It’s Getting Better All The Time

Predicting the future in politics is always a difficult task, so why not let one’s imagination take the lead. Positive thoughts bring about positive changes.

As I delve into my crystal ball, the following come to mind:

The mega miners have a sudden outbreak of conscience and decide not to oppose the Resource Super Profits Tax. Twiggy immediately calls a press conference and announces that he also intends to donate the tax which he has avoided paying for the past seven years. The beneficiaries are to be the Yindjibarndi people.

Gina decides to go on a diet for charity, vowing to donate all proceeds to the government’s Clean Energy Fund. The Clean Energy Council’s CEO and Climate Change Minister Greg Combet are spotted doing high-fives.

John Howard announces a change of heart saying that in the future he will be voting for a Republic. He demands an immediate referendum. Little Johnny adds that he can now see why both himself and royalty are anachronisms.

Cardinal Pell decides to back both the science of climate change and gay marriage.

Tony Abbott decides to quit politics, not just for the good of the party but for the sake of the Australian people. Sounds of wails and lamentations are heard, from shock jocks and some MSM journalists, all of whom have donned sackcloth and ashes. One was heard to lament,

“What do I do now! What if the new Liberal leader comes up with policies (gasps are heard from his fellows). I’ve forgotten how to write about about these.” (sobs quietly into his Kleenex).

Tony promises, “Never again will I be photographed wearing Lycra.”


121 comments on “It’s Getting Better All The Time

  1. One that I would like to see is, Turnbull quits the Liberal Party and goes to the cross benches. That one is not outside the realms of possibility.

  2. Even IF Abbott decides to reach a compromise agreement and amendments are passed, without a doubt Refugee Advocates will mount another High Court challenge.

    The High Court’s previous ruling included that the government’s amendments could not guarantee the welfare of asylum seekers in Malaysia – therefore I believe that any future ruling will focus on whether future amendments address this issue.

  3. Mark Latham shuts up..also permanently. Actually I’ve got quite a list of people who I would like to shut up on a permanent basis.

  4. I can’t understand your facination with getting rid of a tame Monarchy, to replace them with a “dear leader”, the likes of “Gough the Self Aggrandising”.

  5. Hi Chris, nice to see you here. One of my objections to the monarchy is that I think that Australia is a big grown up country and we deserve our own head of state.

    I am not suggesting a popularity contest, but a person very similar to our current Governor General..someone to represent Australia, rather than at present someone to represent the Queen of England.

    I also object on principle that Australia still needs ‘the royal assent’ before Bills passed by Parliament can be passed into law.

  6. It is said that the Queen called our PM to Buckingham Palace with he command to do something about becoming a republic.

    The PM has been ask to wait until the weddings and her celebrations are over. It is said the Queen is not happy with the proposition that we wait until she is dead When one thinks about it, I cannot blame her.

    Who wants to hand her son a poison chalice.

    Recent happenings in NG brings home the situation she could find herself in.

    I am waiting for the royalist who claim he Queen is not the head of state but the GG is.

  7. Cu, I honestly don’t think that the Queen gives two hoots about us..we are certainly not one of her priorities. The thought of a future King Charles and Queen Camilla makes me cringe.

  8. Min,

    A correction. Julia Gillard successfully negotiated the MRRT with RioTinto, BHP Biliton and Xstrata. By doing so she was able to take the issue off the agenda prior to the last election.

  9. Cu, it was just speculation on my part. I likewise do recall reading how Her Maj did recommend that if we wanted to become a republic that she didn’t want the issue to be tied in with her demise.

  10. Miglo. a little old. Maybe we could really annoy the Opposition and have Mr. Fraser/

    After all he is the only politician that had the guts to treat the refugees as humans. He did not do much else after he deposed Mr. Whitlam though.

    Personally I do not see why we need a President. Surely some judicial body could carry out the role a lot cheaper.

