Tell Me Lies

Hi there trendsetters, hip shakers, and sports fans, I trust you all enjoyed your time off, and have recovered from any drastically large uplift in the volume of alcohol consumed…

I have been a bit absent of late, and it’s not for the religious reasons that you are no doubt assuming…. I have actually been rather busy, despite the holidays. I have been doing something that our local Liberal MP’s may have read about in a book, I have been out talking to residents.

For those of you who don’t realise, I live in Sydney’s Hills Shire. Don’t get me wrong, I quite like it here, but living in an area that is dominated by Liberal politicians, and religious nuts, often one and the same, it does have its occasional drawbacks.

So, “what have I been so busy chatting to people about?” You may well ask…Well allow me to explain.

Here in the Hills Shire, in February and March last year, we all heard time and time again how wonderful things were going to be with a Liberal government in control of the state. Things were finally going to get done around here now that our local MPs, in particular David Elliot, and Ray Williams, who suddenly appear at election time, now get to experience being a part of government, rather than opposition. Streets would be repaved in gold, birds would sing, the sick would be healed, I was ready to start bathing in champagne, but alas, things have not turned out quite the way we had hoped.

The big promise of the supposed North West Rail Link, has been an absolute farce under the control of the same incompetent party that brought us Sydney’s Airport Link line, you may have heard of it, nobody uses it. I talk of course of the Liberal Party. This is a party that would struggle to plan a pub crawl, let alone a multi billion dollar piece of infrastructure.

It is interesting to note, that the opposition spokesperson for transport, Penny Sharpe, has spent for more time in the area talking to residents, community groups, and businesses, than the Minister who is supposed to be in charge Gladys Berejiklian.

This rail link, we were promised, was going to put the Hills Shire on the map. It was going to be state of the art, an underground line that would have little to no impact on the environment, or the landscape. It was going to ease the transport system in the area, boost employment, and give our local economy a kick along. All of this and publicly owned to keep the cost of using the service to a minimum.

Now, that has changed considerably… Now we have a promise the O’Farrell government can’t afford, so privatisation is back on the table. Suddenly there is to be huge impact on environment and residents as the final few kilometres are to be above ground… So high above ground in fact the idiots running this project have now dubbed it “Skytrain”… I kid you not… It has gone from being underground, to being on Cloud 9.

To their credit, the artists impressions release by the O’Farrell govt, make it look nice. The train all nice and clean gliding over parks and trees…. The reality could not be further from the truth.

A Govt Artists Misguided Impression

The reality is, it will be a noisy, graffiti covered railway going though cheap hi rise housing… No parks, no trees, just another noisy train rattling through a slum.

Maybe I should explain…

In order for this inept excuse for a state government, the same government whose Environment Minister states that logging is good for Koalas, to raise money to pay for their promise they need investors. Alas, this kind of investment comes from people who actually think before they make promises. Private investment companies, such as Macquarie, or the Federal Government, who now under Labor, are quite prone to actually researching before making decisions.

What these investors require before they spend either their money, or taxpayers money in the case of govt, is to be assured that it is a worthwhile investment. The main way they determine this is by a population density ratio.

This ratio says that you need a certain number head of population in the region per $million spend, for it to be a worthwhile investment. Unfortunately for Barry, and those of us who live here, the area falls a long way short.

The solution by the Liberal dominated Hills Shire council, has been to rezone vacant land, in areas like mine, to allow for cheap apartments. This way they cover the foolish promise of a foolish Premier, and protect the local Liberal members from the dramas associated with a huge promise broken by their leader, by bringing in a huge amount of new residents.

The large vacant area near where I live was to be small retail, cafe’s, restaurants, and a motel, this sounded great and the residents were all happy with that. Just before Christmas however, the councillors voted to change the zoning, and now we have 6 storey apartments going there.

The plan is to put all these people in as fast as possible, years, probably over a decade ahead of the rail link. In the meantime there are no plans to increase public transport in the area, no plans to increase capacity on the roads. The local government seems to assume these people will not own cars, and will just sit in their apartments all day, and never leave…

Guys, and Gals, may I be so bold as to suggest a little bit of planning might be in order… Or better still, go back to plan A restaurants and cafe’s, plan B is utter crap.

Houses in the area range in value from $800K to $1.2 Million. So locals have invested a great deal in their decision to live here.

