves to listen to what they say, they consider themselves part of the political process (& now they are) & assume the right to create, direct & distort issues. Witness today’s effort by the Telegraph. I doubt that 10% of that rag’s readers would’ve read the rebuttal, the cleanup that took all day & prevented focusing on other issues. And next time he gets one of them on, Chris Uhlmann will ask a government minister “why is it that you can’t get your message across?”

    P.S. Didn’t Lateline give the Telegraph’s piece a mention? In a hohum sort of way? This is what we do & if you or anyone complains we’ll circle the wagons around high sounding bullshit about pillars of democracy & the inalienable right to a free press. And when you’ve gone away we’ll be out with more of this garbage.

    I’m off to bed, goodnight.

  56. This is today’s Australian. Not one story on Abbott.

    A couple on the Queensland election.

    This is one paper’s effort.

    Yesterday’s effort was as good.

    The Ides of March dawn for Gillard
    The last-minute move Gillard must bitterly regret
    Rudd and Gillard do not even pretend to hold to higher principle
    Leaders lack vision for big-bang changes
    Time would have saved me from defeat, says Kevin Rudd
    The Ides of March dawn for Gillard
    Old boy Kevin Rudd in a return to charm school
    PM marshals backers to corral MPs’ drift to Kevin Rudd
    Kevin Rudd marches towards Labor leadership challenge

    What hope has the PM or Labor got? Is this over kill.

    The icing on the cake.


    Positive job numbers don’t add up just yet

  57. He has been allow to leave the country. The police cannot be too concerned.

    THE prime ministerial adviser at the heart of the Australia Day riot controversy is jetting off to London as police continue investigations into the protest.
    Tony Hodges, who resigned from Julia Gillard’s staff over his role in the Canberra fracas, will leave shortly for the British capital amid rumours he has snared a senior political job.
    The move comes as Australian Federal Police interview witnesses to the riots.


  58. Yes, Cu. And Shanahan is featured mouthing the same stuff on Lateline. What does News Ltd. have over the ABC? We’ve had their line for years now. ABC news programs are pretty well destroyed.

    I’m really disappointed with Laura Tingle too.

  59. I guess Laura Tingle has a living to earn and somehow to hang on to her job, with two people to support. But is her career worth having now? She and George Megs a re both hopelessly compromised by the Fairfax/News stranglehold on their papers.

  60. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/opinion/reversal-of-fortune-the-george-costanza-way/story-e6frgd0x-1226274127997
    Hmmmmm. Peter Van Onselen must be looking over my shoulder.

    “Consider 10 Gillard instincts that would have been better ignored:

    I should participate in the ABC’s Four Corners program on Kevin Rudd. What could possibly go wrong?
    If I walk away from the deal with Andrew Wilkie on poker machines, he’ll understand.
    I should leave Rudd out of my national conference speech referring to ALP prime ministers of the past. I doubt it will cause a stir.
    Dumping Kim Carr from cabinet won’t lead him to redouble his efforts counting numbers on Rudd’s behalf. While I’m at it, I’ll expand cabinet to 22.
    An alliance with the Greens, there’s a good idea.
    Even though the ALP has been consistent in opposing offshore processing in countries that are not a signatory to the relevant UN conventions, we won’t lose the moral high ground in the debate if we send minors to Malaysia.
    Saying that there will be no carbon tax under a government I lead the day before the election shouldn’t prevent me implementing one during the following term. It will be a shame not to hold the citizens assembly, though; it would have been a well respected way to build consensus.
    If I announce that voters will get to see the “real Julia” from now on, that should get my election campaign back on track.
    Announcing an East Timor solution to house asylum-seekers ahead of actually discussing the idea with the East Timorese PM won’t damage our chances of making it happen.
    Removing a first-term prime minister in a coup, the likes of which has never been seen before, shouldn’t harm my image.
    It is startling to most political observers just how often when presented with political choices Gillard opts for the wrong one.

    If the PM had done the exact opposite of what her instincts told her on a range of judgment calls during the past two years, Tony Abbott’s unpopularity, rather than her own poor polling, would dominate the news cycle.”

  61. Geoff,

    A preoccupation with the minutiae, the trivia, is what defines the conservative side of politics these days.

    It is pathetic nitpicking parading as informed analysis.

    Meanwhile, the adults are looking at the big picture: the carbon price, NBN, the economy, and the 200 plus bits of legislation this “dysfunctional” government has got through parliament that you will be reminded about when the election’s called.

  62. Pip and CU

    the so called political insiders are no better than Peta Credlin. the unelected political advisor had decided she had the RIGHT to shout abuse at the PM.

    she was to learn that, she has NO, get that NO, right on the floor of the house.
    Shut up and do your job was the message.

    Peter Slipper, Speaker, the one ridiculed incessantly by the press, has actually done the job of Speaker. I am sure that the House will realise, and especially Warren Truss and the rest of the opposition front bench, when the speaker decrees that a person will be heard in silence that will happen.

    There is an analogy for the press, do your job report news forget about shouting gossip or become irrelevent. Shouting gossip has the effect of creating silence as people may smile and nod but have given up on listening.

  63. This is what I hear, industry sacking people while making record profits. This does not make sense.

    Are they setting out to make the government look bad. I know there is no evidence but where there is smoke, there must be fire.

    Days after sacking 1000 workers and raising interest rates, guess what, the ANZ chief executive Mike Smith is to take 200 lucky staff away on a five-day butler-serviced cruise on the “world’s best” luxury liner.
    At a cost of $1.75 million, these workers who are higher up the food chain are to be rewarded as part of the bank’s CEO recognition program, they will sail away on the Silver Shadow to Malaysia’s Langkawi Islands on March 6. While their work mates are treated with disdain.
    Details of the sojourn have been posted on the bank’s internal website just days after it was confirmed that backroom jobs are being outsourced to India and the Philippines.
    Bugger Australian workers-projected profit in 2012, over $5.5 billion. NOT ENOUGH

    http://www.goodluckstroke.com/2012/02/why-we-hate-banks-greed-gone-mad.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Stroke Of Luck%28stroke+of+luck%29

    The speculation is rife this morning. Listening to ABC 24. No other news, except for Mr. Pyne protecting the marvelous education that Mr. Howard created.

    At least they are grudgly saying what the PM is achieving in spite of the attack.

    Mr. Pyne took time out to criticise Mr. Rudd, and if I did not know better, show some empathy of what the PM is experiencing.

  64. “Consumer groups expressed outrage at the lavish spending by the bank, whose advertising slogan is “we live in your world”.

    An ANZ spokesman said: “The ANZ CEO Recognition Program recognises our 100 top performers who are mostly junior staff that often get little recognition for the job they do.

    “It is not about executives who are well paid, rather these are the people at the coal face in Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific on the phone and in branches or in the back office who are supporting our customers, helping them out.”

    Read more: http://www.news.com.au/money/banking/cruisy-times-anz-rewards-staff-with-holiday-while-customers-get-rate-pain/story-e6frfmcr-1226274235205#ixzz1mgM8TVYy

    A couple of questions, what salaries are the “coal face” employees on?.
    Is the value of the trip, salary? and taxed?

    Why are some employees sacked while others receive luxury? Where has the concept of a fair share for all gone? Has the aspirational crap invaded too far ?

    Is the chief of ANZ paying for this trip out of his pocket? If not why not? Is this sort of crap ok by shareholders?

  65. CU

    I hear that the ANZ is just exploiting/ getting value for the high dollar.

    I hear business bank loan, tourism operators call for a fair share.

    I hear business with business loans say ANZ gouging them on rates, while prepared to run down their business opportunities.

    I hear that many small business’ have to use family home for guarantee

  66. “I should participate in the ABC’s Four Corners program on Kevin Rudd. What could possibly go wrong?”

    What should go wrong, if Four Corners kept to the standard of decades? As the PM said, it is her job to answer questions. Why have an hour-long interview and take what amounted to a minute or two out of it.

    “If I walk away from the deal with Andrew Wilkie on poker machines, he’ll understand.
    I should leave Rudd out of my national conference speech referring to ALP prime ministers of the past. I doubt it will cause a stir.”

    The PM did not walk away from the Wilkie deal. The details of the propose bill was released yesterday. The PM worked with Mr. Wilkie to get in her opinion and many others the best deal possible. It is not the fault of the PM that Mr. Wilkie would rather stick to the impossible. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.
    Did the PM, by not mentioning Mr. Rudd, commit a crime? It the PM did mention him, especially in a positive way, she would have been criticised for replacing him.

    “Dumping Kim Carr from cabinet won’t lead him to redouble his efforts counting numbers on Rudd’s behalf. While I am at it, I will expand cabinet to 22”

    PM have to make choices. Mr Carr is still a minister, playing an important role for the government. No one place in cabinet is set in stone. The PM now has the cabinet she needs, that has the ability to get out and sell the economy and what the government is doing. The new ministry and cabinet appear to be operating exceptionally well.

    Mr. Abbott much has similar problems, as two of his shadow ministry are not entitled to the extra pay.

    “An alliance with the Greens, there’s a good idea”

    The Greens are entitled to have their votes treated with respect, the same as the major parties. Some find that hard to accept.

    There is no alliance. There is an agreement for the Greens and Independents not to vote against the government in a censure motion. This even does not apply, if the censure motion is on serious grounds.

    In return, the PM has agreed to certain requests. None I see that are against Labor policy.

    This is not a coalition government. It is a minority government.

    “Even though the ALP has been consistent in opposing offshore processing in countries that are not a signatory to the relevant UN conventions, we won’t lose the moral high ground in the debate if we send minors to Malaysia”

    Many in Labor and the community do not like off shore processing. Most accept on shore. What is worrying is the boat trade, which is a separate issue. What is clear, Labor is still against off shore processing, such as Nauru. This is as it should be. Nauru will not stop the boat trade. It is expensive. We cannot turn the boats back.

    The Malaysian Solution has a chance of working. I do not believe there are many that are love with the idea but see no better solution. It has the support of the UN and refugee agencies.
    There can and will be an answer found to the minors problem. This is no reason to dump the whole idea.

    “Saying that there will be no carbon tax under a government I lead the day before the election shouldn’t”

    Very true, but if you listen to the whole clip, the PM also said there will be a price on carbon emission. You are informed enough to know that there was a debate going on at the time between the value of a carbon tax and a market based price on carbon emission. We have what the PM promised, maybe a little early and beginning with a fix price on carbon emission.

    “It will be a shame not to hold the citizens assembly, though; it would have been a well-respected way to build consensus.”

    A second thought was given to this bad idea. There was a multi-party set up to design the pricing on carbon. It was successful. I am glad that Mr. Abbott declined to join. All his contribution would have led to, is derailing of the project. He is incapable of constructive action.

    “If I announce that voters will get to see the “real Julia” from now on, that should get my election campaign back on track”

    I see little importance of this comment.

    “Announcing an East Timor solution to house asylum-seekers ahead of actually discussing the idea with the East Timorese PM”

    The Timorese treated the request with respect. They found they could not house the people. The regional concept of dealing with refugees is now in place.

    “Removing a first-term prime minister in a coup, the likes of which has never been seen before, shouldn’t harm my image”

    The PM alone did not remove Mr. Rudd. Mr. Rudd was removed because of lack of support from the whole caucus.

    I do agree that we have never been given a believable reason why this happened. Mr. Rudd himself has not advanced why he thinks it occurred.

    I believe that now is the time for the PM to tell us why she felt compelled to take the poisoned chalice. There has to be more reasons than what we have heard.

    That still does not excused the media to let Mr. Abbott maintaining an assault against the PM based on lies and misinformation. It does not exempt the media from the responsibility of challenging Mr. Abbott when he continues to talk down the economy.
    I doubt that polling has a much to play in how one governs, as many like to think.

    If that is the case, gods help this country.

  67. Cu at 1:09 am, I suppose they mentioned her is the astrology section too. Something like this, perhaps:

    The orbital path of Mars is effecting Jupiter’s alignment with Venus, meaning that the Moon won’t be in the 7th House in time for Orion’s clash with Scorpio during next week’s heightened solar activity. This does not bode well for Julia Gillard. Your lucky numbers are 7, 13, 412 and 72,659.

  68. Miglo

    I thought her lucky numbers were
    1 in speaker, slipper
    3 as in brandt, oakshott, windsor
    266 pieces of legislation

    1 in abbott as opposition leader
    3 as in bishop,hockey and robb
    266 as in No’s but so what

  69. Catching up @ 9.42am,
    how unbelievably crass is the bank to sack 1,000 ordinary ‘working Australians’, while announcing this; it’s worth repeating!

    Days after sacking 1000 workers and raising interest rates, guess what, the ANZ chief executive Mike Smith is to take 200 lucky staff away on a five-day butler-serviced cruise on the “world’s best” luxury liner.
    At a cost of $1.75 million, these workers who are higher up the food chain are to be rewarded as part of the bank’s CEO recognition program, they will sail away on the Silver Shadow to Malaysia’s Langkawi Islands on March 6. While their work mates are treated with disdain.

  70. Geoff, sorry, I did not realise they were not your own words. Missed the block quotes.

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to answer the misconceptions presented.

  71. CU
    Here is more of what hartcher wants us to hear
    “Rudd’s advocates can point to the fact that the opinion polls, for a year now, consistently show him as preferred Labor leader over Gillard by a factor of two to one”

    What he fails to tell us but we can read

    for a year now,Turnbull consistently leads Abbott……..

    In preferred PM polls those that vote for Rudd are identified as coalition voters and those that vote for Turnbull are labor voters.

    If you read any more of harcher’s opinion then here are the headlines that would run wild in all papers

    “He hasn’t changed, he will be just as much a bastard as he was last time”

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/politics/personality-over-substance-20120217-1tefa.html#ixzz1mgtRqYeM

  72. If the speculation that is consuming the media is true, we have the choice between a doer, who is not a good campaigner and a good campaigner who is not a good doer.

    I say consuming the media, as I suspect the public is not taking much notice.

    I have had not one person say to me, what do you think about the challenge Rudd is making.

    The viewer figures for Four Corners must mean something.

  73. Barrie Cassidy. ABC. 17th Feb.,

    Leadership tussle: Rudd circles, Gillard stumbles

    The speculation that is killing Gillard and the Government will go on no matter what.

    Rudd is campaigning. Rudd is talking to journalists about the leadership despite his astonishing denial.

    I know the names of some of those he has spoken to. I know where he said it – in his office – on a parliamentary sitting day – and I know what he said. He told them a challenge would happen; he told them he was prepared to lose the first ballot and go to the backbench; and in one conversation he laughed about the prospect of Gillard stumbling again.

    Yet the Foreign Minister has categorically denied ever having spoken to any journalist about the leadership.

    He can deny the approaches only because he believes the journalists involved are bound to both protect their sources and to treat such conversations as confidential. He is protected by the cloak of journalistic ethics.

    But when does this become as important or more so than the briefing former treasurer Peter Costello gave journalists at Canberra’s Waters Edge Restaurant, on March 5, 2005?

    Peter Hartcher. Fairfax. 18th Feb.,

    Personality over substance

    These internal Labor conversations are all about the leaders’ personality and popularity. They are bereft of policy, purpose or strategy.

    No Mr. Hartcher, Labor is definitely not “bereft of policy” you and your esteemed colleagues are simply too busy “feverishly speculating, and not interested in reporting on policy!

    Hartcher and his colleagues don’t even need to do investigative work.
    All they need to do is have a look at the Labor website and decide which
    Minister they would like to interview….about …policy.

  74. Cu @ 12.07pm,

    Catching up
    If the speculation that is consuming the media is true, we have the choice between a doer, who is not a good campaigner and a good campaigner who is not a good doer.

    Isn’t that partly why Rudd was ousted?

  75. Great link Sue, as the lady said:-

    “I remember Kevin-O Lemon,
    I remember ‘programmatic specificity””
    “the media were mocking him”….

  76. Mangrove, instead let’s look at the ‘dysfunctional’ Opposition. How many amendments to legislation have the Opposition managed? One or two?

    How many stuffs ups and failures? I ask the question, can Abbott, Hockey and Robb ever manage to go without contradicting each other..and can J. Bishop manage to make a statement about her own portfolio (ever?) or manage to do so without causing a minor international incident.

  77. Crucial new evidence expected in report on Australia Network tender


    Mr Richardson said copies of the draft submission went to Mr Rudd’s office and the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet last May, three weeks before Julia Gillard announced the new tender and stripped Mr Rudd of responsibility for who would run the soft diplomacy television service, on June 24.

    Trade Minister Craig Emerson said yesterday the tender process was abandoned because sensitive information was leaked to the media.

    “And that was on the advice of our legal advisers, that that had compromised the tender process,” Dr Emerson told Melbourne Talk Radio.

    “When you get that sort of advice . . . I think you can’t just ignore it.

    “We had that advice, and so that’s the decision that the cabinet took.”