  11. Cu, I really like that idea…Malcolm Fraser for President!!

    I’m not too keen on the idea of a judicial body as it creates yet another tier of government. Plus who would appoint the judicial body, it would have to be the government of the day and so we could end up with it ‘stacked’, the same as John Howard stacked the High Court with his conservative appointees.

    I see a President as being an honorary title, which the Governor General is more or less these days.

  12. How about the President of the Senate, the Deputy can run the Senate, or we could leave it alone; like I said “We have a tame Monachy.”

  13. Min, Lizy is currently the Queens of Australia, and the GG represents the Queen of Australia and the Australian People.

  14. I would prefer that any president of ours be elected by the party, as we now do with our Prime Minister. Can you imagine what sort of idiots we would get under the American system? Jerry Harvey, John Singleton or someone with an agenda like Gine Rinehart.

  15. Min, it is said that the slowness and hoops a bill has to jump through are what makes “Us” the envy of other Democracy, even the Yanks. hey have a President and look at the money and time wasted on selecting the person to fill the office.

  16. Would Malcom F come with or without pants. I have to say that Gough for President might actually trigger a Military Coup like the Mutiny he almost triggered the last time he was in government.

  17. Chris, one problem with the President of the Senate also being the President of Australia is that senators are elected representatives and thereby are obliged to follow party policy. A senator cannot therefore represent ‘all Australians’.

  18. Migs, following on from you @5.51pm point taken. Perhaps the way to go is that no one political party can elect a President, but has to be chosen by all members of the House of Representatives. In this way all Australians would have a say through their member of Parliament and not just those who voted for the incumbent government.

  19. How many politicians are impoverished? That’s right, only Tony Abbott who said that he couldn’t manage on the lowly salary of a member of the opposition.

  20. That brings to mind Peter Slipper, and the Senators are elected for their State, and once the party supports them to the position they really are not obliged to do what the Party says, however it is expected that they will do what is best for their state, and can take guidance in such deliberations. The Party telling them what to do can result in the party officials being jailed.

  21. Chris, but look what happened to the Liberal moderates such as Petro Georgiou and Judith Troeth – relegated to the backwater for speaking out against Howard’s Pacific Solution.

    However, you see what I mean..a senator is still a party political entity and therefore cannot represent all Australians in a non-political way.

  22. Unfortunately, someones going to owe someone, political parties are financial sources, Banks as well, and people wanting to go for office, need a lot of personal money or the support of others; what are you going to do? Generally we don’t want to pay for the people that represent us so were do they turn.

  23. Or with Bob, or Paul, I worked for the PS under them too. I worked hard for promotion and they devalued all our efforts, more people became poor under their beneficial gaze, Paul did the Smoke and Mirrors job on all Australians, and Now Wayne is doing it, poorly for Kevin and Julia. Andrew Frazer does it for Queensland!

  24. And Howard didn’t Chris. Howard was the greatest smoke and mirrors con artist this country has ever seen.

    You are very selective in who you single out for derision and it seems to be only one side of politics.

    I was also a public servant under Hawke and Keating and did very well thank you.

    “hey have a President and look at the money and time wasted on selecting the person to fill the office.”

    And who said we have to have an American presidential election system? No one.

    America’s is the worst system, something they recognise as it was the US who rejected that style of democracy when drawing up the constitution and the democratic framework for Iraq.

    There are many systems out there and it was Howard using the divisions on that and rigging the Republic Referendum debate about that instead of whether Australia wanted a Republic that saw it voted down, something Mr Smoke and Mirrors bragged about in his 2009 concession speech.

  25. Chris, Wayne is doing what that you disapprove of..the fact that for the first time in history we now have not just one but 2 AAA ratings. Facts speak louder than rhetoric.

  26. Min, re Abbott agreeing never again to be seen in Lycra. He does seem to have been wearing it less often. Remember a year ago we had a post here on the subject of middle aged men in lycra – mamils – about which I had problems with a rhyme!

