Julia’s new cabinet

The headline from ABC News reads:

Minister defends Gillard’s reshuffle plans

My first thought on this is why should anyone need to ‘defend’ a reshuffle. Surely a reshuffle is part of a renewal process and an opportunity to promote those who have shown ability, and to demote those who have not done their fair share.

My second thought was a matter of comparison. That one of the stand outs about the Liberal Party for, and it must be at least 5 years now is the failure to renew: a tradition established by John Howard, where under his reign very few people of any talent, experience or inspiration..or perspiration were ever promoted by Howard, and in order to shore up his own position as Leader For Life.

I think of Petro Georgiou, Russell Broadbent and Judi Moylan crossing the floor to vote against the Migration Amendment (Designated Unauthorised Arrivals) Bill that would force all asylum seekers to be processed offshore.

Of course it didn’t help Petro one bit that Costello decided to back “rebel Georgiou” against John Howard. I cannot help but think, what a waste of talent and all because of John Howard’s ego.

However, onto present day. As noted by our worthy commentators here at the Café, the Rudd For PM meme runs with predictability every single time that the government receives any recognition whatsoever for it’s achievements. As pointed out, yet another Look Over There strategy. It works too well.

Tony Abbott is currently arguing that there should never be any changes, that when he went to the election that this meant that his team would apparently be araldited, and permanently to their current positions. That certainly doesn’t bode well for the future of the Liberal Party, not only the party of No but the party of Nothing ever happens and nothing ever changes. However Abbott’s tactics are very transparent that he will with complete disregard to logic, argue that any changes to the government benches will mean…let’s guess what will Abbott say:

– – – A betrayal – a lie – a sign of a disfunctional government – this is a bad government –

The response from the MSM leading up to this reshuffle has been highly predictable: just more of the usual rumours and speculations about supposed ‘growing tension’ between former PM Kevin Rudd and PM Julia Gillard. It has all been “an ongoing battle of words” and a “power play” according to the same sources.

Just as an aside, I cannot recall the media ever calling Howard ‘former PM Howard’. Doubtless little Johnny would turn into even a more distinct shade of red and green akin to “an old penny”** if anyone dared utter the word ‘former’ within his earshot.

However, leaving speculation about what the bogan press might say aside for one moment, a fairer and far more balanced estimate was provided by The Age

Mr Shorten is a key backer of the Prime Minister and he impressed with his cut-through advocacy on industrial issues during the Qantas dispute.

It is fairly predictable that when one analyses the above statement the salient points are, “key backer” and “cut-through advocacy”. There are no prizes for guessing which one of these the media will push as the raison d’être.

Quoting the ABC article:

“Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has told Sky television the Prime Minister needs to remove Mr Rudd from Cabinet.” Of course Tony Abbott wants Kevin Rudd removed from cabinet, and while little Tony is sitting on Santa’s knee (thank you Lunalava for the inspiration via your topic), he can also ask for a pony, and a spaceship, and all the wishes that he could wish for.

Again from the ABC article:

“There is also speculation that Bill Shorten and Greg Combet will be promoted.but Mr Abbott says that is not the right move for Labor.” See above, to Tony’s Christmas Wish List.

Both Shorten and Combet are the obvious up and comers, and not just because of who they are, their reputations but because of being hard workers and consistently so. It’s no wonder that Tony wants these people ‘gone’ but sitting there bleating on the tellie about how they should be gone just because he wants it, is not going to make it happen.

**borrowed from Migs’ description.

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  1. Min, with so much talent it must be a hard job.

    No one has failed. It is just as circumstances have changed.

    Mr. Abbott suggestion that the team taken to the election should stay in place for three years is plain stupidity.

    Does one pick a new team just before an election and the voter take them on trust.

    Governments are given a mandate to govern. Surely that means ensuring the best team available is in place to meet the needs of the time, as the needs change, so should the team.

    Mr. Abbott’s team is notable for it lack of talent and visibility. Who has stood out in his front bench.

    There is also lack of talent, if the Coalition wanted to change leaders.

    This is not true of Labor. They have many who could take over from the PM, if she fell under the proverbial bus.

  2. Cu, it’s one of Abbott’s typical irrational statements. Name one single government that during it’s term never had a reshuffle.

    That is what is so frustrating about Tony Abbott, he makes such incredible over the top, and indeed stupid statements but there is nobody out there in the media with the brains or knowledge or maybe the gumption to call him out.

  3. CU
    The real reason Tones is leaving his eager beavers where they are, is because so many of them still haven’t asked a question on their shadow port folios. .It would be so unfair to remove them if they haven’t had a chance.to show their depth of knowledge or the opportunity to promote a policy position.
    For example rather than ask a question of Roxon, poor old Dutton takes on the duty of being thrown out of QT.
    And Warren Truss there is no point in him asking any questions of Albanese because he knows, just like in Howard’s time, there won’t be any money for infrastructure in an Abbott govt.
    Then their is Julie Bishop she still has to learn that precommittment for poker machines is not a CHOGM issue.
    Tony Smith parliamentary secretary of Tax Reform, well Tones keeps saying No, what else is their to say. And in his spare time he has to think up Coalition Policy, but Tones hasn’t told him if they have any policy, so how can he think or develop ideas.
    Brony’s the shadow Special Minister of State, but she just thinks she special and has a special rule book for QT.
    The guy who is supposed to ask questions on issues of Defence,,David Johnstone,well he is very good at delivering elegant speeches, And that is a true asset on any team.
    So Tones has more than enough reasons to leave his lot alone. .

  4. Great post, Min. As for Liealot’s ludicrous statement, what government worth its salt doesn’t have a reshuffle during its life?

    It gives young blood a chance to get experience, reallocates portfolios to people more suitable and shifts poor performers. I believe Mr Baillieu has even indulged in a recent shuffle of the deck.

    Unfortunately, it’s not brains or knowledge which the msm lacks, it is gumption, Min. Until more of them grow a backbone, we’re going to have this crap rammed down our throats.

    Let’s hope something positive comes out of the media inquiry and that the Emperor is stripped of his robes in the UK and the US.

    Only then, I think will the real journos creep out of their hiding places.

  5. “Real journos” Jane…..that’s a tall order !

    I don’t usually link to the daily smellagraph, and we’ll have to wait to see whether they have got this right.

    …it’s all about ‘revenge’.

    Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s revenge in cabinet reshuffle

    THOSE believed to be behind the plot to bring back Kevin Rudd will be punished by Prime Minister Julia Gillard today with Innovation Minister Kim Carr to be sacked from cabinet.
    But in a blow to her authority, Ms Gillard was blocked from dumping Schools Minister Peter Garrett and Attorney-General Robert McClelland when NSW Right bosses stepped in to save them.

    When Ms Gillard told Mr Garrett and Mr McClelland she wanted them to resign from cabinet to pave the way for new blood, Mr Garrett threatened to resign from parliament. Mr McClelland also refused to step aside. The pair were backed by other NSW ministers.

  6. Pip

    did you notice from your link

    # Simon Benson
    # From: The Daily Telegraph
    # December 12, 2011 12:00AM

    Now according to my time it is 11.36pm 11/12/2011.

  7. Sue, yes i did, it looks like a ‘scoop’ which should have been embargoed until after midnight…or something…

  8. All ur pathetic words mean nothing to anyone!

    Especially yours.

    Actually, I have had some fresh air. I’ve been outside puffing on an expensive Cuban cigar.

    Off to bed now though. Have to go to work tomorrow and earn lots of money to spend on overseas goods.

  9. It seems to me that Tony’s currently going all out & in fact overboard to reinforce his theme that Julia changes but he doesn’t. He was on tonight pouring cold water on the idea of a conscience vote on gay marriage, but wording it to seem that HE had made a commitment to the electorate & HE would not be changing. His statements over his front bench come across in the same manner. Perhaps Sideshow or Sham&ham should ask him if he intends to change his undies, though actually asking him a question on even that would be a bit of a first.

  10. Min
    As to why a minister has to “defend”, Labor has to “defend” everything.
    As a matter of interest, was it “forced to defend”? If not it soon will be.

  11. Bob, Slugger Maiden, in AdelaideNow referred to the PM ‘plotting’ the reshuffle.

    Abbott says he won’t be changing his front bench and Mr. WorkChoices Reith
    has other ideas, saying Abbott should reshuffle.

  12. Here is what is being predicted:

    The reshuffle is tipped to mean new faces in key portfolios like Health, with current Health Minister Nicola Roxon expected to be made Attorney-General.

    Robert McClelland, who has been Attorney-General for four years, will stay in Cabinet.

    Chris Evans is likely to lose his job as Workplace Relations Minister but keep his position in Cabinet and as Government Senate leader.

    There is concern from some within the left that Industry Minister Kim Carr could be demoted.

    Tasmanian Senator Nick Sherry is also tipped to be moved out of the ministry, which would mean Tasmania would have no-one in the ministry.

    Those in line for promotion include Assistant Treasurer Bill Shorten, who is most likely to fill any Cabinet vacancy.


  13. Yes, Pip, those comments were worthy of deletion, as are those still waiting moderation. There is a tiny clue as to where the author comes from and it does indeed point to a sock puppet from another blog site.

    I’m on to him.

  14. Migs, agreed. That’s going to be the rhetoric. Already some are suggesting that it is Gillard giving a reward to her backers. However, I think that this will defy logic as the people being promoted have worked hard to have earned a promotion.

    Roxon, Attorney General. A well deserved promotion.

  15. Not to be underestimated is that fact that Roxon is set to become Australia’s first female Attorney-General. Well done Nicola!

  16. Roxon with her sharp mind will make an excellent Attorney-General. I’ve heard that Shorten is supposed to be getting Industrial Relations.

  17. Yes, I’d like to give Tony a boot.

    I second that, Migs. Make it an Ian Thorpe sized steel cap.

    Pip, @11.31 11/12, I think they’re improving as fantasy writers every day! Meanwhile,

    Does that mean he’s against an early election?

    Well he’ll reluctantly make an exception for that, Migs.

    All ur pathetic words mean nothing to anyone!


