Joe Hockey: paper and scissors

This week we note the sudden and mysterious reappearance of Joe Hockey. Where have you been for the past month or two Joe?

Joe, your last materialisation was in December when you promised that a Coalition government would:

..”press ahead with fresh income tax cuts if it wins the next election and as noted in the article “despite a blowout in the budget deficit as a result of the global economic crisis”.

Hockey added that he would:

“..generate a larger surplus than Labor’s targeted $1.5 billion next financial year.”

Penny Wong’s response included that you cannot abolish the revenue sources, being the carbon and mining taxes, “while funding tax cuts without hacking into social security, health, education, welfare and defence . . . that’s 80 per cent of the budget”.

“That just doesn’t make sense,” Senator Wong said.

And so we start the new year with Tony Abbott’s “aspirations” at the National Press Club, and as reported by the ABC on the 31st January:

Tony Abbott described a national disability insurance scheme and Medicare funding for dental services as worthwhile aspirations, but he said neither could be implemented before there’s a strong budget surplus.

However, in spite of the firm commitment from Joe Hockey that he and a Liberal government would generate a larger surplus than Labor “next financial year”, Andrew Robb enters the scene and states, “Well, it just depends.  As I say there’s so much uncertainty around the numbers.”

I get the distinct impression that Hockey has the unenviable task of trying to explain both Tony Abbott and Andrew Robb, plus their interpretations.

Joe has to firstly contend with whatever is Tony Abbott’s latest “looks good, feels good and so it must be good” attitude towards responsible financial management, and then attempt to explain these whilst keeping a straight face.

Joe to Tony: “Tony where’s those farkin’ papers you’re reading from?”

Joe often wishes that he has the scissors to chop the aforementioned papers into tiny little pieces before Tony has a chance to read from them. Not that it would make very much difference, given that Tony has a tendency to make it up as he goes along.

Joe to Andrew: “Andrew do you have to be so truthful. Give us a break mate.”

We therefore enter the start of the new political year with a Shadow Treasurer whose economic credibility is constantly challenged. Will Hockey last the distance or will Robb mount another challenge? Robb seems to perform a substantial amount of contradicting of Joe Hockey’s statements and clearly sees himself as being Hockey’s superior in his grasp of the economy.  Abbott on the other hand appears content to make statements, and then allows the kiddies fight it out between themselves.

Update: With thanks to Tom R for the pic 🙂

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  1. Another great post from Min 🙂

    Joe Hockey will have to refer Tony Abbott and Andrew Robb to their Perth accountants, after all they had so much luck with them in 2010….

  2. Thanks to Tom R for this link on the Media Watch xiii page.

    Coalition defends costings on Nauru

    Tom R
    I’m sure murdochs rags will give this a big run

    Eurest Support Services, known as ESS, was once the largest supplier of food to the United Nations peacekeeping force, but was barred as a vendor in 2005 after a bribery scandal involving the allocation of UN contracts in Africa.


    The quote was a third of the cost estimated by the immigration department to reopen a full-service detention centre on Nauru, but the Compass executive said ESS’s costing only covered accommodation, and the firm had no expertise in immigration processing.

    They really are a rabble

  3. Also thanks to Sue for the same link…

    “Company officials flew to Nauru at Compass’ expense to provide the Coalition’s quote. Mr Morrison said this did not mean Compass would automatically be granted the contract if the Coalition took government.

    ”The Coalition has no commercial arrangements with the organisation that provided these costings,” he said.

    Read more:

  4. But there already is a huge budget surplus. Stop the Overseas Development grants, the `Loans’ to other countries, the monies paid in pensions to Australians living permanently overseas (e.g 25,000 Lebanese-Australians living in Lebanon, plus Greeks, Italians etc etc, who are doing the same), plus the billions of dollars spent on subsidising the UNHCR to process asylum seekers and other foreign bludgers who want to get into Australia without reasonable cause.

    Oh yes we have a huge budget surplus!. – its just given away on worthless causes.

  5. Tom, ltd news studiously avoided the Hockey /Robb Budget costings
    assumptions cock-up…

    Q. was it a deception or was it a cock-up?
    A. a deception.

    We have linked to Peter Martin’s reports many times since 2010 and now there is this:-

    6 January 2012, 7.15am AEST
    Do accountants act in the public interest? Not always

    According to the profession’s code of ethics, “a distinguishing mark of the accountancy profession is its acceptance of the responsibility to act in the public interest.” That is, not exclusively to satisfy the needs of an individual client or employer.

    One wonders if that responsibility was front of mind when two partners from the Perth firm of WHK Horwath issued a flimsy report on the cost of the Opposition’s election promises, just days before the 2010 Federal election. Claims about the validity of the Opposition’s promises were well publicised. Plainly, the report was intended to influence voters.

  6. Tom you are giving me so many cues today.

    Prime Minister Gillard mentioned recently, I think in her interview with Mike Willesee, that the Labor government

    1. went to the 2007 election with a plan to put in place an emissions trading scheme, then called the CPRS.
    The speech is still on her Labor government website

    2. Before the 2010 election she announced in her Climate Change Speech that she wanted to put a price on carbon followed by an emissions trading scheme.

    The 2010 announcement was reported by The Australian

    Julia Gillard’s carbon price promise
    by: Paul Kelly and Dennis Shanahan
    From: The Australian August 20, 2010

    JULIA Gillard says she is prepared to legislate a carbon price in the next term.
    It will be part of a bold series of reforms that include school funding, education and health.

    In an election-eve interview with The Australian, the Prime Minister revealed she would view victory tomorrow as a mandate for a carbon price, provided the community was ready for this step.

    “I don’t rule out the possibility of legislating a Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, a market-based mechanism,” she said of the next parliament. “I rule out a carbon tax.”

    This is the strongest message Ms Gillard has sent about action on carbon pricing.

    While any carbon price would not be triggered until after the 2013 election, Ms Gillard would have two potential legislative partners next term – the Coalition or the Greens. She would legislate the carbon price next term if sufficient consensus existed.

    Unlike the Coalition, thie Prime Minister announced her policy and has delivered.

    News Ltd. have since avoided, as much as possible, their earlier report, and written reams about the “carbon tax” lie.

    It is not a tax on the Australian public, but that is not the impression being spruiked by ltd news and the Coalition.

  7. Thank you Pip. I was reading an ABC interview with Joe and after reading the transcript it came to me that there was only lonely solitary question put to Hockey about the Opposition’s plans for the future..all the rest was an endless ramble about the guv’mnt.

  8. Augustus, from your link to Greg Jericho/Grogs Gamut:-

    A national economy is not some speed boat that can zip across the waves of the international economy. At times it acts like a cork bobbing up and down, and if it does move it moves like a tanker. Those who think they can just pull the levers, turn the steering wheel, give it a tweak here and there and down will go interest rates by a quarter of a per cent need to be introduced to reality.

    Robb’s desire to have us believe the Liberal Party is all conquering on interest rates goes to this speed-boat view of the economy and also the view (as ever) that the GFC was a doddle and for which the ALP deserves no praise for getting Australia through relatively unscathed.

  9. Min, you’re welcome. I’m off to watch the NPC. It’s Finance Minister Penny Wong today, and I’m looking forward to some sensible comments about the economy!

  10. Augustus, thank you for the link:

    An interesting seems that Robb has moved the goal posts a tad..

    “Labor’s rather pathetic claim that interest rates are lower ‘under our watch’ ignores the fact that average standard variable mortgage rates under the Coalition were 24 basis points lower than under Labor, 7.26 per cent compared to 7.50 per cent.”

    What happened to the oft quoted saying from Howard that interest rates will always be lower under a Liberal government. Abbott used to repeat that one from Howard, but has gone amazingly quiet about it in recent times.

  11. The entire Coalition has a credibility problem when it comes to economics. For too long they’ve relied on the mantra that the Liberal Party are the better economic managers, and when called on it Hockey and Robb repeat well worn lines. It was evident on Q and A on Monday night that the likes of Hockey can’t be trusted with the economy because he wasn’t able to discuss economics, he had to have Sloane bail him out.

