Julia’s new cabinet

The headline from ABC News reads:

Minister defends Gillard’s reshuffle plans

My first thought on this is why should anyone need to ‘defend’ a reshuffle. Surely a reshuffle is part of a renewal process and an opportunity to promote those who have shown ability, and to demote those who have not done their fair share.

My second thought was a matter of comparison. That one of the stand outs about the Liberal Party for, and it must be at least 5 years now is the failure to renew: a tradition established by John Howard, where under his reign very few people of any talent, experience or inspiration..or perspiration were ever promoted by Howard, and in order to shore up his own position as Leader For Life.

I think of Petro Georgiou, Russell Broadbent and Judi Moylan crossing the floor to vote against the Migration Amendment (Designated Unauthorised Arrivals) Bill that would force all asylum seekers to be processed offshore.

Of course it didn’t help Petro one bit that Costello decided to back “rebel Georgiou” against John Howard. I cannot help but think, what a waste of talent and all because of John Howard’s ego.

However, onto present day. As noted by our worthy commentators here at the Café, the Rudd For PM meme runs with predictability every single time that the government receives any recognition whatsoever for it’s achievements. As pointed out, yet another Look Over There strategy. It works too well.

Tony Abbott is currently arguing that there should never be any changes, that when he went to the election that this meant that his team would apparently be araldited, and permanently to their current positions. That certainly doesn’t bode well for the future of the Liberal Party, not only the party of No but the party of Nothing ever happens and nothing ever changes. However Abbott’s tactics are very transparent that he will with complete disregard to logic, argue that any changes to the government benches will mean…let’s guess what will Abbott say:

– – – A betrayal – a lie – a sign of a disfunctional government – this is a bad government –

The response from the MSM leading up to this reshuffle has been highly predictable: just more of the usual rumours and speculations about supposed ‘growing tension’ between former PM Kevin Rudd and PM Julia Gillard. It has all been “an ongoing battle of words” and a “power play” according to the same sources.

Just as an aside, I cannot recall the media ever calling Howard ‘former PM Howard’. Doubtless little Johnny would turn into even a more distinct shade of red and green akin to “an old penny”** if anyone dared utter the word ‘former’ within his earshot.

However, leaving speculation about what the bogan press might say aside for one moment, a fairer and far more balanced estimate was provided by The Age

Mr Shorten is a key backer of the Prime Minister and he impressed with his cut-through advocacy on industrial issues during the Qantas dispute.

It is fairly predictable that when one analyses the above statement the salient points are, “key backer” and “cut-through advocacy”. There are no prizes for guessing which one of these the media will push as the raison d’être.

Quoting the ABC article:

“Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has told Sky television the Prime Minister needs to remove Mr Rudd from Cabinet.” Of course Tony Abbott wants Kevin Rudd removed from cabinet, and while little Tony is sitting on Santa’s knee (thank you Lunalava for the inspiration via your topic), he can also ask for a pony, and a spaceship, and all the wishes that he could wish for.

Again from the ABC article:

“There is also speculation that Bill Shorten and Greg Combet will be promoted.but Mr Abbott says that is not the right move for Labor.” See above, to Tony’s Christmas Wish List.

Both Shorten and Combet are the obvious up and comers, and not just because of who they are, their reputations but because of being hard workers and consistently so. It’s no wonder that Tony wants these people ‘gone’ but sitting there bleating on the tellie about how they should be gone just because he wants it, is not going to make it happen.

**borrowed from Migs’ description.