    There are very few words rhyming with mamil.
    An obvious one which comes up is the camel.
    There’s also a net or a trap called a trammel.
    But none have inspired to any degree.
    We should have respect for the dromedary –
    He’s much better looking than Abbot. Agreed?

    But I’m wondering if Abbott’s recent ‘over-working’ and spending too much time at the office has anything to do with his less frequent appearance these days in fleuro green or pink. Whatever the reason it pleases me because

    I really don’t like lycra.
    Fluoro green just makes me puke.
    But even that is preferable
    To his much paraded birthday suit.

  27. Waynee has ridden on the savings of Australians, and those that think I was not equally angered by John Howard’s republic referendum, however Bob and Paul in the Federal Sphere, introduced the smoke and mirrors process of giving increses in the Department Budgets, and proclaiming it loudly, then in the background the Departments had to pay taxes they did not have to do prior to that budget; paul also put out a paper on tax reform, did nothing on it other than to sneak in behind the scene Whole-sale Taxes, and there was the bracket creep, robbing everyone blind. I need not mention what the Libs have done under the table as there is a lot of it made by Labor supporters, or Greens. The there is the policy of “Ooo you naughty Banks”, pull a funny face at them and let them go; all promise and no follow through.

  28. Chris, Bob and Paul really made you angry. Are you sure you got it right.

    Many experts today seem to think they did a good job. Even Mr. Howard has been heard to give small compliments.

    Many say the reason we are travelling well today is due to their actions.

    We always have bracket creep. That is where most of the Howard tax cuts come from.

    What taxes did departments have to pay. That is a new one on me.

    Mr. Keating did put out a paper on taxes. If my memory has not let me down, there were three options, one being the GST.

    Mr. Keating did introduced one of the options. What it was, I cannot recall.

    Did Mr. Keating bring in wholesale tax. I am seventy and I seem to remember them being around all of my life. They did have some advantage over the GST. Many where based on luxuries, not the staples of life.

    It is not healthy for the body or soul to carry bitterness. It is a long time since Mr. Keating was in power. We had twelve years of Howard since then.

  29. History will show that Keating did some of the best moves of any prime minister. There is over one trillion dollars invested in this country because of compulsory superannuation.

  30. Migs, I am inclined to agree with you.

    There is much he done that was not popular at the time but has proven to be worthwhile.

    Some people just like to hold onto the myths.

  31. Speaking of taxes, pity the ATO hasn’t had a crack at squeezing the tax that good ol’ Twiggy owes us out of him.

    Chris, wholesale sales tax was introduced in 1930 during the Depression to combat falling revenue and was replaced by the GST in 2000. I can’t provide a link due to ongoing internet problems, but it is a pdf document titled A Brief History of Australia’s Tax System by Sam Reinhardt and Lee Steel. Anyway it’s worth the read.

    I also find it infuriating that nobody gives Gillard any credit for anything. A group of friends of ours were rabbiting on about how she has stuffed everything up and rooned the country and WE”LL ALL BE ROONED!! and in fact SHE HAS ROONED THE WHOLE WORLD!!! and they’re all rooned and broke.

    This, while bragging about how much they’ve paid for their new boats, holiday houses and new mercs! Not one saw the stupidity of their assertions.

    One of them after retiring at 55, has just bought two new boats and a v8 ute to tow his caravan and is still crying poor mouth because Julia has rooned everything!

    Then they turned to the MRRT as another example of her incompetence because the poor old miners are doing it tough, but qualified that load of old rubbish by saying the banks should also be subject to the super profits tax in fact any company that earns over $100 million should be subject to it.

    Unfortunately, I was working at the time,so couldn’t unload a few choice facts. What really makes my blood boil is that several of the ingrates were tradesmen who would be languishing on the dole without the Labor government’s intervention.

  32. So Jane forgot the forward slash. Gillard’s fault of course and further evidence that we’ll all be rooned. The end is nigh.