    You only need to read their statements about how they’ll deal with our national economy to realise they don’t have a clue about what constitutes an investment, an expense or revenue. And let’s not forget that the Coalition would’ve allowed our economy to sink during the GFC because they pledged not to bail out banks or pump money into the economy; and regularly declare how much money the federal government has ‘wasted’.

    Hockey would do better if he spent some time down at the library reading Economics for Dummies.

  12. Alex, the Coalition’s mantra was that the government did too much and too soon when every overseas economist was praising the Australian government as being just about the only government with the foresight to have acted quickly enough and with exactly the right amount of stimulus.

    This ‘minor snippet’ seemed to have bypassed the Australian press who were too intent on interviewing a disgruntled parent whose brother in law could have got the pavers cheaper for the school hall.

  13. “Hockey would do better if he spent some time down at the library reading Economics for Dummies.”

    Sadly, Alex, I think that’s where Hockey gets most of his ideas.

  14. Min,

    “An interesting seems that Robb has moved the goal posts a tad..”

    Nah! he just can’t find them, Tony and Joe keep hiding them from him, I actually feel for Robb in that respect, with a leader where “economics is boring”, and a Treasurer who hasn’t got a clue.

  15. Don’t blame me I’m not conservative, this is what the mob from Menzies House think:

    “Joe Hockey, Political Lies & Bank Regulation

    We hope that Joe Hockey is a liar. We can understand why a politician would want to bash banks, and we can understand why a politician would want to promise more regulation to control the “naughty market”. Both of these are populist positions which hit the political funny bone, and score cheap points.”

    (thanks cu)

  16. Min, I suspect that is the problem for Robb, he is being truthful as best he can be given he is also being hamstrung or is that knobbled.

  17. Rates are lower under the Liberals???

    Now of course since the whole “record-low record” has been well and truly smashed, the Liberal Party has been at great pains to say what they really care about is the actual mortgage rate and not the cash rate. This version of events was seen last week when Shadow Finance Minister Andrew Robb came out with a statement saying:

    “Labor’s rather pathetic claim that interest rates are lower ‘under our watch’ ignores the fact that average standard variable mortgage rates under the Coalition were 24 basis points lower than under Labor, 7.26 per cent compared to 7.50 per cent

  18. Labor promises to compensate the people of Australia for the Carbon Tax, after first causing others to have to take the money from them. the compensation is set at a curtain value in time, and there is no statement that the compensation will grow with the increases forecaste for the Carbon tax. Not even a means ajustment for the everyday person!

  19. Min – I think your dead right. Although so far this year we have had journos prepared to remind the likes of Hockey et al that we suffered the GFC requiring direct government intervention but then go mute again when the same tired lines are repeated.

    Mangrove Jack – I think you’re right there. He’d have to get some pretty heavy duty assistance to help improve his understanding of economics.

  20. Jarl, I wasn’t happy when Howard offered Indonesia $1B in aid after the Boxing Day tsunami a few years back. Then I heard later that Indonesia pours $16B a year into the Australian economy. His donation then made sense.

    Many people jumped up and down when Labor gave Pakistan $167M in flood relief at the same time as Queensland was under water. Perhaps those people were unaware that the donation was on the condition that it be spent on Australian contractors sent over there.

    A lot of relief money is part of the ‘you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’ agreement.

  21. Min! And all your carping commenters! This is not fair criticism!

    Mr. Hockey and the Coalition will give you all the answers you need with all their figures and calculations, correct to the last dollar and cent, just like they did before the last election. Didn’t you hear him promise that on Lateline last night?

    Now lay off the poor guy!

  22. Augustus, a truer word was never spoken, that some types “confuse Cost of Lifestyle with Cost of Living.” How often do you hear that one, not about living a good life but how to maintain one’s lifestyle.

  23. Another truth according to Mr. Hockey.

    I rise today to speak about the importance of a strong Australian Public Service and the threats to Canberra public servants. On Q&A on Monday night, the member for North Sydney said:

    ‘They’ve increased the public service in Canberra by 20,000 since they were elected and we’ve said, and I know it gets me in trouble with my colleagues in Canberra, but I’ve said that 12,000 will be made redundant within the first two years as a starting point and that’s hard but we’ve got, for example, six and a half thousand people in the department of health that has no patients, no doctors, and no nurses and, I’m sorry, you can’t live outside of your means.’

    Three minutes is barely enough to do justice to the many wrongheaded statements contained within that quote, but let me do my best.

    Firstly, the member for North Sydney has for the fifth time misrepresented Public Service numbers. As the Special Minister for State has noted, official figures show that the public service has increased from June 2007 to June 2011 by 11,072. In terms of number and percentage increases, that is the smallest increase since 2003-04. I am informed by the Special Minister of State that the member for North Sydney has been offered a briefing by the Australian Public Service Commission, but has declined that briefing and continues to cite incorrect public service numbers.

  24. YAAWWN

    Important questions that are critical to our nation.

    Who said what to who on Australia day

    What a joke. I wonder if a Ute will be involved soon?

  25. Pyne is still flogging a dead horse. When is it prudent for one to give up.

    They have no evidence, the PM has already challenge them to put up or shut up.

    It is fishing expedition.

    Moving the suspension of standing orders now on

    Dirty tricks, in her office.

    No mention of dirty tricks.

  26. How does one answer his questions. Pyne has lost it completely, They say the Opposition is not desperate.

    Lady Macbeth.

    The member no longer has the call. Albanese is asking that Pyne withdraw.

    How did Pyne believe he was going to get away with his tirade.

    he is accusing the PM oputting the Opposition at risk.

    This is a first for the chamber. I have not ever heard anything like it before.

  27. So predictable for theirabc

  28. What questions remain unanswered.

    Why is th PM’s office so rotten.

    I believe that most out in the real world have already forgotten and moved on from this incidence.

    Window into the soul, oh deary me.

    Morrison is at his best.


  29. What I smell and it is a dreadful stench is the desperation and fear of the Opposition that they have missed their chance in becoming government.

    God help us if this is what we are in for the rest of this year.

    To accuse the PM at putting Mr. Abbott at risk is beyond the pale.

  30. OK, I’m a tragic, I turned it back on. Glad I did. Gillard is hammering them on the economy, you know, the thing yabot reckons he wanted to talk about so badly.

    A bit of squirming going on.

  31. THE Liberal senator sacked from Malcolm Turnbull’s front bench for online comments about a colleague risks courting controversy again with the web.

    South Australian Cory Bernardi, now parliamentary secretary assisting Tony Abbott, admitted to The Australian yesterday he had provided web hosting and a domain name for a new political website,

    Five days before it opens for business, Menzies House is already billing itself as “the No 1 Australian site for conservative, centre-right and libertarian thinkers and activists

  32. Tom @3.20pm..wouldn’t it be nice if for once in a blue moon their ABC provided the government with the right of reply.

    The ABC are so lucky that they have a never ending supply of members of the Opposition to advise us as to what our opinions should be.

  33. Pip, not the actual words but that closed to it.

    The PM is sure giving it back.

    They should know this would be the result.

    If we still had the previous speaker, as much as I liked him, it would be a shambles now.

    There is no way the independents are going to support this one,

  34. CU,

    “South Australian Cory Bernardi, now parliamentary secretary assisting Tony Abbott, admitted to The Australian yesterday he had provided web hosting and a domain name for a new political website,”

    It does make one wonder at times doesn’t it, just how much Abbott’s thoughts are being channelled, which in itself gives one an insight into the true thinking of the current Federal Liberal Party, as David Suzuki pointed out at one of his lectures I attended about the time of Pauline Hanson’s rise, “You have to appeciate these people as they are the ones that show you the percentage of the population that actually think that way”

  35. Cu and What I smell and it is a dreadful stench is the desperation and fear of the Opposition that they have missed their chance in becoming government.

    As we were saying here from last year, Abbott and his motley assortment having nothing to offer other than slogans. The moment that they attempt anything resembling a policy, they stuff it up. Current evidence being that Hockey and Robb have (again) contradicted each other.

  36. Hockey finally admits to announcing $70 billion budget crater

    Wayne Swan posted Wednesday, 8 February 2012$70-billion-bu/?

    Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey has today finally come clean on his $70 billion budget debacle, admitting he announced the budget crater on live television and adding that he ‘shouldn’t have said’ the figure.

    The admission comes on the same day that the Opposition Leader has abandoned his commitment to a budget surplus.

    After insisting for months, and again on Monday’s Q&A that his $70 billion crater was merely a “media report”, Mr Hockey today finally acknowledged to Linda Mottram on ABC 702 mornings that the figure is his own figure:

  37. Now we have Menzies House putting the boot into Mr. Hockey as well. No woinder he looks so sad.

    The motion today was planned for yesterday, I believe. The PM outsmarted them then. I would say that is why we got calls of her being a coward. The PM could not wait to make the reply today. She was at the detache box before Morrison has sat down.

    I cannot see Pyne and Morrison actions going over that well with the public.

  38. More from the Treasurer

    On Monday night, Joe Hockey denied he announced the $70 billion crater.

    On Tuesday, he told Sky that his budget crater “wasn’t an embarrassing figure.”

    Today he has finally admitted it’s his figure and he regrets saying it.

    The Liberals have once again proven this week they are an absolute circus when it comes to the economy.

    They are bumbling from one economic mess to another, falling over each other trying to explain why they won’t commit to a surplus and why they have a $70 billion hole in their budget.

  39. Pollytics on Twitter said:-

    if Scott Morrison crawls any further up Ray Hadley’s arse, he’ll run into Tony Abbott’s feet

    RFLMAO 😆

  40. That will teach the opposition to call the PM a coward.

    As the PM pointed out by interrupting proceedings for that STUNT they stopped Oakshott talking about flood relief funds for NSW and Qld.

    Yeah that should win support with the independents. But will the msm report on that.

    “Abbott stops debate on flood relief”

  41. Now for something completely different, Finance and Deregulation Minister, Penny Wong, who does know what she’s talking about.

    Address to the National Press Club on the economy

    Penny Wong posted Wednesday, 8 February 2012

  42. do you think Uhlmann could remember that

    He’ll just check in with what the opposition think about that and get back to ya’ Sue 😉

    btw, cheers Min for uploading the piccie 🙂

    Computers makes artisans of us all

  43. I am not to sure about Mr. Wilkies ethcis now.

    He appears to have joinened the camp of the demons.

    Independent Andrew Wilkie voted with the Opposition in that vote on the suspension of the standing orders after Question Time.

    Wilkie’s gesture of disapproval made no difference.

    Advertisement: Story continues below The Government won the vote.

    But a sign of things to come perhaps?

    Read more:

  44. That’s far more like it from Julia..take the fight up to the Liberals…

    Julia Gillard has raised the pitch of her attack on the Opposition over economic management, accusing Tony Abbott of being “reckless” and warning he will destroy the economy if he wins power.

    The Prime Minister spent the morning meeting the unions representing car workers and announcing new satellites for the National Broadband Network.

    She sought to contrast her “new economy” initiatives against Mr Abbott’s intentions to abolish both the mining tax and the carbon pricing scheme.

    “Mr Abbott’s plans for the economy are reckless, shovelling money at some of the most profitable companies in the world and ripping money off other businesses… and ripping it out of the hands of taxpayers and pensioners,” she said.

  45. Cu, from your link to the SMH…go get him Julia!!

    Ms Gillard’s counter-argument to the Opposition is essentially: what are your priorities? My credibility?

    How about yours Mr Abbott? How about that pledge to deliver a bigger surplus than Labor. Where has that commitment gone?

  46. 3.20pm: Christopher Pyne has left no Shakespearian analogy unturned with that opening for the suspension.

    He suggests the Prime Minister’s office engaged in black operations to damage the Opposition leader Tony Abbott.

    Liberal Scott Morrison has now cut in with references to dark places in the office of the Prime Minister.

    A culture of cover-up.

    There’s the stench of decay.

    Oh dear, now we are on to underpants dancing in Sussex Street.

    (I think we should all avert our eyes and turn down the volume for a little while.)

    3.11pm: Now for the inevitable suspension of standing orders from Mr Pyne.

    We are to debate Ms Gillard’s credibility.

    Mr Pyne had to squeeze this in before the end of Question Time at 3.30pm.

    Read more:

  47. 7 news highlighted abbott lieing

    First they had abbott saying alcoa workers losing job because of carbon tax
    Then showed Acloa saying no it is not
    finally PM stating abbott despicable to use workers for his poltics

    So that is a change

  48. That 21 year old MP that is with him makes better sense.

    At least he is being asked questions.

    Answers givong as if he is talking to six formers he has just gave a political lecture too.

    Answer to every thing, ditch carbon tax.

  49. Patricia I’m so pleased that the pic was so useful. :). I’ll pop a link up to your very splendiferous pome on Migs’ Australians For An Honest Media FB site.

  50. Min, this from your link:

    Take Ms Rinehart, for example, a healthy good-looking 57 year old working woman with a $10 billion nest egg and the chance to accumulate several billion dollars more before retirement.


  51. Thanks, Min. I don’t have the time or gen to deal with wider circulation of my pomes which people continually tell me I should do. I really like coming to read the latest at the Cafe and duelling with Talk Turkey at TPS and that is all I can fit in these days. Lyn there is a great help too, so I reckon I that compared with the lot of writers fifty years ago when we waited three months for a returned MS and occasionally a cheque, publishing on the net is a dream!

    Every now and then someone here or over there links to something in the media for which I might have the appropriate verse and that’s a plus. See, Miglo, look how you’ve overturned the daily routine of an old lady who only wanted to walk her dog and do the crossword with a latte at Freo’s South Beach shed..

  52. Augustus @11.49am, thanks for the link to Grog’s latest well researched and presented post.

    @2.12pm, exactly. I was pondering on this the other day and came to the same conclusion, especially on recalling a whinge by a woman trying to convince people what a battle it is to survive on a paltry income of $150k/annum.

    My advice; stop living beyond your means. If you’re struggling to pay the mortgage, you can’t afford the house. Buy a Holden, not a Beemer. If you choose to send your kids to private school, suck it up. It’s not like there are no other schools

    Pip, @2.34pm, couldn’t happen to a nicer person. lol

    Pyne is still flogging a dead horse.

    Pity someone hasn’t flogged Little Prissy.

    ……he is accusing the PM oputting the Opposition at risk.

    Of what, pray? Telling the truth?

    “the No 1 Australian site for conservative, centre-right and libertarian thinkers and activists

    Stretching the friendship a bit to advertise themselves as thinkers, don’t you think, CU.

    @4.53pm. Does anyone think the Pm needs to lift a finger to “damage” Liealot? He’s more than capable of doing the job solo. lol

    Min @6.41pm, I think I’ll have to put that image out of my mind before I lose my lunch.

  53. Patricia @10.29pm..likewise. Without Migs’ constant encouragement I would never have had the courage to put up that first post.

  54. It’s nice that Laura Tingle has mentioned this – finally – it’s the same ‘mixed messages’ that have been around ever since Tony Abbott became Leader of the Opposition.

    It’s hard to work out just how the Coalition has got itself into such a terrible mess on fiscal policy over the past week.

    Even Coalition MPs seem confused – not to mention appalled – about how Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey and Andrew Robb could have got themselves entangled in such mixed messages over whether a Coalition government would achieve a surplus in its first term.

  55. It’s hard to work out just how the Coalition has got itself into such a terrible mess on fiscal policy over the past week.

    not really

    Oh what a tangled web you weave when first you practice to deceive?

    I think we all can learn a thing or two from that 😉

  56. Min, it is not hard.

    They have always been in a mess.

    The difference is now is that there are some very mild questions been asked.

    It is said that Mr. Turnbull is now making his run.

    I believe that effort in parliament yesterday, was such that many would find it hard, even in the Liberal party to swallow.

    The problem with Mr. Abbott’s childish behaviour, he has to take it further. like a toddler throwing an tantrum to get attention.

    Mr. Abbott has to keep upping the ante to gain attention. It is like a house of cards, not being built on a solid foundation, has to collapse.

