Blast from the past: Julia more than just a paragraph, time Australia to stop hiding behind old-fashioned men

I was looking at some of our old blogs from 2010 and I came across this one from Nasking which is just as topical today as it was at the time it was originally written.  So I thought that each month I might do a blast from the past; re-posting an old blog which could have interesting results if we compare our thoughts and opinions now to when we first wrote about the topic.  Here is our first blast from the past.

I think we’re pretty damn lucky in this country to find ourselves with a female leader, Julia Gillard, who looks forward to a diverse future where affordable health & education are prioritised & have been enriched, where broadband runs across the nation to even the too oft “forgotten” & “have nots” way out in the rural areas…

a female leader who can see the needs of the many…and not just the desires of THE FEW…and some ungrateful families who hope to be bought.

We’ve seen strong women leaders in a number of countries, including the UK & NZ…yet some Australians, now having the opportunity to vote in a woman as their Prime Minister for the next three years, are beginning to have doubts…

are considering disposing of Julia Gillard into the waste bin of history…turning her legacy of standing tall & defending workers against WorkChoices, standing up for students & parents by feeding funds into disadvantaged schools & assuring more accountabilty in education…and doing a compromise deal with the big miners of this country to ensure profits are redirected into small business & infrastructure & to help business pay for increased Superannuation for all workers…turning that effort on Julia Gillard’s part, into ONE LOUSY PARAGRAPH in the history books.

Julia, a PM for two months? When the likes of “Honest John” Howard got almost 12 years.

Doesn’t sound right to me.

It’s about time that Australians stopped hiding behind those old-fashioned men…men like Abbott who think more about themselves and their “market knows best” beliefs…than worrying about PBS affordability, decent education for all, worker’s rights and conditions, new technology to spur on new jobs, opportunities and connect all Australia.

Me, I’m moving forward. So’s my wife. I’m tired of Australia being treated like a cautious backwater dominated by old-fashioned men.

Go Julia. Be more than a paragraph.