Tony Abbott demonised!

Today’s Australian provides an article by Paul Kelly.

As we have been discussing here at the Café, and I will quote Tom R:

I assume he is referring to the incessant ‘leadership challenge’ meme being pushed by the liberal parties media arm. I also like the way they have declared this as ‘Ms Gillard’s bungled reshuffle ‘, soon to be entered into the ltdnews lexicon along with ‘pink batts fiasco’, BER rort’, and ‘Carbon Tax’.

Own the news, own the history.

It seems that while some of the Liberal arm publicity techniques are quite transparent, as per Tom’s example that the recent reshuffle has likewise earned itself an adjective that being “bungled”. Also noted has been the continuous and unchallenged use of unnamed sources, or as Tom expressed it,

“It’s more like a cook book, with 101 different sauces”.

It is some sort of bizarre game of Chinese Whispers that the media indulge in. Not content with it’s imaginative and unsubstantiated use of adjectives to describe things non-bungled, things only minimally rorted the media then proceeds to build on it’s own invented rhetoric and to use these as the basis for interviews where Labor politicians must thereby have to prove that which was an invention in the first place. The ‘impending’ leadership challenge being a prime example.

But back to the Paul Kelly piece. Once again we are confronted with opinion dressed up as facts, that while there is a substantial amount of valid ‘opinion’ here, Kelly likewise relies the technique of the subliminal suggestion.

Here are some that I have picked out from Paul Kelly’s article:

– such a weakened government – this damaged Labor government – the shadow over her leadership is lengthening – her authority problem and the pervasive threat from Kevin Rudd – how long will the minority government last? Nobody knows – she seems stuck between the entrenched scepticism of the public and her own failures of judgment

The typical media strategy as observed is the headline, quite often in contradiction of the text. Then fill the first paragraph or 2 with unsubstantiated claims and lurking somewhere below one might find, if one is persistent enough…some substance.

So what has this to do with the title of this topic?

Kelly states:

Its last resort is to demonise Tony Abbott sufficiently to make him unelectable.

Astounding. After spending so much time and so many adjectives on Julia Gillard, Paul Kelly then preempts an impending scare campaign to demonise Tony Abbott.

Paul Kelly, how prophetic of you when you have spent the first few paragraphs of your article using overblown rhetoric and rash generatisations***

***Ref: R W Jepson “The absurdity of forming generalisations from single or isolated instances..”.

77 comments on “Tony Abbott demonised!

  1. Min, no one has to demonise Mr. Abbott. He does a good job of that himself.

    Today we have seen many articles saying how well Australia is doing, while at the same time mentioning how many mistakes this government has made.

    Maybe they have it wrong. Maybe this government has been successful. That could account for the good economy we see ourselves in.

    Has anyone noticed that the media and the Opposition all use the same words and paragraphs while talking about how bad Labor is.

    Maybe it is time for some new stories. The ones they are persisting with are becoming a little stale, a little boring.

  2. Cu, I suspected that you would get the irony there. After the ongoing campaign against Julia Gillard, and before that against Kevin Rudd…Paul Kelly suggests that the government’s only course of action is to ‘demonise’ Tony Abbott.

    Pardon, but what the fck does Paul Kelly think that the media have been doing against JG all these months…

  3. Min, I suspect that the PM and Labor have better things to do, like getting on with the job of governing, as they have been doing the last year or too.

    I seen a comment the other day, suggesting that Labor get some stooges in on the radio shock jock shows. It was suggested that Mr. Howard was good at this.

    They did not explain how Labor could stop the shock jocks from cutting off any one who had an alternate view, unless they were suggesting Labor should attempt to bribe some of the announcers.

    At least Labor would not have to lie or make stories up.

  4. It is useful to note that the vitriol, which is contained in recent articles written by Paul Kelly, has ramped up after the News Ltd controlled Sky News lost the Australia Network contract and it also became obvious that the Labor government had shored up its numbers after the Speaker was replaced. Poor performance by Abbott in the House has also placed an increased responsibility on the cheerleaders for the Opposition to maintain the urban myths that have been constructed about the Labor government. It has become patently obvious that Abbott and his front bench are incapable of doing that on the floor of the House.

  5. Cu, agreed the PM has better things to do than to fuss with the media – however one has to deal with it. The media is the ONLY WAY which any government has to impart one’s message.

    Without the media one becomes deaf, blind and dumb. Get on with the job of governing and let the media runs rough shot over public opinion…well that’s what happens when you ignore the media which Rudd did, to his detriment.