    Well stop making your pathetic comments until you grow up, learn to spell and cease being a wankinator! If you get your hand off it, you might even make a teeny weeny bit of sense, but I’m not optimistic. Anal’s more your cup of bile, so sod off there!

    I believe he drinks metho.

    Or piss.

    Well, I’m sure he does a lot of the latter into the wind, Migs. That’s probably why he’s confined to a darkened corner of some fetid basement, his co-workers can’t stand the reek from his poor judgement.

    But I’m being a bit sexist, s/he could easily be a Slagabella clone. Sounds foul enough! I wonder if s/he has a fondness for wealthy, elderly lawyers with Alzheimer’s and access to a potting shed on a farm?

    Migs @12.07am, probably one of Liealot’s discarded cycling socks. The stench gives it away. lol

    BSA Bob, @12.18am, wouldn’t that mean prying his smugglers off him?

    Min @9.47am, well what good PM doesn’t reward excellence in their team? The PM is fortunate that she has so many talented people to reward for their talent and hard work and the nous to give them an opportunity for more experience at senior levels.

    Not only does this PM encourage and formulate good policy, she has an eye to the future by giving up-and-comers a chance to gain valuable experience as well as refreshing her Ministerial team.

    Of course, she is in the enviable position of having a wealth of talented, hard working and committed people to choose from, unlike Liealot who is surrounded by hacks bereft of talent and ideas.

    Roxon is ideal for AG, antonyG and as Tom R says, Shorten is built for Industrial Relations.

    I hope Garrett isn’t shoved onto the back bench. I have a lot of time and respect for him; he copped an undeserved battering over the Insulation scheme and has proved to be a pretty good performer in Parliament, from what I’ve seen and is making a good fist of his current portfolio.

  18. Jane, The rumours are that Garrett will retain his portfolio. Same as yourself, I’ve always felt a little sorry for Garrett being made to be the fall guy for the non-bungled Insulation scheme.

  19. Min @12.11pm, yes. I’ve just read that Garrett will hold his position. I’m very pleased that he will continue his work. I really like him.and think he was well and truly made the fall guy for the non-bungled HIP.

  20. Here we go…

    First priority is jobs, and the economy is changing so there are new opportunities such as clean energies – so Greg Combet Minister for Innovation and Industry, plus retains Clean Energy.

    Chris Evans to work alongside Combet – Minister for Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science & Research.

    Arbib – Assistance Treasurer and Minister for Small Business

    Greg Combet will work with Kim Carr – Minister for Manufacturing and Defence Materiel

    Shorten – Minister for Workplace Relations – Minister for Financial Services and Superannuation

    Brendan O’Connor – Education, vital to equity as a nation – will work with Peter Garrett. Decided to strengthen early childhood, plus will take over Human Servies.

    Plibersek – Health portfolio Mark Butler – aged care

    Jenny Macklin – development of a national Disability Scheme – title is now Disabilities Reform

    Robert McClelland – natural disasters – homelessness – Minister for Emergency Management

    Roxon – Attorney-General – first woman in the nation’s history.

    Outer Ministry:

    Jason Clare – Minister for Home Affairs and Justice

    Mike Kelly – Defence, assisting Steven Smith

    Apologies for typos and any inaccuracies….

  21. Looks like a pretty good team. Kim Carr still in the ministry, so no ruffled feathers there. And I believe he’s been doing a good job.

  22. Duh, again from Sky a very twee comment..what is a Minister for Natural Disasters going to do in between natural disasters… 🙄

  23. I’ve been caught up in all these machinery of government changes and will be moving. Don’t know when. Don’t know where. But it’s business as usual.

  24. Excellent news, mental health becomes part of ministry instead of the outer ministry. Sky is trying to spin it for Abbott, that Tony has more money on the table for this.

  25. I am somewhat amused about the non-story about Peter Garrett, that he was supposed to be out but that Gillard wanted to keep him and so he’s stayed.

  26. On the subject of Garrett, Sky are about to have a fit of the vapours..they actually complimented Garrett…what a great job that he has done in the Education portfolio.

  27. OMG, Tony Abbott fluffed his lines during an interview..his eyes went distinctly crazy!! True!!! He then exited stage right…

  28. Min
    i just love those exit stage right interviews. Is there footage, will it be on you tube, or even the News tonight?

  29. Min what were the lines
    tactic toxic
    faceless women
    a good government

    was there more than a 3 word slogan

    In an interview I saw with Tony, his mouth was agreeing about something or other but the head movements were indicating No. Back to the test interviews for toned Tony, the muscles of the head say No, he has no heart for anything else..

  30. Sue, Abbott added that this is the team he took to the last election and so it’s the team that he will take to the next election..yawnn….

    Also confirmed no conscience vote for gay marriage, because marriage is between a man and a woman and it’s all about families. I was waiting for him to break out into a few biblical quotations.

  31. Abbott the utter hypocrite on show again, and I was disappointed that not single journalist picked him up on it.

    He went on about Gillard rewarding the “faceless” men who got her into power, but he overlooked the fact he rewarded those who got him into power with a reshuffle of the shadow ministry on gaining the leadership.

  32. Min, speaking of yawns, I see that another blog site has been having a go at me for deleting comments. Me thinks that one of those critics knows exactly what those comments contained.

    If they’d expect me not to delete the filth they posted then they are truly of a sick mind. Only a person of a sick mind would write that disgusting filth anyway.

  33. Mobius, and also let’s not forget that a number of people who Julia ‘rewarded’, just so happen to be female..however the tag ‘faceless women’ doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. Hang on love, while I put on some lippy. 😀

  34. Migs, this will be the first time that you have ever deleted any comments on this blog. And that is the truth. And those who do not like the truth about quite a number of things are poor sad souls indeed. Pity them in their anger, that’s the best that can be said.

  35. Miglo
    thanks for keeping the site filth free. it is bad enough with some of the comments anyway. and thanks to Min for highlighting their other names. once read forever passed by.

  36. Thanks Min/Sue.

    There’s not a blog site in the world that wouldn’t have deleted those comments. But apparently I’m not allowed to. Go figure.

    Now they’re going on that I’m not meant to be blogging. Again, go figure.

    What a sad little community of rejects they make.

    They certainly do belong in a rat infested gutter.

    Now, if I can be frank and say something that most of the blogosphere would just love to hear – Fuck off.

  37. Hey, el gordo has left…

    I’ve just noticed CW is no longer on the blog roll ….good move blogmaster.

    Oh dear, and we all did our best to indulge her too…

  38. Reb thinks we’re being paranoid. Nah, just concerned with his health. A person who can be a nasty little prick like that for such prolonged periods clearly needs help.

    Is there a psychiatrist in the house? Tasmania beckons.

  39. Oh dear, it’s almost cruel at times. El gordo says that she now visits Larvatus Prodeo..umm err, you mean Mark Bahnisch who is a friend, plus a member of Migs’ Facebook group, Australians for an Honest Media. 🙄

  40. Something I have been guilty of but rarely done, but still something I don’t personally like, is the cross posting of what others are saying or flaming in blog flame wars.

    In this case I’m specifically pointing out about posting what el gordo is doing at GT.

    If you want to inflame blog wars then go ahead and highlight what flaming is going on elsewhere, otherwise it’s wiser to leave it alone and ignore it.

  41. Mobius Ecko,
    This is just my opinion but I think that if another blog is running this blog down, then it’s fair enough that the people here are entitled to have their say.

  42. I’m specifically talking about highlighting what someone is saying on another blog as a personal put down/attack, not the general points on what is being stated in denigration of one blog against another or in defence of a blog.

  43. Möbius, to fill you in, someone from Gutter Trash tried to post some very offensive material here. By making it public, I am hoping to have it stopped. It has not only been directed at me, but also Jane of all people.

    I know who that person is now. He will be surprised.

  44. Miglo:

    “Besides, I’m taking the dog for a walk.”


    “I hope that the dog doesn’t die on the way Migs”.

    Gee, and I’m the “nasty little prick?”

    For the benefit of Mobius and others, I just had to have my dog put down today.

    Nice work Min.

  45. “someone from Gutter Trash tried to post some very offensive material here”

    Well why don’t you just say who it is then rather than ramp up all this BS??

  46. Bitter? No.

    Reb writes @ 6.26pm People who obviously have nothing else going on in their post menopausal miserable bitchy little lives.

    Always these ongoing sexist comments..you just can’t help yourself can you. Who is the bitter one?

  47. The same person who calls you Johnny Farnham in spite of knowing that you had to take time off due to coming out of remission from Lupus.

  48. Reb, just go away please. This is a better place without the gutter team.

    You had been put in moderation here, but I see your new email address allowed you to get through. How sloppy of me.

  49. King arthur aka Tony aboot, aka, aka, aka. Give up. Your comments keep getting caught up in Pending. Even though you are now trying it by posting from a different email address, sorry..bad luck…

  50. Reb has been put on the banned list (again) and normal transmission has resumed.

    For the record I’m very saddened about the loss of his dog. I truly am. It’s just hard to feel sorry for him.

  51. Back onto my topic…has Michelle Grattan gone to the dark side of the force. I could not agree less with her. There is nothing messy about this reshuffle at all. Ever since Combet and Shorten came into Parliament, they have been the obvious choices for promotion. Roxon, brilliant as Health Minister and now Attorney-General – likewise Plibersek certainly deserved her promotion.

    This is a very messy reshuffle that Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced. She looks like a leader operating from a position of weakness, and she has reinforced negative impressions about her government, despite the fact that some of the people she has elevated will be strong communicators.


  52. And the inflammation escalates.

    Adrian, like you, I am really disappointed with “all the players” in this sorry saga …

    My retirement came alive with, Tim Dunlop’s Blogocracy, and I suggested the name Blogocrats when he “moved on” … I’ve suffered arsholes and magic for the last six years … and made many friends …

    … for the last six months I’ve suffered sorrow at watching my “virtual” and real life friends (and adversaries) from Blogocracy, Blogocrats, Gutter Trash and Cafe Whispers (that’s in order of appearance BTW) tear themselves apart …

    I <ASK for a moratorium from a ALL my friends …please stop this childish nonsense!