    It is the Opposition job to opposed.

    This should be done by proving what is wrong and what they can do to make it better.

    Sometimes that requires total rejection of the government’s legislation,

    Sometime it can be done by proposing adjustments.

    Sometimes bi-partisanship is necessary.

    It does not mean say no all the time.

    It does not mean sabotaging of the government or the Nation.

    It means convincing the public you can do it better.

    By the way, I do not believe Mr. Turnbull is the answer for the Liberals. It is back to the past, admittedly not as far as Mr. Abbott.

    The talent in the Liberals is very thin on the ground for anyone else.

    With Labor, one can come up with at half a dozen candidates. The Liberals do not have the option.

  57. It is said that Mr. Turnbull is now making his run.

    I think that there is real legitimacy to that proposal, as evidenced by the complete lack of reporting about it in our msm 😉

  58. Tom, a tangled web is right..and that’s just their fiscal policy. Then we have their turn the boats around, their let’s plant lots of trees climate change policy, oh yes and teeth are an optional extra.

    And all accomplished via Abbott’s power of I Will…or maybe I won’t.

  59. Cu, anything specific about Turnbull’s run. I was thinking last year that Turnbull might start his campaigning once or IF the media started scrutinising Abbott, his policies and/or Abbott’s personal attitudes eg his attitude towards same sex marriage, attitude towards women.

  60. Min

    It was the australian flag in the background’
    Lately both, capital hill and 7.30 have been doing their program from outside parliament house. but when we get uhlmann and turnbull interview it happened in turnbull’s office. how many shadow ministers have an australian flag draped next to their office desk and in interview shot?

  61. I am confused. The Opposition demand the deficit be wiped off this year, but even when proposing $70B in cuts they cannot guarantee that they’d be able to do it. Am I missing something?

  62. Roswell
    yes you missed this bit
    what $70B? i didn’t say that, i didn’t say that,i didn’t say that, i didn’t sat that i shouldn’t have said that

  63. What’s this mere $70BILIION BLACK HOLE

    the libs can do better then that

    By the next election, the Commonwealth will have invested $15 billion into NBN Co. Should the Coalition win the next election and NBN Co.’s windows are boarded up as promised, standard accounting practices dictate that the $15 billion invested will have to appear as a line expenditure item in the Budget.

    It is entirely possible that the Commonwealth could sell NBN Co.’s fibre assets in various locations around Australia to a telco of one stripe or another but it would be at a bargain basement price and significant contractual penalties would be payable.

    Put another way, the Coalition, already committed to $70 billion in savings over the forward estimates, would have a further $15 billion to find.

    None of that would be good news for Joe Hockey.

  64. Door open: MALCOLM Turnbull has ruled out any move to challenge Tony Abbott for the Liberal leadership before the next election but left open the possibility of a bid beyond that.

    Ch. 7 said this morning that the move was on.

    Now I know this is rumour, but is it anymore so than the unbiased rumours re Mr. Rudd.

    Mr. Hockey is now having another whinge in parliament. Why do they feel the need to scream. Mr. Hockey, I did want the pink bats that I have in my home. Mr. Hockey, along with Mr. Pyne has developed a whine in his voice. Mr. Hockey does not believe world circumstances are not as bad a painted. That Mr. Swan is only setting up excuse for failure.

  65. The union do have a point. This is a global review.

    Mr Melhem said the Point Henry plant could have been spared being placed under review had Alcoa not treated the plant with ‘corporate contempt’ and failed to reinvest profits to upgrade it.

    He said the lack of investment in Point Henry amounted to ‘exploitation of the people of Victoria, and of Geelong in particular’

  66. Of course the move is on, just not right now, to far out from an election.. in paliament this morning malcolm was there sitting directly behind joe as he gave his reply, malcolm was the only one there.
    good to have a camera shot of a possible liberal leader who is interested in the economy.

  67. Sue, I agree..T’bull won’t make a play just yet. He has been almost invisible for the past several months, but now as you point out is suddenly and mysteriously sitting directly behind Joe.

    Hmm, I wonder why. Is Malcolm trying to tell Joe that he has his eye on Joe’s job? That would fit in perfectly. T’bull is clearly in a dead-end portfolio and might do a deal with Abbott – I won’t stand against you if you demote Joe and give me his job.

    As Shadow Treasurer Malcolm will have positioned himself for a run at the leadership following the next election.

    Absolutely..if the MSM and their barrackers can run with unsubstantiated rumours, then there is no reason why we can’t.

    ps..anyway, ours is informed speculation based on observations rather than the MSM’s unknown sauces. 😉

  68. Roswell, of course not..the media leave all of their leadership speculations for the Labor Party. This is in spite of the fact that Tony Abbott has been consistently less popular than the PM.

  69. CU @8.39am. Snap! Now we know what all the bullshit about a Rudd challenge has been masking; Turnbull’s head counting and the instability in the Parliamentary Liars Party.

    Although on the ABC brekkie news they were still desperately trying to talk a Gillard/Rudd stoush up, even though the guest (can’t think of his name) heavily criticised the msm for pursuing the meme day after day, to the exclusion of real news. That made them squirm a bit.

    In any leadership challenge in the Liar’s Party, Hockey has now been exposed too often as the gross incompetent he is, so he’s out. Prissy is too much like a yapping miniature poodle, Robb’s gone for all money, imo and that just leaves that bastion of truth, justice and the ignorant way, to challenge Malvolio, Morrison.

    What a talentless bunch of losers. I reckon that if Liealot continues to lose ground in both the preferred PM and 2PP, they’ll have no compunction about tossing him on the funeral pyre. I wonder if they’ve already started collecting kindling? And what choice of a successor is there but Malvolio?

    I can just imagine the salivating in the government ranks. I bet Albo’s in the shed building the guillotine. We should keep a vigilant eye on any government MPs who take up knitting.

    OTOH, if Turnbull does get the nod, he may lead them back to a more moderate position on asylum seekers, climate change and the NBN. And most importantly, restoring discipline to their appalling behaviour in the Chamber

    And he may be prepared to do more negotiating on a range of issues. However, i won’t hold my breath on any of that. If elected LOTO, he could simply continue down the Liealot path.

    Tom R, so just a lazy $85 billion to find. They may have to employ two firms of dodgy catering firms. But I guess crayfish will be off the menu. Pity, I’d sell them a couple of tonnes at a vastly inflated price! lol

    Sue, I bet he’s dot the whet stone in his office and the chef’s knife in the bottom drawer. It will be interesting to watch as he mimics PJK and does Liealot slowly culminating in the swift evisceration at the end. I wonder if he’ll set Liealot’s entrails alight? Let the tumbrils roll!!!

  70. Roswell, just checked

    CHRIS UHLMANN: Given Kevin Rudd at the moment seems to have not a Lazarus-like but almost a messianic-like ability to rise from the dead and be talked about again as a possible prime minister, is a comeback for you to the leadership impossible?

    MALCOLM TURNBULL: Oh, well, there’s only one Lazarus around at the moment and that’s Kevin. He’s more than Lazarus. He’s certainly – he’s well out of the political grave, I think; he’s about to strike.

    CHRIS UHLMANN: And could you rise again?

    MALCOLM TURNBULL: I think we’ll just focus on Kevin for the moment. I think we’ve got a very effective leadership team in the Coalition and I don’t think there’s any prospect of any changes to that, certainly between now and the next election.

    CHRIS UHLMANN: So your expectation is that Tony Abbott will lead the Coalition to the next election?

    MALCOLM TURNBULL: Absolutely, that is my very definite expectation. I would say that is 100 per cent certain.

  71. I should have refreshed just then and seen comments from Sue et al.

    Surely that reading by Abbott the other day was prophetic, rather than reminding the congregation of Gillard’s dastardly deeds. It was a warning of a Judas in the Coaltion ranks. Given that Abbott did not choose that text, it must be an omen – from the Word of God. I bet the lean and hungry Malcolm knew what it meant! Last night I thought a better description of him might be ‘smiling assassin’ – don’t you think?