  6. Min, one cannot make the media do the right thing. One has to find other ways of getting the message out.

    Advertising is not an option.

    One has to keep getting results. The public will become aware when some of the goodies start coming home to roost.

  7. Lucy, precisely. These things such as the ‘waste’, disfunctional government become Chinese whispers where once mentioned is built on and buit on until the original whisper is taken as a piece of factual information.

    The header for my topic Tony Abbott demonised is very much tongue in cheek – demonised, never. I’ve never seen such a bunch of suet pudding journalists…the easy option is (a woman?) but take on He Man Abbott…can’t wait.

    I wait with much anticipation of equivalent pieces being written about Tony Abbott. Shucks, I cannot recall the last time a negative piece has been written about Tony Abbott.

    Cute trick, continuously write negativity about someone which means that instead of concentrating on ‘the job’, the accused is having to waste valuable time defending themselves.

  8. “…..The media commentators are back to their favourite theme: a dysfunctional Gillard Government and the Rudd-Gillard leadership conflict tearing federal Labor apart. They see deficiencies everywhere and a disunited government that is incapable of governing.

    Every momentary event is interpreted to foster this narrative of a hopeless Gillard Government continually shooting itself in the foot. And the argument for this position? We need an argument to distinguish it from personal opinion or herd group think. Let us turn to Paul Kelly in The Australian and his Beleaguered Labor caught in a perfect storm

  9. Both Gillard and Rudd before her have underestimated the strength of the conservative campaign against them. They appear preoccupied with “other” matters.

    The campaign is focused primarily in the commercial media but has infiltrated the ABC and has considerable momentum assisted by the “hands- off” approach adopted by the Labor Party.

    Both TV and print media are in serious financial trouble. In February 2012 the banks are likely to call in massive debts generated by equity take overs.
    The print media cannot cope with competition from all manner of digital entertainment products.

    Soon the only players left in control will be a few wealthy Australians who are more concerned with buying political influence rather than profit.

    What we have here is dysfunctional media not dysfunctional government.

  10. I see that Paul Kelly has persisted in perpetuating a few myths. Kelly stated this morning that a problem with the Gillard government is that it relies on raising taxes rather than attempting to make savings. I am certain that this opinion of Kelly’s will come as a surprise to many.

  11. I am certain that this opinion of Kelly’s will come as a surprise to many.

    I’m not surprised (yes, I assume it was sarcasm AntonyG 😉 ). As Lucy pointed out earlier

    It is useful to note that the vitriol, which is contained in recent articles written by Paul Kelly, has ramped up after the News Ltd controlled Sky News lost the Australia Network contract and it also became obvious that the Labor government had shored up its numbers after the Speaker was replaced.

    Kelly must know that taxes are lower under this Government than the previous (if he doesn’t, he doesn’t belong where he is, so, since he is where he is, then I can only assume that he does know) He also must know that the PS has become far more efficient, and the runaway costs associated with it have slowed down under this Government.

    The reason so many in voter land think that we have higher taxes is because of these persistent word games played out by our leading commentators. Without actually telling the lie, they leave every implication for the lie, and let the readers mind fill in that last piece of information.

    Kelly was the least partisan of the murdoch guys imo (I don’t put MegaGeorge in that category), but, he has become much more unhinged of late. I dunno if Lucy is onto something there or not on the reason, as I had started to become aware of this unhinging in his columns going back around 6 months or so. But, then, I’m a little sensitive to these things of late. My bias meter is wound pretty tight, you might say 😉

  12. Thanks lunalava, I had never seen the actual quote from Cool Hand Luke (although I had heard that was where it came from).

    My versioning always came courtesy of the Gunners 🙂

  13. Tom, one thing that I dislike intensely is the way that Kelly pontificates. He sits on that panel on Sky News, acting as the only opinion of any importance is his own.

    Things must be getting desperate for guests..this morning they dragged out Mark Latham.

  14. Things must be getting desperate for guests

    It’s a sad state of affairs isn’t it Min. We should expand on Gillards point I reckon. “Don’t speak crap!”

    What’s sadder is, I voted for the moron. 😦 Although, to defend my actions somewhat, I voted for the Labor Party, not the leader. Which, appears to be vindicated, as they have shown that they will get rid of a leader for the good of the party (not saying that Rudd was bad for the party, in fact, I still think I prefer him to Gillard) I think in that particular case, they got rid of him as they saw the damage the ETS canning had done him, and how they couldn’t fight that in an election campaign.