    Any hurt I may have caused in the “backwash” I sincerely apologise for …

    We came together with a common goal … to help to defeat John Howard & The Private School Bullies … we did that … but “stroking” the present government’s mistakes doesn’t help …

    … and personal attacks from BOTH blogs is limiting the interaction of “lurkers” and posters whomay just post the “gem”!

    As “long term” readers of CW and GT know I’m a long term ALP supporter … … however I will always criticise incompetence managing my country …

    … whoever has the benches …

    I DO NOT want to see Abbot & The Inquisition charge …

  53. Min,
    Thank you so much for putting up this topic and for your updates this morning. I believe that I read it here before it was even put up online.

    Might I add that I am particularly thrilled about the promotion of Nicola Roxon to Attorney-General. I know that it’s not particularly politically correct these days to say, well done, she is a woman and it’s wonderful to see women promoted, but one cannot but feel pride in women having achieved this high status when only a few years ago there were none.

  54. It looks like a very good and timely reshuffle. There were a great many bills past in the last year that are now entering the settling in stage.

    It is exciting to see so many talented women in this cabinet.

    I cannot see any that have not earned their promotions.

    Those who have been moved sideways, are people who have been in the government for a long time.

    The PM appears to be bringing about a welcome generational change. This is as it should be.

    Different skills are needed for this stage.

    We have moved on from such things as climate change.

    The government is now looking at uranium sales and same gender marriage as the next challenges.

    The government is moving on, it is a pity that Mr. Abbott cannot do the same.

  55. TB, this blog will forever be a site that is against Abbott. He must never get to lead this country.

    As for the wars, might I suggest a word be had in the ears of reb, ToM and King Rat. It’s odd that they can attack me and this site relentlessly yet any hint of a retaliation is called a war.

    This is a great site and I’m proud of the good people it attracts. Unfortunately it also attracts a bad element, as has been displayed by one of the trio I have mentioned in the form of the disgusting and offensive comments they have tried to post.

    I don’t care what they do or say at the gutter. I just ask that they leave it there. This is a blog site, not a front bar.

  56. Cu, I agree absolutely. And thank you Nimue, I typed as fast as I could, apologies for any errors or omissions. I am pleased that the information was useful.

    And of course both Combet and Shorten are in parliament because of the efforts of Kevin Rudd. As per my topic, Howard failed to renew and Abbott is exactly the same. In fact Abbott has promised that his team will be the exact same team to contest the election in 2 years time..not exactly a great way to encourage a will to do better if you are a Liberal, knowing that the old guard are safely araldited to their seats.

  57. TB, you know exactly how nasty those three can be, and it looks like you can add el gordo to the list.

    You know damn well we try to run things smoothly here. You know damn well we’ve got a great team of people.

    I’m just trying to keep it that way. If those nasty types don’t like their toes trodden on well it’s too bad for them.

    Here’s a secret. We don’t like the crap they throw at us either.

    I’m simply speaking my mind, just as you are.

  58. One final point, TB. Anybody who says that the Café is always attacking the gutter is both a two-faced liar and a sympathy seeking sook.

    We rarely even mention the name of that dump here. Yet go over there and count the number of attacks at us from reb, ToM, King Rat and now el gordo.

    If you care to, you’ll soon see who’s spreading the bullshit.

  59. Am I missing something here. I thought that this thread was about Gillard’s new cabinet and somehow it’s now something about how somebody’s dog has died. Sympathies for the dog. Somewhere there is place up in doggy heaven. Good now can we move on.

  60. Thanks for that list, Cu.

    Do you want to know what I don’t like about these portable devices, such as iPads? You can’t keep away from them, that’s what.

    Once when the computer was turned off that was it for the night. Now I’m in bed and I just happen to reach for the iPad to see what’s happening in the world and next thing you know I’m blogging again.

  61. But I can’t. 😦

    I listen to podcasts at night.

    Tonight it’s Pure Poison. Last night Mysterious Universe. Tomorrow night part 20 of the history of WW2.

    And over the weekend I’ll catch up on the wine videos. 🙂

  62. Congratulations Nicola Roxon.

    Unions, law and taking on Big Tobacco

    Roxon has set about fulfilling her potential with an unorthodox mix of the law, the union movement and since 1998, hard-working Labor MP and minister.

    Sydney-born but Melbourne-raised, she is one of three sisters brought up by her mother Lesley, after their father Jack died when she was 10. Her father was a one-time smoker, and his death from oesophageal cancer has had a profound impact as she has taken on Big Tobacco and pushed ahead with plain-packaging of cigarettes.

    Gillard yesterday singled out this fight as one Roxon would continue as attorney-general.

    Go get ’em Nicola.

  63. According to the headline from the OO, it’s that Roxon says no to a Bill of Rights. However, I doubt that it’s quite as simple as that. Roxon has mooted looking at Australia becoming a republic which would need (possibly) a brand new Constitution. I think that this is how Roxon would be tackling the issue.

    NICOLA Roxon, who will be sworn in as the nation’s first female attorney-general, plans to toughen anti-discrimination laws, promote human rights and reignite the debate on Australia becoming a republic.


  64. The Murdoch influence in the language of the ABC this morning. Stephen Conroy please note
    “The authority of the PM has been challenged this morning…..
    Only one minister forced out ……blah blah blah
    She has promoted those that support her …..”

    I forget,but did Howard have to prove his authority in a reshuffle or have to force someone out or is this another thing the little woman has prove she can do.

    Still I didn’t hear any faceless men comments, still the day has only begun

  65. Sue at 10.26
    I am so very very sick of everything Gillard does as being portrayed as desperate scheming to retain a tenuous hold on power, internal or external.
    I was wondering along the same lines, I think once upon a time a cabinet reshuffle was reported as such, with only minimal sideline speculation on the internal politics. Cheer up, this is probably a temporary problem & PM Abbott won’t have to suffer the same thing.

    Min at 10.30
    I said something like that a few days ago. No doubt others have as well.
    Continuing the media tradition of making themselves the issue, I note the emergence of the “so called” faceless men line. Giving the dual option of disclaiming-“it ‘aint me babe, just quoting what others’ve said” & lots of speculative stuff on “how did this situation come about?”

    The whole “faceless men” thing is yet another of the “indulgences” granted by the media to themselves & Abbott. It’s a standard, Pavlovian line now.

  66. Grumblings in Abbott’s shadow ministry as his junior ministers have realised on the back of Abbott’s statement, he will never change his cabinet unless there is a retirement. They have discovered under Abbott they will go nowhere and can never be promoted or get ahead in his ministry, no matter how talented or beneficial they are to the party or parliament.

  67. Mobius at 11.20
    This is an example of a curious position of Abbott’s. At the moment he seems fixated on the idea of changing nothing no matter what, presumably an over egging of the meme that Gillard flips & flops.
    If you see Tony, you could ask him why, having faced an election with a policy of neutrality toward the sovereign state of Iraq, he & his party backflipped & invaded the place.

  68. Well Min he must have junior members who think they are talented enough to be promoted or at least move within the Coalition as the ABC news snippet distinctly stated that there are grumblings from Abbott’s junior ministers about his statement of no change unless there’s a retirement.

    I bet he’s now calling them all up and telling them he was only bullshitting for the media so as to attack Gillard.

    Either way it again proves what a terrible leader Abbott is.

  69. My two bobs worth.

    Firstly, as I do not know the whole truth, from any of this, therefore I am not taking sides and speaking from my own experiences and not anyone elses.

    Reb : I am very sorry for the loss of your dog, I too will be heartbroken when Riley eventually goes and totally understand your grief. You have my deepest sympathies.

    TB: It has saddened me as well, to see the two sites, that I had grown to look forward to each and every day, (with opinions and differing viewpoints, challenging my own beliefs) slowly descend into vitriol and hatred. You know my decision to leave GT was nothing to do with Reb or content as I find some of Rebs work brilliant and at times hilarious and have praised him for the same. It was the personal tone and personal snide remarks. I enjoy a challenge, but not a baiting exercise or condescending inuendos.

    TB: I hope you would comment here more regularly as I genuinely miss your input but that choice is yours.

    I will remain with CW, even though we disagree at times ( and it is good to disagree) on issues and Min ( as much as I think the world of her) and I have also disagreed, on many occasions, and again only the other week. But we treat each other with respect, put up our veiwpoints and stand our ground or relent, all with no need to be condescending or name calling. That is true debate.

    I think of these sites, as debating teams, from my school years where you have the for and against, where personal attacks and condescending remarks to denigrate a debater were unacceptable. Only the issue at hand was debated with facts and logic and at times some corny comments.

    I know that there can be some nastiness here at times as well, but it has never been directed to me personally at CW and that is why I stay and I hope it will continue. I also hope that my input is appreciated even if it is not always agreed with. Different opinions is what makes a site exciting and challenging.

    Sometimes, we need to take a deep breath and try to repair damage, that at times has been inflicted, with the niggling influence and coercion and tattle tales of others. I just thought that type of thing was left behind once we became adults.

    End of my two bobs worth.

  70. Yes indeedy, those poor liberals would have a lot to think about. They’d know that Abbott’s only bullshitting at the moment, but what this means is that, just like Howard, their advancement is entirely subject to the whims of their leader.
    I suspect Prissy Chrissy & Greg Hunt tumbled to the basics of this a while ago.
    Will this stuff ever get wide coverage?
    Agreed, Min, that there’s no talent there anyway.
    Another example, really, of just how much Abbott’s allowed to get away with.

  71. Thank you Mobius, I can honestly say that I cannot think of one single person on Abbott’s team who immediately comes to mind as worthy of promotion. In fact, I doubt if I could name any whatsoever.

    To me Abbott runs his party equivalent to John Howard, that nobody even on his own team should ever receive recognition lest that person take the attention away from one JW Howard.

    The only time I can recall is when Howard was using Turnbull as a way of pointing the rude finger to Costello. But that could hardly be categorised as ‘recognition’, just using the person for his own ends.

  72. Min at 11.50
    Howard always made sure he had an aspirant , but kept him well under control. Costello, Reith & Turnbull come to mind. Having one meant they could keep a lid on anybody else coming up, if there were two they could be played off against each other. Abbott doesn’t tolerate anyone, but it’s unremarked.

