The Last Resort

I thought that I would give you good people a little bit of insight into the area that I live in.

It may give you an idea of just what to expect under a Liberal dominated council… it may also give insight into the type of impact to public spending under a Liberal State, or Federal Government.

Here in the Hills Shire, we are lucky. We are lucky in that if we want to see for ourselves what it is like to have a council that looks after the area, some of Blacktown City Councils suburbs are only a stones throw away. Still I guess it’s not fair to compare Blacktown City Councils area to the Hills Shire, after all, Blacktown is the Garden Shire… Oh wait, that’s right, that’s us, oops…

Driving around Stanhope Gardens (aptly named) or Kellyville Ridge, you would assume that you were in the Garden Shire. There are parks, trees with flowers on them, and manicured grass. Crossing back over Old Windsor Rd into the Hills Shire though, you see what our council calls a garden, a gum tree surrounded by a few weeds…..

Gum trees belong in the bush, not on someone’s back fence. Our council is so clever, that if you take a drive down Sanctuary Drive at Beaumont Hiils, you will find gum trees pulling up the pavement and dropping branches on parked cars, damaging their roofs and bonnets, on both sides of the road. Even worse, just for good measure, they are down the median strip as well. I hate to think what this street will look like in 5 years, after the gum trees have grown even more, and their roots start pulling up the median strip, and the road itself.

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