  15. Tom, whenever I think of Latham I think sad and bitter. Likewise I voted for Labor with Latham as leader, it being anyone but Howard. And as far as Kevin Rudd goes, I think he was off his timing once Tony Abbott became leader. I remember Kevin saying how he could mess with Howard’s mind, but he seemed to not know how to react to Abbott.

  16. I think Rudd was capable of dealing with Abbott in open debate, he creamed Abbott in their health encounter. What I think he was befuddled by was a media that simply let Abbott go unmolested.

  17. Bob and Tom, I also think that Rudd expected common sense to rule the day via an ETS. All polls had previously stated that a majority of Australians wanted action on climate change plus he expected that they would see again the common sense in taxing the mega miners.

    And so as per Bob, was completely unprepared for the scare campaign completely supported by the media.

  18. The funny thing about Mr. Abbott is that the media did not have much respect for him all those years before he deposed of Mr. Turnbull.

    If one recalls correctly, he was treated as a joke, that one did not expect much of.

    This all changed after he won the ballot from Mr. Turnbull and Mr. Hockey. At that time, if I remember rightly, no one expeced him to win.

    What has changed after so long in parliament, that he was seen as having the skills needed to be more that a head kicker and dirt collector.

  19. Catching Up
    Agreed, Abbott was always seen as a bit of an extremist, not to be trusted with anything too serious.
    It sounds far fetched, but I think there’s been some sort of a quasi official agreement in the media to take Labor down. This sort of thing easily develops into a mindset on most peoples’ part, & they do their bit. Apart from a psychopathic ability to needle with his remarks, Abbott still doesn’t say much of consequence beyond his slogans, but it’s glossed over.
    Whatever the truth of that, it’s beyond doubt that the media is now so far down the track supporting Abbott that it’s committed itself to a change of government.
    If there’s any thought to the consequences of this, I think there’s an assumption that things will just keep ticking over regardless.

  20. P.S
    A friend has long thought that the media simply finds Abbott interesting & is supporting him for that reason alone. After all, most of them would have little to fear from an Abbott government & many would benefit.

  21. Bob, it was interesting that Abbott came out opposing the NBN the day after lunching with Murdoch. With the passing of each day it is apparent that the NBN will continue to be rolled out.

    Murdoch appears to have wasted his money buying lunch for Abbott. I’m assuming old Rupe paid, of course.

    We keep hearing from Tony that he’s short of a quid.

  22. Bob, I believe as per Cu that there has been a huge media ‘job’ on Tony Abbott. As Cu stated the media used to pounce on Abbott fairly regularly over his comments – where is the scrutiny of him these days. The media tore strips off Abbott for his Bernie Banton comment, when he swore at Roxon, when he said that he couldn’t be believed unless it was in writing, yet now all that Abbott has to do is to front up in a hard hat and the media are all over him like a rash.

    What could be so newsworthy that we need continous pics of him posing for the camera but saying nothing.

  23. Min, he says ‘no’. 🙂

    That’s when he’s not saying that the carbon tax will ruin sausage makers, hat manufacturers, shoe repairers, butchers, bakers and candlestick makers.

  24. Mr. Murdoch does not appear to have much success frightening PM Gillard either.

    It could not be that he is losing his influence.

  25. Miglo at 7.26
    Is that the barely reported meeting with Murdoch at the same time as Stephen Conroy was being heavied over some freeby or other? I’ve always been sus over that.
    Tony does say he’s a bit short. I notice the choreographed outrage over MP’s salary increases is largely focused on Gillard. Adelaide’s local Murdoch dauber Valdman depicted her grabbing a swag of money & dudding kids in a Christmas lineup in his “cartoon”. Will the anger extend to paying Tones as much?
    Valdman’s won’t.
    Haven’t watched Citizen Kane yet, but I will.

    Min at 7.30
    Yes, it’s weird, after giving Abbott such a hard time, why would the media now lay on the red carpet? It was obvious from day one of the leadership, & I reckon there has to be some sort of plan. It’s gathered momentum to the point where it can’t be stopped because the media now has a stake in seeing him to the Lodge. How bloody horrid.

  26. Bob, a poliical party’s PR machine does a magnificent job..especially when they have the vast majority of the MSM to help them out…

  27. But there must be a payoff for them sometime. Much of the MSM is bleeding money whilst losing viewers/readers/browsers.