  73. Pip

    Thank you.


    I enjoy debating Neil and have agreed with him on occasions as he well knows, I just find the labelling tedious.

    I would hope that others who disagree also comment here, with conviction and facts, not with labelling and political name calling of the others here.

    Anyway, moving on as well 🙂

  74. Shane, I would like to concur with Migs and Pip. We have engaged in spirited debates but you have always treated everyone here with the utmost respect and have always encouraged others to do likewise. I likewise dislike labelling and name calling, tolerate it at times but as for yourself find it tedious when it becomes continuous.

  75. Conroy, that the Nationals have called for fibre to the home for 50% of homes. The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

  76. Some confused messages from Phillip Coorey in this one..

    One moment it’s:

    This reshuffle is clunky. It took a long time to organise and by the time it was announced virtually all of it had leaked. That is symptomatic of all not being well.

    But then it’s…

    Strapping disability reform to Jenny Macklin’s portfolio duties was also a clear message Gillard wants real progress next year in establishing a national disability insurance scheme.

    Jobs, education and skills, all hitched to the rapidly transforming economy, were her other key pitches and giving Greg Combet industry on top of climate change shows the government wants to start promoting the economic benefits of a price on carbon.

    That certainly doesn’t sound “clunky” to me, but rather well organised and well planned.


  77. Shane, I actually like Neil. I’d still like to know who he is though, given that he has admitted to being a sock puppet.

    Is he one of us? I don’t think so.

  78. Seems the reshuffle was going to well for the media and getting too much positive press, so on the back of the grumblings coming out of Abbott’s shadow ministry now come the stories of disunity, reshuffling bumbling and Labor ministers threatening to quit within the disorganised Gillard government.

    The right wing media in this country, and the ABC has been at it as well, certainly aren’t anything if not predicable. The moment noised of disquiet come out of Abbott’s camp out come his rear guard media to attack Gillard and the government in a series of look over there.

    And another lose/lose for the government is manufactured and then reported across the media.

  79. With thanks to Mark Bahnisch (LP) for recommending the link:

    On Plibersek,

    So, what do we know about the Member for Sydney? It’s clear that she is likely to have a broad perspective on health that ranges beyond health services. As a shadow minister, she covered the portfolios of childcare, work and family, women, youth, and human services and housing. As a Minister, she has held the portfolios of Housing, the Status of Women, Human Services, and Social Inclusion.


  80. ME

    I agree with the right wing media comments but arn’t Crikey also being critical of the reshuffle ?

    I personally would have thought it better to end the year on the high Julia seemed to be getting, rather than give any media an opportunity to find fault with decisions made right at the end of the year.

  81. AntonyG. That’s a minimum of 50% fibre to the home for rural homes. The government is guaranteeing a minimum of 70% for rural homes.

    As Conroy said at the Press Club, this is now the third concurrent position the opposition are holding on broadband policy for Australia, and each is diametrically opposed to the others.

    Conroy also made the pertinent point that under the government’s NBN it doesn’t matter where you are in Australia, the middle of the city or the remotest spot, you will pay the same under the NBN. Turnbull’s scheme has rural and remote broadband users paying so much more he is proposing giving them vouchers as compensation. Abbott’s different proposal will compensate no one, which appears to be the same for the Nationals different proposal.

  82. Pip

    Difficult reshuffle, difficult 2012 for Abbott more likely if he reads about Gillard’s agenda
    “Ms Gillard nominated the economy, a clean energy future, jobs, health, mental health, disability, ageing and social inclusion as 2012 priorities for the government “

  83. I’m pretty hohum about the cabinet reshuffle. It seems to me that Gillard has given a number of people some “light” reading over the long break. Judging on the past year, there is usually a strategy when Gillard does something a bit out of left field like this.

    By the same token – Howard did a number of reshuffles over the years – while a number of them were to remove someone that failed Howard’s low standards of compliance with morals, ethics and standards, some had other purposes. Regardless I can’t remember millions of litres of printers ink (or a similar amount of electrons) being wasted attempting to second guess how, why and what.

  84. Shane @2.59pm, indeed Bernard Keane has been very critical of this reshuffle.


    Keane makes the point that it’s all about the timing, that Gillard should have ended the year on a high instead of giving the MSM a reason to criticise her. But then the new people will need time to settle into their new roles before the recommencement of Parliament, so there is a certain amount of practicality about the timing also.

    I disagree with Keane about it being all about ‘rewarding’ Shorten and Arbib – in fact Keane then goes on to contradict himself by stating “Shorten will do a better job in industrial relations than Chris Evans. Shorten has improved in parliament since he was first promoted into the ministry…”.

    IF it’s only about rewards, why is it that Shorten is estimated to do a better job? The comment from Keane would only make sense if the person ‘rewarded’ wasn’t a suitable appointment, and Shorten clearly is.

  85. Well well, haven’t you lot given me a bit of reading to do, here and other sites.

    Shane has summed it up perfectly. Some of the comments here were what I’d consider out of character for this site, but I don’t know the full story so I can’t make judgement.

    El gordo was particularly disappointing with what she said elsewhere. I’ve always enjoyed engaging with her but it seems she was just taking us for a ride. I guess I was just wasting my time, as were we all and as was she.

    As for the comments made by people elsewhere, well, I don’t know them that well so they don’t concern me. The only blogs I take an interest in are here and TPS. Nothing’s changed there.

    Keep up the good work I’m accustomed to by moving on.

  86. Mobius Ecko,
    It would seem that the Opposition’s NBN plan, is as cobbled together as are their policies on workplace relations and climate change plans.

  87. Min

    I didn’t think along the lines of reward more along the lines of having a break while the polls were showing improvement and the discussion wa sleaning more to a negative Tony Abbott. I think Julia should have just taken a holiday and worried about the rest next year.

  88. Antony G
    Cobbled together because they have no heart/ energy/drive to push Abbott’s agenda and no reason to develop any, their jobs are safe.

    A tired and a content opposition front bench with no demands asked of them by their leader.or their back benchers.

    The holidays are fast approaching and the opposition is content to put their feet up, satisfied with their polling and media support.

  89. Shane, difficult to ascertain isn’t it. Perhaps Gillard believed that the government might have received substantial positive publicity for the promotion of Roxon and Plibersek. Maybe wise in hindsight.

  90. shaneinqld

    I disagree, the Gillard government has still a lot to implement, Just because there is Xmas does not mean government stops. Disasters such as tsunami, cyclones, floods and fires have all happened during this time. The war in Afghanistan does not stop, the European financial turmoil rolls. So as
    Gillard now has the time to start with a new team, now is the best time for ministers to get the briefings before parliament returns.

  91. Sue,
    I agree with you. Where is the incentive for Abbott’s team when he has made it plain that all those in their current positions will be staying there for the duration irrespective of performance. I suspect as has been mentioned here that Abbott isn’t interested in performance anyway just on winning.

  92. Pip @3.56pm OMG the poor little kiddies. Obviously any who express faux outrage haven’t been in a primary school playground during recess. Conroy did apologise.

  93. Addendum, on thinking about it..exactly right Pip. How many preschoolers are going to be sitting watching the National Press Club….

  94. More example of the lose/lose for the government across just about all news bulletins this afternoon.

    Reporters: “Prime Minister Gillard, were there ministers threatening to quit if they were demoted.”

    PM: “No.”

    News Bulletins: “The Prime Minister who expected to end the year on a high because of her reshuffle has ended the year defending her muddled reshuffle.”

    Really, what the fuck media?

    How the hell did you get that out of “No”, to a stupid question you asked in the first place that can only have “yes”, “no” or be ignored as an answer?

    If she had done the normal pollie thing at which Howard was a master and played with words whilst not answering they would have said she was defending her reshuffle by not directly answering.

    If she had said “yes”, they would have said she was defending her reshuffle.

    If she had done an Abbott and walked away without answering she would be defending her reshuffle by ignoring the media questions.

    She says “no” and she’s defending her reshuffle.

    There was no way she could have gotten any other outcome from the media not matter what she said or did.

  95. Shane,
    If I might add here, mostly the government is damned if they do and damned if they don’t. For the best part of the year there has been little else about real and/or imaginary leadership challenges from Kevin Rudd.

    The tactics were quite transparent for anyone with half a brain, Abbott wanted Rudd gone and he didn’t want either Combet or Shorten promoted and so started on a last minute smear campaign against Shorten.

    One thing that Tony Abbott did not do was to attack Roxon or Plibersek, but maybe it was because he had been advised that it was a bad look to start attacking females. Abbott has definitely lost out every time that he has tried to take on Roxon.

  96. Mobius, I think Sue posted this somewhere earlier today; have your say 🙂


    It’s official! Bias exists within the Australian media and it’s endangering the ability of politicians and the public to engage in important policy debates.

    After an exhaustive review, the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism (ACIJ) has released research showing news coverage of the carbon price debate in Rupert Murdoch’s News Limited papers had negative coverage outweigh positive coverage by 82% to 18%.1

    But with this research confirming what we always suspected, there could be some light at the end of the tunnel: after 11 years of John Hartigan, a new News Limited CEO, Kim Williams, has just started. With a new CEO, News Limited has the chance to turn over a new leaf.

    The ACIJ report is a stark reminder of why Newsstand and your involvement are necessary. Let’s take a look at just how unbalanced coverage of the climate change debate was:

    News Limited – the company that controls most Australian metropolitan newspapers, and The Australian – had a 4 times more negative coverage than positive coverage of the carbon price debate.

    11% of news and features quoted no source and 30% of the rest quoted only one source, not testing claims about the likely impact of the carbon policy against the views of other sources.

    Bluescope Steel was quoted 71 times. This was more than the number of times all NGOs and scientists combined.

    The Australian used ‘tax’ in 44% of stories and only ‘price’ in 11% of cases.