These residents have gone from having the promise of an underground railway within walking distance, and restaurants and cafe’s at their doorstep, to having a noisy graffiti covered eyesore on top of them, and a slum that blocks out the sun and the sky, built right next door. It is nothing short of a disgrace.

To say these residents have been betrayed by both the Liberal Party and the Hills Shire Council is an understatement of epic proportions.

I have spoken to 3 local Real Estate agents regarding this, and all 3 of them have stated that if the cheap housing goes ahead, houses in the area will drop in value anywhere between $150K to $200K.

To make matters even worse, the area is a flood zone.

The imbeciles running the state now, have said that this is why the rail has to be above ground, due to the flood zone. Tunnels can’t possibly go underwater… Clearly none of the Liberal MP’s attempting to run this state have ever noticed that little thing called the Harbour Tunnel… But hey, it’s cheaper to go above ground, and after all, they don’t have to live here…

Alas, even though their colleagues recognize flood zones, our local Liberal MP’s and Councillors don’t. Clearly they think cheap housing and flood zones go together like roast beef and gravy… Stack ’em high and see if they float, seems to be the attitude. It was only 12 months ago we saw the once in a hundred year floods hit Queensland, do these Councillors have that short a memory span, or is it just Liberal Party policy not to care?

When council elections come up in a few short months, residents here will remember who stood for the community as a whole, and who decided to betray residents in order to prop up a failing Premier. We will also remember who puts a developers wants, ahead of the community’s needs.

Liberal Councillors Preston, and Bolitho it is noted, have been the ones pushing hardest to build the slum, and to destroy the tone of the region. They are not even councillors for this ward. If you vote in their wards, please remember their blatant disregard for residents wishes when you vote.

In the meantime, feel free to contact them and let them know you are not happy with the way they treat the community they are supposed to represent.

The slum I refer to is planned for the Corner of Samantha Riley Drive amd Old Windsor Rd Kellyville.

Here are their mobile phone numbers:

Clr Robyn Preston: 0419 200 300 

Clr Larry Bolitho: 0412 174 413

Please feel free to call day or night, they are always happy to serve…

Alternatively, here are the numbers for the Liberal councillors for the ward where the development is planned for, you can contact them and let them know you are against the plans.

Clr Michelle Byrne: 0448 268 140 

Clr Mike Thomas: 0423 798 891

Thank you for your patience and support.

I will keep you posted.

65 comments on “Tell Me Lies

  1. Not really… just venting…. pent up frustration at having been lied to by a Premier who really didn’t have to promise anything to win.
    Then being screwed over by a council that gives land to churches, rewrites rules for Woolworths, and treats its residents with disdain, while pandering to developers…
    Maybe if you had read it a third time 🙂

  2. Excellent post wixxy. That is precisely the way to gather real opinions, get out and about talking to people.

    Exactly it. Cheap housing is cheap because nobody else would want to live there, so the less well to do run the risk of being flooded, the possibility of a highway going through..just to get a roof over their heads.

  3. Thanks, I wouldn’t normally post at the Cafe about local issues, but I thought this case showed the way that the different layers of the Liberal govt are covering each others backs, while residents pay the price…

  4. I’m puzzled, here in Queensland we heard NSW was basically bankrupt and the outgoing Labor Government set things up so that the state would remain so for some time. On the subject of lies, isn’t that what you, the people of NSW, have been feed by Labor for years, so how can you tell the difference. You may be being told lies by someone new, but just think it may be the same old same old, but the change is, it coming from a new mouth, and they do say “a change is as good as a holiday”, so what’s ya winging for, you lost your illusory control, Labor was only rearranging the deck chairs, till they were ejected, now maybe the patients in hospital will get fed. It looks like the smoke is coming from a new direction to the mirror, held by new hands.