    Wealthy media magnates don’t keep running propaganda arms unless there is a payoff down the track.

  28. But there must be a payoff for them sometime

    I would say that the MSM would have received quite a bit of a payout from their attack on the mining tax from the mining industry. It would be interesting to see the flow of money from these vested interests to them, if that paper trail could be followed at all.

  29. The MSM has decided that Abbott and the Liberal party should govern the country.
    So what’s in for an ailing media industry? Well control (ownership) of the NBN would be a nice little earner.
    TV channels no doubt believe they can “control” content if they own the NBN after all, they flog off trash on TV and the mind dead viewers lap it up.
    They would need to “sort out” the ABC and SBS plus get some control over social media, this might be do able.
    Thankfully I have my Kindle and Sony ebook readers with thousands of books and my collection of MP3 music, so I will continue to have a rich and meaningful existence.

  30. Feral Skeleton at TPS put it well a day or so ago- “Capitalism wants its government back.” That sums up the broad brush strokes.

  31. “People of quality” were getting nice easy money as the ASX rose above 6700 during the Howard years. Must have seemed like money for old rope and many borrowed to the hilt believing the conservative snake oil salesmen that the share market would NEVER fall.
    The old greed is good philosophy.
    Then shock, horror, the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). The call went out SOS (save our savings). All of a sudden the extreme right who despised government intervention, decided it was a good thing to privatise the profits but socialise the losses.
    The old structures of wealth are changing, something conservatives hate and don’t do very well.

  32. Liealot is an appalling LOTO and would be an even worse PM.

    However the msm, by completely eschewing any scrutiny of him and the Liars Party and at the same time demonising the Gillard government, are doing their level best to poison the voters minds against the government and are actively campaigning for the Liars Party.

    Paul Kelly’s toilet paper is just the latest party political broadcast for the Liars Party by the msm.

    Unfortunately, most people are completely brain dead and will swallow this propaganda hook, line, sinker and copy of Angling Times.

    This, despite the fact that our bungling, inept, incompetent PM has not only managed to successfully negotiate an agreement with conservative Independents to allow her to form a minority government, but has kept their support.

    And tellingly, the Independents have constantly given the raspberry to Liealot and the Liars Party, which the msm has studiously avoided remarking on. Why hasn’t this been a subject of discussion by the msm, I wonder?

    Then of course, this inept, bungling, incompetent liar has also seen the safe passage of over 200 pieces of legislation, including important acts like MRRT and Clean Air, since the 2010 election.

    I’d hate to see what a competent PM could manage! 😀 😀 😀

    With around 2 years of its term to go, despite her ineptness, bungling incompetence, inability to keep the troops marshalled, the deadly Rudd assassin at bay and the Independents on side, it looks like this dreadful PM and her government will sail on majestically and go down in history as one of, if not the, best governments this country has ever had!

    Posterity will be the judge and there’s nothing Pravda can do about it. In fact, Pravda may vanish ever before this government if Stalin gets his well deserved comeuppance in the near future.

  33. Jane, one thing that sticks in my craw is the pertetuation of the myths often via subtle methods. An example is Sky News’ intro to their ‘news’, quick snappy film clips and during the overvoice there is David Speers saying She lied about the carbon tax.

    That sniping from the sidelines is the snide sort of, well in a way it’s cowardise akin to gossiping from behind the shelter sheds.

  34. Min @12.15pm, I couldn’t agree more. It’s snide and gutless and it’s something none of the weak gits has the goolies to front her with. Frankly, I’d love to see her tear their goolies off and feed them to the sharks which apparently circle her.

    It’s amazing though that not one of these alleged sharks has ever even come close to having a crack at her. Like Kevin Rudd’s endless so-called marshaling of numbers. It must drive him to distraction as well.

    And as I said above, why hasn’t the msm made any comment on the fact that the Independents are still very happy to work with the PM, but have constantly given the finger to Liealot?

    We all know why; it’s a pity we can’t get that message out into the public arena. Might revive a few brain cells out there and prompt their owners to start asking why it is so, if Liealot is so wonderful and the PM is so everything negative.

  35. Min, have just actually looked at the email address I entered for my first comment and have now corrected it. D’oh! No wonder the moderator was puzzled.