  72. Jane re That made them squirm a bit. Good.

    I agree with you about Turnbull. We also know that he also likes quick fixes (enter Goodwin), but as a man in a hurry this could work well for a man with far more moderate ideas. Or at least a big improvement on the far right nutjobs which currently make up the majority of the Opposition.

  73. Patricia re MALCOLM TURNBULL: I think we’ll just focus on Kevin for the moment.

    Indeed this is Malcolm’s preference..unsurprisingly…

  74. Patricia @12.37pm, prophetic indeed. I did wonder whether he was referring to the government or his own mob of ghouls. I think Turnbull will relish the slow torture of Liealot and the swift twist of the knife at the end. He seems to have learned patience or is he just a coward?

    Min, spot on and hardly surprising that Turnbull wants the msm to focus squarely on Mr Rudd. How inconvenient if the spotlight were to be turned on him.

  75. Re MT’s answer, there is a theory that males extend their sentences when they are lying.


    that is my very definite expectation.

    I would say that is 100 per cent certain

  76. Mr. Turnbull said in one of his interviews that the government was creating monopoly broadband.

    This is not true.

    The NBNco is not delivering any broadband ISP or anything else.

    The NBNco will own the fibre that the broadband will use.

    Mr. Turnbull also said that they would not be digging up the fibre or dumping contracts.

    That I believe is short hand for, the NBNco will survive.

    The most they will do is sell it off.

    Mr. Turnbull is being indigenous in saying the government has been four years putting NBNco in place.

    This is also not a fact. When the government first came in, they tried to put a cheaper and inferior broad band in place.

    They were unable to do this, as Mr. Howard and his many schemes before them The cheaper versions were proven to be not viable.

    It was after this that NBNco was seen as the way to go.

    There has been many things that had to be set in place before getting off the ground.

    Dealing with Telstra and their run down copper wire monopoly system one of the most difficult.

    The truth is that Mr. Abbott for all his scare tactics will not be dismantling NBNco.

  77. CU, that fits in with his Dr No theme. Will you dismantle NBN? No.Will you behave like an adult? No, never.

  78. Mrs Rudd has moved the family home back to Brissie and is happy. They are now empty nesters, grandchild is due in May, her mum lives around the corner.

    Msm didn’t see that.

  79. Msm didn’t see that.

    That’s because they are busy searching for the secret tunnel he must be constructing that leads back to the lodge. 😉

  80. I noticed the Opposition has chosen today to challenge the speaker. First to go is the young one from Longman.

    He went for abusing the procedures of he house.

    I think the Opposition leader came very close Tobe the first today.

  81. Deputy Opposition warned that she is testing his sense of humour.

    Who is going to be the first of the big ones to go.

    Mirabella very quiet this session.

  82. Wilkie has definitely sided with Abbott.

    He asked when the Federal Government was going to take over Tasmania Hospitals.

  83. Tom R and CU

    did you hear the tasteless remark by abbott on tuvalu? bishop asked rudd about comparable country that had a carbon tax, abbott made a comment at that time on tuvalu. PM heard and told rudd, he then pointed out how tasteless the comment was considering the plight of the people of tuvalu.
    what made it even more tastetless is that there was in the parliament a delegation from pacific nations.

    Do you think the press gallery will have noticed and will they challenge abbott. or will he be excused once again?

  84. That is pretty poor Sue, no, I didn’t hear it. I am sure we won’t, especially if ltdnews have their way.

    whiney is off on his rant again, his poor nose.

    So booooring

  85. This is the 37th motion to suspend standing orders by Abbott. This is far more than any other Opposition Leader since Federation. We have the smells back again.

    This action is an abuse of parliamnet.

  86. How many times does Mr. Pyne think he can get away with this tirade without changing the words.

    Protection racket. She is rotten from the head, She must stand down.

    Do they really believe what they are saying.

    Did not see any or many pats on the back from his effort yesterday.

  87. Sue, I don’t think the press gallery monitor what’s said in Parliament any more. I still think Abbott made a big a howler when responding to the PM’s speech about the Jubiliee visit of the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall. Abbott said that he was sure Australia would welcome Prince William! No one picked that up!

    Imagine making a snide comment about Tuvalu climate change policies anyway, one of the most vulnerable places on earth to global warming, much less in the presence of visitors from other Pacific Islands!

  88. The speaker did agree with the PM that the snide remarks across the chamber have to end.

    Badfood getting worse. Mr Pyne does have a fine turn of phrase.

  89. Ms. Bishop. The legitimacy of Mr. Thompson to remain in the house.

    Pray tell me someone the grounds for kicking him out.

    It is my belief that there is none.
    Ms Bishop is a solicitor and would know this.

    Why is she spreading misinformation.

  90. Patriciawa
    the reponse by rudd will be in hansard, so there is that

    anyway there will be changes, slipper has said they must address the motion to suspend standing orders.
    i am not up on the rules, so will this make a difference?

  91. Let be clear, this effort ofthe Opposition has little to do with Mr. Thompson, it is all to do with getting rid of FWA.

  92. Cu @2.51pm. Wilkie has tried this one at least twice previously. Firstly he wanted a takeover of Tasmanian hospitals as part of ‘the deal’, this was refused. Then late last year he said it again and was told no by Roxon.

    Just my opinion, but Wilkie is coming across as quite vindictive. Firstly he wasn’t satisfied with the outcome of the poker machine legislation while realizing that zilch would get through the House of Reps without Windsor and Oakeshott. Both W & O had made it publicly known that they would not support Wilkie’s proposal in it’s entirety.

    Not good enough? So then he sides with Abbott. And for what possible reason?

  93. Yes Tom, but I suspect their hate of FWA maybe a little greater.

    How one can ignore that the union has had a feud going for at least five years. One cannot ignore that it was Mr. Thompson that forced Ms. Jackson ex -husband to pay money back, with similar accusations of prostitutes.

    Ms Jackson was there prior to, during and after Mr. Thompson.

    The Opposition is sounding shrill. I think we are seeing that hubris of earlier this week will dissipating quickly.

    The PM is not going to lie down because they say so.

    They are making much noise, screaming out too the roof tops. The problem is that they are recycling the same argument over and over, with no new information or input.

  94. Jarl Ragnvald. We should get together and watch 4 Corners on Monday night over a few beers.
    It will be squirm central for Gillard and smirk central for Rudd.
    When is this joke call the “Laba Guvverment” going to end?
    I know the end is scheduled for next year but this Labor circus is like a comedian who has lost the audience and no one has the guts to drag her from the stage.

  95. Geoff, you ought to be careful what you wish for. 😉

    With Tony Abbott you are going to be directed from the pulpit – a 2 tier divorce system (as per his book), restrictions on contraception for unmarried mothers (women should remain virgins until they’re married) and LOTS AND LOTS of money for overseas multi-nationals.

  96. When is this joke call the “Laba Guvverment” going to end?

    Long after you think I would assume 😉

    Still almost 2 years to go, and Labor is beginning their climb back. The dirty work is done, the rewards will start flowing in, and the libs $70 BILLION BLACK HOLE will only grow, that, or they’ll be backflippin like a gymnat on steroids.

    Either way, their cred is shot, and albo was ripping a bigger hole in it this afternoon.

  97. Tom R there is one thing that I have learnt in my seventy years, it is foolish to claim victory before the race or game is over.

    The other is that he who laughs last, laughs the longest.

    It will surprise me greatly if Mr. Abbott is still on the scene next Christmas.

    Mr. Abbott’s run is on it’s last legs. The truth is that he has nothing to offer from now on.

    So Geoff, enjoy your beer Monday night.

    I will bet you, that there will be no new information or facts emerge.

    What you will see is a rehash of the last few months.

    A rehash of what we have been hearing since the night that Mr. Rudd rang around and found he had no support5. It left him with no choice but to resign.

    Yes, Geoff it was the caucus that got rid of Mr. Rudd. It appears that it was unanimous.

    It one remembers, we had the same stupidity during the Howard and Costello years.

    Re challenges for leadership that never came.

    Give me one good reason why Mr. Rudd would be better. It is Liberal voters that are pushing for his comeback.

    it is not hard to work out why.

  98. Sue, just checked Hansard. I was right. He specifically welcomed the PM’s announcement of the coming visit of Prince William, our future King!