  97. Rather than treating the symptoms of the media’s ills, it’s time to start focusing on solutions at the source. This is a unique opportunity to tell News Limited’s new CEO it’s time to break from the past and provide Australians with news that’s fair and balanced:


    Newsstand was launched to help bring fairness and accuracy back to Australian news. When newspapers print fiction, we’ll respond with facts. When television shows trade in hypocrisy and hysteria, we’ll hold them to account. And when media do the right thing, we’ll do right by them.

    Start today by encouraging News Limited to do the right thing as they begin this new phase with a new CEO.

    Thanks for bringing back balance,
    Aaron, for the NewsStand team

  98. It is a big news days. Looking at Capitol Hill, they start off with the amazing news that a couple of ministers did not like losing their job. That is amazing.

    There does not appear to be any evidence that they threatened to resign. That is an insult to the ministers named.

    There is no denial by the PM or the ministers, that they were disappointed. There was also evidence that those involved are intending to accept the PM’s decision and get on with the job.

    It has been made clear that they were being replaced because there are better able to do the job from now on.

    In all the criticism, there does not appear to be any that say those promoted do not have the skill to do the job.

    It appears that the PM has problem in having too many with ability.

    The PM has also not been afraid to promote those who could down the line, challenge her for PM.

    It does appear to be a case of having the best people for the job.

    I do like the ideas that the Minister responsible for disasters is within the inner cabinet. The role should not only be about disasters as they occur. it should also be about prevention and alleviation of damage done in future calamities. It is too late to do much when the fires are blazing or the water breaks the banks.

    There i also much to be done, to ensure that insurers provide policies that meet the needs of were people live.

    Yes, the PM did a good job yesterday.

    The PM has once again shown she is not afraid to take on difficult endeavours.

  99. I would like to add, the PM should be congratulated for not sacking everyone when she first became PM.

    She has waited for the appropriate time to create a ministry that represents what she intends for the next two years.

    The last year has been occupied with trying up loose ends and putting policy that was all ready in th pipeline to bed.

    The PM has kept her word to the Greens and Independents.

    The poker legislation and MRRT are the last policies to be bedded down.

    The PM has been given opportunity to back off the Poker Bill , but has chosen not to do so. The Greens still intend to toughen up the MRRT but are unlikely to succeed.

    Mainly I believe that it was also Labor policy arising from the Productivity Report on Poker machines and the damage they do to the economy.

    Can anyone tell me what policies the PM agreed to with the Greens and Independents, that were not already Labor policies.

    Maybe the priorities might have been a little different.

  100. That was funny Min, but he lost me at:-

    The levy provided an opportunity for the Opposition to remind people of the policy disgraces of 2010, with the Home Insulation Scheme being the key reference point.

    Their ‘made-up stuff’ is so old they believe it. The report on the Home Insulation Scheme tells a different story but who, in the media, read it?

  101. Oh dear, this is getting ridiculous.

    After doing some lurking I feel that my good name needs to be defended.

    Yesterday I took my dog for a walk , which I announced I was going to do which would be my reason for dropping out of the discussion at the time.

    It rained on Sunday and rain was forecast for today, so yesterday after work was my best opportunity.

    Now I’m condemned – viciously – for saying that to have a go at reb.

    Reb, I’m not that sick. I stated here last night that I was very sorry to hear that your dog had died, and I genuinely meant that. I too have an unwell dog (that is keeping me broke and the vet rich). Why on earth would I want to ridicule someone who just suffered a loss – which I will soon suffer too.

    Now how about dropping it.

    That’s all I’m going to say on the issue.

    Speaking of dogs, I get my Pomeranians from a breeder in Bathurst. Charges a fortune but still far less than a pet shop.

  102. Cu, beautifully summarised.

    And Pip, I agree. But then Jack does write for the OO and so he has to toe the Murdoch line..unfortunately…

    That is so very very right..if you say something over and over and often enough you hope that eventually people will believe that it’s the truth.

  103. Min/Pip, one would expect that if people hold to gospel what the media say then it’s fair to suggest they are complete idiots. The old saying: “Is that the truth or did you read it in the paper?” holds as much merit now as the day it was coined.

  104. Min, I don’t think most of the journalists properly heard or read anything the
    Prime Minister has announced for the last year and a bit.

    All they seem to do is find a few words for their ‘hook’ and away they go
    making up stuff, or leaving out information that the public ‘has a right to know’.

    They’ve mis-represented the Carbon Pricing and emissions trading scheme announcement before the election.

    They’ve mis-represented the results of the inquiry into the Home Insulation Scheme.

    They’ve mis-represented the results of the Orgill Report on the BER.

    They’ve misrepresented the success of the GFC stimulus package, and failed completely to scrutinise the comments and claims by the Coalition on all those subjects and many others.

    They ignored the biggest scandal of the year; the Coalition’s lie to the electorate about the dodgy budget ‘costings’ assumptions, and the ensuing investigation and reprimand of the Coaltion’s accountants.

    With so many omissions the only conclusion to be drawn is that it is deliberate.

  105. Miglo at 7.21
    Flicking channels the other night, I had the luck to see a segment where a woman says “How do I know it was a lie? Because I read it in your newspaper.” It wasn’t identified.
    It was black & white footage, obviously from an old film & a film buff could’ve identified the actress I’m sure. But I don’t know what it’s from. Any ideas?

  106. Miglo
    Can’t do that, honest,cos it was just a segment on its own & I missed any intro there may have been. It didn’t come up on Google. I’ll have to watch more old movies.

  107. BSA Bob, there was a similar scene last week in “go Back Where You Came From”.

    The group was asked where they got information about asylum seekers, and one of the ‘go back’ types said, “from the media”.

  108. Thanks for the input folks. I’ve got a tape of Citzen Kane somewhere, I might dig it out & have a look in case it’s from that. Anyway, the exposure to culture will do me good even if the line’s not there.

  109. Pip
    You’ve got me, what’s “Wag the Dog”?

    What with all the effort people have gone to here, I suppose I bloody well will have to dig out C.K. & watch it. It’ll do me good, better than watching Channel 9 or ABC News.

  110. Miglo
    You’re not entirely blame free. This all started with your using that line.
    I just found the tape, can’t get round to it for a day or three.
    With all that exertion, I’m buggered. ‘night.

  111. Wag The Dog was brilliant. I can just see them splicing together Gillards ‘No Carbon Tax’ pledge(?) right now

  112. Apparently many scenarios in Wag the Dog were later played out in Bill Clinton’s life. For example, let’s bomb someone to take the heat off my private adventures.

  113. Sue

    I disagree with your disagreeance 🙂

    I think Julia should have waited until next year if she wished to announce any changes. There were some positive endings to the year and the reshuffle has simply given the Murdoch media another avenue to end the year with rumour and inuendo against the government.

    Julia not announcing a reshuffle until next year would have made absolutely no difference whatsoever to disasters or any other matters which arise while the politicians are on holidays. The services run, irrespective of bosses or ministers or scandals because the coalface people remain the same.

    I dislike the bias media as much as anyone else.

    The majority of the population are fed half baked stories and so called opinions. Allowing them to end the year with more half baked news and opinions over an issue that could have waited in my opinion was just a bad choice.

  114. Antony G
    If I might add here, mostly the government is damned if they do and damned if they don’t. For the best part of the year there has been little else about real and/or imaginary leadership challenges from Kevin Rudd.

    I totally agree but to give the media more ammunition at a time when they are already bias and creating rumours was simply fuel to the fire.

  115. There were some positive endings to the year and the reshuffle has simply given the Murdoch media another avenue to end the year with rumour and inuendo against the government.

    It’s probably 6 of one and half a dozen of the other.

    No matter when the reshuffle happens, it’s going to be canned. Maybe the best move is to start a new year without an impending bad news story ready made for the vultures.

    On the other hand, maybe it will leave a poor taste in voters mouths over the break.

    Personally, I reckon most are too caught up in the mad Christmas rush to really absorb it one way or another. On the upside, it will give the Government a fresh run into the new year, so I think it was probably best to do it now.

  116. I totally agree but to give the media more ammunition at a time when they are already bias and creating rumours was simply fuel to the fire.

    So the Government should remain inert, locked in the headlights of a threatening media?

    The Government is doing what it should, progressing its agenda at a timing of its own making, not the media’s (Although, as I alluded to, the media do come into consideration when making these decisions.)

  117. Tom, I tend to agree..sorry Shane 😉

    A reshuffle towards the end of the year, when everyone is having wind-down time, Xmas shopping, end of year events etc is precisely the right time. The new cabinet then returns at the beginning of next year already settled into their jobs.

    The MSM is yet again having another try at a Gillard/Rudd ‘poisonous relationship’, but I don’t see that many are very interested.

  118. It shouldn’t really matter when there is a reshuffle. It’s a Goernment decision and there’s alone. In making the decision why should they need to consider what the media thinks? What’s best for the country and what’s best for the media should be unrelated.

    As for giving the media more ammunition, let’s be real, whatever they do, the media will find fault in it. Remember the media attack on Garrett. It led to a reshuffle.

  119. Roswell, excellent point. We often complain that governments and oppositions are all poll-driven/focus group driven, yet here is the general public basing what is right or wrong purely on how the media might play it.

  120. Shane,
    “I totally agree but to give the media more ammunition”. However, when the media don’t have anything they go ahead and make it up anyway. To add to other comments here I think that the appointments have created some media interest and with the installation of the new cabinet today will be positive publicity for this government. And where is Tony Abbott hiding.

  121. New ammunition

    Mr Rudd, who was in New York yesterday, fanned the flames by lauding Senator Carr’s performance as minister for industry, innovation and science.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/reshuffle-exposes-internal-dissent-20111213-1ot85.html#ixzz1gSovMocP

    Complimenting somebody on performance is ‘fanning the flames’ 😯

    More ‘ammunition

    CRACKS are starting to appear within Labor as Julia Gillard’s new cabinet prepares to be sworn in.

    Former Industry Minister Kim Carr has defended his performance despite the public demotion.

    the change of portfolio was not of my choosing,” he said.

    “The recent reshuffle is not a reflection of our efforts or our achievements. We have worked hard and the Prime Minister has paid tribute to that.”