  36. Is this what we want. We do not have to demonise the man, he does a good enough job himself.

    “…..The prospect of Abbott

    Abbott has been far more effective as opposition leader than I and other smarties expected. He quickly learnt to keep disciplined and avoid putting his foot in his mouth, and quickly displayed his greatest, most enviable strength as a politician: an ability to ‘cut through’ – to have the things he says noticed and broadcast by the media.

    His policy of blanket opposition to all the government’s policies has served him well. Many expected the electorate to tire of his relentless negativity, but it hasn’t happened yet. Even so, some strains are beginning to show. His autocratic style has put noses out of joint within the party and, should his standing in the polls ever slip, we will hear from his detractors. There is much discontent within the party and in business over his refusal to criticise Fair Work and propose any changes that could reawaken the spectre of Work Choices.

    Despite the opposition’s remarkably strong standing in the polls, Abbott is not personally popular. He has a 55 per cent disapproval rating for his job as opposition leader. And the authoritative Australian Election Study, in which ANU political scientists surveyed voters soon after the last election, found that Abbott’s unpopularity was the main reason he failed to win enough seats. Though Gillard’s popularity rating was low, Abbott’s was a lot lower – lower even than Keating’s in the 1996 election.

    Abbott has little interest in economics and no commitment to economic rationalism. His policy positions reek of populism, protection and direct controls. His solemn promises to roll back the carbon and mining taxes, but not reverse the goodies they will be paying for, leave him with a funding gap of many tens of billions he has, as yet, made no attempt to fill. How such a man could bring himself to outline the sweeping spending cuts needed to make good his promise to return the budget to surplus without delay is hard to imagine. He has, however, taken the precaution of refusing to use the services of the new Parliamentary Budget Office to cost his promises. There is no precedent for parties promising to abolish major new taxes already in operation, nor for governments actually doing it. I find it very hard to believe it would happen.

    Should Abbott be elected, we face either a monumental breaking of promises or a government totally consumed by the effort needed to turn back the clock. Why the part of the electorate that cares most about good macro management and micro reform has had so little to say about Abbott’s incredible performance I don’t know. Perhaps they’ll have more to say as the reality of an Abbott-led government draws closer….”

  37. I was reminded of Orwell…

    “Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it. Every concept that can ever be needed will be expressed by exactly one word, with its meaning rigidly defined and all its subsidiary meanings rubbed out and forgotten.” (1.5.23, Syme)

  38. Min, he has certainly raised “Newspeak” to a new height.

    The only words the man needs is no and bad, repeated many times.

    The man does show such high intelligence.

  39. Catching up,

    No = whatever it takes to make myself prime minister, however the definition of No that being an absolute will be open to other interpretations following the election.

  40. Yet here we have the contradictions again from political commentators, even ones who lean left.

    should his standing in the polls ever slip,


    Despite the opposition’s remarkably strong standing in the polls, Abbott is not personally popular.

    Abbott’s standing in the polls has slipped, several times, to now be a the worst for an opposition leader.

    If Martin meant to say, “…if the Party’s standing in the polls ever slip“, then that’s a different matter, but it’s not what he stated.

    This is similar to the commentators stating the reshuffle was clumsy whilst praising the reshuffle outcome.

  41. ME, Mr. Abbott will never be PM. His party will never allow it.

    Many support the Clean Energy Future bill. Many are in favour of a mining tax. Many want same gender marriage.

    I suspect there are many that would like to see the Malaysian Solution in place before they come to power. This includes Mr. Ruddock.

    I cannot see why many in the Coalition would like to reignite policies that have been a pain to both parties for nearly a decade. Most would be happy to let sleeping dogs lie.

    The biggest difference is the IR laws.

    They are happy to sit back and allow Mr. Abbott to make the running with his stupidity.

    There are few in the party that give any visible support. Most are very invisible and mute.

    What worries me is what we are not hearing.

  42. Or Cu they will allow him to lead them to government and then oust him after he as been PM for a short time so he can get his PM retirement perks, which it seems is what Abbott is really after, bugger the country and its citizens.

  43. I often think the Liberals will surf into power with Abbott & then get rid of him, but he won’t go without a fight. He’ll be a Party Hero, having led them back from the wilderness, plus the droogs he installs on his front bench will know they’re on thin ice if he goes & will defend him. None of this is to say what we’re talking about here won’t happen, but it’ll be a messy affair & the country can go to hell while they have a fight that’ll make any Gillard/Rudd stuff look small indeed. The MSM would do their best to gloss it over, of course.

    Min, I remember Abbott’s whinging when he had to take a salary cut. It seems it’s only remembered in places like this.