  78. I think the only media issue of genuine interest now is how once having put Abbott in with their negativity, they will finesse the changes required to keep him there. How seamlessly they’ll go onto a positive footing, with perhaps a plea for greater respect for truth & order in the new parliament.

    In Crikey a few days ago Bernard Keane opined that once Gillard (&Rudd) were gone, Abbott could expect the same treatment. I don’t think so, because as I’ve said before the media has put a lot into getting rid of Labor & wouldn’t want to wear any blame for installing the crock that an Abbott government would be.
    As it’s done with Rudd’s removal, it’ll write itself out of its part in ousting Labor in general.

  79. Sue, spot on. Noticed, try as hard as they like. they re failing at mocking the PM.

    Some are giving her grudging respect, while still running her into the ground.

    Yes, Pip, I believe it was because Mr. Rudd had come to a halt and was no longer performing.

    What we do not know, is why this happened to Mr. Rudd, when previously he was travelling high.

    Maybe it is time for Labor to tell us why.

    Mn, you are correct, it is a dysfunctional opposition and has been since Mr. Abbott took over.

  80. PIp and CU
    from that clip notice how jones dismissed the comment as he said we spend a considerable amount of time on the issue, (and by the way you the audience should not remember how 2 faced we in the media are)

  81. Bob, re “Bernard Keane opined that once Gillard (&Rudd) were gone, Abbott could expect the same treatment. I don’t think so..”

    Me either. Remembering back to pre ’07 most of us Lefties put the bias down to the fact that the MSM supported the incumbent government. Most of us of course couldn’t remember anything ever being different, Howard having been in for so long, and we being so young. 😉 We were therefore expecting things to be different once Rudd was elected: Surely now Labor will get a fair hearing, many stated. That of course, was not to be.

    And correct again in my opinion, the media reminds me of an ex..has to be right all-of-the-time.

  82. Well, as I see it, Labor has three options:

    1. Go through the Leadership shuffle and maybe lose government before June 2012;

    This would be the Liberal Party, News Ltd preferred option.
    This option would mean that anyone Labor put in as leader will have to negotiate government with the independents and still be subject to the same rat-fucking campaign (see Nixion Plumbers for description of rat-fucking strategy i.e. I did not invent this term).

    2. Continue with current leader and “sort” out the media (including ABC bias).

    3. Do nothing and be nickle and dimed to death (US military term) by the opposition and their media supporters.

  83. I reckon there are a few former and current Labor “rats in the ranks” who would be quite pleased if Federal Labor went through the same experience as NSW Labor. These people need to be cauterized from the party (hopefully before a long period of opposition).

  84. lunalava

    I agree, and, number two is I think the choice they have made.

    It is truly amazing that they continue with it, and, of course, purely co-incidental that it re-ramped up again just as both Labor and the no-alition faced of on the economy, and, the economy showed to be doing exceptionally weel, all things considered.

    What is even more amazing is the way the media have openly declared that they are not intereted in the actual reality of a challenge or not, but the fact that they find this so absorbing for themselves.

    Well, news for you news, give up on what amuses you, try and see what your ever dwindling readership wants.



    This is how it is done


  85. luna I couldn’t agree more, the ‘rats in the ranks’ seem prepared to let the government fall for their own ends…. and they do need to be cauterized from the party if they’re not prepared to support their own government.

  86. Option two is the choice they are going with lunalava

    The media have declared they want to talk about a leadership challenge over anything else

    Coincidental I am sure on the same week Labor and libs ‘faced off’ on the economy, and, a quick look showed Labor was going to cream them, the media ramped the leadership up again.

    They reckon they find it enthralling.

    Their readership doesn’t


    Sucked in to them. Maybe the new kid will show them the way.


  87. Luna, that is exactly what is happening. The MSM want something to happen – and especially the leadership of Labor weakened, so that their man looks ‘strong’ by comparison.

    If you think about it, EVERYTHING about Gillard since she took over the leadership has been to trivialise her, yet prior to assuming the leadership the media often used Gillard as a foil against Rudd.

    Does anyone else except me remember the endless commentary how Gillard was such a strong performer, the best that Labor had to offer, and especially that she was destined to take over sometime during 2011.

  88. Could it be correct, this PM is one of the first that does not snuggle up with the media heads.

    The PM did go to see Mr. Murdoch on her first visit to the USA, but I don’t recall other contact.

    Another reason could be that this PM is not intimidated by the media. Is it as all they say, and their machinations flow over her.

    I have not seen any body language that the PM is uncomfortable near Mr. Rudd.

    Maybe it is as claimed, the PM is a calm person who is able to remain cool and collected in the most upsetting circumstance. That she is able to rise above the noise.

    Parliamentary processes are proceeding no matter the headlines.

    What is obvious, as much as the media would like to say otherwise, the PM has not faltered in anyway.

  89. Back before Mr.Abbott knifed Mr. Turnbull, the medai used to say the same things as we do now about him.

    He was then seen a a bit of a joke.

  90. luna, I believe that option two is now in process.

    I do know this, if Mr. Rudd took any action now. it will leave him with no respect whatever.

    It just does not make sense for him to run. The only motive could be revenge. It would also be revenge at all cost.

    The nation would pay the price.

    If this is his aim, it was right that he was removed.

  91. Pip, even rats expect to achieve something.

    I cannot see how anyone would be a winner at this time, except the opposition, and maybe the media.

    It just does not make sense.

    Labor, like most political parties can play dirty, but they generally do not set out to destroy themselves.

  92. The news hounds won’t mention this topic. Ever.

    There’s plenty of “Look over there, Kevin wants his job back”. “the Prime Minister is prone to too many mistakes”. Etc., Etc.,


    Just don’t mention the lobbyists’ part in Kevin Rudd’s downfall.

    Big business advertises its power


    IN 2010, SOME of Australia’s richest people brought down a Prime Minister with a $22 million advertising campaign against the mining tax, and in doing so, saved themselves more than 10 times what they spent.

    Mining magnates Andrew ”Twiggy” Forrest and Gina Rinehart stood on the back of flatbed trucks, yelling into megaphones, and despite the fact they are two of the richest people in the country, we were told they represented the views of ordinary, battling, honest Australians. They manipulated us into thinking it was a bad thing for the wealthiest companies to contribute a small amount of their profits to invest in the future of the country.

    It worked, and big business got their first taste of how easy it was to control public policy by simply spending a few million bucks.

  93. Kevin Rudd will become the leader, not because he’s made a compelling case but because Julia Gillard cannot hold the confidence of her caucus….

    One of the most remarkable facts of the collapse of the Gillard government’s internal support is that it is happening under its own weight.


    All this information and yet there has not been one MP or Labor official that has said anything in public.

    That is amazing.

    It is amazing that so many can write about so much with out a skerrick of evidence to back up their claim.

    Everyone seems to know someone that a Labor person spoke to.

  94. This is the list of lobbyists on the Australian Government Lobbyists Register and they are all being paid by business entities to lobby for their own benefit.


    One example is Bespoke Approach – {not sure about cessation dates shown }


    Lobbyist Details

    ■Business Entity Name: Bespoke Approach Pty Ltd as trustee for Bespoke Approach Unit Trust
    ■A.B.N: 45156568237
    ■Trading Name: Bespoke Approach

    Details of all persons or employees who conduct lobbying activities
    No. Lobbyist Name Position Former Government Representative Cessation Date

    1 Ian Smith Partner Yes November 2006
    2 Nick Bolkus Partner Yes June 2005
    3 Alexander Downer Partner Yes July 2008
    4 Emily Minson Associate Yes June 2008
    5 Vanessa Juergens Executive Assistant Yes March 2010
    6 Liam O’Neil Research and Media No

    Client Details

    No. Client Name

    1 Xstrata
    2 Petrochina Corporation
    3 KKR
    4 Genworth Financial
    5 Viterra Ltd
    6 Laureate Education Asia Ltd
    7 SICPA Security Solutions
    8 Julian Burton Burns Trust
    9 Octavian Advisors
    10 Yancoal Australia Ltd
    11 Genesee Wyoming Australia
    12 Orica
    13 Nyrstar
    14 Sky City
    15 ACA Alliance Pty Ltd

    Surprising then that the government has time to actually govern.

  95. Tom, apologies..for some completely unknown reason, or at least known only unto WordPress, you were sent to pending.

    Don’t worry, you haven’t been banned..yet… 😉

  96. Cu and “Pip, even rats expect to achieve something.”

    Short term goals only, the Big Picture is of no consequence as this will be somebody else’s problem.

  97. 16 August 2011, 2.38pm AEST

    Hearts and minds: how industry ad campaigns work


    The mining industry, led by the Minerals Council of Australia, has written to members asking for funds to under take a new advertising campaign to attack the carbon tax.

    In his letter to members, Minerals Council chief executive Mitch Hooke says that in current day Australia, major policy battles are fought and won in the media and that miners must spend accordingly.

  98. Don’t worry, you haven’t been banned..yet

    I’ll work on it though 😈

    I thought it was an ie bug, so sorry bout the double post.

  99. Why must the pressure which appears to be coming from the media be affecting the PM. It sounds like blackmail to me. We are going to keep this up until you either break or do what we want.

    The pressure must surely be building on Prime Minister Julia Gillard to call a party room ballot and try and stop in its tracks Kevin Rudd’s undeclared run for the leadership.

    Rudd’s numbers now are modest; perhaps a support base of 20 and sometimes approaching 30 depending on the mood of the day. That’s from a caucus of 103.


  100. Who is Mr. Rudd?

    The Australian’s Kevin Rudd demolition

    February 18, 2012

    On Saturday, July 3, 2010, The Weekend Australian published this 5500 word demolition job on Kevin Rudd which was headlined “The Enemy Within”. The by-lines included Helen Trinca, Brett Clegg, Tom Dusevic, Richard Gluyas, Annabel Hepworth, Christian Kerr and Glenda Korporaal. The subsequent support for a Rudd comeback that is effectively being offered by Chris Mitchell and Paul Whittaker through The Australian and The Daily Telegraph is quite amazing.

    The opposition did not bring down Kevin Rudd, nor the Labor Party’s factions. The answer lies within the man’s complex personality.


    Easy, because Rudd, despite his chirpy Kevin 07 image, has always had a pretty bad press from those who have known him up close. In David Marr’s Quarterly Essay on Rudd he writes that at the Australian National University in the late 1970s, “fellow students remember him as `painfully correct, a bit of a sociopath’ ”.

    Years ago, even former Queensland premier Wayne Goss, who was a supporter of his former Cabinet Office chief said: “Kevin has worked hard at becoming normal. He’s come close but I don’t think he’ll ever quite get there.” Many who worked with him in Queensland openly loathe him.


    Similarly, his demise was not caused by external circumstances: the only significant external shock, the global financial crisis, strengthened his incumbency. He was not brought down by a battle over ideology within the party, even if he tried to apply that spin at his press conference the night before he stepped down. Despite Howard congratulating Abbott for Rudd’s scalp, the leader was not destroyed by the opposition. Abbott cracked Rudd but it is hard to escape the feeling it was Rudd’s personality that prevented him withstanding the assault.


  101. Cu, Steven Mayne may be correct, but he would know better than the average punter what the Mining council campaign did to Rudd’s leadership.

    It’s only my opinion, but I think that if the government hadn’t acted to head that off and water down the Mining Tax policy Tony Abbott would now be the Prime Minister.

    He came very close!

  102. Miglo @ 3.38pm,
    I’m leaving that for the football season.

    His behaviour will be closely monitored.:mrgreen:

    Did you know that Port have hired two former Crows guns to help them out? 😀

    S. Rehn and T. Edwards….. both double Premiership players.

    I know… I’ll be very quiet now …

  103. Why there is such a feeding frenzy regarding the leadership challenge to Gillard can be summed up in two words.- Ashleigh Gillon. Ashleigh scooped the story on the knifing of Rudd. All the media majors missed the vibe in Canberra including the parent company to Ashleigh’s employer News Corp. Peter Hartcher was in the loop but was obviously on R&R over that weekend. Kerry O’Brian was close when he was interviewing Faulkner on 7.30 Report when it started to go down but Ashleigh was there doing a live mobile phone broadcast being filmed through the glass in Parliament House. I reckon ABC, Fairfax and News Corp would have sent blanket instructions “….. don’t miss the blood on the floor this time you fuckers.”
    Ashleigh hasn’t been seen around Parliament House for a while. …is she undercover endeavoring to make it a 2/2 scoop?

  104. I reckon ABC, Fairfax and News Corp would have sent blanket instructions “….. don’t miss the blood on the floor this time you fuckers.”

    True Geoff, and they’ve spent months jumping at shadows….

    that’s not to say one of them won’t get it right if there’s a next time.

    They’ll be falling over themselves and all writing exactly the same words…..
    how does that happen ??

  105. Geoff and “Why there is such a feeding frenzy regarding the leadership challenge..”

    Yes exactly…why is there. The media has been “in a frenzy” for about one and a half years now.

    Maybe Rudd will challenge in spite of him having to repeat over and over and over that he will not challenge and that the role of Foreign Minister suits him just fine.

    But honestly, if one cares to put on one’s thinking cap, why on earth would Kevin Rudd even want to challenge. All the polls state that Tony Abbott is a shoo-in to be our next Prime Minister (small interlude while I keep my stomach from churning)..so WHY on earth would Rudd want to take over.

    I do wish that people would grow a brain!!! Give me TWO REASONS as to why Rudd would want to take over at this point in time and I will consider these carefully.

    I’ll start the conversation:

    Rudd wants to become Prime Minister again, only to lose to Tony Abbott because:


  106. Catchin up @ 3.44pm,

    Catching up
    Why must the pressure which appears to be coming from the media be affecting the PM. It sounds like blackmail to me. We are going to keep this up until you either break or do what we want.

    That’s it!

    She may well do neither having managed to govern through the crap all through this term, and pass 268 bills while the Opposition were spitting
    and hissing. 🙂

    Don’t try saying that too quickly 😯

  107. shane, devastating news, but the good news is that you are still with us and hopefully will soon be back on your feet. Sending positive thoughts your way for a speedy recovery and a return to very good health.

  108. Min. We were chatting about this over a schooner yesterday. My call? Rudd will keep the pressure on Gillard until the poll occurs. The poll will be somewhere between now and next year. I agree with you Min, Rudd has no need to relieve Gillard of her half eaten shit sandwich. Rudd will swan in after the poll with an “I told you so” and enjoy the spoils. I think everyone expects labor to reside in the political wilderness a couple of terms. Rudd will be happy to spend this time telling everyone why the decision to knife him was wrong. My personal thought is Gillard will call an election and not contest her seat.
    The Queensland Polls today are interesting. The “30%” theme seems to be common and pervasive at all political levels.

  109. Geoff and “Min. We were chatting about this over a schooner yesterday. My call?” 😯 Were we…??

    Thank you Geoff, make mine a Bundy and diet coke..

    Labor’s ‘shit sandwich’ consists of 266 pieces of legislation passed by a minority government compared with at least 100 less passed by the Howard government during the rodent’s first term.

    This time and place reminds me of where lots of excellent things were happening, but it took another decade to realize their value.

    Ok Geoff, you clearly do not like the government – so what is your vision for the next decade, what would you expect the “Abbott government” to achieve. No point in bleating from the sidelines, front up and strut your stuff.

    Let’s hear it again: what would you expect the Abbott government to achieve..go for it, tell me all about it.

  110. Does Geoff know whether Tony Abbott plans to scrap this…

    Building Trades Training Centres in our high schools


    or this…

    Creating 235,000 new training places

    The Federal Labor Government is providing 711,000 additional training places over the period from 2008 to 2012 under the highly successful $1.97 billion Productivity Places Program.


    or these ….

    Tax cuts in the last three budgets


    Labor is committed to alleviating cost of living pressures for hard working Australians and reducing the burden for small businesses and companies.

    In the last three years Labor has cut taxes for working families and low income earners:

    or these

    More help for pensioners


    Labor has always stood up for fairness for older Australians. Labor has provided more help for pensioners through increases of more than $100 a fortnight in the age pension for singles and $76 for couples.

    Older Australians have made our nation strong and prosperous and deserve to be supported in their later years.

    or this

    Investing in new cancer research and treatment centres


    •Providing $526 million in infrastructure funding to build two integrated cancer centres in Sydney and Melbourne, that will provide state-of-the-art cancer treatment combined with cutting edge research.
    •Establishing a network of 20 new and enhanced regional cancer centres across Australia, as part of a $560 million investment to provide access to vital cancer services including radiotherapy and chemotherapy much closer to home.
    •Upgrading BreastScreen Australia’s national network to state of the art digital mammography equipment to screen women for breast cancer.
    •Investing $70 million to expand the Garvan St Vincent’s Cancer Centre in Sydney, which will focus on research excellence in cancer care.
    •Supporting up to two dedicated prostate cancer research centres in Melbourne and Brisbane and a children’s cancer centre in Adelaide.
    •Funded the McGrath Foundation $12 million to train, recruit and employ 44 breast cancer nurses.
    •Providing financial support for women who require external breast prostheses as a result of breast cancer.


