Animal Songs

A music thread with one rule: all songs are to contain animals in the title.  I’ll start it off.

102 comments on “Animal Songs

  1. Volume up nice and loud for this one..when your prize possessions start to wear you down then you might start to look in my socialist of the Beatles.

  2. Tom, I still can’t believe I did it.

    If you had have done it, you would have been shot, poisoned, drowned, drawn and quartered, deported and banned.

  3. Tom, I understand..he’s the very tall bloke with the black duck gravatar (no pants)..and I’m the other one.

    I know that it’s not to everyone’s taste, but then I’ve never been known to be mainstream. Little bird, little bird, for here we met and here we kissed and now one cold night you will say goodbye.

    If anyone wants to know true beauty minus the botox, minus the fantastic plastic, just a natural beauty..Sophia Loren.

  4. This one has been done from everyone from Jimmy Durante to Otis Redding..and in every musical meme that you can think of. I like the honest originals, so here is Jimmy in a rare film clip.

  5. Augustus, that one requires some kitchen dancing (big wave to Joni).

    Now this one is from the ’60’s, Bob Lind..sadly after being a rock star for a moment he became a journalist…

  6. And my last’s not a thing to do with the topic, but me being a lyrics person, loves the words. Some quiet evening I sit by your side and we’re lost in a world of our own, I feel the glow your unspoken love, I’m aware of the treasure that I hold and I say to myself it’s wonderful, wonderful.. and now it’s time for me to say good evening.

  7. The voice he uses here reminds me of the ORIGINAL Tom Of Melbourne

    I lost track of who has become these days, or if he is even still around

  8. Tom, he formed the Party Boys and after that disappeared off the scene. I always thought he had a better voice than his brother (Jimmy B).

  9. I was referring to the the ORIGINAL Tom Of Melbourne Migs (thomasloch…??)

    As for Swanee, yea, all round, he was a far better performer than Jimmy.

    It really is a strange old world.

    Did love the Party Boys too 😉

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