    It’s a monumental gaffe for a monarchist to make!

  99. Patricia, he made that statement, at the end of QT.

    He missed what the PM said at the beginning, making a joke of what she had just announced, the Princes visit.

    When he caught on, the speaker would not allow him to reply.

    He had to wait until QT was over.

    It was fun to watch.

  100. Take no notice of the squeaks behind the woodwork, fellow Café patrons. Enough rat bait will be laid to see those pesky Rodent lovers off.

    Mr Rudd has not, nor will he, challenge the PM. He’s enjoying his role as Foreign Minister too much. But our rodents keep getting sucked in by noise from the likes of Little Hissy Prissy and the rest of The Incompetents.

  101. I have just watched 7-30. I get the impression that the PM does not have a high opinion of Mr. Uhlmann. I wonder why that is.

    I loved her answer, when he said you cannot guaranteed a surplus. She replied with I said I will.

    What did they prove with the big pile of FWA documents. No smoking gun that I seen.

    I noticed that Mr. Bolt is concerned the PM did not answer any questions. I think Mr. Bolt means that the PM did not give the answers he wants.

    The one thing for sure, Mr. Uhlmann was not in control of the interview.

  102. I do not believe that Mr. Pyne will ever win any acting awards but he is heading for emergency if he does not lower his anger and hate.

    Getting that red in the face all the time cannot be good for the health.

    Even if the worse decision was handed down in the Thompson case, it will be nearer the next election and if convicted and sentence to a jail term, before he can be force from the parliament.

    I do not see how Mr. Abbott can launch a no confidence motion on this issue. It is legal for him to sit until sentenced.

    The most that could be expected of the PM, could be to expel him from the Labor Party.

    I believe that would also be wrong.

    As the PM said tonight, the Opposition is demanding that she interfere in FWA and this is simply not the right thing to do.

  103. Miglo, note the last paragraph.

    An ESS spokesman said the company had provided only accommodation costs to the Coalition and not operational costs.

    ”This is a different facility to a detention centre in Australia,” the spokesman said. ”It’s not up to us to determine what is appropriate or right from an immigration point of view. We are not experts in that. We are experts in good, comfortable accommodation, not asylum seeker processing.”

    ESS runs remote mining camps and dining halls in the West Australian desert and around the world for clients including Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton and the US Army.

    The spokesman said, based on the company’s experience building remote mining camps in Western Australia, he didn’t expect the operating cost on Nauru to be higher than in Australia.

    Read more:

  104. Cu, re a spokesman from Eurest saying that he didn’t expect the cost to be any higher than in Australia. That being the cost of catering..Eurest don’t build the actual camps.

  105. Cu, none of the talking heads are considering that nothing will be happening untill after 5th March, the date by which Mr. Thomson has to submit his response to the accusations.

    Still they can continue to write or sprout crap in the meantime .

  106. Min, I can’t understand why the Coalition are making so many blunders in such quick succession….not that I mind….

  107. PM doesn’t suffer fools, so Uhlmann was put in his place.
    It is a shame the abc persists in inflicting this fool on the watching audience.
    but back to the PM
    PM said she had agreed to go on program to discuss the economy, so she did.

  108. On the talking heads, why haven’t they cornered Kathy Jackson. Last week jackson said she had to send a submission to the FWA by friday and that she would then release the full statement this monday passed.

    Feb1, 2012
    “CHRIS UHLMANN: And for how long will we need to watch this space?

    KATHY JACKSON: Well, my response to Fair Work Australia is due on Friday. And after Friday, I will be releasing my response to Fair Work Australia.”

  109. Pip, were meals and table service costed into that?

    No, apparently accommodation only (no, truly)

    Yes CU, It was great watching the PM asking ulman if he understood simple English.

    I know he does, because he uses it to his advantage. I noted the question to the PM about ‘waste’ in the NBN. It wasn’t really a question, it was a statement of fact.

    “Aren’t we wasting a lot of money in the NBN? ”

    A real question, where the one asking the question truly doesn’t know the answer, would have been “Are we”

    The way it is couched, it is assumed to be the case, so, ulman goes in with the assumption that there is waste.

    To top this off, he later ponders why there is “this sense that this government wastes money and lots of it.”

    Duh ulman, who knows, Wonder if it has anything to do with you making assumptions. I’m sure it hasn’t anything to with a totally unbalanced and dishonest track record of reporting the Governments reaction to the GFC would it? 😯

    Yes, it’s pedantic, I know, but I am real touchy on the pathetic state of our media. Speaking (and understanding) the English language should be a basic requirement for these tools.

  110. I heard the Uhlmann/Gillard replay this morning.

    The interrogation had the sophistication of school-yard taunts.

    Uhlmann’s no Kerry O’Brien. More of a Richard Carleton…and probably trying to establish his creds as a reliable conservative attack dog in the hope of getting a big offer from the commercial network.

    I hope it comes soon. Uhlmann’s the reason I don’t watch the 7.30 report anymore.

  111. Compare ulmans question where he assumes the Government is wasting money, to his barracking of the opposition

    CHRIS UHLMANN: They’ll still spend lots of money; they’ll spend less than you. And you’ve decided at one point in time on the green car innovation fund that less was OK. And perhaps the Coalition, if they’re gonna get the same outcome, is spending money more wisely.

    JULIA GILLARD: Well I think, Chris, you’re misunderstanding the position of the Coalition and you’re misunderstanding the needs of the car industry today.

    So, on the one hand, he assumes the Government is wasting money, and on the other, assumes that the coalition are more prudent.

    bloody barrackers

  112. Can any of these interviewers look past the cost or the opposition hymn sheet and take a look of the rewards of the NBN?


    Positives are to be avoided at all costs. Lets just concentrate on the negatives, and, when we cannot find any, lets just make some assumptions.

    Like, the coalition can do the NBN cheaper, and, they have harvey normans cost benefit analysis to prove it!!

  113. from your link Sue

    Fox News offers to its audience an alternative version of reality. It presents a perpetual kindergarten-level symposium on the evils of “socialism”, aka the welfare state, and the virtues of the untrammelled free market.

    Sounds remarkably like ltdnews over here.

  114. Tom there is another habit that gets under my skin. Obviously Mr. Rudd is ……Etc.

    Also the question if you are good economic manager, why does the public not believe you or words to that effect. How does one answer that, except to blame the likes of Mr. Uhlmann. Imagine the headlines if the PM did tell it as it is.

    I also the way she kept talking over him when he attempted to cut her off.

    Loved the geography lesson too.

    Now the PM had put a gag on MP’s talking to the media. What is the media going to talk about now, if their sources become mute.

    Every question was framed in the negative, full of negative assumptions.

    Then the attack on the PM personally with negative assumption that she is untrustworthy.

    The reply I would like the PM and how can they trust Mr. Abbott.

  115. I noticed he had to rephrase his question

    “No one else is doing it like us”

    to which the PM shot him down

    “oops, I meant, no one else is doing it exactly like us”


    I’m not sure any country is doing it exactly like any other country. That is kinda obvious isn’t it.

    I understand his question, but, he tries so hard to over-cook things, he just ends up with ‘egg’ everywhere

  116. That interview of Uhlmann/Gillard sounded much better on the audio. Maybe the PM needs to hit the radio, shock jocks and all.

    You pick up in the audio how often the PM was was successful in cutting Mr. Uhlmann off when he attempted to cut her answers short.

    No wonder Mr. Bolt found the whole interview not to his likening.

    He made the statement that the PM did not answer any questions.

    No, the PM refused to talk about allegations and matters that she has well and truly answered in recent times.

    The PM refused to talk about unbiased allegations and assumptions. The PM talked about what she had agree to do, the economy.

    PM ABC24 Talking about disability insurance in Sydney.

    I do not know if we have had the Opposition leader this morning, I can safely assume that all he mentioned was carbon tax and bad bad government, so it does not matter if I missed him.

    We will not hear him talking about investing in Australia’s future. Yes the future of the wealthy and powerful, but not the Nations.