  111. Pip, they will all have to get it right, as they just keep moving the date.

    Of course there is always the danger that neither Rudd or Gillard will keep to their script.

    Remember, Mr. Costello was a dark and spoilt the scenario.

    The PM just does not have to do as they say. The PM does have options.

    The option the PM appears to be taking at this time, is ignoring the media and getting on with the job of being PM.

    The PM is doing a good job as well.

    Now Mr. Abbott says the PM is dysfunctional and he needs to take her place.

    Mr. Abbott needs to be afraid that the PM does become functional. He has not stop her from dong anything up to now.

    I cannot help but think, sometimes patience is all it takes. Give them enough rope and they might hang themselves.

  112. Cu, Abbott is the worst Opposition Leader Australia has ever had and is ably backed by the media whatever he does…. they usually skip past his failings.

  113. I am sure he will want to go back to Mr. Howard’s solution.

    Build wasteful trade colleges that compete with TAFE and the high schools.

    If they had their way, we would go back to the domestic and technical high schools that ensured that the working class child remained in the stream designated to them.

    None of this rubbish of sending them to university.

    The only flaw in Mr. Howard’s belief was that he could not identify that we did not need all of those who went to uni.

    The answer is not stopping kids going to uni. There is a great need for them to do so.

    The trades need to be filled with those who are now not performing.

    They need to be given the support to bring them up to standard need to enter the trades. This is now doubly important, as there are very few jobs available that does not take training. The days of the shovel and pick are long gone.

    This is possible.

    Every child needs to be educated to the limit of their ability. They need as wide of education possible, so they can make choices and take up the options that come their way.

  114. Get rid of the Carbon Tax. Get rid of the Mining Tax.
    FFS put back in place a Border protection policy, preferably Howard’s. Tweak it if necessary to keep the cross dressers in Canberra smiling. Reopen Nauru, TPVs, Offshore Processing yada yada….. as Rudd would say its not Rocket Surgery.
    Stick to Principles.
    Start paying back the 212 Billion debt created since 2007.
    I would expect Abbott or any Coalition leader not to bend over for Bob Brown …. there is a reason Greens only poll 10% – 12% consistently. They are dickheads.
    Stick to Principles.
    Get rid of all the “warm inner glow” BS and competently manage the economy for all Australians. Have a majority of Economists (preferably from Monash) and accountants providing base data for policy decisions.
    Stick to Principles.
    Cut a swathe through the Canberra Public Service and get them real jobs …. maybe driving trucks in the mines.
    Tell Wilkie he is an unrepresentative clown and tell him if he is so passionate about an issue then bring it to parliament and let the communities representatives (read MPs) vote for it. That is what the Parliament is supposed to do.
    Stick to Principles.
    If Abbott or any Coalition Leader gets stuck with a hung parliament then go back to the people. Tell the voters they have sent mixed signals… go back and get it right one way or the other. DON’T do deals with minority unrepresentative fringe dwellers. Oakshotts/Windsors/Wilkies should never be able to force policy contrary to voters wishes.
    Ensure the unions look after their core business. Keep the minority union base from forcing unrepresentative policy on an elected government.
    Pass legislation to make it illegal for MILs to become GGs. Stick with retired military for GGs. They understand chain of command and they know their role is to do Jack unless a constitutional crisis is looming. They don’t need expensive wardrobes, flowers or be at every opening of an envelope.
    Close Canberra and relocate it to aboriginal communities. Our indigenous friends will then finally get services… but sadly a shitload of politicians and their hangers on.
    Finally Min. FFS get a leader who doesn’t look and sound like a Bogan.
    ps Min. Every time I hear 266 pieces of legislation passed I think Gillard must be exhausted bending over for the minorities. She should have stuck to her alleged principles and gone back to the polls.
    oh and one more thing Min…………history has shown it is not smart politics to underestimate Abbott.
    I’m off for schooners at the local club.

  115. Does anyone get the feeling that when it comes to politics and the media, the more things change the more they stay the same.

  116. Geoff you must have missed it, but the government is governing for ALL Australians…remember this ?

    $400,000 sweetener became $400m October 29, 2011

    The former treasurer Mr Costello tells Hartcher: ”This was 1999. Neither Howard nor I had much of an idea of what a greenhouse gas was, let alone how to abate it …

    Trying to co-operate without blowing the financial position, I whispered to Howard, ‘Offer her four hundred.’

    ”’Okay,’ he said. ‘$400 million.’

    ”She accepted. I tapped him on the shoulder and whispered in his ear, ‘That’s not what I meant. I meant we should offer her $400,000’.”

    There was no way to retract the offer.

    ”It was how $400 million got expended by mistake.”

  117. “…it is not smart politics to underestimate Abbott” is a Murdoch’s Australian standard, often, as I recall, via Dennis Shanahan. Abbot is undoubtedly posessed of a psychopathic wiliness, but he’d be nowhere without his boosters, minders & the willingness of others to pick up after him. Nowhere at all in meaningful terms.

  118. “Get rid of the Carbon Tax. Get rid of the Mining Tax.” – keep the tax rorts for the biggest polluters, no money for Australia..send it all overseas to the multi-nationals.

    “FFS put back in place a Border protection policy, preferably Howard’s.” – all overturned by TWO decisions of the High Court. Sorry, but until da’revolution comes then you right wingers are STUCK well and truly with the decision of the High Court.

    “Reopen Nauru, TPVs, Offshore Processing yada yada….. as Rudd would say its not Rocket Surgery.” Yada yada.. eva’ checked out where duh Nauru is..it’s duh, d’udda side of Awstralya. Da boats comes from duh Indonesia, where are ya goin’ to put da peoples before ya send’em to Nauru.

    I would indeed expect Tony Abbott to bend over for Bob Brown..after all, Abbott has shown that he will do anything for a vote. 😯 However I don’t think that Bob would be all that interested.

    Ah yes, the good old Get A Job In The Mines furphy, where you cannot get a start unless you are a dual tradie with at least 5 years experience FIFO.

    And “Finally Min. FFS get a leader who doesn’t look and sound like a Bogan.” OMG Geoff, you poor lamb, having to suffer through a leader not up to your exulted expectations of what a woman should look and sound like. Clearly the only female leader of your choice should be a cross between a barbie doll and well..a barbie doll.

  119. Geoff, you have a short memory. It is not that long ago, that the coalition was on the nose in the states and federal government.

    This occurs all the time.

    It goes in cycles.

    I believe that many like to see different party in the Federal sphere to the states.

    What comes around goes around. All that is happening in Queensland, id that Labor has been in power a long time. Mainly because they have had no opposition that people trust.

    I would not get a bug head over the changes that are occurring state wise.

    I have a feeling that with the coalition in power in most states, some will be reluctant to vote them in Federally.

  120. Abbott has answered my question to Geoff @ 6.41pm, of course we’ve all heard it before :mrgreen:

    Does Geoff know whether Tony Abbott plans to scrap this…

    “We’ve got to change the policies of the government, not just change the leader of the government.

    “And the way to change policies is to change the government and have an election.


    He’s full of original quotes!

    On second thoughts, he’s just full of it!

  121. Pip, I do believe you..that Abbott said this..

    “We’ve got to change the policies of the government, not just change the leader of the government.

    “And the way to change policies is to change the government and have an election.

    Anyone else except me go strangely glassy eyed when reading this…that’s the best that an aspiring Prime Minister can come up with?

    Or was it a misprint and Da way to change da pwolicies is to have an erection..or something similar..

  122. CU @2.37
    Body language of PM and Rudd, quite often in QT you will see a little smile. The PM will also let him know when the nasty, smirky, snide and tasteless comments are amusing the opposition. Rudd then dispatches the opposition.

  123. I am sure he will get plenty at the club to agree with him.

    It is a pity he is wrong on all counts.

    Most of the cuts he is talking about, are already in place.

    The is NOT a high taxing, high spending government.

    Does he want to go back to Mr. Costello budget structural deficit.

    Does he want to go back the falling productivity.

    Does he want to continue with the waste, that Mr. Costello blamed Mr. Howard for.

    Does he want to go back to ten interest rate rises in a row,

    The golden era that he seems to recall, I am afraid did not exist.

    Does he want us to to be at possibly 20th failed attempt to introduce fast broadband, that fails to meet today’s or the needs of the future.

    One can go on and on.

    By the way, there is no guarantee that the boats would not have resumed, regardless of who is in power.

    Why was Mr. Howard building Christmas Island when he lost his seat. For fun. I say he was building it, because he knew that the boat would start coming again.

    Geoff, one cannot go back to the past.

    It is a completely different world and economy today.

    Yesterday’s solution will not work for today’s problems and challenges.

    This is the bind that Mr. Abbott is getting himself in. Mr. Abbott is ignoring the high dollar and the movement of the economy world wide from the west to the east.

    It is a new world order.

    We are in a the position to come out the other end strong. This will only occur if we play our play our cards right.

    If I can see this at seventy, why cannot younger people.

    It is an exciting and dangerous time. We do not need gooses in charge.

  124. Shit, Geoff want to take us back to the 50’s where a woman sure knew her place. While he is at it, maybe we should import our GG as we did then.

    I wonder if he would like us to ditched Australian citizenship and go back to as we were then as well.

    A UK passport is all we need to travel on.

    Geoff I can remember, and that definitely was not a golden age.

  125. and everyone ignores the economy. They have to, so they can belittle the PM.

    I do not under estimate Mr. Abbott. He is an worm that will stop at nothing to get his own way.

    What many are doing, is under estimating the PM, even when the evidence is staring them in the face that they are wrong.

  126. Min and Pip

    abbott was probably all alone when he came up with that quote. His minder Peta probably has the shits and needs her brian to tell her:

    don’t worry luv we will get rid of slipper when WE win power.

  127. “This is not just a referendum on Anna Bligh, this is a referendum on the carbon tax,” Mr Abbott said.

    “The people of Queensland can send a very strong message to the Labor people right around Australia, this tax is toxic.

    Read more: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/queensland/anna-bligh-has-tickets-on-herself-abbott-20120218-1tflj.html#ixzz1mitSfhsd

    Who has tickets on themselves.

    There is no way this is not a state election.

    The result will have nothing to do with the carbon tax.

    This just might backfire.

    I believe there is still support for addressing carbon emission. There are also a great many that believe it is inevitable and just want the issue put to bed.

    Talk about treating the voters as idiots.

  128. We can only hope that Mr. Abbott does not find Shakespeare as Mr. Pyne has done.

    One is enough. I like Mr. Swan and the Three Stooges better.

    I wonder if Mr. Pyne has read Shakespeare, or if someone gave him a book of quotes.

  129. there is a reason Greens only poll 10% – 12% consistently. They are dickheads.

    Hmm, I wonder what you think of the Nationals then? They poll 3% – 5% consistently… 😉

  130. Will someone please explain where this government is not functioning.

    She says Ms Gillard is the better leader.

    “Julia has worked absolute miracles with the hand that she has been dealt,” she said.

    “I am very proud of what we did in Government, I think Kevin obviously had enormous drive. He won us an election and delivered a great range of things for the community, but the truth is he also left us with a lot of challenges.”

    Ms Roxon’s comments come amid reports she and Craig Emerson have been privately lobbying their colleagues to support Ms Gillard.

    The reports in both Fairfax and News limited newspapers suggest some Cabinet members have been warning backbenchers that a return to a Rudd government would destroy the Labor Party.


    “This shows the division and the dysfunctionality and distraction of this Government,” he said.

    “I mean they’re absolutely paralysed by their internal divisions.

    “They’ve lost control of themselves, not just our borders and our finances, and that’s not good for the Australian people.”


  131. Cu and “If I can see this at seventy, why cannot younger people.”…they do, believe me, they do but have become so bored with the whole affair that it’s left up to we middle rangers to keep fighting the good fight. Perhaps because we’ve been through things such the Vietnam War, a real recession, that we understand what real struggle is all about – instead of the current day whingers who whinge that they can’t find it cheap enough on EBay.

    Current day whingers seem to me just that, OMG Prada’s gone up $2.00.

    Cu, and “shit”..sounds perfectly accurate to me.

  132. Bacchus, whether they are dickheads or not is immaterial. They are there because many voted for them.

    The votes they receive are as legitimate as those of Liberal voters.

    There was not a mixed message at the last election. The message was that Mr. Abbott did not get enough votes to form government.

    This dummy spit is getting a little long in the tooth.

    Time for the likes of Geoff to move on.

    PS.. I am not Green supporter and would be unlikely to vote for them.

  133. Min, I am starting to think that there are not that many middle and upper middle wage earners that are whinging.

    I think that might be another fabrication of the media.

  134. Min @ 7.53pm,
    Or was it a misprint and Da way to change da pwolicies is to have an erection..or something similar.

    I’d rather not go there Min …. but I am curious about the “something similar”…..

  135. Community groups, churches slam Abbott over detainee claims


    Church leaders, health and charity groups have joined the federal government in condemning claims that conditions for asylum seekers in community detention are ”luxurious”, after Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said ”the red carpet is being rolled out”.

    Media reports of the provision of lounges, plasma televisions, whitegoods and food prompted Mr Abbott to tell Channel Nine the household items were a luxury and a welcome mat encouraging people smugglers.

    Former Australian of the Year Patrick McGorry said punitive detention policies had a ”huge cost”.

    ”Community detention is a much better scenario for people in terms of avoiding the damage that long-term detention causes. This has been a positive move and I am not sure why it is being painted this way,” he said.

    I’m sure The Daily Smellagraph will make a correction for their ‘mistake’, as will the Opposition Leader.


  136. Did you hear the latest

    News ltd is so pissed that Kev hasn’t challenged they harve decided to start the inevitable attack right now, you tube clip as well


    No doubt News will claim gillard supporters did it. in the hope that rudd will be so annoyed he will throw down the gauntlet and challenge.

    By the way anybody got some topless photos of Pauline Hanson ?

  137. Bloody Hell the happy vegemite story is by Sam Maiden of the sunday telegraph.

    and to think i was joking about the topless PH photos

  138. Sue, that sounds about right…the press has been more than usually over the top, and that’s quite an achievement.

    No doubt News will claim gillard supporters did it. in the hope that rudd will be so annoyed he will throw down the gauntlet and challenge.

  139. You’re right Sue, the Youtube story has been exposed by at least, and none other than, three ltd news papers.

    They’re a pack of stinkers!

  140. Have you heard there is an election in Qld? I am wondering is the newspoll showing a lead of 16% to the LNP a furphy? Are the LNP running scared?

    Tomorrow is the first official day on the qld election and this CRAP emerges, what do you think?

  141. 16% lead sounds very high. Sue wasn’t there a odd happening with
    Newspoll figures appearing and disappearing earlier this week?

  142. “Sideshow” Samantha Maiden the “journalist” who writes book reviews without reading the book. One of the three people who boasted they brought down a Prime Minister (the other two being Barry Cassidy and Andrew Bolt).
    Might she be trying to bring down another Prime Minister or is she working on something less ambitious like a State Premier?
    It’s good to see the MSM still hemorrhaging readers.

  143. luna, Might she be trying to bring down another Prime Minister or is she working on something less ambitious like a State Premier?
    It’s good to see the MSM still hemorrhaging readers.

    Either or both.

  144. Looks as if Rudd should have had a purge from Downer’s foreign affairs. Where does dolly downer’s daughter work?

  145. Fairfax report of Rudd Youtube video begins:-

    A video of Kevin Rudd swearing and criticising embassy officials has been posted anonymously on YouTube, part of an apparent campaign to discredit his reborn leadership ambitions.

    and they know this because…..what ?

    The heavily edited clip features Mr Rudd angrily hitting his desk and demanding the “dickheads at the embassy” give him simple sentences.

    “Don’t have the f—ing patience to do it,” Rudd says.

    Mr Rudd’s office has said it was examining the undated video, apparently out-takes from the filming of an official announcement. Labor insiders said the recording was from when Mr Rudd was PM.

  146. Sue, are they clever or what, just mention “Labor insiders’ and Bob’s their uncle.

    Conclusion ….Labor did it….

  147. How do the faceless men get into thus supposed attempt by Mr. Rudd to get his old job back

    How is the government paralysed?

    Does one get the impression that Mr. Abbott has an habit of making statements that sound good but have very little reality on them.

    It the stories are true, it is Mr. Rudd making the run on this one. No faceless men in sight.

    It the so called faceless men, most who are in fact fellow MPs, with well known faces.

    Faceless men, another ghost on Mr. Abbott’s part from the distant past, once again from Whitlam’s day.

    I believe if the so called faceless men still existed and had the power given to them, Mr. Rudd would have been pulled into line before this.

    One wonders why Mr. Abbott’s lives so much in the past.