    Mind you, Abbott cares so little about policy that he’d likely let individual ministers & power groups do anything they wanted, so long as he got to sit in the big chair. Broken promises wouldn’t concern him much, they never have before. “Circumstances will have changed” & anybody who thinks they’ve heard that line as a defence before will be told they’re misremembering.

  44. Bob, I can’t recall that Abbott ever did a more than fair to middling job in any of his portfolios while a Minister, and as a Prime Minister while one isn’t expected to be the font of all knowledge you are expected to have at least 2-3 fields of expertise.

    I just can’t visualise Abbott as Prime Minister being able to provide other than laughable responses. Hopefully the MSM will wake up to the fact that this is the governance of Australia that we’re talking about and not a circus sideshow.

  45. Min
    Agreed, it’s hard to see Abbott looking like a P.M. Perhaps our national taste will be re educated to make him look better. A spot of jingoism, perhaps, inculcating the “but this is Australia!” thing. A bit right field, but I remember a line in the Oz many years ago by (I think) Mike Steketee- “Howard doesn’t do foreign policy.” This was of course before he got lucky with Timor, Tampa, 9/11
    etc (told you it was a long time ago) but my recollection is that was right. Howard came to office promising us we’d all be wonderfully off in our little haven at the end of the world & there was no need to worry about other places.
    The point I’m finally coming to is that I think Abbott’s hoping for a recurrence of that.” We’re Australians & Mr Abbott looks after us & we don’t much care about anything else..” A bit like North Korea, really.

  46. Yes Min, he had to extend his mortgage by $800, 000 to live.

    Budget are definitely not his strong point.

  47. Miglo we need too recall that Mr. Howard’s first act was to weaken the Land Rights Bill, to protect us from the Aboriginals taking over our back yards.

    It appears it is OK for miners to do so.

    I believe that Mr. Abbott’s will be along the same lines in Northern Queensland He already has a members bill on the table.

    I do not know how he is going to justify taking benefits off parents if the kids do not go to school, since it has been proven it does not work.

    Maybe he can send the army in to take them to school each day.

    Could one imagine him meeting with the USA President, whose body language told us what he though of him.

  48. You’re right, Cu, budgets definitely aren’t his strong points. That’s why he has the accomplished Joe Hockey as Shadow Treasurer.

    Joe knows how to add up.

  49. Where’s Neil’s outrage?

    In the state that is the biggest beneficiary from the mining boom, and that has increased mining royalties in spite of saying it wouldn’t, and has a Liberal government who are supposedly good economic managers, debt is ballooning out of control, so much so that the WA Business Council has publicly come out in condemnation. Their expected debt is estimated as expanding out to $24 billion by 2014/15.

    This is a government that is failing on every other platform they electioneered on, especially Law and Order, but their health system is also going alarmingly backwards as it is here in NSW and in Victoria, where hospital beds are closing because of lack of State government funding.

    Telling is that at least in NSW, don’t know the state of the Victorian budget, debt is also ballooning despite drastic cuts to social and public services whilst handing out huge largesses to the private sector.

  50. Yes Migs, isn’t it utterly stupid and so typical Liberal that purely to support Abbott’s ‘No’ against everything, and to fall in behind their masters, the mining magnates and Ltd News, the Liberal states, but especially WA, are losing out on windfall revenue they would have gained from the original as proposed MRRT revenue that would have allowed them to post surpluses whilst still being inept at economic management as they currently are.

    Queensland will follow suit when it goes Liberal and that Liberal government fails, probably worse, than the current Liberal governments are.

  51. Oh and like NSW, WA is blaming the GFC for their deficits.

    I’m a little confused here as Hockey (who Neil has aped) has stated the GFC is well and truly over and that it cannot be used as an excuse for deficits.

    Oh that’s right, he’s talking about a Federal Labor government, only they are never allowed to used things like a GFC as an excuse, for his party, Federal or State, it’s a perfectly legitimate excuse.

  52. Möbius, I don’t know the population of WA so I’ve guesstimated that it’s 1.5 million, which means each of them will have a debt of $16,000 if the predicted deficit holds true.

    What a wonderful move for them to oppose the mining tax.

  53. Migs, unnecessary and badly managed which is why Australia was given AAA rating and Wayne Swan named Treasurer of the Year..of course…

  54. Where is the consistency?

    Firstly the opposition condemn the Government for not seeing the GFC coming. Then they say it never happened. Now it’s on again.

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