  117. They are talking about having one access point to disability services.

    I worked in the industry and in spite of being in the know, I wasted hours finding services for the people I was working with.

    Even finding accommodation was a tedious task.

    Questions away from disability, but at least on something that is before parliament, the means testing of the wealthy with Medicare rebates.

    Now question about Alcoa. I hope someone points out that the wonderful cheap electricity given by Mr. Bolt Is coming up in the near future for renewable. Might have something to do with Alcoa’ scare tactics.

  118. How the media manges the socverage of Gillard versus Abbott.

    I use a Site to see what is going on today.

    Compare the space given to the two.

    Julia Gillard has warned her ministers to stop speaking to newspaper editors, moving to stamp out leadership speculation.

    First off: The gag order, handed down at a cabinet meeting last week, means ministers must seek permission from the prime minister’s office before meetings or private talks take place (report). And it comes as Kevin Rudd’s supporters move to ease concerns he would not rush to an early election (report).

    Julia Gillard is in Sydney. She’ll attend a national disability insurance scheme event mid-morning with Families Minister Jenny Macklin where she’ll meet with the families of teenagers with disabilities.

    Tony Abbott is in Melbourne. He addressed the Masters Builders Association this morning at 8.20am. On his regular Friday morning Today show appearance, Mr Abbott attacked Wayne Swan for having never delivered a surplus in his time as Treasurer. He rejected suggestions that treasury spokesman Joe Hockey had fumbled an attempt to establish the existence of a black hole in Wayne Swan’s calculations (report). “No, he didn’t,” Mr Abbott said, before returning to the debate about when the Coalition would deliver a surplus. “If Labor can deliver a surplus in the next financial year, we will certainly deliver a surplus in our first budget, because the budget position will always be better under the Coalition.”

  119. I was wrong about Mr. Abbott’s press conference.

    It also will not mean the many will give up their insurance, so that argument is also a furthy.

    What keeps people in is if they leave, it will cost more to come back, with price being calculated on age.

    The new slogan is once again one from the past, we will keep them honest and he will fight them.

    He did not say whether it would be on the beaches or not.

    Yes, he will fight, and the results will be as for the last 18 months, he will fail.

    Fail to know why the stony faced Mr. Dutton bothered to show up. He had nothing as usual to say about health.

    If people are interested, that is his ministry. Maybe now he will ask a question or two in parliament about health.

  120. CU

    what you missed this morning is both abbott and dutton DUCKING the question on whether they would overturn the medicare rebate legisaltion.

    so all bluff and bluster about labor breaking promises but liking the fact that labor has found $2.5B. comes in handy when coalition $70B + $15B in the red.

    but will the msm report the dodgy bros response?

  121. “opposition hymn sheet and take a look of the rewards of the NBN?

    Miglo, just a honest camparison of the two schemes would be enough.

  122. One.tell was a monumental blunder involving the old boy network, now Lachlan is composed and prepared to make his mark.

  123. CU
    i’m amazed look what news ltd is reporting

    Practice what you preach? Abbott says … maybe

    OPPOSITION Leader Tony Abbott has pledged to fight cuts to the private health insurance rebate but won’t promise to overturn the reductions if elected to government.

    But he and his health spokesman Peter Dutton refused to say whether they would return the full rebate if elected to government, saying instead: “We will fight it. We’re going to fight it. That’s what we are going to do.

    Asked again if a Coalition government would roll back the cuts, Mr Abbott said: “Ask me that question if we come to that situation.”

    Read more:

  124. CU,Thomson hasn’t even been charged with anything and if the Victorian police come to the same conclusion as the NSW police, he won’t be. I had to snicker the other day when Jackson was referred to as a whistle blower

    If I were the government, I’d just say the name Mary-Jo Fisher. That should shut them up in an instant. And remind them that one of their backbenchers is also under a cloud.

    I hope the PM loses patience with these clowns and gives them a bollocking along the lines of asking Uhlmann how he knows that the Liars Party will spend less than the government on any policy, given they have released NO costings for their policies.

    And remind the idiot that just saying you will spend less with no proof hardly inspires confidence. Ditto Dolt. Remind him in the strongest possible terms that rehashing assumptions made on unfounded allegations and rumours is a ridiculous and invite him to ask interview her when he has some questions based on the facts.

    It’s well past time to try having a civilised conversation with these oafs. She has to get out the cricket bat and lay into them. It can’t possibly do her any harm with the nut jobs that follow them and will have the likes of us cheering.

  125. El gordo, I would suggest that this is a matter of opinion. But if you would like mine, I take each of Coorey’s articles on merit – some I agree with, some I don’t, some contain snippets that I don’t agree with but agree with the general run of the argument, and visa versa.

  126. Sue, I believe Mr. Dutton has said that it is unlikely they would remove it.

    Mr. Abbott also said that if the budget come back into surplus, it stands to reason they would do better. (my words)

    Problem is that Mr. Abbott is not in power to do so. Therefore he is only making assumptions.

  127. roll back the cuts, Mr Abbott said: “Ask me that question if we come to that situation.”

    I have a feeling that time is in never ever land.

  128. “Could that be done without breaking out into hysterical laughter?”

    Well Tom, it could make a good comedy skit.

  129. “Can anyone tell me if Coorey has a left or right wing bias?”

    el gordo, he is in a bias of his own. He is so far off field, that he is not worth worrying about.

  130. Just look how much is saved when one middle class welfare benefit is cut. I am sure that a single person on $80000 is not going to miss a couple of hundred a year. Just one coffee less.

    OPPOSITION Leader Tony Abbott has pledged to fight cuts to the private health insurance rebate but won’t promise to overturn the reductions if elected to government.
    The Opposition Leader today roused local electorate pressure on crossbench MPs to force them to vote against means testing in the House of Representatives.

    Legislation to be debated next week would reduce the 30 per cent private health insurance rebate for individuals earning above $83,000 a year, eliminating it completely for those on more than $129,000 a year.

    The savings of $2.4 billion over three years would be vital to the Government’s plan to wrench the Budget

    Read more:

    I would like to add, the carbon pricing on carbon emission will add $40 dollars to a $25.000 dollar car.

  131. Roswell, when el gordo first came here she announced herself as a leftie, however, her comments suggest she is right leaning.

    I think she votes for whoever dismisses climate change. No other policy attracts her interest.

    In what might interest you, I also think she’d support any government that promises to disclose the truth on alien life visiting our planet. 🙂

  132. So el gordo is policy driven, not party driven. I see that as a good quality to have. If she considers those policies in depth, rather than just being a swinging voter on a whim, then many people could take a leaf out of her book.

  133. Forget disclosure. Governments know nothing. It’s the governments within governments that possess all the knowledge.

  134. Sue @ 11.31am,

    el gordo @10.36

    “I look forward to working with the Board and our new CEO to re-shape Ten and to improve its performance for the benefit of all shareholders,” he said in a statement”

    says former one.tell board member

    Another spilt coffee here! 😆

  135. Roswell

    Joe Hildebrand would be in the running

    Meanwhile all those shows with fat people need a home,
    plus bosses wifey could host a makeover show for fat billionairs

  136. Thanks, Min @12.23pm.

    Roswell, didn’t the Parrot have a tv show which folded after about 3 seconds? When people had to look at the dog vomit which passes for his face, they were too busy reaching for the Jasol to listen to his hysterical, lying rants.

    He’s another one who could do with a dose of the cricket bat or his super bag treatment. Although you’d probably need a wool bale to accommodate him!

  137. Yes the price on carbon emission is all to blame.

    This dilemma is especially apparent in Geelong, where recent announcements from Alcoa are casting doubt about the future of the Point Henry aluminium smelter. This plant is particularly vulnerable because of its age, scale and product mix.

    The Point Henry works started operating in 1963, and though it has improved energy efficiency and productivity with time, its electrolytic cells are comparatively small and have higher energy usage compared to new, larger smelters in the Middle East and China.

    Over 50% of the plant’s 190,000 tonne per annum capacity is directed towards export and historically Alcoa’s two Victorian smelters have been the state’s largest exporter earners.

    It appears that Mr. Hockey made another bungle yesterday. He claimed there was a ten billion black hole in Swans mining tax. It appears the hole might be 4 billion.