    So much today that we read in the media and what comes out of Mr. Abbott’s mouth, seems so unreal, almost cuckoo land stuff.

  148. Cu,

    Roxon backs Gillard amid leadership rumblings

    <blockquote.Attorney-General Nicola Roxon has declared Julia Gillard a better prime minister than Kevin Rudd and urged the now-Foreign Minister to end leadership rumblings.

    There is increasing speculation Mr Rudd is preparing for a tilt at his old job which reports say could come as soon as in the next month.

    But Ms Roxon, who was promoted by Ms Gillard last year from the Health portfolio to Attorney-General, has told reporters that Mr Rudd should focus on being Foreign Affairs Minister.

    "Kevin Rudd is a very good Foreign Minister, he should focus on that, the way we all focus on our jobs as ministers," she said.

    "I think the really disappointing thing about what is going on at the moment is it means instead of talking about our proud record of what Labor has delivered to the community, we are talking about each other and ourselves. That doesn't help anybody."

    She says Ms Gillard is the better leader.

    "Julia has worked absolute miracles with the hand that she has been dealt," she said.

    "I am very proud of what we did in Government, I think Kevin obviously had enormous drive. He won us an election and delivered a great range of things for the community, but the truth is he also left us with a lot of challenges."

    Kevin Rudd needs to put up or shut up if he really does have his eye on the leadership, and also not jump off the deep end and accuse Labor for putting his blooper video on Youtube.

    That’s just as likely to have been done by an impatient media!

  149. Too much power and money on the other side of politics, look towards that for this video. some thoughts for consideration

    Qld election
    In may money starts to flow for carbon tax
    mrrt to go through senate

    always remember Grech and the authentic emails
    the video links, rudd pm, foreign affairs dept copping abuse
    who held the outtakes

    news ltd, smellograph the first to break story on grech, now rudd video

  150. They are not satisfied with attacking a female PM, they are now starting on the female GG. This is the second swipe I have seen today.

    We can throw in a female premier for good luck.

    Quentin Bryce has been disappointing as Governor-General. That shouldn’t be surprising – she was disappointing as Governor of Queensland and past behaviour is a reasonable predictor of future behaviour.

    She now has an opportunity to repair her reputation by dissolving the House of Representatives and setting an election. Having done that, dignity demands that she then submit her own resignation as the use of the reserve power is an extreme device which should automatically prevent the Governor-General retaining office.

    But the Constitution allows for the reserve powers to resolve extreme circumstances, such as we now confront.

    Parliament has descended to a farce, led by a farcical Speaker. Farce should be kept to theatres, where the costs are low and the benefits high.


  151. What rubbish. I can only say that many are becoming desperate.

    But the Constitution allows for the reserve powers to resolve extreme circumstances, such as we now confront.

    Parliament has descended to a farce, led by a farcical Speaker. Farce should be kept to theatres, where the costs are low and the benefits high.

    Tragically for the taxpayer, however, we are now paying for theatrical performances in Parliament as the two worst prime ministers in Australia’s history fight among themselves, backed by their various stooges. The once mighty Labor Party has managed to destroy itself from within. Meanwhile former Labor Leader Mark Latham – who would have contended for the worst prime minister title – hangs around like a bad smell. What’s it with Labor that it selects such bad, incompetent and pathetic leaders? Time servers all, they suffer from hubris which has laid low leaders throughout history: the common thread among bad prime ministers (and leaders everywhere) is hubris.


  152. Sue, some things should only be tried once, by the third or fourth go round it looks a tad too obvious…. not that any of the journos seem to care as long as long as they’re getting paid.

    In may money starts to flow for carbon tax
    mrrt to go through senate

    always remember Grech and the authentic emails
    the video links, rudd pm, foreign affairs dept copping abuse
    who held the outtakes

    news ltd, smellograph the first to break story on grech, now rudd video

  153. sue,
    I wonder about whether Downer’s former ex-AFP staffer is still in JG’s office;
    he was mentioned just once in a ltd news article then disappeared when the big ‘leak’ from Cabinet was going on.

    Maybe it’s unfair to even consider him; it was reported that he did ‘take notes’ for the PM when she could not.

    Downer’s daughter is also a consideration; again sounds unfair, but there is a lot of skulduggery going on and DFAT is a good place to start.

  154. PIp

    I hope they take the Grech option and call in the Federal police. grech got sorted pretty quickly and this needs the same quick attention.
    remember before grech was outed all the msm talk of the time was a rudd staffer “hiding” the evidence. abetz was screeching coverup, turnbull was gloating

    gee sound familiar

  155. Cu, and Bacchus, last night I came across an article about G-G Bryce and Kevin Rudd and the old Heiner Affair story; now I can’t find it, but suffice to say there were about five inquiries and still it’s dragged out on special occasions.

    The stories are getting more nonsensical by the hour especially the Reserve Powers argument.

    Thanks for the links btw.

  156. The best I heard was from Enscht. He said that Mr Slipper had move from the position he was elected for.

    What annoyed me most, that the interviewer, which I assume as a political journalist, should have had enough knowledge to ask what he meant.

    Another, the voter gave mixed messages at the last election and there should have been a rerun.

    The truth is that the voters gave a very clear message. Firstly Mr. Abbott did not win. Secondly, they wanted the Independents and the Greens to have some say.

    Another is calling this a coalition government. It is not, it is a minority government. legit under the constitution.

  157. legit under the constitution

    Exactly CU – so many making the loudest noise here have no idea what the constitution actually allows…

  158. PIp, if it involved Heiner, Pies was probably in there somewhere – he and his “intellectual geniuses” are the only ones still banging on about that…

  159. Slugger Maiden has a ‘scoop’…. maybe….

    Battle lines drawn in Labor leadership stoush

    JULIA Gillard is facing a revolt by MPs in marginal seats who last night called for her to resign as Prime Minister.
    For the first time, those worried about a voter backlash – including Victoria’s Darren Cheeseman – went public with a demand that she quit to save the party.

    “There’s no doubt about it – Julia Gillard can’t take the party forward,” Mr Cheeseman, who holds the seat of Corangamite, told the Sunday Mail.

    “The community has made its mind up on her. Certainly it would be in the interests of the party for Julia to stand down and allow this Government to select a strong candidate.”

    The extraordinary call was backed by some of the Prime Minister’s ministers, with one saying: “For the good of the party, for the good of the Government, she should stand down. They are seeking to provoke a confrontation. It’s clearly unsustainable.”

    However, Gillard ally, Attorney-General Nicola Roxon, said any challenge from Kevin Rudd would be folly.

    She said he left the party with “a lot of challenges” when dumped as prime minister in 2010, and urged him to focus on his role as Foreign Minister.

    Cheeseman was elected in 2007, doesn’t have a Ministry, so who gave him permission to speak to the press on such an important matter, assuming he said what has been reported.

  160. It’s a little hard to fathom exactly what Tony is disputing Roswell. For his attacks to succeed constitutionally, he would need one of his no confidence motions to first of all actually be debated, and then win the subsequent vote. As infamous contributors here have hinted at previously, it’s got something to do with p!$$ & wind 😉

  161. 😳 try…
    As infamous contributors here have hinted at previously, it’s got something to do with p!$$ & wind 😉

  162. Bacchus, you whistle and i’ll point

    As infamous contributors here have hinted at previously, it’s got something to do with p!$$ & wind

    Reminds me of an ancient joke about a Texan 😀

  163. There’s a lot going on at the moment. Is it possible that there’s a massive push on against Gillard from the opposition & the media? Not long ago I reckon that would’ve sounded silly, but no more.

  164. Bob, it is not only the number of articles in the last few days, it is the length of them.

    If this is not a push, I would hate to see one.

    What appears to be missing is the astro-surfers or whatever they are called.

    Which makes one wonder if it is media driven.

    The Australian seems to be out in front with the onslaught, closely followed by the ABC. TV and radio.

  165. I do not mix much but I wonder if many of you are running into members of the public raising the PM’s name and backing Mr. Abbott.

    I have not heard any talk whatever, but as I said, my contact with people is limited.

  166. Pip at 12.59
    Yes, I agree. The great Bushfire Bill was on about this a while back at Crikey, essentially saying that business & the media was prepared to talk itself down for a while in order to get rid of Gillard, but she’s foiled them by lasting this long & they’re not happy about it.
    My thoughts on Rudd’ve crystallised a bit lately. I don’t mind him as much as some, but if he & his supporters??? are so silly as to think they’ll get a fair deal from their opponents then they’re silly indeed. Rudd may be susceptible to this sort of flattery. The negative stories’ll be out quicker than you can twist the lid off a jar of Vegemite.
    I go on about this but I can never get over the way the media’s just written itself out of past history whilst doing all in its power to create current events.

    I hadn’t really intended to look in this late, this video thingy which’ll be turned into anything you want so long as it’s negative, it’s ruined the night.

  167. Pip, it is more like they are running out of time.

    The distribution of the Clean Energy future is beginning to be distributed.

    I am sure that many are going to like that 18000 tax free zone.

    They have been calling wolf for so long, with no results, they are looking a little silly.

    The final straw for Mr. Abbott would have been that 5.1 unemployment figure. It pulled the mat from under his scare campaign.

    They have fallen back on asylum seekers, only to be met with an outcry from the churches and charities.

    The police have laid no charges in the Australian day affair They have let the officer sacked go overseas for an indefinite time.

    The media is being more moderate with the Thompson affair that suggests that might also not go Abbott’s way.

    Time is on the side of the PM. not Abbott.

  168. Cu, the only place I’m hearing this stuff is on the radio, and TV, no-one else is saying much other than an occasional comment about Murdoch.

    The papers are saying that the Youtube video would have been stored in the PM’s office according to a “Labor insider’.

    Does this mean that years and years of files are still kept in the PM’s office?

    Daughter said that the Twitterati are saying if it was meant to finish Rudd it’s backfired…

    Seems to me that the ‘insiders’ are a handy lot for the media.- some real – some invented, and who would know the difference?

  169. Catching Up at 1.07
    I can’t help you, I’m on holidays & talk only to the wife, the dog, cats & horses, all of whom are Gillard supporters.
    Glad to see you think there’s a push on too.

  170. It’s ruined the night for me too Bob, but hopefully wiser heads will prevail. If they are stupid enough to go back to Kevin Rudd the media will be even bolder and more brazen than they are now if that’s possible.

  171. Well Bob if it is not a push, I would like to know what it is.

    I even query the number of sudden job sackings in firms that are making records profits.

    I believe that many that took their workforces off shore are not having the results they expected.

    Some have actually trashed their brand name by doing so.

  172. C.U at 1.18
    Yes, they’ll be in a hurry for the reasons you mention.

    Pip at 1.19
    There they go again, those legions of “Labor Insiders”, always good for a quote to damage their own side. My first thoughts are that your daughter’s right (isn’t it past her bedtime?) & that Rudd’ll come out of this well. What joy!!!! for Gillard’s critics. There’s weeks in this. Those bastards at 4Corners might be miffed at having been overtaken, but not to worry, that can be stored & brought out again.

  173. No CU – people in the wider world don’t concern themselves daily with Abbott vs Gillard or supposed rumblings of discontent within either major party. That’s reserved for tragics on the political blogs 😉

    The problem though, of course, is the ubiquitous reporting of such things in the “common” media. The small dose that “everyday” people get from their televisions – stories start out as assertions in the OO, which get picked up by ABC and the commercial stations, becoming the only “narrative” that everyday people hear. I wonder why the government can’t get its message across 🙄

  174. We’ll talk to you here Cu. 🙂

    Cu, I think you’re right about all the lost jobs.and

    Bob I believe 4 Corners and the rest of ABC news are up to their necks in this whole media exercise.

    When you read about the spiderweb of think tanks funded by big business and the networking they do anything is possible.

    For example it was reported recently that Rupert Murdoch sponsored the IPA until the early 2000’s as well as many others, and who, I wonder, is the latest generous donor……eager to sway public opinion?

    The same moves were used to get Bush elected. Twice.

  175. The Greenhouse Effect – Canberra Style

    The problem for Australia right now is that Canberra – and more specifically our parliament – is also a greenhouse. Our parliament members of both sides are being propagated in a greenhouse where little to no contact is made with the outside world by those members. Instead, they are fed nutrients by their advisers, internal polling people, focus group results. Somewhere along the way, the ability to control the temperature inside the greenhouse was delivered to the members of a press gallery who seem to enjoy turning up the heat inside the greenhouse. The claque of Oakes, Hartcher, Grattan, Maiden, van Onselen and various other chatterers are delighted to be given the space to tell us – and the plants inside the greenhouse – who should be leader and why. They know that the plants inside the greenhouse would be absorbing the heat they create.

    The end result is that the growth process is halted and all hell starts to break loose. Then we see absurd lists of people who are voting for one side or another, individual plants (even ones that taste like cheese) buckling under the pressure, as well as videos released of one of the plants swearing.

  176. Yes Cu, it is about the perceptions created, as per the above link:-

    All sorts of stuff that gets the journalists very excited. Then those journalists sitting outside the greenhouse will retweet comments like this as some kind of “nyah, nyah” comment to those of us who tire of the turning up of the temperature inside the greenhouse.

    Michael O’Brien @michaelobrienmp

    Funnier than the uncivil war of embattled Labor PM v embittered ex-Labor PM is TwitterLeft realization that it’s *not* all a media beat up.

    Leadership seems to be almost always bubbling inside any government. That seems to be the nature of the egos inside the greenhouse. So, this is not about any “beat up”, it is more about the way journalists become the anointers of new leaders after their own actions in turning small disturbances into full blown wars.

  177. Pip
    I think it’s apparent that serious money has had it in for this government form the outset, & that Labor (particularly Rudd) was too innocent to see it. Really it’s been going on almost from the start, with the amazingly well organised pensioner protest after their first budget onward. Returning to the start of this, it looks like their patience has finally run out, enough’s enough & a coup or something is in the offing. But Julia’s a tough gal.
    On that cheery note I bid you all goodnight.

  178. This lot will still be on tomorrow Bob.

    The Labor people have remained circumspect and civilised possibly thinking that was the best way to proceed, but when they’re dealing with monkeys flinging poo, they need to try a different tactic.

    ‘night Cu, and Bob.

  179. Pip, it is frightening, they are now mentioning the third bush, Jeb.

    We need to recall that Mr., Abbott spent days in Sydney ensconce with god know who for days, just after the holidays.

    No information was given out. He have the likes of Abetz making aside like, businessmen say to me, and then giving little information.

    Mr. Abbott definitely thought he had it made. Remember the first shadow meeting when he took the media in. The hubris was sickening. There was his boast that every time the PM said economy, he would say carbon tax.

    I think I will call it a night.

    Pip, I appreciate being able to talk on the blogs. It keeps the brain exercised.

  180. Meanwhile good govt policy is being abused and it takes Choice to investigate and report.

    “BANKS are exploiting a loophole in new federal laws and failing to give customers the one-page cheat sheet they need to compare mortgages.

    A spokesman for Treasurer Wayne Swan said ASIC and Treasury had been monitoring the banks’ compliance and found some weren’t acting within the spirit of the law.

    “That’s simply not good enough. There is no excuse for any bank evading its responsibility to give its customers all the information they need to get the best deal they can,” the spokesman said. “The Government will not tolerate any attempt to avoid any of these important reforms and will tighten the screws on any bank which doesn’t do the right thing by its customers.”

    Read more: http://www.news.com.au/money/banking/banks-ignore-new-laws/story-e6frfmcr-1226274788789#ixzz1mlU2tGkY

  181. As i said last night, time to call in the fed police, as happened with grech.

    read this

    “Obviously these takes have make their way into some archival storage of some kind,” Mr Rudd told Sky News.

    “Anyone who’s got a touch of suspicion about them, if this was done a number of years ago and was done [released] now then obviously it’s a little bit on the unusual side.”

    And hear this

    “But Mr Rudd has told Sky News he just wants to focus on getting on with his job.

    “Can I just say right now there is no challenge to use your term,” he said.

    “We have a prime minister. I’m the Foreign Minister, I’m trying to get on with the job of doing Australia’s foreign policy.
    “Part of the reason for speaking to your programs now is that I’m off to the G20 for meetings with Hillary Clinton and others, then to Washington then to London.”


    So rudd is off o/s, so would that mean no challenge. poor media

  182. geoff you probably bought the tele for the pauline hanson topless photos, the tele for the rudd utegate stories and now this “sideshow” sam’s vegemite.

  183. I haven’t really been following that Sue. I guess unless it’s been extended, it will stick to the original timetable:

    The panel will be required to provide a report to Government by 28 February 2012, while working with the Convergence Review committee to ensure that findings are able to be incorporated into the ultimate report of the Convergence Review by end March 2012.


  184. Latika Bourke…ABC News 24 !

    I just watched Rudd deal with the perennial “have you changed your ways” question on ABC News 24.