    Read more: http://www.news.com.au/top-stories/pms-new-ministry-to-be-sworn-in-today/story-e6frfkp9-1226221421544#ixzz1gSpFmQ5f

    Somebody saying that the PM had paid tribute to them is a sure sign of ‘cracks’ 😯

    Let’s hope they don’t have to ‘make shit up’ in order to continue to ‘write crap’ 😆

  122. Tom, it’s almost a foregone conclusion isn’t it..one single whiff of positive publicity and there they go again, irrational accusations with little if any substance.

  123. It’s interesting though, Rudd compliments Carr, it is ‘fanning the flames

    Gillard complements Carr, it is ‘cracks’

  124. AntonyG

    I agree they make crap up all the time, I just thought it would have been good (given the circumstances with media hostility) that any reshuffle happen in 2012.

    I doubt the media will find anything positive as they simply focus on the negative and rumours.


    Of course they will find something, they are out to get this Government. I just think a reshuffle next year after a period where nothing was happening would help solidify the positives.

    Tom R

    Regarding the Government doing what it should. No matter what any of us think there is timing issues as well and I think it was the wrong timing. Nothing about government being scared of the media, more about timing their announcement of a reshuffle.

  125. Bill Shorten is under attack from an old suspect and he hasn’t even been sworn in

    Wharf stoush reveals law’s flaws: Peter Reith

    A NEW industrial war on the nation’s waterfront has exposed anti-employer flaws in Labor’s Fair Work Act, former workplace minister Peter Reith says.
    Mr Reith, an old foe of the maritime union, today lauded waterfront employer Chris Corrigan as he took on took on the MUA once again.

    Reith and Corrigan don’t like FAIR WORK Australia. what a surprise !!

  126. Strikebreakers choppered in to Port Kembla

    The use of helicopters to ferry strikebreakers in and out of the docks at Port Kembla is an Australian first, the Maritime Union of Australia says.

    On Sunday, stevedoring company POAGS deployed approximately two dozen senior managers from Sydney, Melbourne and Wollongong to unload freighters while 130 workers went on strike.

    Peter Reith has been itching for a fight !

  127. New blood, new targets… hello 2012
    Greg Jericho


    Now a reshuffle always brings out the best of the political cliché writers. Blood will be spilt, the chairs on the Titanic will be rearranged, and of course the faceless men will be in charge. On this last one, I have somewhat of a secret wish that any journalist who uses the phrase “faceless men” except in the form of a quote will be punished by being forced to spend all eternity watching Bill Shorten’s media appearances. Calling folks like Shorten and Arbib faceless is like saying Mick Jagger was the quiet one of The Rolling Stones.

  128. I have glance through the news this morning. If it is to be believed, the biggest problem the PM has is Mr. Rudd, and whats more she has not addressed the problem.

    The second is that Mr. Conroy was forced to give a grovelling apology for a word that he left slip and apologise for immediately at the time.

    Now if the media is to be believe and these are the worse Labor is facing, they are lucky indeed.

    The biggest problem coming up for this country is productivity and the awakening of industry and it attack on Fair Work.

    Just watching Evans, he does not seem to believe he has been demoted.

    With this reshuffling, the PM has not been given credit for bringing on a generational change.

    It is a ministry for the future and design to cope with it’s need.

    It is ministry that will be able to cope well with what employers throw at them and also concentrate on our biggest need, productivity.

    The PM has a problem that Mr. Abbott will never have to face, that is getting rid of people who are performing well.

    Another day, another important government announcement on skill training.

  129. PS and it is exactly the right time to make the changes. The PM is drawing as line in the sand and moving on.

    Mr. Abbott is choosing to remain in the past.

  130. Cu, amazing isn’t it that the ‘biggest problems’ which the media can manufacture also happen to be some the government’s most proficient contributors. A mere coincidence..I think not.

    Just putting on my psychologist hat for a moment, one can easily detect the patterns of behaviour. These become extremely transparent..one only has to look at the data.

  131. Min, from Pips link, Greg Jericho sums it all up well

    You can do this fairly dispassionately if you like, or if you are The Daily Telegraph and you have no concerns about everyone knowing you hate Stephen Conroy, you can put his photo above a sign of “spared” even though there has been no suggestion by anyone anywhere that he was ever in danger of being moved or that he has failed in his portfolio. Ditto Martin Ferguson who fresh off a win at the ALP conference in getting uranium shipped off to India, the Tele suggests he is now “spared”?

    Spare me.

    Spare me too 😦

  132. The media are treating this like an AFL team’s delistings at the end of the season. Some players have been spared, where they thought they should have been dumped. Typically, the media only notice the players with flair.

  133. Sue, Abbott added that this is the team he took to the last election and so it’s the team that he will take to the next election..yawnn….

    Tried and true…….LOSERS, Min! Rofl

    It is remarkable that an ordinary feature of government such as a reshuffle has assumed such gargantuan and sinister proportions in the minds of the msm.

    You’d think no other PM or Premier in the history of the country, had ever reshuffled their ministers. You’d also think, if you gave the commentariat any credence, that to do so is a sign of a desperate, incompetent and floundering leader paralysed by *.

    *enter bullshit reason of your choice

    Oh dear, it’s almost cruel at times. El gordo says that she now visits Larvatus Prodeo.

    Spotted her while lurking, Min.

    Bloody hell. I can't leave for a minute to make sauce and all hell breaks loose! I do feel quite gratified that I can apparently cause trouble in an empty GT house. I never go there for any reason.

    Perhaps the Power Rangers will offer me spot. It seems that I have POWER EXTREME!

    Will this torture never end? My kids stopped watching that crap years ago and I still suffer PTSS from my exposure to it!

    Cu, Abbott hasn’t moved on since 1970.

    1970, Migs? I thought he was marooned in 1959. The sixties would have been far too racy for him, I woulda thought. 🙂 Besides, his political daddy hasn’t made it past Bill Haley. He still has the vapours if Elvis is mentioned.

    Actually, i should revise that statement, his political daddy hasn’t mentally made it to the 20th century. he’s still stuck in about 1870.

    Thank you and best wishes to Senator Nick Sherry after 21 years in the Senate

    Sentiments I echo, Pip. I think he’s served his sentence and deserves a well earned rest.

    ME, Liealot’s standard knee-jerk response to anything the government does as always, is predictably childish and irresponsible and yet another insult to the people who vote for the Liars Party.

    Sadly, a lot of Liars Party voters just don’t get that they’re being well and truly short changed by this bunch of talentless grubs

    And not just Liars Party voters, the entire country is being short changed by this lack lustre bunch of naysayers. Where are their policy makers and members whose idea of a debate doesn’t mean just saying NO or assuming a contrary position to the government?

    Unfortunately, Liealot’s tactics have infected the entire Liars Party and as long as their cheerleaders in the msm continue to endorse the policy vacuum and sterility of their position, there is no incentive to change. They think they’ll just coast to election victory.

    I hope the AJIC finding of bias (82% negative:18% positive in the climate debate) in Rupert’s Rags might lead to some sensible media reporting. The first thing they should do, imo, is to kick the Liars hard up the backside with some steel caps.

    However, despite the change of cold dead hands in Rupertia, I won’t hold my breath waiting for balanced, accurate and truthful political reporting, although I dashed off my email yesterday, foolish optimist that I am.

    How many preschoolers are going to be sitting watching the National Press Club

    They’d be glued to the TV watching it in their squillions, Min! I’m sure it rates very highly in tot world. Much better than that silly Sesame Street. 😀

    CU @6.30pm 13/12, wot Min said @7.02pm. That should be the sort of stuff coming from the msm, not the idiotic pap we’re currently forced to endure.

    Pip @7.36pm 13/12, I think the only accurate reportage is people’s names and even then I’m not sure!

    shane, I agree with Tom R @10.15am, and Min. Even if they didn’t have the bones of the reshuffle to lie about, they would have invented another line of bullshit about an imminent Rudd challenge for the leadership or some other “look over there!”

    I think Gillard is doing exactly the right thing. She’s setting the agenda, not the msm. She knows that whatever she does, they won’t give her any credit, so she’s obviously decided that she doesn’t give a flying f*ck about what they say.

    In a way, their carping negativity has liberated the PM. She knows she won’t win any popularity contests, no matter how incompetent, stupid, lazy, inept or mendacious Liealot and the Liars Party is, so she’s free to go for it on her own terms.

    And hasn’t she been outstanding?

    Tom R @11.39am, cracking flames or flaming cracks?

    Pip @12.46pm, Greg Jericho certainly cracks it. (Or should it be flames it? Or flames the cracks? Or cracks the flames?)

  134. Jane, and others. it is correct, if his mentor was Santa Maria, and I assume Michael Baume, one has to go back to the late 50’s and early sixties.

    Used to think they were wonderful myself, but luckily I grew up and realise how stupid I was.

    What amazes me that someone so much younger than I being rooted in the same era.

    Now I know Mr. Keating was admirer of Lang, but this was when Lang was a very old man.

    All I can say is that Mr. Abbott stopped growing and developing when in early adolescent.

    Once again he had a press conference attempting to stir up trouble with Thompson and Mr. Rudd. Had a clear run talking but once again walked away when questions began.

  135. Jane, ya mean LP aka Mark Bahnisch, yes have we have a passing acquaintance. Mark is going for a job at Erin’s uni UQ at present, so let’s keep fingers crossed for him.

  136. Sky News have suddenly become body-language experts. That Kim Carr kept his eyes firmly on GG Quentin Bryce and did not exchange eye contact with the PM.

    Give us a break…how dumbed down can you get….

  137. “GG Quentin Bryce and did not exchange eye contact with the PM.”

    Why not?

    Did not her son-in-law get a promotion.

    The scenes I saw seemed very friendly. especially the photo opts.

    If Carr is unhappy, why does that mean the PM is wrong?

  138. Catching up,
    The reporting that I heard was ridiculous. This is a state occasion and the MSM tried to turn it into an episode of The Bold and The Beautiful.

    Or should I say The Winners and the Losers. Gillard said this is about having the opportunity to serve your country, everyone is a winner.

  139. Exactamundo, Min, the very same. Fingers crossed for Mark.

    Min & CU, what can I say? It’s obviously the silly season and the msm seems to have gone to one office party too many.