    Positive reports on ABC24 Breakfast show. Said Labor has a good story to tell.

    The lady talking about the front pages was was Ms. Singer. I think.

    She mentioned that Coalition was chaotic when it comes to the economy and now the Coalition has to come up with figures.

    The man tried to change to the negative, the reply he got it is a good economic story, and it is not only Labor that has doubts about Mr. Abbott.

    Nice change to see a bit of reality. Where have they been hiding the lady.

  138. Jane @ 5.33pm, the TV career lasted about 3 months …..but don’t despair, he still has his high rating radio show. :mrgreen:

  139. Is the Oppositions behaviour of outrageous claims and outright lies coming home to haunt them.

    We now have a new story to get Mr. Hockey off the hook.

    How great is the trust within the Opposition that they go to this length to to catch those who leak.

    That is if the story is true. I think it maybe a little convenient and one more reason to have any trust in any of them.

    It the story is true, it proves that there is a least one leaker in their cabinet, or maybe caucus.

    What is evident the Opposition cannot survive scrutiny. They cannot get their stories straight. It was Mr. Abbott that was showing stress in the last week, not the PM.

    Mr. Abbott needs to postpone his silly stunts and go back to the drawing board.

    Mr. Abbott needs to spend another couple of days in closet meetings, plotting a way of getting his shadow ministers to get their stories straight. Maybe it would help if he gave them something they believed in and is saleable.

    I believe that Mr. Abbott is going to find that the time for stunts is long gone and it is now yime for him th deliver the goods, that is if he has any.

    ………….In fact, well-placed sources say, the documents did not contain an overall savings target at all. Hockey provided it to shadow ministers when he spoke to them in person.

    And – here’s the devious bit – he gave each of his colleagues a different figure.

    The reason? So that if there was a leak he would know where it came from……………..

    ………………A bum rap, perhaps. Hockey has told colleagues that, no matter how big the savings task, he is up for it and has no doubt it can be achieved.

    But a Coalition that has made such an art form of outrageous statements on the economy is in no position to complain

    Why is it only banks mentioned when it talks about mortgages. Why does the media talk about other agencies such as building societies and credit unions.

    Every time the banks threaten to buck the system, we only see comparisons between banks.

    I have not dealt with banks for decades. I have found that credit unions meet all my needs.

  140. Laurie Oakes nails it completely with that article on Joe Hockey. Hockey considered that there was a leaker in Opposition cabinet and so gave each of his collegues a different figure:

    On the day of the leak, the shadow treasurer was regarded as fudging when he spoke of the need to find “$50, $60 or $70 billion”.

    A month later he asserted: “The number is not $70 billion.”

    But the figure stuck.

    Therefore Hockey knows who the leaker is, clearly the one to whom he provided the figure of $70 billion. And now Hockey is stuck with that number, plus stuck with the impression of not knowing what he is doing..which is probably reasonably accurate anyway.

    Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.

  141. Another interesting point. If Labor had taxed at the same rate as Howard, we would now be in surplus.

    Take the area of taxation. Abbott gets traction when he proclaims that “the Labor Party believes in higher taxes” while the Coalition stands for low taxes.

    The truth is that taxation as a proportion of the economy is lower now than it was under John Howard’s government. The tax to GDP ratio, 23.7 per cent when Labor came to office, is now 21.2 per cent.

    According to figures that came across my desk yesterday, had the ratio remained at the 2007-08 level that Labor inherited, tax receipts would have been $21.4 billion higher in 2012-13 than they are projected to be.

    Returning the Budget to surplus would not be an issue. The Government would not only be looking at a surplus of $22.9 billion next financial year, but would have been back in the black by more than $3 billion in 2010-11.

  142. Hockey forced to revise mining tax figures

    { or, The dog ate his homework }

    Mr Hockey based his calculations on an insistence that the government’s estimate of receipts had not included its undertaking to refund to state governments increases in their mining royalties.

    However, Mr Swan’s office insisted that the $10.6 billion in planned mining tax revenue included the cost of refunding all known state royalties except those foreshadowed in NSW.

    Later, Mr Hockey corrected his figure to insist there was a $3.7 billion shortfall, blaming the initial figures on an incomplete Coalition document, according to The Australian.

    Where’s that dog ?

  143. Pier Ankorman, welcome to the Café. As you say, nothing much has changed in 2 years.

    It will be with a great deal of interest that we will observe the excuses for doing nothing policies that Abbott/Hockey/Robb are able to come up with.

    It’s all very well catering to the populist mentality that we, the Liberals are going to smash this, cancel that and BTW we’re going sack 20,000, nay let’s make it a MILLION public servants, but sooner or later the Liberals are going to have to specify which services they intend to cut.

    It’s all very well attacking the public service but without them how does Abbott propose to implement his policies? Oh that’s right..Abbott doesn’t have any policies and so he doesn’t need people to implement these… nothing, employ no one and we’ll be back in surplus, money to burn as a matter of fact.

  144. From Pier Ankorman’s link

    hockey says “When you believe what you say, it’s easy to give these speeches.”

    which reminded me of this

  145. “Tuvalu, but it is sinking”

    On 9feb i noted that in QT, abbott made a tasteless remark about tuvalu. the press gallery never mentioned it, of course. on that day there was a delegation from pacific nations, so all in all, pretty tacky but as i said i wasn’t sure what abbott actually said, so curtesy of hansard:

    “Ms JULIE BISHOP (Curtin—Deputy Leader of the Opposition) (14:09): My question is to the Minister for Foreign Affairs. Will the Minister for Foreign Affairs advise the House of one single country—just one will do—with an economy-wide carbon tax greater than the Australian carbon tax, set at $23 per tonne and going up to $131 per tonne?

    Mr RUDD (Griffith—Minister for Foreign Affairs) (14:10): I thank the Deputy Leader of the Opposition for her question. I did notice that once the question had been asked there was an interjection, by the Leader of the Opposition, I understand, mockingly saying ‘Tuvalu, but it is sinking.’ On the question of climate change, for the people of Tuvalu, the people of Kiribati, for the people in the climate change small island states, this is not a joke.”

  146. Meet the Press is worth watching. Mr. Abbott was force to whining that they blame me for everything.

    Was reminded tat there were ten interest rate rises under Mr. Costello’

    His parental scheme is a workplace entitlement. Labor’s is welfare.

    Pity he could not leave lies out of his answer. Labor did not say there would be no curtailing of the Private Insurance rebate.

    Terrific watching him squirm with his answers.

    Mr. Albanese himself came up with a good three word slogan this week. You know in your guts, he is nuts.

  147. THE impact of the GFC is airbrushed out. The Government is accused of failing on the unemployment front, even though Australia’s jobless rate has increased by only 0.7 per cent since Labor came to power compared with 3.1 per cent in Britain and 3.6 per cent in the US in the same period.

    Even when the Reserve Bank keeps interest rates on hold because it expects relatively healthy growth to continue, Coalition spokesmen portray the decision as cause for gloom and doom.

    But, to some extent at least, the tables were turned this week as the Prime Minister and the Treasurer went all out to make economic management the central issue.

    Abbott, with typical bravado — “Come on, make my day” — had claimed this is what he wanted, but in Parliament he seemed remarkably keen to divert attention to other matters.

  148. Sue @7.38am No indeed it is no joke, in fact quite distressing that the Leader of the Opposition might be either so ignorant of the plight of people, or so uncaring that he can make a joke out of such a serious issue. I despair at people of Tony Abbott’s ilk.

  149. And Min
    this morning Cassidy quoted Julie Bishop’s question to Combet, combet batted cassidy out of the park. but Cassidy did not use abbott’s stupid jibe at all on the program. if cassidy was concerned in fully portraying what happens in parliament than that remark should have made it for discussion.

    if cassidy or one of the other insiders had been observing QT then they would have noticed that it was the PM who picked up the remark and passed the information to Rudd.

  150. Sue, typically anything and everything Abbott does which is inappropriate is quickly glossed over. Imagine if anyone at all from the Labor ranks had said the same thing, it would be headlines for at least a month.

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