    He dealt with it in a thoroughly reasonable (you could almost say self-deprecating) manner.

    Latika Bourke then whipped his innocent response into something along the lines of Rudd throwing down the gauntlet, embellished with the usual hyperventilating about the leadership crisis.

    In the end it will be shown, once again, that when the media turns its mind to it, it can really make things happen.

    This is nothing less than a direct threat to our democracy.

    Latika…piss off.

  185. i’ve justwatched an interview on weekend sunrise with the pm.
    that was one relaxed pm, focused on her job.

    funnily the reporter commented that thepublic was sick of the leadership talk, but unfortunatelley it would continue..when the pm was asked about the leadership reporting she said

    that is just canberra gossip

  186. There’s no leadership challenge, Rudd says February 19, 2012 – 8:39AM


    Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd says there is no contest for the Labor leadership as speculation mounts about Julia Gillard’s tenure as prime minister.

    He was talking after the release of video out-takes showing him swearing and losing his temper. Mr Rudd told Sky News that the timing of the video release was “a little bit on the unusual side”.

    The incident has come amid intense leadership speculation over Mr Rudd and Ms Gillard, who replaced him as prime minister in June 2010.

    “There is no challenge on,” Mr Rudd told Sky News in an interview broadcast on Sunday.

    “We have a prime minister, I am the foreign minister.

  187. Tanya Plibersek on Insiders gave a very good account of what the government has been doing with the Health Dept., and Barry Cassidy wasn’t the slightest bit interested.

    She explained that already there are 6,000 trainee doctors in the regions – not interested.

  188. Wee Willie Winkie has other ideas.

    Labor challenge will occur: Wilkie
    February 19, 2012 – 10:04AM

    Independent MP Andrew Wilkie says he would find it easier to work with Kevin Rudd than Julia Gillard if the foreign minister regains his former job of prime minister.

    Speculation about a possible challenge from Mr Rudd has increased following the release of video out-takes on the file-sharing site YouTube that shows him swearing and losing his temper.

    Mr Wilkie tore up his agreement to support the Gillard minority government after the prime minister broke her promise on gambling reforms in January.

    The independent member for the Hobart seat of Denison said his relationship with Ms Gillard had taken a “battering” since he pulled his support for the Labor government.

    “A word has not passed between Julia Gillard and myself since Friday night of January 20,” Mr Wilkie told Sky News on Sunday.

    “I would find it easier to work with Kevin Rudd than Julia Gillard at this point of time.”

    Mr Wilkie said he had a meeting of about 90 minutes with Mr Rudd in his Canberra office last November.

    “We talked about a range of things, including the possibility of him coming back to the prime ministership,” he said.

    Mr Wilkie said there would be a challenge for the Labor leadership.

    “I must confess for a while I thought it was media mischief until I had a 90-minute meeting with Kevin Rudd,” Mr Wilkie said.

    “Kevin clearly wants the job back. That is entirely understandable.”

    Mr Wilkie said he suspected that Mr Rudd could be successful in his challenge.


  189. Patient bonus in the New England


    A NEW type of health care to benefit aged, palliative or cancer patients will roll out in the New England from July 1.

    The Independent Member for New England, Tony Windsor, said the $20 million National Broadband Network (NBN) enabled the Telehealth Pilots Program, which would fund trial projects allowing healthcare providers to use the “higher speeds” of the NBN to “deliver advanced telehealth services to patients in their own homes”.

    He said the program was designed to identify the barriers to the uptake of telehealth services, along with ways to overcome them.

  190. Bacchus & Sue
    Well said. I don’t believe anything in the Murdoch press. I keep a bit of an eye on it to see where the general attack lies (that was meant to be “lines” but it looks OK as it is. Honest Injun.) are coming from.

    There’s not a lot of difference between ABC 24 & News Ltd.

  191. Pip
    i live in an area which is trialling e-health. i thought the trial was limited to the aged, but no apparently anyone can register. so i will be getting the forms.
    apparently there is good community reponse, with many information sessions being arranged at the behest of different community groups. i didn’t hear of this through the media but from an organisation that is getting involved.

  192. Kevin Rudd declares his hand, formalising his campaign to reclaim the prime ministership
    by: COMMENT Dennis Shanahan, Political editor From: The Australian February 19, 2012 10:52AM

    {good thing it is clearly just “comment” from Shananagans}


    THE Labor leadership challenge is now on.

    The only question is whether there will be a formal ballot when parliament resumes in a week’s time or whether Labor limps into March with its leadership unresolved.

    Kevin Rudd, in response to the damaging leak of an expletive-ridden video of him when he was prime minister, has publicly disclosed his intentions, with declarations of having learned from his mistakes and wanting to get the government’s message back on to the economy.

    Giving what was literally a five minutes to midnight interview to Sky News, Rudd formalised and unveiled a campaign to return to the leadership that has been underway for months.

    Well, not quite Dennis, what about giving a quote instead embroidering your own theory!

    From the very same Sky interview..this is the quote

    “There is no challenge on,” Mr Rudd told Sky News in an interview broadcast on Sunday.

    “We have a prime minister, I am the foreign minister.

    Dennis, the clown, is supposedly a senior journalist; if he’s a senior, how bad are the juniors?

  193. Sue, doesn’t that highlight the government’s problem, you didn’t hear it
    through the media…. but it’s good to know the community meetings can get the messages out to the public.

  194. Bob, Geoff may not have noticed that ltd news journos feature regularly on ABC24 and their news items are often word for word copies of ltd news.

  195. There is no challenge on,” Mr Rudd told Sky News in an interview broadcast on Sunday.

    “I am not the Messiah!

    Only the true messiah woiuld deny his divinity”

    You see how it works don’t you.

    Meanwhile, from the twits

    Latika Bourke @latikambourke
    Assuming that’s KRudd when he was PM, that’s hugely damaging for him but more so as it must have come from someone in Labor…?
    9:58 PM – 18 Feb 12

    Stephen Spencer Stephen Spencer @sspencer_63
    @latikambourke not correct. That was Rudd doing one of his multi-TV interviews on a beam up with pool crew. Potentially every network has it
    10:02 PM – 18 Feb 12

  196. Shadow for Immigration, Scott Morrison, has made the declaration that Labor’s attack on private health insurance is a precursor to their attack on private schools – “outdated class envy drives Labor”.

    The fact is that the Coalition use this argument because they don’t care about improvements in equity for all Australians.

  197. Minister Peter Garrett told Meet The Press that is a Gillard loyalist and that reports he had switched to Kevin Rudd’s camp have him “shaking his head”.

  198. Prime Minister Julia Gillard presently giving a confident speech at the Remember the Darwin Bombing Day, in Darwin.

  199. Sue @10.08am..exactly it. They build on a snippet here, a rumour there..there is of course a reason why Migs called his blog Café Whispers. 😉

  200. pip

    in darwin

    did you note that according to abbott the only reason there was this commenaritive day was becasue of an amendment to a motion by one on his side.

    also his previous advisor’s father was a hero in darwin.

    yep it all comes back to him

  201. Yes I did Sue, he thoroughly enjoyed his moment in the sun…and my body language would be a “interesting” too if he was my husband!

  202. We hear that Rudd is talking about a rerun. We now can safely assume that Mr. Rudd has continued his habit of keeping onside with the media.

    Maybe we can also assume that this PM unlike those who went before her does not see the need to curry favour with the media, or keep the media one side. It does not seem to be her habit to run things past media heads.

    We hear that the business community has come out against the PM.

    What we do not hear, is how all these machinations are to the benefit of the nation.

    The only outcome from now on, is the destruction of this government, leading to years of political unrest as Mr. Abbott and Co attempt to get their own way. He will need at least two elections, putting the election cycle out of sync to achieve what he desires, that of turning all that has been achieved in the last four years and re-establishing upper class welfare.

    There is little chance of any good coming from either a Rudd or Abbott government.

    Talk about naked political ambition on behalf of Mr. Abbott and Mr. Rudd.

    The best thing for this country is those with high entitlements of their right to rule to move aside and let this government run its term.

    The time for change is at the next election, not in times of high economic risk worldwide.

    What we do not need is for big business and the media to have the power to change governments, how and when they choose. That is the real battle going on.

    What we need is for the vote of the people and the government they elect, to be respected and allowed to run its term.

    Little good can come out of the political scene we see today.

    No matter the outcome, there will be no winners.

    Why would the PM release that tape. It does not ring true. Maybe we should put Mr. Rudd in the frame. It is a highly edited tape.

    If it is true, the likely outcome is that Mr. Rudd no longer will have the job he so obviously enjoys and will sit on the back bemch until the next election. He then will be in the postion to become opposition leader. Not the most enjoyable future.

    No the only winners will be the rich and powerful, with the assistance of te media.

    I cannot see others in the party, sitting back and allowing Mr. Rudd to take over, when there are many more suitable for the job.

    Nothing is making political sense as far as the Labor party is going.

    Leadership speculation is mounting, with Mr Wilkie telling Sky News he spoke with Mr Rudd about the issue a few months ago.

    “I must confess for a while I thought it was just media mischief right up until I had a 90-minute meeting with Kevin Rudd – Kevin clearly wants the job back,” he said.

    “There will be a challenge and I suspect he may well be successful, and if he is successful then I will aim to work with him to get the sort of policy outcomes I want to see.”

    And Victorian Labor MP Darren Cheeseman has reportedly told newspapers it is time for Ms Gillard to step down in favour of Mr Rudd.

    This morning Mr Rudd told Sky News there is no leadership challenge, but that he has learnt lessons from his time as prime minister.


  203. Darren Cheeseman is a first termer, possibly getting in early with a sweetener for Kevin Rudd.

    Unsurpriingly ltd news are omitting Rudd’s remark:-

    “There is no challenge on,” Mr Rudd told Sky News in an interview broadcast on Sunday.

    “We have a prime minister, I am the foreign minister.</blockquote

  204. “ding dong the wicked witch, the wicked witch, ding dong the wicked witch is dead …”

    Maybe the news of her death is greatly exaggerated.

    Geoff what is it that you have against women.

    Are they all witches in your eyes.

    I believe you have also had a go a the GG.

    Is the queen safe?

  205. “Independent MP Andrew Wilkie says he would find it easier to work with Kevin Rudd than Julia Gillard if the foreign minister regains his former job of prime minister.”

    This is believable. Mr. Rudd is more interested in being popular than being right.

    That is why he fell in heap last time.

    The PM arrears to be more interested in results than being popular.

    One is a doer, not a talker. The other is a talker, not a doer.

    One will deliver most of what Mr. Wilkie wants. The other nothing.

    Mr. Wilie has a choice, a bird in hand or two in the bush.

    The majority is not often right.

  206. Conspiracy theorists should adjust their tin-foil hats if they think Julia Gillard was personally involved in the release of the Sweary Kevin video.

    Today she is attending a function where she is able to look every centimeter a national leader, the commemoration of the WWII bombing of Darwin. This is an important occasion at which a Prime Minister can look like a Prime Minister and not an MP down in the ruck of scrapping politicians.

    No way would she have wanted the moment ruined by nasty internal Labor Party head kicking.
    However, the video release did just that.


  207. Sue, I agree. I cannot wait for E health. I do not have any ongoing illness and am not cemented onto any particular doctor.

    I find it annoying that every time I approach a new doctor, I go through the whole rigmarole of tests I have already undergone.

    I look forwarded to the day, the doctor hooks my medicare into his computer, and he has instant access to my records.

    This also involves a shift of the belief my records belong to the doctor, to they belong to me.

    I see it as being a big saving of the health dollar and better health outcomes.

    An aside, someone made the prediction for the ides of March. This seems unusual as there would have to be a special sitting of the cause that week.

    We can only hope that commonsense prevails and the country is not set on the road to years of political and I fear economical instability for many years.

    There is time for the PM to use her considerable negotiation skills and broker a deal with Mr. Rudd. He has much to lose, unless his only motive is revenge.

    Fran is wrong, Labor PM have to be saints and miracle workers as well.

    They also are expected to do all the media demands of them.

    This PM does not meet any of their criteria.

  208. Twitter

    Latika Bourke @latikambourke

    Reply RetweetedRetweet Delete FavoritedFavorite · Close Open Details

    Julia Gillard ‘my office did not have access to the material seen on YouTube. I don’t know who put that material on YouTube.’

    Nothing on Google news yet….

  209. Re the video

    who made the video?
    who was responsible for the handling of the video?
    in what year was it made?

    If it was property of the govt, then releasing it was the responsibilty of which dept? have official “documents” been cleared or stolen

    i am sure that youtube could release information to the federal police

    oh bugger the police why not asio, they are multiplying as quickly as the rabbits.

    (The new ASIO building will offer 40,000m2 of net lettable area, and will accommodate up to 1,860 people and operate 24 hours per day)

  210. Wasted space on the Grattan scribbles but the photo is interesting.

    Caught in the thick of it

    IF ANYONE’S writing an Australian West Wing, or The Thick of It, please give a starring role to Peta Credlin, Tony Abbott’s chief of staff. In fact the opening scene of episode one could be Credlin in the House of Representatives last week, interjecting from the adviser’s box. Leader of the House Anthony Albanese jumped up to protest when he saw the Prime Minister targeted, only to find an interjection directed at him. Now that’s spirit!

    Grattan made no attempt to point out that MP’s “advisers” are not allowed to interject / inject themselves into the parliamentary proceedings.

    The best she could come up with was this:-

    Advisers are not expected to become players in the parliament. Outside the chamber, it’s another story. Leaders’ chiefs of staff are powerful and precious, much relied on by their bosses.

    Not expected ? No Michelle, this is not a game; definitely not allowed.

  211. Pip, took me a while to work that one out. I think you meant that paddy was a bad shot and ended up with nothing.

    Sadly for Mr, Wilkie’s overblown ego and misjudgement, that is the case.

    I am sure he is to make the poker machine industry very happy,

  212. Pip at 2.40
    What with living in S.A.’s Murdoch Monopoly & not buying newspapers anyway I don’t read Michelle Grattan anymore. But I know she’s losing credibility on our side, & what you quote’s both a good example of why & how anything’s now fair in the quest to unseat the government. All of it designed to get that staunch advocate of the monarchy & the Westminster System Tony Abbott into power.

  213. I think I’m giving up on ie. It seemed very good, but wordpress just doesn’t want to work with it?

    3rd time lucky 😉

    @latikambourke not correct. That was Rudd doing one of his multi-TV interviews on a beam up with pool crew. Potentially every network has it— Stephen Spencer (@sspencer_63) February 18, 2012

  214. Sorry Cu, it’s an old family joke…. you’re correct 😀

    Seems that Mr. Wilkie, having dealt himself out of the pokies legislation dealings, now wants another crack, as long as the leader is Kevin Rudd.

    What did they talk about last November?

    Did they make some sort of deal, and if they did, would that explain why he wouldn’t/couldn’t try to find common ground with the PM.

    Could it be that the ex-military man would prefer to deal with a male PM regardless.?

    Just asking….

  215. Bob, I’ve noticed Grattan at the outside broadcast interviews and she reminds me of an excited schoolgirl running to catch up to the other clever kids.


    She’s so biased these days I can’t recall whether she was always a bit that way or whether she’s jumped the shark since the hung parliament.

  216. Looks like ff is doing it too 😦

    Pip, ie is Internet Explorer

    ff is Firefox

    I am not sure about Chrome, Googles new privacy policy, along with their restrictions on using the browser, worry me

  217. Bob, I hadn’t thought of that, but it makes a lot of sense; there are many many ambitious and dare I say guns for hire among the younger ones.

    Tom, that reminds me I’d better have a read of the new Google stuff.

  218. Oxygen thieves


    What happened this week in Canberra? I don’t know, I wasn’t there. To find out, what I did was what most people do: I turned to the media. They weren’t any use. The media was full of something that hasn’t happened and probably won’t.

    The normally reliable Laura tingle wrote:

    It would be nice to write about something more edifying than the Labor mambo this week, but it utterly consumes Canberra, and the government.

    No, it doesn’t.

    This week saw the government introduce more policy with no opposition to speak of:

    The haemmorrhage of $billions subsidising private health insurance has been curbed.
    It appears that tax reform is further advanced than it was thanks to a deal of which Rob Oakeshott seemed keen to take ownership.

    Don’t tell me that stuff doesn’t matter, because it matters a lot more than insider gossip. Both the above affect millions of Australians and that there is more to come on each of these, whereas the leadership stuff is just the same old same-old.

  219. This is what I’m hearing. A move back to Mr. Rudd Will solve nothing, it will leave in it’s wake nothing but turmoil and instability.

    Not that this will worry Mr,.Abbott, he will be in 7th heaven Sadly a move to Mr. Abbott will lead ro more havoc and up to a decade of instability.

    The sanest course is for everyone to pull their heads in and wait for the next schedule election which is not that long away.

    But commonsense does not carry much currency today.

