Do Me A Favour…

Some of my opinions are often seen as straying a bit left of centre,  and on occasion I may put things across a little bluntly, but I rarely ask for anything more than an open mind.

So with that in mind, I have a favor to ask of the gay community.

Not really a favour, probably more of a suggestion, or bright idea, you may well say.

Although you may think this idea is strange, and a bit funny, I am as serious as a heart attack.

I would like the gay community to adopt the Southern Cross as a symbol.

The Southern Cross is an iconic symbol of our country, that has been hijacked by bogans and racists, much to the dismay of the rest of us.

I, for one, would like to see the Southern Cross being used as a symbol of love and unity, rather than a symbol of fear and hatred.

I’m not suggesting you go and get tattoo’s, but maybe some T Shirts, pink Southern Cross pict badges for profile pics, some signage in clubs and shop front windows, maybe even some Southern Cross decorated floats in the Mardi Gras parade, that should get some coverage.

I was thinking maybe a pink Southern Cross, with Gay Pride Australia as the slogan…

Gay Pride Australia?

One can only imagine the outrage this would create amongst the Neanderthal community of rednecks. I can almost hear the sound of a million stickers being peeled off utes, the crys of anguish as tens of thousands of racists and homophobes come to the realisation that their beloved tattoo now has to go.

If there are 2 things the majority of these imbeciles hate, it is immigrants and gays. Can you imagine if every time someone saw a rednecks Southern Cross tattoo, they assumed that  the redneck was gay?

Personally, I can think of nothing funnier, and no group of people more deserving of grief…

I would like nothing more than to see their symbol of hate, become something that they themselves hate. It would be like having an ex- wives name tattooed on your arm.

For those of you who had the Sothern Cross tattooed on their arm before the rednecks hijacked it. If this diabolical scheme works there may come a day when once again you can display your nationalism with pride.

So what do you think people?

I say let’s take back our national symbol, and teach these idiots a lesson at the same time.

Spread the word, repost, share, retweet, get the message out there.

Do it for your country.

34 comments on “Do Me A Favour…

  1. One thing that I dislike is when any one group with one set of opinions proports that theirs are the only ones which matter – no dissension permitted, or else run the risk of being labelled as unpatriotic and the plethora of other derrogatory terms.

  2. Thats right Min, it is quite sad, and it seems to be in so many area’s these days, racism is just one of the issues…
    What I don’t like is that the bogans, racists and rednecks have hijacked our national symbols… there is nothing Un-Australian about loving, caring for, or respecting another race… in fact, it is one of the things that makes this country so great, I would hate to see us lose it…
    The day of the Cronulla riots, the Australian flag lost a lot of it’s significamnce to me, and that upsets me…

  3. O Lord it’s hard to be humble!

    Court: Sexuality is a choice

    “I can’t understand, if we are a blessed nation under a biblical Constitution, why there is such a push to change it? We will only start to tear away at the rich fabric and sustained values. Then God will take his hand off our nation and the lights will go out.”

    “That is why I believe we need to protect marriage because it has been God-ordained from the beginning.

    “God told man to be united with his wife and to multiply on earth.”

    Margaret, go multiply….

    Why is it that the words of the ancient bloggers are assumed to be the word of god?

  4. Good one Pip 🙂
    I’m sure if there was a God, she would certainly allow same sex marraiges, and would bring about a plague on all racists….

  5. Love the idea, wixxy. I too am sick of things like our flag being hijacked to prop up bogan, bigot and red neck “values”.

    Margaret Court is a first class twat! Who on earth makes a conscious decision about their sexuality? Did that dopey cow make a conscious decision when she was a child about whether she was attracted to males or females?

    Of course not. It so happened that she was attracted to the opposite sex. The same thing happens if you fancy someone of the same sex-you don’t make the decision, your body does.

    As for protecting marriage, what the hell does she mean by that idiotic sentence? Does marriage need armed guards? A fence? What?

    Marriage is the union of two people who love each other and want to formalise that bond. Of course that’s not the only reason for marriages.

    If you belong to a certain class, marriage is used as a tool to ensure the bloodlines are intact, or as a business/money merger between wealthy families. Perhaps Margaret is concerned about the sanctity of those God-ordained business arrangements. Aren’t we all? ‘(

  6. Thanks Jane, glad you feel the same 🙂
    You are right on the marraige front, there are all sorts of ridiculous reasons people marry, to stop people getting married for all the right reasons based on their sexuality is both absurd and totally wrong.
    Thanks for your feedback

  7. I’d make the point that the word “homosexuality” is not in the bible, so I’m not sure which bible Ms Court is reading.

  8. Yes Pip he was. Very good too.

    Have no idea what the questions was like as they crossed to Washington, where one was able to listen to a couple of commentators filling in time and people arriving for the Presidents State of the Union speech.

    I believe there was will time to fit in Mr. Albanese questioning before crossing over.

    Went on line but could not find it.

    It is Australia I believe. Do we have to see what they do in the USA live.

  9. Cu, we won’t get much of value from the main stream media.

    We’ll have to wait for the transcript on Albo’s website

  10. This was after telling us all the morning he was going to be on.

    Cannot help someone could not stand him trashing Mr.Abbott for a change.

    They have in the past, kept PC on one station while putting the alternative on ABC 24 or vice versus.

    The President speech could be good, but I turn off when I hear all the interruptions for applause

  11. Migs @10.42am. I’m still trying to count the ‘shares’ on Facebook, almost too many to count!!

    By this of course I mean all the sharers who share via Friends 🙂

  12. wixxy, there’s not much on line other than these..

    Albanese distances Labor from Greens

    Labor will serve full term: Albanese

    Rudd to play strong role in Qld poll

    Before the NPC was rudely taken off the air, Mr. Albanese described a number of infrastructure projects underway as well as other reforms yet there isn’t a word in the press.

    What a disgrace.

  13. Wixxy, I wish they let us all hear him.

    Have sent email to Mr. Albanese, telling him of my disappointment of not being able to hear the lot.

  14. Wixxy, he also gave Mr. Menzies definition of what a opposition leader should and not do.

    Mr. Abbott fits the mould of what a opposition should not be, according to Mr. Menzies.

  15. I wish i could have hear Albo, but stuck working

    Work. The curse of the working class, wixxy.

    Totally agree about Albo. Has the Liars scum ducking for cover when he winds up.

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