  5. Geoff, there is a point. This Coalition government is fraudlent and is not delivering what they promised?

  6. Chris, for all of Labors mistakes, and there were plenty…. nothing could be as bad as what we are seeing now in NSW, the only possible comparrison would be the current excuse for govt in Victoria.
    Contrary to News Ltd reports, O’Farrell did not inheret a bankrupt state….
    NSW had the most number of quarters of economic growth of all the states, including WA
    We had the shortest hospital waiting times in the country (now we have the longest)
    The lowest crime rate per head of population (now we are drive by shooting central)
    This state has seen the largest political protests this century against this govt, they total more than 10 anti carbon protests…
    Nurses, teachers, police, emergency services…. pretty much all public servants have been shafted…
    Don’t believe everything Murdoch tells you…

  7. Crikey… its the same here in the south west of Sydney..lots of promises and all we get is lies, BS and a Freight hub (inland port) the size of Tasmania… ok I did exagerate a bit on the size but it will the largest in the country and perhaps the southern hemisphere. In our case the Libs may be appalling, misleading and self serving but the Labor are no picnic either, out numbered and ineffective as they are used to being in control of council. Bring on the council elections and hope and pray the people, residents, voters actually look at what is being thrust upon them, only 229 days to go… not that I’m counting 😉

    Congrats on the door knocking it really is the only way to know what people want and need.

  8. Excellent post wixxy, the Libs in my state built a one-way freeway some years ago !
    Your comment @ 11.24am is good advice..
    “don’t believe everything Murdoch tells you”.

  9. Thanks Signe, I think most of the state is feeling the pain… Whereabouts are you in NSW?
    Door knocking is necessary here, as the local have been misled. The development app signs have been up for ages, and locals have checked a long time ago and were told Cafe’s etc, now the signs are still there and residents have assumed the application is the same, not 6 strorey appartments. dor knocking is the only way they will find out…
    Keep counting the days down… I’m doing the same… 🙂

  10. I’m from Liverpool Wixxy and will run at the next council election (assuming pre-selection) – I too believe in door knocking, to introduce myself is one thing but more importantly to hear what people need and answer their questions. The Myth that people get their news from the local papers is perpetuated by those who believe everyone gets online… almost 40% of my local community doesn’t have a computer or access at home… as ridiculous as that sounds I know this because I’ve knocked on nearly every door in my surrounding suburbs over the last 5 years…
    People on the whole pay very little attention to local issues/papers, and as has been said here you cannot believe the majors as being honest representation of the news.

  11. Wixxy, I have seen all the tricks in the book. The developers arriving with proposals at Council to cram as many houses as possible onto an allotment being one of the most popular.

    The allotment: a rural property rezoned (it didn’t get my vote) residential. Council’s intent was a variety of block sizes, substantial landscaping etc.

    The developer’s idea: cram as many houses onto the property as possible.

    The problem, apart from the usual amenity of the area there was no sewerage, a rough bitumen road with no curbing and channeling, the access road too narrow for the garbo to get the truck down..which would have resulted in the residents having to wheel their bins to the road. That would have been a total of 65 rubbish bins lining the road on a dangerous bend.

    Apart from that it was terrific. 🙄

    Or how about the ‘resort’ which ended up a pub with residents opposite unable to sleep because of the music. I wonder if those tennis courts ever ended up being built?

  12. The people on the leafy north shore, where I ‘live’, have complained for years about Labor’s planning laws. The ‘meritonisation’ of the Pacific HWY etc. Why haven’t I noticed any change? Or at least heard of any forthcoming change?

  13. Its not only a NSW Liberal problem, the LNP Brisbane City Council (who runs a bus fleet of 1200 vehicles) decided to build a new depot for 200 of their buses in the south west of the city to replace an existing leased premises. So where do they build the new one – on a floodplain connected to a single lane each direction road in an area with hardly any bus routes (the train beats the pants off it for speed and access).

    Forgot to mention that they bought the land, sold it to a developer at cost and are going to lease the Depot for 50 years. The Developer alters the plans (approved by the BCC) so they can dump some ridiculous amount of soil in an attempt to flood mitigate (so where does the flood water go – to make the flooding in surrounding areas worse I expect).

    The existing depot is on high ground, close to a number of high frequency bus routes and is close to one of the motorways around here. One estimate I saw calculated the developer would earn around 50 million over the terms of the lease. The local Councillor (an LNP member – BCC is party political) spoke in Council about how her residents didn’t want it. She was then marginalised and eventually booted out of the LNP. Campbell Newman was the Lord Mayor of Brisbane when these arrangements were made – and now he wants to run Queensland!

  14. Wixxy, it has been nice watching Mr. O’Farrell being roasted by the media on many topics at the PC with the PM.

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