    Despite the momentum being in his favour, I’m still not convinced that a return to Rudd is a good idea. Peter Hartcher’s very astute article in the SMH yesterday sums up the situation perfectly. As I have said previously, for Rudd to have any credibility he must make his return about reforming the ALP and its philosophical direction, rather than simply its direction in the polls (the former will result in the latter).

    Then there’s the usual political junkie speculation about the resulting personnel changes to Labor’s frontbench line-up…(terrible of me, I know, but allow me to indulge).

    A return of Rudd means not only a new leader, but also a new deputy and a host of new ministers (given a flock of the current ones abhor the idea of working with him again). Chris Bowen has been tipped as the next Treasurer, but I don’t think he deserves it. Stephen Smith is another option, though Greg Combet would be the best I think. Hard to say what will happen with the deputy’s position; Rudd’s return will turn the factional system on it’s head. Normally, the leader is from the Right and the deputy from the Left. But Rudd is getting most of his current support from the Left, so if he is seen as their candidate then the Right will want one of their own in the deputy’s job. Wayne Swan won’t keep it. But Combet and Tanya Plibersek from the Left are options, while Bill Shorten will also no doubt be after it (Rudd might even get the numbers by doing a deal with him). Unlikely, but crazier things have happened.

    On the other hand, a failed challenge by Rudd means a new Foreign Minister, and a minor ministry reshuffle. Gillard would be unlikely to move Defence Minister Stephen Smith back to his old portfolio, but Simon Crean is an option. Maybe Penny Wong too?

    So there you have it, a work of fiction. Most of the things mentioned above are simply guesses, and I can do that because this is a personal blog. Why so many of the major news organisations in this country run similar stories is beyond me. “Rudd is talking to journalists and quietly/covertly campaigning for the leadership” is all those articles can really say. But I guess they have to fill up their word count somehow.


  220. Bob, I wonder if that is the case. What I have seen of those climbing the ladder, would not worry any oldie.

    That is worrying as I assume most are better educated, but it does not show.


  221. Cannot help but agree.

    Dr Emerson quashed suggestions the video was leaked from Ms Gillard’s office.

    “It would be extraordinary to think that Kevin, when he left the prime ministership, would have left videos and other material lying around in the prime minister’s office,” Dr Emerson said.

    “It would be completely wrong to suggest that the prime minister would be in any way involved in something like this.”

    Dr Emerson said he supported Ms Gillard “totally” as prime minister.

    “No circumstance will change that,” he said.


  222. The ABC at 7.pm went ballistic, devoting a special national segment to talking up the Rudd challenge, which is now scheduled for the next sitting of parliament. Giving them a week & a bit to create their mischief. Predictably the Rudd video is being used as a universal tool to hammer Gillard with.

  223. Bob, great minds on this one..I just mentioned on the Open topic about how the week that they’re all predicting seems unlikely given that Rudd has just headed off os.

  224. Min
    Read your bit on the other thread. I didn’t realise Rudd had just left for o.s. Perahps those industrious news gatherers at the ABC didn’t realise it either because they didn’t mention it.
    It was Keating, I believe, who said the ALP had to try to get on with people who simply wished it was dead. I think some of those people are seeing their chance right now.

  225. Bob, I think that both Gillard and Rudd are astute enough politicians to realize that Labor does not have much chance of winning the next election, and that leadership speculations and indeed any leadership coup will waste valuable time when the government wants to focus on doing the best for the cuntry.

    Clearly with Abbott’s BIG deletions of everything imaginable there aren’t going to be too many $$s left over to do much else, and for years. A political Dark Age IMO.

  226. Interesting word Min.

    Listening to Bolt. It would be a comedy, it they were not so serious.

    I have a feeling like many adolescents are going to have to the hard way.

    I will make this prediction, learn they will. Not necessary to their liking.

    Bolt is leaning against Rudd releasing the tape. For once he just might be right.

    I am not leaving the media off the hook. I do not believe the PM or her staff did. It is just not her style, plus it does her more harm than good. Maybe the PM has not been given the rumours of challenges the attention thy maybe should have had, but it would mean the PM is stupid, which this action is.

  227. Mr. Kroger is saying the PM is selfish and should have resign six months ago, and handed over to Shorten. According to Kroger, everyone knows it going to be Shorten. Yes, she should have played to Abbott’s script. Why are they pushing for Shorten.

    Oh my, they are angry.

  228. CU

    that is the chant because the PM is tough and just ignores them.
    tomorrow PM and Garrett release the next stage of the education funding. this is big for garrett and he knows it, for the PM education is important. this year we have had increases to tafe and university places. the new hecs type model for tafe . and now the big one of all school/pupil funding.

    so i look forward to tomorrow watching the pm swat the blowflies. canberra blowflies are big but slow and easy to deal with.

  229. as the abc canberra journos appear to be hyperventilating, is there possibly some changes happening in their work place.

    730 has been diving in the ratings, insiders is past it and 4 corners with all its promo couldn’t beat one of those cooking/abuse fat people ‘lifestyle programs.

  230. Min
    Yes, a dark age. I think Abbott’ll be chopping up the furniture to burn for a bit of light, while his media pals take us by the hand & lead us about.

  231. Cu, I think that this is it precisely. All that we have heard since the last election is Tony Abbott’s demands for a new election, the people demand it Abbott said over – and over – and over. And so we are now inflicted with endless leadership speculation stories.

  232. with uhlman rushing in tonight, was he paid overtime for nothing

    pm returning from darwin
    rudd o/s
    backbenches back in the electorates

    public watching cricket, footy anything but news

    wtf was about to happen that needed uhlman’s appearance

  233. Bob, and if any Liberal government should follow Hockey’s lead and we end up going backwards viz the economy, rest assured that the Liberals will have heaps and heaps of support from the MSM in blaming the previous “reckless spending” of the Labor government.

  234. Sue re “..beat one of those..abuse fat people ‘lifestyle programs.”..great shows aren’t they if you’re into humiliation… 🙄

  235. CU

    i can ABC news, as they take all their leads from murky news

    opening sentences
    guest journos

    and of course then there is the IPA

  236. Cu, for starters schools don’t need halls..Tony Abbott did promise that if he was elected Prime Minister that another one would never be built. And you know what, I believe him.

  237. Being a good right winger, Uhlmann wouldn’t be expecting overtime, happy to stay back & keep the boss happy. I thought Mark Simpkin looked a bit lost, looking about to take his cue from Chris & then shifting to talk to us. I wonder if he’s happy yet about being cast in the role of Abbott’s straight man at his NPC address. He’d better be, that’s his lot.
    I suppose we’ll learn in the coming days how much emphasis will be put on this.
    P.S. Kroger’s a creep.

  238. Do we pay for those idiots. There is only one that I consider I could have some respect for.

    Why do we need them.

    Why do we need ABC people turning up on Ch 10 on a regular basis. Are they moonlighting.

    Talk about toxic. They are infecting each other.

    Why do we need retired failed politicians on a regular basis.

    They are too long out of the loop to have any real value to add.

    Who would be talking in either party to Richardson and Reith,

    Mr. Carr was asked a question a week or so ago. He replied that he has been out of the loop too long to have ant real knowledge.

    I can imagine more talking to Mr. Carr, than Mr. Richardson.

  239. I see that the sauce bottle is opened wide, media hacks furiously tapping the bottom to get the last ounce out of it.

    So, the only report we have from anyone that lends any credence to the media speculation which has reached a crescendo since Christmas, is the recently spurned Wilkie claiming he discussed a Government under Rudd. In itself, not really an indication of anything, except the well known fact that Rudd has never ruled out being a PM again. Oh, and of course the fact that Rudd has denied this conversation (or this part of it)

    Meanwhile, the furious ‘look over there’ tactic employed by our most vocal opposition barrackers, the media themselves, helps to drown out emerging evidence of the lies tabot has been feeding the voters since… well, forever.

    This is what we don’t hear

    THE impending carbon price has done nothing to deter investment in the coal industry, with spending on exploration surging faster than any other mineral commodity.

    Coal exploration spending in Australia leapt by 62 per cent last financial year as the industry dominated corporate activity in terms of both inbound investment and mergers and acquisitions.


    The data, published by government agency Geoscience Australia, undermines Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s claim that the carbon tax would be the death of the coal industry.


    Until there is evidence of any sort of challenge, this is all just the media hyper-ventilating. And, the more people like Cheeseman(??) panic and make statements like he did, the more it feeds the fire.

    I hope someone in the Government is looking into that video on youtube, to try and ascertain where it originated. And, if it is discovered it came from the media themselves, the they should declare open warfare on them. The war has already been going on since … well, forever. It is time Labor took it to the streets. This is an utterly pathetic way run a dialog. Every time the news gets good, out trots the old ‘leadership’ chimera.

  240. Tom, I find it absolutely laughable that the latest leadership speculation is based on what Wilkie says. This is the same Wilkie who has been lampooned since the the election by just about everybody who can hold a pen.

    Now he is credible. Overnight. Or maybe what he utters is more newsworthy than real news.

  241. I found a great Moir cartoon No. 4 at http://www.smh.com.au/photogallery/opinion/cartoons/alan-moir-20090907-fdxk.html?selectedImage=4 which inspired me to write a few verses about all this rubbishy leadership speculation. It shows the PM tip-toeiing through a field of media laid mines and clasping Australia very close to her heart.

    Kevin Rudd must be mad, he’s playing into the hands of the Oppostion and the media and mining interests. What a fool! Our friend Ian also left a great comment at PB which says it all.http://blogs.crikey.com.au/pollbludger/2012/02/13/newspoll-55-45-to-coalition-3/comment-page-151/#comments 7525

    We Are In Her Hands

    I think its very sinister
    That newspaper reporters wield
    Power to trap a Prime Minister
    In their cunningly laid minefield.

    Of course she must answer questions,
    But surely any argument
    From the people, their suggestions,
    Should be heard in our Parliament?

    That’s what our constitution says,
    Kings granted that right long ago.
    But orders seem to come these days
    From stars of TV and radio.

    If our politicians mumble
    A response, or have ‘accidents’
    From snares set to make them stumble,
    They’re criticised, “No confidence!”

    These ‘judges’ were not elected.
    So whence comes their authority?
    They’ve none. They’re employed, selected
    By a wealthy minority.

    We’re ruled by a plutocracy!
    Of mining and media magnates.
    They control our democracy
    And one press baron dominates.

    Tales of ambition and revenge
    Are told, maybe to lift his sales,
    But with this leadership challenge
    To make sure our government fails.

  242. It looks like Rudd has complete faith in his team. He has gone to the States and left his lieutenants to prepare for the ballot.
    Garrett is about to embark on another disaster. These guys have the attention span of a goldfish. Don’t they realise trying to prop up public education by attacking private education funding is political death? A big chunk of Australians are supporters of alternative and better private education.
    Abbott will be pretty much silent this week. ….never interrupt your enemies while they are making mistakes.
    I just have to ask … who is the Labor numb nuts who is driving the current strategies for Labor.

  243. Don’t they realise trying to prop up public education by attacking private education funding is political death?

    But don’t you realise that propping up Private Education while trying to fund Public Education is a Road To Nowhere

  244. Rudd has gone to the G20 meeting of Foreign Ministers.

    We’re not talking about the Montessori schools, we are talking about profit making businesses who charge parents $30,000+pa while still taking taxpayers dollars.

  245. I see Bruce, who ever he is has told you what to say.

    “Garrett is about to embark on another disaster. ”

    No Garrett is following his PM is debating another difficult issue, a debate that should have occurred years ago. Yes it is difficult, but that it is necessary.

    I have not seen one sherrick of evidence to back up your accusations. I would like to add, I am sure you have not either.

    The opposite is true, Mr. Garrett has said no school will be worse off.

    Geoff where is the evidence that proves that state schools on the whole are inferior. Where is the evidence that say all private schools are superior.

    What is true, that since schools began getting state aid back in Menzies day and increased dramatically under Howard, private schools have thrived. The public system has gone backwards.

    All we have from the Abbott camp is class warfare as a contribution. Yes there is class warfare going on. It is the envy of the wealthy that they do not get the handouts that go to the poor. This is sickening.

    There is evidence that the country’s do better in education have one state school system, where children go to school with their peers, from all levels of the economy, and are not isolated in the narrow community of their parents.

    Mr. Crean on the ABC said that it is time for Mr. Rudd and the PM to have a conversation, as they did before the last election.

    Mr. Crean said that he does not believe Mr. Rudd has the numbers but if the reports are true, he is being disloyal.

    Mr. Crean said today’s reports are farcical.

    I love it when the media keeps asking what is going wrong with Ms. Gillard PM’s ship.

    Maybe the media needs to look in the mirror.

    Geoff. will you please explain to me why dumping this PM will be better for the country.

    Please explain why years of instability is a positive option for the future of the nation.

    Maybe If you can do what others have failed to do, discover what Mr. Abbott has in store for us. Explain why Mr. Abbott keeps promising things he cannot do for many years and a couple of elections down the path.

    Why do we need the election now, to give Mr. Abbott what he craves and cannot wait for.

    What the country needs is stability. That can only be achieved by letting the PM get on with the job. One thing that a PM needs is patience. This is something that Mr. Abbott does not have.

    Mr. Abbott cannot have what he needs, a senate election in the near future. This is unlikely to give him the numbers he needs anyway.

    To have a lower house election will put the upper house out of sync.

    Please, Geoff, get Mr. Abbott to identify the waste of this government. Please Geoff get Mr. Abbott detail what he intends to cut.

    The interview that Mr. Crean gave on local radio, I think it was (774 Melbourne ) repeated on ABV24.

    It is very strong and to the point. All the interviewer was interested in was putting words into Mr. Crean’s mouth. In this he was unsuccessful.

    Yes, the PM has other options as well as calling a spill. That might surprise some.

    Mr. Crean sent a message to Mr. Rudd that he is there because of and on behalf of the Labor Party.

    Mr. Rudd is in the role of FM because of the backing of Labor and the PM.

    As the ABC 24 said the interview was explosive and riveting.

    Many are going to be surprises, especially the media, is unlikely to run to the media’s timetable or agenda.

    Geoff, the fat lady has not yet sung.

    Geoff, be careful, you just might get what you appear to wish for.

  246. One interviewee in Melbourne, said he believes that Mr. Rudd is pretty gutless, sitting there letting others do the dirty work. He added if there is a spill, I hope he loses.

    Now what are not the media taking this line, the lack of guts of Mr. Rudd.

    The time for Mr. Rudd to challenge the PM and the government was back when he was first disposed. He did not. Why not?

    I would say, that he took advantage of the PM not putting the boot into him.

    This was an mistake on the part of the PM.

  247. Min, I have worked out why private schools need drama theatres. If they did not have any, where would have Mr. Pyne learn that to be a leader one.needs the skills of an actor. One does not need ability, if one has learnt this skills.

    Oh, I wish that Mr. Pyne has learnt the skill better, he is such a noisy ham.

  248. Patricia, once again you have capture the mood wonderfully.

    Who will happen in the next week. Mr. Rudd will be outed and asked to state where he stands.

    He will make the choice as to his future. This could be shutting up and getting on with the job of FM or sitting on the back bench.

    Yes, if vengeance is what drives him, he could resign from the parliament. The problem is that if he does this, his name will be rubbish forever.

    He could also resign or be thrown out of the Labor Party. Either way, he becomes bitter has been.

    Yes, Mr. Rudd can be clever and make the decision that keeps his respect as a PM and further more a good FM.

    He can make the decision to trash his name and reputation.

    He will lose any support or respect he has.

    That is his choice.

    Many, not the media are now seeing his actions as cowardice.

    Once the PM brings the matter into the open, it loses a lot of it’s sting.

  249. Why does the PM need a reason to call Mr. Rudd in or sack him for that matter.

    All the PM has to do is ask him what his intentions are.

    If he says he is not after her job, the PM would be able to say to Mr. Rudd, get out there then and change the perception that he is.

    If he cannot do so, the PM should say for the good of the government it is time for you to retire to the back bench.

    No spill needed. Just call his bluff.

    Mr Rudd not only needs to do the right thing, he needs to be seen as doing the right thing.

    Someone should point out to Mr. Rudd what he seems to be unable to see, that he is being used by the media and they will turn on him at the first opportunity.

    Mr. Rudd should be told this is the main reason he cannot turn back the clock.

    Maybe in a few years a comeback maybe possible but not now.

  250. This is simply untrue.

    The PM has been an extremely efficient PM. What the PM has not been able to do, is get the media on side or better the polls.

    One can ask if that is the PM’s fault.