    AntonyG, your first sentence summed it up perfectly. You couldn’t better it, could you?

  140. Pip @ 12.43

    with the news that Corrigan used helicopters to fly in strikebreakers i was all agog to see if any of the news clips would play
    “Ride of the Valkyries” playing over the choppers’ loudspeakers, in the style of Apocalypse Now.

  141. I reckon that Corrigan still has a score to settle with Combet.

    Maybe it is no accident that Mr. Reith is back on the scene after all this time.

  142. I reckon that Corrigan still has a score to settle with Combet.

    Maybe it is no accident that Mr. Reith is back on the scene after all this time.


    Some things are so obvious that I fail at times to see them.

  143. Reading some stuff here re the timing for good or ill of Julia’s reshuffle, I don’t see that timing would have much to do with it, it was going to be criticised because everything she does is criticised. Admittedly she’s given the junk media the chance they needed to stop their desperate attempts to spin the Slipper thing against her & to get on with one of their standard whinges but the girl had to do something, go for a walk or a wee for instance, & whatever that was would be picked on.
    I don’t think anyone’s actually meant to know who’s who in the new cabinet, it’s just a chance to get back in the familiar groove.

  144. Poor J Thompson of the ABC on line he is definitely building up to move to the Tele. In his story on the PM taking a holiday or going bush he has a joke

    “Julia Gillard is disappearing at the end of the week to somewhere in county Victoria with Frank Moorhouse and does not want to be found.

    A Frank Moorhouse novel, that is”

    Then later he writes how the PM relaxes with a light read, she reads mystery novels. Then to top off his story he goes for old faithful, the little kicker, the story he has been writing all year, his drama

    “Nothing like a good whodunnit to hone the political mind while the Prime Minister ponders just who her enemies in Cabinet may be.”


    Hey Jeremy, yesterday the story was the “faceless men” her backers were in Cabinet and her detractors/enemies ,Carr,were “pushed out”.

  145. Sue, that piece from Thompson defies logic..exactly, why should Thompson believe that Julia still has ‘enemies in Cabinet’. Why doesn’t he name them and provide reasons why instead of just popping a nonsensical closing sentence onto the bottom of a fluff piece about which novels the PM is planning to read during her break.

  146. Sue, that piece from Thompson defies logic.

    You think that is crazy, you should check out the oo today. It’s more like a cook book, with 101 different sauces. Of course, non of these sauces can be named, but they are all senior, and they are all pushing the same line, Rudd v Gillard IS ON!! (sometime, in the future, maybe (hopefully))


    Julia Gillard’s support leaks to Kevin Rudd

    While none of them is openly advocating an immediate leadership change, it is understood the ministers have made clear to colleagues that they would not support Ms Gillard in the event of a leadership spill.

    multiple sources said Ms Gillard had alienated supporters

    Another senior source said
    Another source said
    Another senior government source

    Also yesterday, Senator Evans said he was not disappointed that he had lost the workplace relations role to Mr Shorten.

    He added that he believed his successor would do a good job.


    Interesting that the only people who can put a name to their statements have something positive to say (also interesting it waits till the end). Why cannot those who are unhappy not put their names to their statements? I mean, if they weren’t so trustworthy, you’d think that perhaps they were just making the whole thing up.

  147. Tom and You think that is crazy, you should check out the oo today. It’s more like a cook book, with 101 different sauces. 😀 😀

  148. Sue

    check out the link from Pip in media x11 on the reshuffle as seen in nz.

    I had a look and it was a fair and balanced reporting. Problem is our media are being controlled. Therefore I still maintain that the reshuffle should have been left until next year.

    I understand many on here disagree with me and that is fine. But I am a swinging voter unlike most on this site. When everyone agrees all the time, it reduces a site to nothing less than a party machine support blog. I support neither party.

  149. Shane, going against what a number of valued contributors have stated here and with due respect to their opinions, I agree with you.

    The government should have ended the year on a positive note and also should have realized that any alternations to the current team would have brought forth conspiracy theories from the MSM.

  150. Shane, yes we are a left-leaning blog site. That’s not how we started out, but it’s how the cards fell.

    Might I add that you’re one of the only people who is able to offer a difference of opinion without resorting to name calling and the denigration of others with opposing views.

    Contrary to popular belief, we do welcome opposing views. We simply prefer them to be delivered in a non-aggressive manner such as you do.

  151. As a sometime contributor but regular reader especially via Miglo’s Australians for an Honest Media FB site, I’m astounded. Why don’t these accusers grow balls, put up or shut up instead of whingeing from a distance.

  152. Migs, re ‘it’s how the cards fell’. That’s exactly right, starting from either/both Tim Dunlop and the late great Matty Price, then to Blogocrats.

    The MSM has become a formidable force in Australian politics and it does take some effort to do as Pip, Cu, Sue et al do and not just blindly accept what the newspapers print, not to believe what they see on the tellie – but to research, dissect what is written.

  153. shaneinqld
    my point is that a reshuffle was going to happen no point in waiting, the ministers need time to get up to speed. now if the reshuffle had occurred in early feb, the stories would have read…..

    rudd’s on going plotting FORCES gillard to reshuffle cabinet. senior sources say the numbers are growing/swinging/undercutting gillards so called authority.
    senior sources further say that by april/may/june/august the challenge will occur being 1 year from the next election.

    or words to that effect. my thing is the press is the same it is just the timing BUT on a positive there is no polling hip hip hooray

  154. It is said that that the PM should be doing nothing at this time. That the PM should defer making any decision that gives the media opportunity to censure her.

    it is said that the PM should have deferred adjusting her ministry, that she should have waited until next year.

    It is said by the same people and the Opposition, that because Mr. Rudd and the PM might not like one another, one has to go.

    A few inconvenient facts will not go amiss.

    This is the time in the government time frame, that most governments make adjustments to their ministry.

    The ministries needed for the coming year, is different than that needed for the year just gone

    It is time for the PM to put her own mark on this government.

    The changes have been appropriate for where the government is at. No one is saying that any promoted do not have the ability to do the job.

    This year productivity and IR is high on the list of matters that will need to be dealt with. The new ministry is strong in this regard.

    The plain packaging legislation will needed to be defended ion the courts. The new Attorney General is the best person to take the fight up to the tobacco people.

    No one is saying that any have been demoted because they failed in the role they occupied.

    Mr. Howard and Mr. Costello hated one another guts, but both survived side by side for twelve years. It did not appear to harm Mr. Howard’s government.

    It is ridiculous to say that a PM should do nothing, in case they are criticised.

    The media does not run the country. The Opposition also does not. Maybe he should follow NG example and set his own government and Governor General up.

    Deferring the reshuffle would have achieved nothing.

    There is time over the break for the new ministry to settle in and be on the front foot in the new year.

    There is much the government has planned for the new year. There is much they intend to tackle.

  155. Mr. Abbott is claiming that the reshuffle is about storing up the position of the PM.

    Well, is it not in the interest of any PM to do this.

    Please tell me what the PM has done to curtail the alleged actions and plotting of Mr. Rudd.

    Please tell me how promoting your possible challengers, makes your position any safer.

    Could it be possible that the PM has chosen the best people for the challenges of 2012.

  156. We need to remember that it does not matter who the PM is.

    The Opposition really believe they have all the answers.

    The Opposition believe that anything or anyone that does not agree with them one hundred percent is wrong.

    They have no respect for opposing views or those who hold such views.

    The lack of respect borders on hate for most.

    This was not always true in Australian politics. There was a time when politicians from both sides of the fence became friends for life.

    This does not appear to be possible today. It is a sad day for Australia that this is so.

  157. Well I think Tony needs to worry about his own position as leader, Simon Birmingham is pushing for a concience vote still after Abbott slapped down his front bench the other day


    And now it is reported that Malcolm is stirring the pot again by talking with the chinese


    Tony has also been told to stay away from the Gold Coast Mayoral elections by party heavy weights.


    Hmmm!, said Dougal!, a spill before February maybe, after all Abbott has to change his battle plans given Julia’s new front line, and Abbott doesn’t “do” change

  158. I always enjoy reading what Shane has to say. He never leads people on a wild goose chase.

    I have disagreed with him and stated so. It’s good the way he takes on board the opposing opinions without turning it into a slangiing match. Dissecting an opinion is far better than condemning it.

  159. Roswell,
    How nice to see you again. In recent times it seems that we haven’t been able to coordinate, to be here at the same time.

    I suspect that it’s a matter of basic intelligence, that those who are unable to debate must resort to as you say a slanging match.

  160. Hello Nimue. Nice to talk to you again. I’m only here for a short while today and it’s my good luck that you’re here at the same time.

    Getting back to Shane, he’s the type of person who keeps me coming back. There are many people who keep me coming back so it’s not only Shane.

    I’ve been looking at other blog sites recently at it appears this place is widely read. Those sites do nothing but ridicule every word and most bloggers who come here. I’d hardly call them blog sites.

  161. Boos and black armbands at fiery Murray meeting

    .People walking into the meeting were given black armbands to wear and as MDBA chair Craig Knowles was introduced, they brought in a coffin with reeds on it saying “Rest In Peace Basin Committee.”

    Water Minister Tony Burke was booed as he entered, while the biggest applause was saved for Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.

    Would Tony Abbott countenance the intrusion of a Labor minister to a meeting
    organised to speak to the public about an important issue??

    Abbott told the meeting “”That’s why it’s important that this Government to spend more time listening to people like you and less time being dictated to by Bob Brown and the Greens.”

    At least Abbott admits that it’s important, so why doesn’t he shut up and let the people hear what the Minister has to say?

    The answer is the same reason that the main stream media won’t let the government get it’s messages across to the public.

    How long has it been since Tony demanded an ‘election now’ ?

  162. news.com reported that Abbott had been invited to the meeting.

    The Opposition Leader, one of the few men at the meeting wearing a tie, had been invited to the event and clearly wanted to use it to again batter the Government over its handling of public issues.

    Mr Abbott took the side of local irrigators who don’t want to give up water to ease South Australian concerns about the environmental degradation at the Murray’s mouth.

