Clear air – yeh, right!

A popular theme with journalists, who talk among themselves in a groupthink kind of way, is that the government just can’t get it’s message out.

“Why is that?”  they ask each other.  They tell their viewers the government just can’t get their message out.  Every.  Day.

“Do you think the government will find some “clear air” in 2012?”

Any fool could give them their answer.  

If there were less talking heads spinning their own agendas which are dutifully reported across all of the main stream media, and more coverage given to the real business of government, which concerns us all, there would be no need to ask “why can’t the government get it’s message out?”

One possible answer is that the media bosses don’t want us to know about what the minority government has achieved, but surely that can’t be it.

Can it?

Another strong possibility is the endless stream of stories about Kevin Rudd preparing to challenge Prime Minister Julia Gillard;  that must require much thought on the part of the journalists.

Or does it?  No, I doubt it, after all they write the same damn thing every day. 

On the Insiders this morning the answer came from the horse’s mouth.

Journalist, Dennis Atkins described the problem in three words, the “news” is on “a negative feedback loop”.

Give Dennis a gold star.

Treasurer Wayne Swan gave a lengthy account of the economy but what’s the bet that it won’t get much of a run in the “news” due to the “negative feedback loop”.

He was verballed by Barrie Cassidy [who doesn’t take too kindly to answers he doesn’t like], after saying that the leadership story is a “big beat-up”.

BARRIE CASSIDY: The Foreign Minister of this country behind the scenes is mounting a challenge to the leadership, that’s hardly a beat up?

WAYNE SWAN: Well let me say this, I take the Foreign Minister at his word. He’s spoken on this …

BARRIE CASSIDY: No, you don’t …

WAYNE SWAN: … and I take him at his word.

BARRIE CASSIDY: …no, you don’t.

Hard hitting, or bad manners?

The Treasurer  listed Prime Minister Gillard’s achievements:-

carbon pricing – done

mining tax, the MRRT –  passed

structural separation of  Telstra – done

health and education reform

reforms to pension system.

One-track Barrie went straight back to the leadership; “several reports”  blah blah, “would you serve on a Kevin Rudd front bench?” 

Mr. Swan then said:-

“And this Government’s got a broad visionary agenda out there, much of it coming through in the middle of this year with some very big tax reforms, the tripling of the tax free threshold, the big tax cuts to small business, all of the reforms to the pension system and so on, where our political opponents want to destroy all that, for God’s sake our political opponents want to give Gina Rinehart and Clive Palmer a tax cut but they won’t sign up to a disability insurance scheme. That’s how weak and pathetic the Opposition is Barrie.”

Cassidy leapty leapt back to the leaderhip challenge one more time, Mr. Swan didn’t accept his suggestion and Cassidy bluntly ended the interview.

I couldn’t watch any more…

Headlines may change any minute given that Foreign Minister Rudd arrives back from Europe today, and whether he challenges or not there will be more headlines on the subject.

There’s a new face on channel Seven tonight, which gives people a slight chance of seeing and hearing something different.

The Sunday Night program will feature veteran Mike Willesee interviewing our Prime Minister.

I’ll watch with interest the man who used to be the best interviewer in the country, but he hasn’t done anything of note for a very long time.

On the other hand he doesn’t have much competition.