    Both of them have proven totally incapable of running an effective office. Rudd has all but admitted he micromanaged and overworked his staff and ministers into oblivion. He’s had to acknowledge his issues as part of his I’ve-changed narrative. And the lack of discipline in Gillard’s office has in recent weeks been on display with crystal clarity. Now her camp has inflamed tensions with the release of the Rudd-swearing video and threatened to “unleash bloody vengeance on all of those who brought this vampire (Rudd) back to life”. These are not the actions of a crew hell bent on stabi


  251. “As the week unfolds Labor has the choice of a shit sandwich or ….. a shit sandwich”

    Geoff, if the media are successful with their campaign, it will not be the PM eating a shit sandwich, it will be the Australian people.

    I have asked you to give me details why having an election now would be in the interest of the nation.

    I know that some big business might think it is a good idea, but it is not good for the people.

    There are business leaders saying what we need most is stability. The same people are also saying that the PM does consult with business.

    Lats night Business show on the ABC24 had some saying this.

    The same people are saying that changes need to be made. They are not saying the changes are not possible under this government.

  252. Catching Up.
    Are you saying that the current Labor debacle is what every democracy should strive for?
    Give me a break. If Rudd wins then who gets axed from the ministry? Who comes into the ministry? Are these changes going to resolve the hatred between the Labor factions?
    Rudd would still be a minority government having to bend over for Bob B, Rob O, Tony W, Adam B and Andrew W for permission to blow his nose. Just like Gillard has had to do for the past 18 months.
    I really don’t think the Coalition wants an election just yet. Why halt this spectacle when it is adding voters to the Coalition every day. There is a NewsPoll next weekend. Heaven forbid what that is going to say.
    As I said for Labor it is a choice between a shit sandwich and ….. a shit sandwich.

  253. How many times does Kevin Rudd have to say that he has no intention of challenging. Geoff, you’re right who would be Australia’s foreign minister if Rudd took over as PM. Gillard would without a doubt go to the back bench. It’s a possibility, but it will take a lot more than Rudd wanting his old job back to make it happen.

  254. Geoff. what is the present Labor debacle. We have the media since god knows when saying that a leadership challenge is inevitable.

    We have the main alleged contender saying it is not on.

    We have the government functioning extremely well.

    We have an economy that the rest of the world appears to envy. Well at least when you hear comments from experts from other countries, they seem to tell us how lucky we are.

    We have low unemployment and interest rates. We have a bright future that is underpinned by the planned investment.

    We have the budget being bought back to surplus.

    We are now have a low taxing and spending government.

    Yes, it would be disastrous if Rudd was bought back to power.

    As for your ridiculous statement that you do not believe Mr. Abbott wants an election now. Pray tell me why Mr. Abbott keeps saying they only way to sort out the alleged mess, is an election. When. Now.

    What has the PM bought in that was not Labor policy.

    What is the shocking things that the Greens and Independents have imposed on us.

    he PM not bowing to Mr. Wilkie’s impractical demands are evidence of this.

    Is this any different than what was imposed on Mr. Howard by the DEmocrats and independents, in the senate.

    No PM has got their policy through an unchanged, except for Mr. Howard short period when he had control of the senate. The results were disastrous.

    What will happen is that the PM will call in Mr. Rudd to ask him where he stands. He will be told to fix the problem or she has no alternative but to ask him to move to the back bench. It will be Mr. Rudd’s choice.

    No big problem, in the scheme of things.

    No PM or Opposition leader can expect to hold the position for ever. Challenges are always made, that is politics.

    Geoff it is not about shit sandwiches. It is about who rules the coutry, the media and elites or the government.

  255. Thanks, the ‘e” always seem to disappear when I am typing.

    I really mean greedy miners and banks but was trying to be nice.

  256. Are others hearing what the article below indicates.

    I heard yesterday that Mr. Pyne has rejected out of hand the Gonski Report. Mr. Pyne’s reasoning is that what we have is perfect.

    Many others do not seem to be in agreement with Mr. Pyne.

    It will be a shame if the needed debate does not occur.

    It would be nice if Mr. Hawkes, Kings school did not lower himself to say that the government is only there by “Mr Thompson’s credit cards” Little to do with the debate. It is the Opposition that is rejecting the proposals out of hand.

    A place to collect the stupidest media commentary on their long sought-after “leadership spill” they appear to have almost manufactured


    I PREDICT ONE DAY THIS PM WILL NOT BE PM Self-congratulating commentary being smug that the “leadership spill” they’ve spent more than a year saying is days away might now actually happen. What’s that saying about a stopped clock?


    If many are not hearing this, there are many saying it, in spite of the fact it wearies Geoff.

  257. For a paralysed government, the achievements are considerable. Maybe we need to hear more that what is occurring in one electorate alone.


    For a lady under pressure, the PM sure appears relaxed.

    So do the MPs standing aside her.

    I am a little sick hearing there is no commitment to the 5 billion.for education reform.

    I suggest that this is not the time for that.

    I suggest that the report is about more than money.

    What I want to hear is debate on education. I do not want to hear politicians playing politics.

    I am a little sick of hearing about a confrontation that is not going to happen.

    I am a little sick of hearing the word of one insignificant backbencher extended into widespread back bench revolt.

    I am a little sick of every word uttered by Labor members analysed and twisted to fit in with the media’s campaign.

    When the media is able to produce interviews with all these supposed discontents, I might just sit up and take noticed.

    Never has so much been written by so little.

    In my eyes, the PM is not responsible for what the media is consumed with. therefore it is not up to the PM to fix the problem.

    I will further say, it is up to the media to get over their dummy spit and get back to reporting news, especially in the political field.

    That is if they can remember how to.

  258. Wow, Geoff! Mentioning principles and the Liars Party in the same sentence. You right whingers always conveniently overlook several small details when gibbering on about the Independents and the Greens and their influence.

    The Greens have 10-12% of the primary vote which is about double the Nats vote. So who are the unrepresentative swill with undue influence in that contest?

    Why aren’t you snivelling about the undue influence of the Nats in forming Liars Party (guffaw) policy three word slogans?

    The Independents were elected with a very healthy majority, to represent their electorates and they are doing their job.

    But when it comes to the undue influence of unelected, unrepresentative swill like Forrest, Rhinohrump and the rest of the unelected uber rich whingers on the laughable “policies” of the Liars Party and their attempt to usurp government from the elected minority government, you remain strangely silent.

    Why is that? Why is it that you choose to mock and denigrate people who have actually been elected to the Parliament to represent their constituents, but offer no criticism of the actions of unelected uber rich, greedy, self aggrandising vested interests, which are doing their level best to hijack the government of this country?

    And just a spot of salt for your wounds; if Liealot was anything but an arrogant, untrustworthy liar and waste of space, he could have negotiated a deal with the Independents and the Green and even now be ruining this country.

    Frankly, I am eternally grateful for that small mercy, or we would be in the same position as Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal-on thw verge of collapse. No country could afford the appalling financial and economic ignorance wastefulness and ineptitude that the Liars Party has at its core. Talentless buffoons all.

    As for the farce that is the media beat up of the so-called leadership challenge, all I can say is it must be the longest leadership challenge that never was in the history of politics.

    Every week, they breathlessly announce there will be a new PM come next Monday and every next Monday nothing has happened again. But it’s happened excruciatingly slowly.

    Perhaps if they made it next Tuesday, they might get it right. ROFLMAO!!!

    It’s about time all the soothsayers, entrail readers and crystal ball gazers put up or shut up. The deadline has passed yet again and still no challenge. Will this go into the Guinness Book of Records as the longest political non-event in history?

    And adding salt to the open, festering wound that is the msm’s leadership challenge beat up, their f*cken chosen challenger never has the decency to be in the country to mount a challenge or to show any enthusiasm to do so!

    It seems he likes his current job too much to be bothered fulfilling the msm’s fantasies.

    I hope Geoff hasn’t put the house on next Monday. ROFLMAO!!

  259. BTW, great post, CU. I think we really should also feel sorry for poor old Geoff, though-always the bridesmaid. Should we have a whip round to send him on a lovely holiday to Nauru? Liealot might even do a guided tour of the facilities.

    Reading material could include The Economic Genius That is Joe Hockey, The Best of Tony Abbott’s Three Word Slogans. Tony Abbott’s Greatest Negotiations, The Caterer’s Guide to Framing a Budget and many other exciting and uninformative treatises on Liars Party economic credentials.

  260. I have a little trouble with the media saying they are not going to report what the PM is doing or saying until the PM calls a spill, mostly I suspect yo prove them right.

    That smells a little of blackmail to me.

  261. Cu, then nothing will be much different then will it.

    Since when did the media get so up themselves to start demanding that elected representatives should do their bidding.

  262. pink bats/ber/waste/ear lobes/gfc didn’t happen/leadership/budget surplus/nbn/speedos/unmarried/no children/no handbag/

  263. oh goodness that drone article even had sub headings like
    Attack of the Drones

    we could have our own titles

    MuMMy Drones
    Attack of the Drone Journalist
    Zombie Drone Journalism
    The Undead Drone Journo
    Drone revenge reports
    Tony says Drones
    Bishop of the 3 Drones

  264. Sue, I saw that headline for Drone Journalism, and wondered if the one typing it in had a wry smile considering the past few weeks of drone leadership navel gazing.

  265. Tom, I still can’t work out why many of your comments keep finding their way to the moderation folder. Please be patient while I try and sort it out. 😳

  266. I have a little trouble with the media saying they are not going to report what the PM is doing or saying until the PM calls a spill……

    Who the hell do these jumped up scandal mongers think they are? As Min says, how dare they demand that the PM call a spill to satisfy their ludicrous beat up? The only reply should be a raised middle digit.

    And it’s definitely time that the government stopped fooling itself about media ownership in this country. New ultra stringent legislation should be pushed through Parliament which not only limits ownership, but there should be hefty penalties for the type of junk journalism we’re seeing now.

    And it’s more than time that the government ripped the ABC into gear. If we want to read rehashed Ltd News lies, we can read one of its rags. The public broadcaster is supposed to be neutral. I demand my 8 cents back.

  267. Catching Up, Min & Jane
    It’s been busy here, what’s this about the meeja not reporting anything until Gillard calls a spill?

  268. I agree Jane. It clearly is a giant conspiracy between ABC, Fairfax and Murdoch press.
    I mean I have never seen such consistent professionalism from a political party ……..
    Jane… you too make me feel weary.

  269. Jane they did not actually say they would not report anything until a spill was called.

    What was said that the PM wanted to talk about education reform that that would not happen until a spill was called. Same thing as far as I am concerned. Why cannot both be reported.

  270. After the revelations on Media Watch the other night in regards to the oo making up ‘camps’, you would have thought journalists would be waking up. I guess not

    DAVID BRADBURY: Can I make this point – that in relation to each of those articles, not one journalist has asked me for my view. As I said, both privately and publicly, I have stated that I support the Prime Minister. Now, I don’t know what I have to do to go beyond that. If it means getting a tattoo I’d consider, it but somehow I think my wife might object to that. But frankly, I think that I’ve said all that I can say.


    7.30 is a joke. I turned it off soon into this, it is just pathetic the way our national broadcaster is pushing this story.

    This really is a soap opera, and the media have basically declared they will not let it go until blood is spilt. How can any Government operate underneath such inane stoopidity from the lost estate. And, now that the deadline of next week looks like it won’t materialise, they just shift the goalposts.

    KEVIN Rudd’s backers have conceded they do not have the numbers to defeat Prime Minister Julia Gillard if a spill is triggered next week.


    They never had the numbers. This has always been declared. So why the outrage. Why the all consuming attention on a story without one person to validate it? Why can’t Labor get their message out? 😯

    In a sign that the destabilisation of the Government could continue indefinitely,

    It looks like the media are planning on keeping this one as a stick to use anytime the Governmnet look like embarrassing their boy tabot again. Indefinitely!

    I’m dedicating this song to our oz media, who have worked out that hacking phones is beyond them, so they just MSU

    Have you seen what they said on the news today
    Have you heard what they said about us all
    Do you know what is happening to just every one of us
    Have you heard, have you heard?


    They tell us nothing that we don’t already know about
    They tell us nothing that is real at all
    They only fill us with the stuff that they want
    Did you know, did you know?

  271. Tom, the whole thing greatly resembles the media doing their boy’s bidding. Abbott wants an election and he wants it NOW – because the MSM damn well know that Abbott is fast approaching his use-by date. There are no more endless pics in lycra, no more pics in visiting the troops, no more pics with ‘ordinary workers’..every photo which has been taken of Tony has been taken, so the only thing left for him to do is to do a politician’s job and sell policies, and we all know how successful he is at that.

    All the speculation is to keep eyes away from Tony. I could be wrong but whenever there there has been a genuine coup, it has not dragged on month after month but following a few murmurings, happened fairly quickly. Currently it seems that the only ones running around trying to gather numbers are the journos.

  272. Exactly Min. This is where the Rubber Meets the Road for Labor. And the meeja are beginning to realised they just might have backed the wrong horse.

    I also wonder if the media are doing themselves more harm here than Labor in the long run. Already people are sick of this charade, they just don’t know who is playing it yet. When nothing happens by Monday morning, I reckon they will look directly at the media and start asking them questions.

    The fact that the media is already backing away from their strident claims is rather telling, and, I hope, settles down some of the Labor MP’s who have been running their mouths off (Crean, I’m looking at you)

  273. Tom, a little like the boy who called wolf. Say it once, twice, thrice it has some impact but then it becomes, well basically Oh no, not this tripe..again.

    I’m not saying that Gillard’s position as leader is secure, but until the media can come up with specifics and not just trying to build up some sort of false sense of expectation..then I remain a sceptic on this issue. Heaven help us, Rudd hasn’t got the numbers..the media themselves state this to be the case – so WHY the demands for a spill? Just so that they can sell more newspapers rather than going to the trouble of finding something original to write about!

  274. I wonder if uhlmann will break into the news cycle and declare

    We are live from canberra and as i said it is not on, i will not hand in my resignation no matter how f*****g stupid and f*****g rampant I have been.

  275. I wonder if uhlmann will break into the news cycle

    They have painted themselves into a corner. This clip is like something from a comedy skit. I love the end when simple-kin says that the Labor party are so desperate, they are looking for ‘hard evidence’ of a leadership challenge 😯

    Isn’t that what the journo’s are supposed to be doing?

  276. the msm has decided there will be no clear air under the campaign they lead on interference in the politics of this country, this headline says it all.

    Labor leadership challenge – the numbers don’t stack up for Kevin Rudd – yet


    in the week leading up to any newspoll the headlines, the shock jocks and the journos will ramp up the attacks. no matter that the numbers may never have “added up” (and the oo was proof of that) , no matter the good policies which the voters like, the campaign is on and on and on. time and again we hear the voters say ask the journos to stop and ask about policy but they will not. on q&a a direct question was put to crabb and jones but jones just said “we will move along”. kelly and grattan acknowledge the calls from voters, but they resist. the abc must be getting feed back the viewers are tired of it as the drum has been dropped from their no1 station.
    at the outside news conferences you can hear the groans when the questions turn to leadership, but still they persist.
    on various talking head news programs, the journos response is “but we know”. big deal you didn’t know in 2010, you didn’t know for a couple of weeks in 2011 when the Greens had deputy leadership issues and there could be rumblings now in the liberal party, tony has had to appoint 2 new people to his economic team. guess what that has proved you knew nothing.

  277. Worst offenders in the ship load of fools who currently report political stories on the ABC would have to be Emma Griffiths and Barrie Cassidy. Both have been over the top in their glee stupid determination that something was already happening on the leadership question. Both have form with their anti Labor bias. What gets up my nose, is the constant inference that they have “special” knowledge and information that us poor dumb viewers don’t.
    Emma Griffith revealed that her “special” info came from Murdoch’s twitter feed, yes Emma, only a “special” journo would be taken in by News Ltd.
    Latika Bourke must also get a consolation prize for her knowing wink, wink look at the camera. Keep practicing that sexy look into camera, don’t worry, no one can see your big arse on TV and few remember your special interview with Kevin (suggest you secretly record it next time).

  278. Tom r

    thanks for the video clip, the spelling is a classic, if i were simpkin i would use that video at the next job application

    O*****N on
    U**g***l***Y ugly

    I will add

    D**I***C ***K

  279. Meanwhile on a planet far far away the shambles that is the Liberal Party financial management strategy has just appointed two more experts to bring to five the number of people working on Abbott’s budget numbers. The strategy appears to be “If three people can see 10 km how far can five people see?”
    In both maths and the Liberal party, imaginary numbers are important (where would we be without the square root of -1). Unfortunately for the Liberal Party too many have their fingers in the pi.

  280. Tom R that is a classic video clip, someone please send it to Mark Scott (ABC MD) and ask “Please explain?”
    Does the ABC take no responsibility for the triple they serve up? Are they completely out of control?

  281. Tom R

    i didn’t realise that the video came straight from the abc youtube site. That is so scary, to think the abc is proud of that piece.
    no wonder uhlmann has such a smirk, with such affirmation from abc management.