    South Australians are also listening Mr. Abbott!

  163. Roswell, this is just speaking for myself but I feel as if I can be away for a while yet when I come back I am always made to feel welcome.

    And Pip, yes I was watching that. My impression was that the meeting had been stacked, or ignorant. Tony Abbott the champion of country folk, all that Tony Abbott knows about the country is that it’s that stuff on the side of the road as you drive or ride past.

  164. What does Mr. Abbott intend to tell people on the other side of the argument.

    I would have believed this was an important but difficult matter to solve. I would have thought the well being of our country relied on finding an answer.

    There is no way even Mr. Abbott can deliver what he is promising these farmers.

    There will have to be give and take on both sides.

    This is a forum, set up to listen and explain what needs to be done. If Mr. Abbott wants to be involved, he should at least offer some insight to the final solution.

    Mr. Abbott is using these people.

    No one can give them what they want. Mr. Abbott knows this.

    It should be demanded of Mr. Abbott what he intends to do. His rant that the government should listen to the farmers is by it’s past use by date. Mr. Abbott needs to say what he will do.

  165. Nimue, I didn’t see it but apparently he was the only bloke wearing a tie…

    Or, ‘stacked’ AND ‘ignorant’ and for good measure, selfish.

    Sth. Australian irrigators made changes to the way they irrigated years ago, and it past time for the ‘stacked and ignorant’ group to catch up.

  166. Roswell and Nimue

    Thank you for your kind comments.


    I am glad you are a left leaning blog because I would call myself more left leaning than right. Having said that I am also happy to stand my ground when I think the government has got a policy or timing wrong, based on facts and my own opinion. We are a democracy not a theocracy and both sides of politics at times have things to offer, Tony Abbott being the exception of course.

    Have not been able to comment much as I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment and just have a few minutes to spare as business must come first to pay for the internet to comment here. 🙂

  167. “His rant that the government should listen to the farmers is by it’s past use by date.”

    Yet he isn’t going to listen to the farmers and landholders over the coal seam gas mining interests.

    Was there ever a greater hypocrite in this country.

  168. But, Mobius, wasn’t he ready to screw the farmers in favour of the miners?

    Or was it the other way around?

    No, hang on, it was both, depending on which state they were in.

  169. Shane, it is indeed that time of the year and we appreciate your being able to find time to contribute here.

    I am sometimes criticised for being too soft on issues, but for myself it’s a matter of priorities..to care about the things that matter and to not worry about the things which do not.

    I come from a teacher/psychologist/artist/law background and so tackle issues from these perspectives. Some might say that my topics are ‘unbalanced’ in that I do not or cannot often see the Right’s side of the political spectrum’s point of view. But the fact does remain that rarely do I see a right wing blog where factual information is reasonably argued.

    Somehow, the far right end up with nothing more than slogans and begin and end with school yard type invective. This doesn’t mean to say that those of the Left do not likewise indulge in these. Therefore in this way we are similar, we both dislike sloganisms.

    On the other hand, when it come to Tony Abbott..he just plain gives me the creeps. 🙂

  170. Pip at 1.15
    Don’t you worry about that, Tony will have a line for us by the time he gets to S.A. We’ll deserve lots & lots of water too. The fact that he’s never called on his contradictions is just more proof of the “sheer indulgence” shown him by the media.
    Water politics in this country at all levels are very easy to understand:
    The guy upstream from me is a selfish wastrel bastard with no thought whatsoever for anything other than his extravagant wants.
    I’m a responsible water user doing my best, but hey, I have my needs & that’s all there is to it.
    The guy downstream from me is going to have to live with that.

  171. Migs in the end wasn’t it no decision as he ran away from the press interview where he was politely asked to state his stance on the issue, and the media have left him alone on it ever since?

  172. Min

    I have another appointment in 15 mins.

    I will have free time just before Christmas and between Christmas and the New Year where hopefully I plan to Post as well as comment.

  173. Shane, This from a duck, in a green suit, talking to a martian. That’s just Migs’ work uniform as a public servant, the rest of the time he wears pants.

  174. How can you take the MSM serious when they print rubbish like this:

    The sharks are circling Julia Gillard.

    As the fallout from Ms Gillard’s bungled reshuffle continued, senior Labor sources admitted that supporters of the PM were preparing battle plans for a possible challenge from Kevin Rudd.

    Bungled reshuffle! Give me a break.

    In fact the whole article is laughable.


  175. CU @11.27am, further proof of how stupid Liealot is, if any was needed. Why would anyone in a CEO type of position arrange things so they would be more vulnerable? Are there any examples of this sort of behaviour in recorded history? Didn’t think so.

    Although I understand shane’s argument wrt the reshuffle, like Min, and others, I disagree. Timing is irrelevant because no matter whether she did nothing or something, the msm would carp and spin it as negatively as possible.

    All with an imminent Rudd leadership challenge burbling away in the background.if Kevin Rudd went to the toilet at 7.59 instead of 8.00, it would be spun as a leadership challenge.

    And like Tom R has observed, there are plenty of sauces to have with the Rudd fries.

  176. Migs and Jane..and yoo hoo to Shane too 🙂

    Now don’t tell me that if there had never been a reshuffle, that the piece that Migs has quoted would never have been put up…the sharks would have still been circling.

    But instead of the ‘bungled reshuffle’, our holiday reading would have consisted of DEMANDS from the Murdoch gutter media that there be a..wait for it…a reshuffle.

    Perhaps there would have been feverish interviews chasing pollies all around their electorates and readings of the entrails of their Xmas dinner to speculate who was going to be back in Canberra to knife whom after the holiday break.

  177. I maintain the timing was wrong. The media are in a frenzy to report negaitve aspects of the government, however when you have a fire raging out of control you do not add more fuel to keep it raging. You stop giving the fire fuel and let it die down again before putting on more logs.

    The fuel in this case is Government Announcements which the media turn around to attack.

    The media would have not had actual happenings and releases to talk about and would have had a few months of only rumours and sources.

    Instead we have continuing announcements.

    I know I will once again be inundated by those stating that the government must continue operating, but that is not my argument.

    Continual speculation by the media without some truths in the mix would have become tedious to swinging voters. That opportunity was missed.

  178. Shane, I have a confession. For me, personally, the timing has been woefull. I have the choice of moving to a department where new opportunities are available to me, or stay where I am in a location that is better for me geographically. Decisions decisions.

  179. Spot on. The media has missed the point of the reshuffle.

    “.At the start of this week the Prime Minister reorganised her ministry. By the end of the week it is clear that the mainstream media have failed to report what happened, and that bloggers have done a far better job of explaining to people what the changes mean as far as the way we are governed. That reshuffle may be more far-reaching and enduring than the political one………”


  180. Catching Up
    Thanks for putting the Andrew Elder up.
    I think you missed a word in your intro, it should’ve been “The media has DELIBERATELY missed the point of the reshuffle.”
    All part of the Unhinging.
    Can’t do links, but for those with controllable blood pressure & time to waste Sideshow Sam did a bit in Sunday’s rags that’s particularly narky.

  181. Thanks Andrew Elder this line sums up the media and their political analysis

    “whole press gallery has returned to like so many dogs to their vomit”

  182. Yes, Bob, it has to be deliberate. It is hard to believe that educated people could miss the point.

    I believe that this reshuffle is a watershed for the Gillard government. Mr. Abbott should be a little afraid.

    We are still hearing about that lie, but we need to remember that Mr. Howard never had any problem with lying himself. Once more Mr. Howard was also a man that could never admit he was wrong or apologize.

    “…Julia Gillard may have ‘lied’ about the carbon tax, says former Senator Andrew Bartlett, but “…for a really world-class example of a monstrous lie forcefully repeated for political gain just before an election, it is hard to go past” John Howard’s lie about refugees throwing their “children overboard”….”


    We also need to be aware of the lies that the media and the Opposition spread about the deeds of this government. It is not a high taxing or spending government.

    “……………Fascinating Fiscal Facts – Who’s addicted to spending and taxing?
    The MYEFO presented some wonderful historical tables on various aspects of the Budget and fiscal policy

    The MYEFO presented some wonderful historical tables on various aspects of the Budget and fiscal policy. The highlights, to me at least are probably:

    Total government receipts (tax, dividends, fees and the like) was 21.6% of GDP in 2010-11, the lowest level since 1973-74 when Frank Crean was Treasurer.
    The tax to GDP ratio fell to 20.0% in 2010-11, the lowest since 1978-79 and is a whopping 4.2% of GDP below the record tax to GDP ratio raked in by the Howard government in 2004-05 and 2005-06. That’s a lesser tax take of around $60 billion for one year that was taken from tax payers during the peak period of the Howard government. As mentioned elsewhere, it is easy to register a budget surplus when you tax the living daylights out of the population.
    Real government payments (spending) will rise by an average of less than 0.1% per annum in the 3 years to 2012-13, the weakest 3 yearly spending growth since the mid to late 1980s under the Hawke/Keating Government. Never once did the Howard Government deliver a cut in real government spending – in fact real spending grew by a thumping 3.5% per annum for the last 5 years of the Howard government.
    Payments (spending) will be 23.6% of GDP in 2012-13 – around 1.5% of GDP below the average of the last 30 years. In the 12 Howard Government Budgets, spending to GDP averaged 24.2% of GDP: and only in 3 years out of 12 of the Howard Government was the spending to GDP ratio lower than the Gillard Government is projecting for 2012-13. Which government is addicted to spending?
    The 4.3% of GDP turnaround in the Budget balance in the 3 years to 2012-13 (from a deficit of 4.2% to a surplus of 0.1%) is the most rapid turn in the fiscal position on record.
    There are more gems I’m sure, but that is for another day.
    Posted by Stephen Koukoulas at 23:34 ….”


    We have been here before, back in Keating’s day when everyone hated him and the impression was that he was wrong. History seems to be writing his days up differently.

  183. Catching up,

    “Mr. Abbott should be a little afraid.” This one showed in the days leading up to the reshuffle, Abbott couldn’t attack either Roxon or Plibersek so he went for Combet. That interview that Abbott had, he had fear in his eyes.

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