  33. Thanks, Min or Migs? I’ll try to mend my ways.

    I”ll wish all at the Café a very happy, healthy and wealthy New Year now, in case my stupid internet decides to continue behaving like Liealot.

  34. Thanks, Min. I didn’t see your comment. You’re a champion.

    Roswell @12.35pm, I figured that went without saying. I also have a sore finger, which of course is all the PM’s and Wayne Swan’s fault.

    I see evidence of roonation all around me; poor buggers reduced to using last year’s boat and having to buy a second hand Land Cruiser. And all having to wear sack cloth and ashes.

    It’s that bloody AAA rating and having the best performing economy in the world! It’ll roon you every time! rofl

  35. Roswell, for Jane..a place at all of them. I know that Migs is tied up at the moment..nooo, it wasn’t me who did it!! And so just in case you can’t get back due to your internet, on behalf of staff and management here at the Café have a very happy new year.

  36. Don’t worry – I’m lurking.

    Jane/Roswell, I’ve set it up so that random pictures are shown on each click. Some are photos I took myself while the others came from Min or Möbius.

  37. Catch, Wholesale Tax has been around since they worked out how to spell it, however what Apul did was diversify and increase a lot of them, creating a lot of work for workers with no benefit for the workers, till Paul’s intervention, wholesale and Retail Taxes were not payable by Federal Departments, so now like any a citzen they pay all the Taxes, I don’t know that like a corporation they are able to claim against those taxes, however they were not compensated in the budget for the cost of circulating the Tax dollars. I wish people would not infer that I agreed with the doings of the previous Liberal government. I don’t agree with Shonkies of, Labor, Liberal, or Green (Pol Potists) political Parties. Up front is better than underhanded.

  38. Honest tax and honest application is OK, yet you have little anomalies like Cyclistsrights on roads Motor users have to pay a variety of taxes to use; just for a readily known and not thought about example. I’ve done my fair share of cycling, so I don’t feel I’m picking on them. Sometimes governments put on sham taxes to cover their own lack of imagination and willingness to do anything.

  39. Chris T seems a little upset.
    May the boss should open the cellar….a double vodka,lemon,lime and bitters + GST.
    That should do it.

    And a happy New Year to all at the Cafe.

  40. Jane,
    This sense of ‘entitlement” that many perceive is the scariest part of our society at the moment.
    And there seems no end to it….barring a massive recession,which, thanks to the work of the current government(s) seems unlikely. But they’ll get no credit for that.

  41. Rabbit, I think that the boss is off partying however as luck would have it I still have the key to the cellar.

    Double vodka and LL&B, I think that I could manage that. Happy New Year to you too..huggs 🙂

  42. And ‘huggs’ to you Min. You’ve done terrific job holding this place together against all the unpleasantness that humanity has to offer.

    Three cheers for Min!!!!

  43. Rabbit and “Jane, This sense of ‘entitlement” that many perceive is the scariest part of our society at the moment.”

    I personally find it absolutely sickening how the very well off boo hoo, feel sorry for me, the fees at the yacht club have increased $5.00. It seems that the more money they have the louder they bleat.

    That’s it exactly..a sense of entitlement. OMG Prada hand bags are on special and I can buy them even cheaper online… thrilling darls…

    It’s the superficiality..they’re the true latte set, or is the ‘in word’ these days a flat white. Whether right wing or left wing, they’re just a bunch of intellectual snobs.

    I think that most of us can spot well, basically a d*ckhead at 50 paces.

    I have had the privilege to know quite a number of people who you would consider ‘old wealth’. They never boast about the country club, they never bleat about how much things cost because they know that the rest of country earns only a fraction of their money.

  44. And thank you Lloyd on Australians for an Honest Media on Facebook. BTW, can I now start calling our sister site AFAHM? Who thought up such an awkward name ———>>>Migs.

    But back to Lloyd who of course has also posted here, love this quote:

    Gay, Jewish and bipolar….Mr Fry you have it all…: Carrie Fisher

  45. Happy New Year to you all in the East! And to everyone else later!

    With love and confident that 2012 is already getting better!