  282. So!, we hear that Crean is suddenly in contention http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/mps-consider-a-crean-break-amid-leadership-war/story-fn59niix-1226277641367

    “Labor ministers and backbenchers said that if Ms Gillard beat Mr Rudd in a ballot next week and bitterness continued, there could be an argument to turn to a third candidate to save the party from implosion.”

    This is beginning to smell like a classic ACTU white anting, use Rudd to create destabilisation, get Gillard to call a spill to resolve the issue and Bingo!,.. Crean for PM.
    “There’s no other way to read Simon’s remarks about the need for a challenge than as a job application,” one Labor MP told The Australian yesterday.

    “With the supporters of Gillard and Rudd so polarised, there is always the chance of someone coming through the middle and Simon is making it clear he could be a compromise candidate.”

    Mr Crean, who backed Ms Gillard on Monday, is regarded as an experienced minister and a “safe pair of hands”.

    Mr Crean retains respect and sympathy among some Labor MPs because, in 2003, he was removed after two years as leader in opposition, before facing an election.

    Rudd supporters pointed to Mr Crean’s posturing as evidence of softness in Ms Gillard’s support. “The fact that some MPs are starting to think about alternatives just shows that there are a lot of people who do not think she (Ms Gillard) is up to it,” a Rudd supporter said.

    “Crean is out there saying publicly he supports Gillard, but he has also been bagging her to other colleagues. I don’t think Kevin could win a ballot right now, but it could be different a week from now.”

  283. This should have been at the end of the quote

    This is beginning to smell like a classic ACTU white anting, use Rudd to create destabilisation, get Gillard to call a spill to resolve the issue and Bingo!,.. Crean for PM.

  284. Crean had his turn…although he has the brain power, Crean sadly has the charisma of a flea. I think that there could be something else afoot, why all the emphasis on the old guard and very little speculation about the new guard.

  285. Min, but thats how it works, “look over there”, it just seems to me that there isn’t any real challenge from Rudd never has been, but someone has been feeding the animals in the press gallery, I can’t see them making this shit up for so long. Crean like Rudd is dirty he got booted and wants another crack at it.

  286. Augustus, amazing isn’t it how neither Rudd nor Crean went to the back bench in protest. Amazing how they’ve been doing outstanding jobs in their portfolios. Amazing how Rudd keeps saying No, or I’ve already answered the question a dozen times before. Mind you the latter answer always brings with it..sigh..responses from the media such as “Rudd refuses to answer…”.

    Perhaps Rudd does want his old job back, I’ll wait until a spill is called as this self same story has had so many reruns it’s begining to look like movie repeats at Christmas time.

  287. So!, we hear that Crean is suddenly in contention

    Crean disagrees. Perhaps Labor are going to turn their sights on the real enemy at last?

    The claims in The Australian about me are wrong.

    The Australian did not raise them with me.

    Another News Limited newspaper contacted me yesterday with a similar story and I categorically denied the claims.

    I also contacted the journalist after last nights story on Nine News to reject the claims that he aired.

    These unsourced and inaccurate claims are nothing more than the continuation of a destabilising campaign which must stop.

    I have said repeatedly that I support the Prime Minister and, so there is no doubt, I do so again.

    Im always prepared to call it for what it is and I urge journalists to check thoroughly before rushing to report unnamed sources.


  288. Tom, of cause Crean is going to disagree, but it isn’t as crazy as any of the speculation going around at the moment, and only history will give us facts if we’re very lucky

  289. but it isn’t as crazy as any of the speculation going around at the moment

    True Augustus, I am pretty sure that shanana is about to do an expose of an Elvis sighting at Macca’s to keep his standards going 😉

  290. The media are having a circle jerk of their own

    Julia Gillard is reserving the option of calling a leadership ballot next week – but she will bring it on only from a position of strength to resolve the crisis consuming her government.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/political-news/pm-keeps-options-open-to-call-a-spill-20120221-1tluz.html#ixzz1n4N4zMNm

    So, if she calls a leadership spill, the media were right all along (and it was not simply to shut them up either apparently)

    If she doesn’t, they were right (and can continue the circle)

    Even the unhinging is becoming unhinged.

  291. Today’s poll from the SMH..why no option to answer None of the Above.

    When do you think the Labor leadership struggle will come to a head?

    1. Next week when Kevin Rudd returns.
    2. After the Queensland election.
    3. Not until later in the year.
    4. There won’t be a leadership challenge.

  292. Coups and Overthrows for Dummies

    Do not leave the country

    There you have it. One sentence says it all because:

    a) If you are a leader and you are not in the country, the coup is easily done., reference South American politics 101.
    b) If you want to lead a government it cannot happen if you are not in the country to lead/challenge/spill

    So now we have read the book, why is it that the journalists in this country believe anything else.

    Uhlmann “Its On”, Shanahan, Coorey, Hartcher, Grattan, Kelly, Cassidy, Alberici, Crabb, Jones, etc, etc (add your own names),

    How is it on?

    Rudd was/is in Mexico.

  293. Tom, from a position of strength? But the MSM has been repeating over and over that Gillard has the numbers. So, confusion once again rains down on the press.

  294. Now that we know more than the journos lets ask a question.

    what was happening Over There?

    abbott forced to expand his team with new blood
    opposition front benchers are fighting each other for who will get the Big New payrise (64% increase a jump from $140,910 to $231,250, an increase of $90,340, worth fighting for)
    turnbull getting lots of positive press
    gonski report to be launched (which was positive even for elite private schools)
    health rebate lost and abbott forced to agree to appeal in govt.

    so that $70 B is climbing

  295. Tom and Min, I suggest if it was going to happen, it would have sometime nearer to the last election.

    Regardless of what the polls say, the PM now has too many runs on the board. Yes, the polls have gone back from where they heading at the end of 2011 but the PM has made some very hard and necessary decisions since then.

    The whine and desperation is not in the voice of Labor but the Opposition, especially Pyne and Abbott. Just listen and you will hear it,’

    It is Abbott that is aging, and whose hair is disappearing.

    I am not too sure that Mr. Rudd has not being playing gamers with the minds, if they have any, of the media for his own pleasure, if so, it is time he set the record straight.

    The body language of what we have seen of Mr. Rudd, in the last \few does not show a happy little vegemite.

    One needs to remember, the push, according to the polls come from the :Liberals.

    I think the longer this goes on, the more it will harm Mr. Rudd.

    Whether the perception, promoted strongly by the media, that the PM has bought most of this on herself is seen as fact, or maybe the negativity of Mr. Abbott and media are in play, will the important in coming weeks.

    We now have the fiction that Mr. Crean is to run.

    My prediction for Sunday is; Mr. Rudd and the PM will have a long meeting. The result will be that Mr. Rudd, in the present of th4e PM will back her to the hilt. There will be outcries of support for the PM. The likes of Mr. Cameron will come out, saying how glad they are that all the misunderstanding have been put to bed. Oth will take a little of the blame. It is the PM habit to let her enemies save a little face.

    The media and Mr. Abbott will continue on with the myth no matter what is said.

    The PM and the party will ignore the media and get on with governing.

    Slowly the goodies will come into play.

    Give it a month or so, and the polls will slowly climb.

    We then can sit back and watch the machinations of the Liberal Party as they pull themselves apart,

    It has to be a nasty fight when one looks at the behaviour and characters of many of the newcomers. They are mostly, high opinionated, arrogant and nasty individuals. who actually believe the rubbish they are sprouting.

  296. Spill will come next Tuesday. They then goes on to say, the PM’s camp of becoming more confident, then that Mr. Crean will run.

    Do they ever read what the say, or tat matter listen to what they say.

    If the PM is more confident, would not the battle if not the war be over.

    Does Mr. Rudd really want to sit on the back bench, or really want to be welcome back into the fold.

    The latter I believe.

    What has been left out of the media’s machination ts that the PM could actually come out on top.

    This PM has to be one of the most under estimated in our history.

    Not one word has been given in the media, as to what happens if the PM does manage the situation to all our advantages.

    It is always assumed that the PM is captive of the situation and will lay back, and take what is dished out.

    The silly part is that there is nothing in the PM’s to show this might be so,

  297. Just got permission from Alan Moir to use his cartoon proper rather than just link to it, so I’ve upgraded http://polliepomes.wordpress.com/2012/02/19/we-are-in-her-hands-3/.

    I think we are all in agreement that this is them i.e. media and miners etc. having another go at dislodging our Prime Minister out in the forum of public opinion, since Tony Abbott and the Opposition are incapable of doing it where it should be done, in Parliament.

  298. The one about Crean is interesting..firstly Crean accuses Rudd of disloyalty, the next moment he is supposedly going to run himself. Somehow that makes no sense at all. If Rudd doesn’t have the numbers against Gillard, Crean hasn’t a hope in Hades.

  299. Our hearing seems to be OK on this site.

    I wonder if the public is hearing the same.

    We know the Oppsition is by their over the top reaction.

    Mr. Abbott has been told to keep his head down, so they can get a good shot at the PM.

    Polls wii probably improve for hmie. The always do when he is not around.

  300. “Julia Gillard is reserving the option of calling a leadership ballot next week – but she will bring it on only from a position of strength to resolve the crisis consuming her government”

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/political-news/pm-keeps-options-open-to-call-a-spill-20120221-1tluz.html#ixzz1n4fLRTbQ

    The PM then does have options. Ones reading of the media, suggests otherwise.

    Combet on today Press Club.

    PS Miglo can I have my ability ti edit my comments back again. Helps me correct my nistakes.

  301. Combet speakes at the NPC

    This must be addressed.

    But take a big breath msm, it could be addressed with ” a simple chat”

    yes can you hear the collective GASP, Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  302. Now for those not lucky enough to watch Combet at the NPC, it was the 2nd journo, Leonore Taylor who started with the challenge questions. all in all only about 3 journos asked exclusively questions on Combet’s policy area.

  303. I noticed that ltd news’ Sid Maher, a keen supporter of the Abbott Conservative Time Wasters Party, framed his question around an article by Shananagans …. all very factual.

  304. Sue I like Greg Combet’s ultra calm way of dealing with the stupid journalists and their stupid questions, and he does it with a killer smile !

  305. Julia Gillard set to take on Kevin Rudd in party room ballot and sack him if she wins

    Julia Gillard has sent the message to Kevin Rudd to support her or face the sack

    KNIVES OUT: Julia Gillard expected to sack Kevin Rudd in showdown next week

    Roxon urges ‘cold shower’ over Rudd talk

    Senior backers of Prime Minister Julia Gillard claim she will force Kevin Rudd …

    Move against Rudd on the cards, say Gillard backers

    Settle Rudd issue ‘in near future’: Combet

    And so it goes….. circular crappage ….

  306. I think I’ve found the cause of Tom’s problem. Because his posts include a link to his website, the spam filter suspects it might be spam.

    I’ll see what can be done about it

  307. Shanahan is calling it that Gillard is going to sack Rudd. If there is any truth to this we may as well wave goodbye to federal Labor. The knifing split Labor supporters, to kill Rudd entirely could make the split permanent.

  308. Michelle Grattan is still practising her creative imaginings.

    Leadership rivals wait to see who blinks first

    ”You call it on.” ”No, I’m not doing it – it’s up to you.” The Rudd and Gillard camps might sound like a couple of juveniles, but each is fighting for tactical advantage as the leadership row simmers a fraction below boilover point.

    Neither sees advantage in being the first mover. Each side can only get away with inflating its candidate’s level of support when it is still in the realm of the hypothetical.

    hypothetical A favourite game for the media!

    Read more: http://www.watoday.com.au/opinion/leadership-rivals-wait-to-see-who-blinks-first-20120220-1tjrs.html#ixzz1n5V9i24e

  309. Min, talk among my friends is that they could not vote for Labor next time if
    they change leaders again.

    It’s time to email local MPs to give them the message.

  310. Pip, it’s Grattan who has joined the ranks of juvenile behaviour. IF she feels inclined to speculate, how about doing it in a somewhat less than completely asinine manner.

    I think that we were talking about this here a while back, the habit that journos have got themselves into of ‘mind reading’.

    Neither sees advantage in being the first mover. How would Grattan know this? At the very least she should provide some semi-intelligent reasons why she believes this.

  311. Wonder if this will stop leadership talks, or is it now Crean/Shorten/Humpty Dumpty

    That is very bad, as he was a great FM.

    Well done meeja.

  312. 1. Lack of confidence shown by other Ministers
    2. PM Gillard didn’t take the opportunity to repudiate other Ministers statements. Reluctantly concludes that she agees with them.
    3. culture must change best for party – must change – faceless men –
    similar factors at play today.
    4. can only serve with the confidence of his colleagues.
    5. won’t be part of ‘soap opera’

  313. Well done indeed Tom!

    The ABC host was so excited she just said Juia Rudd 😆

    Mr. rudd asked who is best to lead the country. didn’t give Abbott a good reference.

    Next question Tom, will Kevin mount a challenge ??

  314. Pip, all I can say is shizzzer. I hate to admit it….In BOLD.

    I was wrong

    I was thinking surely not, just get over it and get the job done. Nope, not happening.

    Rudd hasn’t resigned as Foreign Minister for nothing, he will challenge.

  315. It’s a pity that Kevin Rudd didn’t wait till his return to speak top PM Julia Gillard, but at this stage he appears as “the tall one’.

    Well thought out strategy after discussing the situation with family and colleagues.

  316. Did I just hear that none of this farce is Mr. Rudd’s fault.

    I would say that Mr. Crean’s assessment is sot on.

    The PM did the tight thing in the last parliament.

    Where are the faceless men.

    He will not do it by stealth. If that is the case, why did he not pick up the phone.

    As I said previously, butter will not melt in his mouth.

    This is the one I hope the PM wins. For the good of the country.

    He is doing it by stealth. Therefore he is a liar.

    The faceless men are on his side of the fence.

    He could not have did it more dramatically of he tried.

    He is as bad as the rumours say. The man cares nothing for the country.

    Whatever happens now, there will be an opening for Abbott to take over. All Abbott needs is a vote of the house, in the confusion. There is a least a half hour window during the handover.

    He could not be in the position he is without the assistance of the media.

    I do hope that Mr. Crean is looking at filling the void. This man needs stopping.

    I believe now, we will see the reason that Labor dumped him.

  317. Well the media is wrong again. They have been saying we will have to wait till next week. Nothing could happen while Mr.Rudd was overseas.

    Mr. Rudd, if he had problems, could have gone to the PM. He is correct, it is time for plain speaking. Mr. Rudd is responsible for the position he finds himself in.

  318. “But take a big breath msm, it could be addressed with ” a simple chat”

    yes can you hear the collective GASP, Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo:”

    This is the one thing Rudd cold not afford, a simple chat.

    Mr. Rudd is the one that has kept the kettle simmering.

    The PM has been careful not to condemn Mr. Rudd.

  319. I think that it might be a good idea to learn both sides of the story. It seems on the face of it to be Rudd working behind the scenes, however from his statement it seems that Gillard might have (possibly) been about to sack him.

    ‘‘I cannot continue to serve as foreign minister if I do not have the Prime Minister’s support and so I have decided to do the honourable thing and the honourable thing is to resign.’’


  320. It WAS a Media conspiracy between ABC, Fairfax, NewsCorp and Rudd was the orchestrator. You whisperers were right,
    … I feel weary.

  321. Geoff, hate to say it, the media played their role.

    Mr. Rudd could not have mounted his campaign without them. The media could have named who was talking to them over the last couple of years.

    I am sure that if Mr. Rudd has more success you will have plenty to be weary about.

    This will be really true, if Mr. Abbott ends up the final benefactor.

    The fat lady still has not sung.

    As the PM, does not talk to the media behind the scenes, we still do not know what her next move will be.

    I believe wee will see the PM with the gloves off.

    Maggie Thatcher needed a war to get control. Maybe this is the war the PM needs.

  322. Na, Catching Up. Its all over. There will be a spill on Monday/Tuesday. It does not matter who wins….. reread this statement Catching Up. …it does not matter who wins the spill.
    Labor from tonight onwards will tear itself apart.
    You have to keep this fact front and centre. Gillard is a minority government. It’s starting point is minus 2 or 3 votes to hold government. Any one of 10 or 15 MPs will bring this government down to get even with Rudd (..or get even with Gillard),
    The independents are not even the weakest link anymore. There are plenty of weaker links in Gillards camp and Rudds camp.
    The festering policy problems, Border Protection, Carbon Tax, Economic mismanagement just keeps the gas under Gillard’s/Rudd’s burner.
    Catching Up. Trust me. What I say pretty much comes to pass.
    Remember when I said the Craig Thompson affair, the expose of credit cards and hookers and knock shops, will in hindsight be a relatively good week for Gillard. Did I do good Catching Up?
    I laid it out clearly that Abbott had comprehensively wedged Gillard on Border Protection.
    I said the Club Industry would smash Gillard and Wilkie. MPC is gone, dead, buried…..
    If I could make one statement.
    Whisperers, Denial Does Not Change The Facts.

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