  46. Happy New Year to all. May all your wishes be granted.

    It appears that Mr Abbott intends to behave as he has for the last couple of yers, that is continous campaigning until the next election, which is over two years away.

    The PM gives a non political speech, wishing everyone a good new year and asking us to appreciate what we have, faith for the future, and spending time with family.

    What does Mr. Abbott do?

    Give a political speech on reducing debt etc. It was, me, me.

    Cannot the man drop his campaign for just one occasion. There are times that it is prudent to forget politics.

    I wonder how many will notice the differences between the two addresses.

  47. It was like being told, there only one way one can have a happy new year is to let

    He also ranted on about how tough it has been. Nothing about how well the country has been travelling economically.

    It is time to talk the economy up, not down. People being confidence of the future will help to keep the economy strong. Being pessimistic can lead to a weaker economy.

    Mr. Abbott’s problem is that for is own aims he cannot afford to see Australia doing well. He needs failure to succeed. Pity he cannot take the track of saying things are not too bad but convincing us that he can do better.

    There is something wrong when one has to destroy their competitor by destroying them.

    What glory is there in doing that.

    I thought that one set out to win by being better.

    I thought that was the Australian way.

    Obviously I am wrong, it does not matter what one does to win.

    Winning is all that counts!!!!

  48. Cu, I am certain that you will recall how Swan I think it was, had strips torn off him by the press for daring to ‘talk down the economy’. However, it seems that it’s fine and dandy when Abbott repeats this over and over and over.

    As it eventuated, Swan or maybe it was Rudd were correct..enter the GFC.

  49. Min, that’s what irks me the most. It also applied to every Opposition leader previous to Mr. Swan.

    What irks me more is that Mr. Abbott is allowed to get away with the same behaviour overseas.

    it was convention that one did not trashed the country overseas.

    PM’s did not answer questions on domestic politics while aboard.

    I think it was time for the two conventions to be revived for the good oft he country.

    Has anyone noticed that Mr. Abbott is not keen to go abroad. Does he intend that Australia becomes isolated if he becomes PM.

    Is it laziness or is it that he is just not interested.

    Another thing I noticed this morning is that the media is still on the Rudd challenge, now mid year.

    Now it is Mr. Hunt who is going t5o put everything right. A man who has turned his back on his own uni thesis is one to trust. A man who has not disowned that thesis but just sprouts the opposite.

    I pointed out to Mr. Akerman, that never have so many journalists, been so wrong for so long. I added that it is also likely that they are still wrong and the PM will be going strong mid year.

    What gets me that in spite of being wrong, they still write with such authority.

    Sorry, I know it is new years day but such rubbish needs to be challenged.

    What has made Mr. Howard so great, that he gets that award. Surely the length of time in office does not warrant it.

  50. Cu, concerning Tony Abbott going overseas. I believe that the Elect Tony PM Campaign is the thing which deters him and for 2 reasons. Firstly that while abroad he is out of the limelight – given that his election strategy consists of photos of himself in reflective vests or with a knife chopping up a dead fish. It’s all about the pretence of Tony being ‘of the people’.

    Secondly, while the cat’s away the mice will play..that is, it gives Hockey and Turnbull a chance to grab a headline.

  51. This is one for It’s Getting Worse All The Time.

    Just heard what sounded like being gleefully announced on an ABC TV News bulletin that John Howard has been awarded an Order of Merit (OM) by the Queen. Only the ninth Australia to be given an OM and puts Howard in the same league as Samuel Alexander, Gilbert Murray, Sir Macfarlane Burnett, Sir Owen Dixon, Lord Florey, Sir Sidney Nolan, Dame Joan Sutherland and Lord May of Oxford.

    Now I’m absolutely certain these awards are absolutely worthless even given the fact the likes of Dame Joan Sutherland and Sir Sidney Nolan have received this one.

    Read what the award is given for and compare that to the public service Howard actually did, not what he and his cadre of spin doctors said he did, and you tell me if he deserved this.

    Seems to me yet another right wing rewrite of history for which they are so famous for.

  52. He no more deserve this than Mr. Menzies did.

    Mr. Menzies did strive hard for his, if I recall he did not get what he went after.

    I wonder if he gets to dress up as Menzies did. Cannot recall the name of the award but had something to do with ports.

    They had two things in common. length of service and doing nothing worthwhile there..

  53. Cu, @ 1.11pm. Piers Akerman is a zealot….and also a radio …he’s all talk and no listen!!

    This belongs on Media Watch but as we’re all here….
    PM Gillard replied..again.. to a ‘gotcha’ question about the polls and Kevin Rudd’s re-instatement as PM…

    I think you’ll find I answered those questions in 2011,” Ms Gillard said at Smithfield in Sydney’s west today. “So have a look at the transcripts.”

    Ms Gillard said that in the year ahead her government would be focused on the national broadband network and the mining tax.

    “We will be building on these foundations to generate Australia’s future economy,” she said.

    The agenda-laden headline was


    Still Murdoch’s minions insist that there is no agenda !

  54. Min at 1.20
    I think you’re right as to why Abbott doesn’t go overseas much, ‘aint it interesting that he comes off the boil so easily? It’s been pointed out before that a blessed calm soon descends on the country when he does leave. I wonder that he doesn’t prepare some frozen stunts that the media can heat up & serve to us while he’s away.
    I was very, very annoyed at the frozen fish stunt. He stuffed up the proper preparation of the fish, I suspect it went in the bin after the shooting. If that’s the case then one of his God’s creatures died solely to provide him with an opportunity for self aggrandisement. I wonder if St. Francis was watching?

  55. Mobius & Min
    Happy New Year!
    My favourite Abbott stunt is still the “Here’s yer bloody broom back” shots.
    We still see them on TV occasionally, but in a reversal of the usual meaning of the term “Director’s Cut” the vital last moments have been edited out. You usually get more with a Director’s Cut.
    Thanks for the Old Guy shot, I notice on one of the selections he’s described as “Australia’s most honest man”. I’ve been meaning to save it, & this time I will.

  56. Just beer, & light beer at that. My serious drinking days are gone. It’s Boags, I saw a reference to that noble brew around somewhere earlier.
    Drinking water too, it’s a dehydrating day.

  57. Congratulations, Bob. Your comment at 3:42 was the 50,000th approved comment here at Café Whispers. TRUE!

    You’ve won a year’s supply of Boags.

  58. Miglo
    That’s good news indeed, I’ll pop down & open the gate & your agents can bring the first lot round now. Pity it isn’t a leap year.

  59. IS IT????? IS IT REALLY A LEAP YEAR???!!!!!
    Remember to load an extra day’s worth on the truck!!!
    Min, Miglo’s obviously a catch, but I’m already hitched. Actually I don’t really get this, has a leap year got something special to do with proposals?
    I have to go & do stuff now, the critters are thirsty too. Will look in later, see y’all.

  60. Bob, traditionally a leap year is when the girls are allowed to propose to the bloke. It’s once every 4 years, so we ladies have to make the most of the opportunity. These are the years which are able to be divided by 4. So the next opportunity will be 2016. Catch you later too.

  61. Bob, it’s about an old English law that was only recently repealed in Australia.

    I think it dates back to the 1700s when England was always at war and as a consequence many English ladies were widowed. A law was enacted that it was illegal for a man to refuse a marriage proposal from a woman on February 29.

  62. Min at 5.27 yesterday
    Miglo shortly after.
    Thanks, I didn’t know that. So it’s a bit like Sadie Hawkins Day in Dogpatch then?

  63. Pip
    Thanks, & thanks for the smile anyway.
    You’re probably right. I might hole up & watch Citizen Kane.

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